Melly Got A Surprise On Her Door…

**EDIT: a new banner for the special occasion that is CHOI SEUNG HYUN’s 21st BIRTHDAY! ^__^ CHU CHU CHU xD

haha. this is a random post. but if you wanna be entertained & hear my cute lil story for a bit, feel free to read on.

so, i’ve been having a bad couple of weeks.
HELL WEEK. all my midterms crammed into one week, EPIC FAILED them. but i’m working my butt off to make up for it.
SOMEONE COMPLAINED ABOUT ME MAKING NOISE. how stupid. i got a sound system to “properly listen” to BIG BANG music (lol) & i guess i was playing it too loud at 1AM & someone doesn’t have the balls to knock on my door & ask politely, but instead, complains downstairs & have ppl WRITE ME UP, & i had to meet with the RESIDENTIAL DIRECTOR to talk about my VIOLATION, & the CONSEQUENCES OF IT. i got a FORMAL WRITTEN WARNING, but it’s still gay. cuz it’s only music, but everything coulda been resolved if the person would just come & ask, but apparently they were “uncomfortable” & didn’t want to approach me. right, cuz i’m very scary….

ANYWAYZ. today, as i was making my way out my door to go to class, i saw from the reflection in my sunglasses something posted on my door. i turn & i found something posted there. it was pretty shocking.

yea, you can imagine my shock. it was THIS PICTURE, posted on my door:

it’s freakin YB, holding out PINK ROSES. look familiar? BASKIN ROBBINS VALENTINE SHOOT? gosh… i was super freaked out, cuz it was out of nowhere. so on the way down to class, i was giggling, but at the same time wondering who would do this….

as i walked back to my room thinking of potential people, i found something else on my door…


ok, look under the cut for the rest of the story. omg. xD


alright, i’m walking back to my door, & this is what i saw:

^ that’s my legit dorm room door. holy geez. what is this? i felt like i was in GDHEAVEN. lol. someone loves me enough to spam my door with BIG BANG LOVE.
(yes, that’s jiyong next to my name on the wall, with a origami flower i made. he’s my lover โค
& yea, i shouts my BIG BANG PRIDE for the entire hall to read & hear. shoot)

closer view:

^ it’s all 5 of the boyz, holding out flowers, FOR ME! xD super cheezed as i was, i went crazy & started jumping around screaming lol. it’s the cutest thing anyone’s ever done for me. i was like, super cheezed! it’s nicely taped in an orderly fashion too!

i thought i’d get clever & i decided to write a thank you note to my ‘secret admirer’ as ppl would say…

^ lol. can you read my handwriting? xD i went through a few drafts, & this was a favorite. yea, the person even printed out a group pic right down there xD

so, i started thinking of the possible suspects. i checked out the photo paper it was printed on, & i was reminded of the room across the hallway from me, with all these pix of HYORI & WONDER GIRLS -_- i pass it everyday as i take the stairs down to class, & i just … gahh. i don’t like it.

^ i do admire the colorfulness & HQ of the pix, but it’s the 2 combo of artists that i just don’t like. sorry, i like BB only ๐Ÿ˜› yea. ‘so hot!’ indeed -.-

but yea, the dudes in the room are super funny & kept making fun of me for liking BB when i’m not korean, but i asked 1 of em, & he said he doubted it was the guy i thought it was, my friend. but then the other one, who was korean & the dude who put up all those girl pix, i didn’t think it’d be him, cuz i thought he didn’t like me much cuz i kept cappin on his hyori/WG pix… so i asked my one friend, dragged him to my door, & he started laughing at my door, going ‘this is super clever & hilarious.’ but it wasn’t him! so we both were like it HAS to be the korean (his name is ED) but we both weren’t sure…

ED wasn’t in the dorms all day, but i had another class. so after i returned from my last class, i pass by his room & ED was in there, so i shouted & pointed at him while he was eating: “WAS IT YOU!?!?” & he was all cool about it like, “yea.”
& naturally, being me, i started freaking out & dashed into his room & started talking like a maniac.
i TOTALLY didn’t expect it to be him, cuz i honestly thought he didn’t like the fact that i didn’t like his wall of WG/hyori pix lol. but it was him, & i can’t thank him enough for making my day ^__^


there was a point where i thought the pix weren’t for me, but for my roomie, cuz she has this guy who’s crushing on her, but i highly doubted it, cuz the dude knew of my pronounced love for BIG BANG.

so i win. ^_^

& while i’m at it, i’ll show you what my room looks like.
it’s pretty messy.

