101708 Big Bang at Lee Mee Ja’s The Hope Concert Performance & Stalker Pic

It’s been a while since we last saw a performance with them all hyper, so happy to see them like this. Everyone is hyped from the voting for MKMF, watch this and calm down a bit haha cuz these boys are just wayyy too happy here.

thanks to S님
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WHOA~ The intro was TOO AMAZING.. them sliding out on that thing…. that is TOO HOTI just wanna steal that whole box thing and bring them home with me haha. Bong start rapping and his rap sound so much clearer, the audio is GREAT~ Tabi start rapping and even little boy is excited to see his Big Bang hyungs haha Tabi’s expression when he was rapping… ooooooh~ can you say that three letters word for me please? Baby wearing the beanie again.. T__T learning these things from Bong… Baby ah~ I wanna see it!! They were wearing semi-formal stuff, bowtie and suits but with a jacket on the outside.. WHICH is the definition of ‘SEXY’ for sure

The boys doesn’t look like tire at all in this performance, not like the others recently, Dae look more than healhty, he showed his new hair, it’s not that much different, but you can so tell he change it a bit, he looks REALLY good, it works for Dae

thanks to S님

Look at Dae singing and did that thing with his face and the ‘phone’ he look so hyped, which is awsome to see since all we’ve seen lately is dead tire Dae, look at him smiling like always… AHHH!!! I feel so happy to see him like that!! LOL at how they run front and back during Tabi’s rap kekeke DORKS!!!

aww… they run down and went around the audience and the kids, that’s so cool. the parents are even more excited than the kids hahaha. This concert is an event to raise money for kids who are dianose with diseases, so this is really nice, they even do a intro for Wonder Girls. cool~ the girls were in that box all along haha nice.

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Our beloved GD&H님 make our fangirls’ day again, her stalking skill is beyond amazing, I don’t know what we will do without her being there and capture all this for us. Bong is just…. DANNNNG BOI!!!!!!!!!!! This boy is too hot for his own good, I was like T_____T when I saw these. the little bowtie killed me right there… I was in class with one of my friend and she’s like a fashion freak haha, for the first time ever I heard her say ‘I like what he’s wearing’like ever! haha but then she add ‘but he’s killing animals with his hat’ hahah I was like, ‘nah it’s fake’ kekek SEE BONG? you keep wearing these Sam relatives ppl will think bad things about you. I love his freaking jacket though!! AHHHHHHHHH!!

There’s also a few stalker pics of Tabi too, he looked mad… like forreal mad.. but in a sexiiii way, you Tabi luvers know what I’m talking about, THAT look that make all yall knees melt?? yup. 🙂

See the rest under the cut. Prepare for some breath-taking action. XD


I love this pic the most!! Look at Tabi in the back haha he look like he’s gonna creep up on Bong and attack him, and Dae in the back just being careless and jupming around haha.

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Thanks to GD&H님

To see more more stalker pics in origianal size, GO HERE


Thanks to 단심님 | bigbangpop


~ by Vicky on October 17, 2008.

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  1. lmfao~ They are preparing for Canada’s fierceness by wearing winter gear. I’m hoping anyways ;D
    and SR with his snow hat ❤

  2. i would love to meet our stalker friend
    someday. give them a great big hug for
    taking all of those pictures and sharing
    them with us.

    the boys looked amazing. loved their outfits.
    it was probably the first time i actually
    didn’t mind GD wearing the fuzzball on his
    head. haha. the outfit made it work i think.

    and the guys are great for doing that –
    help raise money for kids with sicknesses.

  3. OMgushh.
    jiyonngiee you’re killing me.
    argh. could you be any cuter???

    lol at top’s face xD


  5. Tashhhhy

    it’s getting cold in korea
    right now it’s 57 degree.. and it’s like 9:17 AM over there right now
    while I’m in Florida with 79 degrees at night. T__T
    i love the cold weather but I choose to live here.. wowo

    I love the boys all covered in in their winter wear
    they all look so freaking adorable!!

  6. Tashhhhy

    it’s getting cold in korea
    right now it’s 57 degree.. and it’s like 9:17 AM over there right now
    while I’m in Florida with 79 degrees at night. T__T
    i love the cold weather but I choose to live here.. wowo

    I love the boys all covered in in their winter wear
    they all look so freaking adorable!!

