[YG Bounce] Daesung, the Pleasant & Sexy Rum Tum Tugger of CATS

when has a cat looked sexier?

^ WOW. lol. those kittens should totally stay away lol.

definition of FIEND:
1 a: devil 1 b: demon c: a person of great wickedness or maliciousness
2: a person extremely devoted to a pursuit or study : fanatic
3: addict

def 2: her devoted pursuit or study goes by the name of KANG DAESUNG. word. LOL!

Daesung’s definitely the ALPHA CAT. rock it boy >=]

source: http://www.yg-bounce.com/

avoid the shiny spots on his costume. shouldn’t be looking there xD


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his face is meant for cat makeup.

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rum. tum. tugger.

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AWW SUPPORT!!! <333 all the boys went to check out Dae’s performance. i know they loved it! dae can let his energy out on stage instead of on them now xD
YB checking out the booklet is cute.
SR being a cat. that silly dork. ❤

RANDOM: who’s that?!?! <3333333333333 *smooches*
lol only I would notice that xD

i wanted to convince myself that was seungri in the back so i can stare in awe at those amazing pairs of lips which MUST belong to a female’s… or … >.< nvm. they’re not jiyong’s. at least my baby flipped thru the booklet. i’m happy. ❤

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i’m gonna quote her again: so she refused to “put her husband’s good on the site” but i told her i would give her a shout out. & she goes, okay go ahead. but then she started going on about how tight daesung’s costume was, &  one thing led to another & well, i can’t put it on here anymore lol. x]


~ by gdluvzmc on October 18, 2008.

59 Responses to “[YG Bounce] Daesung, the Pleasant & Sexy Rum Tum Tugger of CATS”

  1. LOL
    lucky lucky cats ;P
    I’m going to avoid making the pics bigger
    must resist the urge XD

    it’s good that the other are supporting him
    I’m sure all of them are proud 😀

  2. lol! why not? don’t fight the urge jess xD

  3. lol yes because if you had posted it, it wouldnt be PG anymore. lmao

  4. Dae just make the perfect rum tum tugger.
    & his outfit just too tight..
    but, i think is a good news for Dae’s fans. hahaha..

  5. LMAO!!!
    I would be in danger if Dasung fans found out
    and plus I gotta stay true to my man
    even if he refuses to wear super tight pants
    or to take his shirt off XD

    and is that GD next to TY in that pic?!

    who else could it be?
    those puffy rose lips <3333
    it’s definitely my baby ^_^

  7. wait…so it was him?!!
    those are some sexy lips 😛

  8. HEY HEY HEY now.

    that’s my jiyong you’re talking about jess. that’s a no-no! tsk tsk

    of course it’s him! don’t u see it?! his face & his pouty lips = to die for.

  9. no Melly
    don’t misunderstand *scared face*
    I wasn’t thinkin about you know kissin them or anything
    just thinkin they are to die for
    as in you dying for them

  10. i don think dats GD cuz in another picture, GD was wearing a blue denim jacket and a black beanie, which is sitting on YB’s right side… its either SR or TOP hehe

  11. i don think dats GD cuz in another picture, GD was wearing a blue denim jacket and a black beanie, which is sitting on YB’s right side… its either SR or TOP hehe

  12. RAWR!!!! is all i can say lol if i was there thats what i would be doing the whole time lol besides screaming for DaeSung

  13. wanie-chan
    I’m sure it is GD
    actually there’s lots of things to prove
    first the cheek face structure
    the shade of lips and most importantly nobody else does their lips like that but GD

  14. ROFL!
    jess ur hilarious.
    that’s right wanie-chan.
    those are gd’s lips.
    no mistaking.
    i would know …

  15. LOL
    I burned my eyes looking for the evidence
    and now that you confirm it…I’m sure! XD

  16. ?…. but gd IS wearing the jacket and a black beanie.. and in the picture. the person wearing the jacket is sitting on the other side of yb. . .. .

  17. ah and in the group picture, gd’s sleeves are cuffed.rolled up. and you can tell hes wearing black pants…
    and then in the pic we’re examining.. the other person next to yb also has cuffed up/rolled up denim sleeves. with black pants

  18. mmm…
    I’m startin to doubt my theories
    I think I was wrong….
    but I’m not too sure yet 😛

  19. OMG.
    this is HORRIBLE.
    those ARE NOT HIS LIPS!!!

  20. i have determined..
    those are a girl’s lips -_______________-
    not jiyong’s.
    DAMN YOU JIYONG! aishhhh

  21. go go go my rum tum!!
    the make up is great..he really does look like a cat…and he is so cute when he smiles with the cat make up on..>3
    what that was not bong’s lips? it did look like his lips hahaha~
    yay others were there to support daedae! good!~~~
    dae fighting!~~

  22. Daesung’s my guy!

  23. melly

    look at what the “lips” is wearing, it’s something furry and black.
    and I think TOP is wearing something furry and black.
    so…it might be TOP??????

