2008 MKMF Awards Voting Tutorial

quick tutorial. made it this late so i sound tired. then the camera’s blurry. but hopefully you get the gist of it. (it’s definitely not as fast as i did it). thanks to gyang for the screen caps. hope both of these will help you!

you can vote once a day, per korean time. GO BIG BANG! ❀
authentication codes… if you can’t find it, check your spam inboxalways choose the last one they sent you.
be patient cuz the servers are really slow, especially when a lot of ppl are voting.
-be sure to click things once, & if necessary twice. but that’s it.
-if the purple button tells you something is wrong when you try to submit your vote… you most likely did it successfully. to check: log out, & log back in, trying to vote again. another pop-up will tell you you voted already, & to try again tomorrow.






2. Click on FOREIGNER on the bottom right corner.


4. FILL OUT all your info, type in EMAIL, click CERTIFICATION.
wait for an email with your authentication code; copy & paste that into the last box. Click SAVE. a pop-up will say congratulations, & lead you to a new page.

5. Navigate back to the 2008 MKMF Awards Page (up on top left corner). Double check that you’re already logged in (it should say LOG OUT in the topmost bar next to mnet symbol)

6. Begin voting for each category by going through the lists & CHECKING whichever artist you want to vote for. Categories with BIG BANG, TAEYANG, or YG Artists are highlighted in RED. vote wisely.

7. BE CAREFUL with Categories 16 (Song of the Year) & 17 (Artist of the Year). These 2 have both YB & BB in them. Choose wisely.

Here’s some of the categories with BIG BANG in it:

8. Once you’re done voting for ALL CATEGORIES, a pop-up will open, click the PURPLE BUTTON & you’re DONE.


~ by gdluvzmc on October 18, 2008.

165 Responses to “2008 MKMF Awards Voting Tutorial”

  1. i will do it, thanks for the teach.
    go! BigBang!

  2. **whoever likes writing on soompi, please spread the word there by linking this post or playing w/ the html codes there & posting.


  3. wow!!!
    go big bang!!!! go every vip…
    vote for them^^

  4. can you give a link to vote 😦

  5. i already signed up and voted, but thanks
    for this still. it’s good to know i clicked
    all the right boxes. hehe. so for sure we
    can vote once a day?

  6. omg thank you!!!! im so doing that NOW!!! BB FOREVER YAY!!!

  7. thx for sharing SO MUCH…
    do they show all the results?….
    cuz after i click on the purple button there’s something else that came up…
    but anyways
    BB is always behind DBSK…..2nd place 😦

    why cant i even complete the info part?
    it keeps saying my authentic no. not matching blablabla..

  9. newvip

    did you click the auth. button for you email more than once?
    that may be it. i did that like 20 times lol.

  10. if you click it 20 times
    then you have to make sure that the latest authentication number
    that they sent to your email
    is the number you put it
    if you click 20 times
    they will send it 20times

  11. I am begining to feel like a physco
    but i really want them to win
    and actually do you know we are cathcing up faster than expected
    so VIPS…fighting!!

  12. ^ correct.

    choose the LAST authentication number they give you in order for it to work properly. that’s why just be patient & click once…

  13. I can do it 😑
    Thankz so much 😑

  14. Finally I can register. I tried all this morning but I couldn’t, there was always a pop-up that means something was wrong. I was really crazy. But finally I register successfully when I change my password to exactly 6 characters. I’ll vote everyday.
    I feel like a mean person when I don’t share with my friend how to register and vote because I know she’ll vote for DBSK. Oh my ….

  15. Voted EVERYTHING to Big Bang and Tae Yang!
    I know they’ll win!!!
    Lat year was SO exciting that I bet everyone want to thim winnig again!
    I know I do!

