10.25.08 KBS2 Entertainemnt: Skoolooks Photoshoot Interview | Preview of NEW NII Photoshoot

10.25.08 KBS2 Entertainemnt
Skoolooks Photoshoot Interview
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Thanks to 디지뱅★님 and My Dae ♥ @ bigbangpop

you HAVE to watch this, because of this PUHAHAHAH
our YB have enter Tabi and Dae’s gag world.

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haha, they were just sitting there all relaxed, then the MC was like “SIT UP STRAIGHT!” then all them just automacally sit up straight and nicely then look at the MC like ‘eh?’ LOL at Bong and Baby’s reaction at her keke when they bow down, wonder what Baby said that crack her up haha, he was asking her something.. wanna know. They were voting for something, I’m not sure what it is, but Bebe and Dae won with a tie of 2 votes, Dae then work his gag king magic and crack everyone up.

They show the ‘BoBo’ shot, the flash hurts Dae and Bong’s eyes, haha that’s so cute, though they’re in pain keke, we get to see Bong kissing Bebe again, with a clearer view, I don’t think Bebe realize Bong was there at all. HAHAH LOL AT THIS PART, Bebe was turned around, then the photographer was like ‘LOOK AT ME’ then he just bend his head background to look at the the camera HAHAH, that is too freaking cute!!! he must’ve been hangning around Tabi alot nowadays huh? haha

Wonder what Tabi said about Baby, that make Baby flustered and make that face, you can so tell what Baby’s thinking, he showed it really easily, haha which is amazingly adorable. Bong and Tabi on the other hand are laughing so hard they can barely breath. OH MY GAD!!!! BABY AND BONG DUET SINGING ‘NUMBER 1’……………..I FREAKING DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!~~ WHY SO SEXY?????!!!

Then the MC brought up how Bong was in Perry’s music video when he was 14, and he did that hand thing ‘please don’t show it’ haha but of course they showed the clip back in 2001, when he was 14 in korean age, and 13 in real age, SO FREAKING CUTE!! I just wanna grab his cheeks and won’t let go.. BADLY!!

Captures from NII site, which is like a little preview for us… dude… I need to see them HQ pics fast, cuz these preview send me straight to heaven. They all look so cute and sexy in their jumpers…………. the word I’m looking for is delicious, haha… Baby in white..yall know I’m dead. Bong and his never ending love for beanie win in life. and our Bebe.. look so deadly… in a good way haha his eyes are .. whoa man~ I didn’t know Bae can do that.. I feel like calling him Bae nowadays…. hm… I might change his name to ‘Bae’ from now on. Dae’s pic…… i don’t know if it’s PSed or not, but his torso, look REALLY LONG, like I never notice that before, but here, whoa~ and I found a new hobby... haha looking and drooling at Tabi’s jawline.. [nya don’t kill me, it’s a 2 seconds thing okay]




Thanks to S님


~ by Vicky on October 25, 2008.

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  1. so sex

  2. aaaaaah dae’s wearing purpleeeeeeeeee my favorite colorrr

    if only i could get baby to wear purple, all my dreams’d come tru

  3. …….O_O
    that capture is hilarious..!

  4. ahhaha
    they looks hilarious
    Bebe is finally showing another side of him……

    the pics are killing me
    don’t they always?!!!!
    I’m startin to believe I’m the one with a problem but oh well…
    they look fine!!!!
    Baby is makin it hard for me to look away
    Dae looks really really good in purple but….
    Toppie and that jacket were meant to be
    and those glasses….boy he’s provokin the thoughts

  5. sex gods !

  6. well i’m in the process of DLing the vid
    so i can see for myself what these boys
    were doing.

    and Vi, i don’t blame you one bit for drooling
    over TOP’s jawline. i mean, look at it. it’s
    like pure perfection. i’m sorry for all of you
    who’ve staked your claim on him, but you have
    to share just this once. xD

  7. lmao the laughed so hard when i saw that!soo cute xD.
    my cousin’s cousin(who works with BB) said he was really
    silly anyways :D.

    anyways those previews are hella sexy ~~~~~,hahah yeah TOPs
    jawline is so perfect!you just want to bite it XP
    baby and bong look so cute,and dae,YB,and TOP look so fiece!

  8. kohjidmal

    gaah! i envy u!!! envy u so so so bad! ur related in a way to a person who knows big bang >.<!

    i need to get big bang stuff, ill explode if i dont. u have to at least have ONE big bang thing. at least, right?!

  9. Vi

    btw, u spelled entertainment wrong ^_^’ haha

  10. dori

    lmao yeah i freaked out when my cousin told me!and my friend also has a uncle that is good friends with big bang so they are going to try to get me an autograph^^ and some of the big bang tour stuff :D.

    hahaha and OF COURSE i have big bang stuff!actually today my big bang headscarf finally came in :D.

