10.17.08 SeungRi & DaeSung on Music Core | NUMBER 1 Photoshoot Scans

thanks to 마시멜로님

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ahh~ seeing Baby and Dae in Red and Black…. I think my life have just been completed
….. ahhhhhhh!!! Tell me that’s not x1000 cute then i’ll knawl your eyes out haha just kidding but forreal though, how do you not say ‘awwww..’ to that? He’s still consistant with that beanie, trying to stick to one clothing item like Bong normally does for a while? haha but….. I can’t deny that he look so freaking cute… so cute that make my fingers all jittery and my mind wander somewhere to look for him in maknae world… and I don’t even know where that is. XD

DBSK was there to perform too, hehe I wonder if Baby finally got his wish granted by getting to meet and talk to Junsu one more time since Dae and Yunho are so close now. haha.

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Remember these pics? The individual pictures to this photoshoot are already released on a magazine….. I got the scans of it… and this isn’t my normal way of reaction to a photoshoot, I…just laugh… no seriously, IT’S REALLY FUNNY… but then somewhere in between the line it’s hot too, i don’t know how to explain it. Dae loook… like a little baby wrapped in a towel. Bong look 100% beggar style for sure.. with Sam’s lil brother. Tabi look goood~ red pants FTW! and his little gangster bandada thing. BABY…………… T_______T uhm…. haha…. i don’t eve know T_T I can only laugh hahah. Mr. Bebe got it going on though, flaunting what he got, his guns.

10.18.08 MBC Music Core
SeungRi & DaeSung MC Cuts
43 MB

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Thanks to top2bito | bigbangpop


~ by Vicky on October 18, 2008.

109 Responses to “10.17.08 SeungRi & DaeSung on Music Core | NUMBER 1 Photoshoot Scans”

  1. oh lordy. look at TYs viens… freaks me out a lil lol

  2. Whoaaaaa Bebe. LOL

  3. Jini

    his arms are INCREDIBLY veiny
    he scares me sometimes too

    not really a fan of veins popping out
    but acn’t deny he look effin hot

  4. oh man. TY really IS veiny. i like veins,
    but that’s a little too much for me. his
    biceps are great though. hehe.

    not so sure what to say about the other
    guys either. wait no. i actually like
    Baby’s outfit and TOP’s too. he can’t
    go wrong wearing red pants. ^__^

  5. OHOOOO———-nice pictures, really niiiice.

    And I must say, TY is really beginning to grow on me. He has developed such a confidence, not to mention that he´s the only one who´s still maintained his own style!

    Really like that about him.

  6. Their trainers are immpeccable. love them all. lol.(god im so weird for checking out their ‘sneakers’ first) Cant blame me though, its not until 2day i found out that TOP’s sneakers in the NUMBER 1 mv actually have ‘TOP IM RAP’ written on them. *smacks herself for being slow* –

    Baby is really blossoming at a rate that i cant explain. (dies)
    >< As for young bae-lets just say (gulps) …. haha.

    Kwon Leader looks so chilled. His demeanor is very relaxed. (sighs happily)

    dae dae on the other hand really does look like ‘ a little baby wrapped in a towel.’ ^_^

  7. Geez, the veins on TY’s arm are extra noticeable.
    Oh man, GD looks so sexy as usual.

  8. ohthethrill

    I like Tabi’s outfit the best
    it looks really good on him
    but others……uh
    Bong and Baby especially cracked me up
    that doesn’t fit Baby at all
    don’t you think so?
    cuz i’m not feeling it
    and the glasses..T__T

  9. spinx

    he have tons of confidence
    which is a really good thing
    YB isn’t so shy anymore

  10. 7samira7

    I just realize that a couple of days ago too haha
    i was too busy looking at everything else and sing along to the song that I just didn’t see it haha

    Baby? blossoming?
    more like hitting puberty hahaha

  11. Vicky
    true, true. it doesn’t suit Baby.
    the glasses definitely take away from
    his adorable face, but i still like the
    outfit. hehe. GD’s outfit is pretty bad.
    i blame the plain jane gray sweat shirt.

