Big Bang #1 for 4 consecutive weeks on MTV Thailand International Chart

Big Bang has won the #1 position on a Thailand International chart 4 consecutive weeks.

Big Bang’s mini album ‘Stand Up’ title song ‘Haru Haru’ was at the #1 position from the 1st to 5th week on the chart (4th Oct~31th Oct), beating other popular singers like Mariah Carey, Pussy Cat Dolls, Pink etc.

MTV Thailand International Chart tabulate the total number of times the song was aired and also listeners requests in the week.

Big Bang has proved to be popular not only within Korea and Thailand.

TaeYang’s ‘Prayer’, from his solo album ‘Hot’, was #1 on the chart for 4 consecutive weeks, and it was at #13 on the chart during the 5th week of October. His solo minialbum title song ‘Look Only At Me’ was also doing strong on the chart like ‘Prayer’, and is at #31 on the chart this week.

Outside Thailand, Big Bang released their first Japanese album ‘Number 1′ in 22nd October. The album rose up to #3 on the Oricon Daily Chart on the same day of the album release, receiving a lot of interests from fans and the media. Big Bang was also hailed as ‘Korea’s EXILE‘ by Japanese press Sports News.

Right now, Big Bang is busy in Japan for their concert tour. They will release their 2nd official Korean album in November.




~ by Momo on October 29, 2008.

4 Responses to “Big Bang #1 for 4 consecutive weeks on MTV Thailand International Chart”

  1. Yay!!! GO BIG BANG!!!

  2. Aww, yay!
    So proud of them.

  3. Fighting!! BB

  4. YYYAAAA!!!!!!!!
    Congrats boys!!!
    YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SO PROUD!!!!!!!!!!

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