SeungRi Solo: Snowflake at Japan Concert Fancam | 01.23.01 Hip-Hop the Vibe: GDragon

SeungRi’s Solo during Osaka Concert.

Thanks to 에이누나님 and bigbangpop
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Baby came up from underneath and sing the Japanese version of ‘Snowflake’ originally by Mika Nakashima, the song itself is a beautiful song, and with Baby singing it…. I’m in freaking heaven. Maybe this happens because I’m a Baby lover, and who doesn’t know I’m willing to kill for this boy, but whenever I hear him sing a ballad… I just start crying, anyone does that??? like I just can’t help it, i just start crying like an idiot……  his voice is so soothing… I can listen to this all freaking day. He amaze me with how much he have improved, we’re all so proud of you Baby and thankful to 에이누나님 for this fancam that we get to see this…. I’m still crying after watching this thing for like 30 times. I don’t think I can live without this boy. 2 more concerts in Japan on November 1…. and then it’s hello Big Bang’s 2nd album comeback.

10.28.08 Osaka Concert Track List

Baby and Bong are the only one that did a solo, Bong performed his english version of ‘This Love’ and Baby is the only one that perform in Japanese.

Opening :Intro (StandUp)

With U
Shake it

Come Be My Lady

눈의 꽃 (Seungri’s Solo)
Day by Day

This Love
A Good Man
Oh Ma BaBy
We Belong Toghether

Last fare wall

credit: 그리스치나아귀에다 and bigbangpop


01.23.01 Hip-Hop the Vibe
HIP-HOP FLEX Performance & Interview
37 MB

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Thanks to BBFlow

Our Bongie when he’s 12…… he’s just hahah too cute for words to describe, when he’s rapping I was like ‘whoa~’ he haven develope his voice fully yet but when he rapped it sounds so cute~ how can a freaking 12 years old look this cute??? ahhh~~ in heaven. He performed the song ‘G-Dragon’ from the HIPHOP FLEX album, I love this song, he rapped most of it well .. . because the title is his name haha, then they have this interview, the MC look close to Bong, he even help Bong fixed his 6 sizes too big of a jacket haha, then I think the MC ask him how he get into hip-hop, and Bong said something about his friend letting him listen to a CD or something and he get hooked.

Listen to ‘G-Dragon’ from 2001 대한민국 HIP HOP FLEX, it’s really good. Download


~ by Vicky on October 29, 2008.

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  1. i think seungri has the sexiest/cute/hot/beautiful/sexy voice.did i mention sexy? GD was soo adorable when he was young and still is.

  2. Baby sang so beautifully. I wish I was there.
    I mean, I’m sure we all wish we were there. *sigh*

  3. omg there’s a cantonese cover of this song too (泳兒 – 花無雪). i loved it. now seungri babyyyyy, even better. ❤

  4. are the other rappers part of yg or no?

  5. GOD!!
    I cried like crazy!!!!
    Baby’s voice is amazin!!!!

    GD’s 12 there?!!!
    he looks damn cute!!!!

    1 day without spazzin and I feel like I’m dying
    it’s dangerous I better not do that again

  6. i loooove this song! seungri sounds so cute ^^

  7. Man….YG better comes out with the DVD for this. I want clearer version of Baby and his damn BEAUTIFUL voice
    One think I like about J-VIPZ is that they stay really quiet during ballads, hence you can hear the beautiful voice w/out screaming fangirls

  8. nimco

    I think so too
    he can tweak it in anyway he want
    and it just plain sexy…

  9. ohthethrill

    *point to self*
    how do you know i wanna be there gurl???

  10. elaisvip

    seem like this song is really famous
    and I never heard it beofre until today

    I just listen to the original japanese and korean version, this is a REALLY good ballad

  11. Sexica

    i’m not crazy
    I was starting to think that I’m not or something for crying at soemthing like that
    but guess I’m not along
    it’s just there’s something about his voice that triggers the tears in me haha
    too peotic?? keke

    yup yup
    and did you hear him rap???
    oh my damn.
    it was just whoa~
    this kid is born to be a star

    I know~
    did you miss me yesterday?? haha
    I was busy with some ‘sweet 16’ business with my folks
    plain… boring….

