10.24.08 Behind the Scene: Big Bang’s Skoolooks Photoshoot | YG Japan New Released Pictures


THE 2ND FULL ALBUM WILL BE RELEASE IN NOVEMBER. I just got that confirm, the people at Section TV wrote the caption wrong, Bong said ‘November’ but they put ‘December’ instead, so that’s why hahaa.

10.24.08 MBC Section TV
Big Bang’s NII Winter Photoshoot
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thanks to 통키님

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This video is like a little preview-preview for us…. and I already die from it, everything just look gorgeous and amazing, the winter NII Photoshoot… I will die the day they release these pictures, oh my gad… each and every one of them look so HOTT!!! the one with them wearing blue sitting down.. Bong’s expression… KILLED ME! XD!! These boys keep killing us more and more, day by day. OKAY!! BONG LUVERS!! ADMIT IT!!! Did you think dirty thoughts when you saw Bong wearing horse ridin’ outfit and pretend he was ‘smacking’ the horse?? XD… cuz I did HAHAHA. Tabi… he is amazing, he don’t have to move much, just his eyebrows is deadly enough.. dang~ Dae been getting so much action these days, I saw Dae and Bong, then TODAE!!!!!!!!! Tabi hugging Dae from behind…. sexxiii~ haha.. Dae also have his way with Bebe.. haha… you know, this makes me realize… we never get any Dae and Baby action.. HMMM…. no fair. keke the shot of him sleeping is too cute.

After they’re done with the shoot, all the hyung just all walked off hurriedly, leave our little maknae sitting on the floor with no one helping him to get up…..AW… Poor Baby, when you wear those heavy and thick jumpers it’s hard to stand up you know, no one care about Baby.. awww… BABY AH~~~~ look at his face. They be busting a move every chance they get haha, Dae was so FEELING IT~ keke They showed Bebe with his dog, they both were so cute with each other the dog’s name is ‘Boss’ haha he even kissed the pup, how freaking adorable is that???? I KNOW YALL YB LUVERS WANT TO BE BOSS SO SO BADLY hahaha the face when he played with Boss is just PRICELESS… ah!!

with a video like this…. me and my spazzy fangirl self went capture crazy… I just have to cap it man~ it’s just… if I don’t do it.. I think I might blow up from all this awsomeness. LOOK AT THEM SEXY HOT AWSOME CAPS UNDER THE CUT MY BABES 🙂

10.24.08 Mnet WideNews
Behind the Scene: Big Bang’s Skoolooks Photoshoot
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thanks to S님

thanks to S님

ooh~ their female partner for the photoshoot is MinKyung from Davichi, I like her, she’s so cute and a really good singer too, no jealous there haha 🙂 When she introduced herself, you know Baby is the first one to clap and others follow him too, give Kwon Leadah a bit of a awkward moment when he was about to introduce himself haha. DANG~ another school boy photoshoot… when these come out, I’m gonna die for sure, at the 1:00 mark, DUDE!! CHECK OUT THE BEBONG ACTION!!!! Bong ALMOST kissed Bebe haha Bebe ducked T_T no fun, if it was Baby, i’m sure he would lean in haha. Dae look so different with his new haircut now, somehow…. I like it, show his face more, and he doesn’t look tire at all, love seeing him like this. Look at the 2 SeungHyuns in action in the background hahaha, I love seeing these two together since we know they are so freaking uncomfortable with each other haha.

MinKyung did a ‘couple’ shot with each of the boys, and the MC ask her which couple is her favorite, and she picked DaeSung, hahaha Dae was just too happy for words, look at him haha then they ask Baby how he feel about MinKyung picking Dae instead of him haha. Look at Baby’s face… you can so see the jealousy kekek then he end it with the famous line from ‘Come to Play’. you know what is it?? “SeungRi ah~ I really like you” haha his face is different now, but just as cute as he always was.

Bebe was explaning the concept, and when Bong got it right, he was so proud of himself, look at his thumb up face, hahaha… our Leadah is such a dork, and he keep proving himself to be a dork when he lean in once again and kiss Bebe haha, so many BeBong going on now, while my Baby is in the back sleeping… poor Baby, he must be really really tire. Bong wont’ leave Bebe alone.. and… he was so freaking hyper and cute througout the shoot. Love it!

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New pictures release by YG Japan, I think these are from a while ago when the boys were in Japan promoting while Dae was stuck in Korea practicing for his musical, so that’s why he wasn’t in these pics… hm… looking at these pictures… I miss Bong’s mohican days now, never thought one day I’ll say that but I really do, so clean shaved on the side haha. That pic up there is my fave out of all of them, haha Baby and Bebe in the background looking like they’re dealing drugs while Bong is totally in his artistic mood hahaha. You can’t see Tabi because half of his body is covered by Bong…. T_T never knew the stick-man have the ability to do that haha.

