Speaking of Colonize…

thanks to wendi for the heads up!! i was stoked when i saw this last night!
HOWEVER… when the price went up $10 bux from last night, i wasn’t so happy. but i still bought mine!

i’m going to be a future proud owner of one of these babies ^_^

they’re sexy! click on the link below to order on EBAY!! it’s really cheap ($60-$65 USD) compared to outside sellers… & it’s FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE UNITED STATES!! you MUST HAVE AN EBAY ACCT & PAYPAL.


the prices can change so i suggest you get urs FAST!




~ by gdluvzmc on October 21, 2008.

59 Responses to “Speaking of Colonize…”

  1. yaa cute XDDD
    Can’t buy it T_T

  2. Do they ship to Australia?

  3. Oh yeah they do. And free shipping to Australia. Now that’s great but waiting for AUD money to rise… >.<

    DL mine now!!
    but i will have my own copy maybe by the next day!!

  5. OMG WHAT!!! HYORI???


  6. T_T i hope my dad let’s me buy one!do they ship to malaysia? must cost a lot tho

  7. but the jumper are still expensive..
    in korea it’s $80 for one O_o..

    but i wanna have those..
    so jealous of people who got it hehe

  8. aaahhh thank you for saying this! i have been looking everwhere for them!

    It says it ships worldwide! now i only have to look at my parents sweetly 😛

  9. OMG!!! That is soooo EXPENSIVE!!! I have all of them except for the two doremon ones with the hat (not my kind of style) and i bought mine for about less than $40 dollors SHIPPED to the UK. Then again i suppose i get mine shipped straight from S.Korea and the middle person doesn’t charge as much!

  10. Shannice

    Where do u live?? I’m in Sydney O_O I dun have an ebay acc and have no clue how to pay with paypal… I desperately want to buy it T_T

  11. Sooo cute…are these authentic???

  12. LOL i just bought it on ebay the black and gray one lmao
    haha i wanted to the white and blue one but i wanted different
    from the rest lmao

  13. BIGBANG #1 Album intro here!

    audio only!

  14. OH MY F-ING GOD!! i so so so so want one!!!
    this is so damn tempting
    and did you guys check out the SKONO Sandal Woven Boston Clogs ok yeah i think im gonna get that too i cannot wait any longer!!

  15. anyone from the philippines getting this?

  16. damn anyone from France??
    don’t have a paypal acct
    so need some help!

  17. sel03
    How did you manage to get it soo cheap. Do you think you could get me one, i’m from UK too

  18. Length 70cm for XS, isn’t that like massive?

  19. I bought it directly from a korean site. I’m a size 12/14 UK and the small is still quite loose so the size are quite big!

    Which one do you want? Cause I’m going to be getting some more in so I suppose i could get you one too.

  20. AHHH I really want one!!!!! actually two LOL but it’s so expensive!!! and it’s like FOREVER HOT where i live so yeah..;__;
    maybe i can wear it in the lecture room, the aircon is super cold in there LOL

  21. The one in the pic above, white hoodie, with blue doraemon in NY cap. How much would it cost?

  22. omg i want one!!! ever since knowing BB i just want to wear a hoodie lol XD Plus its getting so cold now >.< if only i had an account *sighs* i like the white and blue one ^^ Doraemon rules!

  23. selo3
    korean site? which one?
    so they ship in Europe?

  24. selo3
    which korean site did u get it from..?? cuz imma from UK too !!
    I so want ’em all ! ;DD

  25. ahhh
    why soooo EXPENSIVE??
    i cn only get thing that is under 30 dallors
    hic hic hic
    and that only get me half the jacket
    hic hic hci
    i want the WHOLE THING!!!
    hic hic hic

  26. awww i want one : ]

  27. selo3
    Where did u get ur’s from
    cn u give us the website so i cn get it cheaper
    cuz i REALLY want that jacket!!!
    sooooo cute
    n thx soooo much

  28. yeah yeah.. can u pls tell us which korean site is it??
    im in UK too mann..


