10.27.08 NII Hidden Camera: Big Bang Waiting Room | 10.26.08 Family Outing



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10.27.08 NII Hidden Camera
Big Bang Waiting Room
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Thanks to 큰엄마님
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There goes Bae again with Boss making out away haha, that’s so cute… I think this is one of the few time we get to hear our Tabi say ‘Nuna’ right?….. am I right…? hm… I think so, I’m not even a nuna but yet the sound of it sounds so soothing haha. Baby.. did you see him sitting there and ask his stylist if he’s cute…T_T this boy…. you’re too cute for your own good babe. While Bong was doing his hair, look in the back… haha what do you see? Dae entertaining himself with a… lightstick?? hahaha then when one of the stylist came over and try to take it, he was like ‘no~’ haha then the Dae dork got jealous of Bae who has Boss, so he went and pull out a stuffed dog haha, look KINDA like Boss, haha you gotta love him. The part where there’s a girl sitting there getting her hair done, look what our TODAE is doing in the corner, Dae fed Tabi something, and he’s like ‘WAHHH~’ isn’t Tabi on a all-fruit diet? haha

I think the women that closest to these boys are their stylist, since these ladies goes everywhere with them, they’re so comfortable with each other it’s so cute to see, if these boys decide to marry someone who knows them the best kekek these stylist have about a 80% chance haha

Our Bae let us see a little of the NUMBER 1 choreography, practicing every chance he gets, aww.. that’s cute, when Dae stand up, Bong just POPPED OUT of no where haha, that’s my Bong… Dae start busting that move again..AHHHHHH!! I LOVE IT.

10.26.08 SBS Good Sunday
DaeSung on Family Outing
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Thanks to 마시멜로님

Yay yay yay for Family Outing being ranked #1 with the highest rating for 6 consecutive week beating shows like We Got Married and 1N2D.

haha our dork Dae, making us laugh from all the way in the beginning, after he got the call from MC YOO, he took his food and was like ‘let’s hide this on the trip’ haha that’s too cute XD. Kim Joong Kook appeared… wah~ I never realize but Dae and KJK look so familliar, the same small eyes and muscles… if you guys remember in episode 2, MC YOO compared Dae to KJK too hahaha. Interesting. The cheating never end on this show hahah, when they play the game, I laughed so hard I felt like my smile is plastered on my face, poor MC Yoo and Hyori unnie~ haha Chun Hee is a new person today haha but the poor boy’s bad luck never change, stepped on something he shouldn’t step on hhaha

The DUMB AND DUMBER brothers already have their own signature walk, haha it’s hilarious, more like skipping actualy… haha the two of them cracking jokes that only they can understand amaze everyone haha I think the whole ‘tricking-new-member-that-they’re-bleeding’ has becoming a traditional thing for these family members haha they try to trick JongKook that MC YOO is bleeding, then KJK just say one simple sentence “Hyung… I already saw the past episode” hahahah

THey’re gonna form a band together and perform for the elders in the village, Dae get to use his drumming skills that he learned for the GREAT concert, haha he’s really good, they were playing ‘Lies’ then MC YOO and his ‘lies’ loving self start rapping hahaha it’s hilarious.

~ by Vicky on October 27, 2008.

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  1. hahaha lol omgah thanks so much the boys are so cute and dorky crack me up the whole time. gosh this is why i love them so hotness!!
    taeyang so cute always dancing wat was he doing to that nuna lol
    mr. top lol so so hot!!!! omgah!! keke him and daesung is so cute!! daesung feeding him lol
    mr. gd ahhahah he comes flying through the door like super man lol gah wat a hottie!!
    sr. lol just singing his heart out to them nunas eh lol ahhaha!!

  2. our bongie was such a cutie when he was little!!!
    aww now hes even cuter!!

    OMGG. daedae is soooo funny!!! all the nunas were laffingg!
    babys ‘am i cute?’ YES YOU AREEE~~

    daedae is sooooo good at the drums! i knew he could play but hes like awesomee!!