Pictures in Japan

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Thanks to mycatok @ bigbang_world



~ by Vicky on October 24, 2008.

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  1. hahaha, bebe looks kinda pissed in that picture with bong kissing him ^_^’

  2. i miss them

  3. i love that picture of baby smiling!
    i am in love with his vest collection! he has like a billion of them!

  4. lol aww thats just to adorable >_< .
    dae with his new hair reminds my from when they
    first debuted or something xD ,idk why.
    oh yeah i download the video but how or what program
    can i play it on? xP.

  5. awww the video was so cute :3 ^__^

  6. Oh gosh, Kwon Jiyong looks GORGEOUS.

  7. Dori

    maybe haws thinking
    “aish~ don’t cheat on Baby, go back to him” hahah

  8. Jini

    yea~ he be working it
    he’s been wearing a lot of vests ever since Haru Haru promotion
    but it looks like he switch to jumpers for the winter now
    look amazingly hot

  9. kohjidmal

    you download HJSplit and use it to join the video together

  10. VI

    vest, jumpers, cut off sleeves, this boy can pull off anything!
    id buy anything hes ever LOOKED at. its all priceless~

  11. aww that was soo cute =]

  12. How come all these korean reporters have like those square packet mics?
    ….And GD’s so greedy with affection isn’t he?

  13. OH! I was gonna add, it seems everybody picks Dae as their fav for whatever the vid is.

  14. GOsh i feel like Something is wrong between Seung Ri and G-dradon
    there is no G-RI moment anymore but in the video if u watch a lil closer idk they seems far away fallen apart
    weird cuz i got that feeling….

  15. Jini

    he can sell anthing
    though…… if he didn’t wear anything :DDDDDDDDDDDDD
    STOP THINKING THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Chrissy

    I think that’s also a recorder too
    i’m not sure

  17. Chrissy

    Dae is too hard to resist
    but I’m staying truthful to my husbands though haaha

  18. Dee Dee

    I do too
    but it look like Baby was too dead tire
    he was sleeping through some of the shots too
    Bong probably didn’t wanna bother Baby or something
    no worries
    GRi love live on.

  19. Vi

    then tabi would be thinking, ‘come on, u know u want bong. now go over there and go back to him~~’

    kekeke 😀

  20. awwwwwwww they are so cute ^^ can’t wait to see the pics *o*
    lol~ Bong trying to cheat on Baby >=]

  21. new couple name: BeBong! LOL nice one, Vicky!

  22. Dori

    GRi is too famous
    okay haha
    no one is DARE to break up the two

  23. Mariale

    yup yup…
    he like playing the field you know
    but at the end of they day
    always return to Baby 😀

  24. medirin

    you know me,
    I can’t be calling them GDYB
    I’m too cool for that haha
    gotta have my own name for them

  25. is that youngbae’s dog?!?!?! so cute

  26. Vi
    AW~ 2 SeungHyun in action kills me. Tough it just for like 1 seconds…
    I just love to see them so much considering their awkwardness too. Haha

    Keke.. Bebe, he don’t want Bong to kiss him, tough that kiss means a lot to fangurls.
    & its uncountable how much gurls want to get that kiss. Hah~
    Bong & baby is the perfect couple, so of course baby will lean to Bong.
    If he didn’t, u’ll get curious & asking why.

    Keke.. Dae was like. “for sure?! I thought its only grandma or mommys”
    & baby expression, hahaha his face is saying that want more love.
    I really need to know what did my man said when they talking about baby. It leave baby crack up so much & then all the members start attacking him & leave him saying that famous line. Haha

    Ahhh!!! I die the second after!
    Look at hubby! He unbuttons his jacket & starts to open it… ahhh!!! Let me see more!
    (No no no, we could do it at home. Don’t do it in public hubby. U knows how ur fans is.)
    I love this Mnet camera! Hahaha.. Thanks so so much. ur close up at hubby chest. Make my day.. All the stress..

    Kekeke.. bebe look so piss of when bong kiss him the second.
    But when bong pull back, bebe was like “why u stop?”

    Hahaha.. the cap of NII photoshot. Keke..
    Yup, hubby needn’t to do so much pose. His eyes & his eyebrow are enough for that.
    I laugh so hard at the cap of baby, “hyung… pull me up… help me…” with his puppy-like eyes. “why u all leaving me?” kekeke..

