‘NUMBER 1’ album #3 on Oricon Chart | New NUMBER 1 Photos

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Big Bang #3 on Oricon chart in just 10 months

They also talk about the fan event where they perform ‘Haru Haru’ and ‘NUMBER 1’. Wanna see the ‘NUMBER 1’ performance but I can’t… wah~ life is unfair. T_T but congrats to the boys. again. THE REST OF PICTURES FROM THE FAN EVENT ARE UNDER THE CUT 🙂

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Thanks to SooKyeong’s minihompy

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Guess who’s #3 on the Oricon Chart after just 1 day of the release??? BIG BANG’s NUMBER 1!!!! I was like… WHOA~ that’s our boys, are you proud? cuz I am so dang proud. I was obsessed with this album ever since I listen to it last night, the whole day at school I had my iPod glued in my ears haha, my fave track from the album was “Everything” the lyrics were meaningful, the beat was awsome, just freaking love it, my fave part was the part (so sweet like honey – right on the money – blowin’ my mind) that part just…. blowed my mind hahaha. Also love the chorus, I only memorized that part so far haha, today in History, my teacher saw me singing haha and he was like ‘Vi, stop lipsyncing to your iPod’ haha I was laughing so hard, and you know I kept on singing, nothing can stop me haha. Congrats to our boys #3 on Oricon, I have a feeling, give it a week or so #1 spot will belong to its rightful owner. NUMBER 1.

This album also come with AN ALBUM POSTER!!! but I don’t know if YesAsia include it too or not… but preview of it. HERE

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3 new pictures from ‘NUMBER 1’ Photoshoot waws release, did you know there’s a complete different photoshoot too? the one with Baby in the fedora and vest, the Bong with his mohican? the ‘HOT’ version for me??? There is, I wanna see the rest, cuz it look so good. There’s also 2 new wallpapers release, and I have the first one set as my wallpaper, and I noticed something, Baby is wearing YB’s customize Nike, the one with all the sparkling crimson red and ‘SOL’ on the side hahaha. Baby is stealing YB’s kicks now, this boy, stealing his hyung’s clothes T_T at least he leave Bong alone for a while now and swtich target haha.

AND… OLD PHOTOSHOOT ALERT!!! These pics pop up all of the sudden, haha back in the ‘Goodbye Baby’ days, these are so freaking cute, it’s really cool to compare the old, rookie Big Bang boys back in 2006 to the Big Bang men that has Kpop on the tip of their finger today, and UH OH!!! TODAE ALERT!!! This is my 2nd fave, haha cuz they’re such dorks.




credit: ygbbigbang | thanks to 길밖님 | S님 | bigbangpop



Thanks to 영배효과 BANANA님(일본팬님) | chosunonline | 바밤바동동님


~ by Vicky on October 22, 2008.

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  1. oh!! i love these picutress. so adorable!!
    #3!! thats good but number one should cleary be number 1!!

  2. First, CONGRATS to Big Bang for being #3
    on Oricon in one day. Woooohooooo!

    Second, LOVE the pictures – new and old.
    And I’m with you, Vi. I want to see more
    shots of the ‘HOT’ photo shoot.

  3. <333333333 hotness!


  4. What Oricon charts is it? (i know what the oricon charts are) but i just assumed it was done weekly!
    Well doesn’t matter YAY!!

    Also i’m getting my album from yesasia and it better come with the poster!! ^^

  5. Jini

    well the album just release yesterday
    we can’t expect #1 right away
    but I have a feeling sooner or later
    give it a week or so

    it’s called ‘NUMBER 1’ for a reason. DUH!! haha

  6. ohthethrill

    yup yup. gotta see that
    because Bong in his badass mohican and … salt shaker shade, Baby is in his fedora, Dae is showing his guns, Tabi had on those awsome see-through shade and YB…………….being his sexy self… isn’t that enogh??/ haha

  7. VI

    your right..i guess i should be more patient..keke those charts just dont movefast enough. XD
    keke..NUMBER 1-jjang!~