  12. AWW SR’s SOLO; It sounds very sadd.

  13. Misa

    though I wish there will be one
    but i high doubt it
    YG only release concert DVD for big concerts like end of the year concerts which happen once a year

    thankful for them eh?
    they’re pretty freaking awsome

  14. LOL
    no gurl we’re not crazy
    his voice was perfect for the song
    I repeated the song like a million times

    Yes I heard him
    damn I’m not surprised it’s Bong after all
    even as a kid he had to be good

    I did!
    good thing I was busy yesterday too
    had to go to the doctor
    hate going because I always wait for hours

  15. comment got cut >.<

    so you’re gonna have a party?!
    why boring?

  16. Awesomeness

  17. I love it!!!
    When Baby always say “my favorite song in Big Bang was ‘The Next Day'” which is his solo, I chuckle, thinking “hehe there goes baby again”. =)
    It turns out his solo is one of my favorites. =)
    When I first heard it I fell in love with it. =) I love his voice in a ballad, it really suits the speed and all.
    Of course vicky he’s still your hubby, and I still love Baebae, but I’ll always have a soft spot for Baby, like a lil bro I never had.
    I’m so proud of him! The only one doing a Japanese solo…and I thought Baebae would be the one doing something like that…I love how he sings it. He looks a bit shy because he’s singing Japanese, a foreign language to him in its native country. See how he runs out after the song? So cute.
    Awww I wish they performed Candle. thought they did. Lucky Japanese VIPs. =)
    Big Bang Hwaiting!

  18. seungri was definitely good. I hope they make this into a DVD. I was sad I couldn’t purchase the volume one concert.

  19. I actually know this song, I was so happy when I heard the intro!!! Aw, he did so well! YAY! SR FIGHTING!

  20. Omg, GD performed This Love English Version live?
    MUST SEE!!
    Aww, SR did so good.

  21. I love SR’s solo song! It is so good! I was kinda surprise to see SR did a Japanese solo too cuz I always thought it would be TY…oh well, I’m proud of SR! Anyhow, I feel like since there’s 3 days for the concert, so each day they’ll have two members performed a solo??

  22. Sexica

    there was one part where he hold on to the note for a while….that part was just LOVE
    that’s the part where I go from ‘tearing’ to ‘bursting out’ haha

    how can you find a 12 years old that’s that good….
    YG have great eyes…. or ears hahah

    awww… thought you fellow pervs would miss me haha
    nya probably went insane or something kekeke
    I couldn’t leave you guys for one day

  23. gahh
    mr. yg, pls give us dying fangirls the dvd to all of the previous concerts + these recent ones ><

  24. aah, our bong at my age ^_^ so so cute~~

    i met a random person who liked big bang todae (part of my pathetic attempt to b korean, haha)… she read my hand and started talking to me about al this… stuff that i already knew.. ^_^ hahaha

  25. Vicky
    for you, i know you would have loved to be
    on stage and be the one that Baby was singing
    to personally. am i right? the rest of us
    will be out in the audience going “AWWWWW…”

  26. Sexica

    yea~ it’s all the planning and booking places and stuff
    it’s so boring when I have to go with my parents
    gee~ since we eat chinese food everyday, which restaurant should we book for my birthday?? hmm… CHINESE BUFFET!!
    that was just… wow.~~~…. as if we haven’t eat enough chinese food already

  27. Kenley

    it was one of mine too of course haha
    when I first listen to it, I just know the korean title, I didn’t know the translation to the song or the translation for the title
    and when I was listening to it, I have all this possiblities for his MV popping in my head haha
    those were some GREAT… GREAT… possiblities hahaha

    if you have a bro like that then…

    yea~ I thought Bae would perform ‘Ma Girl’ too
    I think Bae and Baby are the best with Japanese, since we all know Mr.Bae is good and Baby did his Sonagi musical in Japan before, so these two are the best, yuppers.