  11. kohjidmal
    i envy you with a passion. xD

  12. oh my…YB looks incredibly gorgeous in that individual shot of him…something about the way the light is hitting his jawline and his body posture….wow, he doesnt look korean in that picture, he looks like a mix of asian and something else…i dunnno but heck he look amazing…red is definately his color

    aha and the gag moment YB pulled was halarious LOL…everyone has like a split second pause before they cracked up, it was funny

  13. PLEASEEE you have to vote for BIG BANG


  14. pleaseee VOTE!!!!!


  15. Sexica

    ahaha the whole time I was thinking
    he must be hanging around Tabi a lot lately and Tabi been teaching him all these stuff haha
    or it just rub off of him

    haha all of us have problem
    you…. maybe more than others HAHAHA

  16. kohjidmal

    not to a point where I wanna bite it haha
    but like… I just wanna look at it without stopping haha

  17. Dori

    haha nice eyes
    i’m too lazy to fix it though
    the first and last letter rules haha
    ppl can tell i meant entertainment

  18. sweetsorrow18

    those ppl are really good with the lighting
    cuz damn, those jawline are dangerous haha

  19. Dee Dee

    I don’t think it’s important to vote for that one
    since ariang & pop in seoul is tight with SM, we know they gonna do something about that voting thing
    and since it’s ‘who do yout think WILL win MKMF?”
    we can just focus on voting the boys directly with Mnet everyday

  20. oo really? wow OKIE DOKIE
    but idk why i can only vote once on MNet
    becuause everyday i went on Mnet
    and my vote still there check and i try to uncheck it and check it again and stuff
    idk jsut dont work >.<

  21. does anyone know who is the girl beating tae yang in the mv category?

  22. Vi

    haha, it sez ‘entertainemnt’ every time, too ^_^’
    like in the picture…

  23. Dee Dee

    those are already checked so you don’t haev to choose everything over again
    what you have to do is log on mnet everday and click the colorful button under the check boxes
    when you click it, a window will pop up telling u ur vote already counted. it’s in korean just click OKAY

  24. kohjidmal

    *screams or jealousy*

    augh, the only big bang stuff i have is pictures on my cell phone and music on my ipod…

    my sister on the other hand, has three cd’s, two posters, and a little pouch…
    theyre from a shop she gos to when we’re in canada…

    hmm… where dooya live?
    i mean, not like, litterally, but i meant what country?
    cuz u have so many… ‘relations’ to big bang, haha.

  25. vannie

    that’s Epik High’s ONE MV

  26. Dori

    you know what i realize?
    i always typed enterainement
    idk why…. but i just do hahaha
    always make a typo on that
    haha i think it’s a habit kekek

  27. Vi

    hahaha.. thats funny~
    but u were nearly close on that time.. u put four ‘e’s on it, instead of three ^_^’

  28. TOP is looking hot. xD
    My sister says that rhymes. >.>

  29. Ahhh omfg i cannot wait till the pictures release
    Thank You YG. =]

  30. yeah but everyday when i get on i see the box that i pick still has a check in it so i like click on it again
    but the main point is that there is no box pop up after im done at all thats weird o.O

  31. dori

    hhaha i guess,i havent met them before >__<

  32. the whole thing didnt show up -___-


    hhaha i guess,i havent met them before >__<

  33. uhrm..it wont show the whole thing -___-

  34. oh my goshh
    i think i like TOPs NII picture the bestt!
    keke. sorry baby!

  35. omg! they show this where i live! with subs! whoots! i’ll be waiting for this edition of entertainment weekly

  36. u know wat Vickyy
    ima give u my Sn and PW so u can vote for me i will send it to ur email okkk

  37. man the preview is hot makes me want to scream

  38. wowwwww can’t wait to HQ *o*

  39. Dori

    trying to help me spell things right is like climbing up to heaven haha
    all my teachers have given up on me
    like i’m not even kidding
    ever since my 6th grade teacher
    they give up on me with my spelling and grammar
    ppl always be like correcting my grammar but after a while they get use to it too hahaha

  40. Maryam

    haha i can see how that rhymed.. keke

  41. Dee Dee

    did u get my email?
    I think you did it right
    because when I log on and click it for you it says you already voted

  42. kohjidmal

    are you talking about the video?
    you suppose to use HJSplit and join the 2 files together then you can watch the whole video

  43. Jini

    AHHHHHHHH~ how could you?
    me falling head over heels for his picture is enough
    cuz god damn, him in that white… KILLS.

  44. Tina SungMin

    yea, KBS World sub their shows and this will probably show on Entertainment Relay next week or so

  45. VI

    keke. baby does look like hes about to go skiing~
    how cute would that be!?

