Making of ‘With U’ MV | Fan Event in Japan | Skoolooks Wallpapers

NUMBER 1 DVD Special
Making of ‘With U’ Music Video
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You have to watch it, because of this…. and a LOT more.

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Thanks mycatok at bigbang_world

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This is a REVISED version of my essay. haha since the one I wrote was TOO LONG. it’s on my download page though ;D You know I tons of stuff to say and spazz about haha

When they did that body roll thing… I rewind the dang video for like 10 times, screamed some more, and rewind it again… I’m such a pervert but how can I freaking help it???? Did you see that?? and Baby’s standing in front too, you know that will kill me for sure right?? And if that’s not enough, they gotta show me Baby doing the dance in a suit with popped up colla…. AISH!! And when he did that peace thing… the world is a better place, he’s more powerful than Gandhi you can be sure of that.

Dae look DEAD tire, so sad to see him like that, but when they start sining ‘Happy Birthday’ and he saw the cake, his face brighten up immediately, awww… HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAE AH~ haha you can hear Baby singing ‘Happy Birthday’ but he doesn’t know wether to say ‘DaeSungie’ like everyone else, or ‘DaeSung hyung’ like he suppose to since he’s the youngest one there haha, Bong say ‘Happy Birthday’ to Dae, and dang~ I’ve never seen him this tire, dark circle….. wow… a different Bong that I would never wanna see, he look so exhausted, poor baby, Bong say that he already gave Dae his present the day before, so that make him a good guy hahaha… wow… totally expect that from Bong………... LOL… REAL LOUD at Tabi and his ‘i’m-too-cool-to-talk-moving-my-finger-and-nodding-my-head-is-enough-anyway-happy-birthday’ is too awsome, and to think he’s the hyung of the group T_T haha FTW!!!
Baby’s ‘DAESUNG HYUNG FIGHTING’……. I died too many times already, he look JUST LIKE Doreaemon right there, dont’ you think???

Did you spot Kwon Leadah snoozing off behind those huge shade of his?? and wearing a dang wife beater and let me see his freaking nipple XD!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!! I’M A DIRTY FANGIRL!! SANTA WO’NT GIVE ME PRESENT THIS YEAR NO MORE CUZ I’VE BEEN NAUGHTY!!

AND THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE VIDEO FOR ME. is right here. Baby finish his shoot, and of coures, our little weirdo of a maknae will never let us go easily, he turned to the stylist and yelled “Wasn’t it cool? I was so cool wasn’t I? The girls will so love me! All them girls will so love me!” hahahaha I agreed with EVERYTHING he said, but the stylist was like ‘WHAT THE HECK???” he look around and see how cold the reaction is and quickly bow down and say ‘I’m sorry’ hahahah that is just TOO ADORABLE. Now you know why I love him so much I’m willing to kill?? oh yea.

And also, a series of Skoolooks photoshoot that they did ever since all the way in the beginning when they first endorse Skoolooks uniforms, they look so cute and so different, I have to say my favorite time period of them were during the Lies time when Baby still had that yellow highlight patch in his hair and also during the Last Farewell days where Bong hasn’t entered Bowlcut Hood yet and everyone just look freaking perfect and adorable.

More pictures and clip from Big Bang’s Fan Event in Japan, you wouldn’t believe it, there were so many people there, they were all singing along to Haru Haru, and they’re Japanese so they probabably didn’t know Korean any better than us, but they were just freaking awsome, it feels so cool to see this, I love it. Big Bang was label as ‘Korean’s NUMBER 1 Group’ pretty freaking fly.




10.23.08 Big Bang Fan Event in Japan

Thanks to madeeriko

Thanks to ckanpooh | OrANgE@bigbangpop | 길밖님 | bigbangpop | 탐스런탑님

~ by Vicky on October 23, 2008.

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  1. hahah gd looks funny



    BIG BANG 4 EVA!!!! ❤


  4. Seung Ri look so Mature and so Serious now lolz

  5. Dee Dee

    he’s always like that
    you didn’t notice?
    or is it just me??
    *wondering* haha

  6. omg this is too much for anyone to handle.. lol

  7. OMGeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…waaaahhhhh…i was like OMG, OMG…and i restained myself from yelling that i got goosebumps all over my body!!!!! i was in my sis’s office and i have to act good right? now i’m in a hysterical mode that my head felt giddy..wahahahaha..owh gee..i’m going crazy!!!

    Vicky, thanx a zillion!!!! owh, you’ve made my day wholesome!!!

