10.20.08 Big Bang’s NII Must Have Items | 10.19.08 Family Outing

thanks to 졸려영배님
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*****REMEMBER THE COLONIZE HOODIES THE BOYS LOVE SO MUCH????? WANT TO ORDER IT??? GO HERE. This person is pre-ordering it, I already order myself a purple Doraemon one, cuz it’s so much love.

the boys talk about their winter NII MUST HAVE items…. they all look so freaking cute!! The way all of them prounounce “ITEM” hahah it’s too adorable!! Bebe look so cute in yellow~ then BONG!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!! SANTA I WANT HIM FOR CHRISTMAS!! hahah he look just like a little kid with the beanie and the huge jackets… earmuffs…. I’m in heaven. TABI IS CHANNELING HARRY POTTER!! kekekek ahhh!! that is so freaking adorable and he is WAYY HOTTER than harry potter for sure. FINALLY! get to see Baby’s hair!!! him and white…. I think I died… no… i’m POSITIVE…. that I died….. Dae with the turtle neck aww~ and his ‘anyoung~” at the end was just too cute for words… ahhhhhhhhhhhh~ I’m so looking forward to see the pictures for the NII winter collection, I can tell it’s gonna be ‘HOT HOT’… dang~ NII better sign a lifetime contract witht he boys… cuz they be WORKING IT!!

10.19.08 SBS Good Sunday
DaeSung on Family Outing
873 MB

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Remember the sweet potatoes Dae and Yunho dig up last week?? What do you think they do with it?? hahaha bribe their way to #1 spot of course… did it work?? hm…….

After you watch this episode…… YOU WILL NEVER… look at PELVIS THRUST.. the same way.. EVER.. AGAIN.

They start off with Junsu and Yunho bust a move to JT’s ‘Sexy Back’, and the whole time, I was like thinking, Baby must’ve wish to be there so badly, since Junsu’s there and everybody knows ‘Sexy Back’ is Baby’s jam haha. Then after that, Dae perform a bit from his ‘Cats’ musical…… now I know why ‘Rum Rum Tugger’ is the perverted cat T________T you will never look at a pelvis thrust the same way again………… nope. Jesus Dae… first time ever seen him like that before, once he get into his cat mode…… it’s a blur from there hahah

T____T Rum Rum Tugger….. so right for Dae.

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~ by Vicky on October 20, 2008.

91 Responses to “10.20.08 Big Bang’s NII Must Have Items | 10.19.08 Family Outing”

  1. omg so cute!!!!
    i can;t wait fort he pics too:D
    i am all excited!!

  2. CUTEE

  3. awww TOP is suchh a cutiee!
    ahh!!! IM DEADDD.
    babys “isnt it cute?” OMGOMG yes it is SR!

    omgg. when daedae did the hipthrustt~~ keke
    i love his “family outing” tshirtt

  4. Jini

    when i saw him i was like ‘haha that can’t be anymore harry potter than it already is’ kekek

    Baby….. every freaking thing he does is cute
    what is he talking about???

    DAE… MADE.. ME SPEECHLESS… I skipped dinner last night to watch it… T__T haha i skipped my Pho dinner and wind up eating ramen for him keke

  5. vi

    baby said ‘seungris must have item is this jacket. its called this wellsth jumper. isnt it cute? well”” jumper.its really pretty, its not that thick so its easy to move around. and espically during the winter, those really cold days its good to wear it and be good-looking.”
    thats basically the gist of it XDDDD

    what the pho? lol i dont blame you for skipping diner, i woulda too XD

  6. Aww. The seller only accepts ATM transfers and Paypal :[

  7. *screams like nonaverage fangurl*

    aw, baby so cute!!!! like the hairdo. really. just…. it could… be better….

  8. Is it just me or does Young Bae sounds sick??? Take care “shy” boy Bebe
    ehhh?? Daedae’s hair is diff from that short-short do that I’ve been seeing
    LOL..Baby’s english…and his infamous finger’s pose, but this time, it’s a whole hand pose…hahahha

  9. Jini

    I’ll put a pass on the jumper.. I’ll just have him instead haha
    he’s my MUST HAVE for this year..

