Big Bang 1st Japanese album released today

Anticipated not only by the Japanese fans but also the Korean fans, Big Bang’s first Japanese album ‘Number 1′ will be released on online charts today afternoon.

And also Big Bang’s second concert tour ‘Stand Up Tour 2008′ , after their March concert tour, in Japan has received overwhelming response with all 3 concert performances already been sold out.

‘Number 1′ album will have a total of 8 song with 6 new songs in it. The new songs are said to be of a different music style as what Big Bang is used to produce in Korea. Already, the title song ‘Number 1′ has received heat responses after its reveal on online sites previously.

YG Entertainment said, “The song ‘Number 1′ is produced with the participation of Sweden producing team ‘Silverroom’, and it features GDragon and TOP’s rap that gives off the bouncy feel (?), TaeYang’s sexy vocal and also SeungRi and DaeSung’s more matured vocal. The Big Bang members have brought their new song to another level.”

“The album will also include ‘Make Love’ from TaeYang’s solo album as sung in the R&B version by all 5 members, ‘Everything’ and ‘Remember’ amongst other songs.”

“Just like their previous album, the songs are record in English. And we are proud of the album, and even if this was be released in American now, we will expect good critiques from it. This is one album which will prove itself not only within the boundaries of Japan.”




~ by Momo on October 21, 2008.

28 Responses to “Big Bang 1st Japanese album released today”

  1. OMG talks of America! OMG “Make Love” by all members!
    OMG OMG! ^_^ !

  2. WHOO HOO!!!
    i want the download site!

  3. OMG I WENT TO that site and listened to the INTRO!!!
    I AM Screaming like seriously this is HOT!

    im so happy…seriously, Christmas came 2 months early =D

  5. -flailsflailsflails-
    sdnvzosirv Make Love is my favorite from HOT.

    I heard some of the songs already!
    “Make Love”, the new version, it’s soooo good!
    And all the other songs!

  7. hrmm not only in the boundaries of Japan
    hrmmmm yayyy!! big bang’s taking over the whole world =)

  8. shuggah?

    where did you hear it? can you give me a link???
    OMG all of them doing Make Love…i wanna hear it!!!

  9. the songs are awesome. though i haven’t heard all of them. so far i like everyone and remember. number 1 as well. hehehe. i wanna listen to all of it now…

  10. vicky posted it on her youtube account. just look for her channel BabyBongaholic. you can hear the songs there…

    …omg A fool’s tears in japanese!!! I’m so gonna melt…=)

  11. this album is AWESOME…my favvvv song is EVERYTHING – something about this song is just so good…the beats and the words and everything…ofcourse NUMBER 1 rocks…COME BE MY LADY is another hot track off the album…gosh this album is so awesome….im uber impressed with their english and the music on this album….please promote this in Korea (and possibly America!)…awesome!!!

  12. omg this album is sooooo much better than i expected!! their japanese albums usually dont rub me the right way, but this one sure did ^^

    I really love “Remember” and “Come Be My Lady” the most.

    oh yeah.. and Fool’s Only Tear sounds hella good in Japanese.. just as good as the Korean version in my opinion ^^

  13. i’m lovin the new album their English is better 😀 and all the songs are good ^^ <333 Fool’s Only Tears japanese version sounds sweet ♥___♥

  14. can’t wait 2 listen 2 all 0f d s0ngs!

  15. WHY GOD? WHY?
    Why do I live in a stupid country that doesn’t sell any Big Bang CD’s or doesn’t familiar with Kpop at all?!!!!!!
    I wan’t to hear the new songs and the new versions to the previous songs!
    Wan’t to hear Big Bang’s new style SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I seriously want the album!
    I usually wait and buy the albums later
    but I WANT THIS!!! PRONTO!!
    It is soooo good! I heard some of the songs
    an I love them! seriously fresh beats!!
    I love all their voices!!
    This album is definitely hotttt!!

  17. The only really FULL ON rapping song is the intro isn’t it? I know the rest have parts for TOP/GD but Im talkin’ about the main parts.

  18. America————–my powers are going crazy again——–

  19. Kenley
    YUP, i guess you found it.
    i heard it on youtube. =]

  20. I’ve heard all the songs and i can tell you that they’re all DAmn AWESOME!!!!OMG!I am loving Come be my lady now!!Practically HOOKED~~GD is actually singing~and daesung actuallysounds sexy singing in english~GOD!I LOVE IT!

  21. omg!!!!! i LOVE “everything” its on replay..

  22. Aww, I’m disappointed that Haru Haru and Heaven weren’t in English. Those were the two songs I was anticipating the most.

  23. these songs were pretty good. lol that one song ‘all about the gs’ what are “gs”??

  24. I think the person translated a word wrong. I think they mean “english” not “american”. a few people are thinking of the last part of the article differently xD

    The album sounds sexy~!

  25. bbftw
    lol “g” stands for “gangsta”
    at least i hope that’s what it still stands for. i hope it wasnt for “george washington ($1 bills)” because that’s pretty cheap lol. i only say that because the song mainly focused on spending money

    now i gotta go download =]

  27. omg where can you download??

  28. i want download! xD

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