    OMG… this is the day for bebe lovers. His looks whe he kiss the puppy..
    Hahaa.. kenley could do anything just to be that puppy.

    Ahh~~ I love Saturday..
    Saturday = weekend = no test = no study = releasing stress = our boys = going wild

  27. youngbae<3 he has a BOSTON terrior, because he & i are meant to be. lmaooo. i wish =( but omgah, hes so cute, dancing with the dog. i was spazzing so hard, my mom came in to see if i was okay. lmao dong youngbae, i love you with my life.

  28. ktin7

    but they call YB the ‘dad’ so maybe
    but i doubt it
    they boys are so busy nowadays
    doubt if they can have a dog and take care of it daily

  29. nya

    yup yup
    the 2 SeungHyuns are awosme together
    they can SOOO pass for sibling
    their features are somewhat similar in a oposite way haha
    like Tabi is tough and hot
    while Baby is cute and hot
    you get that?

    Baby must be like dead tire
    Bong doesn’t wanna bother him and start smooching around.
    Bebe doesn’t know how good he has it T_T

    I think Tabi was talking something about Baby being too overly confident
    he must have been expecting MinKyung to pick him as her favorite haha.

    haha and he only open his jacket
    didnd’t even show any skin and you already T_T
    haha speechless…………..

    did u know all Mnet camera men are perverted? hahaha
    or in this case, he just gets fangirls
    he gotta show us something

    HAHAHAHAH “why you stop?”
    Bong was getting embarassed
    dude i love the angle of that shot
    I wanna see sooooo BADLY
    we need to like hack into those photographer’s computer or something
    WE HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I KNOW~~~~~~~~~~~
    how can they just leave him like that?
    his face was just awwwwwwwwwwww..
    you just wanna jump in there and help him up the huggy touchy way haha

    the puppy and him was just.. PRICELESS
    i LOVE every freaking moment of it

    It’s friday night for me, good thing there’s no Music Core tonight, Baby and Dae can get some rest and so can I.
    you know how they say couple start to resemble each other? hahahaha
    I definately has been getting some heavy dark circles under my eyes
    it’s so depressing, i never had them before until now
    I need to sleep
    but I can’t
    idk why
    but i’m loving it.

  30. kaykaynwhybee

    is that the kind of the dog?
    that’s cool
    i know nothing about dogs since my parents are anti-pets
    they think just because I microwaved my goldfish before, I’m completely irresposible when it come to fish, THAT IS NOT TRUE!!!

    but I’m not sure if that’s YB’s real dog or he just taking pictures with the dog for the day and he got attached to it

  31. OMG…I want to be boss!! haha vicky you’re so right, any YB lover would want to be Boss in that moment..he looks so sweet..ah seeing him kiss his pet doggie makes me love him even more…that’s how I cuddle my dog here, but he’s a lot bigger.^^

    Can you post the nii photoshoot on youtube vicky? i’m having trouble downloading large files…huhuhu…wth I can see Baebae’s undies when he was pointing at dae and they were all laughing…Bong is rubbing his style on Bebe huh, must be because of all the kissing he made at Bebe in the skoolooks shoot. awwwww….

    Baby looks so adorable being left behind..”poor me”…he might be saying in his head “Seungri, I like you”. tsk3 Baby you’re getting too cute for your own good.

    Bong is such a dork!!!Love him to death with all his expression at the end of the skoolooks photoshoot. hehehe. I’m so glad Dae looks much better now and well rested…his new haircut really suits him…so cute…Tabi, well, you know tabi, he can stand there like a statue and look adorable. =)

    Can’t wait for the photos to be released!!! getting so excited! =)

  32. Vicky

    I know he had a pet dog…haven’t you seen boss before being cuddled by bong himself? I saw a picture of it a long time ago and I forgot where I saw it >.<…but I know he has a dog at that moment…

    …but even if it’s not his pet…the way he kissed him….so……..cute……ahhhhhh I’m going to fangirl heaven again. ^^

  33. vicky

    remember aimee lee was telling us about how ty has a dog named boss? so im thinking this is his dog:]

  34. aahh..i know i can always count on this site for my big bang fix.
    oh god, if i was in YB’s place with GD kissing me, i think i’d be the happiest girl in the world.
    and if the puppy’s name is ‘boss’, then it should be YB’s dog…aimee lucas mentioned it in one of her blogs, how Kush has the brother…
    so cutee!

