Fan Fiction Fandom update & Random G-RI syndrome

A short announcement here =D

There are few updates in the FanFic page, i think you should go and check em’ out


There are poster clicks available and also upcoming CHALLENGES for the writers out there


for example :

The first challenge is to make a one shot length fanfic

based on the sentence, “You are my future..”

The genre and plot are up to you .

Please leave a comment on the page so we could see how many people are interested and going to participate, thankyou =)

It is still under construction though x)

thanks for the attention ! =)

And I just found this on YouTube and find it TOO CUTE TO HANDLE! I think this is part of THE GREAT CONCERT MAKING they were rehearsing CRAZY DOG and PABO dance =)) For those who haven’t seen this and have been affected by G-RI SYNDROME as I do, PLEASE BE PREPARED. BABY KWONNIE was acting SO FRIGGIN CUTE and CRAA~ZY! MAGNAE participated more than well! XD At the beginning of the video, GD baby was hugging seungri from behind SO TIGHT, shaking their booties,  making it look like ——- >///< ARKH I am such a pervert! LOL!!!! And the way Baby kwonnie hung onto Magnae’s leg with the most adorable pout I have ever seen, KILLED ME!! It seemed like he was seungri’s PRISONER LOL! my g-ri brain is going to dominate myself in a few seconds now. AND what were they doing! Seungri was like sticking his fingers toward GD’s sexy ass and him making such a goofy face! LMAO LMAO LMAO!! The rest of them MADE MY DAY! GAH, can’t explain the feeling.. G-RI everlasting! And it showed that they worked hard for the concert, PROUD OF THE BOYS! AND excited for the release of the NUMBER 1 ALBUM ! I’m sure they’re more nervous than we are today LOL x)) hope this album will make a breakthrough for them in JAPAN ! HWAITING my babies! <333


~ by kimvipbunnie on October 22, 2008.

26 Responses to “Fan Fiction Fandom update & Random G-RI syndrome”

  1. Ok…….I´ll admit, that was funny and cu——— ergh, sorry, can´t use that word.

    But I´m sure there will be a time!

    (And why the hell is TOP rehearsing in a leather jacket?? Just why is he looking so cool when rehearsing???)

  2. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ve seen the ‘Making the GREAT Concert’ but I haven’t seen this part!
    These are the best GRi momemnt in the history of ‘GRi Momnts’!!!
    Bong & Baby are so FREAKI’ CUUUUTEEE!!!!!!!!!
    Now seeing this vid, my life are complete.

  3. Wtf @ T.O.P dancing in heavy black clothes lol still hot though.

    LMAO @ GD’s pose starting @ 0:31 XD

  4. ^ Btw according to this site:
    Big Bang is @ #3 with their album. There’s a number 2,847 so I guess that’s their first-day sales or something. Idk what chart it’s for though, (Maybe daily?) but I hope it’s something really good haha

  5. ive seen the vid b4 ^^
    but yeah, i was waiting for someone to make a random post bout G-Ri and then, POOF!
    i saw urs XD

  6. GD made me crack up, he’s so funny xD

  7. hehe G-ri .. i see Magnaes habit

  8. i can watch this video over and over:O)

  9. aww i remeber thiss, lol i saw awhile ago but its so cute!!

  10. i saw that gri thing before
    i was dying

  11. omg how cuuuuuuuute!!!!!

    GD!!! ❤
    he makes me laugh so much… oh GD how I love you.

    This thing is on my dvd, haha,
    I watch it ALL THE TIME.
    GRI is so cute. [ADDICTED]

  13. LOL!!!
    theya re extremely dorky….I’m startin to feel the GRI love now 😛
    too cute for words!!!

  14. OMG!!! My heart just melted!!!

  15. Hehe I watched this video before. I love it!! 😀
    GRI is sooooo cute~~

    LMAO at GD with the brush at 0:45 xDDDD

  16. omgggg! G-ri moments ♥__♥

  17. that video just prove why i LOVE Bong

  18. GRi = <333
    Haha, that head thing Daesung did at the “blah, blah, blah” part was hilarious.
    TOP looked so pretty. I miss his long hair.

  19. haha i saw this a while back…
    gosh THE best gri moment eversssss

  20. haha. this was on the GREAT dvd xD
    it was soo cute~!

  21. waaaaahh~
    GRI~ they’re so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i cant get enough!

    GRI forevah!!!!!!!!!

  22. OMG i’m interested in writing a fanfic for the competition =3

  23. Im interested!!

  24. Fanfic competition, yes prz. :3

  25. HI ALL


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