  16. ahh~ it wont send my authentication number :/
    ive tried like 15 times >___< im not that
    patient xD ,i really want to vote ! xD

  17. :[ its doesnt work for me ,
    i went to the website n clicked forgiener but it didnt loaddd :OO

  18. YO GAIZ.

    Even though I’m an uber Tae Yang fan, we should vote for Big Bang when it comes to the categories where they’re both in it. Then it doesn’t divide our votes cuz then non of them would win. Tae Yang should get best Male Solo or Ballad/R&B.

    Like if Big Bang wins, Tae Yang wins anyway. ;D I want mah Bebe to get Male Solo bad, though.

  19. VIPs… HWAITING!!
    Only then will Big Bang win!!<33 I really hope they do!!
    We can only vote once a day??

  20. Thanks for the tutorial!
    I’m definitely voting now.
    Big Bang for the win!

  21. hmmmm its okay cause i kinda asked my friends first…
    who will you vote for and if they say big bang then i tell them
    its bad but its the only time i will be bad ><

  22. Mine keeps saying loading! It’s damn annoying -.-

  23. i dunno why but i can’t vote with my foreigner id, when i cilck the vote button it says something like ‘the process can’t be done’ in korean. Is it only me, cause it works just fine with my korean id :/

  24. I’m YB addict as well but we should like, vote for Big bang as a whole for artist and song award category and YB for R&B and best music video and best male video.

  25. I can’t seem to register. Does this registration process work on a Macbook??? So sad…

  26. i’ve voted already

  27. thanks for the tutorial. ❀
    just made 2 accounts.. LOL.
    gonna vote again tom.
    i really hope they win big again this year!

  28. OMGG they wont send me the authentication number

  29. bbftw

    LOL i clicked for like 10 times i think..
    but it still doesn’t work hahaha
    fine i’ll try again later

  30. Dee Dee

    check your junk/spam box..cause i found mine there xD

    hey guys we can have multiple accounts on one email addy so make as many a you can and don’t be discouraged by cassie’s

  32. yes~ it was in my spam!
    it like 37 messages of the authentication xD

  33. OMG who do i vote for i love tae yang and BIG BANG!!! and thier going for the same thing too! OMG this is SOOOO freaken hard!!!
    but yeah…i tried putting in the aut. number…like 10 times and its not working….every time it doesnt work i get a new one but still its NOT WORKING….GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  34. Okie dokiee thanks =]

  35. Cant seem to find my authentic NO , not even in my spam for some reason .

  36. oh one more thing to add…usually i realise that if i use my yahoo email i cant find my autentication number even under spam
    but it works great for hotmail

  37. I thought…I saw on this site a photo of Ji yong with his umma & appa.
    either than or his sister with their parents. o___O

    where did it go (or am I imagining things??)

  38. same, my authentication number doesn’t work
    *le sigh*

  39. Thank you very much for the tutorial! Used it and now I’m an official voter. πŸ˜€

  40. omg thanks for the turtorial! i finally know what to do!
    THANKS x]

  41. once i clicked the purple button
    a pop-up poped up then after that i loged out….
    so did i do it right? :/

  42. basically. if you wanna double check, re-log in & try to vote. a pop-up should tell you in hangul you already voted & to try again tomorrow.

  43. thanx for the tutorial ^^; i register yesterday but then i was lost O.O and today finally get to vote :D! i’m gonna vote everyday and my sister too xD!

  44. it’s not working for me. and when i tried clicking anything, it says ERROR. and yes, i opened it with IE. still not working! i’m freaking out, is that weird? HAHA

  45. D: so difficult and long… but their system is slightly better than any other registration system I’ve ever seen.

    hate to say it but 😦 I think DBSK will beat BB for best Male Band 😦

  46. anyone know about the auction part of the vote?
    yea how DO you vote on that thing?