  46. Jini

    now that you make me imagine that……..hm…..
    I’ll find a way to keep him warm *evilsmile*
    do you know what i mean? kekeke

  47. VI

    haha! vi, dont you take advantage of my babys lack of warmth!!
    he needs someone who’s used to cold…say someone who lives in maryland..and is freezing her ass off as we speak! lol
    all of us dongsengs can keep him warm..keke. he wont mindd xD

  48. ~aaww!! they’re so HOT!!!

    lol~ GD’s so cute on Perry’s MV!!
    and also kssing YB?? haahahah
    so cute!
    yeah i bet YB doesn’t know he’s there. lol

    ~yeah, me too i wonder what TOP said about SR??

    and can i ask what was the voting all about??

  49. vi
    HAHAHA… bebe.. looks like hubby is have some contageus virus too & bebe is infected with that. hahaha..
    i can’t stop laughting & look at the cap. kekeke

    the vid is so funny!! haha.. “sit up straight!”
    u could look at bong do it with reflex then go “eh?”
    so cute like that. hahaa..

    OMG with Bebe! how could he didn’t realize?! Bong’s lips is so close to his cheek! bebe ah~ put more attantion on ur surrounding. if u’r like that maybe there’s day Bong end up slapping ur butt but u dind’t notice it. T_T

    vi, we just say that right? yesterday,
    “Tabi, I wish he can be goofy more
    cuz seriously, everytime he open his mouth
    awsome stuff come out”
    kekeke.. now he show it for us more. hahaha..
    u even could hear hubby’s laugh in the interview, he barely can breath. hahaa

    whooaaaa~~~ bong’s cheek! he was 13? so cute!!!
    ahh!! i wanna pinch his cheek so much! my hand start to feel itchy. hahaha
    hey, i want to see bong munching apple with that chubby cheek. it’ll be hella cute! ah!

    baby’s NII pic.. so angel..
    but i can’t forget his face expression when he want the hyung to pull him up. hahaha

    idk why but i have no word for Bong today. really.
    but i think i have a lot of words for bong at 13! kekeke

    bebe’s name! they shouldn’t put at top of the pic!
    they ruin bebe’s eyes! i can’t see it clearly >,<

    Dae’s torso.. is it weird? why i don’t think so?

    ahh!! i want to see hubby with that red jacket pic!
    why it turn out to be this black one??
    i forgive u vi, that just like my first expression seeing baby doing that wonderboys. i really want to feel his butt, but not again now. its period (i hope u too)
    & the main reason is.. no one could stand hubby’s jawline, dimple, eyebrow, eyesight.. many more!
    i’m drooling at his chest now. i can’t help it since yesterday.. hubby’s chest.. so addicting

  50. That gif. reminds me Hyori’s U-Go-Girl video lmao
    They all look so gorgeous as always *swoons*

  51. JIni

    he needs someone to keep him warm
    like someone who live in Florida all her life and is now wearing short short and spaghetti strap and fanning herself cuz it’s freaking hot up in this place hahah

  52. meriezu

    I think they were voting to see who’s the most popular big bang members AMONG the members
    we have to wait for KBS World to sub it then we’ll know

  53. nya

    tell me about it
    everytime I look at it, I wind up staring at the thing for a good 10 minutes HAHA

    they all have freaking hilarious faces when the lady did that haha
    Baby was just T_T hahah
    love it
    look at YB and his hand haha
    he moved it behind himself then put it correctly on his lap kekek
    the lady freaked him out a bit, you can so tell

    everyone who is around Bong needs to have some self defense technique
    cuz Bong can do some damn biazzarre stuff to them

    i know, I need to wish more nowadays haha
    since it’s near my birthday, stuff are coming true keke
    Bong and Tabi was literally runnig out of breath haha

    I just wanna freaking grab his cheek and never ever let go
    kiss his freaking face all over
    he look just like he is when he was little
    If only I was 13 when he was 13, we would so arrange a freaking marriage haha

    Bae’s eyes…. dammn… you can so tell
    it’s deadly
    it’s official, he has been hanging around Tabi too much
    even learn the eye tricks from him haah

    it’s not that Dae’s torso is weird
    it just seem so long, and I never notice that he have such a long torso

    you have been mind-raping my husband all along HAHAHA
    shame on you kekeke

  54. vi
    hahaha… 10 minutes??? how come? so long & it’s not even baby or bong. keke.. u’re carzy alright gurl.

    but i don’t think that lady freak out hubby. he knew about that & he just getting along with the other.

    bong have one hella good hobby. he make us have so many thing to spazz. this is the main reason we could held this meeting everytime. haha

    wish huby for half-naked gurl. wish it.

    kakakaka planning for marriage.. keke.. don’t forget to send me ur invitation so i could attend
    yup, bong with that cheek. no one would want to let go of their hands from it.

