NUMBER 1 Fancam | New NII Pictures | Bong Concert Stalker Pics | On set of NUMBER 1 MV

AHH!! Finally, get to see the whole NUMBER 1 Performance!!

Thanks to 렌루
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haha ‘CAN YOU FEEL THIS?’ then Bong kneeled out… with his hand out.. look like he was ‘feelin’ something keke love it. I’m not surprised that Bong came out with Sam’s cousin… he’s the fuzziest of them all, I like how all of them are wearing different color haha, so colorful indeed, Tabi in hotpink, Baby in yellow, Dae in blue, Bae in green…. and Bong…. he just have to be special and waer black. FINALLY GET TO SEE THE WHOLE CHOREOGRAPHY!! I’ve been dying to see it, Shaun never let us down, it look freaking awsome, and i love the pelvis thrust hehehe and the part where the lady walked out, and they all did the ‘Aimee & YB’ dance together, which look freaking amazing, during the whole thing i was like ‘IS BAE GONNA DO IT????’ and of course HE DID… it wasn’t a quickly hard slap like in the MV, it was more like a ‘slap-lightly-then-take-a-good-look-at-it’ kind of slap hahahaha. Though Bae is the one getting all the attention haha, I can’t take my eyes off of Baby man, his moves were just… WHOA~ I love it when he bust a move… you have no idea.. I’m just DAZED~~~ whenever he does it.

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Bong stalker pic at the concert, whew~ he be looking fineeeee~ but I wanna see some Baby stalker pic real bad though…dang lately… I’m ALL about Baby… Bong is loosing his touch? hahaha. jk Bong, you know I always love cuz you’re MY BONGIE!!

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NII finally reveal some of the NII winter pictures…. WHEW~~~~~ lovin’ it, I like this one the best, where they standing all frozen in the corner but yet look SO SO HOT. I wanna squeeze in between so they can keep me warm during the winter kekeke. The individual pics are the ones we’ve seen in the preview from before and new one, Tabi look just like a robot haha his expression cracked me up big time, then there’s Bong with his side profile… which… KILLS…. man… you have NO IDEA… did I say Bong lost his touch??? heck naw man, IT’S BACK!!!! hahahah

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On set pictures from the shooting of NUMBER 1 MV. Bae look sexy in that picture… OH MAI MAI!!!!! Bong was holding onto a puppy, I think it’s fake, cuz if it’s real then he would suffocate that poor thing badly. Though Baby was in a club, he still have his innocent cute face on, doesn’t matter that there’s hundreds of nunas around, Baby is STRONG man, and Dae.. haha his clubbing face doesn’t look NOTHING like it was in the MV keke and our Tabi be looking fine and FLAWLESS in his hot ride…. and dang he have REALLY good skin. ANY WIFEY OUT THERE JEALOUS??


and also, BABY BONG CLIPS!!! he’s so freaking cute!! I wanna date this 12 years old so badly!!!!

10.29.08 Nagoya Concert: BONG STALKER PICS

He did that hand-lip thing again…he knows those just kills me… like… XD

and also the signature move.

NII Winter Photoshoot

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Thanks to bigbangpop | 코끼리님 | さくら7/님


10.24.02 Special Showing
YG Family: Fly Gentlemen Performance
44 MB

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“Shake your bootie, I’m look-look-looking!” .

09.14.01 Mnet Special Showing
Perry: Storm ft. GDragon
34 MB

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~ by Vicky on October 31, 2008.

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  1. yes!!! i love it!!!
    u peeps rock!

  2. where us daesung’s picture?

  3. bronxbaby101

    i’m not sure
    they didn’t release his pictures
    but there’s a preview release of him that i posted a while back

  4. yush!been waiting for this for ages.

  5. OMG!YB you did it again lol.

  6. love love love love big bang!!!

  7. omg did YB seriously just smack her butt and then stare for a full 5 seconds…OH NO HE DIDNT…i gasped when i saw that…omo i loved what SR was wearing for the perf, he looked so much older like a very polished college student or soemthing lol very classy…i loveeee the choreo…its NUMBER 1 lolz…NII pics are sexy as usual!!

  8. sexYBeast

    now you KNOW… he did some practicing HAHAHAH

  9. sweetsorrow

    I was expect it to happen but never knew he would stare at it
    when I was did, I was clapping my hand, yelling and screaming, and laughing like an idiot HAHA it’s too awsome kekeke

    OH I KNOW~
    i never seen him wear yellow before
    and it look good on him
    even from far away
    Baby is GOD haha

  10. uuuuuuuuuu… it was super hot when baby did his part when yb was singing ‘girl i love ur style love ur smile’
    the way he moved his hips…. aaaahh heaven…..

  11. vi
    how could Bong lose his touch? keke
    he always have his touch! that prove u! hahaa..

    why hubby pic so looks like a statue? but a hot statue! kyaaaa…
    hubby never fails to surprise me.
    aw.. his pics in that car!!!
    hubby marry me!!!

    tabi = love = pink
    i’m in all pink now! color for today
    PINK hehehe

  12. So Cute,all of them. Is GD holding a puppy?

  13. awww i woulda totally date bong as a 12 year old! lol

    the number 1 dance is HOTT.
    babys yellow shirt was so adorablee and i love TOP when he wears pink!





    *has a heart attack and falls onto floor in uncontrollable shakes*

    Pelvic thrusttttttt.

    *rewatches a thousand times*

  15. wanie-chan

    haha you just give me another reason to watch it the video again haha
    can’t get enough

    i know what ur talking about
    the way he move
    damn….. so freaking smooth
    we never know HOW
    but he just does… DAMN.

  16. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh so so so cuteeeeeeeeeee XDDDDDDDDDDD

    … i cant watch the number 1 thing though… ; _ ;

  17. nya

    hahah i was worry for a minute there keke
    cuz I thought he did but of course not,
    it’s BONG for god’s sake!!!!!

    though Baby is beating Bong by the whole MILE these days
    loosing SOME touch? maybe??

    haha he just look frozen
    like one of those wax figures kinda of don’t u think? keke

    hubby marry me..
    what kind of a question is that?
    isn’t he already ur hubby? haha

    isn’t it morning where u live right now?
    it’s still halloween night over here where I live and me and my friends are GAMBLING!! hahah
    we got bored of scaring kids so we start playing cards
    and i’m winning so far, all the games, these losers think they can beat me hahaha
    i even got time to mess around on my laptop
    prove how slow they are

  18. Aoi_LuvsTOP

    in his arm
    but i don’t think it’s real
    probably a stuffed animal
    if it’s real he would killed it by the way he was holding it
    and we all know Bong’s a dog luver
    he would never do that haha

  19. Jini

    i can ‘SHOW’ him the world hahahaha

    did u see the way Baby move?????/
    holy damn…
    he make it seem like the stage was made out of jelly
    he way he slide and move
    this is what one of those moments where I fall in love more and more, deeper and deeper
    cuz i realize how effin talented our boy is.

