Behind the Scene: New Skoolooks Photoshoot | NUMBER 1 Photoshoot HQ Release!

***EDIT: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! NEW SKOOLOOKS PHOTOSHOOT!!!! a cute and bubbly concept this time, school in Korea will be ending in December and back to school somehwere in late January, so I think this is what that’s for….. and DANNNG~ this is probably one of my fave?? heh?? cuz they are look so incredibly cute

CLICK UNDER THE CUT FOR DOWNLOAD. and ESSAY :D… literally… a essay. cuz.. it’s too much haha. because of this…..

Major GRi

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Thanks to S님

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You know how last time I showed you guys the scan, and I say I cannot stop laughing at it? Well the HQ versions came out today… and trust me…. laugh is the last thing I can think of, I was bored in AP Drawing today so I went online and mess around, I saw these pics and I start entering fan girling mode, everybody keep looking at me like ‘what the heck?’ and after that I was being so nice to everyone and they start asking me ‘are you high?’ hahaha and I answered… ‘a little’ haha this is what they do to me.

Dae was HOT… he was one sexy little boy, even with the towel.. I have to say…. DANNNG~ I enjoy looking at this boy’s arm so much… it’s addicting haha and Bong… though I laugh at his outfit before cuz it make him look like a beggar.. but oh no honey~ this is how Bong proved me wrong, he make Sam’s lil bro looking delicious… Dang!! His mohican… I’m in love with it right now.. YB….. LOOOOORDDD!!! You can see every bit of bicep and tricep in his armevery vein… jeez… XD How can Tabi look so freaking deliciously sexy even though he’s wearing a weird mask on his face???? I wanna know.. cuz… whoa there… sexy boi who doesn’t like to talk… he work it man. BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN A FEDORA AND VEST!!!…he did that hand thing again T__T hhaha LOVE IT!! though I still think his glasses is ridiculous. but it’s Baby, i can’t hate anything about him

NUMBER 1 Promotional Photoshoot


I freaking love Sam’s lil bro here…. so sexy for the first time..

I seriously do think his fingers are a work of art.

ah~ I love this close up…. the light.. everything.. perfect.. the glasses is loe too, his confuse face melts me.

This is what killed me, and yelled so loud that the whole 1st floor of my art department came in the room and ask what happen, they thought i cut myself while sharpening pencil or something hahaha.

Thanks to 길밖님

10.21.08 Mnet WideNews: Behind the Scene: New Skoolooks Photoshoot

Major GRi

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10.21.08 Mnet WideNews
Behind the Scene: New Skoolooks Photoshoot
197 MB

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AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! NEW SKOOLOOKS PHOTOSHOOT!!!! a cute and bubbly concept this time, school in Korea will be ending in December and back to school somehwere in late January, so I think this is what that’s for….. and DANNNG~ this is probably one of my fave?? heh?? cuz they are look so incredibly cute

keke, they say the concept is the other 4 looking at Bong with love and…. it look like they wanna rape him or something hahaha Baby even raise up his phone asking for Bong’s number haha, even the way he talk during interview… aish… too cute for words, I think Wolly is Big Bang’s pernament MC on Mnet now haha, he’s on every Big Bang interviews/behind the scene, they even got their own little clap section, I saw them do that before haha

AHHH!!! THE SLIPPERS!!! Oh god… I think I died, Baby ah~ did you see what he did?? his dance?? T__T I LOVE YOU!!! Everything he do… oh jeez…. I can’t live without him… I’m dead serious.

hahah YB cruising around in his bicycle…. how gangster haha, you know only the real G do that keke. When I look at him wearing the uniform, keke I think he just might as well ripped it up already, cuz his muscle want some air to breath haha Dae and YB’s shoot… Dae did Baby’s hand thing!! did you see it?? haha Baby will be proud.

YB was talking to Wolly and Baby cruised by in his bike haha, he’s so cute haha, he then ask YB for 360 won for the valet fee T_T is there anything this boy can’t think of to make us laugh??

YB start talking about Baby’s ‘ladies’ stuff haha and Baby burst in yelling ‘ya ya ya ya ya~’ and covered the camera lens hahaha. we all know you always have ladies and nuna problems.. haha no need to hide.

Dae’s jump was too cute, totally expected from him, I’m not surprised at all. haha He did his interview with Wolly and he keep cracking Wolly up, the gag man of Big Bang of course will never disappoint you, wonder what they talk about, they wanna play the multiply game haha but Dae was like ‘you’re going too fast’ haha they was about to do it again and Bong interupt, looking… hahahahahahah that is TOO ADORABLE FOR WORDS!!