    Pho is a vietnamese food, extremely good
    I skipped that to eat ramen haha
    my mom was pissed~~~

  10. Misa

    he doesn’t sound sick to me really

    Dae’s hair is a bit different now, it’s not A LOT different, but you can tell it’s not the same anymore

    Baby’s english is T___T haha

  11. vi

    keke baby is essential to be in style this year.. lol

    i know what pho is, my parents eat it all the time! lol ive tried it, its really spicy and hot!! lol
    i meant what the pho cuz it sounds like”fuh” as in the f-word keke
    well tell your mom its for a good reason! its daedae!
    parents just dont understand… lol
    ramen is good~~~ i had it last night and wouldnt let my mom have any XD

  12. Oh wow. Jiyongie looked so warm and cozy up in
    his getup. Don’t we all just want to snuggle
    up with him on a cold winter night? 😉

    I watched Family Outing last night. Whew.
    Thanks for uploading it, Vicky. Loved the
    beginning with all the dance bits. I definitely
    will never look at pelvic thrusts the same
    ever again. THANK YOU, DAE! xD

    Speaking of Dae, Baby must be suuuuuper jealous
    that Dae got to sleep next to Junsu. Shoot.
    I’M jealous because I have a crush on Junsu right now.

  13. omo! i want a Doraemon hoodie!!! hey Vicky, how did you order? i’m a little confused O_o

  14. haha..shouldnt it b “MUST HAVE BIG BANG”?..

    Bebe’s voice sounds a little diffirent 4 me,,is he sick?

    aww GREAT-D sOOO kawaii ne?..MUST HAVE HIM!!!

    Dae2x sOOO adorable!!!..IM sOOO happy 2 him smile,,i miss it!!! HWAITING baby-D!!!

    haha..TOP oppa~ hurry patter??

    n’ of course HU’s gonna miss out OUR very own VI Seungri maknae baby,,aww I LOVE HIS NEW haircut!!! MUST HAVE HIM!!!

  15. HUH?!
    they r so cute!

    PLS HELP ME.. xD

  16. i noticed baby doing the hand poses again. i remembered the come to play interview. LOL
    tabi makes a really hot Harry Potter


    i’ve been using one site but they are only done subbin up to epi 6 and its taking them so long to sub…
    if any of you know any good sites please REPLY!!!


  18. aww, they prounouced “must have items”
    (: Teehee.

  19. Omg, those Banc & Colonize hoodies are SO cute!
    But, SO expensiveee!!
    I really want one…I’ll see if it’s worth it, LOL.

  20. my must have item for this cold season is…

    …BIG BANG.

    They are so comfortable and can heat me in the coldest of nights, with additional playmates and entertainment too.


    The way they all say “must have item”…so cute..why did only tabi and baby ri had a full body shot of their clothes?damn. I wanna see all of them. ^^

    Yep, dae is the pervy cat in the musical. Baby ri must be thinking “dae hyung is so cool with junsu there and doin sexy back….I wish I was there too…” ^^

  21. Ooh, just watched the video.
    And GD looks sooo freakin’ adorable in his beanie & earmuffs.
    And SR’s hair is like pretty good…it looks better than from the pics. And he looks gorgeous in white.

  22. oh my…yellow is definately YB’s color…gosh he looks sexy and i thought his voice sounds fine…or maybe my ears deceive me lol….aww Harry TOPPER – he looks so geeky in those glasses..i have a weakness for geeks and Mr.Seungri, looking cute as heck in that white jacket..

  23. Jini

    I’m willing to give up my whole wardrobe just for him keke
    he’s all I need to be stylist keke

    ahaha why do you think there’s shirt called ‘what the pho?’ haha
    ppl are having LOTS of fun with the Pho pronouncination keke
    and also this word ‘Pho Dac Biet’ which means ‘Special Pho’
    but ppl who pronounce with a english accent say it like ‘f— that bitc–‘ hahaha

    my mom was pissed cuz I was eating the unhealthy stuff instead of her [and i quote] ‘amazing great pho’….T___T my mom think too highly of herself haha

  24. ohthethrill

    haha that’s on top of my wishlist for this christmas
    Santa better work some damn magic and make it happen haha

    I was laughing and almost choked on a oreo last night haaha
    it was too freaking hilarious
    when the others imitate him… T____T

    ahaha that’s what I was thinking the whole time
    Baby is just DEAD JEALOUS of Dae for sure

  25. medirin

    well you just reply in that post [link at the end]
    then you can leave your email and that person will email you with the details
    I live in the US, and the cost for one hoodie cost me $102
    because the hoodie is expensive in the first place and count the shipping from Singapore to US is a lot, and the hoodie is heavy.