  8. sel03

    I doubt if it does, since last time I have to order the poster seperately for like $10 plus shipping
    which is stupid
    the poster and album was suppose to be together.
    YesAsia is getting on my nerve forreal

  9. wooo…GO BB!!!!
    now that I got that out of my system…

    spazzin time!!!

    how can anybody live after 3 consecutive days of lookin at these photoshoots…..I don’t think I mind much though 😛

    I died after the fist pic…they look so hot
    SR’s clothes are so unique >.<
    though I gotta say all of them are wearing the same kind of clothes so it’s hard to center your attention in one ;P

    I feel in love with the old photoshoot
    the boys look so innocent…
    those thoughs start coming to my head

  10. Jini

    did u listen to the album yet?
    wat’s ur fave track?

    right now I’m listening to ‘Make Love’
    it’s on repeat mode
    and I think I’m in love hahaha

  11. VI

    yeah, its not my favv album from them, but its pretty good!
    i like make love, and everythingg.
    but babys parts on everysingle song KILLL MEEEEE.
    i just loved his voice on all the tracksss.
    bebes english got soooo good. keke

  12. Jini

    OH MY GOD!!
    that’s what i was thinking the whole time too!!!

    I squeal everytime I hear Baby sings
    he sings more in these songs than all the others
    I just love it
    he improved so much

    all this time I thought the reason why he didn’t singa lot in ‘NUMBER 1’ was because of his pronoucination, but OH NO~ MA MAN GOT ENGLISH DOWN ALRIGHT.

    ah~ this album satisfy the Baby luver in me.

    YB’s english sound so good
    if someone listen to this, they would never guess this is a ‘I DONT HUNGRY’ boy hahahaha

  13. Jessica

    you can turn pictures that innocent into something like that hahaha
    you’re my mentor for sure. haha
    this pupil got LOT to learn.

    I’m thankful that Baby did this photoshoot and not the other ridiculous glasses in the dark thing. I don’t like it that much
    this suit/fedora shot satisfy me 😀

  14. VI

    i dont hungry~~~ ahhh i wish i could see him say that!! aww
    the baby lover in me squealed and giggled and could not stop smiling when i listened to all the songs! my brother thought i went insane!!
    he doesnt understand…its baby!! lol
    babys english is so cute its like he can have a full conv. in english, as long as he can say “i love youu~” i dont really care!! xDDD

  15. Jini

    haha i know right
    as long as he can pronounce the three words
    ‘I LOVE YOU’ right… then I’M SET FOR LIFE
    i don’t see the need for any other words HAHAHA.

    no one can understand a Baby luver like a Baby luver do haha
    there’s ppl who have the gut to ask me ‘why do you like SeungRi, all the other members are much more talented than him” …. I was gonna blow up something when i read that. that was a bad day for me, I wanted to kill somebody hahaha. but of coures I got it down under control.

    these ppl just doesn’t have big enough eyes and ears to realize that Baby is just freaking amazing and we love him for his mistake and will to be a better person.

    their loss.
    not ours.

  16. omg! im so proud to be a vip right now :]
    && WHAT?! poster?! grrr i ordered mine from yesasia && it btter come with a poster…or im gonna have to hunt all around california to find one.

  17. LOL
    no gurl I’m honored by your modesty
    but you’re like my older sister
    I learned from you and

    yup I think he looks better without the glasses
    and that gray really suits him
    reeeeally does
    no dirty thougths there gurl
    just sayin 😛

  18. VI

    ughh i hate when bloggers write bad things about baby.. makes me become a total online bi*(& lol
    baby is SO determined and has soooo much talent! he is a loss for words..
    everytime someone comments on baby, i feel the urge to verbally abuse whoever said such foul words against our victory. ticks me offf. as it does for the rest of team seungri!

    omgg but i really hate it when my brother misprounces his name, he says it so odd, like “is that seuuunglee?” and i always correct him but does he care? NO… but i do care. its baby, how can you NOT care?? impossible.. keke

  19. ‘babys’ ‘baby’ face is SO adorable. ^_^

  20. does any1 have the song tracks to number 1? xPPP
    i realli want to listen too it >< every1 changed soo muchh lols
    but g dragon is as cute as alwaysss

  21. youngin` days.