Bong I think wanna teach Dae a song to memorized the multiplication table, but Dae make this face like he was offended, he flip his phone, and start walking away hahaha, that was cute.

They play the game… hahah T_T 2×2 and 3×1 these two dorks, gotta love them right?

They were talking about Japan, and how tiring it is, then they start saying ‘Fighting’ Big Bang ‘Fighting’ Wolly ‘Fighting’ DaeSung ‘Fighting’ GDragon ‘Fighting’ then Baby popped in SEUNGRI FIGHTING!! haha I totally expect that to come man ahaha

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! GRI PHOTOSHOOT!!!!!!!! AHHH!!! that… is.. amazing.. and I did seriously yelled that out loud, no joke, these two are having too much fun with each other, Bong bullied Baby, then Baby start bust a move and start wandering in his little maknae world, Bong looked at him from behind and was like ‘WTF??’ haha then he pushed him away say that Baby’s embarassing haha such a common thing between couples

Tabi’s eyes look so innocent here, such childish eyes…. ever notice that?? admit it, how many Team Toppers were thinking dirty thoughts when he covered his chest?? haha I know you all did, don’t lie.

Baby was talking something about Tabi, then he switch to YB… then he say ‘Los Angeles’… he way he pronounce it… T_T kill me already haha I can’t smile this anymore, my mouth is starting to hurt haha

I just love this too much.

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~ by Vicky on October 21, 2008.

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    Seungri too…oh gosh, so gorgeous.

  2. too hot!
    our boys r growiing up:D

  3. O.O !!! *__* omg!! they are so hot!!! >.<
    i had a bad day at skool but this cheered me up!!! ^__^

  4. oh my lordyy~
    at first i thought daedaes hottness was stealing me away from baby and bong but oh boy was i wrong!!
    baby…what you do to me!!!!
    ahhhhhhh these are my NEW screensavers!

  5. Hohohohohoooooooooooo—————–WHOA—-stop that, right now!

    This is what I would call a gOOd shot!

    One of the rare times I like GDs clothes—-really neat sweater. And good posing too (but he´s got that one down perfectly).

    TY——–holy mother cow—–I like his pictures the best. Every single one of them is screaming COOL!
    And he´s got all his little poses, that simply scream TY.

    Daesung…………..improving non stop these days.

    Seung-Ri——-the biggest surprise. He´s changed so much these last few weeks, it´s crazy. And it´s not even his looks!
    He has developed such a “mature” aura—simply cool.

    (and he really is starting to resemble TOP—poses, behavior—-it´s scary!!!)

    Last but faaaar from being least——–the one and only, MR. TOP.

    The first pic with him is simply neat-splendid-lovely, whatever word you want to use, use it; I´m sure the list of possibilities is endless.

    ———–He rocks that mask—————-BIG BANG for PRESIDENT———

    There seriously isn´t a picture I don´t like

  6. omgg. soo hot hot hottt.

  7. OMG!!!
    I think I died and came back just to see this again XD

    DS looks HOT in the pics …..his arms are just perfect!!!
    GD looks too good
    I really don’t understand why that fur thing looks so hot when he wears it… >.<
    TY…I thought the other pic was too much but after seeing his arms clearly….DAMN!!!
    SR is definitely growing up!!! 0.0
    and now….
    TOP….what can I say
    still think he looks like an assasin… sexy assasin
    just add the skinny black jeans,the gun and a ripped shirt and there you go XD

  8. *speechless*
    These boys never disappoint.
    Looking so, sooooo good. I absolutely LOVE
    TY’s profile AND his arms…as veiny as they are.

    Oh and that one of Jiyong with his mohican
    and silver shades, I LOVE IT.

    Come on, Vi, Baby’s shades aren’t that bad. xD

  9. I think I overused the word cool in my last post…….

  10. OMG, the boys look super hot…esp love GD’s expression<3

  11. Jini

    *smack you in the head*
    say what??
    you under estimate Baby’s power too much gurl haha
    NO FORCES ON EARTH can pull you down from the Baby wagon once you get on.. NOTHING . okay haha

  12. spinx

    I’m glad to hear that
    cuz I always pay attention to everyone who comments over the time
    and I like you for the fact that you want to say and your honest opinion about everything, I love reading your comment, and to hear that you can’t find anything to hate here is really great

    and you are right about everything.
    this is great.

    I got so excited reading all the positive things you wrote, cuz I definately know it’s the truth haha

  13. oomg!! they all looks so HOT!!! especially GD&T.O.P!! XDD

  14. dreamandlove

    need to know ur name gurl haha
    can’t keep going on like this calling u ‘dreamandlove’

    Bong be making Sam’s lil bro looking good nao man
    I never thought one day I would think of that fuzzy thing this way.. but damn
    now I have.