^ i have the top bunk, & the first thing you see as you walk into my room is my shrine of BB stuff.
isn’t it awesome how the FIRST & LAST THING I SEE WHEN I WAKE UP/GO TO SLEEP IS BIG BANG?!?! lol my parents don’t like that at all. but hey, you don’t live in the dorms, i do. too bad i can’t do that at my home though ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

there’s a lot of lil pix on the wall of my hubby & my boyz <333

^ a look at my desk setup. pretty messy. sorry. but yea, that giant YB poster up above my head, it’s real inspiring, isn’t it? xD it’s a beautiful sight indeed.
notice YB KISSING BOSS on my desktop?!! xD jiyongie, don’t be mad, you’re always on my BG, it’s about time, someone else gets love <333

if you look carefully, there’s a bunch of lil stuff on my desk, including a cut out of hongki from ft island up there next to my printer o.o

sorry about my spazzing, but i hoped you enjoyed it ^__^

ucla baby. โค


~ by gdluvzmc on October 31, 2008.

155 Responses to “Melly Got A Surprise On Her Door…”

  1. GAH! GIVE ME THAT POSTER! ahahahahhahahaha
    i am gonna visit your dorm one day and take it out secretly LOL

  2. AWWWWW HOW CUTE! he”s so sweet! And I love your dorm! Dude, even I can’t post up BB stuff on my room *waaa

  3. awww.
    you should have took a pic of ed xD

  4. oww you must be too rich or something O_O’ i wanna take them all T_T you have a lot of things of BB plss give me a little of them X3 i fall in a though that im a very poorthing T_T’

  5. Friends are always friends. Sometimes they make us really surprised with the little caring thing, even they themselves dont know how much it means to us.

    I love the pics on your door, the poster that wake you up every morning, and YB’s image that give you… strength to learn ^^

    Love it!!

  6. Korean wave…
    on your dorm…
    and kudos to that Korean bloke,
    Maybe he intended to make your day.
    But, I’d post one BIG pic of BB in Baskin Robins photo shoot..
    that’ll be really surprising.
    Just wondring what are in your music list…
    “Music is my passion, but you’re my obsession”

  7. lol.
    take a pic of ED huh?
    he’s not a picture person. lol
    i don’t think he knows i’m telling everyone either xD

    oh yea

  8. Awwwww, that was seriously sweet!! haha. So lucky!
    I wish someone would give me a Big Bang surprise!
    My Korean friends also think its wierd how I love
    Big Bang and im not Korean..hahahaha!
    I agree! shouldve taken a pic of Ed…lolhahaha, hes so sweet!
    I love your BigBangified room!! its frikken awesome!
    Didju hang up Bebe socks too?! hahahaha I love it ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. WAH!!!
    I wish someone would put BB pictures on my door [but I’m living with my parents…not a chance…….]!!!!

    YOUR ROOM IS AMAMZING!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wish my room would lik that!!!
    But my parents aren’t allowing me to put posters on the wall…*chhhh*
    LOVED you giant Bebe poster!!!