  30. selo3
    yess pls can u give us the link?
    i really want the doraemon w/ the hat 1 haha
    so cute ><

  31. i’m totally ordering the purple on on there!

  32. its expensivee!!
    but i wish i have 1 too )::

  33. yay! i have a question for those who have purchased one. ummm when are we expected to get them?

  34. ugh so is SMALL actually XTRA SMALL?! Lol. I’m sure that I’m waaaaay fatter than the average “small” Korean Women >_<

  35. wowwww i want the black one with purple *o*

  36. I ordered the same white 1 too^^ cant wait for it

  37. Liz

    I’m from Melbourne. I made an Ebay account by giving out a false D.O.B and about PayPal… I’m really new to it but I am thinking of signing up for PayPal to purchase the Hoodie when the AUD money goes up.

    Can PayPal connect to your Bank Account?

  38. Sorry, this might not be relevant but is the time on the Comment by US time?

  39. ^ should be.

  40. ebay & paypal work as separate entities, but come together when u make purchases.

    ebay accts are totally diff from paypal accts.

    as for paypal, you can’t really lie about your financial info.

    you need a legit credit card/bank acct & the person’s correct info.

    ebay accts don’t matter much, as long as u have a proper method to pay for it.

    as for when the orders will come, via ebay, they will send you a confirmation email saying they have received the payment & “shipment should come anytime soon now.” depending where you are, could take up to a week.

  41. Does anyone know about the import tax or others duties applied when shipping the hoodie from Singapore to Australia?

  42. Shannice

    we’d better be quick cause the seller only have those hoodies available for 1 month

  43. Shannice

    we’d better be quick cause the seller only has those hoodies available for 1 month

  44. selo3
    Which website? Can u please link it? =D

    I want one but I don’t think I’ll be home to receive it
    Anyone kmow how long does it take to ship to the US…specifically Hawaii heehee


    NOTE: A seller does not reveal where they get their stock from!!! Please understand why i will not reveal the site, plus the site is in korean!. PS: that email is for my little business only not for personal use!

  46. sel03 can you sell it on ebay? its the only way i can buy it and i dont want to spend $60 and up for a sweatshirt.

  47. D: wtf yesterday on ebay skonoshop had the blue doraemon one available in small and today theres none D: where did it goooooo T_T

  48. lol. that’s why there’s a diff bet. big bang & us.
    they don’t care what the price is, they just go & get it cuz it looks good.
    so if you’re worried about the price, i suggest you don’t buy it.
    second, the places that go super cheap, you should question their resources.

  49. Mitchi:

    Please either email me or state your email and I’ll let you know details through that.

  50. gdluvzmc has a point! BB do wear a lot of expensive stuff. Like the TISA rings GD has (the plastic LOVE and HOOD ones) costs about $140/£85, would you pay that much for a bit of plastic?

  51. i SO want one!!!
    but i live in melbourne too..

  52. gdluvzmc, thanks for the link. ^^

    I just bought mine this morning and just right now when I went back to the site to see what other colonize sweaters they had left, they’re all sold out. Crazy!!! I wonder if the reason they sold out so quickly was because of vips. lol

  53. owow! everything is sold out now..Thank god i already ordered mine

  54. MAN! It’s totally SOLD OUT! I’m trying to order it today, but everything it’s gone…WHY??

  55. I dont think its just BB who buys expensive stuff, Whenever im in Malaysia, i notice that Korean like to buy expensive stuff. and they buy them just like that.

    I was like browsing in this one shop- the stuffs that you have to think thrice to buy- and they buy them just like that! How i envy them. And i see them here in UK as well, holding big brands shopping bag. SIGH.Currency~

  56. I’m kinda confused about the sizes, are the sizes the same like the US or are they smaller?

  57. hmm.. prettyduste.livejournal.com are selling the hoodies too.. but the sprees are conducted at certain times i think..

  58. when will this seller going to sell again?
    i want to buy one,

  59. http://www.shoppprodigy.com/ sells them also. Colonize hoodies, and pacumong tshirts.

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