  35. vicky

    okay thanks.(:
    i was just going back to the other posts and noticed
    that you have been replying to them :O xD
    well to that perverted thing: im not guilty,but my mother thinks im a total perv because of that >__<

  36. aww cute =]
    isn’t everything from them cute?
    LOL (: HOT PHOTOS (:

  37. OMG!!!!
    came back form the most borig thing in the world feelin like nothin was going to fix my day when……I understimate the power of these boys……they look sooooo damn cute in that photoshoot!!!!
    Tabi(yes Tabi :P)looks so innocent >.<
    Baby looks too cute for words and the rest of them I don’t even know what to say
    they are just soo different now

    the Japan pics killed me!!!!
    those guys know exactly what to do
    they are tempting me to have those thoughts XD
    the image of TY kissin that puppy……I died
    Baby’s faces are adorable
    my man look cool as always ;P

  38. OMGGG!!!! >.< they look HOOOOOOOOOTTT!!!!!~Downloading…♥_♥

  39. Vi

    except me, ill take the ri out of it… ^_^ lol, jk jk haha

  40. vi
    who do u think u’re talking to? of course i know that! hahaa..
    ahhh~~~ u could compare them to fire & ice. AHHHH!!
    they should do this kind of photoshot! do u have that imagination gurl? do u get it? baby as fire & hubby as ice! ahhhh~~~~

    kakaka.. bebe doesn’t know, kakaka..
    aw, bong u could go & message baby, don’t go cheating around! hahaa, he don’t know how much we love this pairing on action.

    haha.. yup, i’m agree with my man.
    its written in baby’s face. “she’ll choose me” but it turn out to be Dae! haha.. did u see how jealous his face is when he claps his hands? love his expression.

    AAAWWNNNNN!!! do don’t know how i moan when i see him unbuttob his jacket. & when the camera close up at his chest…
    ahhrggg!! i want to jump & hug that chest! with our height difference it’ll be perfect!
    that wide opened well built delicious chest! *drooling*

    that cameramen have a telepathy or anything. he know what i want & do that for me. aahhh~~ thank u so so much… hubby chest …
    (hey somehow “everuthing” lyric pop up. “my friends think that i’m crazy, yo well, i’m about to get crazy some more” ahhh~~~)

    kekeke… we really have to. but i’m so bad at computer.
    i don’t think i could do it. maybe i just need to force them to give us. haha..

    kekeke.. they leave him just to let u pull ur hubby back gurl.
    u better thank them. kakaka..
    “vi, pull me~~~” ahh~~~ i could so imagine u going crazy. HAHAHA..

    that puppy become all bebe fans enemy now. hahaa..
    he get the kiss that every single pervy fangurl want.
    that puppy better feel happy for that.

    hey, do u know that when they say coupple start to resemble each other, they believe that the couple will married?
    aawww~~ so sweet…
    u know THEFACESHOP eyemask from Korea? everytime i have darkcircles i just use it & it’ll be better.
    hahaha.. u should protect ur ownself for baby’s sake. u need to take a good care of ur own body to give baby a healthy “baby”. got it? HAHAAHA…

    btw, do u know where i could d/l pops in seoul episode?
    i’ll have speaking mid & we all have to be a MC/VJ.
    i want the vid to exercise myself & i’ll let my class know how great BB is. ^^v

  41. nya

    wow… u and vi are so close~~

    thats not even the longest message ive seen u write… ^_^’

  42. yeah that’s YBs puppy boss 🙂
    so cuteee.

  43. Kenley

    haha what did I say about me knowning everything that’s going on in a fangirl’s head?
    haha i never lie.

    I uploaded the video on youtube
    I didn’t put it up before because it was still processing
    it’s done now though

    you can watch it here

    haha Baby… telling himself that he love himself always help

    the day those pictures come out
    I will take in a deep deep breath.
    and hopefully I wasn’t in school during that time
    or else another ‘whole art building going crazy’ thing will happen again
    and my teachers wouldn’t like that and maybe bam me from the MACs… I would die XD

  44. nya

    actually I don’t envy Boss. he looks so adorable and cute and the way baebae cuddles him just melts me. Boss looks too innocent when he gets kissed by bebe. hehehe.=)
    I kinda envy him a little bit but then I love it that Baebae loves his pet so much….awwwww….he looks so cute and lovely kissing boss too.
    It made my day. =)

  45. Kenley

    no but Bong’s dog look a bit different from this one
    the dog that YB is holding, its mouth is a bit roudner than Bong’s dog. Bong’s dog have a pointy mouth.

    then the dog licked his lips?