    Tabi do look good in pink
    but i try to keep talking about his hotness to a minimum level [someone’s out there to get me if i do something i shouldn’t do haha]

  20. I freaken love the last pic of TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Holy Mother of God!!! Forgive me for using the Lord’s name in vane. But can you blame me??? That’s one HQ fancam. I can’t stop watching that thing over and over again. The song is even hotter with the choreography. I’m really lovin’ the choreography. I’m totally learning the steps to this one. Their moves are smooth like butter, but I can’t take my eyes off DaeDae. OMG his moves look extra smoothsexytastic. Hahahaha!!! I love maknae’s yellow vest and TOP’s black/pink outfit. Did you catch GD’s acrobatic moves? Omo-na…move that body Jiyong!!!

    Yo I need to watch this one more time.

  22. I freaken love the last pic of TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just love what theyre WEARING in the Number 1 performance!!
    So dayum HOT!!!!

    They all be looking good in the NII Photoshoot!!!

    Number 1 MV pics ae seriously cute!!!I love them!

  23. waahhh soo hawwtt XDD omg tae yangg >..<

  24. omgod i love them they’re so hot<3333333

  25. Bong looks amazing in the pic from the Number 1 MV. I mean, everyone looked great but like, he was so pretty with the little “O HAI THERE” face. I think it’s the hair. I miss seeing hair on the side of his head. Daesung’s hair looks good too. And YB’s.

    Now, the Number 1 performance… Sam’s cousin is having a little rave party and dragging his owner along with it.
    I love TOP in pink. He always looks good in pink. I don’t even mind that he looks funny dancing in it and that he happens to look like a pimp, because he pulls off pink so freaking well.
    My little sister was disappointed when she saw the pelvic thrusts (she has a fetish?). She says they are nothing compared to Super Junior… >.>

  26. ahh that was a great perf(as always xD)
    YB must have felt really akward when doing at smak O_O
    lol and what does people mean with holding a puppy? are
    you guys joking about sams hat of him holding a puppy in it ?__?
    xD lol.
    those single NII photos are HOT.there is no Dae,and 2 YB? 😦

    12 year old bong O_O so freakin cute xD

  27. oh wait nvm I was looking at the stalker cam pictures
    agian and saw it xD it looks fake… >_<

    oh yeah,the last stalker pic that Bong is wearing is the
    shirt hoodie good that they are selling ?_?
    if yes,OMG that is so HOT XP

  28. vi
    its Bong gurl!
    how come he lose his touch?? well, he maybe lose to baby..
    its depend on individuals opinion. kekeke…
    that pics prove that u worried for nothing. that’s the last thing u should worry about. keke

    baby witht that white jacket, do u think u could say that he’s losing his touch??
    aww.. that cute little brother..

    BUHAHAHA.. wax figure!
    of course he is! he just looks like the same.
    i scroll again to the top & i can’t stop laughting now. hahaha..
    hubby pics kills >.<

    we have’nt sign the paper yet.
    but we’ve claim each other as hubby & wife.
    marry me already hunny.. tough i know u’re busy with ur work..

    OMG! Hallowen! haha.. great job vi!
    beat them all up! haha.. playing cards & gambling? that sound fun too. but i prefer scaring the kids.
    we (me & my friends) usually play card & the one who lose in every round should strip one of the cloch she had.
    we could do this because we’re all gurls & that’s freaking funny!
    & we’ won’t stop till we got someone’s in her underwear! hahaha..

    i spent my halloween night as a backing vocal in a party.
    i mostly lost my voice now. i sang & screamed too much last night.
    the party started from 7pm till 11pm i think..
    we sing for abaout 3 whole hours.. i have sore throat now.
    my sister laugh at me & she say that i have a sexier voice like this. she always blame me for making too much noise when i watch our boys vid T_T

  29. just realized…
    where’s DS’s solo photo in NII photos????


    isn’t that messed up.

    He’s always skimmed over, I hate it so much.

    But I was Doraemon for halloween

    “sexy” doraemon.

    So I’ve upped the daesung factor at school hahaha.

  31. circustricks03

    even if we knoe the steps no one can pull it off like they do
    you see that?
    holy dang~

    haha acrobatic move??
    what does a acrobatic move look like ?

  32. Maryam

    i know right, when I first saw his mohican
    I was like ‘no~’
    but now that is gone…. I MISS IT… so so much

    keke Sam’s cousin wear the pants in this relationship keke
    now we know…..

    these boys can pulled off pink really well
    all of them
    …. or maybe it’s just us fangirls kekeke

  33. kohjidmal

    haha i wonder what he did when they do rehearsal and stuff
    cuz i know they practice each song like millions of time before they perform it
    so……maybe he have MANY practice on that… keke
    feel so awkward thinking about it HAHAH

  34. kohjidmal

    yea~ the black/colorful hoodie is the official concert goodies they were selling
    hopefully there will be some leftovers for us to order online
    i want one like BADLY

  35. nya

    haha of course i was talking about myself keke
    Baby win big this time round.

    Baby NEVER loses his touch
    hahaha not to me at least kekek
    u know why??
    cuz i’m his wifey hahaha

    seee?? what did I tell u
    he cracked me up the first time I saw the pic
    though he look hot, still funny to me keke

    screw the damn paper haha
    who remember about signing that thing anyway
    just make it official by GETTIN’ IT ON~

    we did scare kids, but we got bored since all of them keep running away,
    we’re watching a movie right now
    ‘Rush Hour 3’
    have u seen it
    it’s hilarious HAHA
    my fave combination, chinese + black + kungfu + and funny accent hahahahaha

    that’s strip poker gurl haha
    last time we played, whoever lose have to drink a shot of beer,
    but since my parents are home today we can’t do that
    so we play by kneeling on the floor, and the damn floor can be PAINFUL sometimes
    i remember when i was little i kneeled for so long i started crying

    guess what??
    I’ve been having a sore throat since like yesterday
    i woke up and it hurts so bad
    what is with us all this telepahty weird thing going on????
    i DEMAND a explanation hahahaha

  36. ncly

    I don’t know
    they didn’t post it up
    so i have no idea
    but did u see the preview one I post before?

  37. rahquhxie

    I do realize that
    but I do love Dae Dae
    he’s Dae Dae for god’s sake

    sexy doraemon?????
    whoa there~
    now I have an image in my head
    may I ask HOW?? hahaha

    Dae would be proud.

  38. LOL So umma helped me out on this one, props lol.

    I got myself a blue shirt, a white corset and blue matching shorts, with white gloves and white fuzzy slippers and white knee-high socks with blue lines across them.

    Then I tied my hair back and sprayed it blue and I painted my entire face blue and that part around my mouth white with my whiskers and red nose.