  8. omgg.. lovvee the pics :DD
    hehe.. on the third last pic.. SR looks angry
    OMG and i loved the vid.. the makeing of WITH U
    even though i dont understand anything theyre saying
    cuz i dont understand korean =(

    BIG BANG<33

  9. anonymous

    i died last night
    …. and went to sleep at 2 AM
    the result of that was
    i woke up 5 minutes before i was suppose to get on the bus to school

    and i look like crap the whole day
    though it’s worth it.
    my dad yelled at me last night for laughing like a hyena at midnight
    I can’t help it when i saw Baby at the end!!
    he’s just……….AHHHHHHHHH!

  10. arij

    I know the feeling gurl
    i saw this midnight last night
    and i was trying so hard to hold in my scream since my dad is right accross the hall
    but i can’t help it
    and i got yelled at

    and the part with Bong and the wife beater… nipple… then Tabi with his moving finger language.. GOLD!!

  11. GAH only like 3 seconds of NUMBER 1 performance

  12. 1think1pink1

    mycatok explain all the things they say during the funny parts and I put it in my essay
    it’s hilarious, Baby’s “Wasn’t it cool? I was so cool wasn’t I? The girls will so love me! All them girls will so love me!”

  13. wow thats a lot of good stuff for one day. thanks

  14. Chrissy

    I know, I was hoping there was more
    i wanna see it oh so badly!!
    ahh!! this is the same with ‘WITH U’
    Shaun’s choreography is so amazing, yet we never get to see it

  15. oh cool 2 chrissy’s postin around the same time ^_^

  16. Chrissy … UH… haha

    how can I tell 2 apart now?

  17. love them so much

  18. ……….. OMGG TOP..
    TANG YANG. x5 ❤
    WOahh what a nicee thing to lok at before going to sleep 😛 thankss!

  19. Baby, is officially my favourite now. ❤


  21. I loved that lady’s face at the end when SR was like spazzing out about his coolness, lol ^_^

  22. from afar, seungri looks more mature with his new haircut =]
    but still cute
    the end pictures looks like it must have been hot there. DaeDae was sweating so bad =[, but still they did great as usual.

    Wish them much more lukc in japan~!

  23. vi
    hubby just looks too good in scarft. too good. really. like the one in Supermodel Competition.
    i’ll faint this way & can’t study >.< ah~ its okay anyway since there’s no test for today fufufu
    & the woman voice at the 1st jpn event say that eventough the youngest member only 19, but their popularity is so high & they rank 3rd in ORICON tough they’re artist from aboard.
    huh! they better know how great is our boys, & they got this from their hard work. so, no messing around with that,

    waw… the Jpnese fans r good in singing haru haru. & their voice… OMG, so loud, i even can’t hear our boys voice.

    kekeke… the cap.
    so naughty of u & that make me think of some too. haha

    aww~~~ tabi~~
    hahaha.. make me laugh the most! hubby… that’s Dae’s bday. u better talk.
    if its my bday i’ll make hubby talk, now way i’ll let him go just by body language! haha
    but hte second i look at his eyes i know he’s deadly tired that he can’t even say a proper happy bday for Dae. he’s recharging his battery. haha

    btw, that skooloks photoshot, don’t u think that in every Nov, hubby got the killer looks there? kekeke..
    & i spot 2 ToDae time there. haha

  24. Going back to the with u times…
    all of them lookin sooo damn hot in the video except….
    I hated my man’s hairstyle!!! >.<
    but SR was more adorable than ever

    “and let me see his freaking nipple XD!!!!!!!!!!! ”
    just when I was startin to believe you were right about me being too dirty you…yes you surprised me!!!!!
    *bows down like crazy* XD

    Now these recent pictures….
    hotter than ever!!!!
    I LOVe My MAN’s LOOK!!!!
    gosh I stop breathing seriously
    all those thoughts popping in my head….I’m seriously going crazy for them now

    I’m soooo jealous of those japanese fans
    being able to hear and see them live
    but I don’t worry
    our men are always with us

  25. @@ Look at the number of J VIPs @@


  26. ah so cool! JVIP singing along to Haru Haru! =D i’m glad to see the boys are doing so well. BB hwaiting! <33

  27. hey vi,
    i just notice they have Baskin Robbins for Dae’s bday cake!
    hahaha.. i wonder if Dae get free ice cream from bday club?

