Hanoi Meet & Greet


i’m super excited to announce a lil MEET & GREET that will take place in VIETNAM on behalf of some of the VIPz here & from BIGBANGVN.COM.

it’s gonna take place THIS WEEKEND, 11.02.08 in celebration of TOP’s BIRTHDAY! so those in VN, please join this & meet other VIPz in the area!!! ^__^

DATE: November 2nd, 2008
TIME: 1:30 PM – 5PM
PLACE: 15B Tong Dan, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
THAI LAI Restaurant, 5th Floor
COST: 40.000 VN Dong/person



credit: ncly


any questions, please drop a line or
email LITA @ kwonlitaisvip@gmail.com


~ by gdluvzmc on October 30, 2008.

86 Responses to “Hanoi Meet & Greet”

  1. awesome! Have fun VIPZ in VN!

  2. Hmm…. I want 2 go:(
    But have fun you all, who are going^^

  3. Lol,,
    i’m viet/chinees.
    butt i live in holland^^
    can’t come.
    have fun^^

  4. @ phung
    me too ๐Ÿ™‚
    i’m viet but i live also in Holland.

    i wish i could come =(

  5. how is it that so many viets live in holland?
    random indeed.

  6. @ gdluvzmc

    I didn’t know that either, but i know someone eles live in Holland too and he’s Viet…

    But I don’t think the population is that great, but yeah, that’s random…LOL! But I know in Finland, the population is like under 5 thousand…too little!

  7. I live in Pittsburgh -__-

  8. have fun, and know that i’m jealous of you viets :[

  9. Oh thanks gdluvzmc. I lead this party and hope everything gonna be okey. I’ll post the pics taken in the offline party here for all of you to see.

    I cant see the pics? ^^

  10. i live in sweden .. but if i’m come back to vietnam can’t still go .. i live in Saigon

  11. ** fixed. sorry about that. & yea, WIND, please take our logo along with you & take good pix ^_^

  12. aw gosh i’m jealous. i’m not going to VN until December :[
    lol have fun everyone that’s going! take lots of pics!

  13. HaHa, i’m vietnamese and from Germany ๐Ÿ˜€

    Was this summer in Hanoi. . . would like to come, but cant :(.

  14. @nina luv TY

    je kan me toevoegen op msn @ phungvien
    en dan hotmail enz. =]

  15. VN VIPs!
    i wish there was a meet & greet when i was in vietnam^^
    that would have been the best<33

    the two things i love the most:
    vietnam & big bang

    glad to know theres lots of BB fans in VN!

  16. aw poo
    now u guys wanna have the meet & greet there haha
    but ehh w/e, have fun ^^

  17. & i still don`t get the fact why i didn`t meet ANY vipz when i was in vn this summer ><

  18. ah! i’m in vietnam but i live all the way in saigon! D: if only there was one down here, then i could come, but i hope that you guys have fun! ^^

  19. awesome!
    another international meet! i hope this meeting will turn out successful like other meetings did! can’t wait to see pictures XD

  20. i’m vietnamese…but i can’t come since i live in texas ahaha ๐Ÿ˜› i wish though!

  21. grrr. i’m viet but i’m in maryland, usa ><
    you need to have one somewhere in MD or DC xD

  22. oh noooooo =[ I wish i could be there!!!=[ i’m only in vietnam on this december oh noooooo =[ i’m so sad now

  23. hahaaha look at all the viet pride.
    i won’t be in vietnam til the summer.
    boooooo texas people need to unite!

  24. i was in ho chi minh this summer, though i didn’t know any viet, it wouldve been weird if i met with other vips. have fun anyways!

  25. omg thx melly ><
    im so excited i can actualy help out with such an awesome project ^^

  26. OH F- NO MAN.
    Why he gotta go when I’m not there? LOL. Damn. The trip is so random [to me] and mind blowing.
    Butttt… it’s cool how he’s visiting a place that’s not very mainstream.

    I wonder how the weather is over there right now… I went during the summer and let me tell you, the place I was staying at, so hot. e_o

  27. ^ TOP’s not going there. it’s just a celebration among fans, =P

  28. I started reading the viet version and gave up and went to read teh english one instead half way through XD. My Vietnamese (reading and writign wise) is so bad, maybe it is
    cause I’m only a quarter Viet. Lol.

    Anyways back on topic. I wanna go to Vietnam now and share my BB love with my peoples. XD To bad I’m stuck in teh US.

    Too bad I’m on

  29. lol @viv, he’s not actually going to VN dear although that would be really cool .

    ANNIEEBAE! you live in Saigon? I’m going there in Dec :]

  30. I’m viet and i DONT live in holland!! i live in seattle, a happy caw-fee plaece!! XDDDD

  31. hahahah gosh gosh
    im Viet too
    but i only been to Ha Noi once
    i live in Lincoln, NE
    the smallest state and also a small city
    even if big bang tour around US they would never come to my state
    but i still support them anywayz!!