  47. where is the purple box?
    izit at the bottom?
    i sorta clicked on it but there is no pop up =\
    am so lost in the world of hangul…

  48. just passing by & spreading the news ~
    according to soshified:

    one ID can vote once per day.
    you can vote 50 times a day per one IP address, so make 50 IDs and vote 50 times per day if you have time.
    however, you can only create 10 IDs in a day with one IP.

    we can do this VIP! for our boys ❀

  49. @ newvip
    when you pick a nominee for all the categories, the purple box will come up right when you check the last nominee.

    it’s true you can make multiple ID’s per email address per day.
    but as stated before, our votes only account for a section of the final award consideration.
    so have faith in the boys that they’ll do fine even though it looks like they aren’t winning.

    don’t overstress yourself & make 50 accounts.

  50. voted already
    hope bb get best 1

  51. i’ve been waiting for the authentication code since yesterday. it doesnt show up even in my spam. waaah!! i guess i have to try again

  52. I make 50 accounts ^^

    V.I.P. Fighting!!

  53. Lol… I have 10 accounts at the moment ><

  54. GO TVXQ !!!!

  55. yayy voted again today πŸ˜€ woah you guys… 50?! XD more support the better i guess haha, every little helps!!

  56. you guys don’t need to wait a day to vote again..just make a different account/ID..you can use the same password & e-mail address..buh need a different Authentic No. for every account

  57. shiet…

    i finally got my signing up thingy done and now i cant do anything cuz i dont know korean -_-

  58. never mind! haha… i didnt get the instructions that well, but then someone explained them to me… ^_^’

  59. ok im confused in one part it says 17 is artist of the year but then when you look down at the tables it says artist of the year is 15 0_o

  60. ^ my friend messed up the table translation. 16: song of the year
    17: artist of the year is correct.

  61. OOhh,, we have to hurry.. Big Bang is +/- 8000 votes behind DBSK!!!
    NO!!! If I could, I wanted to vote every second..

  62. hey you guys! just wanted to remind you that when both taeyang and BB are in the same category vote for BB because if some vote for tae yang and some for BB that will split the votes and none of them will win:[ so yeah but vote for taeyang in the other categories like r&b and best mv:]

  63. if you really dont want to make multiple accounts, ask your friends to make accounts and vote …. i got all my roomates to make one and vote…they’re all for Big Bang/Tae Yang even tho they don’t know who they are…LOL roomates are love ❀

  64. s0 sl0w 2 l0ading ney…~_________~
    can’t wait 2 v0te 4 0ur b0yz!!! i’m s0 g0nna make 50 acc0unts if s0…^_________^ they’ll definitely g0nna win!
    Big Bang is V.I.P!!!

    p/s: n yeah,plez d0 v0te 4 BB if there’s b0th TY & BB in d same categ0ry…like l0tta V.I.P said up there,”if some vote for TY and some for BB that will split the votes and none of them will win” definitely true!
    BB = T0P + TY + GD + DS + SR !! ^________^

  65. Uh.. can someone tell me why can’t i vote?
    I already voted yesterday but I can’t seem to vote today? T___T”

  66. the first time I doin registration for voting hahaha altough annoying I dun care as long as can help support Big Bang to win!!!

    hey.. ^^ if you voted yesterday somewhere around at night
    then the next day when you vote has to be around the same time too
    cause its a vote per day..and the calculate as according

  68. I THINK i have 20 something accounts at the moment…

  69. dont keep checking the votes…keep focusing on the voting lol

  70. i’m kinda l0st…~________~
    n0t sure wether my v0tes r accepted 0r n0t…

  71. n n0w i can’t even enter d MKMF site! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…~____~

  72. g0sh i n0e i’m really ann0ying here but i wanted 2 v0te 4 them damn badly!!!
    i 0redi g0t 2 acc there but till n0w can’t even start v0ting 4 them…it ask 2 l0g in but i dun n0e h0w,even at d Mnet site i 0redi l0gged in,but when i 0pen d MKMF site,it ask me 2 l0g in,but when i try t0,it’s n0thing than a blank page & finally “internet explorer cann0t display d webpage”!! ~__________~
    d0es anyb0dy hav d same pr0bs wif me?