    And I called myself Doraemon ^_^

  39. Oh yeah, and I had a blinged out red collar too lol.

    If you click my name you can see my myspace default picture which is part of it x]

  40. rahquhxie

    YOU WIN IN LIFE hahaha

    I will say it again,
    Dae will be damn proud of you hahaha.

    you should save that sexy little outfit up for ‘future use’ *ehem*

    hehe just a little suggestion keke
    wait do ppl know who u r when u go trick or treating?
    cuz most americans doesn’t know who doraemon is like all asians does

  41. tabi in that hot pink!!!! i cant take off my eyes of him! coincidentally i just polished my nails yesterday with that same hottt pink, now everytime i look at my nails, remind me of hotttt tabi!!!! he’s going to be 21 soon! awwwww~ i shud spazzzz more of him, right?~ hehehe

    the fancam HQ is awesome!!!! totally! kudos to whoever recorded that! and the crowd is also wow~ VIP rulez! when Tabi started to sing lets jump part…they all did jump!its like i wss there watching the concert!!!ahhhhh~~~

  42. vi
    i think baby always win for u.
    bong is not enough to compare to baby’s place in ur heart. kekeke
    if baby lose his touch on his own wife.. idk what to say..
    but i’ll ask u who’s the great one that could steal u from baby???
    i’ll need an explanation! haha

    that just too funny. while hubby’s face is so serious. why he so looks like wax??
    is there something wrong with the lighting???
    the new banner.. its hubby all over!! kyaaaa!!!!

    no, we need this paper to make it official.
    there so many thing got easier if u married officially. of course hubby won’t want a illegal child. hahaa
    (wtf i’m typing?? my imagination runs too wild!!)

    aww.. if its me, i’ll hug them thighly from behind so they can’t flee. hahaha..
    then start with tickle their body. hehee.. sound fun ^^v
    “Rush Hour3!” hahaha..
    u must see the behind the scene! i laugh so hard when the black one (i forgothis name) say “after everything we’ve through.. Rush Hour 1, Rush Hour 2?” kekeke..
    also the singing part! kakaka.. the aucience thought that its all set. hilarious

    we do it in my room or my friends room.
    our parents don’t know. everytime we met we always made so much noise. so when we played the game & make so much noise my parents didn’t feel weird. they don’t know we play this strip poker. kekeke..
    kneeling on floor is hard. why u don’t take them to ur room & play there??

    KAKAKA.. we’re so strangely related!
    i’ve told u. i became the backing vocal for school halloweel party. one of my freinds is a singer. (she sings in weddings so my school asked her to sings in our halloween party)
    then she asked me to become her backing vocal.
    we sing for about 3 hours nonstop & the MC is soo high. all the singing, screaming, yelling, dancing.. arrgghh.. so tired.
    so all i did is backing her vocal. well, not only her solo. also the other singers.
    we sing like 20 songs(?) i forgot the exact number.
    how come my throat still okay?
    i think i’ve lost my voice at the end of the party. really. i rarely sings 7 thats what i get.

  43. mahirah

    what will happen to this new TOTALLY LEGAL boy now?
    time will asnwer that hahah

  44. lol yeah bae was just kinda slapped it lightly and then looked at it hahahaha..wth…i was kinda shocked to see the way he looked at it hahahahaa….
    they looked hella fine and hot!!!!
    omg yeah it was winter clothes..but damn hotness overloaded..
    stop killing me please..can you? hate the boys <333333333
    and bae looked damn sexy in that pic facing the seriously deadly sexy? goshhhhhh
    and my tabi in his mercedes benz…what can i say?i’m dead
    hahaha is it just me or i was kinda turned on when i saw bong’s armpit hairs? omg omg…i’m in trouble. vicky did you just spread the virus to me wtf
    bong is just sexy and at the same time cute for me

  45. nya

    NO ONE can steal me from Baby
    haha that reminds me
    my friend, he came to school today dress as a PREGRANT WOMAN, hahaha then he saw me he was like ‘VI!!! THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBLITY’ haha i was laughing so hard then we were talking in class and i showed him Baby’s picture on the MAC and i was like ‘sorry Shane, this is my husband, u have to find some else to be ur Baby’s mommy’ hahahaha
    it was hilarious
    see? even a pregrant dude can’t sway me hahaha

    maybe the photography caught him in a ‘what what?’ moment? haha
    u know those moment when you just stare into space without knowning what ur looking at but yet u can’t seem to stop doing it??? haha
    cuz I think that’s what Tabi is doing keke

    it has him all over it but i don’t think it do Tabi justice
    not at all.
    we need them abs shot in there HAHAHA
    u know the happy trail ????? u know what i’m talking about right??? kekek

    hahah only I understand what u typed gurl

    Chris Tucker is his name, he’s my effin heroe haha this is like 9 years after the first Rush Hour, I remember seeing the first one back in 98 when I didn’t speak english and all I do was watch the movie without understanding A THING hahaha,

    i like the part behind the scene where the lady jumped out the window and Jackie came in the room with the baby in his hand and was like ‘THE MOM’S GONE’ ahhaha

    dude, I just finish watching it, and that cab driver, he’s my effin heroe for sure ahahha so freaking awsome.

    yes i do
    kneeling on the carpet not only hurts but it burns badly
    leaving ur knee looking like a field of red marks
    it’s sad

    hahah you got some vocal power haha
    drink plenty of orange juice and stay away from dairy products
    that’ll help your vocal chord and ur throat
    i should’ve been doing that but i run out of orange juice and the halloween candies are haunting me
    they’re just sitting in the fridge ‘VI~ EAT ME”
    haha can’t help it gurl

    i’m gonna be a fatass sooner or later

  46. auw….Ji Yong is smoking hot!!! sexxaaaayyy!!!! woot woot!! bleeding nose coming through!!! hahaha =P

  47. vicky,

    haha yeah.and don’t they rehearse in front of mirrors?
    so the members would be looking at him doing it >____<

  48. i just
    feel weird when i think about that xD
    but on the perf. it was weird cause he just moved his head
    right in front of her butt O_O lmao
    oh yeah i forgot to mention at like 1:14 when they were all dancing i was just staring at GD and wondering Wth is he doing?lol it was like something was wrong with his leg and he was trying to stay up >___<

  49. jiyanz

    you should’ve seen my expression gurl~
    yes he did haha
    just tilt his whole neck down and take a good look at it haha
    i’m surprise the J-VIPs didn’t go crazy for that move hahah

    I heard from somewher that the car that Tabi drove in for this MV,
    cost around 500,000 USD…………. that …. is … a lot of donuts…
    and i heard that the rides that the boys use in their MV, they borrow it from mr. YG himself, well the cars from Last Farewell and the yellow one from Fool’s Tears, that’ all mr. YG
    damn~~~~~~~~~~~~~ right? haha

    gurl~ you got that virus LONNNNNNGGGGGG AGO GURL
    i i got turned on whenever I see it too
    you wouldn’t believe how shameful i am of myself haha

    no one can help u gurl
    only I can add more to it hahaha

  50. hehhe oh yeah okay.
    im praying that there is enough leftovers for all of us >_<