  10. yea, i did hang up my YB socks.

    you can’t wear those. nu uhh xD

    yb doesn’t belong on your feet x]

  11. aww. how cute. i want someone to randomly
    surprise me with BB photos taped to my door.
    i’d go total spaztoid. haha.

    i absolutely love your room, besides all the
    LAKERS love. not a fan. sorry don’t kill me. xD

  12. mann ! looking at your dorm makes me want to live in a dorm LOL !
    well at least clean my room and deck it out all nice and stuff like your’s ehehe

  13. that’s adorable!!!!!!
    my room is so bare….
    all white ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  14. lool intresting story. love ur dorm! =]

  15. Wow,that’s so cool!!I can’t help saying awww~ until the end.<Wish there was any bb’s stuff in my country to buy*sigh*

  16. i want ur room…..
    so nice…
    argh… so jealous on u…
    every morning n nite also can see BB…


  17. aww thats cute
    Ed seems really nice><
    what a thoughtful thing to do ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I have that same printer!!

  19. @ohthethrill

    don’t worry, i won’t hate you.

    we’ll let the teams do the talking.

  20. Do you wear the hats or are they just decoration >.>?

  21. hahha..if i were you..i would have screamed crazily too..
    YEP i’m gonna declare in my blog and tell my secret admirer that
    ‘please stick bb’s pictures if u were to confess to me pls?’
    LOL~~~this is amazing hahaa~

    and your room? oh gosh…very good decoration..i will make my dorm this way next year ๐Ÿ˜€ hahahaa..YB’s poster is deadly sexy..i love it! and he kissing boss? i can imagine myself replacing that wallpaper with bong’s…yeah bong don’t get jealous ๐Ÿ˜€ and it is amazing that you can see the boys before you sleep and after you wake up hahaha

  22. ohmytian?
    i, like, can’t even confess to my parents my k-addiction or they’ll throw me in rehab and install security cameras in the house or something.
    your dorm is. what. heaven?

  23. omg that’s so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. omg XD
    I like it.
    erm it’s just messy XD
    omg hong ki?! ahhhhhh <3333
    errr lol XD, baseball caps! i like the blue one XD
    there’s like a whole of bigbang pics there
    err you should call it the

  25. LOL wowwww that mustve been spaztastic hahah XD so lucky!! does that guy like you a lot ehh? ๐Ÿ˜‰ sounds strange how he would suddenly do that for you haha XD omg your room is what i want mine to be like XDDD love the caps on the wall too!! ahaha indeed that poster IS inspiring ๐Ÿ˜› heheheeee have you kept them on your door?

  26. Wow, what a cool day you had!
    ps. apart from T.O.P and YB, i love HongKi too^^

  27. your room’s sweeeeeeeeeeet! i’m filled with jealousy now, with bigbang to cheer you up from a day of school, or wake up to bigbang, feeling oh so hyped up! hahaha, glad you shared it with us iVIPs, also serves as an exposure to what life is like in your country. :B

  28. awwww cute storyyyy=)

    LA LAKERS haha my fav. team lmao

  30. oh wow ur dorm is so cool.. i live in dorms too and mine is nothing like yours haha…
    anyway, that ed guy is so sweet to do all this for you..
    are u in college or still in school?

  31. omg; so cute!

  32. That’s so cool. That stinks that ur not allowed to hang stuff in your own room. My room has all these and posters of Asian artists. My mother told me I couldn’t hang them up but I did anyway and she doesn’t seem to care.

  33. Geez heheh how sweet!!!!!

    by the wayz HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! =]

  34. aww such a cute story and i love ur dorm lol thats so kool

    lol i remember how you met Monicakes XD i was in the same program as her
    dayum, i could’ve met you too XD

  36. omg!!!!ucla!!!! my friend goes there!!!!im at…koolio, dorms..ah, i remember those..haha..imma third year!!!!!yah…your room is crazy as heck..mine is not even that it though..

  37. i’m having a spazz attack here.
    not cuz of BB but because of your story.
    how cute that guy could be.
    i think he had a crush on you.

    i awww so many times thinking about your surprise seeing YB’s pic on your door.

  38. can i have your dorm please?