  73. it’s me again!hahaha s0ry s0ry s0ry! but happy 2 tell dat i 0redi can v0te 4 them yay! at last!phew…^___^! my 1st j0b is d0ne! g0 n create s0me m0re acc0unts!hahaha

  74. uhm why I can’t vote again after 1 day? I still see my old choices. I follow every steps exactly. I want to vote more 😦

  75. I’m registering and I’m voting everyday starts frm
    go GD go GD go GD go BB GO bb GO bIgbang

  76. ok i firgued out. stupid me :p

  77. 1 day = 24 h0urs exactly rite?
    & we can create ab0ut 10 acc0unts per day using d same IP rite?
    hav 2 wait 2m0r0 2 create m0re acc0unts…~_______~

  78. mmm THANK YOU SO MUCH xD hahahaha finally finally finally i get to do something for our beloved Big BANG all the way from the tiny island i live on xD and best part is i’m in the middle of O levels right now. oh WELL WHO CARES BIG BANG HWAITING~

  79. gd’s_maNura:
    The time is according to the time in Korea.

  80. what are you suppose to click after the day you voted already?
    i see my old choices…
    so do i click on the huge color button below the chart?
    or the the other green button below that?
    im sooo confused O_O

  81. kiim

    i know what you mean yah it seems that when you vote once the computer already knows you choices so just click the COLORFUL button on the bottom:] BB<3

  82. @nilly
    if you see your old choices just click the COLORFUL button on the bottom. :]

  83. thanks for the tutorial, dbsk fan here,lol…but i voted for haru haru for ‘Song of the Year’….mirotic kinda x_____x for me lol
    and voted for gummy too^^

  84. vip come on! vote! you know yall want BB to be crying of happiness when they win those awards:]

  85. ugg…I clicked that certification button like yesterday and I still didn’t get the mail for the number. oh well I just want to vote. ahhhh can’t wait!

  86. vannie

    thanks! BB fighting! :]

  87. i cant log in….

  88. help…!!!!!!! please….
    i wanna vote!!!!!!!!!

  89. i voted then i logged out and now i don’t know wher log in is =)kinda need help here!!

  90. ^nvm i found it!

  91. thanks for posting btw!

  92. omfg// i’ve finally voted, yay^*^.
    bigbang is the ‘BEST LIVE’ singing group in Korea, NO DOUBT.
    after all we’re voting for the best song & the best singer(s) here.
    well, i think GDRAGON is the most sexy/handsome/beautiful guy ever!!!

  93. VIPS keep voting remember when yb and BB are in sme category is better if we vote for BIG BANG cuz then the votes wont be cut in half. make many accounts too! i have 20 so far. btw when is the last day to vote anyone knows?

  94. i voted the other day. now i can’t vote again. is that not allowed or something ?

  95. Thanks for the tutorial but I can you tell me if my vote went in? I got a message when I clicked the purple button and I have no idea what it says cuz the Hangul is all messed up.

    Yes, I made sure I voted in all categories. Does everyone get this message? Did my votes go through?

  96. Hey isn’t the last two screen caps backwards? 16 is for Song of the Year and 17 is for Artist of the Year. λ…Έλž˜ = song and κ°€μˆ˜ = artist. But if people were voting for BB either way instead of Taeyang in those two then I guess it doesn’t matter.

  97. AHHH. thanks so much for the tutorial! go big bang! =)

  98. @DAEaya.
    my friend who did the caps messed up on the numbers, but it’s essentially the SAME list. if you could read hangul then you don’t really need to worry & you shoulda noticed more so, that’ it’s the exact same list.

    as for the pop-up. you can double check to make sure you voted by logging out & logging back in to try & vote again. another pop-up will tell you that you already voted.
    so it shoulda went thru.

    for those who still haven’t got a auth. #, maybe try using another email addy.

    to revote, click on the colorful button. or to be safe, i make like i’m editing an entry & just recheck the same nominee & the old popup with the purple button come up & you can click it.