  46. vannie

    dude i have to dig out my brain to remember that
    haha then it’s set
    hahah BOSSIE!!!
    wonder how he take care of Bossie when he’s so busy
    but macho man YB with a itty bitty dog… XD FTW!!

  47. kohjidmal

    of course, you didn’t know?
    it won’t be fun if i just post something and let you guys post a comment with no reply
    if I have something to say I will reply to it
    I mostly reply all of them so we can connect and idk haha unite the VIPS.

  48. shuggah

    I can’t find one thing coming from them that’s not cute so I have to agree with you haha

  49. Sexica

    hahaha effected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VICKY VIRUS IS POWERFUL!!!!
    i’m so proud of myself hehehe

    you accept defeat and call Bong, Bong too didn’t you?

    the things Tabi did with his eyes are just awsome

  50. Dori

    haha us Baby luvers have to accept the fact that we have to share our husband with Bong hahah

  51. nya

    haha you sound like some kind of beer commercial ‘ahhhhhhhh~’
    but yes I can imagine that
    Baby is definately fire okay…… you know how i know that? nah~ i’ll keep it to myself haha

    Though Bong wanna mess around, no one want to play with him hahaa
    they know he belong to Baby and no one else…. in the male area that is haha female, I’m in line gurl.

    you can easily tell what Baby’s thinking through his expression haha
    it’s one of his weakness
    keke and apparently, Tabi knows that too well haha

    i think those two are those kind of ppl
    though they are uncomfortable with each other, they pay attention to each other a lot too

    god you moaned??
    why u gotta tell me? i’m still innocent gurl
    I’m not 16 for another 1 week and 5 days

    I know you will get crazy no matter what the hell your friends tell you haha

    NO…. he won’t be calling me that
    if it’s anything, it’s gonna be
    “honey ah~”
    that’s all I need to hear hahah

    I don’t believe in cosmetic and stuff
    the only thing I use is like cleanser
    and all I have to do really is catch some sleep haha

    HAHAHA FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!
    seriously, I have decide long ago i won’t give birth and just adopt or something
    you’ll help kids that needs it and you don’t have to go through the pain
    but… if it’s Baby………..then hell
    I’ll do it shiittt… the question is, HOW MANY???? hahaha

    i don’t know where you can download it
    but you can watch it online anytime anywhere on their website
    you just have to register.

  52. Dori

    we’re tight alright keke
    she got infected with my virus BADLY
    and you don’t even wanna know how it started keke
    you’re too young
    it’s overrated
    I’m already in deep, you shouldn’t be, please remain innocent because nya can do some bizarre stuff to you haahha

  53. Vicky

    I can imagine you just screaming with delight and the other rooms might think there’s a killer on the loose or a fire. You better hold your scream a little bit if you don’t want the teachers to ban you. that would be so frustrating.
    I just wish when the pix are released no one’s in the house at the moment. they might think i’m going crazy again. ^^
    weee now I can watch it! thanks vicky. =)

  54. Yes I have to admit you are too pwerful 😛

    I accept defeat because I feel like a stranger talkin to you about your men their more formal names
    especially after you got me that ICREDIBLE new name

    that boy knows what those eyes do to me
    he knows…. HE’s SO DAMN SEXY!!!!

  55. Yes I have to admit you are too pwerful 😛

    I accept defeat because I feel like a stranger talkin to you about your men their more formal names
    especially after you got me that ICREDIBLE new name

    that boy knows what those eyes do to me
    he knows…. HE’s SO DAMN SEXY!!!!

  56. Vicky

    I love the NII photoshoot video!!! OMG…Baebae killed me when he was playing with boss..he even sings to him and dances him around…and then he did the dance himself…OMG…Boss looks so cute…he even licks him when they’re having their own special photoshoot…waaaahhhh I’ll die when I see that picture…baebae’s just too cute…i love it… =)

    Dae didn’t give Baby some love…poor baby ri..no wonder he has to tell himself “I like you”. hehehe. But i guess dae was too tired to give him love, so cute sleeping like that after playing with the others. =)

    Waaaah Boss is so cute…I want him too…but if I get him can I have his master too?hehehe. =)

    I’m getting so excited for the NII photos!!! I know they always make our boys look so cool and hot at the same time. ^^

  57. my god!!!!!!!!!!! they all look effin freakin damn hot!
    and the bebe kissing his dog thing was………..GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  58. so cute and hot!!!