  39. I think that’s the cutest thing ever. Something little like that will totally make anyone’s day. That guy is a definite friend. Happy halloween dear and good luck on making up your grades:o)

  40. lol that is so nice of him!and the pictures look high quality :O

    just yesterday at the mall i went to this store and when i bought
    it i guess the girl knew i was a big bang fan since i was wearing one of the headscarf xD,and when she gave he receipt there was a big bang picture!it was one picture from the NII fall photo shoot.I starting squealing and jumping and saying that you over and over agian >_< lol

    are those pictures of big bang and dragon on that board always there ? lol i would never leave something like that out.somebody could steal it xD

    hahah and O_O ahh~~i need that huge poster of YB!and are those socks of YB ? heheh i have some hanging on my wall to!

    and ekekekkekeke your wallpaper xO that is just TO adorable .

  41. That’s so cute! Did you ever find out why he did it? O_O

  42. lol thanks for the comments guys. i chuckle at all of em.

    yea, i wear my hats, but nowadays since i’m working & i don’t have time to do my hair, i don’t want hat hair, so i don’t wear it often.

    i’m currently living in sproul hall @ ucla. come visit me!

    i do have a lot of big bang stuff, but i can tell you, it’s def not enough.

    OH YEA! the GREAT DVD is on my desk next to my comp. dunno if u can see that lol

    my room is very decorative. i had an idea of how i wanted it to be before i even moved in. i was prepared lol.

    it seems like i like yb cuz of all the stuff i had, but JUST YOU WAIT. kwon jiyong, when you start your solo stuff, i won’t even HAVE room for stuff…

    the thing is, ED has a gf, & i have no idea why he would do it. i just thought it was super funny & cute at the same time.
    i’m sure he doesn’t like me that way but it was a very nice & sincere gesture, & i am grateful for it, cuz my door is super decorative now.

    those pix stay outside indefinitely. no one would DARE touch em.

    i’d go on a rampage.

  43. OMG
    your room is ADORABLE!!
    I LOVE IT!!
    and wow
    you’re so lucky……
    it’s like a dream!!!!
    he’s such a nice guy !!!

  44. gaah! oh my gosh, i would be like, spazzing out.. then freaking out… then just dead. ^_~ rofl

    ur room is kinda like the inside of my locker, haha… except mine’s all big bang. i have this nice pic of big bang, then a white board, then a pic of top, and seung ri ^_^, then a mirror and this picture i maede thats really small and sez, ‘haru haru’ but in the korean symbols, and drawn in gold and silver ^_^.
    im planning of maeking one that sez heaven in the korean symbols.

    and dont forget my hands. every day this week, i wrote on my hands, ‘BIG BANG!’ and some korean symbols for the songs… and some hearts… and my knuckes read, ‘big<3bang’ kekeke

    gee, im so random~~ but its a gift ^_^

  45. awwwwwww!
    thats so nice~ shout out your BB love to everyone! lol
    your room is so awesome! are you in college? dangg. lol

  46. wah ~~~
    my room is also like yours, melly !!
    ALL BB’s picture/posture in the wall !! : D

    BB LOVE^^

  47. I wanna have that big Baebae poster!!! gaaah!!! =)
    I love that picture of Boss and Baebae too melly! It’s my current YM avatar…they look so cute…=)
    that’s nice of Ed, sticking out the pic of the boys holding flowers….how sweet…it would have surely made my day too. =)
    Spread out BB love to all! I love how you shout it out in your dorm. Nice room by the way. It’s not that messy, love how it’s colorful and all. =)

  48. oh mah gah so cute!

  49. ok i feel like buying loads of BB posters now

    or maybe start shouting around in sch about BB so that sumone wld do it for me too ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. omg!!! i love your room!! BB fever!! haha..and tae kissing the dog..aww so cute!!

    that was so nice of him to put up those pics thou..aww..wish i could do that here..but im the only one who knows about BB in my family..wahaha XD

  51. i must say i like wonder and them are on the same level to me..:)

  52. what a nice guy…is he cute? lol

  53. OMGG MELLY, where did you find that picture of YB kissing boss??
    i love it!

  54. HAHAHA! My dorm kinda looks like that too except I have Rain “towels”, a BB Global Warming Tour poster, a 2pac poster, and a Super Junior poster with a pic of Hankyung and a pic of Key on my ceiling…then I have other pics of Hankyung and Key on my closet door, and one pic of Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl. LOL, CUTE STORY!!!!!!!!!