    Baby is AHHH~ breath taking
    though I still unapprove of that glasses, take away half of his face
    but the suit picture satisfy me enough

    keep the mask?
    you sure???

  15. ohthethrill

    it’s bad because I can’t freaking see his eyes
    and i love gazing into his little eyes with dark circles underneath it
    anything that take that gazing moment away from me, I don’t approve.

  16. spinx

    haha you just can’t help it that’s why keke

  17. vi

    yes..but daedae can be quite convincing.. keke
    they are all so cute..i cant resist them..
    sorry is my number 1!
    i will give you moarrr im your number onee!

    baby has mystical powerrs, oh and btw, you can use the internet at your school?!? dont they have like school blocks? my school does…ive trried going to this site but its all blocked and shizz.. :[[

  18. Teehee, Baby’s glasses are hilarious. Zebra print xD
    YB’s arms are perfection. No, wait. HE is perfection. -dreamy sigh-

  19. LOL
    Jessica but just call me Jess 😛

    I guess it’s not that thing then but the fact that Bong is wearing it 😛

    I like SR’s glasses but I do agree with ya on that

    you’re right
    his face
    and his lips ;P


  21. WWWWWWAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    omg i seriously love these photos!!
    ahh! Big Bang is Number1!!!!!!!!!

    Each of their shoots are to die for!!!
    all of their pictures look awesome!!
    gahh!!! each of them are so hotttttttttt!!!!!!!!!
    Man…their pose and their style for each picture is just so!…
    just so!…………..SEXY!!!

  22. Praise the lord. 😯


    wait a sec— theres AP drawing o_O?

  24. Wait. YB’s shirt. o_0


  25. when i saw GD & BABY,
    i was like O_________________________________O<333333333

    they are toooooooo hotttttttttttttt

  26. AWWESOMENESS from EVERYone of them!
    Topie be looking MAD FIERCE

  27. Vicky
    Oh. Well, at least you have that one pic
    of him with the vest and fedora, even though
    he’s doing that hand pose and covering up
    one eye. Haha. I started laughing when I saw
    that pic because of what he said on Come to Play.


    OMG VIcky,,is that OUR baby maknae???…im speechless,, 2 me later!!!

  29. Does Taeyang have a naked person on his shirt?

  30. aaaaaaaaah~~~ YB looks soooo HOT!!!! and Baby is a MAN – almost… LOL they all look so amazing, and like Vicky said a bunch of times, DELICIOUS! xD

  31. OH MY GOD
    was all i can say
    they’re super freaking sext hot!!
    TOP, i’m falling for you head over heels for the gazillion times

  32. Tae Yang, you’re the definition of sex. ROFL, HE HAS A PIC OF HALF A NAKED PERSON on his shirt. >_>

  33. my boys are always hot especially my dae:O)

  34. O.O..gawd damn can they be any sexier ?.
    ah~~im melting in the inside,it looks like Dae is
    looking deep in my eyes :O
    and bong;so FINeee.never had anything against sam,or his cousins.
    YB,OMfrikkinG so HOT!so much HOTness i can’t take it .
    my dear Toppy,such and amazing model!his nose is so perfect 0_o.
    and his eye bags look so big and dark,or is it just his eyelashes shadowing of him?hahah well anyways,
    maknae caught my attention the most!
    i kept looking at his lips ,imagine making out
    with those ;]

  35. err. on bebe’s shirt.
    is that a naked guy ? O_O

  36. can my hubby any hotter lmao

  37. i can see why you screamed at seungri’s pic. hot damn that boy better stop it. Dae i think im falling for you lol. He has just gotten so yummy that ahhhh. TOP omg those eyes just make me melt. Seriously. Youngbae as i quote someone above, is the definition of sex. Those arms just make me drool. last but certainly never least my baby Bongie. Hot damn I almost died from overexposure to sexiness with his pics. That pic with sam’s little bro, dear god he just oozes sexiness that just cannot be contained. lol

  38. TOP hunnie, are you gonna be the next
    person to join slipknot? hahaha mixing
    up that metal music with korean hotness!

  39. The fedora.. the plaid. the pose. Oh baby I looove you..

  40. that’s so funny. they took these pictures kinda right at the time of the debut of their 3rd mini album, stand up. so confusing and must be a lot of work for them, since they had to remember the stand up album and also the number one album.

  41. japan pictures were always great.
    even spinx,our bigbang fansite critic was impressed.haha
    Bebe’s body is a work of art.