    T___T i think i’ve told u about that. swt

  55. nya

    I do agree with you. they shouldn’t have put baebae’s name on the top because it ruins his sexy eyes and eyebrows…damn…but still he’s so sexy…
    …and tabi’s jawline is to die for..how manly…hahaha…all right i’ll stop coz i still want to live. hehehe. =)

  56. the vid is so cute! hahaha! they all act like they were inside a classroom….i think what baby said was supposed to be a student’s greeting?idk but it sure made them all laugh. =)

    i wonder what the vote was all about…but they were cheering baebae for a while….aaahhh it made me more frustrated…then dae made them all laugh again.

    yep I think baebae is hanging around too much with tabi and dae to rub some gag skills on him. hehehe. But I guess all of them are really silly off cam.
    Btw Baby’s flustered face was so damn cute…he became all too tense and trying to keep his cool…the little maknae’s getting teased again by the big seung hyun. hehehe.

    Ahhh the old videos! I just saw the last farewell mv again last night and then I dreamed about them performing lies…I think the number 1 mv hasn’t been officially released in korea and that’s why they didn’t show any clip of it? But the duet was so amazing…i love it.

    Vicky your hubby bong is too cute!!! he has the same eyes at age 13 and smile!!! those chubby cheeks will be forever virtually pinched by the vipz…he looks too adorable!!! =)

    And then they ended the interview like how they end a day in school in the classroom…so cute…=)

    waaa i hope they release HQ pictures of the winter NII photoshoot!!! those previews are already so sexy….baebae and his lips…waaaaa…i’m going to fangirl heaven now *again*.^^

  57. vicky

    no i was replying to dori but it wont show the whole thing xD.

  58. nya

    haha i can’t help it
    YB and his dorky self bend backward
    then I saw Bong and Baby cracking up
    ah~ their cracked up faces are too adorable for words
    so that’s the main reason haha

    ur man have the ability to not show what he’s thinking
    unlike Baby hahaha

    hell no~
    last thing i wanna do is see Tabi naked….ew~
    he’s like a big bro to me
    imagine seeing your older brother naked!! that is wrong!!
    so you just have to wait when it’s near your birthday and wish it yourself gurl
    i ain’t gonna do it
    helllll no hahaha

    well i have bad memory
    i should let u know about that too
    i seriously think i have problems

    but anyway, mind-raped your own husband
    leave Baby to me haha

  59. Kenley

    they voted for the member’s member in Big Bang
    some VIPZ checked out the handwriting, and they found out that Tabi and Bong voted Dae, Bae and Dae voted for Bae, and Baby… AHAHA HE VOTE BONG!! OF COURSE.


    yup yup marked it.
    MY husband HAHAH
    i love it when ppl say that haha

  60. kohjidmal

    yea wordpress does that a lot lately
    my suggestion for you is whenever you plan to write something long
    write it on wordpad first then paste it on the comment box, if the whole thing doesn’t show up you can always paste it again
    like i always do when i reply to comments

  61. Vicky

    member’s member??? ammm….I’m getting dirty thoughts right now…hehehehe.
    of course baby will vote for bong, he likes bong too much. hehehe.
    member’s member? I hope this is just a typo. hihi.

  62. OMG!!!
    LOL my man is too hilarious but I think that Bebe is like that too
    he just hides it in front of other people

    LOL I might
    it’s hereditary
    yes that means you 😛

  63. lol the video is freaking cute!! ARGH~LMAO at the ‘look at me’ part hahahaa…and baby’s expression is so funny hahaaa…yeahh he showed his feelings easily on his face lololol…
    bong when he was a kid..so darn adorable! and his voice was so..rough ahhahaa..hitting puberty that’s why lol~~
    those pics are hot…make me feel like wearing winter clothes too

  64. theee pictures just KILLS everytime.
    LOL i like the ending of when they were closing up or whatever and i think YB said “sit up straight” or something? and then GD just bust out “BIG BANG!” =)

  65. VIPs I HAVE A QUESTION: it4s normal that it4s always DBSK WHICH WINS ON MKMF OR IT’s A joke???????????

  66. vi
    bong & baby is ur main problem not bebe. kekeke..
    u just can’t get out from bong & baby’s world. u just can’t.
    u’re falling deep inside. like me. falling in tabi’s world. hahaa

    i will never know what is he thinking about
    he never show that. he’s good in hiding his own emotion.
    even a wife can’t sure 100% of his thought.

    i never had my dream come true.
    never. eventough i’ve wish for it so hard, wanting that to become true. it just never come to me & i’ve stop wishing for anything.
    its okay by just like this.
    maybe coz i’m not a really good gurl. hahaha..

    i only feel want to touch ur hubby butt & its period.
    i don’t want to touch it again now & i’ve told u bout that.
    i’ve mind raped my hubby too many times. hahaa
    u don’t need to tell me.