  51. that whole part was for vicky >_<
    it got cut out so i posted them in diff parts xD

  52. kohjidmal

    i can so imagine them standing in the corner snickering out of their butt hahaha
    because our innocent Bae is doing it over..and over….and over… and over agian hahaha

    that is ONE GREAT image to have in my head

  53. kohjidmal

    HAHA i just went back and check 1:14
    you were right
    what is wrong with Bong
    maybe those skinny legs aren’t strong enough to support Sam’s cousin on Bong’s head hahaha
    he look like he was about to fall on his face

  54. kohjidmal

    keke i didn’t know cuz i reply comment one by one as I check email hahaha
    wordpress does that a lot
    that’s why i always write it out on wordpad first
    it’s safer so i don’t loose stuff haha
    as u can tell. i like to type a lot
    i can type with my eyes close haha [like i’m doing right now] kekek

  55. vicky,

    lmao ,its hard to imagine,he is all kissy&adorable with Boss and then he is smacking some girls butt >_<
    but it would be worse if it was Baby :O

  56. vicky,

    haha yes that is probably the problem.i actually was scared for a moment when i first saw it >_< his skinny jeans may actually be baggy on him ,if you know what i mean xD
    if you dont,erm i’m pointing out how skinny he is xP it is hard to belive he is 124 pounds xD

  57. @ Vicky,

    LOL thank youu!
    Oh don’t worry ima save that little outfit and when Daesung comes around, I’ll fulfill his ultimate fantasy… LOL

    The blue face paint might get a little messy, but hey…so will we =X

    And a lot of people at school knew who it was cause they know everythingg about Big Bang cause duh my friend and I are obsessed its all we talk about LOL.

    anyone who didn’t know, I told it was “the male equivalent to hello kitty”.

    And people wonder why I’m suddenly obsessed with and own everything hello kitty ^.^

  58. vicky

    hahaha yeah y were jvips so calm during that part?
    he was like seriously looking at it??!!
    hahahaa…ohh gosh what happened to bae..don’t tell me he’s addicted to her butt wtf. nahh..just joking hahaha~

    what 500000USD? much dollars for only that 15 secs of rap? goshhh…but the effect was so good..he was HOT..even my elder brother who is damn annoyed of my craziness towards BB..said WOAH THAT GUY IS SO DAMN HOT IN THE CAR when i was watching the’s elder brother just doesn’t praise guys xD what mr.YG has such cool cars?? haha is he still single hahaaa…i admire him alot be able to train so many talented singers. i think YG is the best outta so many companies.

    hahaha i am shameful of myself too T.T
    how could this happen..i feel like slapping myself when i kinda ‘WOAHHH armpit hairs!!’ when i saw that T.T
    bong asked for it hahahaa

  59. vi
    kakaka… ur friend dress as a pregnant woman?? keke.. pregnant men sure looks hilarious & strange! i can’t even imagine that!
    kekeke.. he should go find another woman. really.
    coz u’re onlly attracted to baby.
    but!! why u make him pregnant while r’re crazy all over baby. u can’t cheat on baby & have fun. HAHAHA…

    hubby always have that “what what moment”
    don’t u realize him in every interview? he always go blank out & everytime tha MC asked him he went “huh?” that’s one of hubby’s cute part. fufufu..

    NOOO!!!! no abs shot!!
    hubby’ll get overflowing crazy fangurl if Melly really do that!
    (fiiuuff.. thanks Melly)
    i want to keep the happy trail as my one & only toy! (\>..<

    i’ll tell u something worse.
    30th Oct is my friend bday (the singer)
    but we haven’t celebrate it. coz we’re too busy with all the rehealsal & vocal training 2 or 3 days ago.
    we’ll having a crazy-Karaoke-night.
    no voice for that again but i’ll definitely go wild again tonight!

    swt, didn’t night over there? u haven’t sleep?
    won’t it worsen ur dark-circles? haha

  60. i’m a G-Ri lover.. i love bong, & i deeply love baby.. dangg. why they are so hot!! hakhak.

    vicky, same here, i’m all about seungri this days.. but i do love bong, but baby iss.. i dunno. wenever i see his face i’m complete.. cant ask for more. haha

  61. i love the dancesteps! it’s hotttttttttt!!!!
    baby is too hot..

  62. omg! the performance wowwwwwwwww! i love the moves xD
    and the NII pics *O* HOTTTTT!!!

    Thanx Vicky ^^ <333

  63. OMG! Number 1 live! I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time!!! So happy it was captured on cam already. =)
    Bong was getting a feel of Baby and Baebae’s legs…you bong you.tsk3.stay with ur wife ok???hehehe. =)
    I love how they all freestyle move slowly in the last part of the chorus. =) that was one of my fave parts in the MV.
    Baebae’s looking so mighty fine…I think he likes butts…my hubby’s a butt person all right. =)
    NII pictures! I love them! their like 5 hot mannequins that ooze a lot of hotness and sex appeal…I’m sure everyone saw it. =)
    Baby and the white jacket. He really looks so good in it.=)
    Baebae’s picture of him wearing a yellow vest looks like “You’re a bad girl. Looks like you’re asking for some slappin'”…me and my wild thoughts again. =)
    Nice number 1 pictures. Baebae checking himself out in the mirror. Dae’s still himself in the club scene and Baby looks too innocent to be in there. Bong must be missing his pet dog because he’s squeezing the poor stuff toy dog unconsciously. And yeah Tabi, you own that ride. =)
    Thank lil sis in law ^^

  64. OMG LOVED the perf!!! >...<

  65. OMG LOVED the perf!!! >..< OMO i just couldn’t stop watching him dance!!!! @_@ like honestly looking back when he was a trainee and now!! MAN he just made such a big improvement!! ^-^ i was clapping and everyhing i was so happy and proud LMAO *sigh* i love him to much =3 HAHAHHA Bongiee was just being a goof by doing all these random knee things and jumping off stairs xD haha is he High or what?? xD hahah gotta love ya =3

  66. LOL before up there ^^^^^^ yeah tht comment LOL i meant My Tabi of course hehe, my comment was to long to fit everything haha

  67. HAHAH the stalker pics of Bong was too cute hehe, OMO first pic of bebe!!…DAMNNNNN LOL man does he look so fine in Yellow!! xD. OMO i sqealed in Ri’s picture .>.<. so cuteeeeeeeee, hahah My TOPie standing there like a robot with a weird expression on his face ^-^ hahah cutee =) and OMO that side shot of Bong K-I-L-L-E-D ME!!! TT_TT *dies & that was HOT!!!!! OMO Ri’s looks so cute with that pout on his face at the MV hehe, Dae looks hot too and must i say my Man TOPiee was looking damn finee in that car!!!!!!

