9/4 SBS Cult2Show Special Live with Big Bang and Maybee

i was listening to Cult2Show and went into their website to see who’s coming out as a guest this week and i saw a picture with ‘big bang’ written on it so i clicked and found these awesome pictures of our boys!

my FAVORITE GROUP IN MY FAVORITE RADIO SHOW!…..but….i didn’t know about this schedule and wasn’t able to listen..or i couldn’t connect to radio more like. sigh. but anyways.

click more to see more picture of our ADORABLE BOYS!


I FOUND SONGS THEY SANG ❀ well, i only found ‘Lie’ and ‘Haru Haru’. ‘Haru Haru’ got caught towards the end because they needed to put commercials before new radio show starts. sad. but still, our boys sang til end for audiences who were there! woot!

credit to: OIEIOIEI @ Youtube

click more to see ‘Haru Haru’


omgness. look that a pic of TOP above and the staff added a black heart there. CHU ❀ that’s cute. it also says “sentient fingers T^T” lol. i think she just meant to say his fingers are pretty XD

staff who edited and posted these pictures asked to forgive her for updating them late. so let’s forgive her for taking these awesome pictures of them singing and talking. πŸ˜€

OIEIOIEI @ Youtube

I WISH I WAS THERE….it would’ve been awesome. my favorite comedians/DJs and singers! sigh.

i hope bb will go to their show when i visit that radio show (if i can get ticket that is..0-0)

i also found a blog with full length of BIG BANG in CULT2SHOW. Adios Blog

i am not so sure if will work for everyone or not. this person didn’t allow anyone to take it out from her (?) blog so please go to her blog and watch.

Credits to: SBS λ‘μ‹œνƒˆμΆœ μ»¬νˆ¬μ‡Ό
Original Article: Click Here
Translation Credit: Jeska


~ by jeska on October 27, 2008.

34 Responses to “9/4 SBS Cult2Show Special Live with Big Bang and Maybee”

  1. aweeeesome jeska πŸ™‚ i wish i heard the show

  2. alright. see that?
    so why didn’t TOPie win for best hands?
    c’mon kiddies.
    lol i mean my baby is leading, but i think TOP’s good for something… xD & it’s his hands yo!

    ohmygah jiyong looks sooo freakin SEXY AS HELLL
    AHHHH his smile…

    i died & went to GDheaven ^_^

  3. awwww too bad i miss this show T^T but they look awesome *o* <333

  4. ur face… ur cute nose… the way the glasses accents the curves of your face…

    your smile, your lips… your smooth arms, you hands, your fingers…

    your shiny forehead, your sexy hair, your shaved head…

    i wanna touch every single inch of your body.
    please be mine ___<

  5. aww. no dae oppa…
    cute pics of the boyss.. >.<
    im loving GD’s huge glasses..

  6. GOD!!!
    how can anybody concentrate in homework with this pics
    I just wish I could see a video of this
    TOP looks sooo cute!!!
    I don’t think I can mention much about the others since I’m just speechless

  7. @mariale: i posted videos so you can see how awesome there were lol. well just singing part but still πŸ˜€

  8. during lies, bong was singing wawawa~. LOL. cute!!!
    tabi forgot to rap at the beginning of haru haru. πŸ˜‰

  9. is it just me or does tabi’s hair look more Johnny Bravo-ish than usual lol please tell me i’m not alone in this. i have this feeling that he and GD did their hair together.

  10. @Tina SungMin: hahaah. now you mention it, i can kinda see that. but TOP is DEFINITELY HOTTER. (duh! i don’t have to mention about this) and their hairstyle is different lol.