  12. lmao. ‘more like hitting puberty’ – omo, u know what?, i think u might be on to something. lol, welll whatever it is, BY GOD LET IT CONTINUE. (fie fie. *smacks herself…nononono, i must not think of baby maknae in that way. aigoo vicky what have u done to me? lol. I’m his noonah. 😦 approximately 11 months and 5 days older than him–yah..DARN IT! ) – OH WELL, CANT HAVE THEM ALL NOW CAN WE? *winks* 🙂

  13. the way seungri is dressed reminds me of mc mong when he was doing circus haha

  14. i agree with ‘SPINX’!
    TY is the only one who kept his own style!
    btw, he looks sooooo HOT…im not really fond of veind but i think they make him look hot…lol

    Dae Dae definitely look like a baby…I love everyone else..they all look hot!

  15. dang!!!
    the pics are HOT!!!

    DS look so funny
    reminded me of an old lady
    GD looks strangely good in that hat :p
    SR in pink is pretty sexy I gotta say
    TY WOW!!!!he’s been workin those arms to the fullest!!!

    now for my man first thing I saw were the pants and I thought that was sexy enough but then after seeing his face in that mask
    He reminded me of an assasin..I wonder if…. XD

  16. Tabi’s sexy red pants and OMG YB guns. @_@

  17. GOD! SSSOOOO HOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dae Sung with a towel…I wan’t that towel SO MUCH after the shower!
    G-Dragon with Sam’s lil brother – DAMN HIS HOTNESS AND COOL POSE!!!!!!!!!!!
    AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!T.O.P with red pants!!!and red bandana on his face!!!GOD!!!!!!!!KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OMFG!!!Seung Ri look’s older and It’s SO HOT&SEXY!!!!!!and the way his holding his belt…that’s it, I’m dead.
    Tae Yang’s vains are so…are there even words to express this unbelivably HOT&SEXY man? I don’t think so!
    GOD – Tae Yang’s arms are D-SEXIEST ARMS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wannaa touch them sSO B——-A——-D!!!

  18. ohthethrill

    that glasses…. i wanna burn it so bad
    I wanna see husband’s face!!

    Bong’s outfit … T__T
    it just 100% beggar style..
    but somehow… somehow a force in this universe kinda… happen and make him look good….
    i swear
    NOTHING can look bad on this boy

  19. 7samira7

    onto something???
    like what??
    and why do you like it so much? keke

    T__T jeez naughty unnies all around me hahaha
    keke. don’t hurt Baby jahahaha
    let him maintain his ‘pure’ status

  20. jixyeon

    OH MY GOD THAT’S IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was like… why does that look familiar
    YOU GOT IT!!
    exactly like that

  21. ~SuN-sHiNe~

    i don’t get why ppl’s vein pop out so much
    is it because they work out?
    I always wonder that but never know the answer

  22. dreamandlove

    sad to say but Sam’s lil bro is the best item in that outfit T__T
    ahaha no asassinator will be wearing red pant…. kekek
    i can imagine him wearing all black….. almost suit-like clothing, with guns on his waist and maybe other places too as ‘back up’
    then anyone who say something to him, he will ‘take care’ of them right away…

    by then… i think I’ll die T_____T

  23. miroo4ka

    Baby does look more mature
    and like more ‘fuller’ in body size?
    do you notice that ?
    cuz he doesn’t like his little petite maknae self like normal

  24. ahahaha
    and you think you were dying
    imagine me after that picture you just put in my head
    god…some tight black pants and TOP will be the best combination for sure…. XD

  25. what’s that coming out of bong’s mouth? LOL. is that like grass? I don’t really like DaeDae’s pic, he looks like an ajhumma cause of the head bandana thing. G-D does look like a beggar.

    i totally understand why you were laughing x)

    and and and. Taeyang’s body is really masculing. TOP looks good in like everything and Seung Ri looks different.

    even though it was funny, i quite like it. x)


  27. Daesung-Dream guy!

  28. hahahaha, thank you for poasting this up aite,
    so cool…
    just wondering how do u get acess to the magazine?
    isn’t it only in Japan?