  68. yoooooo TOP’s dancing improved! wow wow wow! haha and no more NINJA-ASS-SMACK now its I-HAVE-THE-RIGHT-TO-TAP-THAT!-ASS-SMACK lol

  69. looking good but where is my dae?!?!?

  70. VI

    hhaha whos out to get you? a TOP lover? keke.
    but baby dance is so cute. all those facams out now are mostly for baby anyway! lol
    i love the way baby pointed and swayed his hips at :40~ HOTT.
    he looks so classy in that blazer of his lol his sneakers match good lol

  71. LMAO Ninja-ass-smack


  73. haha “ninja-ass-smack”

  74. OMG, SOOOO HOT!!!
    GD…omg…so sexy.

  75. kohjidmal

    oh my gad…. if it was Baby
    I would probably lose it
    but since Baby have the whole cute image
    i doubt if they would ever let him do something like that
    so YAY~ thankyou hahaha

  76. kohjidmal

    I KNOW!! he make skinny jeans look baggy
    just like one of my friend
    the legs are soooo freaking skinny
    so calling him ‘Bong’ is so right since it means ‘stick’ in Korean hahah

    I can’t believe I weight less than him
    when I found out I was like ‘hell no~’ he look so damn skinny!!

  77. rahquhxie

    haha I’m SURE that will be SOME fantasy alright.
    make a little boy’s childhood dream come true gurl keke

    so will you??????/
    kekkee so many things that I can’t handle haha
    poor this inncocent 15 years old keke

    male version of hello kitty? haha
    nah doraemon is wayy cooler
    he’s my childhood hero
    thanks to his comic, my eyes prescription are currently negative 4
    but still love him to death.

    have u read the last chapter of Doraemon?
    I cried my eyes out
    it’s just….. unexpected.

  78. jiyanz

    they were probably like dazed like you know the
    “OH NO YOU DIDDDDN’TT~~~~” face?

    he like how perky it feels perhaps???

    well they probably on rent the car for like a while to shoot or borrow it from somebody, they won’t BUY it just to shoot a video haha that’s a bit too much, but that ride is SWEET~

    kekek it’s guys, I have the same reaction when I try to show it to my friend
    they only react to the car and the butt slapping T_T no decent guy left on earth hha

    I like YG because they produce their own music and they treat their artist with the respect they deserve, not other company who use them as an object to rake in money
    YG FTW man.

    it’s not your fault gurl
    it’s in ur fangirl contrast
    stated in the fine prints
    we can’t help it
    and the boys just have to live with it hhahaha

  79. OMG!!!
    I wanted to see this performance!!!!

    my man in pink
    what could be better than that?

    and the dance steps
    what can I say….SEXY!!!
    did anybody look at my man’s dancing???
    it’s not bad…not bad at all ;P
    but Bae definitely stole my attention at the butt slappin moment
    I knew Aimee hadn’t been enough… XD

    loved the pics
    especially the one where Bong is touchin his lip and last one
    my man lookin good in that car….wonder if he needs company there

  80. nya

    yesterday morning…. I was just shocked
    it was just TOO hilarious for words to describe
    i told him that then he started ‘crying’
    he went to the bathroom and came back
    a normal guy again, then he told me ‘ i just got an abortion and sex change’ haha
    but then he was wearing this wife beater
    damn he look sexy hahahaha that was like a 3 seconds thought though kekeke

    I KNOW~
    he does that like everytime haha
    then he’ll try his best to squeeze in a moment where he can give that clasic ghetto face
    u know what i’m talking about? haha
    the one where he’ll look somewhere up in the ceiling with his lips frozen haha

    damn gurl~~~~~~
    what is with u? hahaa
    does Halloween make u extra horny???kkekekeke

    hahah ur friend know how to throw a good party at a good timing
    keke poor u and ur voice hahahaha

    i went to sleep at like 2 AM
    my friends were over so there’s no way we can sleep earl
    just woke up and it’s 12 AM hahaha

    my bags are getting better
    since I’ve been getting some good sleep these past couple of days

  81. god!!! TOP with the pink suit i like it:
    i like their performance so great<3

  82. ahh once again amazing choreography..shaun (Y)
    hahah the ass slap was funny, too bad aimee wasnt there otherwise bae would of unleashed the full force hahah
    i really want that big bang sleevless hoodie ji yong is wearing!!

  83. zzen

    you understand me gurl
    that’s how i feel all along
    Baby just……. i don’t know
    he have the glow haha

    damn i should become a poet

  84. sis in law

    I KNOW!!!!!!!!!! Bong was feeling up on my man
    but since I agree to share Baby with him, I guess I can’t complain hahaha

    make sure he slap plenty of urs so he doesn’t go out and find someone else to *ehem* haha

    haha sex appeal. that’s the word i was looking for keke

    HAHAHAHAH only you can think of something like that looking at Bae in a jumper haha
    that……….just win in life for sure hahaha
    have you been a bad girl my dear sister in law??

  85. kareezsa

    Bong? haha
    this boy is ALWAYS high during performance hahaha
    it’s just in his nature

  86. huongface

    they didn’t release his picture
    I dont’ know why

  87. Jini

    *NYA* <——————————–
    she would so murder me if I have one dirty thought of Tabi hahah

    anything with hip and pelvis are FINE…. GREAT… with me HAHAHAH
    *perverted smile right now*
    i’m going to hell when I die because of all this thought about a illegal boy hahah

  88. kiim

    ninja ass smack kekek e

  89. hoichu

    hm…… think so???
    Aimee WAS his first haha

  90. hoichu

    you know what?
    i take that back!!

    Aimmee wasn’t his first
    remember back in GREAT concert??
    yup. kekek

  91. Sexica

    one question:

    does it turn you on?

    i’m so evil!!!!!!!!!

    so not bad at all gurl~
    he been practicing
    hopefully not the same thing Bae has been practicing haha
    it’s NEVER enough haha

    in the back seat???

