RE: YGBB Shirts | IMEEM BBiVIP411 Community

Many of you have contacted me about the YGBB shirts that you have ordered from ZAZA.

i have contacted her, & she has replied to me via her sister.
zaza hasn’t been feeling well these past months so she has been taking a break from online activities, but i have notified her of all your inquiries, & she is in the process of fulfilling the orders for you.

if you are one of these VIPz, please drop a line here or email me to let me know what’s up.

or you can email zaza directly.

just make sure to politely remind zaza that you have paid for your shirts & you have not received them, make sure to give them ur full name & address to double check.

& if you already received your shirts since you last emailed ME, please let me know as well so i know everything went well.


secondly, for IMEEM USERS, here’s an excellent source of BIG BANG MEDIA on IMEEM.

it’s called BBiVIP411 Community. members should check it out. it’s EXTREMELY organized & run by a few of my friends who also handle bb_media LJ community & theREALiVIPSUBS

P.S.: the TEAM LISTS & GDICTIONARY are updated. sorry for the lateness, i’ve been very busy FAILING MIDTERMS 😥

+ note: click on the bolds for the links 😉



~ by gdluvzmc on October 25, 2008.

23 Responses to “RE: YGBB Shirts | IMEEM BBiVIP411 Community”

  1. the imeem page is really cool!

    btw – i totally feel your pain. midterms blow… =(

  2. ~cool!!
    love the page!!
    so nice!!

  3. hey melly. my sis bought shirts from zaza but for some reason there was one shirt missing from our order. I’ve heard that she’s been having a hard time but it’s been a few months…maybe half a year since my sis told her about the order, but nothing happened. we’ve contacted her twice or more times but still nothing happened. the shirt that she didn’t send us is the black YGBB shirt. so if you can check up on that for us that would be awesome. my sis username on YGBB is “vesna”

  4. @ medirin
    it’s worse though, cuz i literally failed.
    my physics one. i probably got less than 25% 😥
    i’m soo sad.. 😥

  5. wow cool imeem page so organized *o* i will join ^^

  6. i just order a tee from zaza too! >< & alrdy paid it. but it havent arrive yet. i order since april till now 0.0 my email is mikie– do reply mi! im from malaysia~

  7. WHAAT~ Zaza’s selling BB shirts again!?
    whoa i totally missed this…what does the shirts look like?
    i might wanna buy one =)
    AWW; i hope she feels better. ZAZA FIGHTING!!!

  8. well i have no idea wassup with zaza but she has been MIA for so long ever since the big bang concert in june.

    i have many friends who are looking for her, not only for the ygbb shirts but also because of her owing them S$200 for the global warning concert tickets and also the money that have been passed to her from my friend to buy concert goodies.

    she has really been giving excuses that she is having exams or whatsoever when i asked her and she blocked me on msn. it’s kinda about time she returned money to the people she owe right? my friend is intending to call the police to help assist in this matter.

    so anyone who has been in contact with her, kinda let me know. thanks

  9. i am a french fan of bigbang and would like to say your site is the NUMBER 1 xD !! yes yes really i love your site is very complet
    ervery days i look your site omg its a drug lol
    thx for your work !!!
    sry for my poor english -.- xD

  10. Zaza she is selling bbtishrt agaaiin?
    i miiss that can someone show me some details????

  11. Yay thank you =]

  12. whoa…a lot of drama with this zaza

  13. Wow… lots of drama; I agree… T.T

  14. how muchare they again???

  15. hey. is the shirts still available?
    how much is it?

  16. this post is in regard to a previous batch of order headed by zaza. she isn’t currently selling anything, but more focused on getting past orders out.

  17. Hi there. 😀 So that’s why she hasn’t been answering my emails.

    I’ve ordered from zaza too. I’ve emailed her thrice already in the past 4 months (since I’ve ordered in May-June) but she did not reply. I also sent her PMs in YGBB. So yeah, I am going to email her again, I hope she does reply this time. 😀 I really don’t mind waiting, I just want to know if I’ll get my orders still.

    Thank you for this advice. 😀

  18. i haven`t been on this for so long -_- i feel like i`m neglecting big bang. =(
    for the t-shirts: i commented a while ago in summer also and have e-mailed zaza numerous times in the past too. i`m too busy too send her an e`mail. i hope she`s doing fine! i paid and haven`t gotten the shirt yet. if you could contact for me that would be great ! my email is

    like i said i don`t have time to really here as much so if you could email with updates.. that would be amazing ! thank you so much !

  19. Hey, look at this!:
    I wonder if theres anyone out there with the accounts and help to vote for big bang!

  20. Name/YGBB ID: wosamurai

    alrdy paid it…

  21. where do you guys order the shirt from?
    mind if anybody post the link to it?

  22. did anyone receive there shirts from zaza yet because i haven’t and i’m from the states. i email her again once i found out she was sick but she didn’t reply. can someone inform me please if you receive your shirts. i feel like i’m being ripe off but i don’t want to think that way but hopefully not.

  23. did anyone receive their t-shirts yet ?!

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