  3. i know i think yb gave her a stare. maybe a teasing stare?? i dunno lol

  4. i have to download and watch this… be quickly come in pc…. come onneeeee…
    aman allahııımmm çok heyecanlandım niyeyse hufff ingilizce bildiğim her şeyi unuttumm çabuk gel yaa aşkımı ve oppa larımı merak ediyorum Q.Q

  5. Cool, lol.

  6. i’m dieingg… i forget english… im dead… i dont knoww which is true… dae oppa and top oppa like bbismylife and me♥ and my l♥ve, my life, my everything YB is like me. i love tooo much dogiee other pets and i like kiss my pets… maybe, you wont belive me but Yb and me resemble soo much. our face ,our smile , our disposition are same… he said in a song : you are the love of my life. Yeahh my l♥ve you t♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  7. c-young
    bebemm olayları anlatim sana burdan ilk önnce vickynin dediğine göre seungri soruyomuş ben tatlımıyım diye stilist kıza eheuehu XD seninki yine köpekiyle sonra dae oppa kıskanıyoo alıyo oyuncak köpüşü öcünü alıyo XDD sonra dae oppa top oppayı besliyomuş XDD ayy seninki bulduğu her yerde dansediyo enişteme çekmişim bu konuda galba 8) hoff çoook datlular yaaa ama anlamadığım konu neden hep seungri kardeşçikim ona buna datlumuyum diye soruyo :DD oşşş aşkımın 6 yaşındaki hali aman Allahım neydi o öle yaa T_T

    thnx vicky you are awesome ^.^ kwonie when he was just 6 omaa ♥♥♥ loveee….and hidden camera omaa i wish i was there so bad T_T and “am i cute?” what :S… why a person ask the question that know answer? X3

  8. i wanna download mydaeoppa’s video Q.Q but my pc is full T.T … i love you oppaaaaaa

  9. bbismylife
    aşkım aynı biz gibiler ama demi yaa♥♥♥
    enişteni yiyim senin ben 😀 enişte oppam çok tatlı olmuş ama yaaa

    yeahh vicky you are awesome ♥♥♥ we love u so much and thanks for everthing♥

  10. omaaa vickyy you killed mee T.T plss revoke , cancel, delete this giff T.T pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

  11. im_their_roni

    haha i like ur username
    r u referring to the par that YB sing in ‘So Beautiful’ for the ‘For the World’ album? haha

    when he was standing there, his song ‘Only look at me’ came on so he put his hand on the nuna’s shoulder and was like ‘it’s been on my mind for a while’ haha XD
    he have his way around women haha
    what he talking about, afraid of women… i don’t believe it.

    he had that thing in his hand too, I thought it was a cape or something at first hahah

    Baby will get rape by nuna sooner or later
    and no one, not even us can protect him

  12. Jini

    his face when he show off the toy.. AHHHHHHHHHH~~~~
    If he give me that face, I’ll buy him the whole freaking toy store haha

    yea~ i was surprise too
    he can play the drum just listening to the melody of the song, that’s really good
    this family is just amazing haha

  13. vannie

    give who a teasing stare?

  14. BBismyLife

    i know right
    i was like ‘what kind of a freaking question is that?’
    if I was there and he ask me that… i don’t know what the heck I will do

  15. c-young

    this site upload this show online
    it may be a little bit late but you can still watch it online


  16. c-young

    can I get a certificate for that? haha
    I need proof

  17. VI

    keke. i bet you would~ you would do anything for our boyss

    everyone one in that family has some sort of talent, keyboard, singing, drums, making us laugh!
    lol its sooo funnyy~



  20. vicky,
    i cant give u proof but plss delete yb’s bad giff. because of this gif i’d cry a weekk T.T… i beq uu Q.Q

  21. They’re all playful ^_^
    Wow,looks like our Daedae has invented his own dance again
    (apart from his oh-im-so-cold dance)

    Daedae and drummies.Whoaaa.
    wanna see him with it moreee~
    Rock BigBang Band!

    I WANT A SON LIKE jiyongie

  23. c-young
    hee valla XDD efet bebem ama o gifi vicky deel gdluvzmc abla koydu bebemm vicky bişi yapamaz ona söle bu konunun altında yazabilirsin kaldırablirmisin diye kaldırıcağını pek zannetmiyorum ama yinede dene bakem bu arada edoşun selamı var XD bebem bu arada heryerde söleme benzerliğini ölee biz fan diiliz sonra okurlar bbmiz neme lazım Allah korusun XDD ama aşkım çohh datluydu yaff T_T

    my lil sis vicky
    yeah you must take certificate XDD… anyway you almost have one already ^.^ you are our bb proff ^.^

  24. our adorable jiyongie. super cute at 6
    and still going. i laughed during that
    part where he jumped out of nowhere.

    i wish i was their stylist too. making money
    while still being close with the guys. lol.