  92. vi
    hahaha.. OMG..
    i would really want to meet him in person. he sound so hilarious & crazy just the same like u! hahaha
    OMG.. now, u have so many random pervy thought. keke

    hehehe.. hubby always like that.
    thats why he’s so charming. not good looking.
    he charmed everyone.

    aww~~~ doesn’t that make a good sound?kakaka
    i admid i’m horny >,<

    no, we didn’t have the party afterall.
    her BF give out a surprise party for her & we ended up going home coz she’ll have some “private time” with her BF.
    its saturday night & i’m glad.

    hahaha.. OMG.. record breaker!
    if its me, i’ll end up not sleeping.
    till 12 am. kekeke..
    u’re my sunbae in this.

    aww~~ good news to hear. ^^v

  93. LMAO!!!
    I almost ckoed when I saw the question
    do you really wanna know?

    I can tell
    not if it isn’t me he won’t ;P

    not exactly!
    more like on him

  94. wait…did I just write that?!!!
    that was supposed to stay on the DL

  95. vicky

    yup i know my bro was impressed at the CAR not my tabi wtf. LOLOLOL you know what? when he saw the butt slapping part. He said it was unhealthy and inappropriate for underage wth. He just like to anti bb for no reason..LOL jealousy kills. just because BB is way hotter than him hahaha.. yeah no decent guy left T.T

    yeah YG FTW! i like how he criticized GDYB before they debuted so that they would improve. look at them amazing 🙂 and did Mr.YG put up a board or something in the studio that states ‘be a human first before u be an artist’? something like that?

    LOLOL yup the boys asked for it..haha. and it’s my hormone thingy..i can’t help it’s not my fault xD

  96. nya

    if we actually meet…
    uh… ihahha
    i think I’ll scare u out of ur life keke

    not just me
    ur worse than me gurl~

    charming is the key
    yes it is.
    all of them have it.
    that’s why we’re in so freaking deep gurl

    haha even if you don’t admit it
    I’ll still accuse of it
    cuz i know it’s the truth
    just…. don’t do anything too ‘kinky’ now ya heard??

    ‘private’ hahaha
    that beats the hell out of karaoke then for sure keke

    you should see me in the summer
    I go to sleep at 7 AM and wake up around 5 or 6 PM
    I was MESSED UP big time.

  97. Sexica

    :O ????
    oh wow
    that didn’t answer my question but you just reveal something too evil
    on him???
    damn gurl~

    i really don’t wanna know but I think I already guessed it HAHAHA

  98. Sexica

    you’re REALLY not good at keeping stuff on the DL do you??
    nope. haha

  99. jiyanz

    and how old is ur brother?
    he’s just jealous cuz he ain’t got no sexy asian with an ass to slap HAHAHA
    XD!!! jealousy…… it’s such a crime.

    I haven’t heard about that board thing, but sound like something mr.YB would totally do

    we’re TEENAGE gurl for god’s sake
    this is the time where our hormone are going insane and wild
    and these boys are helping the problem
    they’re adding more gasoline to the fire haha kekkek

    but HEY~~…. I DON’T MIND!! haha

  100. Maknae looks incredible dancing! He’s so clean, slick, and smooth~ I love watching him dance. ❤

    BB is looking HOT in the pictures! My hubby’s profile does look amazing~

  101. lil sis in law

    I guess I can’t stop Bong from doing his thing with all of the boys. the only one I haven’t seen him harass like that was tabi…then again I might be wrong on that.
    I must protect baebae from him. hehe.
    Yep…I may have been a bad girl lately.
    I can’t get over baebae whenever he turns his sexy on. and that pic really turns it on. hehehehehe…
    He really loves to slap butts. I saw it on the crazy dog perf in the GREAT concert.
    I’ll make sure my butt will be the only one he’ll slap on. =)

  102. LOL
    “too evil”
    I wasn’t thinkin straight when I wrote that
    guess u know about that now

    damn it
    you’re not the fist person to say that
    but I look everywhere and there he is
    the new banner,this pics,my computer,my thoughts
    I blame him for this

  103. sis in law

    Tabi is the hyung haha
    maybe he’s scare… or he only interest in the younger boys kekek
    we never know the world of Bong

    you don’t need to tell me that gurl~
    u just ruin this 15 years old’s innocent
    anything u do with bro-in-law

  104. Sexica

    when ur thinking straight, wonder WHAT will come out hahaha

    that goes to show everything I say is CORRECT.
    so u better learn something from me sunbaenim HAHAH

  105. LMAO!!!
    I can only think straight when I don’t see,hear or think about this guys….NEVER >.<
    thinkin straight is not for me ;P

    Forgive me
    I’m young and foolish
    I still have many things to learn from you

    OH MY GAWD .
    hot mann .
    the pelvic thrusts killed me x]
    dae is too hott in bluee .
    DAMN .
    i wanted more x]
    lucky J-VIP’s in the front >.>

  107. VI

    hahahahahaha. yeah seems like shed kill you for one innapropiate thought. keke.
    just keep those perverted thoughts in your head, and no one will get hurt…cept for maybe TOP lol!
    illegal? not for long~~~
    kehe, most of us here are illegal too! so it kinda evens out!
    pshh im 14 and my thoughts arent very wholesome eitherr~

  108. […] NUMBER 1 Fancam | New NII Pictures | Bong Concert Stalker Pics | On set of NUMBER 1 MV AHH!! Finally, get to see the whole NUMBER 1 Performance!! […]


  110. vi
    scare me??? what r u planning in ur head right now? i saw ur evil smile, geezz..
    or maybe it’ll be the reverse, its me who’ll scare u. haha.. uhh.. i wanna go out & have a vacation >.<

    me? no gurl. i’m loyal. no one except hubby.
    & u better feel relieved coz if i’m not this loyal i might have “some” thought about bong / baby.

    hahaa.. that “charming” word hit the spot right?
    our boys r not that “really good looking” but they’re charming, & believe me gurl, charming is better than good looking.
    coz when u look at someone who’s good looking for a long time, u might get bored. but for charming ppl, u’ll never get bored from looking at them.
    aw~ our boys is our prince charming.

    no. i don’t really like kinky stuff.
    i’m the type who’ll leave everything to hubby.
    HAHAHA.. i’ll accept everything hubby give to me with open arms.

    r u vampire or things related???
    u’re too messed up & that’s not good for ur body. remember when we said we’ll take a good care of our body to give our hubby a healthy baby? KAKAKA..
    vi.. vi.. hey? why i’m lecturing u now?
    hahaha.. sorry sorry, i’m just too random ~,~”

    u surely messed up in holiday. then what’ll happend to u this end of year holiday? messed up again? or maybe it’ll be better if u plan on a vacation with ur friends.

  111. vicky

    haha my bro is freaking same age with bong and bae..hahah..see? i know he’s just jealous..and besides the car and butt slapping part, he was so annoyed at the song and he said ‘ewww i hate disco song’ he was a TECHNO lover last time..then after the butt slapping part he even said the song was disturbing and asked me to turn it muet..see?? LOL he just don’t want to admit that BB is hot and great like that

    i found the board thing here
    i don’t know if it’s true..but if it is then i’m impressed..what an inspiring word 🙂

    hahaha I DON’T MIND need them to stimulate me once in awhile hahahahaaaa..

  112. Sexica

    i know the feeling gurl haha
    well… actualy…. my brain is really weird
    I was never thinking straight a day before in my life so haha
    getting to know them just put my insane mind in one direction instead of everywhere haha
    i’m really weird, if you can’t get the vibe yet
    then you just wait haha

    can you feel this??