  7. ohthethrill

    the kids were having tons of fun too
    they were so excited, even their parents were singing along haha
    it’s great.

    me too,
    I like the fuzzy thing on his head this time
    somehow it ties the whole outfit together
    if he only show his short hair with that outfit it’ll look somewhat awkward.

  8. The performances were AMAZING!!!
    they’re energy level was super high 😛
    SO HOT!!!!!

    GD looks sooo happy in the pics
    I found myself smiling when I saw him 😀
    he looks pretty good…pretty good

    loved the pic of TOP runnin behind GD
    they look so childish 😛

    gotta thank fans for the TOP stalker pics 😛
    he looks sooooo sexy!!! >.<
    my knees were not the only thing melting when I saw this pics….


    Baby get plenty of stalking
    just that his stalker pics aren’t allow to be share outside the fanclub’s website

  10. dreamandlove

    i expect that
    what other parts melt?

  11. Vicky
    yeah. maybe a little awkward, but knowing
    jiyongie, he’d make it work. hehe.

    i’m happy the kids AND their parents
    enjoyed their performance. ^__^

  12. LMAO!!!
    you know…

  13. ohthethrill

    of course
    it’s THE Kwon leadah
    he make anything work
    we will never know how.. but he just does

    I love the part during ‘OH MY FRIEND’
    they jump down and greet all the kids
    I just went ‘AWWWWWWW….’

    it’s too sweet

  14. dreamandlove

    actually I don’t
    I’m an innocent and pure 15 years old
    I know NOTHING kekek




  16. waaaaaaaaah!!!!!!! GD …HOW CAN A PERSON BE SO HOT????? XD
    they all look so HAPPY!!! aah loove BIG BANG !!xD sry I’m just hyper now xD

  17. INNOCENT?!!!
    I don’t think anybody will believe that XD

    my heart….
    LOL…..yeah right XD

  18. gahh love it! haha so cools

  19. awhhh BONG LOOKED SO FINE to me~~~i love his jacket to death!!
    and i’m happy to see dae smile too!!
    i like his new hairstyle! finally..he changed it a little bit!
    dae ahhh i love you!!

    the kid was singing along with them hehe..and i think that kid is one of the patient? it’s good that they’re performing for charity

    hahaha you see? SAM’s relative again..stop it bong!!

  20. awhhh BONG LOOKED SO FINE to me~~~i love his jacket to death!!
    and i’m happy to see dae smile too!! i like his new hairstyle! finally..he changed it a little bit!
    dae ahhh i love you!!

    the kid was singing along with them hehe..and i think that kid is one of the patient? it’s good that they’re performing for charity 🙂

    hahaha you see? SAM’s relative again..stop it bong!!


  22. omg that pic on tabi >:D lmao priceless its like he found a whole bucket of free noodles or something lol. i think its kind of a fetish for bong to have furry stuff stuck to his head lol i’m glad this one looks slightly normal lol

  23. aii they all look hot.
    lol i love how yb was pulling on that thing so hard, and seungri just tugged it and it opened. ❤

  24. LOL, that one of TOP looking like an excited little kid in the background. xD Too cute, too cute.

  25. vi
    i so love Bong jacket here.
    & Sam’s lil brother girlfriend goes well with the outfit.
    u want to steal the whole box??
    then can u give me Tabi? hehehe..
    don’t forget to send it here..

    my man just look fine. hahaha eventough he’s mad, he still looks sexy! i don’t think only my knees melt.
    hehehe from all the 5 pics that he looks mad, haha..
    the last pic, he lokks like thinking bout something
    “what should i eat tonight? apple? orange? pear?” hahaha…
    so cuteee~~~

  26. it’s really great for them to perform for these kids…=)
    it must be great for BB to see their smiling faces..

    i love DaeDae’s voice in Haru Haru perf this time..kinda sound stronger and clearer..auw i love autumn’s fashion…i love the jackets..but since in Malaysia, we are either too hot or rainy, those jackets worn by BB won’t be suitable for us…

    Ji Yong ar..what’s hidden beneath that furball? haha..still he looks damn good..=)

  27. idk why but i laughed when i saw the boys had to open the box.. i guess the door was heavy since it looked hard for the boys to open.. lol….
    even the way they open the box was HOT!