    and i definitely want a bite of whatever
    Dae fed TOP. ^__^

  25. bbismylife
    ya bugün bir hüzün bir mutluluk hepsi birlikte geldi. anamm bu benim aklıma hiç gelmedi bi daha demem ilk ve son huff bundan da kurtuldum. evet biz sıradan fanlardan değiliz. biz fan değiliz onlar bizim ailemiz biz onların ailesiyiz.

    can you delete yb’s gif… please i’m so sad…

  26. c-young
    bebemm onu bencem bu konunun altındaki konuya yaz burda görmez gdluvzmc abla çok meşgul oluyo takılmıyo buralara pek ya ona özel mesaj atcan yada onun konusuna yaz bebemm dur ben bir yazmaya çalışam X3

  27. hi yah! juz wOnderin is it just me or ders someone singin miss independent about 12-14 secs?? i finnkk its YB but im nOt tOo sure.. XD

  28. OMGGG…Jiyongggg…he was SOOO CUTE when he was little.

  29. CUTE
    JIYONG <33333

  30. ahhhhh! JIYONG was so CUTE BACK THEN! AND STILL NOW!
    And they boys in the hidden camera. *FAINTSSSS. Hahahahaha.
    Jiyong just popped out of the door. LOL, I had to rewatch
    the whole video again to pay attention to what they were
    doing, because I was too busy looking at THEMSELVES the first time.
    [Did that make any sense? Lol.]

  31. aaaw, look at our little bong! 🙂 so cute~~

    XDDD they wear so much makeup kekeke

  32. gd iss sooo cutee ahaa & love his cute little voice 😀

  33. OMG! They’re all so cuteeeeeee and funny! The lightstick looked morel ike a gigantic candy cane xD
    The shoes they’re wearing look so familiar XD

  34. Jini

    haha you KNOW it haha

    oh my god I love MC YOO and SooRoo’s singing
    they were freaking awsome haha
    and they were rapping too kekek
    XD.. win in life.

  35. c-young

    what bad gif?
    the one with him turning back with his head?
    that’s not bad that’s cute
    it’s call gag, ppl love him for that

  36. nwtbs

    he was singing NUMBER 1 with it too haha
    guess this is the Dae version of the dance hahah

  37. BBismyLife

    yall be talking about me in Turkish now.
    better not be bad stuff T_T haha
    i feel so out of the loop keke

  38. ohthethrill

    haha i love that part
    i didn’t pay attention to them at all
    cuz I was only looking at the middle
    then I heard the ‘wah~’ over and over again and I was like ‘where does that come from?’ hahahah
    and I know where to look kke

    someone say it’s cupcake
    i can’t tell whatsoever.

  39. gdyb’s wifeeyyy

    yup, that’s YB singing NeYo’s song

  40. shuggah

    haha uh… a little bit
    you meant you were too busy looking at them you can’t concentrate on what they were doing? haha
    we’ve all been there

  41. Dori

    2/3 of that table is makeup and the other 1/3 is food HAHAH

  42. Vi

    haha, yeah. they do four things:
    do their makeup
    all the other time is for their vip’s ^_^

  43. Vi

    i know right!!
    jaesuk and soroo made me diee from laughter last night watching it!! omgg jaesuk wanted to sing ‘sarangsuhruhwau’ soo bad and yejin started playing it!! hahahaha

  44. Dori

    haha well in Tabi’s case

    messing around with Dae

  45. ahaha YB is utter cuteness in that backstage thing..first the kissing puppy, then singing Neyo’s “Miss Independent” then the Nuna touching (i almost cried) and then all the random dancing LOL…..and Seungri kept asking the noona if he’s cute – awww Seungri, you are adorable….and can’t forget dae petting the plush doggy haha jealous much? LOL….top seemed to concerned with his glasses and clothes to join in the fun LOL…

    ahah baby GD is adorable – i wanna pinch his cheeks!!!!
    and DS on family outing – he’s halariousss….love Dumb and Dumber!