  55. OMG! your room is amazing!! ^^
    and a really nice story ^^
    thanks 4 sharing ^^

  56. this is such a cute story! maybe that Korean guy doesn’t JUST like wg and hyori if you get my drift haha ๐Ÿ˜‰

    can you tell me where you got your desktop background? I WANT TO USE IT FOR MY LAPTOP LOL

  57. omg thats halarious and very entertaining, i wish i had friends that did that for me…its too bad no one really knows who big bang is around here lol actually i havent made people very aware im Big Bang maybe thats why i dont received pictures on my door…ack lol…love ur room girl..i LOVE all the YB-ness…and my desktop is a pic of YB kissing BOSS too!!! – great minds think alike LOL…

    heres the link

  58. awww that’s adorable!!

    i agree w/ Nico, who posted above me-> where did you get the background? i wanna use it too! ๐Ÿ˜€

  59. Dat is the sweetest thing ever!!!I’m glad that made ur day!By the way, I love ur dorm,so Big Bang-ISH,ahahahah!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN BIG BANG VIPz!!!!!Be Safe!!!

  60. awww that was so cute ;3
    ur room looks AWESOME!!! its like pimped up with BB stuff!!

    happy halloween

    i’m so envious of you~ ^^
    ahh what a sweet guy

    soooo lucky :]
    OMG i have the same
    wallpaper on
    my computer hehe =D

  63. im sooo stealling flower picture 4rm u!!
    i dont have those poc
    can some one give me the link to it??

  64. LOL that’s pretty cool. Lucky you.

    … But I’m actually a HUGE fan of both Hyori and WG. They’re my favourite females acts in Korea. lol…

  65. aaaw. you have a sweet friend ^^
    haha. wow you even put the socks on your wall?
    i like wearing my YB socks when i go to sleep ^^

  66. LMAO that so funny how he was like “yea” so cooly ahah you have awesome neighbors!! i wish someone would do that for me!!! and i love your room so much!!!! i want those hats!

  67. that’s like the sweetest thing i’ve ever heard related to big bang. my guy friends don’t like big bang and they don’t know why i like them. -___- i wish someone would do that for me. T_T not even a chance because i’ll be going to college near my house so i’ll be living at home all the time. how gay.

  68. OMG!!!
    sooo cute!!!

    and your room
    dang I wish mine’s had half the stuff yours has
    it’s empty >.<
    anyways hope all those bad things go away
    you gotta go party today to celebrate or somethin

  69. aw, that’s so cute! โค i remember when my friends over here in rez started blaring ‘lies’ outside of my room when i was upset with something a friend of mine did. and ‘haru haru’ was after it. i love people knowing how much i love these boys. โค

  70. sweetsorrow, thank you so much!!! i โค taeyang XD

  71. Ah omg, that’s soo cool!
    ahaha funny. OMG i would of spazzed out too.
    Happy Halloween =]

  72. is that a sierra vista varsity letter???!!

  73. l0l!~~ was great readin’ this^^.
    soo nice!~~ I actually was realli tired..
    cuz last night I just slept for 3hours ><
    becuz of my tests and an english presentation that I had to finish it..
    but now.. after readin’ I just feel.. awake agaiNn..!~~

    i cant even find a poster in canada… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  75. stumbled on this blog XD

    but that’s SO CUTE HAHAHA…and YUSH UCLA<333333 i’m so jealous you’re in sproul hall XD i went to visit my friend’s room there it’s SO AWESOME. love the remodeling; i’m in rieber vista; love my room tho XD

  76. That really is too sweet. Niice neighbors. haha

  77. Do I see YB socks? I am so getting them all for Christmas.
    Love your wall and your door.

  78. If only I had those posters I only havee on DBSK poster and it’s next to my bed.If I got a surprise I’d scream and run around saying ,”I GOT A SUPRISE I GOT A SURPRISE!” Yea, I’m a wierdo and my DBSK poster won’t be lonely it’s gonna have a friend soon!