  28. TOP’s signature looks like he drew some lines and then decided he didn’t like it so he scribbled it out. That’s basically mine, too. xD

    sldvosimevisw, that very last picture. Doesn’t it make you want to pinch his cheeks so much? I’m really loving his outfit. His and Seung Ri’s. GD, on the otherhand…his makes him look so short!

  29. *randomly squeals*
    *slowly starts gaping*
    *starts bouncing up and down in chair*
    *slides out of chair*

    haha, thats pretty much all i did when i was looking at thie page ^_^’

  30. Chrissy

    Oh my god that face send me straight to Baby Heaven
    I rewind it like 1435047852875029 times whenever i watch this video

  31. nya

    I know~
    I love how the scarf look on him
    it’s just…so him..
    like it fit him and his style so freaking well
    love it

    he’s barely 18 haha
    T_T aka illegal
    and yet he’s already that amazing
    no joke debuting at the age of 15 ya know.
    that’s MY husband haha

    I just have to make that gif dude
    that body roll is just… AH~
    LOL at ur hubby’s stiffy but oh so cute self haha

    When I saw Tabi did that, i was on the floor laughing so freaking hard
    he is just OH MY GOD ahahah ONLY HIM

    they were all dead tire
    it was during the time when they were promoting in Thailand at the same time, so of course, poor boys.

    Of course he look especially good in November, it’s OUR birthday month ahah

  32. Sexica

    still until this day… idk what was up with all those knots…..T_T
    like… I think Bong suggest that or something, since he’s the crazy hairstyle dude
    I think Bong want to do it to your his hair but it’s not long enough and Tabi was the only one that can do it hahah so he told Tabi to do itkeke T_T how evil~

    CAN I HELP IT?????????????
    XDDDDDDDDD! it’s not like I was searching for it or something, it just BAM! jump right at my face

  33. anecia

    yup there were around 3,000 people showed up

  34. nya

    OH MY GOD!
    I was thinking about that last night too haha
    i was like ‘maybe BR sent over a free cake’ hahahaha

  35. Maryam

    I like the last pic too
    haha so amazed kkeke

    Bong was wearing like ankle high pants…. and it just T_T hahaha
    it’s cute to me though

  36. Dori

    HAHA imagine being the one putting it all together for like 2 hours haha
    it’s nerve wracking haha
    cuz i can’t help it but let my fangirl self flow haha

  37. OH HOT DAMN.

    seungri..his new hair.
    ji yong.. the TABI glasses.
    dae sung, the cute shirt.
    young bae.. being young bae.
    TABI.. can’t comment. he’s like my brother. so that’s gross.

    oh VICKY. Why during my homework time?

  38. lmao,vicky; nahh it isnt really that perverted,except if you arent
    a total FANGIRL!xD ,whats worse is when YB does his pelvis thrust
    in the end in the actual mv!
    near the end of the making i was just waiting
    for them to show it but they didnt!i was like OMFGJHGsed >___< ,
    at one point i had the GIF of that part as my wallpaper and my
    mother was like WTH? xP.

  39. i’m suppose to be doing my hwmk; BUT that can wait.

    ahaha Vicky you are FUNNY! SR did his PEACE sign then you said: “the world is a better place, he’s more powerful than Gandhi you can be sure of that.” < – – TOTALLY AGREE 100%!!!
    TOP’s finger/head moving thing was HIARILOUS!! (can someone make a gif of that PLEASE!) SR’s ending was so cute! thank you so much for translating that part cause if you didn’t then i would of been like…”uhh?” i loved how he said “i’m sorry”

    THANK YOU! =)

  40. Suzie

    im making a gif for that now!(:

  41. OMG….

    i wish i’m in japan right now…darn it…….haha!
    Those jvips are so lucky…and sweet to sing haru haru with them though it’s not their language…plus they sang number 1 live!!! gaaaah! I envy them!!!

    So cute with the “kyaaaa~!!!” around the scream when they showed up on stage. hehehe.

    I love the making of the with u vid…it was dae’s bday and their so sweet giving him a cake and all. hehehe, tabi not speaking and nodding and all..”yeah i’m so cool”. ^^
    Bebe talking in japanese!!!! love it!!!!

    and those wallpapers….daaaaaannnnng…….you can see their transition. heheh.

    I wasn’t a fan either of bong’s bowlcut, but’s he’s always cute so “ok, he can look like that”. heheh.

    thanks vicky!!! Your baby made me laugh in the end!!! “i’m sorry, i’m sorry”! such a baby indeed!