  43. HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!! Damn, I am so….GAAAH, this made my day! 🙂 My 5 fine men are looking smoking. :DDDD

  44. kay~chan

    omg thats just the weirdest thing…. my friend calls herself ‘ay-chan’…

  45. I so wanna jump on baebae right now….

    remember vicky when i told you his eyebrows are so enough to make a girl feel hot???? he’s working it here…covering his mouth and nose and showing only his eyes…daaannnnngggggggg….

    They all look so dang hot…dae, tabi, bong, baby…and yeah baby with his hands again…hehehe…he shall never forget to use his hands to ooze confidence. so cute and sexy. I want tabi’s mask!!! hihi. =)

    I can’t wait for the album!!!


  47. LOOL. Baby looks shocked and kind of in pain when GD pushed him ahah. I love the weird dance thing Baby diiid!!!

  48. okay so i think its safe to say YB is the new sex symbol of korea and seungri is the epitome of cuteness…ahhhh so many cute moments…..YB is so gangster riding that bike and GRI moment…awww lol…..btw howcome there’s no post on their new album!!!!!! ~ it. is. AWESOME

  49. OMG!!!
    as if seeing them in normal clothing wasn’t sexy enough we have to see them in school uniforms….

    “how many Team Toppers were thinking dirty thoughts when he covered his chest??”
    LMAO!….You got me girl!!! XD

    SR’s pronunciation of Los Angeles almost killed me it was just too cute…now all of a sudden I feel happy to live in LA county… 😛

  50. *die* One sentence OH MY BUDDAH<==dun knoe if it’s spelled right these are to hot to touch from a mile away,and to spiky cauz og TOP’s spiky mask 😛

  51. GRI moment killed me~~ i miss this couple so much~~
    and the photoshoot is freakin hot.

    oh by the way
    may i post this in soompi please?

  52. Tabi in the interview was like “Ok, I can do this…I’m so not used to speaking too much…” Lol. hihihi. baby said he was the most charismatic person. and he’s baby’s sunbae. hehehe.

    baby: “los york.” so cute. ^^

    Bong went weak when he asked wolly “82×3” and wolly answered immediately “246”…”I can’t beat that”…bong so cute.
    the GRi photoshoot…omg…baby that dance…no wonder you’re having troubles with the ladies…hehehe. =)

    Only dae can do that jump! i was laughing and repeating that scene! hehehe. =)

    I so wanna rip baebae’s top…tsk3…it’s like his muscles doesn’t want to be restrained…and then leave his vest…for teasing purposes.
    Speaking of teasing when tabi put on his hands over his chest…tsk3..and looking innocent…another danger to nuna fans…hihihi.

    Baby made me laugh here so hard, constantly popping out on the other interviews, and dancing with those slippers and with bong…hehehehe. =)

  53. oh never mind
    someone already did lol

  54. LMAO the last gif

    *Faint. so hott hott =]
    they look soo stunning.

  56. Yay! They all look hot!!!
    This is the first time I look at BB pictures and can’t pick out a real favorite, not even a top 5 haha

    And what is Baby doing at that photo shoot??? lol he looks so cute.

  57. OMGG.. that was sooo hott..
    especially TY’s ARM. like HOLY CRAP.
    can ANYONE make their arms look THAT sexy?
    i didn’t think so xD
    and i really want that mouth thing that TOP has.
    i want it.. i would totally wear it everywhere lol
    and omg.. seungri.. my favourite boy.. hehe
    you are just TOO hot. gaspgasp.
    LOL the last gif..
    that made me laugh LOL


  58. xD
    g dragon looks sooo cuteee in the pink thing he was wearing
    GRI <333
    this is soo cute
    i find that GD always haf such a cute hairstyle for Nii photoshoot

    they’r soo hot!
    sniffs be back to spazz
    my sister’s keyboard is broken
    and it sucks right now even though i fixed it. =[

  60. i think GD and Seungri holding hands….is TOTALLY LOVE.

  61. vi!!!
    how could i even take my retire from this fangurl mode with this all?! AARRRGGHHHH!!!
    i think i won’t be able to say goodbye from BB.

    ah~ that photoshot, there’s time when boy say gurl with uniform is one killer item. who said that? coz boy with uniform also one killer item! thats so breath taking~

    baby with white & blue. hahaha… his way of dancing with that Pucca slipper.he looks like a 2 years old kid who just start try to walk. incridibly cute!!

    whoooa~~~ bong with pink uniform… what could be sweeter than this? his new haircut, pink uniform, angelic smile, also his dork side. how many gurl been killed by that today? u can’t expose urself like this Bong, such a sin…

    GRi moment… Skooloks sure know whats fangurl need is.
    they absolutely know what make fangurl scream like crazy & what they love so much. so take just shot it at the spot & make us down in our knee like this. how many tought have pop up in my head whe i see this GRi moment, i can’t count.