  22. xinevitableliesx

    every album comes with a free poster
    but those are for ppl who buy it in store
    for us oversea who have to order it online, from YesAsia
    they always wind up selling the poster seperately and charge like $10 +shipping for it

  23. sexica

    haha first time i get to use ur nickname
    REMEMBER! only me. NO ONE else haha
    I copyrighted it. 🙂

    learn from me???? what?????
    NO NO. you’re the sunbae here
    I can’t be rude like that hahah

  24. sexica

    haha first time i get to use ur nickname
    REMEMBER! only me. NO ONE else haha
    I copyrighted it. 🙂

    learn from me???? what?????
    NO NO. you’re the sunbae here
    I can’t be rude like that hahah

  25. Jini

    urgh! bloggers are worse than scum bags
    I don’t even bother to come near them
    that’s a waste of my time and energy.
    they can lie to themselves and live on then that’s fine with me, I don’t give a damn 😀

    maybe ur brother doesn’t have enough honor to call Baby’s name at all
    don’t you think? haha
    his name is TOO special
    not anyone can just say it

  26. Chrissy

    haha now you know why i call him ‘Baby’

  27. azngrl23

    you can listen it on youtube on this channel


    I uploaded all the new songs

  28. Vi

    your rightt. bloggers nor my brother is not worthyy.
    keke its prolly my brothers horrible korean accent. hes korean and can barely speak it, you could probably speak more korean than him! lol

    babys name is sacred..it means victory so only victorious people can utter his name right? lol!
    well your name is vicky, sounds pretty similar!! XDD

  29. I feel extremely honered really I do
    first you create an exclusive nickname for me
    and now you’re calling me sunbae
    you’re really modest
    I don’t think I’ll ever reach your level of greatness gurl
    I need a whole lot of experience still
    but thanx

  30. Yeahhh, I’m hella proud of the boys.
    First day & already #3 on the ORICON charts.
    GO BIG BANG! <33

  31. Yes I am very VERY proud of them ^^ <333
    The new pictures look so cool O_O I like the spotlight one that has Dae in the middle.

  32. Yayy!!! Big Bang’s making us PROUD!!!
    Here’s to hoping they climb up to NUMBER ONE!

  33. new pictures! yay! Aww the old pictures, they look young.

  34. Jini

    haha pretty damn familiar haha
    I love how he sign his name as ‘Victory’ rather than ‘SeungRi’
    and my Viet name is ‘Vi’ and Baby’s japan stage name is V.I

    I LOVE IT!! haha

  35. Sexica

    me??? modest?? pfft
    ch’yea right
    you need to know me better haha
    i’m such a arrogrant ass it’s amazing HAHAH

    and I admit it, because I like being honest haha [<– see TOTALLY not modest at all haha]

  36. OMG!!!ORICON CHARTS??!!dats like d biggest chart i Japan~
    Congrats 2 d boys~
    I knew they were gonna go far!!!~
    After Japan,it’s Asia…cant wait for their great influence here in my country~

  37. OMG! close to be NUMBER 1 in Oricon Charts! *o* <333

    i love the Goodbye Baby times ^^

  38. well done for their album too, i was hoping they would make haru haru in english too, but i like some of the new songs , this time i like the intro too.. and the old pics i really like too, they are smiling and happy, but now they dont smile much, i hope they smile more for the photos

  39. WOW! So close to #1! So amazing!
    Hee, *Tears, the old photos remind
    me of their journey. But the new ones
    are looking hott. =]