  46. Jini

    I love that man so freaking much
    I know him for like the past 4 years
    Xman is like my #1 show of all time
    he’s just so freaking awsome

    having him host a show already guarantee the show’s gonna be hilarious.
    when him and SooRoo were singing and dancing, SooRoo stepped on him haha
    T____T probably didn’t even hurt that much but his reaction is what make it awsome keke

  47. VI

    haha ive never watched x-man, i just saw a clip of TOP saying ‘disrespectful bastardd’ while throwing a dodgeball. lol!
    i love watching jaesuk in happy together and come to play, he must be like uber busy with all the shows he has lol

  48. OMFG!!!
    cutest kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m in full fangirl mode right now

    to make it worse Bebe and boss look sooo damn cute together!
    my sister keeps on slapping the back of my head
    I had to repeat Tabi’s part like a million times
    was he sayin nuna?!!!
    then Dae feeding him and him going “wow”is KILLING ME!!!
    Dae,Bong and Bebe singin to number 1 was just too good
    I think bebe really wanted to slap someone’s butt but din’t say anyhting….maybe Dae …..or maybe it was just me wishin it happened that way…LOL

  49. Vi

    yes, but most every one of those SHOULD be fruits… but ya never know ^_~ kekeke.

    unless his day was
    play around with random person
    eat makeup (no, just kidding, haha)
    vip’s ^_^
    eat some more
    sleep with a dream going thru head about eating a donut.

  50. omgosh haha how cute is that? dae and tae started dancingf hhahha i love em so cute!! da is so cute!! i love him!! ahhh

  51. Vi
    yeah. i didn’t even notice them either
    until i read your little summary. a cupcake?
    yum. i definitely want a bite now. haha.
    i re-watched it and it does resemble a half
    eaten cupcake.

  52. =O
    BBYBONG! -watches again-

    The waiting room video was hilarious. These boys are too cute for words. Dae Sung, especially in this video.

  53. Oh, in the beginning of the video, at about 0:10, there’s a noise and that I thought was Boss barking but now I think it was just Seung Ri. xD
    Like I said, too cute for words.

    Bong reminds me of Tahj Mowry in his Smart Guy days in the first video when he’s playing with the toy.

    Reference for anyone who has no idea what I’m talking about:

    Note the stick-y out-y ears.

  55. Jini

    oh that’s the new xman
    which is the sucky kind
    the old xman was the best
    you would laugh your freaking butt off

    he literally host a variety show every weekend night in different channel
    he’s the #1 MC cuz he have the ability to make other people feel so comfortable about him
    and his face.. is ahaha funny enough really.

  56. Sexica

    haha why?
    ur sister slap ur head when ur in fangirl mode??? keke
    how cruel.

    haha his reaction to food
    oh my god, I really wanna see his face
    it must look freaking hilarious

    can’t miss out anything from the choreography
    beside, Dae have one damn perky butt kekeke

  57. Dori

    we accuse our poor Tabi too much hhahah
    but he know we love him
    and we want him to eat as much as he want haha

  58. ohthethrill

    cupcake at a photoshoot doesn’t seem logical
    i dont know about you but i can never eat a cupcake without getting my hand and face all sticky haha
    or………. maybe i’m just one special clumsy and messy person.. T_T haha

  59. Maryam

    haha yup that’s no Boss
    that’s our Baby say ‘NUNA~ AM I CUTE???’
    that boy… too cute for his own good

  60. Vi

    yes, but of course, our tabi is not the only one to eat a lot… dae is big too, haha, and its not just cuzza his muscle-y muscleness, ^_^ kekeke

  61. Dori

    haha i believe all of them are pigs
    haha they’re boys for god’s sake
    but they just know how to stay withtin moderation
    which is good.
    their trainer is one tough nut

  62. LMAO!!!
    that and because bebe’s her man
    sometimes it’s hard livin witht the enemy

    I was dying to see his face
    damn camera….>.<

    some part of me was wishin all of them would’ve danced but oh well
    Dae’s behind?!!
    yeah it is
    damn it Bebe slap his butt or somethin
    I think I just went past fangirl mode and arrived at another level….better watch out boys


    especially Bebe and Dae Dae, them busting some moves every now and then…and at the end, Bebe gave Dae a hi5 cuz he was able to move like and Dae cracked him up! xD
    It was cuuuuuuute!

    I wanna watch Family outing soooo badly, but the thing is that i don’t understand Korean so i need ENL SUBS!
    does anyone know where i can watch Family outing with eng subs…PLZ TELL ME…that would be REALLY VERY APPRECIATED!
    I will love u!! 😛

    p.s BEBE and BOSS look sooo cute…i never thought i would see Bebe so like cute and LOVING(playing with his dog)…It was like PURE BLISS and HEAVEN!
    I am a BIG BANG fan 24/7…im always thinking about them!:D


    especially Bebe and Dae Dae, them busting some moves every now and then…and at the end, Bebe gave Dae a hi5 cuz he was able to move like and Dae cracked him up! xD
    It was cuuuuuuute!

