Big Bang Releases Teaser for New Album ‘Remember’


Group Big Bang revealed a teaser for their 2nd album ‘Remember’ and made announcement for their comeback.

Big Bang introduced new album’s teaser on 30th through YG Entertainment website. This album’s title song is remake version of Lee Mun Se (big bang’s senior singer, a famous singer in Korea especially during 80’s)’s hit song ‘Sunset Glow’ ; album will start selling on 5th of next month.

YG Entertainment said with showing high confidence that, “Lee’s ‘Sunset Glow’ was remade by a lot of singers. Big Bang analyzed ‘Sunset Glow’ in entirely different process from their existing songs.”

Big Bang is currently on concert tour in 3 cities (Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo) in Japan, and planning on returning soon to Korea to prepare for their comeback.

Big Bang’s new album will start pre-order on 30th everywhere online and music stores.


Wow. Lee Mun Se’s song. Original song is good. I can’t wait to listen BB’s version!

If you are interested in original song, click here to listen.

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~ by jeska on October 29, 2008.

12 Responses to “Big Bang Releases Teaser for New Album ‘Remember’”

  1. LOVE IT! and cant wait to preorder!

  2. omgad, in class, dont have time to watch
    what happened to Until Whenever???

  3. @kwonlitaisvip: mmm. i went to VIPZ to see if anyone talked about it and someone said they already mentioned that it won’t be in this album.
    i guess we have to hope that it will be on next single/mini album/album.

  4. i saw a different performance of this song from sookyeong. i don’t know who’s lee moon sae, but from the clip he’s good! and the beat is very spirited and uplifting. is he an old singer? who else has covered this song? i wonder how the bigbang remake would look like…

  5. YES!!!

  6. @ning: lee moon sae is an old singer. he has a lot of hit songs. mostly famous for radio DJ during early 90s i believe. there are a lot of singers who sang this song either just for performance or for their album. there are: dynamic duo, m.c the max, UN, SG wannabe, and more. but these singers (besides dynamic duo cuz they added rap) sang similar to original song. so i am looking forward to bb’s remake.

  7. Can’t wait to hear our boys version!!!!
    Should be SO DAMN GOOD!!!!!!!!!

  8. OMFG YEAHHH! =]]]

  9. Yayyy =]
    can’t wait. =] ❤


  11. hi i like big bang mongolia

  12. […] Bang REMEMBER album Big Bang Releases Teaser for New Album ‘Remember’ Group Big Bang revealed a teaser for their 2nd album ‘Remember’ and made announcement for their […]

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