    I think they didn’t perform some song because they can’t risk one member forgetting the lyrics, since they’re so exhausted and busy they probably didn’t get that much time to rehearse and they have to have a certain time frame for the concert

  28. huongface

    I hope they do too but highly doubt it since this is only a short concert

  29. jess

    yea~ according to the tracklist a fan that went to the concert post up he did
    hopefully somebody will post up the fancam soon

  30. miss unknown

    hmm.. that’s possible
    we’ll see
    hopefully others will perform too

  31. Vicky

    Hi sister in law! =) Take care of my lil bro for me, he needs a lot of loving. =) I know you can take care of him real well *wink*
    I love how Baby performed it in the GREAT concert, in the piano…it sounds so nice..and with Dae on drums. =)
    It was true when he said “the song can lull you to sleep”..and I can think of wonderful things out of it.
    Yep, I didn’t know at first the translation of his song, but it sounds good already.
    Can you imagine the mv alone? I wanna see him do it. ^^
    If they’re gonna release the 2nd album this Nov 5th *which is a week from now* then they really need to rest. Yep I feel that they want to give their best to JVIPs, and want to do it perfectly.

  32. Kenley

    kenley… ready?? ur getting a special nick name
    from now on, whenever you see ‘sis in law’
    that’s you gurl~ hahahahaha

    and don’t u worry, i’ll give him TONS OF LOVE
    until the point where he beg me to stop for 2 minutes hahahahahaha

    ah… i remember the first time I saw that performance..
    my poor little throat
    I lost my voice for 2 days

    it does
    I use to have sleeping problem for like 2 weeks straight
    but when I listen to his song… “nighty night vi”

    hopefully for ‘Remember’ he’ll get to do one since ‘Strong Baby’ is his single?? AH??? AHHHHHHHHHHHH

  33. LOL
    yeah I don’t think nya was the only one

    Chinise buffet
    who could ever get tired of chinise food?!!!
    now other foods like italian or mexican do tire you easily

  34. awwwww Seung Ri so cuteee >.< japanese VIPZ r so lucky T.T

  35. OMFG MY BABY?! I love his voice! I totally agree with you Vicky, I love it when he sings ballads. His voice is just so soothing and lullaby ish and it’s sexy at the same time. For a moment at the beginning I thought he was TOP because of his hair but OMFG. Watching this makes me even more obsessed with him, it’s not even possible to be! Gah! I don’t usually like Japanese music but he makes he sounds so beautiful! *SPAZZ*

    AHHHHHHHHH. AHHHHHHHHHH. -____- I’m going crazy.
    And I agree, J-VIPz are totally quiet and actually listen to the song instead of screaming like crazy (not that it’s bad but we all prefer the fancam where we can hear them sing). AHHH.

  36. Sexica

    you can never get tire of them
    but when i told my friend where we’re gonna eat they were like
    i was just cracking up keke

  37. Ivy

    whoever say he can’t sing needs to drink out of the toilet already
    cuz our man got it GOING ON~ ya heard? hahahaha
    so freaking sexy

    I never listen to Japanese music, and because of him I have the japanese version of this song in my iPod right now haha he’s powerful

  38. OMGOMG…i wanna watch it to…
    an u pls upload it to YouTube…or can u pls DL the link for me casue i cant get into community live journal…

    it got block…

  39. vi
    aww.. ur hubby’s voice is too good for ballad!
    i’m not that fans of Mika nakashima but when i see tha vid.
    i’m in love witht that song!
    baby’s voice is amazing!

  40. im in heaven…………….^^
    seungri oppa v0ice…………….heaven………………^^

  41. vi swt, now the song stuck in my head.
    the meaning is soo good though sad & poetic >.<

  42. OMG vi, ur simply the best XD
    im so freaking proud of BaBy that i feel like i could burst…
    lucky lucky jVIPz…

  43. OMG!! SeungRi did Yuki no Hana, that is my all time fav japanese song!! (and no other remake beats it). awwww did seungri forget a little bit?? heheehe

    BUT (theres always a but) I just wish Dae Sung had done it with him (though i suppose that could be his japanese just not as good), Dae’s voice is simiply amazing and i honestly believe that we have no seen his voice at its best!! He needs some sort of power ballad (i really do believe dae can do it!!) LOL

    Gosh any more of baby bong vids and i’ll really just melt!

  44. maknae ah BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO

  45. omg! wonderful!!! I love it !!

  46. fighting SR !!!!!!!!!!]

    MA GD SO LOVELY!!!!!!!

