Fan Fiction Fandom CHALLENGE!!

HEY ALL!! =)

Announcement from Fan Fiction Fandom Page!! ^^

So, just in case you don’t know.
We are creating a challenge for fanfic writers =)
It’s so simple, just follow the following rules and regulations =D


Title : “HEAVEN”

Main Casts : BIGBANG [ doesn’t have to consist all of them =) Can also add OC’s or original characters or other artists as long as the story revolves around the boys, our BIGBANG ]


[ min 3 pages max 12 pages on WORD ]

Score based on ;

1. PLOT [ How the story goes , the whole point, etc ]

2. CREATIVITY [ How you use words, the flow, etc ]

3. Writing style [ Your writing style, well written / not ]

4. Appearance [ Posters, Text Fonts, Background. ] You can make them yourself, or request from poster maker sites =D that’s why we give you TIME =) but don’t worry too much, this point of score doesn’t affect too much. =)

5. Overall Enjoyment [ including grammar, words choice, and our amount of pleasure reading the story ]

Post your story on WINGLIN !

Don’t know how to use winglin?


fill in the blanks, and zap, your account is made .

Please register yourself to one of our e-mail accounts =)

you can e-mail either me, Queenie, and Kandie to our adds below..

kimvipbunnie / me =

Queenie :

Kandie :

Send us, your name or your screen name / author name.
Also send us the story link =)
I will update again when there are some changings =)
OH! and about the prize, well, it’s just a challenge for fun x)
the winners would get pride and a kiss from me, LMAO
LASTLY, happy writing and keep the registries in! xD

DEADLINE : We’re gonna give you 1 month. Until the end of November.

[ Since you need to prepare the APPEARANCE of your fanfic =) ]

-kimvipbunnie =) . kandie . queenie .


~ by kimvipbunnie on October 30, 2008.

18 Responses to “Fan Fiction Fandom CHALLENGE!!”

  1. What do you get if you win the challenge?

  2. ohh i cant wait to enter. it should be good fun. ^_^

  3. Do oyu mean 12 pages or 12 chapters? I’m confuse. How do we type 12 pages in winglin.

  4. Cool. I kind of dropped the fanfic I did a LONG time ago but since this is oneshot hopefully it will be easier xD

  5. I won’t be joining this time, so hopefully there’s going to be a next time.
    And will everyone be able to read everyone’s stories?
    I’d love to read everyone’s entries.
    And it’d be easy to do so since it’s just a one shot. x’D

  6. I’m considering doing this. I recently started writing fanfic again (Big Bang, of course, LOL) so this might be a good exercise.

  7. can i include other artists as the main
    for example yoobin, im a huge toobin fan:D

  8. @pia
    yes u can.. as long as it have something to do with BigBang (one of the main character) then yes

  9. Im answering the questions rand0mly here =3
    There will be no meaning prize, you’ll get the pride of winning and also well put your hall of fame of winning the first challenge xD
    And, what we mean with 12 pages is 12 pages in wORD .. =D and yes you can use anyone for your casts as long as biGBang is the main topic .. =D email me if there are any Qs .. We will put the links to the entries as so0n as theyre alL collected xD

  10. hah.. thanks kimmie!
    lots of people keep asking about what 3-12 pages means ==”

    why dont u edit this post and make some explanation maybe??
    oh and the registry number thingy too! ^^

    kandie 😀

  11. is there a deadline for this?

  12. omg!!! T.T too bad i can’t write perfect english ^^;;;; but i love to write T.T and i love BB <333

  13. so when we make our account we register it to one of your emails and then we have to email all 3 of you guys with our author name and link correct?

    also, what do you mean by “Add # FFF Challenge * [number of your entry] after the story tittle.” do you assign us a number? how would we know what number we are?

  14. @jiyonglover
    deadline will be informed later, meanwhile keep registering for your fanfic!! 🙂

    yes you could email 3 of us or just one of us then give the author name and the url.
    and as for the registry entry number thing, i’ll ask Kimmie about this cause I too dont really get it.. so just register first and make link then we’ll informed you later kay?

    Good Luck for those who have registering to this Challenge!! 😀


  15. ok im gonna write it tomoz but like u said i dont get da entry number thing…n wer do write FF?? nxt to da title??

  16. no no, I have updated and since the entry number and FFF after the tittle thing is complicated, LOL and confusing, let’s just make it more simple for the sake of all of us, LMAO LMAO xDD
    thanks for the participation and GOOD LUCK ALL ! xD

  17. what’s a winglin? lol
    *is n00b*

  18. Winglin is a site where you post FANFICS =)

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