    I wanna watch Family outing soooo badly, but the thing is that i don’t understand Korean so i need ENG SUBS!
    does anyone know where i can watch Family outing with eng subs…PLZ TELL ME…that would be REALLY VERY APPRECIATED!
    I will love u!!

    p.s BEBE and BOSS look sooo cute…i never thought i would see Bebe so like cute and LOVING(playing with his dog)…It was like PURE BLISS and HEAVEN!
    I am a BIG BANG fan 24/7…im always thinking about them!:D

  65. Vi

    one tuff walnut for sure ^_^

  66. LMAO
    when they start doing the number 1 dance and singing

    BIG BANG’S FIRST CONCERT IS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IM SOOOO NERVOUS AND EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  67. AWWW!! jiyong was so cute when he was 6!!
    omg that is so adorable ! –

  68. vi
    ur 2nd hubby is too cute for words!
    his cheek.. ahh~~~ i really want to pinchit so bad..

    ahh.. those stylist nuna r so close with them.
    u’re right. they have that 80% of chance. hahaha
    bebe.. he’s making out with boss again >,<
    ahh!! hubby reaction with food that Dae feed him! “wahh”
    i wanna see his face from front! i want!
    btw, what is that thing that Dae feed him anyway?

  69. Sexica

    ur sister is Bae luver
    ur a Tabi luver
    that’s not enemy
    u should be thankful haha

    it’s a hidden camera so they don’t even they’re being filmed haha
    but yet still cute
    which goes to show that whenever they’re being dorky, they’re being themselves, not just for fan service.

    Bong has smack MANY butts…
    but not our Bae
    he needs to feel some ass hahaha

  70. ~SuN-sHiNe~

    F.O Fansub is currently subbing it
    it’s kinda slow since they’re lacking help
    but at least there will be subbed version soon


    and i dont’ understand korea either but that doesn’t take anyway any fun from the show at all, trust me.

  71. Dori

    I remember watching making of the REAL concert
    the trainer ask Baby why did he eat so late last night
    and Baby was like
    “because I got hungry from practice” the trainer start cracking up cuz he’s so cute.
    haha there’s even a clip of him knawling on chicken wings the day before haha

  72. nya

    I just wanna bite his cheek
    so so badly~~~~~ AHHH!!
    now I’m gonna have to go find some 6 years old so I could bite their cheek just to calm the need hahahah

    i know!!!! i was talking about that too
    how I wish there was a camera in front of his face so we could see his reaction.
    and he doesn’t know he was being filmed
    that’s kewl.
    somebody say it’s cupcake
    but i doubt it since it is a photoshoot, the messy-ness and the sugar.. i highly doubt it.

    when you see Tabi checking himself out in the mirror wearing that beige suit..
    did you die?
    cuz when I first saw it I was like… “nya’s gonna die for sho’

  73. LOL
    most of the time we’re not enemies but the second I start spazzin over Bae things can turn out pretty ugly 😛

    I know but I still wanted to see his face 😦
    yup our boys are dorky but nature
    damn it they’re too cute!

    we all know Bong does it all the time
    lucky him… >.<
    Bae has to start workin those hands
    doesn’t seem like Aimee was enough for him

  74. vi
    hahaha.. find 6 years old & bite his cheek.
    this unnie is scary.
    did u hear his voice? whooaa so cute.. he could so attract gurls eventough he’s still kid. haha that Kwon leadah

    u too?! wew~ our brain is scary. hahaha
    hubby reaction. i wish i could see it from front. his face soo cute.. aiisshh! i can’t find a good word to describe.
    i bet he’ll make a face like haru haru shooting that u say “mom, u bought me ice cream?”

    cupcake??? i immidiately repeat it & it do looks like cupcake.
    hell now, go find cupcake recipe & make one.
    how could it be messy when u eat cupcake???

    ahhaha.. that one. sure. look at him wearing turtle neck.
    he actually could work it too like Bong does.
    aw~ honey.. u’re too good.

  75. Vi

    yeah… so cute~~~~~~~~~ <33333333

    and bongs arms are supposed to be sticks, but theyre like, muscley and… stuff…

  76. Vi
    well, i guess at this point, whatever Dae
    was feeding TOP can be anything. only they
    know what it was. haha. we just know for
    sure that it tasted good. xD

    man. i can’t get enough of this video though.
    just watching them being themselves makes me
    so giddy.