  26. boolovesbb

    I think it’s a music term for ‘moderate’

  27. ktin7

    he’s the king of poses
    even the position of his legs were well thought out haha
    Baby own!

  28. YelloPhase

    right now F.O Fansub is the only one
    even though they are slow, they are trying their best
    it’s better to have it slow than not have it at all.
    please appreciate what you have
    I’m close friend with members on the team and they are working really hard to have the subs out.

  29. shuggah

    I keep giggled like an idiot at that hahaha

  30. jess

    it’s not that expensive consider it’s authetic
    it’s just that the shipping is… T__T

  31. Kenley

    ever consider becoming a poet??
    haha you would be GREAT. kek

    Baby must be DEAD jealous
    Junsu say that even he knows Baby is a huge fanboy of his haha

  32. jess

    welll to me he look good in ANYTHING realy.. haha
    but White..~~~~ damn.

  33. sweetsorrow


    HARRY TOPPER!! keke

  34. vi

    i have to get that shirt now..haha ‘wtp’
    lol! my moms a cook and her food…is okay, like she has a restaruant..lol my mom cant make pho to save her life though.. keke

    i know right!! omg baby would be suchh an inspiration.
    anything is possible with baby by your side!! haha

  35. My mom wanted me to get glasses like TOP’s (she didn’t know they were his) when I went to to optometrist today. My insurance didn’t cover them so she was a bit disappointed.

  36. vi
    u want Bong for christmass???
    i tought u want baby instead. i should say that Baby cuter than Bong. 100000x times cuter with that white outfit.
    but i can’t blame u for can’t resist Bong.
    his style just.. amazing, he could work everything.
    earmuff is one killer item >.,< my mid test coming, maybe after that. sob sob..

  37. Vicky

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Baby’s always pleading with Dae and one day might just show up on family outing unexpectedly. hihi. =)
    I’m not really that good in writing, I just write whenever I am inspired, which only happens when I’m heartbroken. hehehe.
    But Big Bang will always be a must have item for me ^^

  38. Vicky
    you and me both. ahhhhh.

    note for future references, no eating while
    watching videos of the guys, especially Dae.
    random bursts of FUNNY is a choking hazard.

    btw…pho sounds good right now. ^__^

  39. awe cute ^^

  40. Vicky
    don’t worry, i did too. i hope others did too. (: TEEHEE.

  41. YB don’t lie, your must have item is a nice warm cap (you know the winter part in the prayer video)! lol^_^
    I just wanted to pinch Dae’s cheeks his smile looked so cute with his turtle neck.

  42. vicky sweetheart, its rum tum TUGGER .

  43. GOD!!!
    they look extra cute today!!! 😛
    TY and yellow noy I feel like I’m dying
    GD looks extremely adorable but it seems like jacket is way bigger than him XD
    SR in white……I better keep that to myself(I promised XD)
    DS is simple yet soooooo hot!!!!
    and TOP….when I saw him I lost my breath thinkin on how he would look like if……*nosebleed* XD
    Harry Potter LOL
    he is definitely hotter than him….way way hotter

  44. jiyong still does the ‘ssss’
    when he talks like at :27 xD thats cute.

  45. Jini

    I’m really picky with my food anyway
    so since I’ve been eating Pho made by my mom for the past 5 years.. it gets boring

    I only need him and I’m set.
    other things in life are just sidedish compare to him haha

  46. ok thanks vicky for the reply!

  47. nya

    haha of course i got it all planned out
    I want Baby for my bday which is before Christmas hahaha

    mid test??
    aww..poor you
    i hate those
    gladly mine isn’t until next year, when we get back from new year’s break
    does this mean i’m not gonna see you often anymore?? 😦

  48. shuggah

    haha i’m sure no one can resist but laugh like an idiot at that too

  49. rahquhxie

    haha oh my god
    all these time i thought it was tiger
    my eyes deceive me BIG TIME.

    I think I need new prescription

  50. dreamanlove

    yes gurl. keep it to yourself haha
    even when Harry Potter go naked he can’t compare to Tabi

  51. Lol I’d think Melly, knowing my Daesung obsession, would have corrected you on that….but its cool, at least I told you, I mean he does look like a tiger…..? So I can see how you got confused on that.