    Dae, kekeke… his jumping way. hahaha..
    that unifrom look so good on him. did u see when he unbutton his vest? “this” & “that” tought start. i think we need to search for a new member vi. seriously, we left Dae for so long time. he need a pervy VVC member to expose himself too.

    Bebe. hahaha.. i’m agree! he need to let his guns to breath!
    eventough him in uniform also look so hot, but i just feel like it wrap up his ‘hotspot’! bebe & his fans need those biceps & triceps.

    hubby. ah~~~ how could i hold this scream???
    he just look so ‘delicious’ & his late appearance in the vid just like waiting for the ‘main dish’!
    the climax come when he close his legs girly way. i think my scream just made an echo. he even make me type wrong so many times after watching the vid, i have to go back & type it again. his way of covering his chest.. hubby! u did it the wrong way! this way just make u become the main attantion from all fans, they’ll go & ‘eat’ u! if they’re not brave enough to do that, they still do it in their brain! stop it as soon as possible!

    their unfiorm… all look so good & “delicious”

    GAHHHH!! time for no.1 photoshot!

    i still love Dae without his towel thing.. altough this pic looks so man & there’s no Dae-soonie. but still, i think that towel better not hanging in Dae’s head. i want to see his hair

    Bong, this is one of the facts that prove he could work everything. i never think that i’ll love this fuzzy creature so much. don’t u think the pic with sam make bong looks like a wild wolfman who just done eating? his eyes say “u want me to eat u too?”
    Bong is ART himself. when i look at Bong pics, i really think that he’s so attractive, i said to muyself i should be loyal to hubby.

    bebe’s 2nd pic kills me. i can’t comment anymore, Kenley or Roro migh kill me. i think i better shut up for my own good

    after i look at hubby’s pics, i know i could loyal to him forever. case closed. he even look hot with that weird mask!
    every hubby’s pic kills me. that red shades.. that jumper, that gloves, that mask, that jacket, that EYES… he’s soo good in this. he could work gengsta style so much. its inside his blood.

    i know ur feeling that say u yelled so loud. baby is killing u with that pic no doubt. we 2 can’t live without hubby. i even think of cancel my retiring. haha..
    baby look so good with that hand pose. that hat & vest looks like being made just for him. tough i still think his glasses look weird. hahaha..

  62. O.O!!
    vi… the longest essay i’ve made so far.
    haha if i could use this in school, in lecurer bong class..
    i’ll get A for sure.

  63. Jini

    haha ALL OF THEM ARE
    they won’t stop until each of them killed us all
    but NO NO NO

    Baby and Bong for me is more than enough haha

    not in our art department
    I use I MACs in the Mac Lab so it’s not blocked

  64. Jess

    there’s another jess on here too
    hope I won’t get you guys confuse

    yea~ hahaha so true
    Bong can make anything work
    so that thing better thank Bong haha

    hey hey hey!!!
    you….. no lookey at Baby!! haha

  65. CherryLovesYB

    thank him for all this good things in life haha

  66. Dori

    in a art school yea
    i currently attend a art high school and AP Drawing Portfolio is the require course for sophomore

  67. DAAAMN, in that photo Daesung looks looking hella fly-y-y-y-y! I really miss his short spiky hair, but this will do. Thanks for posting up the pictures!! 😀 : D: D

  68. ohthethrill

    I love and thankful for that picture haha
    it beats all the other ones for sure
    and the hand thing… T_T I think he’s trying to ‘advertise’ it or something haha
    even Dae start doing it too

  69. J-G-RILEEN

    hahah they’re worth it gurl
    and that thing didn’t even took me long
    I have the lightyears typing speed haha

    and yes. that is him… love….

  70. Nynna

    a naked dude I think haha
    but he’s covered up though

  71. medirin

    isn’t it the ONLY word that can describe enough?? haha

  72. Ethrapt

    Somebody need to record that in a damn dictionary already

  73. well then just call me Jessica then 😛

    and it seems like I didn’t make myself clear in the last part I meant to say that I prefered to see my man without the mask because I wanted to see his face
    I promised…I primised gurl

  74. kohjidmal

    now I know I’m not the only one
    I do that all the time
    looking at his lips and thinking… hahaha

    dammnn huh? haha

  75. Kay-chan

    Baby will never stop until the day all fangirls are dead.. I swear.. haha

  76. tinaxxe

    they do it all the time
    since they always constantly releasing new albums
    that’s why our boys are amazing

  77. sexYBeast

    a piece of art that need to be put on aunction so we can buy haha

  78. Kenley

    there’s this thing that he can do with his eyebrows that is just sooo amusing haha
    like the way he move it and stuff
    so awsome

  79. thu

    I screamed like crazy when that happens haha

  80. Jessica


    haha I KNOW I was right haha
    I’m Vicky for god’s sake
    who knows you guys better than me?? haha

    I almost fell out of my chair when I heard him say that just… GAH~~~

  81. Kenley

    I was shocked too, how the heck can he figure it out that fast?
    don’t let look deceive you, Wolly is one smart dude

    because Bong is groping u too much
    the ladies are intimidated haha

  82. jen

    AMEN TO THAT haha

  83. nya

    I need something to pull you back gurl
    haha and this is perfect

    I’ll kidnap that 2 years old….. GAH!!!!!
    he’s just …. MARRY ME!!!!!!!!!