  47. SeungRi looks kewl…the song is from korean drma theme song ‘Sorry, I luv u’ really nice song
    GD a talented kids…until now

  48. Vicky

    Sis in law
    I’ll remember that.
    Shall I call you sis in law too? hihi
    I can just imagine you screaming so much from Baby’s performance…and for his love too. hehehe.
    I lost my breath whenever Baebae takes off his shirt…too breathless to even scream. like my eyes are popping out.
    Wonder how Baby’s gonna do his vid..well I hope he gets to do a mv for his solo in Remember…I’m so excited for the new album!!!
    Yeah. when I wanna calm down and just zone out to peace his song is on my playlist. =)

  49. aww baby looks so sweet!
    the stage looks AMAZING.
    hes singing in japanese? i cant tell lol

  50. nya

    it’s my husband for god’s sake
    you should KNOW this gurl
    can’t wait for his new solo..
    I always call him Baby
    now his solo song is ‘Strong Baby’
    … that is just LOVE

  51. nya

    i don’t even understand it and I love it already hahaha

  52. lli

    haha stop lying keke
    no i’m not

    he give you a reason to be proud
    it’s so awsome to be his fan

  53. sel03

    yea~… those 2 duet..
    i think I would die XD

    there’s more Baby Bong coming up
    you just wait haha
    I’ll be uploading tons up soon

  54. sis in law

    haha u can call me that
    ‘lil sis in law’
    so we don’t get confuse hahaha

    i didn’t screamed
    cuz i remember my sore throat haha
    but i did cry like an idiot
    i’m so emotional

    oooooh mmmaaaiii goooodd… Baby better get his own MV or I’m gonna raise some hell

  55. I guess since I don’t eat it evryday
    though I just came from the chinese food place 😛

    your friends should be happy
    once again

  56. AHHH OMFG i love it!
    Aww Seungri you sound amazing!
    i cry too sniffs, his voice is soothing,
    it’s soft ya` know? i’m swear i have goosebumps.

  57. vi
    u 2 have a telepathy.
    that’s the conclution. hahaha

    u won’t understand love 100%
    & that’s love strengh. u don’t know when its started but when u realize u’re already deep inside.
    now, now dong-seng
    don’t get crazy & all hyped out now.
    save it for 5 Nov.

    DAMN! November rock! there’s no month as great as Nov!

  58. thy lyric translation.
    just to let u know how great it is.

    A man’s shadow lines the pavement
    You walk in the twilight
    Always holding my hand
    If I’m by your side, I might not have to cry

    The winds becomes cold
    And I can smell winter
    Gradually, in this city
    the seasons will change as you come close to them

    This year, the first snowflowers bloom
    as we draw closer
    As I look upon this time
    the hapiness overflows in me
    If we depend on each other’s love, we’re not weak
    I simply, love you
    These thoughts are straight from the heart

    Whatever happens, as long as I’m with you;
    I get the feeling that I can overcome anything
    I know we can have this kind of life forever
    So I pray that it will continue like this

    The wind sways the window
    and at night I wake up shivvering
    I’ll chance any sadness
    by putting a smile on my face

    The snowflowers flutter down
    outside the window
    Though I don’t know why they stop falling
    we will dye this city
    We may think
    “for who’s sake are we doing this?”
    But we know it’s because we know love

    If you ever get lost
    I’ll become a star, and light your path
    At night, when you smile, or get wet with tears
    I’ll be by your side, always and forever

    This year, the first snowflowers bloom
    as we draw closer
    As I look upon this time
    the hapiness overflows in me
    If we depend on each other’s love, we’re not weak
    It’s simple, I just want to be
    with you like this forever
    So I can feel your gentleness

    Pure white snowflowers,
    pilling up in this city
    In our hearts, we quickly draw our feels,
    I’ll be with you forever, from this moment on…

  59. lil sis in law

    sore throats are such a bother.
    whenever I had one it’s because I just screamed a lot.
    Baby always has that something whenever he sings a ballad that evokes emotions…He’s good at singing those. =)
    But he’ll always cheer me up with his “I can conquer the 63 building” and “Seungri, I like you” moments. =)
    Yeah I think he deserves a MV now…he should have one by now. =) I think only him and Dae doesn’t have an MV of their own..Tabi guests in other artists’ MVs so it’s like he’s having his own MV too. hehehe. =) though nya would wanna see him too.
    “Strong Baby” – it really fits our lil maknae =)