  29. Vicky
    well, let’s just hope those glasses
    don’t stay in his daily wardrobe. x]

    glad you could stay positive with GD’s
    look. i still don’t like it. xD

  30. omo! di you see tae’s arms. it’s sooo weird.

  31. They LOOK good!! YB LOOK GOOD the most apparently! With his guns looking like WHOA! O.O

  32. dreamandlove

    Big Bang boys only roll with skinny jeans these days haha
    so you can count on that

    dude… imagine him.. with one of those white shirt you waer inside a suit
    with like blood splatter here and there… half button….. holy crap..
    even if I’m not a Tabi luver I’ll die
    idk what would happen to me when I watch IRIS.. switching to team TOP?? oh no i can’t leave 2 husband behind!!

  33. smileyTART

    I’m guessing it’s hay
    he did it in ‘Haru Haru’ MV too
    it just get edit out

    idk what is with him and chewing on that recently haha

    i know, i don’t hate the pictures, I like it
    it crack me up haha

  34. Shaypoo

    a Japanese fan scanned it and shared it 🙂

  35. ohthethrill

    see Bong have this power… even if you think the outfit is ridiculous
    he STILL have the ablity to convince you even withtout trying
    that’s the crazy thing about mr. Bong’s fashion world

  36. Yeah, I´ve noticed that too—-that veins seem to become more visible if you work out.

    ————BIG BANG——-Burn down the house———-/

  37. damn look at bebe’s arms yo.

  38. Oh, my gosh, I laughed at the pictures too. It’s Baby’s shiny glasses. Looks like he raided a dress-up trunk. And, Bong’s outfit is absolutely horrible but somehow, he is managing to look amazing.

  39. Lool at Dae with that thing like a towel ^^; i like Tabi’s and Bebe’s outfit the most xD!

    for some reason i don’t get used to see Baby wearing the beanie T.T

  40. Totally interesting.. I have to say Daesungs outfit is the weirdest.. and Top’s looks teh best either that or it’s the way he’s wearing it. ahah.

    Baby.. my word.. it just looks so funny. I think it’s the glasses that make it look super weird.. the outfit isn’t totally horrible..

    YB look very good like usual… Not to flashy.. 😀

    Buut yeaa your right the red pants and metallic shoes are pretty dang awesome on Top.

  41. Vicky
    haha. because of you i decided to stare at
    the picture of Jiyong to see if i could get
    used to his outfit. and of course him staring
    at me with those eyes telling me, “i make this
    outfit work. you may not like it at first glance,
    but come on – i still look good right?” gaaaah.
    darn you jiyong sshi. he won me over. xD

  42. oh gawd, i just died and went to big bang heaven. X_X


  43. Ahh omg.
    aww seungri has been wearing beanie’s
    Ohh just like GD.
    BIG BANG HOTNESS. Esp. G-Dragon! =]
    but the pictures look bright.
    anyways still hot

  44. Maryam

    he must’ve raid the circus people’s trunk hy mistake then haha

    THAT is the power of Bong

  45. thu

    I think so too
    but I also think that jacket looks weird… like the way it look on him
    cuz i know he DOES NOT have those shoulder
    his shower is not that broad
    the previous ghetto photoshoot, Bong have to stuff napkins in to make it look broader haha

  46. ohthethrill

    this is my theory
    whenever you see Bong, you can’t help but look him straight in the face… since his face is just TOO heavenly
    by looking at his face too much
    you forgot what he was wearing and thought he was naked or something then you feel even more better haha

  47. holeh! look at those arms 0.0 taeyang’s buffness is freaking me out a little. Dae’s outfit looks funny lol and they did a great job with TOP’s pic he looks Grrr lol

  48. DaeDae needs to show off his muscles more too!

  49. i’m guessing that snowcap is another stolen/borrowed article from GD’s wardrobe? haha anyway seungri is just too adorable for his own safety. Daesung’s so hyper!