  24. hahahaha
    I should’ve known
    he has a twin!!!!!
    all this time…XD
    I WAS WRONG!!! 😛

  25. @kenley
    wow i like how we’re all discussing this.
    i dont think it’s TOP.
    his skin is darker…

  26. Melly
    I know huh?!!LOL we are all tying to figure this out now 😛

    I might have been wrong about GD
    but I would most definitely know if they were my man’s

  27. ahh my hubby taeyang look soo cute lmao haha i want
    to see dem together back stage haha lmao

  28. daesungie…. you know recently you make me want to marry you ^^
    and I am one year older T_T

  29. LOL that’s true, you would know if they were TOP’s… x]

    but yea. i hope gd’s twin don’t gots curly hair.

  30. blieve I would know!>.<

    curly hair?

  31. On the left hand there is a braclet or something.. Thats the same Jiyong has in the group picture. The lips isn’t Jiyong, sorry people ;p

  32. oops ;s

  33. Okay, those look like GD’s lips but I can see his jeans jacket in the background…I think.
    Dae Sung’s such a cute kitty. xD

  34. For all kpop lovers, there’s a Korean Music Megasale at YESASIA up to 30% or more!! So hurry and grab them all now 😀

  35. odashi
    we already established.
    they are not jiyong’s lips.
    you can read all the way next time.

    why curly hair? cuz there is curly hair in that circle i did lol. look closer.

  36. first i thought those were jiyong’s lips. now i have no idea :DD

  37. AAAHH!!!!!!!Dae look’s SO DAMN HOT in the tight costume!
    MAN! I wish all cat’s were like that: muscular, handsome, with a killer-smile, SEXY [SO SEXY!!!]……

    T_T I wan’t to see the play!
    I wan’t to see Rum Tum Tugger in his sexy tights!!!!!!




    daesung oppa, how you make me fienddd <3333

  39. those cats are really close to Dae O.O

  40. wooowww my sweetheart, my handsome oppa. you are so cute…

  41. mmm! daedae is hella sexxy!!
    i would so take that cat home with me~
    hes so cutee

  42. They’re the lips of that ladeh. GD’s on the other side of YB so it’s taken from the opposite side of the group picture. The side TOP isn’t in LOL. The only person next to YB is the woman on the other couch. =_=;

    And yeah, YB’s on the same couch looking at the mag.

  43. OH SHET. THAT’S NOT A LADY, THAT’S SR. ROFL. Girl lips. Plus that group picture, I was sure I saw boobs.

  44. That’s not hair. That’s just some retarded stain on YB’s jacket, I swear. >_>

    I wanna like grab YB from behind while he’s reading that mag, fufufu.

  45. OMG!!LOL you’re right
    I gave up trying to figure out yesterday
    we all know it’s GD or his twin anyways XD

  46. aww my dae:O)

  47. Ethrapt
    ~oh how i miss TYC..that comment made me giggle…and if its a girl making kissy lips to the cam…why is she sitting beside YB making kissy lips? she should move while she’s still kickin’ haha im kidding =)

  48. oh i forgot to mention how proud i am of DAE…seriously i want to see what his father says now cause i remember how hard it was for Dae to go against his father and become a singer…and now look at how far the boy has come – singer, dancer, comedian, musicals – he’s doing so well, im sure his parents are super proud =)

  49. oh mah gah daedae so hot

  50. He looks really…powerful as a cat lol It’s almost scary. But I still love him <333

    You sure those lips aren’t Ji Yong’s??? lol

  51. those are definately bongies lips… seriously people who else has that pout? lol

  52. melly

    you really have a point…i can see bong at baebae’s other side reading the booklet…why is that person too close to him? hahaha.

  53. DaeDae ahhh~
    he’s one hella-hot-damn-sexy cat.
    My eyes…his tight…the obvious ‘spot’…
    yup.makes me love him more.and more.plus more.

  54. dang dang dang. daesung. =]

  55. lolz i couldnt recognise dae at first man…looks cool.

  56. i love how jiyong is eating in that picture. just like how he was eating cheesecake during that radio show. so cute!!

  57. Guess that lips belong to a ‘nobody’ LOL
    Lips with curly hair~creepyyyy…

  58. haha glad i clicked on it to make it bigger. you can REALLY see daesung’s perfect body. lol. the furry cat hair turns u off a lil though. xD jks

  59. Wow.The lips looks like they’re girl’s lips.Not GD’s I hate cats.Grr TOP4EVE<333 😀

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