  28. I actually just WATCHED the concert and I have to say, it was the cutest thing ever.

  29. AHHH OMG i went on Youtube and was like
    “i haven’t been on Big Bang wordpress for a day
    and this is what i fricken missed”
    DANGGG the look HOT/CUTE and extra smily =]
    awww i love them, g-dragon is hot!
    That’s cool how the ACTUALLY opened up for Wonder Girls
    when i saw them opening it i was like was that
    there before, i guess i didn’t notice but i was
    paying attention to big bang [AHEMS] G-dragon
    it would be fricken awesome if i was in the croud too
    when g-dragon came though =]]]]]

  30. AydaN

    i ask myself that question EVERYDAY
    yet… stilll can’t find the answer

  31. dreamandlove

    it’s so true that you don’t wanna admit it hahah

  32. newvip

    I think he’ll finally let it go when they start their STAND UP tour

  33. nya

    I’ll drop him off at your place while I’m flying back to Florida from Korea hahaha
    wonder what i’m gonna do with YB and Dae.. HMMM….

    what SHOULD he eat?
    there’s so many to choose
    he’ll think of that daily for sure.

    ooh~ maybe banana
    i heard about him always eating bananas and leave the skin on the couch hahaha
    never throw it away

  34. arij

    I feel ur pain
    i love winter clothes but since I live in Florida, just no….

  35. wanie-chan

    it was no prob for others but Baby.. T___T keke
    love him~

  36. ninalee

    should always check on the daily

  37. what do you mean?
    if you are innocent that what am I?

  38. Tashhhhy-
    HAHAH you comment made me laugh.
    I do hope that’s what they’re doing, because they’d be more than welcome in canada
    especially where i live =P
    GD is soooooooooooooooo frickin’ cute. seriously the word sexy doesn’t even do him any justice.
    and TOP, that man is just beautiful. especially when he smiles.

  39. vicky ah~
    long time no see.. heeheehee
    love baby too!! love him 10000000x!
    hmmm… during the mbc come to play, they said baby changed a lot.. like he din join the others when fooling around…
    i wonder why… i missed the old him…
    mayb if he din change, then we can see more g-ri…
    i guess that why GD switched his attention to DS cuz magnae refused to play with him.. T__T

  40. vi
    hahaha… thanks gurl.
    u could drop bebe off at kenley’s or roro’s house. hahaa or let the 2 fight over it.
    & Dae, umm… if u think that u don’t have place to drop him off, u could release him hahaha…
    Dae still have the possibility to see the sun. not like the other members, their future is dark hahaa..

    hohoho… i love boys who eat a lot.
    i don’t like boys who eat a lil bit. be more manly!
    he could consider eat me. kya~~~~
    (wtf i’m typing? all team top will attack me for sure)

    banana? he left the skin on the couch?
    why so bad now?
    its hard for ppl who do the chores. u can’t be like that, hubby…

  41. dreamandlove

    idk….. what do YOU think you are?

  42. clarice

    oh my god! YES.. thankyou
    they need to invent a word just to fit Bong

  43. wanie-chan

    nah I’m sure the GRi love is still there
    Bong just wanna mess around
    even if Baby refuse, Bong wouldn’t back off haha
    I’m sure of that

  44. nya

    hahah we can make money off of that

    gurl… you think this will get team top to attack you… what if they see the billions of past comments during VVC meeting?? T__T
    you’ll get murdered. hahaha

    they ask the members who is the dirtiest member haha
    and they say Tabi, because he never clean after himself and others have to do it for him haha

  45. LOL
    mmmmm….if you are and innocent 15 year old then….
    I don’t know maybe the opposite of you XD

  46. OMG!!!! love the performance <333 Tabi ahhhhh~!

  47. aahh!!! i LOVE daedae’s new hair!! >..<

  48. vi
    u mean we could open an auction???
    wow! than we shouldn’t release Dae! he’s worth for the auction too!
    i’d like to see how much Kenley & Roro would spent for bebe. hahaha…

    hahaha.. VVC meeting yup, i mught get murdered.
    but gurl, no one REALIZE that! hahaa.. they don’t have that much time to stalk our comments. keke.. its billions, who have that much spare time?? haha..

    eh? when they ask it? what’s tabi comment?
    did he fight back to clear it? or he just acknowledge right away?
    haha.. oppa, u should be more clean.
    poor maknae, he’s the one who do the chores.
    btw, don’t u think that tabi do nothing at home? like what he said in his manwon. haha.. he do the RAP! keke..