  42. Vi

    good point. very good point. haha

    u spend two hours making posts?! wow, thats a long time~~
    i just luv this site, its a life saver~~
    how could i know about big bang?! haha

  43. vi
    Tabi should start collecting scarft now, not only shades.
    he looks too fine with that. no one could work scarft better than him. fufufu.. ahh~ there’s some thougt popping up >.< kyaaa..

    yup, clap for ur hubby & also clap for other members for their work in this last 2 years.
    BIG BANG fighting! u could own the world!

    kekeke.. yup, u have to make that.
    gif that could let u remember about any thought. kakaka..
    but i’ll prefer the one with hubby & his body language. keke..

    u just can’t believe that he’s the oldest one in the group. u just CAN’T hahaha

    November rocks! haha.. could i take this as his bday present for me?? *innocent puppy eyes*

    HAH?! u’re thinking about that too???
    free cake? if they really sent that, my man will extra happy in his bday. BR will sent him free cake also free ice cream maybe.
    i want to eat BR now all of sudden.
    the cake, yummy..

  44. LOL
    evil husband of yours

    and talking about that evil husband
    I believe he’s really trying to tease us to prove my point
    he knows what that image did to our poor brains
    that evil evil Bong >.<
    yeah I just called him BONG ;P

  45. haha my little sister was lookin at the pics and she’s like 5
    and is in first grade lmao and she was like lookin at taeyang
    pic and she was like is brother in law showin underwear? haha
    lmao and pointed at it i was like omg girl turn around

  46. Oh gosh, TY looks gorgeous.
    Okay, GD just looks like a weirdo.
    And a nerd x 345908.
    It’s okay…I still love him to death.

  47. OH MY GAWD
    i love his new hair x]
    Seungri lookin hott x]]
    Bong lookin like a cute ass dork ! ❤
    i want their shoees 😡

    if they come to america
    in december, i’m ready to die xD

    VIP FOR LIFEE<3 x]

  48. Seungri is looking damn good. I like how his hair is here. I think it suits him better. Bongie, I love you forever so I’m gdbiased so it doesnt matter XD I always love the way he looks and acts cause hes such a dork. lol The guys are looking damn good

  49. omggg! they look awesomeeeee ♥___♥

    i spot Shaun in the Making of With U xD!

  50. Last pic of TOP is too cute lol
    And omg YB with braids!!! It’s funny because I watched every episode of their documentary earlier today. I almost had a seizure lmao they looked so…young esp. the Baby! XD

  51. owhhh…where’s shaun? i don’t know which 1 is him..the making is awesome..i freaking love with U’s choreography!! everyone looked freaking hot…and i smiled sweetly when dae gave a very very sweet smile while everyone sang birthday song out of a sudden…<3…
    hahaha japan fans are crazy and mad as well..and they sang along..i’m happy for them…but they sounded a little bit tired T____T…

  52. ^ you spotted shaun? nice! tell me where. ha! the end was funny and it seem like dae forgot his b-day.

  53. lmao! holy crap top doing that sign language thing really cracked me up lol! and seungri’s outburst is just so adorable. the cake just HAD to be baskin robbins eh?

  54. ~lol~ SR at the last part!!!! he’s so CUTE!!!!!!!
    so ADORABLE~ dang!!
    i so love this maknae!!!

    whoa~ they’re all looked exhausted,,,
    aawwwww!!! but still all so HOT!!!!!!!!

    the calendar pics were so CUTE~

    keep it up BB!!!

  55. lols seungri in the last part xDD
    hes like im the president of the sonyerns :L:L
    adorable seungri xDD
    haappy bday daesung for then :L
    lols gd already gave daesung present ;D

  56. ——————–VICKY———————

    Don´t have school to attend?

    Seriously, you are updating so damn fast, it´s a wonder you can do both.

  57. SeungRi’s new hairstyle with the outfit reminds me of TOP xD

  58. why seungri is so hot & cute!! dangg.. i love him more en more..

  59. was that BeBe talking in japanese!?!?!?! ahhhh he sounded SOOO sexy…sigh he looked gorgeous as usual…ahah Seungri was soo funny and was that Shaun i spotted!? aha they all look so cute and Dae Sungie’s birthday surprise was really cute….

    your “essays” are halarious, i always know for any video i’ll have a good amount of reading to do LOL its funny tho…

    ps. new skoolooks videos is up….SO MUCH gdyb-goodness

    SOOO CUTE! i love all of the outfitss!

    omg. that body rol…ooh!!!

  61. i wanna c da concert 4 #1………..