  77. Sexica

    haha ur asking for it then
    don’t go spazzing about other ppl’s husband
    that’s fangirl rule #1
    learn from me gurl haha

    Bong has magic fingers.. literally haha
    Aimee was his first and only
    he needs to go some more haha

  78. Sexica

    haha ur asking for it then
    don’t go spazzing about other ppl’s husband
    that’s fangirl rule #1
    learn from me gurl haha

    Bong has magic fingers.. literally haha
    Aimee was his first and only
    he needs to go some more haha

  79. nya

    I would so date him haha
    he’s gonna be so badass with a 16 years old girlfriend HAHAH

    i can big eyes
    like big big big eyes
    mouth hanging open
    “WAH~” haha 😯 haha

    or maybe it’s just me
    I’m one clumsy and messy person
    i always get sticky hands, mouth… and nose haha after eating them

    I believe he work it better than Bong

    haha i just took those words out of your mind didn’t I? hahaha

  80. Dori

    Bong got the nickname Bong because he’s such a stick
    and ‘Bong’ means stick in Korean

    he have muscle, it’s always there since he’s so active
    but if he work out a bit then it’ll show right away

  81. ohthethrill

    ppl will probably start an investigation to find out what it is haha

    why do you think I love watching their videos so much that I have more than 100 GB of JUST bb videos.
    it’s awsome

  82. hahaha
    I should respect that rule but god my man doesn’t show his arms or abs and a girl can be easily tempted under pressure

    “magic fingers”
    those hands are too experienced while Bae’s still need practice
    wooow!!! that didn’t sound right but you know what I mean 😛

  83. LOL bong is so cute when he was a kid..haha he cracked me up
    bebe playing with boss again..and then dae played with some dog too..but that wasn’t a real dog right? i think that was just a toy..hahaa..and the boys being dorky again singing number 1~ahh love~TODAE!! there’s so many TODAE action nowadays~and my tabi was like AHHH delicious hahahaa..

  84. vi
    what a naughty kid to have a 16 years old girlfriend.

    kekeke.. i think i could imangin u like that.

    now that question is, “how u eat it?”
    how it could be like that? everytime i eat cupcake its okay with me. its not messy. maybe its just u gurl. T_T
    but sticky hand, mouth, & nose could be so cute. baby & bong will love u so much if they see u like that.
    they’ll like “come here, i’ll clean it for u” awww~~~ so sweet!

    “I believe he work it better than Bong”
    huh?! say that its wrong! how could vi praised my hubby better than her own hubby?
    u really took that out from my mind gurl.
    remember vi. he’s ur big brother, u will never get addicted to him. hahaha..

    REPEAT AND REPEAT..bong is just too adorable!!
    especially when he pouts hahahaa~~~

  86. Hey there, not sure if you know about this, but there’s an ameblo for Big Bang. It’s being updated by their staff. So yea, here’s the link. http://ameblo.jp/ygbigbang/

  87. Sexica

    haha at least TRY and HOLD IT DOWN while she’s around keke
    them Bae luvers are not to be mess with
    trust me….. I know haha

    I have too many ‘Tae Tae’ luvers around me

    nothing sounds right anymore in this fangirl world hahah

  88. newvip

    no haha, the dog Dae was holding is a stuffed animal
    he must’ve got jealous of Bae for having Boss around keke
    such a dork.

    i know~
    i’m loving it
    since ToDae is my 2nd fave couple after GRi yo’ haha

  89. nya

    hahaha he’ll be the pimpest kid in the 1st grade for sure keke
    and you know it too haha

    first I stick my finger in and eat a bit of the icing
    then I bite into the cupcake
    which I always get icing on my lips or the tip of my nose haha


    never ever haha
    that’s a promise for you gurl

    cuz once i get into Tabi
    it’s over for him HAHAHAH

  90. GD grew up definitely very well! I’m in the mist of dling family outing. yay!

  91. Ooooh my goodness no wonder all the noonas love GD!! T.T He is all sorts of win.. and he has perfected that pout, I swear. *has watched that yt vid at least five times already*

  92. G-Dragon is so cute!

  93. vicky
    i thik what c-young meant about the Bebe gif was
    the one in the banner.you know,the butt slap.
    But i think it’s the best part in the video.hehe

    here is a proof for all the world to see that bigbang has no pretensions whatsoever.
    they are who they are on and off cam.