  49. dreamandlove

    a dirty 51 years old?
    haha that doesn’t sound right

    it’s okay gurl
    i know how u ‘feel~’

  50. nya

    the grandmas will bid big for Dae
    he’s the dough raker in here nao haha
    can’t let him go

    you never know though
    sometimes i thought it’s only us but someone else wind up knowing something about it
    it’s because ur too dirty hahaha
    maybe me a little too…..

    it was a written interview so idk what his reaction was like haha
    the hyung make the little dongseng clean up after him
    you need to marry him quickly so you can do that for him haha

    i’m sure they each do something at home
    what he say in his manwon may just be for laugh
    keke but i can totaly see Baby doing everything.. poor hubby.

  51. Lmao. No offense, but the audience looks dead….

  52. ^^ nevermind. I didn’t read the kid disease part. my bad!
    aww, thats so sweet of them! gaaah 🙂

  53. they are adorable dressed up:O)

  54. GD isn’t wearing his earrings anymore
    wonder why hehe
    did anyone notice that during Haru Haru’s bridge part
    GD and TOP switched place?..

  55. vi
    kekeke… grandmas haha.. i think mommys too, since i heard that whenever Dae saw VIP, the VIP will say “my mom love u so much” hahaha

    heh? there is someone who stalk our daily meeting?
    hahaha.. how dare they. keke, u could join our meeting too, not only read it, u could type ‘something’
    umm.. like member registeration stuff. haha…

    aw~ i’ll do it quick vi, but i think its only me.
    since hubby have the least mental age, i don’t think he’ll tought about marry me for now. so, ur hubby need to wait.

    i bet the one who do the most chores is ur baby,
    & hubby is the one who do the least. hahaha…
    i never tought of him doing the chores. it feels weird.
    i always think that he MAKE maknae do it. hahaha..

  56. haha… GD is cute..
    same as TOP and DAE.. their pictures kill…
    watch out!!!!!

    love them^^

  57. xD GD is back to his old self
    the kiddy smile 😀

  58. OMGG
    i love bongs fourth stalker picture!
    ah he looks like hes thinking ‘oh yeah, i have a nice ass’ lol
    hes so cutee, i love his bowtie!

  59. my gaawdddddd GD is so cute!!! his “hmmph” look is so adorable..and the first one was like wow.. coolness.. anw i agree. i love his outfit.. including sam’s relative.

    TOP is total coolness!! omgggggggggggggg jawdropnessss

  60. >>to ncly

    ohya! and i was wondering why sth looked different abt top in this performance at the bridge.. it’s cuz he changed sides w GD

  61. that was such an amzing perf, i loved the opening bit the box thing was soo cool. hmmm i wonder wat WG were doing while they were waiting behind there =].
    so glad it made all the kids smile

  62. seeing those kids all excited and happy…im really glad that im a BigBang fan.
    the boys really did well this time ^^

  63. ncly

    Bong is like that
    he always have one clothing item that he’s obsessed with for only a while then he’ll switch and never go back
    it’s the same logic with his hairstyle haha

  64. nya

    haha i thought about that too
    but mommy can’t buy Dae since the daddys will get extreme jealous
    it’s different for the grandma since I’m sure the grandpa will have the same joy if not more joy having Dae around haha

    somehow they find joy in reading our pervert comments and just doesn’t wanna join in haha
    i heard about that alot kekke
    whenever i ask them to join us sometimes they’ll be like ‘we’re having too much fun reading we don’t wanna ruin it’
    and i was like… “fun”? hkkekekek

    i can totally imagine Tabi in his Monkey PJ, eating bananas, and make Baby sweep the floor by saying “maknae ah~~~~” hahaha

  65. Jini

    oh wow.
    I didn’t think of that at all
    but you….T__T

  66. lli

    now that you mentioned it, I realize something
    maybe because this concert is for the kids, the boys take plenty of rest before the performance just to show the kid the bright and happy side of them, they wouldn’t want to drag their tire self onstage and perform for them, that would look extra bad.
    so maybe they did thought all that out before
    which is TOO sweet.