  79. does anybody have the links to these pictures? thanks ! (:

  80. aww that korean dude is soo nice ^^
    he must be crushing on you xD
    & i love your BB wall of stuff. its awesome.

  81. Aww! That was just sweet of him to do!! I wonder why he did it! x]
    If that happened to me, it would make my day too! >.<

    UCLA?? I have a cousin that goes there. =]

  82. DANGG
    your room is amazing !!!
    can i bunk with you? XDDD
    but you’ll be spammed with daesung stuff ๐Ÿ˜ก

  83. AWWW that’s pretty cute !

    now i wish i could go to college and get a dorm
    so i could decorate my room like that. aah, i wish (x
    i like your room. bwuaha. that’s one cute desktop !


  85. lol โค

    ED is not my neighbor. he lives on the other side of the hall, on the other end of the building. pretty damn far.

    yea, that’s a SIERRA VISTA VARSITY letter.

    that’s svhs from baldwin park, ca ^_^

  86. haha, that’s funny… i use to go to SV.

  87. ^
    wait, ur from BP?

  88. Aww I wish that would happen to me. :3
    Such nice neighbors~

    And I love that poster on your ceiling. ^^

  89. i don’t live there anymore. i graduated a loonggg time ago but my younger sibling and cousin are prolly closer to your grad year. actually, i just asked my sis and she recognized one of the tiny pics posted up in your room.

  90. hey do you guys know where to get those pictures? and or the links ? thanks ! XD its so sweet that he did that for you

  91. OMG u go to UCLA! ahhhhh soooo awesome! aww u loser u dont like wondergirls…haha bigbang is still โค though. my dorm will have like crazy bigbang (daesung) and wondergirls. haha

  92. @ g: who are you?

  93. @ annie: you can see the pix @ the baskin robbins gallery on the sidebar

  94. @ ivan.
    i’m gonna pretend like i didn’t see that you just called me a loser.

  95. awwww that was so cute,same thing for me i have this whole entire wall dedicated to BB in my room..awww i have the same Bae picture as a background on my laptop…

  96. :O
    <3<3<3 your bb-fied wall.

    and your sproul room is sooooooooooooo nice, with your entire wall of tacking-goodness.

    …too bad i only get a tiny 2 inch thick tacking-space up @ hedrick…DX

  97. OMG I wanted to buy and BB poster and post it on my ceiling too!
    I see clever minds think alike. I’d like to see them before and after I sleep.

  98. LOL
    i can’t believe there’s peeps from UCLA who check this site out..
    AYO HIT ME UP! lol

  99. aww… the new banner..
    for hubby’s bday! thanks so much!!
    its so cute..
    i love the CHU part & Tabi holding that “Happy bday to me”

  100. aweee.. that was soo cute what he did :DD
    omgg.. i wish that someone would do that for mee..
    looks like that guy is crushing on you ;]


  101. omg i want that pic of YB kissing boss~~~~ send me~~ please~~

  102. OMG I just died and came back
    that banner is HOT!!!

  103. i knew you would like it ^_^

  104. OMGAWH!
    thats so sweet of him to do for you x)
    i want those HQ pictures!
    && all those posters of our beloved BIG BANG! haha ~
    your so lucky —

  105. Haha cute story! My best friend who introduced me to BB goes to UCLA too o_o.
    ๐Ÿ™‚ Loving the new banner! Does anyone have the link to the picture that’s in between the With U pics? The one with TOP in pink shades. Thanks in advance!!

  106. what a funny story ^^ lol maybe that guyis feeling something 4 you ๐Ÿ˜‰ hahaha

  107. that was pretty sweet i never knew someone could experience that much big bang in one day. and life ain’t fair coz you’ve got Bebe on your wall and i dont. =( but my parents would prolly disagree me having a half naked buff dude on my wall hehehe

  108. lol i agree with Mariale !!!

    that was too cute story ! worth for posting :: D

    aww i want a surprise like that too !