  32. oh my, it’s almost my hubby’s bday..what can i do? my gosh why is it in vietnam..it’s near but i just came from a vacation and i can’t afford to go to vietnam yet. kkk!

    anyway Melly i just noticed that BB fansite banner has been changed i’ve visited so many times these past few days but i haven’t noticed the changes and it pains me to see MA BOI hit aimee’s butt. hehehehe! anyway this banner looks really good kudos to the person who made it!

    BIG BANG for Life

  33. Im so glad to see there are many Viet fan of Big Bang around the world. In fact, in Vietnam, specially in Hanoi and HCM City, you can get the answer “YES’ easily when asking teenagers in the street “Do you like/know Big Bang?”. I’m sure that it’ll be more than a half people asked answer like this ^^

    And not only this time for T.O.P’s day, we’ve already celebrated TaeYang’s day and GD’s+BB’s 2nd Anni. and also decided to hold another party for SeungRi’s birthday.

    Love for BB spread around the world. Even though you, Viet, can’ come here to celebrate with us, hope that Nov.4th will be special day to you ^^

    Oh, there’s lot of rain in Hanoi. 100% it’ll rain this Sunday, I’m kinda sad T^T

  34. why is there so many vietnam vips?!
    i’m happy to hear that
    have fun vips in hanoi! ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. WOAH MAN! this meet and greet is sick man. it’s spreading everywhere. how exciting!!! have fun!!!
    wooh go VN!

  36. im viet…but im in cali
    well have fun!

  37. AHHH
    im a VN VIP too
    but gosh
    why do i have to live in AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. VN VIP here stuck in Melbourne. Have fun in Hanoi ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. wth why can’t I be viet lmao.

    I feel so alone, I wasn’t aware this site was like 99.9% VIETNAMESE FANS.



  40. oh wow in vietnam ? lol xD
    that’s very cool ๐Ÿ˜€
    im viet ,and i have never actually met
    a viet big bang fan :O or any other kind
    of big bang fan >_<

  41. LOL everyone’s all “I’m Viet but I live in ____ ” I didn’t realize there were so many Viets on this site! I’m half Viet :] Again, if only it’s in Dec when I’m visiting & in Saigon :[


  42. lol
    let’s all shout our viet pride lol

    hmm maybe next LA meet & greet should be eating pho & stuff xD

  43. LOL
    I’m non-viet but I actually live in Vietnam XXXD

  44. errr lol
    my english translation sucks haha
    @ kwonlitaisvip aka lita: hmm..you’re going yeah?…dunno if i should go or not…ah…novemeber 2nd….i’m not gonna be home i think :(…damn

  45. Lita, are you in Hanoi?

  46. omgggg it seems so fun T___T i wanna go to TOP’s party in Hanoi ='(
    lol~too bad i don’t live there *sigh*

  47. 2 Kwonlita + lcly: are 2 of U living in Hanoi now? you can see that it’s raining so hard T^T

    if you can join us, please let me know, I’m really happy that we can celebrate TOP party with other i-VIP!

  48. @ kimberly:
    lol yes, i’m in hanoi XD which is why i decided to promote this
    @ ha ji:
    i think i’ll come since i sort of promised photos, but i don’t have a camera, dayum.
    weaz was the one that told me about it, you know her?
    i’ll definately try to come ^^

  49. @ Lita: please call me thru MSN:habea2 or contact directly thru cell-fone: 0976110003. You’re in Hanoi so you know it’s raining so damnly hard, I’m afraid that if Sunday it still raiรก, we’ll have to delay the party and make another day.

    If luckily it stops raining, I wonder whether you find the place, or do you have any problem of coming there, maybe I can come to take you there, by motorbike ^^

  50. lol birthday party without owner

  51. omg Lita and Ha Ji[Wing], you girls are making me so jealous lol
    I miss Vietnam! and yeah isn’t it raining season in Ha Noi?
    I just looked at the address and noticed it’s in the Hoan Kiem area.
    aww how fun. you guys should have it at the park.. but yeah too bad it’s raining :[ lol @motorbike. how funn :]

  52. @hellocdw
    he’ll be there… in spirit.

  53. Too bad… I’m not going back 2 VN ’till 16 Nov… = =”

    Btw, there was one (REALLY!) big mistake in the translation : it will be held on 2nd Nov, not 11th Nov ^^ .. Hope that you guys won’t come on the wrong date, hehe.

    Have fun though ๐Ÿ™‚

    P/s: how many of you guys are boy ? Very little I guess, since I can’t find any other boy like Big Bang around = =”

  54. @ kimberly: yeah i live in saigon (: omg, that’s so cool that you get to come here in december! i don’t see much big bang fans here ): everyday going to school, i blast my big bang music from my ipod and people just look at me funny. oh and happy halloween to those living in the states, it was earth day here for me.

  55. i feel like eating pho…im hungry


  56. @annieebae; aw you’re so lucky you live in Vietnam. it’s getting so boring in California.. lol are you an international student over there?