  67. VI

    im full of suprises~
    just you watch ^__^

    but doesnt he look like hes thinking that? keke

  68. is there anyway that we can thank GD&H for all these AMAZING photos?!
    she’s my favorite stalker ever. she never fails to catch bong’s cuteness… gahh~~ *dies*

    i love everything jiyongiie wore here. as usual he’s looking mighty fine. *dies again* and woah he’s smiling non-stop! *dies again again* LOL.

  69. vi
    hahaha… don’t u ever think that the grandpa will get jealous too??? like “u alreacy accompany me for about umm 40 years, but now u go to a lil kid?” kakaka..

    OMG!! so u said that we have secret readers for our daily meeting? oh now, they could join..
    kekeke.. fun reading it? hahaa.. thats up to them.
    that just show that we’re ‘natural’ enough, not weird by having these tought, since there’s others who think same about it. haha

    HAHAHA!! u know gurl, when i type that. i was imagining Tabi, doing that sexy pose with his monkey PJ eating banana & told maknae to collect the banana skin!
    “oi, maknae, here still have a banana skin. clean it”
    “OK hyung”
    kakaka… OMG..

  70. nya

    haha you never know
    grandpas like to ‘get the freak on’ these days… if you know what i mean hahaha

    gurl we share the same damn brain

    i got a early birthday present for you~~~~~

    you have influence me in my video uploading job too much
    i just uploaded this video, and 80% is because of you hahaha


    you bettuh leave at least a ‘AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH’ comment
    for me hahahaha

  71. mrskwonjiyong

    idk how many i thank her
    she’s like….. GOD.. haha

  72. Jini

    you got that ‘surprise’ part damn right alright hahaha
    i would know if he’s thinking that.. i’m innocent keke

  73. VI

    pfft! HA! and lemme say that again. HA!!
    your not fooling anyonee.keke
    bong is SO thinking that he has a nice butt. thats why he sticks it out when dancing like that. makes all fangirls faint…
    and all guys are jealous that they dont have a butt like that!
    they want it..but it belongs to bong!

  74. Jini

    i never really pay attention to a guy’s butt before.. UNLIKE YOU XDDDDDDDDDDD haha

  75. OMG!!!!
    dirty 51 year old….
    that sounds pretty disturbing XD

    I think you understand…no…I’m sure you do

  76. VI

    innocence.. is bliss? haha no, that ignorance. lol nvm!
    i dont pay attention to all guy’s butts. just bong’s…its the only butt worth paying attention to :]]

  77. Dang that was pretty cool, the whole box thing. It was neat how Wonder Girls were sitting in there all that time.

  78. ohh was that why most of the audience was wearing the mask thing?
    cuz they have diseases and stuff?
    wow i thought korea was REALLY polluted for a bit O_O

  79. dreamandlove

    understand what?
    the 51 years old naughty thing… XD

    what did i do to deserve this?? keke

  80. Jini

    paying attention to Bong’s butt.
    that’s naughty enough
    no need for another’s dude’s butt

    shame on u

  81. LOL!!!
    I mean that I;m sure you understand what I was talkin about before

    what did u do?!!!
    many thing vicky….many things XD
    wait….no real bad intentions meant in that comment:P

  82. AAAHHH!!!GD’s hyper-moves!!!SO CUTE!!!!!
    I just LOVE his Jucket!

    T.O.P’s sexy-mad face with his black-super-hot-suit!!!…god…I wanna do some bad things to him [PX]!!!!

  83. aigooooooooo TOP at 1.06 and 1.12 haha love him so much

  84. dreamandlove

    this is so depress
    here, this person right here, is such a innocent youth, never do anything wrong
    and yet ppl keep think i’m naughty..

    what did i do?….. wait….. ah~ now i remember
    never mind haha
    i accept the consequences

  85. hey!
    can somebody say me what stands on Gd’s left arm?