  40. vi
    ahh~~ so proud of our boys!! CONGRATS!!
    in just 1 day! whooaaa~~

    ‘Vi, stop lipsyncing to your iPod’ kekeke..
    u’re singing but he thought u’re lipsyncing? keke..
    great now, i got that song stuck in my head,
    even when my playlist playing “but i love u” now, but the song playing in my head is “everything”

    ahh!!! look at our dorks face. they all look so young compare to number 1.
    hisk.. i just get the feeling that we’re walking together with them, seeing them grow up..
    damn, my eyes will go swollen again >.<
    so happy that we could see them grop up

    haha.. ToDae, hubby, could u do the heartshape thing just for me?

    they’re boys to man.. i can’t really explain this feeling
    sometimes i miss their boyish like, they’re being so mature now. but i know they still boy inside. hehehe

  41. wah….Big Bang congratz……I luv their album and I also keep listening. I agree that Everything song is just so cool and I love it…..pray pray that they will be no 1 the same as their title soon ^^

  42. LMAO!!!
    I feel like I’m your younger sister
    always happy to learn from you

    yeah doesn’t seem too modest now

  43. snowie

    with success come exhaustion
    we might not wanna believe it but it’s true
    the more bigger Big Bang get, which I’m pretty sure will keep expanding
    the more tire the boys will get, it’s the truth we can’t hide from

  44. nya

    well he’s explaning something about Egyption ppl and stuff so i can’t sing outloud haha
    I was just singingt here mouthing along so I can memorize the lyric
    but he saw me so he was like ‘Vi! stop lipsyncing to your iPod’
    everyone turn to me and I start cracking up and every laughed too
    it was great hahaha

    then when he went around the class and told everyone who got A’s in class
    he got to me and he was like ‘Believe it or not, Vi with an A’ and everyone start cracking up and I was like ‘YEA!! GIVE IT UP FOR THE ASIAN’ hahaha

    i know right?
    we’re proud to be there with them througout their journy
    it’s a touching thing haha

    it’s such a huge difference
    I mean it’s still our 5 boys
    but yet….. a huge dramatic change.

  45. Sexica

    well ppl say I tend to sound older than my age T_T
    i dont know if that’s a good or a bad thing haha

    told u i’m not modest

  46. Well
    I guess it wouldn’t be right to be your sunbae when you’re older than me in so many ways…. 😛
    I would be honored to be your apprentice
    cheesey much?!!

    I’m startin to believe that now

  47. Aww, I miss Seung Ri’s old hair.
    Haha, ToDae is too cute.

  48. Tu khi em ra di ve noi rat xa, dang chim en’ van cu’ bay ve tron cu~

    Big bang Fan boy 🙂

  49. whaaaaaaaa!! i really hope yesasia included that poster cause top looks really really hot in it..
    and HOT DAMN!!!! YB’s been trying to make my heart waver..i swear them arms and that killer smile..GOSH!!!
    clam down heart..you belong to jiyong!!!

  50. i’m so GDPROUD!!!
    they are so cute!!!!
    3rd on oricon already. my babies are growing up. *getting all sentimental. kekekekke.
    thanks for posting the older pics…i really miss them like that. makes me realize how much they’ve grown in 2 years.

  51. Sexica

    well i have to go look up what ‘apprentice’ means
    but i’m too tire and lazy since it’s almost midnight and i was suppose to be deep asleep 2 hours ago hahaha

    i’m low on vocab
    another reason why you’re my sunbae

    it can be for EDUCATIONAL reasons too you know haha

  52. Lam

    a VIET Big Bang fanboy
    awsome x1000000000000000000

    a old Dan Truong song, but also a classic haha nice~

  53. big bang will make it to number 1, no doubt!

  54. LMAO!!!
    gurl you’re impossible
    if you’re supposed to be asleep then
    don’t wait
    it must be pretty hard to wake up the next day if you do this all the time!!!
    take it from your sunbae….. 😛

    I can’t be your sunbae you are my older sister and that’s final!

  55. not a fan of those glasses that
    jiyongie is wearing. makes him
    look like a little old man. xD

  56. wah fan event,,,LIFE IS UNFAIR indeed!!!