  67. kenley
    yup yup yup.
    they’re ruining bebe’s eyebrow.
    one of his sexy part.
    who’s the one that make the editing???

    kekeke.. yup, if u want to do some mind-raping of my man, never told me, coz i’ll chase u till this end of world. hahaha…

  68. vicky
    they had class president election.

  69. @ YB bending backward.
    I cracked up with the boys.
    Baby’s eyes in the individual picture is full of confidence
    and his voice when he sang number1 was<333
    GD has to stole a kiss from YB since YB wont give any.
    TOP in uniform bring back memories from i am sam
    Dae’s winked at the beginning
    and that ajussi at the end was pres.YG himself?lol at his hair

  70. Everyone’s preview pics look sorta bad LOL, besides TOP, he looks fly with the white BG. I can’t wait for the actual HQ ones.
    The YB bending over made me ROFL, it’s fun to look at all their individual faces crack up. xD

  71. Kenley

    oh god no
    i didn’t mean THAT member
    what u be thinking in ur head???

    I meant in the group, which member do like they like the most haha
    i missed a ‘favorite’ in between the 2 but you know what i mean haha

  72. Sexica

    nope nope nope
    don’t go and blame it on hereditary haha
    ur siblings are innocent keke

  73. top’s princess

    well since to this day
    DBSK have THE biggest fan base of more than 800,000 official members
    so when it come to award shows, no group can compare to them, not base on talent, but on fans
    but this year it might change, since Big Bang come along and we all know who’s the talented one here.
    so we’ll see
    this year MKMF can’t be missed

  74. nya

    another word for that is FAITHFUL haha
    which is freaking awsome
    we are a whole bunch of amazingly awsome faithful girls hahaha

    hope he show it in bed huh? hahaha

    you know, I already know that keke
    it’s you, of course you already did it

    hmm… I wonder if Tabi have a perky butt… keke
    cuz I know Dae have one of the perfect ass for a guy out there cuz he work out hahaha
    the rest……hm…………….

  75. hazeleye

    AHH~ really? thanks for telling me
    Baby vote for Bong to be his president, I’m not surprise.

  76. sexYBeast

    haha that’s the 90’s hip hairstyle for you kkeek

  77. ah ok thanks mrs.lee kwon

    Big Bang is the sex.

    Aww, the gif/vid was so cute!
    Loved it when TY leaned back & GD just cracked up.
    Such gorgeous smiles, those boys.

  79. vi
    we’re too faithfull.
    it’s like our own life is filled with our hubby. no, we make it filled with our hubby. gurl in love. u can’t help it, we just need to make our daily activites related to hubby.
    me with my ex are not faithfull at all. i’ve never think that i could loyal to tabi like this eventough i never met him & only know him by just vid, interview & his music.
    don’t u think that we’re too crazy sometimes?
    or ever u do this much for ur BF vi?
    i tell u the thruth, i’m not & i’m not lying at all.
    he just hurt me in so many way & i don’t think i could do so much for him. but Tabi, i’ll gladly cross hel for him.
    i dunno why. also the feeling from the first time seeing him.. ahh~~ (too poetic, hahaha)

    AWWWWNN!! he should sho me more in bed.
    & we’ll do so much activity there. hahaha..
    God just wont make my dream come true coz of i’m too pervy haha

    fufufu… how does it sound? *big grin*

    ahhh!! hubby butt!! remember when bong feel hubby butt in the real??? ahhh!!! i died! hubby butt.. bong! don’t feel hubby butt, feel the other members butt! stop groping it.. it’s MY JOB u know?!

    he’ll have that butt alright vi, he’s starting to build his body now. but hubby is too shy to let us see. so i could say it as LIMITED EDITION just for me. hehehe *drooling*
    i’ll tell u the time when he let me see it.
    sttt.. don’t let the other know especially Roro, we’ll have special meeting about it. just u & me so hubby secret won’t leak out.

  80. LOL
    yeah sure
    leave me alone in this


  81. GGGAAAADDD!!!!
    Look at Baby!!!
    Isn’t he the CUTEST THING EVER???????!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bong with his I-smocking-hot-you-can-look-but-you-can’t-touch pose! [a name a bit too long for a pose…]
    Bebe look like something you want to squeez and to never let go because he look so cute and puffy!!!
    Dae Sung look HOT THAN EVER with that purple coat!!!
    *Hormones starting to burst*
    T.O.P…what can you say?
    No metter what he’ll do; looking in the comera or to do a profile, he’ll still going to take my breath away and to stop my heart from beating!

    *Sigh*…The hotness………

  82. oh did u know that “bebe” is french for “baby”?
    kind of random but oh well.