    Bong is asking for it too nowadays….T_T
    i don’t approve…. [oh yes i do, do it more often ahaha]

    GRi thoughts…. hjahaha I know what you mean… I feel so dirty haha.

    I can’t think of Dae that way
    like seriously, I feel like I’ve commited a crime or something haha
    I can’t
    though I love Dae to death, he can’t become a VVC topic T_T

    his face while he was posing with Dae… was just love, Tabi and Dae need to become an official couple like GRi. our ToDae. I love these two together. imagine them both on ‘Family Outing’…. there’ll be hell to laugh for hahah

    I DO YES I DO!! hahah

    Bong … is just one special guy
    i really do think God spend more time on him while he was creating him or something
    cuz seriously. he’s so special and unique I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s there

    HAHAH that’s right
    stay with Tabi haha

    I feel VERY thankful that Baby did the fedora/suit thing
    or else the glasses will get on my nerve
    my teacher was freaked out today when I yelled hahaha
    it was funny haha

    you have officially gotten VEWV.
    Vicky Essay Writing Virus

    BTW. check my youtube
    I uploaded NUMBER 1 songs up there.
    I love ‘All About the G’s’, Everything, Remember….WHAT THE HECK. I LOVE ALL THE SONG.

  84. seungri is so hot! love him! the hat the vest the ring! so hot and sexy! his little dance is so cute!!!!!! him in the faces os cute! he is just the cutest! Seungri Marry me????

  85. I didn’t know they would look so damn good in the uniforms…
    I missed soooo much…so much by not seeing them in uniforms before

    yeah I guess you already know me like that XD

    SR is too much….hold on to him gurl
    he’s teasing us too much ;P

  86. vi
    u just pull me back gurl >..<

  87. vi
    my comment been cutted again >...<

  88. vi
    i think i won’t type again coz my coment been cutted 2 times already.
    u know how i feel 7 that’s enough

  89. omggggg i keep watching the way SR says “Los Angeles” “New York City! hahahaha they look so cute in the photoshoot and the Number 1 HQ pics HOTTTTTT!!!!!

  90. ….yb’s shirt….is that fully naked man?
    omgness. i read few comments and it seems like we have lots of jessicas

  91. ———-Vicky—-

    I try my best ;/

    ——–they´re so gonna make it in Japan—

  92. ————nya2————

    Wow………and here I thought that my comment was being long!

  93. spinx
    hahaha.. actually i type one longer but my comment being cutted
    & i’m too lazy to type that back.
    even vicky officially declare me being infected by VEWV
    Vicky Essay Writing Virus. hahaha..
    can’t help it, hanging out with her all the time i got myself infected.

  94. hahaha love them soooo much

  95. haha..funny when i saw seungri’s slippers..coz i have exactly the same pair…same colour..!
    can’t believe i’m going to see these boys next week at the osaka concert…flying all the way from australia to japan just for their concert! crazy!

  96. i love the uniform that bong and daedae wore, the one with the red. omg, they look like little boys who would be selling you some cookies. THEY SO CUTE!!!
    TABI is so hot in that uniform. it makes melt
    baby in his own world again!!
    YB holding those flowers and the smile.

  97. HAHAHAHHA i sooo had to laugh about seungri’s dancepart with the slippers whoeeeeeeee (L) ahahah LOVE VI<3

  98. hahahahaha…dae’s towel again T_____T i can’t help laughing..
    and bong’s sam’s lil cousin yeah i feel that it looks nice for the very 1st know how much i hate him for hiding his hair xD others are just freaking hot. and i’m so drooling at bebe and dae’s guns hhahahaaa

    ISH I freaking love bong’s new hairstyle in skoolooks photoshoot T_______T so damn adorable ahh! bong ah bong ah!! can’t wait to download it…but the line is being stupid sigh..

  99. hahaha yeah my man’s eyes were so childish and innocent and waterish omg i so damn wanna rape his eyes ok. actually not..i wanna rape the whole him hahahaaaa! baby’s LOS ANGELES made me LMAO!! he’s like…LOS ANG-GE-LES..NEW YORK CITY hahahaa!