    Quite sexy if I do say so myself hah.

  52. SR looks really cute I love the hand poses

    Top looks way better than Harry Potter

    Daesung + Pelvic Thrusts = heaven
    I had to rewatch it many times
    Almost choked on an apple

  53. rahquhxie

    oh my god.
    YOU…. win in life…
    you just own it all hahah
    freaking awsome

    i’ve never met anyone so obsessed wit Dae, now I can die hapy knowning that I did hahah

    This day is going straight to my diary haha… if i have one T_T keke

  54. btw.

    ‘Say Yes’ is one hella ‘mood setting’ song haha
    nice choice.

  55. vi
    ow~ my comment been cutted T.T

    ahh… smart gurl, u got all planned.
    my mid test will be over by this month ~.~
    hate those. make me can’t sit all day hearing BB’s song.
    hohoho.. i’ll always come to check the sites, but maybe not for daily meeting >,<

  56. nya

    i’m gonna cry now
    how am i gonna go through the whole month without you??
    hurry back
    at least drop a hello once in a while for this dongseng 😦

  57. I primised 😛

    naked harry potter just can’t compare
    now imagine if TOP was naked…..harry potter would be nothin…..nothing compared to my man XD

  58. when i went to Korea, i bought tons of Colonize shirts and Banc too..famous brands in korea

  59. wahh; shipping just KILLS! the hoodies look absolutely CUTE!
    HA all i’m saying is HARRY POTTER BETTER LOOK OUT!! JK Rowling (sp) better think twice about Harry Potter now…TOP can steal his place like THAT!

    Vicky~ i want a shirt that says “what the pho?” even though i’m not viet, i still want it. SHOO i eat pho too! =)
    thanks for sharing!

  60. that’s totally cute how they said item.

  61. Oh man Daesung’s eyebags xD He must be hella tired with all the shows and musical lately

  62. omg! i need to see it >.<

    i can’t wait for that NII pics *o*

  63. family outing was just hallarious~~
    it’s always fun with DS hehe
    it’s cool to see DS and YunHo getting so close~~

    and LOL at SR’s poses at the NII photoshoot
    his hands posing again~~ haha
    his habit of doing that is just adorable

  64. the latest eps of FO was one of the most hilarious eps ive eva seen XD
    yunho and daedae are so so cute!!!
    NII most wanted item…i want BaBy’s jacket!!!!
    “cuta and pretty” definitely!!!

  65. GD is like SUUUUUUPAAAAAHHH cute in there <33345
    at least he wasnt wearing that raccoon XD

  66. BEWARE OF CHOKING HAZARD? (LOL u guys are funny)

    BTW,baby Dae make my day~ ❤
    (being pervy is not a crime,right?)

  67. YB does sound like he has a nose cold. He sounds stuffy. He looks so adorable in the yellow vest. OMG my favorite color!!! And DaeDae is rockin’ that turtle neck. It reminds me of last year’s MKMF awards when he wore that white/off-white turtle neck. Love<3

  68. oww this was too cute T_T i wanna hug them all so bad now ♥♥♥ and seungri too cute with that hairstyle and GD’kim is wonderful,beautie and everything as always Tabi omaa i hate HP then plss dont be like that again XD Bebecik is too cute in yellow and i hope he isnt sick T_T and i like the way they say “item” ^.^ …they say this word like me XD ~~ im in heaven ♥♥♥ thnx lil sis *_*

  69. Hahahh vicky aww =] LOL

  70. vi
    hahaha.. what with that couple like converstation?
    kekeke.. i’ll drop my comment if i’m bored or already stuck with my study.
    ALSO! if i saw ‘something special’ fufufu..

    hey, i just figure out i’ll have my comeback in Nov too after my mid test. thats the same time as BB! kakaka..
    how random i am.

    hehehe.. i’ll miss u too my dirty dongseng v^^v

  71. Seung Ri looks younger again with his new hair, he also looks healthier! Ah! Dae Sung’s eyes are so cute!!!
    TY looks really good! GD looks like he is set for winter (ear muffs to gloves) XD
    And last but not least, TOP! He just looked so funny, I love it! He rocks it all!