  83. top’s princess

    haha first time someone call me that
    i like it keke

  84. nya

    i know how you feel gurl
    anything for them,
    you are so poetic hahaha
    it makes my fingers jiggly
    idk why. poetic stuff make my fingers jiggety keke

    aisha……….why so pervy??
    keke activities… yikes..
    you just give me goosebumps

    not just in the REAL gurl
    in the GREAT too… smacking that thing like there’s no tomorrow
    Tabi was enjoying it wayy more than Bong did hahaha, you can so tell by the way he shake that thang hehehe

    i’m pretty sure the secret is out in the open…. hahaha
    i’m pretty freaking sure. haha

  85. Sexica

    yes. BELIEVE IT.
    i’m the most innocent one up in this place haha

  86. bigbangforever94

    haha i kinda figure that keke

  87. this is startin to sound like
    Deja Vu to me…..
    didn’t we have this dicussion already?!

  88. Dayummnnnn~
    The Boys are so smexy haru haru (“day by day”, I mean..:P)
    Boyssssss, U shud stop seducing me.. I might dieeee, againn~

  89. kohjidmal

    damn, u do NOT want to know what i would do to a vip who has met big bang. i like, track u down, stalk u, then the next thing ya know u already have a grave.

  90. Vi

    haha, really? i guess im naturally a good speller, since ive never needed to take a spelling test in elementary since second grade… then my LA teacher doesnt care about the spelling in my work cuz she knows i spelled everything right… ^_^’

  91. Sexica

    yes i think we do
    but… you still haven’t admit that you’re naughtier than me haha
    so until that day comes
    this topic will rewind itself gurl.

  92. DoRi

    haha i could careless about getting grammar and spelling right
    dude, I’ve only been here for 5 years and i can speak english since my 2nd year and have no asian accent whatsoever, I call that something amazingly great i’ve achieve in life haha
    i know 3 languages, I’m good haha screw grammar and spelling
    as long as ppl can understand me, i’m good 🙂 haha

  93. LOL
    I don’t mind talkin about this forever
    because I don’t think that day will offically come
    and if it does…I’ll think of what to say then

    I think you need a video camera
    to record yourself while spazzin
    I’m sure you ain’t so innocent then

    my sister just slapped the back of my head for writing that
    she must be in your side *evil glare*

  94. vi
    random ppl always like this vi. always. hahaha..

    i remember its u who teach me this “activity” term.
    kekeke.. u & bong with ur 2 activities.

    huh? bong raped tabi’s butt again in great?
    i don’t know.
    hubby can’t help it. its Bong. everyone will down in their knee coz of him.
    this “shake” phrase is a lil bit suspicious…

    fufufu… if the times come, i won’t tell u like this. hahaha..
    maybe i’ll tell u via e-mail. kekeke..
    so hubby secret won’t be exposed.

  95. Woahh, these boys look so awesome. DX

  96. nya

    whoever did the editing should be sent to the fires of hades, or fangirl hell, whatever makes that person more tortured. hehehe. why would they want to cover baebae’s sexy asset?tsk3.
    If I would be mind-raping your husband (or the other members except baebae) I really wouldn’t be telling it…hehehe…but Baebae always occupy my thoughts that I see the others as adorable brothers or cool guy friends.
    But can we help admire their cool and sexy traits? I will always admire every Big Bang member…and mind-rape my hubby then…hehehehe..=)

  97. Vicky

    I was laughing when I realized what’s the first thought that popped in my head when i first read it…
    Then when you said “favorite” it all made sense…hihihi.
    Wait, does this means Baebae’s favorite member in Bigbang is himself?????wth???Baebae…hahahaha =)
    Nah, maybe he chose dae. and maybe bong or tabi chose him. I don’t think he would chose himself…hehehe.

  98. awwww that was so cute when she told them to sit straight and they automatically did it but then turn and look at her like ‘huh?’ AH GDYB makes me happy when i see them together or just being close to each other…when Bong was leaning to ‘kiss’ Bae but he was looking back gosh for some odd reason the thing he did with his eyebrows makes me melt haha…yes i agree i think Bae is hanging around Tabi to much lol..Bong looks cute just before they show the old clip of him in Perry MV haha gotta agree with you i also want to go up lil Bong and pinch his cheek…

  99. Vicky this post is probably one of my most favorites. Thank you girlie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t list out the parts that I love coz it’s basically the entire post! Thanks for the pics and the vdo clips. I was giggling, stomping my feet while laughing, clapping my hands and trying to hold down my screams. I bet people would think that I am crazy. Thanks so much!

    To other VIPs, I did try to vote on MNET but some how I can’t seem to get the authentication email. Their system didn’t like me. Tried it MANY times (must show supports to our boys!) but failed miserably 😦 Any idea of what I should do?

  100. Vicky this post is probably one of my most favorites. Thank you girlie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t list out the parts that I love coz it’s basically the entire post! Thanks for the pics and the vdo clips. I was giggling, stomping my feet while laughing, clapping my hands and trying to hold down my screams. I bet people would think that I am crazy. Thanks so much!