  100. OMG Vicky you just read my mind.

    Bong … is just one special guy
    I really do think God spend more time on him while he was creating him or something haha cuz seriously. he’s so special and unique I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s there

    I so agree with you. There’s just something so special about him. He is the perfect blend of cute&innocent with a dash of angry emo badboy with a splash of dork for taste. On top of that he is a music and style genius. Don’t get me wrong…I’ll forever for a YB girl…Big Bang girl…but there’s just something about him. GD=bermuda triangle=infinite black hole

    I love watching Big Bang photoshoots and interviews. Always very entertaining fo sure. SR’s Los Angeles and New York City cracked me up. That dork…I wouldn’t ask anything less.

    DaeDae’s interview owned!!! They said he spent countless years experimenting to design the perfect uniform.

    1. Unbuttonable (is that even a word) vest button signifying the passion of the students.
    2. Metal represents the merit awards the students will receive by working hard.
    3. Check design reminds students to check and double to ensure good grades in every subject.
    4. Bow tie reminds students to soar and fly like a butterfly.

    LOL…I think he made that stuff up on the spot. We don’t call him a gag genius for nothing.

  101. Jessica

    I’m holding on as tight as I can
    and trust me. he ain’t going NO WHERE~ okay haha
    it’s not gonna happen.

  102. nya

    this is my stradegy
    write it on on WordPad first
    then paste it on the comment box and if it gets cut you can just paste it again
    that’s what I’ve been doing.
    it’s easier to do mass replies like I always do.

    aww… damn this thing
    I wanna see what you wrote.
    this crap is ruining our VVC meetings!!!

    ahhh!! i’m frustrated.!!

  103. jeska

    I think he’s coverd up in ‘some’ parts keke
    and apparently so, haha there’s like 4 Jessicas around here haha

  104. spinx

    you’re doing GREAT
    keep it up
    I always looking forward to read what you have to say.

    they will, and we know it
    NUMBER 1 is already #3 on the Oricon Chart 1 day after the release of the album

  105. haha spinx and nya
    you guys need to get more infected
    it’s a good virus to have hahaha

  106. Anna

    oMG! that’s awsome!!
    hope you will have tons of fun…. wait what the heck am i talking about?

  107. newvip

    the whole thing??? ………………T_T
    somebody save innocent Vicky from all of this haha

  108. circustricks03

    i know right
    i’m a Baby luver all the way from the start
    but just can’t help that Bong always pulling me in
    and it just sink in too deep haha

    REALLY?? DAE???
    hahahah that is so cute
    they were cracking up so I was like ‘hm…. the gag genius is working his magic’ hahaha
    he probably did make all that up in the spot, he always does keke

  109. LOL

    I hate havin such a common name >.<

  110. Jessica

    u need a nickname haha
    cuz u special like dat

    and the nickname only Vicky allowed to call you haha


  111. I’m gunna call u.



    note the SEXica.

  112. OMG!!!

    at first I thought it sounded good
    until I realized the emphasis on the first part!!!
    I’m soooo slow…
    LOL! XD

  113. keke live with it gurl
    that’s what i’m gonna call u from now on

    sexica hahah

  114. LMAO!!!
    okay the do 😛
    I’m feelin special now 😀

  115. vi
    u just pull me back gurl >.<
    & i think our boys is my lucky charm, coz, yesterday at my
    structure test, i realize i only get 8 number wrong from 35.
    hahaha thats a new record for me who always got C! tough i spent all day listening to no.1 (thanks to u, kekeke)
    i still pass the subject, so i think n need for retirement. kakaka..

    kidnap 2 years old? thats child abuse.
    remember what u’ve told me? fufufu..

    bipolar. hahaha.. sound so u.
    don’t be like this gurl.. Bong still need ur attention,
    he have such many fans, he’ll go to his fans for needs

    kekeke… eventough baby & bong are not my favorite,
    but Gri is hahaha.. they’re nice couple.

    commited a crime? haha coz he have such an angelic smile u got those thought? uumm…
    while i think i need an open position for Dae fans to join us, yup, we can’t be that greedy, let’s release Dae. let he live under the sun. but the others are not allowed.
    but i think we’ll save Dae for BB auction. kekeke

    hisk… its such a long time since i last saw ToDae,
    but ToDae live in my memory of HYD Parody. fufufu..
    they really need to expose their relation moar. haha
    hubby is to shy, maybe thats why they keep it themselves. its like Dae protecting hubby. (WTH with my brain)

    kekeke.. i know u’ll react like that. Bong.. Bong.. he have all gurls heart with that wild “yummy” look in the pic.
    don’t u think that thing Bong held look like toothpick?
    if u want bong to eat u, better ask him, he just done eating gurl, ask this “do u want dessert too?” kekeke

    u already stick ur finger from the very start T___T

    haha… thank u, thank u, i’ll gladly accept this virus.
    i hope it’ll help with my writing class. haha, as if it could happend.