  59. Vicky

    yeah, now I remember…Bong’s dog i think is a different breed from this one…dunno if he has bigger ears than Boss. nevertheless i love that they cuddle their dogs as if they were their babies…so cute…=)

  60. omg i want BOSS!!! ~ he’s just too adorable..im not jealous of Boss at all, i think its absolutely adorable how much YB loves his dog,..did u see the way he was cuddling and playing around with him, BOSS doesn’t know how much any TY fangirl would KILL to be in his place…ahhh….and and….so much GDYB-ness in the skoolooks video!!!! omo that was so funny…i love how GD was constantly trying to pick on YB and YB was trying to act all macho and cool lolz…they’re my fav pairing so i was loving every bit of it!

  61. photoshoots one after another, promoting songs, sometimes i wonder how they have the time to do all these? And I thought TOP is attending a university now? Tsk Tsk, most importantly how do our Vicky find the time to track all their activities and spazzing at the same time? Hahaha

  62. man can taeyang b any cuter? lmao

  63. I think my favorite has to be the one that dae is sleeping and the boys all against the wall. They look like a bunch of hs boys after school especially top and dae. So innocent looking.

    vicky! You’re awesome for keeping us in the loop:O)

  64. who is that girl? in the car listening to lies?

  65. ARGHH bong was so so so ADORABLE ahhh..i died i died! haha..and why did bebe avoid his kiss! lol he should have gave in..lol..everyone was cute and adorable..and i love baby and dae’s hairstyle! and BOSS is so lucky to be kissed by bebe..bebe looked at him as if he is his girlfriend or something..why did bebe prefer a dog than a real woman T____T BEBE LUVERS must be in a jealousy state now kekeeee…

  66. hahaha…this is a winter photoshoot, but i bet because of this BB members, we will get burnt, babe , burnt!!! they are getting hotter and smoking!!! woot woot…

  67. what the heck TY? he’d kiss a dog but not a girl? @_@

  68. omg! the part where Bong was messing around with Bebe was just so cute la.. the expression he had after that were all so cute too! i love the one he had his two hands beside his cheeks part! OMG he’s making me blush! and TOP too.. he really dun have to do anything to be smoldering hot man.. >_< but all in all.. they ALL look great! haha

    ty with the puppy!!!! im looking at bebe screw the puppy! lol
    imma cap that picture of the boys sitting down,
    omgg baby looks like hes about to cry~~
    bong and TOPie look like they are getting punishments from their parents, TOP looks scared and bong looks like hes doesnt give!
    bebe jst looks bored and daeae looks so scared! awww.

  70. OMO.
    i never thought i would say this buh’ i wish i was a dog.
    daht dog is so lucky.
    getting a kiss off my seobang.


  71. &SheLovesYoungBae
    lmao…i agree…never in my life did i ever think i’d wish to be a dog…but at this moment i’d like to be a boston terrier, preferrably with the name BOSS and in TY arms getting kissed~ LOL
    oh and if he can kiss a dog like that, imagine him kissing a girl..he’d shower a girl with them..AHHH nosebleed

  72. Baby look SO CUTE on both videos!
    I think that Bong made him jealous by trying to kiss Bebe [I died at that part!]!!!

    Look at Dae’s face when Min Kyung said she likes him the most!
    THE CUTEST FACE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am SO JEALOUS at Bebe’s dog ‘BOSS’! he got to lick Bebe’s face!!! His one lucky dog!

    One picture that literally KILLED ME:
    At the ‘Pictures in Japan’…
    TABI IS SMILING!!!!!!!!!
    The second he smiled, the became a better place!
    And I became a better person!
    GGGOOOD….he doesn’t smile much like the rest of the members bur when he does…you can’t take you eyse off him!!!!

  73. vi
    kekeke.. beer commercial. am i?!
    keep it for urself. i don’t want to know.

    in male area plus female area?! whhooaaa…
    u make Bong sound like all-rounder. keke
    just stay on ur line & keep ur line safe.

    i think everyone knows that too well. hehe..
    baby is too esy to read. like this one. when he want the hyung too help pulling him up. hahaha his face.
    they care each other like family, but they just get too awkward & can’t say to each other.
    they need to overcome their feeling. if this continued, i don’t think their relationship could become better ~.~

    ur mental age is more than 16 already T.T
    eventough i didn’t tell u that, u’ll know about ‘that’ too.
    ahh~~~ i just can’t help myself for repeating the vid over & over. hubby chest.. he’s not half-naked & i already hyper like this. swt.. i can’t imagine our first night. i think i’ll faint. hahaha

    uuhh… i lose here.
    yup, “honey” certainly sound better by just “vi”
    ahh~~ baby calling u honey will just too sweet for words.

    ooo… while i’m like a cosmetic-freak. hahaha
    its not enough for me by just only sleep.