  50. lmaoo youngbae looks so short, that shortie<3 they all made me giggle for some reason. lol

  51. vi
    their clocth freak me out except bebe & hubby.

    no.3 baby. hi’s really NOT FIT into this gangsta style! hah… baby.. don’t make urself like this.. i always love ur cute style. u’re perfect for that.

    no.2 Bong. why i think his style look more lika a PJ than a beggar style? haha… this is just like a situation when his girlsfriend comeover seeing him in a ‘pain’. have’nt went to take a bath, etc.

    no.1 Dae. i dunno why but from the first time a see the pic i always think that Dae make a fine LADY. hahaha..

  52. OMG!!!
    girl girl…I just had a massive nosebleed
    the picture painted in my mind was just too much to handle ;D
    and no vicky I’m sure you’ll be able to shake the thougth soon just rememember me and nya are more than enough for TOP to handle
    but Seung Ri……he REAAAAAAlly needs u :

  53. nya

    yup yup
    those two are the only normal one
    Bong have pulled Baby and Dae into the dark side.
    idk if that’s a good or a bad thing

    I KNOW!!!
    I feel soo freaking uncomfortable seein’ him like that
    he have his own way of being ghetto, no need for all those oversized clothes

    Pain… what kind of pain? keke

    I just look at Dae’s pic to see what you were talking about…
    oh my god. add in some weave and you got dae-soonie hahaha

  54. dreamandlove

    yes. i must remember that

    and nya and you will probably cut me, wrap me up in sushi and feed it to Tabi, so i can’t think dirty thoughts about Tabi WHATSOEVER!!

  55. hehehhe

    i finally get to see Dae the Grandma pic XD

    GD looks like a hunter as if he is going to hunt more animals for hat :X

    i knew that was a mask on top XD hehehe he loves red XD

    ri looks like a retro kid there.

    and taebabes looking FINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE hehheh his pants are swagging and his veins are popping out XD XD XD

    i love that taedaeri have their hands by the side XD and gd was saying that ri pose like that only XD

  56. hahaha
    count on it girl even if nya and I seem to be enemies now…

  57. vi
    hahaha.. bong pulled them into the dark side. kekeke…
    Seung Ri baby just not fit with the clocth, the one who make the gangsta style work is Tabi, Bong or Bebe.
    save that clocth for them maknae…

    umm… pain like, no shower, haven’t washed hair, sweats, just woke up, etc etc.

    kekeke.. Dae-soonie. right? he do look like one.
    if the pics is not whole body, only close up at their shoulder, i don’t think i’ll recognize Dae. hahaa..

  58. YoungBae’s veins are freaking me out. Reminds me of HULK 😀

  59. Hehe. TOP w/ tt bandana, charisma x10000

  60. wow and here i thought BeBe was slacking on his workouts…no way…i guess he still doesnt eat those burgers and fries and pizza…look at those sexy arms..i have a weakness for men with biceps….sigh…i think out of everyone’s pics i love SR and YB’s the most….SR looks really sexy and mature in his pic

    ~i love how they’re going back to their old style with funky colors and thug look….im ready for them to go back to their roots!!

  61. I think out of 5 of em,Taeyang loorks the best.
    And I can see hie muscles veins popping.
    Scarrryyyy muchhhh

  62. haha the only thing i look at, is their pants xD
    they look short in them haha

  63. Vicky
    nice theory. i’ll use it the next time i
    don’t like his outfit, which doesn’t happen
    often. it’s just THAT one up there was a
    little eh, but it’s all good now. ^__^

  64. TOP is that SILVERY shoes…
    i love what TOP is wearing in Number 1 photoshoot
    it’s mad hotness….awesomeness..

    i seriously don’t like the thinging on DS’s head..
    i think that blue thinging kinda took off some of his hotness…
    man,,but him in that glasses ..DROOL


    i laughed so hard at dae’s pic..the towel is just hilarious lol..
    my man is so hot with red pants..actually if those pants were wore by guys in my country, people would say it is weird and TOO TRENDY..but i love it when they wear colourful pants haha~
    bebe’s guns….omg…breathtaking!!

  66. Daisy

    XD…. .
    hunt for hats… disturbing image haha
    really disturbing you have no idea haha

  67. my friend told me that baebae’s eyebrows are enough to make a woman feel “hot”.

    hehe. my friend is so RIGHT. and this picture proves it….^^

    i love the others still, whatever they are wearing…hihi.