  57. vicky,

    u so funny..me too, i love “everything”


    got thid song on repeat on my labtop and ipod..i even made my own ringtone..im so crazy..

  58. Vicky

    Chi bao nhieu tuoi roi chi vicky? em 17 roi thich Big bang lam 🙂

  59. omg!I love every single song from this album!really!!!Especially make love!The choros is so perfectly written!!!GOD!!I love BB more and more!

  60. It’s kinda weird but it sorta looks like Daesung grew taller.

    Either that or Top just looks shorter xD

  61. sunny:
    DS is 19. He can still grow hehe.

    GD with that glasses hehe..he look so goofy but cute in it haha~~

  62. @o@ Number 3!! Number 3!!!
    Thou it isn’ number 1…but Number 3 in just 1 day is already something

  63. ——Oricon charts?

    Is that in Japan?

  64. yerim sizi ben offf yanaklarınızı sıkıp parçalayasım geldi zaten dün indirdiğim videoda çekimlerde yaptığınız şebekliklere hasta oldum hele aşkımın bisiklete binip stüdyoda gezmesi off oppalarımı aşkımı çok seviyorum yaa çok özlüyorum sizi dönün koreye evinize noluuurrr

  65. Aaaaaaaand, I don´t think that Daesung is getting taller ;/

    He is just wearing shoelifts—I know that the Big Bang members do that.(except our TOP, that is)

  66. loveeeeeeeeeeeeee =D hope theyre NUMBER 1 tomorrow!!!

  67. BBHwating<333
    i realli want to see the performance of number 1 n haru haru XPPP
    G D is with the glasssess :}<33
    but sumhow the glasses looks a lil weird? lols
    xP big bang<3333

  68. baby and dae looked perfect with their new hairstyle..i like both hairstyles!! ARGHHHH
    and my man looked so freaking hot…bebe doesn’t have much difference though…and bong..hahaa so chicky with the sunglasses and cap…and i’ll still love him no matter what style he is in!
    congrats to the boys..<3!

  69. they are looking good at the Japan event!!!
    im so happyyyyy!!!! ^_________^

  70. the best news ever. omo, after only one day. omg, that is brilliant. ^_^

  71. the boys are my ultimate pride XD
    im so proud of them!!!
    and im loving BaBy’s new hair’do..so so sexy ^_^
    i want want want bong’s metallic pink shoes…XD

  72. yeah BIGBANG NUMBER 1 4EVER !!!!!!!!!
    GO ! GO ! GO!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. woooow I love big bang 🙂 I love song number 1
    Thank you for photos

  74. vi
    ah~ i’m melting when i see their pics now
    but when i see their pics from last, i’m really happy.
    kekeke… my weird tears just put down when i saw it.

    yeah! they must believe that Asian actually have a pretty good brain! well, not all, since mine not that good.
    i fail my budget test today. i know it.

    keke.. that reminds me with my high school days.
    we even eat donut, play playstation at class.
    the teachers just can’t say anything again. she let us “berserk” kakaka..
    also when i talk a lot with my deskmate.
    she even say to us, “stop talking” but we don’t care, we start talking again with our mouth covered with a piece of paper.
    but she say this again
    “eventough u 2 cover ur mouth, i know u still talk to each other. so stop it at once ot i’ll let u 2 out from my class” kekeke…

  75. omg! #3 after a day of release? i don’t think they have even attended any japanese show to promote their album, or did they? Their popularity sure rises fast in japan! seems the japanese people accept their style of music, i’m so glad!