  94. Awwww i love TOP’s ~nuna~ hahahaha and so much TODAE going on these days >=] hehehe Dae is soooo funny in the last part xDD!

  95. LOL
    I have come to understand how dangeropus it is to mess with him but sometimes I just loose it…I do >.<

    I think so too
    but who said it had to be wrong 😛

  96. OMG the Waiting Room vid is just too adorable, I love it when they speak english! YB and that pup are a powerful/cutie two-some.
    Dae is hilarious. I like taeyang’s hair how it is now, you know more fuzzier. I think the sides used to be more shaven.

  97. lmao GD was like friggin NINJA! and what was baby doing? he went WAAAAAAA! lol

  98. LMFAO @ Dae Sung’s move!

  99. vu
    it’ll definitely messy if u eat it like that T_T

    hahaha.. sweet dream. hope its bong & baby who’ll clean it for u. keke

    hubby will never see sun again if he’s with u.
    hahaha.. its a promise gurl. never touch my man. kekeke…

  100. Hokum

    omg i know
    I talked about this so many time
    I think Bong like lock himself in the bathroom and perfect all his expression by looking at the mirrors and make sure fangirls are dead after looking at it haha

  101. sexYBeast

    I thought it was pretty cool too hahha
    i was like ‘dammmn~ slow motion’ hahaha

    i know right, I really like that.

  102. Sexica

    fangirl world is probably not right ever.. haha
    it’s a bizarre world
    yet we live so happily in it haha

  103. Tina Sungmin

    that’s a awsome way to compare him to haha
    a ninja

  104. nya

    dude… vu????
    how do u know my last name?
    you stalk me?

    he won’t see the damn sun either if he’s with you.. T_T
    you’re gonna ‘pull him back to …” anytime he try to get up
    he can bawl on the floor and want to get a break for food and you still won’t let go
    you’re loving ‘it’ too much

    I just foresee the future…. hahah

  105. vi, baby bongie is too cute!!!!
    thank u!!!

  106. vicky ma lil sis
    no no no i swear i didnt say anybad thing about you…just sometimes maybe i said shes just 15 but sometime she can be perver than me XD ahaha lol just kidding but in that comment i said vicky wasnt put that banner gdluvzmc was putting that banner ^.^ and c-young mean that banner of site and mean that YBs smack her butt gif XDD c-young still so mad for that moment x3

  107. HAHA JiYong popping out from no where is hilarious, then Daes dance ROFL

  108. vi
    hahahaha… omg! i wan tto type vi but i type vu instead!
    coz the “u” letter is beside “i”. kakaka
    ur lask name? hey, that’s not real isn’t it?
    why i would like to stalk u???
    i better stalk hubby instead.

    omg.. does my image in ur mind is a “freak”???
    am i that weird? it just needs & i fulfill my hubby’s needs.
    well, maybe if he want to stop i’ll pull him back (~.~”) but i won’t let my hubby starve, i won’t.
    i want him to eat anything he want & let him do anything he want.
    so no way he’ll bawl on the floor for food / break.

  109. awwwww! my baby looks so cute! he pouts the same way still today!

  110. Vi

    well, thast one of the reasons…. i found this while searching the web…



  111. Screams*
    AHHH he is soo fricken cute!
    i replayed this clip over and over again.
    he did this durin the year i was born
    SWEETT! =]
    Hey i used to uhh play with those robot toys too
    i’m a girl and i played with them, yes.
    i didn’t really like barbies and besides they
    were my brother’s toys.
    omfg i want to be there to be in the waiting with them too =]
    aha they are quiet. i’m surprise they aren’t like
    LOUD! but yeah they’re cutee


  113. BBismyLife

    haha i was just kidding around haha
    i do that a lot
    i know my big sis will never say anything bad about me keke

    and yes, I am too pervy for a 15 years old
    BUT… i’m turning 16 next thursday~ haha

  114. hoichu

    he heard that Dae was gonna do the dance thing that’s why he hurry up and run in to see haha

  115. nya

    yea. my last name is Vu
    I’m viet remember
    so my name is Vi Vu
    special eh???

    of course ur hubby is a better target fo sho haha

    not a freak
    just a horny gurl who need her daily doses of Tabi keke

  116. Dori

    yup yup haha
    i gotta post that up
    ppl were getting confuse all over the place when i first start posting a year ago haha