  11. lol it does look hotter! seriously the Johnny bravo hair is working for him lol i wonder how much hairspray is needed to keep their hair up for a whole day lol

  12. Tina SungMin
    i agree with you. it does remind you of Johnny Bravo. LOL but he pulled it off.

  13. Is it just me, or does that shirt GD’s wearing look a *lot* like Seungri’s Lies-era shirt?? πŸ˜›
    They are all sooo cute here, I can’t concentrate long enough to get any homework done πŸ™‚ thanks for posting~

  14. TOP looks bangin’ in black, especially leather XD
    n i think he looks waaay better than johnny bravo ^^

  15. I LOVE GD’s hair in this.

    i died seeing my bong and tabi!~~~
    love bong’s outfits! and tabi looked like a man in black πŸ˜€
    LIES was awesome..i realized that i will surely sway along with the music as they sing..so awesome..

    and they all have different style of singing..bong held the mic stand..tabi standing there like a stick..and baby and bebe..don’t know how to describe..but everyone is different. hahaha..wish dae was there T__T


    luv GD!!!!!!!!!!

  18. OMO!!! how did this gem of a radio appearance
    slip through our radar until now? i’m having such
    a fangirl moment right now. TOP and Jiyong are looking
    like pure LOVE with their tall hair and shades.

    did you hear? did you hear Jiyong singing?
    ahhhhhhh. i’m spazzing right now. i’m really
    disappointed that the station decided to play
    commercials half way through Haru Haru…right
    after Jiyong sang Dae’s part. gaaaaah! T__T

  19. btw…thanks for sharing this, JESKA. πŸ˜€

  20. just so yall know, the Johnny Bravo comment was a compliment lol i have a thing for Johnny Bravo hairdos lol

  21. hubby’s chu!!
    i’m dying!!! thanks for sharing ^^

  22. AH! I’m SO HAPPY to hear ‘Lies’ again!
    OOhhh…the memories are showing up……..

    I just LOVE Bebe’s hat!
    Don’t you just love it? it’s SO CUTE!!!
    TABI’s hair look SO HOT on the show
    Good job stylist-unnies!!!
    Bong is wearing a sleeveless shirt!!!
    SO HOT&SEXY!!!!
    BABY!!!! SO CUTE!!!
    His smile is heart-breaking!!!

  23. TOP opa looks blindd with those glasses on~ keke.
    i love babys hairr.

  24. hm… It doesn’t have that same feel without all 5 members ><
    I miss Seungri’s blond hair TT-TT

  25. ahh so cute! lol Top looks really agressive today! πŸ™‚


    btw. expect a lil surprise for TOPie’s bday involving that CHU

  27. AHH OMG
    aww they all look tired
    argh and daesung wasn’t there too. =[
    seungri’s hair is weird-ish
    Big Bang is hot =]

  28. […] 9/4 SBS Cult2Show Special Live with Big Bang and Maybee i was listening to Cult2Show and went into their website to see who’s coming out as a guest this week and i saw […] […]

  29. Yo GD’s hair and everything looks extra fine on this show. My infatuation with GD is really getting out of control. My eyes are glued to him when I stare at those pics. I feel so bad cheating on my baby YB. It looks like TOP and GD decided to get their hairs down by the same person. Loves it!!! TOP looks extra manly with his hair, shades, and black outfit.

  30. OMO!!! TOP looks damn hot!!! During Haru haru, did anyone realize that he missed his part and he obviously forgotten and got a shock!!! DAMN CUTE!!!
    Never mind, cause I still LOVE you!!<33

  31. OMG! so cute!!!
    i love how TY said “seungri” during the “haru haru” perf. hahaha. i know it’s so little but those little things get to me. and i love how GD sings DS’s parts whenever he’s not there with them. so TY jumps in to say the “λ„ˆλŠ˜” part at the beginning of each of GD’s line just to give him a little breather.

  32. omg! thanx 4 the vids *o* they were awesome!!!!! <333
    i guess DaeSung wasn’t there b/c of Cats :O but GD did a great job singing Dae’s Part ^^

  33. I love TOP especially when he raps and shakes during Lies ❀
    TOP’s hot as he rap for haruharu too^^

  34. aww, dae isnt there.

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