  72. OMFG!!! Their like SSSOOOO HOT!!!
    It makes wan’t to have Winter forever just to them wearing those clothes!!!!
    Bebe with that yellow [which happends to be my FAVORITE color!!!]sleeve-less jucket…..GOD…*melting*
    AHHH!!! Bong is the most ADORABLE thing EVER!!!!!
    With the puffy jucket and the earmuffs!!!I’m dying over here!!!
    TABI with the glasses…Harry Potter is NOTHING comparing to him…he’s SO HOTTT!!!!GOD DAMNIT!!!!!!!
    BABBBYYYYYYYY!!!! He’s new hairstyle is SO CUTE!
    He’s TOO CUTE to express in words!
    He’s lucky to be living far from me, ’cause if he lived near me, I would kidnap him and I wou’d do ‘things’ to him! [Soory, Vicky.]
    Dae Sung’s smile always makes me feel SO HAPPY…he’s smile is so cute, so naive, so SEXY…now ther’s two ppl who look AMAZINGLY HOT&SEXY in turtle neck: Dae Sung and Bong!

  73. sooo funny
    the way everybody so i-tem
    is sooo cute
    imma start talkin like that from now on

  74. i am SOO GETTING ONE!

  75. dreamandlove

    Harry Potter need to strip for his new movie
    Tabi should definately follow that kekee

    momo unnie

    they’re like the BAPE and Nike over here haha
    a lot of ppl especially wanna buy it since they see celebrities wear it so much
    somehow that just make you wanna buy it so bad

  76. Suzie

    haha that shirt is quite famous keke
    if they ever think about making a korean version of Harry Potter
    they know where to look haha

  77. sunny

    but yet he still show us his awsome smile.
    love him for that

  78. ncly

    haha the super model inside of him
    when I saw him with his hand and his leg i start laughing like crazy

  79. nwtbs

    haha IT IS SO NOT GURL
    it’s a RIGHT haha

  80. circustricks03

    ah~ i know what you were talking about
    that’s right
    that was one emotional night

  81. rahquhxie

    no i’m serious
    I know plenty of YB, Tabi, Bong and Baby luvers
    but now I met you.
    life is complete keke

  82. LOL
    I would so watch the movie if he did
    but if TOP decided to strip in IRIS there would be nothin stipping me from watching him do it
    then askin him for a little private session…. XD

  83. nya

    T__T you can’t even give a proper goodbye
    ‘dirty dongseng’ haha
    another reason to look forward for november

    something special?? what?? where?? heh??

  84. miroo4ka

    haha see Baby is making all the girls wanna do bad stuff to him
    can only blame himself T__T even i can’t protect him anymore

  85. dreamandlove

    that would be porn actually haha
    that’s not no drama kekekek

    ah~ dirty unnies… gotta love them

  86. damn it!!
    you’re right

    they could at least show him without his shirt or something

    I should be your younger siter
    dirty younger sister XD

  87. I’m so, REP DAESUNG for like ever….you’re right I rarelyy see any of them, cept for my girl Celestine on allkpop, she stayy defendin daesung on the regular cause they hate a lot on there…

    Them hq number 1 pics of him? JUDIFKSWA

    I had a heart attack and a half…..sex part three anyone?? XD

  88. i was shaking like hell typing this comment…overdose dude!!! Ji Yong ar…auw, you made me go fly high with that innocent smile!!! auw auw auw…too cute for words naaaaaaaa…’pinch Ji Yong’s cheek’..=D

  89. Sexica

    nope nope nope
    I’m not giving up my younger status for ANYTHING hahaha

  90. rahquhxie

    well you need to join VVC club haha
    we spazz about the boys all the time and so far
    we’re missing Dae luvers
    cuz there’s like .. NONE~

    there really is NO POINT
    like seriously, ur friend is wasting her precious time and energy on those people.
    they’re scum bags. (and I quote from Perry) hahaha

    anyway. please do join us on the daily

  91. i know this is too late for ask this but i really love the t-shirt on family outing that daesung is wearing while play the game with MCYoo like the picture up there.
    The one that Daesung with MC YOO in the feld.(Hurting his back) funny one and cute)
    I wonder it is still avariable. Please help me
    i crazy looking for it.
    If not Do you know any website or where could i buy the T-shirt with (Hoodie with ear) like daesung wearing when a members of Snsd cam (tayeon). or any thing that have T-shirt that daesung wearing with pokemon on it .
    thank you

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