Big Bang ‘Haru Haru’ 2008 Song of the Year

Big Bang’s ‘Haru Haru’ has been enthroned the best hit song of 2008.

Big Bang released the hit song ‘Haru Haru’ in August and the song made its way up to the #1 positions on various charts fast, proving to be a popular hit. Even though it is 2 months after promotional activities for the song has ended, the song continues to receive lots of love from fans. The song was #9 on Cyworld ‘Hall of Fame’ on 20th October, surpassing Kim Dong Ryul’s ‘Like a child’ and MC Mong ‘Circus’ which was released much earlier this year, and is announced to be the highest ranking hit song of 2008.

This is their second year in making into the top 10 positions on the chart after the song ‘Lies’ in 2007. But ‘Lies’ took 3 months to get into the top 10 on the chart while ‘Haru Haru’ only took Big Bang 2 months, definitely a breakthrough in their previous record.

Meanwhile, Big Bang will be having their Japan ‘Stand Up Tour’ concert tour on 28th Oct, 29th Oct and 1st Nov, and will start their activities for their 2nd official album set to release beginning of November.


Note: refrain from giving out negative comments to other ARTISTS AND ITS FANCLUB MEMBERS. please respect one another. Thank you.


~ by Momo on October 20, 2008.

25 Responses to “Big Bang ‘Haru Haru’ 2008 Song of the Year”

  1. OMG-now i can be totally assured that they’ll win the daesung for song of the sooooo proud of them,i love them no matter what even if they never win.i still remember when they first arrived at the mkmf in 2007 and GD said that they’ll be happy to even win a small award.they are so humble and deserve everything they have and thats what makes me proud to be a VIP.sorry,am just getting emotional on how much they went through and how they kept going even when a lot of people wanted them to fail.omg,they so deserve it cause they’re talented and soo incredibly,vicky i think i wrote one of your essays,lol.u just cant help it when ur talking about bb.

  2. Aww, this totally gives me hope that they’ll win song of the year for that MKMF (or w/e) awards thing. So proud of the boys. Their music is amazing.

  3. i like “Lies” better. :] it reminds me of their strating point towards explosive express.

  4. *SUCCESS* not express teehee!

  5. *the word “Daesung” means award? what a cowinkidink! it’s the same name as our DS!” tehhehehehehehehheh!

    Oh my goodness….
    *SCREEAAAMMMSSS* Yayyyyeeee!!!
    I’m so happy!! OMG! I totally have hopes that they will
    Win the MKMF awards. *Amazed*
    I’m so proud of the boys. They are not boys anymore..
    They are now men.. =)
    I”m so PROUD!! AHHH!! Lol. Wow…
    I’m so happy for them.

  7. Tinaxxe
    It’s “Daesang”
    DANG!! the boys are beasts at making TOP HITS.
    Even if they don’t win awards (though I highly doubt it)..they’ll ALWAYS be winners in VIPZ hearts and many charts…lol

  8. yayy =)

  9. always on the TOP 😀 i really wanna see them winning MKMF again :D!

  10. wow
    “song of the year” hehe
    looking forward to MKMF alot too

  11. it’s “daesang” guyz…XD
    yeah 0redi “s0ng 0f the year”…looking 4ward 2 MKMF n0w!

  12. Heck yes! Big Bang is VIP! Dang it, our boys are awesome. They don’t need awards for them to be successful. They are successful and awards just come along… if that makes sense.

  13. theres no way the boys are walking out of MKMF empty handed….how can two time MKMF winners not get anything this year despite being in the kpop scene 24/7…its just not possible…so relax people, our boys are definately winning SOMETHING *grins*….

  14. Big Bang are DEFINITELY winning the Daesung awards!
    They’re to hot and amazing for not to!
    And let’s not forget the MKMF awards!
    Although I’m an obsessed-Big-Bang-iVIP-fan, I can’t say that TVXQ (aka DBSK)are bad…I heard thier song “Mirotic” and my friend had sent me the MV link and the MV is not bad [but of course Big Bang’s ‘Haru Haru’ & ‘Oh My Friend’ MV’s are WAYYY Better!] so it’s going to be a rough competition between our most-beloved Big Bang and TVXQ!
    But, with all the respect I have for other bands that are not Big Bang, let’s all remember that TVXQ spent almost half a year in Japan, Big Bang were achieving the love of the entire glboe by staying close to their Korean fans!
    Big Bang are going to WIN! 100%!

  15. Wow so Haru Haru was given the best hit song of the year already??? Why thank you. I’m so proud of the boys. Hwaiting!!!

  16. ok guaranteed there’ll be a HAWD haru haru perf from them during the awards! hell yea, they beat dbsk thats hawd. coz their mirotic song is very gud too. well, everyone did a gud job this year. long live korean music!

  17. This is proof that Big Bang is the BEST!! CHEGO!!
    I hope they beat DBSK cos they really deserve the award more as they have been doing more activities in Korea than DBSK have.

  18. blizzardsy
    please dont bring DBSK in here…we’re VIPS – we respect other artists for the work they do and don’t bash or put them down…saying something like that gives iVIP’s a bad image….im not a fan of DBSK, nor have ever listened to their music besides mirotic, but im sure they’ve probably worked hard for their music too….so please respect that….although i do agree Big Bang has been doing more activities in Korea, theres no doubt about that – just remember like Big Bang are idols to us…DBSK are idols to someone else…just like we hate someone saying something bad about BB, DBSK are bound to be hurt by bad comments about them….

    ~oh i feel so patronizing

  19. wahh!! awesomee~!

  20. I think maybe haru haru’s more popular now cuz Big Bang is. They were just starting when lies came out right?
    I definitely LOVE Lies WAY BETTER! It’s always got a special place in my heart.

  21. OMG! congrats for the boys!
    I’m so proud of them. =]



    yeah i still like LIES
    but i like both =]
    i’m so happy for them!
    they deserve it!
    Haru Haru is the next classic
    just like LIES =]
    keep voting VIPS
    Argh be back to spazz. stupid keyboard being broken
    and not working =[

  25. mgm wow

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