  109. toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo notty

  110. WAHHHH so lucky!!!! .>..< but yeah! wait im confused…is ED the guys who has all the Hyori and WG pics posted up or…what?? LOL confused@_@

  111. ^ yea, he lives in that room.

  112. Big Seung Hyun looks always good in a suit. =)
    But I know a lot of his fangirls would want to see him in his birthday suit…hehehehe. *just kidding*
    Happy Birthday Mr. Choi Seung Hyun! Hurrah to all November babies out there. =)

  113. lucky u…hehe…i haf a poster of Gdragon up on my wall too..surrounded by the other big bang posters…hehe…my mom hated it…but i told her if u dont like it dun come in my room..heheh…and she did as told…haha

  114. awesome banner ^^

  115. wow your dorm is sooo awesome!
    loven the new banner!
    can’t wait till TOP’s B-date! โค

  116. OMG, this is pretty much the most awesome thing I’ve heard all day. I think I would cry from happiness if someone did that for me. I just love the fact that it wasn’t just Big Bang pictures… it’s Big Bang holding FLOWERS. That simply melts my heart lol. I’m so happy this happened to you! Thanks for sharing. That guy is really nice to have done that.

  117. Nice banner.. Good job!
    โค T.O.P

  118. Aww, that’s so cute.
    Wow, your dorm is totally pimped out in BB stuff.
    I’m going to college this upcoming year…haha, I wanna do that too.

  119. AHHHHHHHHH! Nice decoration you have there in your dorm!
    I’d like to see Big bang when i sleep and when i wake up!
    The guy is really nice and sweet to have done that for you.

  120. uhuu))))its really nice story i’ve ever heard)))

  121. awww that was a sweet story..
    you’re so lucky! haha.
    and I love your room ๐Ÿ˜€

  122. I want the same, but not especially on my door. Wow, awesome.
    Beautiful story. ;>)

  123. omy gawd. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    your room is like heaven.

  124. OMGGG..u go to UCLA?! i live in SPROUL! where do u live?!

  125. LOL 3rd floor!

    ** of sproul.
    wow. do i know you?

  126. Oh, that’s a super cute story! It was really nice of him to do that for you. Lol, I’m glad it was someone you knew and not some creepy stalker. He gets props from me for liking WG and Hyori though – I think they’re kind of cool.
    Lol, it’s cool to see how you decked out your room with Bb stuff. Yes, proclaim your BB love to the world! Ha, continue to have a nice day! Oh, and thanks for the banner reminder – I can’t believe I almost forgot my oppa’s birthday!

  127. lol what does chu mean?

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the banner~ TOP is gorgeouss

  128. oh that ED guy is so nice to put up those pics!!!
    i’d hug him and tell him he made my day!
    maybe he likes you?

    loving the bb shrine you have going there

  129. TOO CUTE! thanks for sharing the story with us.

  130. love your dorm. ahhhhh i have no posters of bb. gahhhh omg im a horrible bb fan *sniff sniff i will proceed to bug my parents on getting me those posters and cds.

  131. WHOAAAA thats soo kool, mannn your dorm is soo cuteee!
    you shud show big bang man.

  132. I want your wallpaper!!!

  133. and i also want BEBE to give me flowers! =]

  134. that’s nice of him ๐Ÿ˜€
    taeyang !!!!!
    even more cuter is that it is the pictures of them
    with flowers ๐Ÿ˜€

  135. ohman.. ure in UCLA? i wanted to go there for exchange next year, but my grades wasnt good enuf to get me a slot there, so im going to hong kong instead.. anw.. i see a big YB poster! hahah

  136. o.O i love ur room!

    …btw, where did you get the big bang posters?
    o.O i’d kill to wake up and see Ji Yong and the boys everyday!

  137. i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

  138. i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! your room, its so colorful and stuff.
    I need to buy a labtop and a printer and just start printing out bigbang things.
    but i think that is so cute how he just did that for you.
    i wonder how he got those pictures up so fast..
    i love the part where you just pointed at him and said “was it you” and he just replied with a cool “yes” lol, totally awesome..