  68. dreamandlove

    just leave me out of it
    I promise I won’t be bad and stick with Baby and Bong haha

  69. nya

    EXACTLY! the same thing with the whole Dae-holding-YG-towel that we talk about before
    he just doesn’t fit it…. Tabi can work it sometimes, cuz if you dress Tabi in like straight up ghetto.. he’ll look somewhat awkward, he’s more of a sophisticated ghetto.
    Like not dress in oversized clothing, but yet still give out a ‘ghetto’ feel
    for example when he wear a suit, that’s not ghetto but yet so effin ghetto hahaha

    how… many time did i say ‘ghetto’ ?? haha

    okay that’s not pain, that’s…… disgusting haha
    ooh~ i can’t go one day without a shower man.

    I’ll be like “the who???~”

  70. lovepieces

    haha the asian version perhaps? keke

  71. lovepieces

    haha the asian version perhaps? keke

  72. sweetsorrow

    their Japan promo are always like this
    but as soon as they go back to Korea it change
    that’s what I noticed in the past year

  73. kiim

    i saw that too keke

  74. ohthethrill

    did you use the theory?
    that’s why it’s all better now?
    u… pervert…. hahahaha

  75. ncly

    i really don’t get the towel….. why the towel? haha

  76. newvip

    people thought I meant that this photoshoot is bad
    but I’m just saying it’s funny
    cuz i can’t stop laughing at all of them esepcially Dae’s pic hahaha

  77. Kenley

    haha damn ur friend is amazing
    i just look at it to see what you were talking about
    gurl ur friend is right

    i feel the same way about Tabi’s old ‘I AM SAM’ eyebrows

  78. LOL
    I’ll try to do the same and stay away from your men
    though I can’t promise much XD

  79. dreamandlove

    OH GURL~
    nya can be scary
    but i’m sure I’m worse
    you’ll regret it… for sure haha

  80. OMG!!!
    girl I believe that!
    if u put it that way then…..I guess I can promise

  81. vicky

    lol i know u didn’t mean that
    but i don’t quite get the concept of dae’s head being wrapped by a towel though hahahaaaaaa
    BB’s photoshoot is always special and stylish..

  82. OMYGAWD! LOOK AT THOSE VEINS!! bebe’s got some huge veins there.
    they’re like gonna pop out any minute!

    i don’t get dae’s towel?! is he gonna swim out or something? LOL.
    anyways, they look extra HOT as always.

  83. Vicky
    me? a pervert? xD

  84. TY’s veins are a little too scary for me lol
    and baby’s glasses gotta go >_<
    oh well, they’re still sexy as hell! ❤

  85. vi
    baby can only work cutey things & no word to describe his cuteness. even tabi lose for his cuteness. ah, he could work other style too, but cute style rank no.1 for baby,
    but not gangsta style.

    ghetto? hahaha.. u said it 5 times. i just like.. “don’t u feel like saying ghetto even u don’t want to after the whole ghetto thing?”

    give me five gurl! i can’t stand man which don’t shower for a day! me too! the climate here just make me shawer like 4 times a day. argghh… i remember when i was in high school,
    after we have our PE class, my deskmate, he smell so bad with all the sweat.
    so bad that i have to hold my breath, i remember i always go to whisp my friend who sit in the back,
    “HELP ME! i can’t breath like this!”

    the who? hahaha..
    if Dae go out with that disguised, no fangurl could recognice him. hahaha.. he can go out with calm.

  86. TOP is the real gangsta of big bang. I love his freaking red mask-like thing.

  87. aaaaaaaah~ YB looks so friggin sexy!!!
    and Baby looks so cute! i love his outfit. the rest are a little bleh…

  88. dreamandlove

    haha u guess?
    u better KNOW gurl keke

  89. newvip

    every new special photoshoot is like a murder case and we have to find out who’s the culprit

  90. ohthethrill

    yes… YOU haha
    don’t try to lie
    I’m the only one that’s allow to lie about my pervertedness here haha

  91. nya

    i know!
    even his 5 reasons
    ‘why this team can’t do without me’
    include him being cute as the 2 reasons haha

    i know, that word is so addicted, yet so hard to type, ghetto
    dude i always messed up typing ghetto and have to go back and type it again haha

    shower save lives.
    period. haha

    wonder if Dae will be depressed with Baby when he see ppl doesn’t follow him around haha

  92. hahaha
    okay girl
    we got a deal 😛

  93. dae should show off his guns too. ha!