  76. omg. good thing I checked up here before going to sleep.

    those number 1 pictures are so….dannnnnnnnngggggggggg…….=) that is too hot…I love it…I wanna dream about it. hehehe. =)
    Hey Baby, I love you and all, but stick to “borrowing” Bong’s stuff. I prefer Baebae using his own stuff….hehehe…but does this means they have the same shoe size?cool. ^^

    Awwwwwwwww…………the old photoshoot. I can’t help but remember the “come to play” ep when they mentioned Baby’s eyes ready to conquer that very tall building…hehehe..such confidence. And they were so playful then, such youngsters compared to their number 1 pix. But I can see all of them having the potential to ooze the sexiness they got now, especially bebe…^^

    wish they visit other countries sometime too. ^^ I so envy japan. =)

    I’m excited!!! currently listening to the songs right now…

  77. HEYYY where can I download the Number 1 album???? 8(((( I want to hear the songs sooooooooooooooo badly!!

  78. i wanna see the performance too!

  79. i wanna see the performance lol. well yeah, youngbae’s wicked adorable, i love him with my life

  80. Where can I possibly buy the album in America?! Please, can anyone help??

  81. aww
    baby`s wearing yb`s shoes in the 2nd group pic haha

  82. awww baby looks soo diff’nt. XD
    bonggie looks like a college professer! kekeke.

    10 months? huh? shouldnt say like 10 hours or sth? lol idk

  83. Vicky – Importnat!

    YAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! #3 on ‘Oricon Charts’!
    although they already realeased a japanese full album, it’s still am amazing achievment!

    OMG! The Boys are lookin’ DAMN HOT!
    Bon’g mohican and THE glasses [haven’t seen those for a while]!!!! SO HOT!!!!!!
    Bebe sitting on the floor look so serious! HOT!
    And Dae only got 1 eye! that’s SO SEXY!!!
    TABI is being the mysterious-hot-super-sexy-bad-boy guy as usual! I JUST LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And now for the regretting news:
    Vicky, I’m sorry to announce you that…
    It’s hard for me to tell you…but…


    I just can’t take it anymore!
    It’s like..I mean…look at him!!!!
    His so cute and hot and…GOD!!!
    Ever since Big Bang relesed their 3rd mini album, Baby changed.
    His not a child any more and his shows it!
    At first, I thought that he was cute as rest of the members, but slowly, he sucked me into ‘Maknae World’!
    Look at him! in that vest! his hotness is ALL AROUND HIM!!!

    I’m sorry you had to read this but I had to let you know that there is someone else in love with Baby Seung Ri!

  84. & @debbie – u can order it online =D
    if u can`t, i could help u order online [:

  85. abosolutely AMAZING!!

  86. Sexica

    I turned into my husband
    starting to get dark circles now
    it’s so sad
    good thing I can wear my glasses and ppl can’t see it.

    what i’m gonna call you.
    sunbae or unnie
    hm….. i’ll think about it haha

  87. ohthethrill

    really? I think it make him look like a little nerd haha
    and he was wearing short pant too haha
    that’s cute for me

  88. lyn

    that reminds me!!
    i gotta go make some new ringtones and phone backgrounds haha
    that song is freaking awsome

  89. spinx

    Oricon chart is Japan’s

  90. spinx

    we will never know that kkeke
    unless they show us

  91. lli

    so great to be a VIP because of this
    and ME TOO GURL!
    first thing pop in my eyes were those shoes
    and damn i want it

  92. nya

    aww…. tears of joy? haha

    haha that is so stereo typical
    to think all asians are smart
    today in biology, I got a 63 on a test and I went YEAH!!
    ppl were like. wtf are you ‘yea’ about? that’s a D! aren’t u asian at all? haha
    i was just laughing my butt off

    haha there’s certain teachers you can mess with
    but there’s some of them that you bettuh NOT mess with haha
    or else.. things…… can happen

  93. Kenley

    yea Bong and Baby also have the same shoe size
    so that means Baby, Bong and Bebe have the same shoe size
    keke what a great way to share kicks

    they growned so much
    it’s so touching to see them during the process of it haha
    Baby and the 63 building… T_T haha
    that was just awsome

  94. debbie

    you can go on yesasia.com
    search Big Bang

  95. Jini

    no the article was talking about Big Bang’s debut in Japan 10 months ago
    not the album

  96. miroo4ka

    see see see see!!!!!!!
    this is what i ALWAYS DO
    get Baby more freaking fangirls
    i just have to go and point out all the amazingly good thing about my husband
    i think I have to stop doing it from now on T_T

  97. VI

    ohh i knew thatt. sure! lol
    the boys are in japan now right? when are they coming backk? i miss my boyss in koreeaaa~ :}

  98. Will They make the song in English version or are they gonna be just Japanese because my friend said someone is gonna make The album number 1 turn into English ?