    I’ll accept that
    u be my sunbae
    I’ll be ur sifu.


  113. daerin

    Dae’s pelvis thrust is REALLY GOOD..
    and he also have a really really really perky butt haha
    forgive me for noticing that hahaha

  114. Jini

    eh~ yes she will haha
    we make a deal
    i stay away from Tabi
    she won’t ever mind-rape Baby keke

    techinally, he won’t be really legal til he’s 21 anyway
    so he still got time
    ah~ Baby’s birthday is coming up!!!
    CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

    ….wait… hold up yea i can!! keep him underage please!!

  115. nya

    you can see it???
    damn i see that ur power have improved hahah

    I thank God EVERYDAY. that ur loyal gurl hahaha
    keep going down TOP Blvd. and dont’ even think about Bong St. and Baby Drive.

    they’re the definition of Charming alright
    somebody get me the damn dictionary so i can change it haha

    does he like kinky stuff then???
    u need to let me know on that haha
    it can be a good thing…. and a very very bad thing hahah

    oh yes i do remember that promise haha
    i have to give him enough members for our own soccer team kekeke

    I’m techinally….. hyper all year round
    but there’s just something about the holidays haha
    I do need a vacation huh?
    i did last year, I took a break from fangirling for like 2 weeks and fly to California then went to Las Vegas for like 2 weeks
    when I got back, I found out, Baby fainted, Bong and Tabi was in the hospital, they’re like exhausted to death, and I also discover about Bong’s bowlcut back then.
    I almost faint, i serioulsy felt the world falling apart
    so maybe this year… I’ll bring my laptop with me in case those things happen
    which I HOPE it wouldn’t.

  116. jiyanz

    ur brother is so………hahahahah
    idk what to say
    oh yes he is.

    it’s okay, guys.. theyr’e like that
    they’ll say one thing and the next thing you know you’ll find them dancing by themselves in their room with a Big Bang song on going ‘ B to the I to the BANG BANG’ haha
    *REAL LIFE STORY GURL~* hahahah
    that was one hilarious and awkward moment to catch ur friend in hahah

    oh~ i read that story like a year back?
    I do think it’s true and I remember when I first read it, I was like ‘WHOA~’
    that’s just too impressive

    that’s the difference between a Korean artist, and an American artist,
    over here, if you’re good looking and you can sing, then there you go, you get a record deal and start making millions of money
    over there, they work so hard and the money they made, they don’t even get a lot from it,
    so that’s why over there, celebrities treasured their fans and very polite with others while american artists think, too fully of themselves and start wasting money on stupid stuff and start getting wasted.
    one of the reason why I like kpop better.

    but one thing messed up with kpop is anti… which are idiots that have nothing better to do than bring down other ppl.
    i hate those ppl, because they make the boys cry……… those ppl are unforgivable.

  117. vicky

    YEAH IT’S SO TRUE. LOL i have a younger brother..and i forced him to listen to Lies. He seemed like he didn’t bother but whenever i listened that song, i found him swaying along with the music hahaa..and finally he admitted that he loves that song.

    And you know what? he still seems like he doesn’t like BB but i found my tabi’s solo ‘to act like nothing is wrong’ in his phone. yeah caught him hahaha

    Yup i find korean singers really polite especially to others and their fans..i love to see the winning part where they would bow regardless who that person is..well, i hope they would stay humble and do not take things for granted.coz this is what i like about them 🙂 i’m saying this to every bands..not only bb. i love kpop!

    yup i hate those idiots too. it’s ok if you don’t like them..but do you have to bash them and bring them down? wtf? what did the boys cry because of those idiots?

  118. LOL
    seeing that I realize I’m normal after all
    and yes I DO get the vibe ;P

    “u be my sunbae I’ll be ur sifu”
    my sifu?!!!!

  119. jiyanz

    Lies is contagious okay
    you can’t escape from it
    NO MATTER how hard you try
    you can get tire of listening to the song yes
    BUT~ whenever the song is on you can’t help but sing along to every words and bob your head to the right and start doing the dance hahaha

    those idiots
    why is it so hard to just admit it??? hahaha

    yea, they treat their fans with respect cuz they know how hard it is to get there and their fans are the reason why
    not like artist over here who treat fans like crap

    yea~ it was during the ‘WANT YOU’ concert in 2007
    some stupid anti send the boys this 3 page long letter telling them how ugly and untalented they are and hope they would die in hell or something like that
    even our Tabi, who is the strong and charismatic one in the group can’t help but started crying while reading the letter, the other members standing on the side just had their head down and tearing up too, at the end they give each other a big group hug

    i remember seeing the fancam and i start crying like crazy
    i was about to explode from hate because of those freaking anti
    they really really realy do DISGUST me.

  120. Sexica

    good then keke
    cuz I would like everyone to know I’m not normal as most of u think i am haha

    don’t u ever watch asian kungfu movie gurl??? haha
    sifu?? master??? teacher?? yea haha
    I’ll be ur sifu keke

  121. LMAO!!!
    no comment…. XD

    for a second there I though you had made up that word
    so great sifu what am I gonna learn today?!!!

  122. vicky

    i’m about to cry already now. they shall just ignore those fcking idiots!! ARGH..i don’t know why they think that bb is untalented? bb is way more talented compared to some bands in kpop okay. and ugly? they’re not even ugly..look at them now..hotness overloaded. dun worry boys i’ll still give them lotsa lotsa love..just don’t care bout those idiots! i wanna c the it on youtube?

  123. Sexica

    haha well I am a master at making up words anyway so haha

    the question is

    WHAT do you wanna learn??

    and WHAT category would it be in? hahaha

  124. jiyanz

    I mean I know how they feel
    we know those things aren’t true
    and that they should ignore it
    but it still hurts if someone say stuff like that to you
    so that’s why
    as if their life isn’t enough tiring already, those ppl gotta make it harder by saying those stuff to them

    I think they mention that Tabi is fat or something?
    that’s why he has been so self consious about his body and never let us see his stomach ever again
    those mothers…………. urgh!

    we can’t do anything but to support the boys and help them get over it
    I’m sure those antis are just jealous of the boys being a true artist, they might be saying that Big Bang sucks, but I KNOW that they have listen to their songs and got addicted before
    no one can help it
    their music is contagious and addicting
    it’s a fact.

  125. LOL…I’m not surprised
    not after seeing your naming skills

    I don’t know
    I’ll let you decide that one
    what DO YOU want to start with???

  126. Sexica

    I am the best my friend haha

    I have some damn bizzare talent it’s not even funny hahaha

    I’m a free-flowing sifu
    I care about the students haha
    whatever you wanna learn about haha
    I’M HERE.