    ahh~~~ i s love all about G’s & make love. the others also love. but these 2 is my favo so far.
    make love already become my favo but i never think that it’ll sung by all members, i thought it’s only Bebe who’ll sing it. ahh~~~ hubby rap, send me to heaven.
    baby’s vocal sound so more mature now. i even get it mix with Dae’s vocal. but few seconds later, i realize it was baby. whhooaaa~~
    we can’t help but to love all of their song yup. its like brainwashing. kekeke

  116. they look so hot! haha
    i love all the picstures!
    seungri is so cute in that gif!

    looking so cute in the uniforms!
    they should of had a photoshoot with the Wonder Girls!
    haha Wonderbang action!

    anyways, thank you for the pictures!

  117. omggg tae yangs soo cute!!! his hairrr wahhhh XDDDD havent even watched 2 secs of the vid and seeing him like that awwwwhhh!!! kk gotta go watch it all now XDDDDD

  118. Vi

    *starts gaping at Vicky*

    damn, ur school is like heaven for me. i doodle in class all the time. its just that the teachers know that im smart and im done with my homework that i do it. but seriously, u get to do it, and are actually allowed to do it. my school is retarded. -_-‘ u cant even drink or eat anything in class unless you have a sticker on your ID saying that you paid $20… i hate it -_-

  119. nya

    pfft…….. PUHLEASE!!
    you KNOW you would still do it even if it’s illegal
    like you give a damn hahaha
    it’s Tabi for god’s sake

    I am a VERY bipolar person..T_T
    only recently though..
    past year or so
    this is what the boys does to me
    can i complain? no i’m lovin’ it

    no one can deny the GRi love
    it’s just too rich haha

    Dae for an auction….
    that will be one disaster
    everyone wants a piece of him haha

    that remind me… Dae in a girl uniform and piggy tails… 😐
    that’s one night mare hahaha
    but……….Tabi reach DOWN SOUTH and search behind Dae is just.. .<333333333333333333333333333
    you know you wanna Dae so bad right there

    “do u want dessert too?”
    I will MAKE SURE… I ask that okay
    that is just FTW!!!!!!!!!!

    this virus is VERY helpful in life,
    trust me gurl
    I KNOW! okay hahha
    Make Love is my 2nd fave after ‘Everything’
    all their rap sometimes sounds a bit funny hahaha
    it make sense.. but then it don’t haha
    idk what to say but.. awsome hahaha

    DUDE~ seriously
    when I heard Baby’s voice
    i was like ‘DAMN~’
    he probably practice his english so hard for this album
    no wonder Aimee said he’s one of the best with english
    I’m so proud of him
    his vocal is just AH~
    and he sing a lot in teh songs now
    which I’m thankful for
    his voice sends me to heaven.
    *listening to him singing Candle right now*

  120. Dori

    Haha he can’t do anything to me
    since I’m one of the few in the class that actually have an A haha
    he piss me off and I will raise some shit with him
    he’s scared of me or something
    this is an art high school
    we don’t give a crap about rules… at all haha

  121. Vi

    I’m a total overachiever. Ask anyone i know. I was bawling my eyes out cuz i got a B+… =_=”’

    i told my friend that later on and she was like, ‘u were crying? why? did seung ri get married or something?’ haha… me and my friends are obsessed with big bang. except me, im the fanaticking freak… ^_^’

    i luv my friends… they luv big bang soooooo much…

    i was walking home with my friends today and my friend told me that she would give me ten bucks to shout, ‘I’m so sorry but i love you’ at every car that passed by us. SO… she owes me ten bucks ^_^

  122. omg!! they look so good!!..i think even if you put rags on BB they’ll make it look damn hot!!..^^ I love GD’s ring..and Top is just gorgeous as always..and baby..omg..dang boy..^_^

  123. OMO!!!!!!!!!!!! TOP was so fxcin SMEXY in ALLLLLL of his photos!!! >.…< it was cute =D

  124. OMO!!!!!!!!!!!! TOP was so fxcin SMEXY in ALLLLLL of his photos!!! >..< DaeDae was HOT O.O i couldn’t stop staring at his arm!! O.O, G-Dragon…speechless!! and Seung Ri gosh!! LOL

  125. OH MA GD & BIGBANG!!!!!!!!!!
    HOT HOT HOTttttttttttttt

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