  99. LOL
    you’re right
    I really hadn’t made the comnnection 😛
    I bet you feel even closer to your husband now

    You’re supposed to call me apprentice
    or younger sister!!! >.<
    I’m telling you it would be weird to be your sunbae
    if you are older than me

  100. gaaaaaah! i luv it! LOVE ITTTTT

    i got my friends pretty obsessed with Big Bang too ^_^ haha
    i luv that. yes.

    Big Bang. Fighting.

  101. <33BIGBANGG soo proud.

  102. […] ‘NUMBER 1′ album #3 on Oricon Chart | New NUMBER 1 Photos Read this. Big Bang #3 on Oricon chart in just 10 months They also talk about the fan event where they perform […] […]

  103. vi
    u’re better than me.
    i just checked my school site & my nightmare begins.
    i only got 34 for my budget yesterday. remedial is a must now.
    but at least my structure make me a lil happy. i’m no.1 in my class for that.
    hah~ what’s happen with my brain.. sometimes so good but sometimes so bad too

    hahaha… yup. my lecturer Bong is teacher that u can’t mess with. uhh…

  104. Jini

    since Baby and Dae won’t be hosting Music Core this week
    my guess is that they’re over there
    they always travel back and forth so we never really know

    But I do know they will be in Japan for the next week on until November
    since they have all their concerts then
    after that… the return of the boys.. NOVEMBER… and also our Tabi turning 21!!!!!! WAHH!! OFFICIALLY LEGAL!!

  105. nya

    aww.. i’m sorry
    but gurl you can do it
    i believe in you!! 😀

    omg! i remember that
    ur teacher name is mr. bong HHAHAHA
    still laughing my butt off at that hahaha

  106. vicky

    hehehe…maybe all of them share shoes?cool. =)
    then again maybe it’s only baby that gets away with the “borrowing” thing. hehehe.

    Since I’ve watched that ep with subtitles I can’t get over what bong said about baby’s eyes that are full of confidence…it shows in his photoshoots..it’s like “I can conquer the world!!!yeah…”

  107. vi
    don’t believe in me.
    i’m really bad at anything related to number or calculation. my best is about 60 or C.
    but i’m extra good at language.
    like my Jpnese, i don’t study it from course & i don’t have Jpnese friend. but i’m an anime & manga maniac for about 7 years.
    & from this 7 years i study my Jpnese from books myself or by watching it.
    i’m even amazed with myself the first time i know i could read standard Kanji in proper way.

    my friends just got freak out everytime the hear my language related score. haha.. they was like “u’re so bad at calculating but how u’re so good at languages? no 1 from last in number related class but no 1 in languages?”

    keke.. Mr.Bong. thank God that he want us to do assignment for mid test. (he teach marketing)
    the one that i always talk about his class, like analyzing stuff.. he want us to pick any brand & do the marketing analysis.
    & i pick Baskin Robbins for that. hohoho..
    i’ll do anything that related to our boys. kekeke..
    i even put our boys pic or Baskin Robbins at the very front page! haha.. lecturer Bong’s face of looking at my assignment “what the heck is this?!”

  108. i wish i could see the Number 1 performance =(

  109. ~aawww!!
    yeah #3 at ORICON CHART!!!
    soon, it’ll be NUMBER 1……..

    go BB!!
    keep it up!!

  110. VI

    omg! TOPs birthday!!~~
    aww hes just too cool to be 21. lol
    and then your birthdays coming~ keke.
    i am SO going to lovee november!

  111. aww thanks you, my b-day today =]
    and i love big bang =]

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