  62. omg!!! they’re all so cute in the making..and dae is so funny, it must’ve been very early in the morning cause every looked so tire even though they threw dae a b-day surprise..and top and his sign language is just too adorable..he loves dae so much that he can’t express it in words..^^
    and what was sr saying at the end? he’s so funny and crazy..i love his little outburst.

  63. happy birthday oppa ♥♥♥ we l♥ve u s♥♥♥ much♥♥♥ i’m sad because im not alongside. i sad because i cant hug u tight for ur birthday. This week did awful. i learn your birthday is today and im sad more now… damn it my english so bad. just know it oppa İ LOVE U SO MUCH AND İ MİSS U SO MUCH. (i have not big brother and lil brother because of this im sad more. you all my family. except YB because he is love of my life @’_’@ )

  64. Seeing this made my day . . . it makes me wonder which moves were Shaun and Aimee’s?? Maybe the wave. LOL, can’t wait to see the whole video . . . Aimee said she had a cameo so looking forward to it. I luv the new moves . . .

  65. lala

    hahah there isn’t any better time keke


    haha being perverted is our RIGHT goddamn it haha
    so I DO NOT feel guilty at all
    ur mom think so though keke

  66. Suzie

    yup yup yup
    I’m always right when it comes to Baby
    he just bow down a 90 degree angle to say sorry haha
    love that boy to death

  67. Kenley

    Bong for me is the only human on earth that can wear a bowlcut
    but… NEVER AGAIN okay
    I wanna see his eyes

    Baby’s face right before he say sorry was the most priceless

  68. Dori

    yea, from like getting everything ready and post it up takes a lot of time for me to go over everything and make sure it’s working right, uploading stuff takes time
    but for fellow VIPs, anything 🙂

  69. nya

    I was thinking about making of gif of ur man and his coolness
    but he did so many cute things, I don’t wanna leave out anything, but if I include everything, the GIF’s gonna be huge, so i wind up didn’t do it hhaha

    I remember Tabi got so disappointed when he didn’t get any free ice cream from BR
    he was telling the ppl the place where they live and tell BR to contact their manager hahaha
    and also when Wolly ask him what he want from Mnet as a present, he answer “please give us Mnet” hahah T_______T that was hilarious

  70. Sexica

    I HAVE SUCCEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You called him Bong!! HHAHAHA
    I’m so proud when i see someone get infect by me haha
    even SooKyung from K Bites, the site that always translate our boy’s stuff, she got infected too haha
    it’s awsome

  71. newvip

    if you look at the part where Baby and Dae was standing there looking at the monitor
    Shaun is the one wearing the fedora

  72. spinx

    I do go to school haha
    and seriously, I’m not fast AT ALL
    it took me so long to get stuff updated
    and since nowadays, the boys are in Japan and we barely get any update from them, I try to update the site once a day to feed our VIP’s thirst haha

  73. 최승현❤

    I was thinking that too
    haha he’s copying Tabi now

  74. sweetsorrow

    yup yup
    I just HAVE to write an essay
    or else I’ll go insane

  75. vesna

    Baby say
    ““Wasn’t it cool? I was so cool wasn’t I? The girls will so love me! All them girls will so love me!”

  76. TONI
    Aimee say she had a cameo in their NUMBER 1 MV
    which already release

  77. Vi

    haha, u luv us so so much. i can tell, not as much as ur big bang, but a lot ^_^ it makes me feel good

    🙂 i like attention.

  78. Was that in Japan… if it was then Japanees people know KOREAN! 0o0

  79. Is YB bald now? o.o
    Whatever, he’s still seeeeeeexy. (:

  80. lol no hes not bald haha XD i think thats his old haircut, guess we couldnt see it much cos he wears his hats XDD darn right hes smexxyyy hehehehhe

  81. LOL
    it feels better to call them by this names
    but it makes us feel closer to them ;P
    once again my older sister rox!!! XD

  82. AHHH omg, what’s wrong with seungri’s hair
    it loooks ermm funny but still cute
    they should’ve perform Number 1.
    but OMG i wish i could’ve been there!

  83. Vi
    Hahaha.. u better don’t do that, coz I know that will reduce my lifespan.
    & that’ll mean go promoting my man. I don’t want him to get more pervy fans again. Hahaha

    Keke free ice cream from BR.
    I bet he sign the contract with BR just to get free ice cream.
    & when he knows that BR didn’t give him he was all disappointed. Just look at his adore face, “contact my manager for that”, “give us MNet”.
    He’s messing around coz he didn’t get that BR. Hahaha..
    How can u doesn’t love this hyung? He is love.