    24 hrs = 1 day. time-wise is kst.

    IE works best.

  99. yeah big bang will get enough awards this year. we knew that they did a lot hits and of course they’re the best boy band in Korea. Please vote for big bang. Big bang is really vip.

  100. i think i voted but i tried voting again but it wont vote so i think….it didnt put in my vote….? im so lost!!!!!!!!!
    i need help

  101. @gdluvzmc
    thanks for your help. it doesn’t seem to be taking my votes. i logged in and out multiple times and already filled out multiple ballots and i get the same popup like in the screen cap every time just like the 1st time so I don’t know.

    and yes the list is the same but the english words at the top of cap 16 and 17 is what is backwards. i can read hangul but those who can’t are getting misled on which category is for artist of the year and which is for song of the year. if you know it’s messed up, you should put a note to inform people of the error.

  102. if you saw my original translation of the entire list, it’s correct.
    so if ppl followed my directions, they should be fine.

  103. oh..now i get it..waaah..thanks so much!! BB fighting!!^_^

  104. big bang is second for best male group, sadface
    hope they win :)!

  105. urhs!
    i can’t click on foreigner .

  106. Help me !!!y can’t !!!!! i ad get tat mail but when i click save nothing happen…..

  107. i dunno if its just me but it seems that the voting site is having issues cuz its taking HELLA long to download…

  108. nvm its working now:]

  109. dose anyone know what canle is it going to be on

  110. it won’t let me vote like if i click on it it won’t check it

  111. what purple button? okay i sound dumb. -_- it came up some auction thing

  112. i dunno why but it won’t let me vote everyday…i’ve only voted once a few weeks ago…well maybe a week ago…but ever since then….even though i try to go in and vote they keep on telling me i can’t vote because i already did and i can’t vote until the next day. like wtf? sorry…it’s really irritating me. i want my boys to win cause they deserve it more than anyone out there! they don’t just pour their blood and sweat into their jobs but they carve their hearts and bones into it too! hahahha. talk about going above and beyond…that’s what makes them stand out from the rest!

  113. THANKYOU=]
    This helps SOOOOOOO MUCH.
    BigBang FIGHTING! =D

  114. i have a question, how can we view the current results? is that possible?


  116. is there anyway we can watch the WHOLE show????

  117. excuse me…i typed my email address and clicked the certification but nothing happens in my mail box? how come?

  118. HBD aka Happy Birthday T.O.P i luv u ur my favorite Korean singer and the group too after DBSK u guys rock BIG BANG is my first favorite Korean group then DBSK u guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  119. well I was having a hard time choosing YB or TOP; and I just randomly picked one cause they’re in the same group

  120. When is there next tour ?Are they having any world tour?

  121. yehey!
    thanks for this..finished voting πŸ™‚
    yeah i have seen the results when i clicked the green button on the bottom part of the page :]]

  122. here’s the link..

  123. you can also see it here πŸ™‚

  124. i wanna vote
    but that verification e-mail…. so long….

  125. Is this mkmf awards totally depends by the fans’ voting??

  126. can someone tell me where to find the login page ?

  127. ^ fans’ voting does not account entirely for the awards.

    ^ the login should be on the top right corner, it’s a small button.

    ^ try using another email if you haven’t got ur verification yet, or check your spam mailbox.

  128. Huh…sort of relief if the awards not 100% base on fans’ voting..cuz DBSK leading at most of the categories where BB were nominated alongside with them.

  129. i did exactly what it is said here. but after voting for all categories it didn’t pop up any purple buttons it returned to the 1st one i wonder what is wrong. unfortunately i don’t know korean so i don’t know what it is saying. plz help me!!! thanks

  130. thanks for the tutorial and the people in charge of this site are wonderful and thanks for creating this amazing site for all bb fans

  131. wat is an “authentification” code/number?????????????????