    To other VIPs, I did try to vote on MNET but some how I can’t seem to get the authentication email. Their system didn’t like me. Tried it MANY times (must show supports to our boys!) but failed miserably 😦 Any idea of what I should do?

  101. if you can’t understand so you can watch it on KBS world 3rd of Nov. it have english subtitles don’t miss it.

  102. Sexica

    I actually did that before
    I was curious what I look like
    so I set my laptop’s camera next to me then I watch their new performance
    it was the performance where Bong dropped his mic but still keep going like nothing happened haha
    I watched the video afterward and….. hahaha
    I’m speechless for myself.

    say your sister I say ‘RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  103. nya

    I did teach you some damn amazing things
    I dont know what you would do without me gurl haha

    more like a tapping nonstop than rape haha
    but I’m pretty sure your husband ENJOYED it damn good
    and that phrase isn’t going away soon
    you have to share ur hubby with his butt-loving friends now haha

    my email is vi.vitadolce@yahoo.com
    hit me up ANYTIME gurl hahaha

  104. Kenley

    somebody told me it wasn’t a favorite haha
    the voting thing was for them to pretend to vote for class president
    so someone who they think are responsible to be president
    Bae didn’t vote for himself
    he vote for Dae
    Dae and Bong voted for Bae

  105. CKT

    haha that’s my whole purpose of posting stuff up and spazzed like that haha

    that’s weird, when I register for my own account
    I didn’t even need to have a confirmation email
    they just let me vote right away

  106. kenley
    its okay if u only if we only admire them.
    like i always admire Bong’s fashion. But I never mid-raped him.
    It’ll be bizarre. Coz I admire him so much but I have no feeling for him.
    & like vi hubby, baby. I look him as a lil brother.
    So no way I’ll main-raped him. OK, there’s time when I feel want to touch his butt in Wonderboys, but no feeling in that.
    Just like how bebe slap aimee’s butt. So slapping baby’s

  107. kenley
    aww.. my comment being cutted at the bottom >.<

    Just like how bebe slap aimee’s butt. So slapping baby’s butt will just like for fun.

    Hahaha.. we ALWAYS mind-raped our hubby.
    & we already satisfied with that. Kekeke

  108. Vi
    U don’t realize how much amazing thing u’ve told me.
    Its just u’re so easy to forget things.
    Like this “activities” term, I laugh too hard when the first time u tell me that. Hahaha
    Hummm… what would I do without u? u don’t need to ask.
    Mind-raping hubby is the answer. Hahaha

    “but I’m pretty sure your husband ENJOYED it damn good”
    Do u remember I told u that sometimes when I look at hubby’s face I feel he’s so pervert?
    Now his pervert face come & can’t go from my head.
    I won’t mind share hubby with bong. But it’ll be perfect if its Dae.
    Hahaha.. coz I don’t enjoy that much seeing GTo coupling. Which is so not matched. Like Coffe Prince parody, I don’t really think they make a “good combination”
    Bong is for baby & baby is for bong.
    & if bong went to hubby it’ll more like cheating.

    Whoaa~~ I only typed that half-jokingly.
    I don’t think that u’ll give me ur e-mail. Hahaha
    that’s my e-mail, u could contact me anytime too.
    But instead of e-mailing each other I think we already so used by typing our comment here aka having meeting. Hahaha..

  109. nya

    haha i do remember that
    haha ‘activitites’
    I have such bad memory
    it’s bad for my brain
    …. or my brain is already bad to start with ahaha

    so when you’re not talking to me you’re mind-raping ur husband??
    damn….. how do he keep up with all of that..
    must be tiring..
    poor him.
    not you. XD

    why can’t they just pair Baby and Bong for that parody
    to fill our GRi love and Korean fan’s ‘NeungTori’ thrist
    that’s what korean fans call them, ‘NeungTori’
    it’s so cute.

    haha exactly
    emailing is a waste of time
    but just in case you need mine hahah

    how smart is that? keke
    my name in front of Bong’s favorite saying
    VI FTW!!!
    …. i mean my parents FTW!!