  86. boolovesbb

    his left forearm says ‘moderato’

  87. VI
    HAHAHA… OMG.. u know when u say bout grandpa like to “get the freak on”, what i was thinkng?
    Dae’s honey call on Boom’s fun fun radio! hahaha..
    they all get girlfriend but Dae got boyfriend instead. kekeke..

    WHOAA~~ that’s my early bday present?
    (isn’t it too early? kekeke) hahaha.. I LOVE IT VI.. >:D<a lil hug from me ^^
    know what i’m thinking now? go buy an apple & eat it together with hubby. keke
    u want to hear me moaning??? hahaha…
    ok, count to 3 & hear it.
    “AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” but acctually when i got that i went “KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!” hehehe

  88. LOL
    it’s okay now
    as long as you recovered your memory
    but tell me
    are you still depressed after recovering those thoughts???!!!

  89. nya

    that phone call was just FREAKING HILARIOUS…. i’m gonna go watch it again now hahaha

    when is ur bday
    u never told me… or it’s because i have really bad memory haha.

    hear you moan??????????O ______________O
    scream… maybe.. but moan?? oh gurl~ no
    i don’t roll like that haha

  90. dreamandlove

    actually, those are the thoughts that make me a VERY VERY happy fangirl haha

  91. ahahahha
    I’m glad you’re back vicky
    I’m really glad XD

  92. vi
    hahaha… omg, i remember the night i saw it subbed.
    i laught so hard that i can’t breath, but i wake my mom up with that laugh. i think i’ve told u bout my mom right?
    she scold me with his high voice while i still laughting non stop coz of Dae.

    eh? i’ve told u. 24 Nov. hahaha…

    really, i think recently i loan more than i scream. hahaa…
    can’t help it hubby just too great to meke me moan. but i can’t say that i didn’t scream, u could say the “average level” make me scream & the “really good level” make me moan. kakaka

  93. I DEFINITELY AGREE! Dae looks so much more manly, mature, and healthy! Loving the new look for him. Is it me or does it look like he got a little chubbier?

  94. dreamandlove

    WHERE I GO??? keke

  95. did I tell you my memory cell is about the size of a dried pea?
    haha i seriously have problem
    I forget thing really easily and unless there’s something happen that make me remember it I find a hard time remembering things
    my teacher was like ‘write it down in ur planner so you’ll remember’
    and i’ll be like ‘but i always forgot to look at my planner!” keke

    November 24 November 24 November 24 November 24 November 24 November 24 November 24 November 24 November 24 November 24 November 24 November 24 November 24 November 24 November 24 November 24 November 24 November 24 November 24 November 24 November 24 November 24 November 24 November 24 November 24 November 24 November 24 November 24 November 24 November 24

    I’ll try and remember hahahaha

    though sometimes I even forget my own bday.
    it’s sad haha

    that’s my new catch phrase
    keep ur moan for Tabi’s ears only kekek

  96. you seem have lost it for a moment
    thinkin you were someone else…LOL

    but now you remember who you are ;P

  97. dreamandlove

    haha someone else??? who??
    i wanna know

  98. someone inncoent…LMAO!!!!!
    someone like me ;P

  99. vi
    at least u won’t forget about ur hubby. thats enough gurl. kakaka… planner. yup, it’ll be useless if u forget to look at the planner. hehe..
    i think ur teacher went speechless after that.

    hahaha.. u didn’t need to type it like that.
    u better copy paste it. keke..
    but i could easily remember ur bday. i just have to add 2 & 4 from my own bday to get ur bday ^^

    u don’t need to tell me that vi, i’ll keep it for Tabi, who else i would keep it for?
    especially at night. KAKAKAKA…
    (omg… my pervy sin just increase again)

  100. dreamandlove

    pfft. u high?? hahaha

  101. nya

    she just stand there and look at me
    for like a good 3 minutes
    i swear to god she hates me
    i’m the only one she picked on in class

    you… only you can think of that stuff
    make up the reason why i love you hahaha

    such a sinner ….

  102. LOL
    I think….I wish….TOP got me goin crazy now XD

  103. OMG! Tabi is soo hot ❤ damn..

  104. ooh tnx!
    but does mean??