    HAHAHA… that one got u right???
    i know i will. kekeke coz i amazed at myself when i have this thought too!
    haha HOW MANY! go ask baby gurl! go! u just have to list out every healthy food & take care of urself. u will give him as much as he want.

    >,< my internet connection is limited.
    i can’t use it as i want to. i know i could watch it there
    but i need to replay & replay it & my inter net can’t afford this way.
    but still, thanks vi.

  74. Dori
    ~.~ i’m infected by Vicky Essay Writing Virus that make me typed to much. hahaha.. & i just can’t help it.

    we’re too close. we tought of the same thing everytime.
    until vicky told me to send her my spit. she want to have our DNA tested. hahaha..

  75. Kenley
    “I kinda envy him a little bit”
    that still means that u envy it. hahaha.. till u want to become Boss urself. hehehe..
    i don’t blame u gurl, if its Tabi, i’ll have the same thought in my head too.

  76. Kenley

    I didn’t even realize I was doing it
    it just naturally come out of no where
    it’s not like I could help it
    a fangirl world is bizzare haha
    and I love it too much.

  77. Sexica

    the mighty power vicky ranger !!

    the name I got you is just freaking awsome like that

  78. Kenley

    I freaking love the part where he was sitting down during the interview then he react the way he play with Boss, his face and shaking his head, that was just freaking priceless for sure.
    I love it so much, he look like just a little kid.

    Dae and Baby never have any love, haha maybe it’s because they’re the maknaes of the group
    I neve have a chance to come up with a name for these two

    haha a buy one get one free package?
    where can we get that? damn. i want one.

  79. Kenley

    dog is one of Bong’s love
    but I think since he’s busy with Big Bang and stufff, his family has been taking care of the dog for him

  80. ning
    they’re busy has heck these days
    but the thing is, the boys doesn’t like to rest
    if they have a day off they would work on some other things they can think of
    our boys are like that
    we can’t do anything but support them all the way

  81. gdloverrrrrr

    I think she’s a famous actress
    since YB addressed her as ‘sunbaenim’

  82. Jini

    Bebe screw the puppy??
    that’s messed up haha or a typo? kekek

  83. nya

    in the ‘male’ area, no one can break GRi up
    but in the female area
    i’m first in line gurl hahaha
    I’m willing to share Baby with Bong, and Bong with Baby.
    they gotta share me, HAHAHA

    Bong was the most cold one
    he just walked off while looking down at his outift
    his face was just so expressionless

    though the 2 SeungHyuns are uncomfortable with each other rightnow
    I don’t think their relationship is not as close as anybody in the group
    just that there’s silent moment where it just felt so uncomfortable you wanna jump down a hole or something. haha

    your first night T_T
    you really realy are my sunbaenim for sure
    you are SOOOOOOO overated.

    I go by one rule, my bf are not allowed to call me by my name hahaha
    it’s weird but that’s my one and only dating rule kkeke

    OOHHHH WOWW………………
    love you too much
    we should form our own freaking soccer team already haha

  84. Vicky Ranger?!!!
    LOL ;D

    seriously awesome
    unnie! ;P

  85. OMG BOSS and YB are so cut!!! he took him to the shoot. awwww…that’s just too adorable.
    the NII winter collection looks so nice. i’m lovin it! wish we could buy it.
    also i see TODAE!!! OMG they are so cute!!!

  86. Awww @ 승리 when he gets left behind!!

  87. Sexica

    hhaha sorry my cousin was watch power ranager [ i have to baby sit them since it’s saturday ]
    and they got that song stuck in my head HAHAHAH

  88. janie

    HAHA with me
    even if i can buy i don’t have any use for it
    i live in florida and global warming had made this state cold-free

  89. nya

    haha, wow… i’ve been commenting on her… not so long.. maybe around since august? yeah… my first was waaay~ back when i was ‘SeungRiLovee’ haha.. how long: im not exactly sure~

    u always find something to say about vi no matter what haha

  90. Vi

    haha, yeah~ >>note to self: dont get close with nya or vicky<< haha…

  91. PUPPY!
    I’m not a big fan of Boston Terriers but Boss is such a cutie.

  92. Ahh Screams*
    i love them! they are soo cute =]
    Haha they make me laugh & melt.

  93. VI

    oh yeah haha
    its supposed to say “im looking at bebe. PERIOD. forget the puppy” lol

  94. vi
    HAHAHA… FTW! how could u came out with that?!
    hahaha (u should see me whenever i read ur comment & giggleing or laugh like crazy!)

    he just doesn’t noticw that baby need help.
    its okay, we still know that they love each other so much.

    they care baout each other. but they can’t speak it out.
    i mean if they didn’t speak about it, the other will think that they’re not confortable with each other or don’t care about the other. i don’t want that. one of then should take the first step to speak it out, so the other will know.