  110. vi
    hahaha… maybe u’re lack of ‘oc heo’
    kekeke… kidding gurl. i won’t want to eat that thing too

    hahahha.. i’m not that pervy! i’m not! God..
    please release me frm this thought…
    tired? do u think so? he’ll enjoy it. kakaka

    ‘NeungTori’? thats how they call GRi? so cute…

    hohoho.. yup, in case if i can’t find u here anymore.

    kakaka.. u made that on purpose.
    but the thing that amazing is baby’s jpn name. “VI” hahaha
    u’re so lucky gurl

  111. vi
    hahaha… maybe u’re lack of ‘oc heo’
    kekeke… kidding gurl. i won’t want to eat that thing too

    hahahha.. i’m not that pervy! i’m not! God..
    please release me frm this thought…
    tired? do u think so? he’ll enjoy it. kakaka

    ‘NeungTori’? thats how they call GRi? so cute…

    hohoho.. yup, in case if i can’t find u here anymore.

    kakaka.. u made that on purpose.
    but the things that amazing is baby’s jpn name. “VI” hahaha
    u’re so lucky gurl
    look at me gurl, my real name is Monica, & there’s no way hubby will spell my name.
    i’m so unlacky >,<

  112. Hahaha lmao funny. The boys are rockin’ that school uniform. GD said he was very popular amongst teachers and students in high school. And also predicted that he would win as class president. Confident much? Like little brother like big brother? LOL. GD was mad cute when he was young. He’s like “Don’t watch it.” He was so embarrassed.

    Did you notice the reporter interviewing YG in that clip was Kim Junhee…Jinu’s ex-wife. This is before they started dating. Interesting huh?

    I know TOP was just being funny, but the look on SR’s face was priceless. TOP ah be nice to your little brother. TOP said, “If possible, when we do school uniform photoshoots, can you please shave before coming to the studio.” SR was shocked when TOP said that. He was sweating bullets and was speechless.

    YB is getting funnier and funnier. He used to be so quiet and shy, but now he’s totally playful. His true side is definitely showing. He even said he was a little rascal when he was young and was always joking around in class. I loves it!!!!

  113. LOL
    I’m sure you were surprised
    I would be too XD
    I should try that too 😛

    and I thought I would be safe from violent VIPZ
    seems like I forgot about her
    but wait….who’s on my side then?!!!
    I guess nobody

  114. Vi

    haha, yeah, ur pretty good then~ ive lived here all my life…

    three languages? i thot u only knew english and viet…>_>

  115. nya

    u did a project on it and how u have the guts to say it’s disgusting haha
    i once again feel sorry for ur classmate that have to sit through that

    i mean…………even if he’s superman… he gotta stop somewhere
    shit…. those thing takes up LOTS of energy…
    trust me hahaha
    XD… trust me kekekek

    yup yup yup
    and the offcial fanclub name is VIP
    so I get to hear my name and ppl spelling it VERY often
    I think I was born to become a Big Bang fangirl hahaha

  116. circustricks03

    he said it himself that he’s been trying to learn how Dae about how variety shows work haha
    we never know
    one day he can transform into total Dae

  117. Sexica

    I was laughing at myself
    i really don’t know WHAT to say about myself hahahah

    the smart peeps knows where to go man haha
    ur sister is one smart mama keekek

  118. Dori

    my mom’s dad, which is my grandpa, he’s from China and move to Vietnam when he was 20 something
    and my mom was born in Vietnam too, but we still keep the chinese language inside the house
    I use to talk in it perfectly when my grandparents still live with us
    but since they move to LA, I’m lacking in the chinese department haha

  119. LMAO!!!
    I wanna do it now
    though I don’t think I’ll be too surprised myself 😛

    what is that supposed to mean?!!!
    I’ll be on your side too then

  120. vi
    kekeke.. coz i love to see ppl expression so much.
    so i have the guts to see it & zoom it to my classmate like there’s nothing. haha..
    i have guts to see disgusting things but not touching it. ~.~

    kakaka.. u make urself sound so expert.
    ok ok, i trust u gurl, i also trust “hubby’s ability”

    u’re such a lucky lucky gurl. hahaha
    can’t help it >.< names is from parents, i still love u mom, dad, thanks..

  121. they all sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. DAAAMN, TOP is looking fly!

  123. nya

    of course we’ll be satisfied with mind-raping our own hubbies.
    that would too weird if you try to mind rape a lil-bro. hehehe.
    then again….there are a lot of VIPs there.
    Plus we must always remember to protect the boys from themselves, especially from bong. =)

  124. Vicky

    oooh no wonder they are chanting “Dong Young Bae” in the middle of revealing the votes.
    Hehehe, Baby will always want Bong to be the leader. And I can see Tabi voting Dae too. hihi. =)
    they looked so good wearing school uniforms…but I prefer them with less? hahaha. Kidding. =)

  125. Vi

    *nods head* nowwwwwwww i get it… so ur part chinese…

    i knew that. right.

    im part chinese, but all i know is, ‘neehao!’ kekeke
    its cuz my mom’s grandmother was chinese, but her kid went to vietnam and stuff… so i know viet and english.

  126. For the photoshoot, what top said was something about seung ri forgetting to shave his mustache/why didnt he shave his mustache and seung ri replied ‘ our manager forgot to bring extra razors ‘

    something like that 😀

  127. any 1 know where to get or the name of the hat gd and tae yang are wearingh

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