  84. Vicky

    Baby suddenly saying “i’m sorry” after bursting like that made me laugh all the way. He’s too cute for words. hehehe.

    yeah, we can’t see bong’s eyes with the bowlcut, his head has this mushroom silhouette…it’s a good thing he loves to change styles often. =)

  85. Dori

    about the same same really
    i love you guys as friends
    i love them as if they were my life haha
    there’s not much difference keke

  86. Geena

    it was in Japan
    and i bet they don’t know korean any better than us
    they just know every word to the boys’ song cuz it’s just that awsome

  87. massdestructionent

    no, he still have his mohawk
    but his hair grow a bit longer now

  88. Sexica

    inorite, calling them, GD, TOP, SeungRi, TaeYang… sound so ….. far… haha

    YA YA YA!!

  89. nya

    oh my god
    Tabi, I wish he can be goofy more
    cuz seriously, everytime he open his mouth
    awsome stuff come out
    he’s even more funnier than Dae… yup haha
    it’s just he wanna maintain his cool image..
    I wanna see him go on Family Outing
    Tabi and variety show is a great combination

    but then again, i don’t think you’ll like it that much since Hyori’s favorite out of Big Bang is Tabi

  90. Kenley

    OH YEA~
    i miss all of his old haircuts when it’s gone
    but never the bowlcut

    the first time I saw him smile in 3 months back then was the day he change his hairstyle for the NII shoot back then
    best day of my freaking life
    I stil remember that morning when I saw it, I was in heaven

  91. hahaha
    turns out I got confused and
    for 12 whole days!!!!

  92. vi
    tabi could be goofy more if he wants too.
    remember his omona? how could he maintain his cool rapper image is he let everyone see his omona face like that?

    that’s my hubby greatness(?) hahaha..
    everytime he open his mouth, that just make everyone laugh. haha
    this is why i love him so much, cool side & dork side. hahaha

    tabi in family outing? hubby will do great there.
    i know how hubby is with hyori, hahaha.. but i hope it won’t come true.
    well, i will get jealous of course,
    but still, i can’t stick my finger in. he have his privacy.
    (one thing that i hate from being fangurl) i know & realize that, so, i’ll just messing around with him in my imagination & pray for his success.

  93. Sexica

    i was born in 92 haha

  94. nya

    that was the moment where he just can’t help it but burst
    but nowadays, he keep quiet too much
    we’re not use to that

    haha what kind of expresion is ‘stick ur fingers in’
    that sound so funny kekeke

  95. I was too 😛

    You’re my unnie!!!!!
    *bows down like crazy*

  96. them getting into the oricon charts within 10 months beats the record of other korean stars right? cause i don’t think even THSK got in that fast.
    i wonder what the japanese hosts were saying about THSK compared to BIG BANG…cause i heard them saying something about them.
    anyone know?

  97. Sexica

    UR LYING!! hahaha
    we already estrablish the fact that ur older!!!!

  98. LMAO!!!
    no YOU’re older!!!
    I realized that right after you said you were turning sixteen
    isn’t it awesome?!!!

  99. Vi

    ^_^ we’re your life!
    … i think… thats what u were trying to say, right?
    it sounded like it.

  100. vi
    hubby have prove it. hahaha..
    he’s not that quiet. keke..

    its like “i want to feel.. i can’t.. i want to, but i can’t..”
    hah~~~ depressing..

  101. i spy shaun in the making..haha..the boys are all super HOT!

  102. Hi Vicky!
    Just want to ask if you guys know the sched of the boys in Japan. Coz my friend is there right now and she’s been looking for them for days!

    She asked everyone from Japanese VIPs to random people at Koreatown and no one seems to know where they’re going. In the name of BIG BANG LOVE please help us!!!

    She promises to share the pics and vids once she finds them. Hahaha!

    Thanks! ❤

  103. the body roll was hot haha and the Maknae up front too….i just have to crack up the way Maknae was standing when they were preparing for Dae bday..awww Dae baby you look so tired got more rest but then after seeing the cake you’re all engage lol..TOP is to cool for words so nodding his head and pointing the finger is good enough haha..haha if you watch carefully when Bae was giving his bday speech for Dae you can see in the back Dae was running around dancing lol…AH! i die when Bae was singing his part and Bong wearing the wife beater gosh…haha Maknae at the end was freaking adorable….him and his confidence self love it…

  104. big bang sooooo hotttt!!!!!!!!!!

  105. gd
    look nice,sweet
    and mature even he wore a weird glasses

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