  57. disregard the translation date & just pay attn to the BLUE words lol

  58. Have fun everyone!

    I want a TOP calendar. ๐Ÿ˜›

  59. Oh, but i see in HCM have another party for se7en and TOP’s birthday in 11th Nov.

    Who wanna come with us??

    I’m in HCM city now. I will give you more information if you like it.

  60. To my deep regret i must say that our party leaved because of HaNoi’s bad weather. I’ll communicate with everybody when our weather become better. Maybe our party’ll be held next week. I’m not sure.

    i’m so sad T^T” *cry cry*

  61. we sorry about the party should leave because weather too bad.The party ‘ll coming soon next week^^.Hope see everybody soon^^.

  62. aw i’m sorry you girls [&guys?] had to cancel!
    hope the weather gets better :]

  63. yah
    the weather’s horrible ><
    it’s flooded everywhere
    oh well
    we can find another day =]

  64. Saigon people should have a meet up now since their raining season is over.

  65. because of the weather become better (sunny) so we’re still hold party, but if it rains we will cancel the meeting, everyone to be at home (i don’t want to see anybody sick T^T) i wish tomorrow’ll sunny. Sorry everybody for this complexity

  66. weather seem like better until now^^.I hope tomorrow we will meet in the party^^.

  67. ohmygad it’s so sunny today~~~
    i think it’ll work ^^
    anyone live around to ngoc van, xom chua, dang thai mai? ><
    i don’t wanna go in a taxi alone lol
    (especially after the FT island MV)
    text 0913 237 240

  68. ok
    i think it’s most definately on
    i’m g2g to it in lyk 7 minutes by bus

  69. I don’t think its gonna get better
    It’s still raining like hell in my place
    And more seriously, the flood blocks my way out of the house

  70. oh sry about that lina ><
    but the meet just happened~
    i’ll write you a detailed expalnation of it melly =]
    and then i’ll wait for ppl to send me pics so you can put it up

  71. lol lita @ FT island taxi comment.

    but wow. i am taken aback by how fast everything went.
    how did everything go?

    yes, please send me details ^_^

  72. jeezus melly
    i went in a taxi alone today
    and he started speeding somewhere that didn’t look familiar
    i’m lyk
    but luckily he just went to the restaurant lol
    yush sry
    i’ll send you a detailed e-mail tomorrow after school when i hopefully have some pics ^^
    it was really fun
    lyk 20 ppl attended
    i didn’t understand 95% of it though cuz of language barriers lol
    but it was still really fun =]

  73. OMG!!! Thats why I kept asking you whether you knew what i was saying or not Lita.
    I’m so tired so I’ll try to write the content of the party 2morrow with some pics. Lita, even though you can only understand… 5% ( is that what I speak in Eng ^^ ), hope that you’ll have good memories of it.

    Due to the VERY HARD rain, there were only half of the expected guests could come. But we still have a warm party, unfortunately Lita couldnt stay until the end, YOU’RE ONE OF THE LUCKY PERSON who get the Subbed Vid of Documentary 7.

    But I dont think you can understand Viet-doc, so I’ll make another Engsub for you ^^

  74. OMG! i’m so happy you girls went and i’m so excited to see the pictures :]

  75. LOL its ok Ha Ji XD i could understand the important parts~ and everyone was really nice~
    yaaay subbed, omg thank you >< so nice
    @ kim: hehehehe thx for being hyper lol

  76. ^ lol yeah iono why i’m so excited there was a meet&greet in VN.
    Can’t wait to see the pics!! you girls must share, ok?

  77. hahaha np
    i sent melly the deets & pics
    i couldn’t open the pics though cuz rar doesn’t work on this laptop
    so i’m gonna wait for melly to post them up ^^

  78. ^ lita,
    i haven’t gotten anything from you!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  79. awesome!

  80. omg omg.. its rainin hard out back there in VN, Hanoi and uguys still came willingly *o*
    sobs thats so sweet
    i wanna c pixxxx too
    if i waz there, prolly would translate stuff in viets for u ‘kwonlitaisvip’.. Where chu from?

  81. @ kimberly: Yeah, I am (: I miss California~

    I can’t wait to see the pictures, haha. I can’t believe you guys went even though it was raining cats and dogs.

  82. ^@annieebae:
    Oh you’re from California?
    How did you end up in Vietnam? lol
    my aim is kimberlynx3
    yahoo: kimberlyn504
    hit up up! ๐Ÿ™‚

  83. i’m vietnamese, too, but unfortunately i live in germany. i nearly forced my cousine to go there for me -.-

  84. Im vietnamese but live in Denmark!

  85. tiec qua hom do mminh di hoc nen chang toi duoc.19/8/2009 to chuc ki niem ngay thanh lap bigbang vi dai cua minh ra doi chu nhi cac fan.hole hap

  86. whoot for viet pride. ahaha~

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