  117. vicky

    yeah haha and its funny how dae carried the stuffed animal and touching it..ahahahaa….and baby was asking the stylist whether he is cute? haha..baby u’re too cute for me ❤

    what they didn’t know that they’re being filmed? i like that haha coz we can see the most natural side of them…bong popping out of nowhere made me laugh like heck..he’s always so dorky 😀 and tabi checking out the mirror? ahhhh i died..especially when he was in the turtle neck and suit…..I DIED SSDFSFGSDGLS~

    p/s : no more NEWVIP..lol it has been 5 months since i love bb..so i guess i can get rid off the nick newvip huh? 😀 and this is my real name 🙂

  118. Vi

    really? kekeke..

    itd be like, ….(words) bong…(words) bong…and the comments were like, ‘w-whaa?’ haha ^_^’

    i didnt exactly know at first, but i saw someone ask and they sed it was gd and i was just like, suure~ ill go with that.

    wait– howd we get tabi?

  119. vi
    hey u’re nace sound so cute..
    wonder if u in person is as cute as ur name. hahaha..
    no, u’ll ne more naugthy than cute. hahaha

    “just a horny gurl who need her daily doses of Tabi keke”
    AHAHAHA thank u. u know me too well. kekeke

  120. Boss.
    I want him.
    If I get him will I get Baebae too? hehehe. =)
    Bong is such a cutie…I wanna pinch him so badly…*must find my lil cousins to pinch instead, hehehe*
    ToDae moment…shucks…=)
    I used to play with those lightsticks too when I was a kid.
    Baby, of course you are cute. ^^
    Waaaa it’s so natural to hear Tabi say “Nuna”…how cute…=)
    I wanna see them perfom Number 1 live!Baebae stop teasing me!!! hehehe…and Bong suddenly popping out of nowhere and Dae doing his soon-to-be signature move…hehehe.

  121. vicky ma lil sis
    owww ^.^ ma lil sis growing up ♥♥♥ i must create a suprise for you but witch time T_T im too bussy owww i hope i can do this…

  122. aww..top’s so cute with his “whoa!”…ahaha ^_^ dang i love that guy..^_^

    it’s so funny when they started dancing..specially when dae dae got in the groove!! whoo..dae you totally rock!!^^

    i wanna see FO!! dae and kjk..long lost brothers..hahaha ^_^ they really do look alike..wow..^_^

  123. jiyan

    yup, it’s a hidden camera
    so we get to know that the dorky side the show us isn’t just fan service
    it’s who they are
    which is awsome.

    no more newvip now gurl
    jiyan it is
    I’ll try to remember, cuz my memory cells are like…dead haha

  124. Dori

    heheh I just can’t help it
    it just keep coming out and I type whatever is coming up in my head haha
    that’s how I am

    well Tabi is what ppl been calling him, korean VIPs to be exact
    see in Korean, you can’t write ‘TOP’ using their hangul alphebet, they write ‘TAB’ instead so the ppl could pronounce it right
    and add an ‘i’ for cuteness effect at the end and you get ‘TABI’ haha

  125. nya

    well excuse me but I am a VERY cut person
    yes I am
    believe that! haha

    name one person who know your fangirling self better then I do

    that’s what I thought hahah

  126. Kenley

    Bong heard Bae request Dae to do the dance so he hurried up and run back to see it hahaha
    such dorks

  127. BBismyLife

    growing up too fast haha
    but I’ll be 1 year younger then Baby for 1 month and 6 days kekeke
    that’s a GOOOOOOOOOOD thing

  128. OMGG.. GD was SOOO cuteee.. (i mean.. he still is ;DD)
    hehe.. the vid was so funni when dae had the light stick hehe


  129. Ma Lil Sis
    yeahh i think so too ^.^
    if you was older than him that wont be good ^.^

  130. AWWww Biggg Banggg Sarangheyo!!!!

  131. Vi

    ha! u spelled alphabet wrong!!! >XDDDDD

    sry, im a nerd… i cant help it ^_^

    so in korean, its ‘tab’? o_O

  132. Dori

    haha trying to correct me is helpless gurl haha
    and yea
    that’s how they spell it using korean symbol so they can pronounce it right

  133. BBismyLife

    NO IT WONT’ haha
    and Baby and Bong also said that they like dongseng fans better than nuna fans so
    YOUNGER FANS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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