    P.S, digging that Taeyang poster~! love it.
    Also love that guys dorm room’s wall. though i only like one of 2 of the wonder girls its okay. lee hyori i didn’t like for years but for the past 2 years she’s been doing okay for me.

    Thanks for sharing your day with us. it was funny..


  139. there’s the postcard i sent underneath the printer. BOSTON BABY! it was along the charles river i believe, gorgeous ain’t it ? indeed it is lmao

  140. I seriously can’t believe you’re a UCLA student! What the helL?!!? Bruin pride! I live in Sproul 6th floor…do you know anyone on there? I’m a super busy second year so I’m not on the floor a lot and when I’m there, I pretty much only talk to my RA, Betty. This is so weird. If there are other people, let’s do a meet up and get dinner at Covel or something.

    Wouldn’t it be freaky if we were in some of the same classes? South campus or north campus? ๐Ÿ™‚

    (P.S. Aw…do you hate the Wonder Girls? I have their pictures up in my room too. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ )

  141. LOL


    sproul hall 3rd floor. room 381.

    i don’t HATE WG persay, i just don’t mehh. you know?
    it’s cuz all their songs are made to get stuck in your head, & that’s not my kinda music.

    2nd yr @ ucla, SOUTH CAMPUS YO! pshhh.

    but yea, you can drop a line @ my door, i’m “busy” with… “things” yea. bb has taken over my life essentially.

    i know a bunch of ppl all over the place, cuz my friends are SL’s of the building.

  142. Wow I’m very jealous
    I wish I had someone to
    stick bb pictures on my doorr =)
    ha ha and fo shure we need a pic of Ed =)

  143. yeah, ur room is nice.. i wish i could live in a dorm n live with nice ppl like your story

  144. SOUTH CAMPPPPPPUS….yeah we’re all just a bunch of premeds/engineers who can’t get a break from school ever. i’m seriously dying this quarter because i’m taking LS 4, math 3C, and CHEM 14D.

    anyhow, you know how you have those meet and greets on here? can’t we organize like a LA (better yet UCLA?) one? it seems like we have enough people…..i think.

    and i have nothing against you since i totally agree WG is about catchy music. (and i just happen to be a sucker for a catchy beat)

    my mom disapproves of me putting that YB picture up…
    i had it as my background for my computer too ! ^^;

  146. @ choram.
    find me on facebook.
    i was considering having another LA meet, more specifically a UCLA one & then just an LA one.
    probably in 2 weeks on a friday night.
    when twilight comes out.
    we could chill for a bit, eat, then head out to catch a movie. that’s my plan.

    i’m taking math 3c too!
    do u have enderton? or the other teacher?
    yea, this year is gonna stink for me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    study buddies ^_^

  147. i’m jealous woman~!


  149. omg melly!!! im so glad someone took the time to do something so sweet to make u forget about school for a while
    this is TOO cute! …is HE cute? LOL

  150. heyyyy….we both like big bang even if we’re not koreans…but well, its not a big deal anyway, big bang is so great…. I love everything about them… their music, fashion, and duh— thier looks ofcourse…I so love GD he si so cute… he is my knight in shining hoodies… I love the way he raps, sings, and dress up…
    I could also tell that other BB mmbers are too…to make it fair…BIG BANG IS THE BESTโ™ฅ

  151. I love how your dorm is filled with Big Bang = ] I might start doing that.

  152. i want posters of BIG BANG to decorate my room with! D:

  153. ughh…..i wish i had a decked out BB room.
    Which reminds me, I need to get a decked out BB locker.

  154. Gosh!!!ur sooo lucky!!!n ur room is GDliciously awesome!!can u please tell me where u got the pic of TY kissing Boss??i want it bad…will love you 4ever

  155. aaaaw that’s such a nice story!! u’re so lucky ๐Ÿ˜€ i want to print out pics of BB to hang in my room, but when my printer prints it the colors come out funny ): lol

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