  60. …. y’know, when ya live here in seattle, coffee capital of the world, so many asians come around, read my hands, (which as of now sae -haru haru in korean- and -heaven in korean- and big bang and some little hearts ^_^) and realize, that THEY know big bang XDD. and they love big bang. and they think that they know about big bang more than i do, when really, they are talking to this…big bang fanaticky.. brainwashed…. obsessed… freak. just wanted to share that with some people… its just a little random thot… ^_^ kekeke…

  61. Kenley
    “though nya would wanna see him too”
    aw~ kenley.. of course i would like to see one!
    hiks.. he really do a lot as guest in others ppl MV
    but it’ll be better if he do him own MV
    like “a good man” ^^
    i want to see him as the main role in his own song!

    u’ve seen ur hubby in Ma Girl & his solo..
    u’re blessed >.<

  62. omg. i’m so touching. our baby did a good job!

  63. nya

    that’s why I wanna the others do it too.
    Bong and Baebae only had the chance to do their solos…maybe because they have been in YG for a longer time than the other three. =)
    But I wanna see them all to have at least one solo mv, Baby, Dae and Tabi. it would be so cool. =)
    I dunno if I call myself lucky to see Ma was Baebae’s first kiss…waaaa…but whenever he performs it on stage it really was hot. =)

  64. Sexica

    when I told them where it’s gonna be at they freaked out
    cuz it’s like the best chinese food place in town
    so they’re going crazy while I’m like ‘wtf??’ hahahah

  65. nya

    haha yup yup
    no one know him better than I do kekeke

    i’m in something deep and I have no plan to trying to come out anytime soon hahaha

    November rocks more because that’s the month 2 wonderful person was born
    hmmmmm…. wonder who~

  66. nya

    that is really sweet
    thanks for telling me
    I want him to… play the piano in the white outfit
    then sing me that song… then propose to me
    I will become his slave forever haha

  67. sis in law

    well I have a sore throat on Halloween,
    so boo-hoo
    I got a whole bunch of candy-grams in school today but i wind up giving them all out.
    cuz of this freaking sore throat
    just GREAT timing

    I WILL raise hell if he doesn’t get one…
    we Baby luvers have OUR NEEDS too
    and beside, he prove himself as a good actor, since he have a upcoming movie
    maybe YG will consider
    but…… if he kiss somebody in the MV…. then I’ll just wait and see how it goes. T_T

  68. Dori

    haha well those ppl need to meet me
    I can talk about it ALL NIGHT LONG
    really… I can hahah
    my record is 5 hours on myspace/phone .. at THE SAME TIME

  69. vi
    something deep? no plan to trying to come out?
    does ur bday plan take so much time?
    whoa… u’re going to make such a huge bday party? hahaha..

    2 wonderful person os tabi & u. hahaha..
    u 2 are great. but the great i mean of u is the different “great” hahaha..
    u’ve the thing that too good to say & i don’t think the great alone is enough. keke

  70. vi
    u marry him not to be his slave
    aisshh.. u marry him is to be her wife.
    remember that.
    but i think u’ll end up being his slave kekeke.. kidding,
    u marry someone is to complete him. as his half.
    aawww.. so sweet.

    the lyric is so sweet right?
    i can so imagine baby in suit. hahaha

  71. nya

    haha let me interpret that haha

    I WAS going to
    until my parents start being idiots and think that just beacuse a whole bunch of teenagers together dancing they will have sex and start making babies haha
    so all we can do is…eat hahaha and dance with the lights on and all my relatives there, we make reservation in this chinese buffet place, idk how it will go but boring so far

    I am GREAT as a friend, Tabi is GREAT in bed
    why can’t you just say that already??? hahahaa
    i already know ANYWAY
    no need to hide

    too good to say that great isn’t enough?
    u talking about me or ur man???

  72. Kenley
    u still lucky to see bebe in his own MV >.<

    yup, the others should do their own MV.
    they will! we believe in them! so lets pray. hahaa
    they’s not big bang if they can’t let us feel the big “bang” in them.

    hahaha.. the MV that took bebe’s pureness. kekeke..
    u fail to courrupt him gurl

  73. nya

    well i will stick to him no matter
    i wanna be his slave hahaa
    wife slave?? haha
    the kind that can’t escape from him no matter what… or sex slave??? hahah KINKY!!!!!!!!