  94. OMG YB plzz COVER da arms!! XD
    awwww look at seungri soooo cute!!!<3
    n TOP sure is colorful

  95. -Q- omg tae yannggg *droolls* whats wrong with his arms huh?! lol they are a bit veiny but wth still freaking smexyyy XDDD wish i could see more of his face though >.< everyone looks pretty gooddd, top reminds me of a murderer somehow lol XD i think Dae has the worst outfit… looks like those old styles that women followed lol

  96. cute luss 🙂

  97. WAO TY looking great as always! love his arms
    drives me a bit crazy 🙂

  98. Vicky
    fine. i’m a pervert. a perv for Big Bang only. =P
    but only you and whoever else bothers to read this
    will know this information. xD

  99. vi
    haha yup! that 5 reason! OMG.. that’s so hilarious..
    but baby got it right.
    he must put that in 5 reason why this team can’t do without baby.

    ghettoness, u just need to do some exercise in typing that.
    first, loosen up ur finger & type. ghetto ghetto ghetto ghetto..

    i think only ur hubby that feel like that.
    he want pervy fangurl to follow him around so bad.
    u better go to protect him, dn’t get anyone groipe ur hubby.
    if he say he need ppl to grope him, u sould tell him this
    “i’m better at groping ppl that them” hahaha…

  100. wow!

    thanks a lot!

  101. ohthethrill

    haha might as well put this ‘info’ the news already keke

  102. nya

    Big Bang won’t be complete without him
    it just WON’T work

    ghetto… who come with that damn word?
    it’s so awsome haha

    or maybe because it’s because of pervy nune *coughlikeyoucough*
    make him get too use to have hands coming up from behind and squeeze his butt
    so that’s why. T___T

    I AM BETTER!!!!
    you win in life gurl

  103. vi
    kekeke.. Mr.YG made a really good descision by having baby back
    i never tought of BB without baby.
    i won’t completed. BB need a mood killer there. haha..
    & the most inportant! Bong need Baby there. kaka

    keke, who knows?
    u won’t get the answer by asking me. kaka

    oh gurl, i can’t grope baby. he’s underage!!
    besides, i’m loyal to my hubby. all i need is him. so i won’t go out groping every members, especially the underage one.
    i know if i do it, u’ll come to me & kill me. haha

    KAKAKA.. of course u’re better than them!
    who know *cough baby’s sensitive part better than his wife?

  104. DaeDae in Music Core looks reaaaalll good in red sweater..=D

    No 1 photos…i’m clueless…some looks good, while the other not…and Ji Yong…auw…not that little Sammy again…i know that this is for the Japan’s release, still, you don’t need to wear that weird to be fashion eccentrics…ditch that Sammy and baggy shirt, Ji Yong will look extra fine to me..=)..shirtless is 120% freaking fine for me…=D

    esp with the long tattoo shown on his sexyback!!


  105. taeyang’s the nicest! i wonder why daesung is being wrapped. it looks weird.

  106. nya

    no group is complete without a mood killer haha
    they just have to be there to end things, like interviews keke
    or else everything will go on and on
    Bong definately can’t do without babe
    if it wasn’t for my husband
    Bong will probably be GROPING ur man all over by now
    so you should feel EXTRA thankful hahah

    sensitive part….. uh……. i would wanna know hahahaha

  107. vi
    u become bong victim for hubby..
    i should properly thank you, u want a GF? how about my pervy dongseng aka vi? kakaka..

    i could so imagine Bong groping hubby T___T

    how could i know? u know it better. but keep it as ur dirty secret with baby. do it quick. hahaha

  108. omgg love lvoe toppp *SREAMS* wahhhhhhhh XDD

  109. so nice and elegant .. …not know

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