  105. awwww both performance was very good and they all look great and not so tired like before..and of course Dae is looking better now he doesn’t so tired and his new hair color looks good….gosh GD got me all fan girl crazy during the ‘Oh My Friend’ performance when he was in the audience and bit his lip hahaha….and of course GDYB and at the end was cute =]

  106. vi
    hahaha.. 3 minutes, keke.
    i also have a teacher who um… i think he hates me.
    coz, everytime we have a review in his class (we do it once a week) we have to collect our attandance card & he’ll pick ppl randomly. (i don’t sure it’s random or not) coz, my name always thare.
    he always got my attandance card, there’s a day when i being called like 5 times in a row.
    what do u think? could it be random pick??
    we got the same situation gurl T.T

    hahaha u mean i’m too random?
    thank u. haha that’s the way i am.
    u just need to love me. that include Tabi. fufufu

    fufufu but this sinner is enjoying every second of it. ^^
    u too. just imagine & think what’ll u feel

  107. nya

    fucking teachers.
    they’re the reason i hate school
    why does anyone wanna become a teacher??
    they like being hate mnay ppl???

    yes. you are very very random
    and i love random ppl haha
    cuz me myself is one random person haha

    i don’t wanna imagine nothing
    you keep it to yourself keke

  108. it’s funny AND SAD that mostly ALL of the comments are on either GD,Dae Dae,Baby and TOP!
    There’s not much about Tae Yang! It makes me sad! 😥

    I agree with you, Dae Dae kinda looks chubby. I love his new hair though….he looks HOT! 😀

    I love both of their performance,especially ‘Oh My Friend’…How i wish i was there…

    OMG Tae Yang (pff.obviously i have to talk abt him xD)…he patted this lil kid on his back when he was going back on stage…
    AWWWW….I wish i was there, and he did that to me 😀

    I’m a CRAZY TAE YANG FANGIRL, get over it! kekeke ^__^

  109. vi
    hah.. who said teachers is great?
    they’re the reason so many ppl hate school & study
    but u can’t do anything without them. so u just need to avoid it. like i do. haha..

    random just that amazing. if i’m not random & everyone could figure out what i’m thinking, it’s no fun anymore.
    i can’t get tabi surprised like that. i NEED to be random

    ah~ maybe its just me who love imagining. hahaha..
    can’t help it, hubby make me like this.

  110. OMG this is just too cute. i love how they played with the kids! that’s just way too adorable. i wonder if it were another artist/group would they have done the same?
    anyways, i’m so proud of how wonderful our boys are.
    and the look they had on their faces when they were going to run into the crowd was just too adorable. “more than words can say”
    i’m happy they were a part of this concert, even if it was only for a short time. they still participated in something great.

    thanks for uploading.

  111. OMG! I can’t believe I missed this post! wth??? damn it!*sigh*

    Anyways…I love it! I love the whole perf especially the Oh my friend perf!!! they are so HYPER!!!!

    Vicky it was baebae’s part that they were running back and front. heheh.

    Dae’s hair looks good on him, baby wearing that beanie again and sam’s cousin joins bong in the perf. hihi.

    tabi’s so cool too. going to the audience with the rest of them. I think Baby and Baebae played with a child when they went down. BaeRi moment. hehehe.

    what really melt me was the children enjoying everything…and big bang giving the best perf for them…so nice…i love it!

    I thought there would be a wonderbang perf but owell…I wanna take home the box too! bb+wg in it! hihi! =)

    thanks vicky!!! =)

  112. Hey Vicky!
    what does MODERATo mean?
    pls help me!

  113. OMG I love the one who took the pictures of KwonJiYong
    Thnk you a thousand times!!!
    Kwon really look good in casual clothes!!!

  114. nya

    ppl who aren’t random are boring ppl
    i can’t stand ppl like that

    haaha imagine…. what? exactly…do i wanna know?? hmm…

  115. vi
    kekeke… to easy to predict with.
    no fun anymore. we need someone who could cheer up the situation. thats random ppl job.

    save it till u’re legal gurl, don’t be in a hurry coz ur hubby still illegal too, u don’t need to worry.
    hmm.. but ur bong is exception, he nedd to wait. hahaha

  116. boolovesbb

    I’m no Vicky, but i do know that moderato means moderate, and its a musical term. it means to get slightly in the middle between loud and soft, or slow and fast…

  117. why no daesung stalker cam? o.o

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