  132. Youknow what? We can watch 2008MKMF for free via internet live broadcasting. On Nov, 15th at 19:00 KST on http://www.gomtv.net/mkmf2008/ you can enjoy 2008MKMF at your home or abroad without resistered ID or PW. So easy.

  133. ay` i don’t know how 2 vote u sorry i β™₯ u bb

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BB~! <3333333333333333333

  135. How come it only lets me vote once?

  136. Thanks so much for the tutorial! I only wish I found the link sooner; Big Bang really deserves to win but Cassiopeia has got some crazy numbers. =_=


  138. Where are the YG fans from the world??!! Big Bang need more votes T_T at least 2nd place (ELF are CRAZY!!!) GOOO GIRLS πŸ™‚

  139. I’m trying to register but it won’t send me my Authentic No…
    Can anyone help me out here? I really want to vote for our boys ^^


    i finally got that stupid number correctly
    becuase it DOES NOT SEND to my hotmail.
    so i used my yahoo but TURNS OUT some goes into my spam mail.

  142. first of all ive been clickin and waiting certification for about 30 mins 😦 plus next to nationality and date of birth theres nothing soo i could enter it.. ive refresh-ed it like soo many times is crazy i wanna vote 😦

  143. sorry, can you guys give us a detail guiding. I had an account and log in this page successfully. But we couldn’t vote to G-dragon because this service requires paying money for foreign fans. Is that right? So we only vote to Bigbang on Oversea viewers’ award, don’t we?

  144. ayay!! i voted!!

  145. hey i couldnt get the authentication number. i’ve been waiting for more than half an hour. is it because of the slow server?

  146. rachyee, may be you didn’t use your yahoo mail, right? It’s the best if u use yahoo mail, and check in your spam box.
    You can create 20 account —> u can vote 20 times a day. Fighting Bigbang fans. I’m so sad and nervous about the result because GD has not been in no.1, Bigbang was only in no.7 in oversea viewers’ award. OMG.

  147. so that means only a yahoo acct can be used? okay thank you!

  148. No, only because u use other mails, it will very slow in replying your Authetication no. (even over 1 day ^^)

  149. ohhh okay. thanks for the help!


  151. in other hand, let’s VOTE to G_DRAGON in POPS IN SEOUL, out of date is 5/11. So let’s hurry up! ARIANG is really a good webpage which have internationality. This is link (you guys create an account here, so easy, not difficult like Mnet)

  152. it won’t email to me what’s wrong?

  153. the Authentication number

  154. the email that has the authenication number is NOT coming to me!

  155. I can’t vote. Whenver I try voting, a screen from bill.mnet pops up, and I cannot read Korean, HELP!

  156. Amie, u should read all above comments, they’ll help u so much. ^^. U can’t vote there, u can only vote to bigbang in Oversea Viewer Award. This means u can not vote to GD, because Mnet forces u paying money by a bill for this. And forget it, because we should boycott Mnet, many fans of other groups did like that, because there were a lot of problem here. ^^

  157. hm , can we buy the coupon and vote for them ? I wish to buy but i don’t have credit card

  158. i can’t even get to the website T_T
    Someone help me!

  159. wha..its annoying everytime i enter the authenciation code a pop out box would always appear saying “not match authentic NO…

    wah..help!! >.<

  160. its been like a week..still no authentication number has been sent to me T,T wtf?

  161. I use hotmail btw and live in jamaica..is this the reason?

  162. Big Bang must win Mua haha

  163. HELP!It shows that i have completed my registeration but i dont know how to login..

  164. i cant even get to the step with the 4 boxes ><
    the stupid thing wont take me there !
    i have been clicking and clicking .
    ugghh . stupid website . ill keep trying for big bang though ! ❀

  165. You do like technology don’t you? I will come back when
    I can

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