    I’m his wife during the day
    at night~~~~ you never know hahah

    he did wear a white one gurl
    during the GREAT concert
    I DIED!!

  74. vi
    who want to come out???
    it’s love for God sake! hahaha..
    (sight.. we’re living in denial)

    BUHAHAHA… omg! kakaa..
    ur parents great! haha start making babies. kekeke
    i think i’ll end up being ur parents fan. kekeke

    aw.. just dinner.. poor u..
    u better plan out something interesting T.T which ur parents won’t think that u’re making babies.
    u’ll make one if u fly to Korea though.. hahaha
    thell u parents like that. kekee

    i MEAN u’re great as FANGURL
    OMG… i didn’t hide it!
    Tabi is great in bed. hahaha.. only wife could know that. kekeke

  75. nya

    no we’re not ahahaha
    at least i’m not
    R U? kekeke

    my parents are FAR from great
    just when I was about to type ur reply
    she fucking whammed on my door telling me to come out and do the dishes
    she say it’s already freaking midnight
    and the correct time is 9:50 PM
    stupid… T_T
    getting on my nerve

    i do’nt know it from experience
    i know it because i talk to you WAYYY too much HAHAH
    it’s a awsome world man hahaha

  76. vi
    u’ve died but u survive till now.
    what’ll u do if he do the white suits things once again???
    hahaha.. another dead moment!!

    sex slave.. too kinky gurl..
    u’re not legal enough!!! haha

  77. vi
    i will never get out!!! hubby…

    hahaha.. around 10 & its midnight. hahaha
    that’s what i mean by ur parents r great.

    kekeke.. i’m exposing my own hubby too much.

  78. lil sis in law
    ur right, Baby’s going to be in a movie next year. I’m getting excited for that.
    But then I hope he doesn’t injure himself too much again. We know he’ll give it his all even though he’s in deep pain.
    I think YG will let him do an mv soon…he looks really eager to do one.
    Wait. he really looks eager to do anything. hehehe. =)

  79. nya

    yeah, she stole baebae’s pureness, without baebae knowing it.
    Poor hubby.
    But I can console him in much better ways…hihihi.
    Tabi also got a “kiss” in Gummy’s MV, though it was only a camera trick.
    Think you can corrupt him now?Though I think he’s already corrupted, letting all those girls touch him in the Number 1 MV, and his part in the With U MV.
    tsk3..if he stars in his own mv you’ll be warding of a new number of fangirls for sure. =)

  80. kenley
    yup, he’ll warding a new number of fangurls, but i can’t help it.
    i wan tto see it too!!
    yup, that trick kiss. i’m so relieved.
    but i love it when Bong interview tabi that
    “do u enjoy it?”
    hubby.. i want to know ur answer!! hahaha
    u could so corrupt bebe gurl, anytime u want to. hahaa
    he’s ur hubby & he can’t go from u. hahaha

  81. the song seungri sang was used in a korean drama (korean version of the song)…can’t remember what drama it was, i think it was “I’m Sorry I Love You”
    i love you seungri

  82. nya

    the only way to know his answer is for you to corrupt him yourself.
    it’s much better to get an answer first hand.
    Baebae will be so corrupted if he stays with me all the time. I want him to stay a bit more pure so he has to spend time with the other boys too…though I’m not sure if he’ll be pure with bong around hehehe.
    Might as well teach him english instead for us to do other productive stuff…hehehe. =)

  83. man, baby’s voice is BEYOND HEAVEN!!!

  84. mrs. choi

    haha ur hubby need some damn exposing
    i need proof how great ur ….. is

  85. sis in law

    i saw one of the pic of him during movie
    and he was on the floor with both of hand tied behind his back
    hmmmmm….. wonder what this movie is about
    the title is “why do you come to my house?”

    trust me

  86. Sleeping problems in the elderly are more than likely to manifest in a particular pattern, depending on the health of the person, and the prescription drugs they may be taking for their health problems.The quality of their sleep may change considerably, either because of less demands on their energy as a result of retirement, or through illness.*

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