    “you really realy are my sunbaenim for sure
    you are SOOOOOOO overated.”
    i take that as praise. hahaha… sometimes having wild imagination could release stress so much. kekeke

    weird T_T for me, its okay if they want to call me whatever they want to. there’s time my bf call me “mommy” & i call him “daddy” hahaha.. bring back old sad memories >.<

    soccer team T___T while u have made the decision not to give birth. hahaha… u just can’t help it.
    then who’ll be the trainer? u or baby?

  95. nya

    yeah only “a bit” coz I love the way baebae holds boss…it’s one of those moments that he’s not the serious one in the group to do interviews…he’s just too cute. =)

  96. Vicky

    I love that scene too! I’ve been replaying it for so many times, the scene where Baebae is holding Boss, the song he’s singing to boss was stuck in my head, and when he demonstrated boss’s reaction when he plays with him is just too priceless(or maybe his unconscious reaction when he plays with boss)…baby and bong laughing in the back too. Boss is so cute and innocent. hihi.
    I think there were a lot of Dae and Baby moments too, just not captured on cam. But I wish one day they do, the two adorable maknaes of the group.
    That package can only be given to us in fangirl heaven…it’s like “If I get Sam will I get Bong too?” ahhh that would be heaven for sure. =)

  97. Dori

    haha nya always find something to say about me? haha
    is that a good or a bad thing? keke

  98. Dori

    yup yup
    stay away from us if you want to be call innocent

  99. Jini

    hahaha that make more sense
    cuz bebe screwing the puppy.. ehm…. haha
    that is some messed up mind

  100. nya

    my fangirl mind is a bizzare and wild world haha
    you should know that by now keke
    it’s the Vicky power gurl
    get use to it.

    Baby voted Bong as his favorite member
    in the latest Skoolooks interview
    whent hey were voting, Bong got 1 vote, the VIPZ compared handwrting and it turned out to be Baby’s hahaha

    haha it’s one high praise haha
    you bettuh take it

    i mean not like never call me Vi ever,
    like when he’s in the hall and he see me he can say my name hahaha
    but when we’re with each other, i want him to call me what i want him to me haha

    our first born will be the trainer
    we’ll just sit back, relax, listen to big bang music and watch our team make money for us to spend HAHAH
    that is one awsome life

  101. Kenley

    then i won’t mind getting Sam then shiitt.. hahaa
    even in this sweating florida weather i’ll still wear Sam

  102. vicky
    you microwaved your fish? o.O

  103. OMG!!!
    same thing happened to me last week
    I had to take care of my cousins and I was stuck
    with the Dora the explorer phrases for days

  104. vi
    i’ve get used to it. ur & my fangurl world is bizzare.
    forgot how our brain is? kekeke

    aaawww!!! so sweet..
    i really love this couple. they just like.. ahhh.. so natural..
    i feel weird if its hubby & bong coupling. T__T
    they can’t make it like baby & bong does.

    aww.. the feel if being special. haha..

    poor first child. poor him. hahaha..
    he’ll think “what kind of parents?!”

  105. kenley
    macho man being cute??

  106. OMG!!! look at our Leader in the video!!! 6.02- 6.10 !!!
    i wish i had a picture of that…omg, i’m dying over here!!!
    why everybody looks sooo handsome, cute and extremely lovely!!!

  107. vicky

    I know what you mean.
    I don’t care how it will be uncomfortable..if I get one of baebae’s caps and wear it everyday with him by my side then bring the caps on!! =) I would play with boss too.

  108. nya

    don’t you think?at least in this vid with Boss he becomes adorable. =)
    i remembered when his eyes were compared to a puppy’s eyes…awww.
    I like that certain package in a guy…sexy and cute…wooohooo. =)

  109. YAY! i see loads of GDYB moment…it makes me happy =D gosh i love it when Maknae talk to himself as a third person cracks me up every time lol….Bong was totally adorable when he got the concept right hahaha yes we’re proud of you too Bong..gosh Bong is to adorable pretending to be hurt by the flash and making all the funny faces…and a second attempt on trying to kiss Bae lol…so weird its usually Maknae thats being all weird and the other member would try to calm him down but here its Bong haha…

  110. so cute!!!!!!!!!!

  111. Vi

    hmm… (no, jk)

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