  127. LOL!!
    I can see that
    very unique talent

    how thoughtful…
    why not start with the stuff your most comfortable with
    you tel me whatthat is

  128. Sexica

    if only I can use it for something good that will save the earth or something haha
    but instead I’m using it do these things hahah

    I’m the sifu
    you have to listen to what I say haha
    and I say

    YOU pick a topic kekke
    let ur dirty mind flow haha

  129. hahaha
    but you are…
    things like what?!

    my sifu’s pretty stubborn

    wait a minute there…who said it had to be a dirty topic??!!!
    lets talk about our men then?

  130. vicky

    yeah i heard bout that b4! i hate those idiots for saying him FAT!! wtf? and you see he has been eating fruits since then..WTF i also wonder whether he eats healthy and proper meals T___T i don’t want him to eat fruits seriously T____T

  131. vi
    HAHAHA… after hanging out for so long time with u, of course i’m leveled up! kekeke
    i gain too much experience these last few month. hahaha

    hahaha.. or else i’ll lost my way. haha..
    so all i have to do is keep going on TOP Blvd

    kekeke.. learn the new vocabulary??

    awww.. if hubby love kinky stuff,
    i might turn out loving it too.
    he’s in the TOP of my world. kyaaaa~~
    i’ll let u know. really. hahaha

    yup. ur soccer team.
    u have to make it complete. hahaa..
    if u didn’t make it, i don’t know what’ll baby do. keke

    thats so u. hyper all year.
    uhhh.. why u didn’t bring ur laptop??
    maybe we should stop the bad moment converstation >,,< today’s rate of exchange ruin all of my vacation plan.

  132. Sexica

    oh I didn’t tell u being stubborn is one of my forte??

    but you were thinking that weren’t you?????

  133. jiyanz

    fruits are always a good thing to be eaten
    but I hope he eat other food too
    not quitting cold turkey on all the things he love so much
    cuz we all know he’s a ice cream and donut freak

  134. nya

    what level are you on right now exactly?? haha
    i would like to know

    just keep going straight and never take any turn and you’ll be alright gurl haha
    these boys seriously need to have a street name after them hahaha

    really?? he DO??
    you would know T_T

    Baby better not find someone to help
    or else his future will be VERY VERY dark
    cheating is no way to go with me.
    I can think of some VERY sad sad consequences.

    cuz last year I wanna take a break from everything
    and thinking I need to do that from all my fangirling
    but OH WAS I WRONG.
    laptop is a NEED
    you take ur eyes off these boys for 1 day and crap start to happen.

    I feel I’m a nanny or something haha
    always gotta check and make sure they’re okay

  135. LOL
    so it is….not surprised
    not surprised at all 😛

    you win
    somehow my mind twisted your words
    I’m very ashamed ah great sifu
    I have failed you once again

    I might need psychological help now
    my conditons has worsen just now

  136. Sexica

    I’m so evil it’s AMAZING
    I have the power to trick ppl kekeke


    TONS AND TONS Of fangirl have falling into that trap of mine
    and they come out proudly claim that they’re ONE horny fangirl HAHA

    so with u


    I’m sorry I can’t provide u psychological help,
    because well…… I think I need one myself hhahahaha

  137. vicky

    but if he eats fruits during proper meals..hmm i don’t like that
    he is a guy and he needs energy..fruits ain’t enough
    i don’t want him to get skinnier and skinnier T___T
    dang i thought i don’t like Number 1 Album that much..but it’s addicting..i love REMEMBER now!! can’t stop singing along hohoho

  138. LOL
    you evil girl!!!!
    trickin innocent people like me

    can’t believe you’re enjoyin this

    we should go together
    maybe then you can share your power with me

  139. jiyanz

    i know right
    but since the YG trainer is really strict on the whole eating right
    I’m sure he gets plenty of nutrition
    they won’t let our Tabi goes anorexic or something

    haha really?
    I like the album from the beginning
    my fave track is ‘Everything’ it’s so awsome
    all of them is good, this is probably my fave out of all their Japanese albums
    probably cuz of the new songs

  140. Sexica

    innocent ppl like you???
    you have to be ‘in-innocent’ first for me to do this to you haha

    oh gurl~ I enjoyed every fangirls giving up moment
    it’s a hobby of mine
    a evil one
    but … still satisfy me hahaha

    but you’re paying
    cuz i’m broke from all the Big Bang stuff buying lately hahah

  141. LOL
    if I wasn’t innocent I wouldn’t have fallen for your trap
    I AM INNOCENT! >.<

    evil..very evil
    though I have to admit we share the same kind of hobby
    I DO THAT TOO!! 😛

    I’d be honored oh great sifu

  142. vi
    from novice to advanced?
    i’ll likely go to expert. hohoho..
    wth now, then u? keke

    yup. i’m agree. where did this street name idea come out? haha.. random but good ^^
    i’d like one Big Bang map of TOP Blvd so i won’t get lost.
    hey, which one u’ll choose? map of baby drive or bong st? don’t get lost

    hahaha.. hubby won’t be liket that.
    at least thats what i think of him. no kinky. keke.. just normal stuff is enough.

    cheating on u is last thing baby would do.
    u’re too scary that he don’t ever dare to try to cheat. but maybe he’ll go to Bong.
    but bong can’t provide him a soccer group though T_T maybe they’ll go adopt? keke

    we are a nanny or maybe baby sitter? haha
    leave these naughty boy & u’ll get trouble for urself.
    r u stressed or what? how could the vi i know would want to take a break from fangurling?
    but dear, u return to ur road again & that’s nice. haha..

    i want u to correct that
    laptop is not a need. it’s a MUST. hahaha..

    so, Vi nanny, could u hand over TOP baby so i’ll be the one who take care of him from now on? kekeke..
    i’ll ask for TOP baby’s parents permission of nanny changing. haha..

  143. vicky

    yeah hope so 🙂
    haha yeah..i thought the lyrics are awkward..seriously..the lyrics could be better..but Remember is starting to grow on me..i love it~yeah i liked everything at first..but after that i switched to Remember hahaa~

  144. Sexica

    u fell for it because the naughtiness is ALREADY there haha

    that’s what i love about fangirling
    I’m surrounded by ppl who share the same hobby as me
    and don’t think that I’m weird or something hahah

  145. nya

    hha terms i don’t know
    i would say level 20 or so haha
    numbers works better with me hahaha

    idk…… these random thoughts just came to me haha
    you know how i am kekek
    I’ll take the Baby drive until I’m tire and then I’ll take a turn on Bong St. hahah

    what kind of stuff is consider normal exactly??
    hahaha cuz with u and him

    Bong can’t provide what Baby want..
    oh shit……what if Bong want a soccer team for himself too?????

    that was last year
    it’s not like I’m stressed out
    i just think that since I’m on vacation
    i should free myself from everything
    so that’s why i just took a lil break from fangirling
    but I’m not doing that this year
    NO WAY.

    I hand him over to you long ago
    and…. whatever you do to him….. illegal haha
    that’s not in the nanny contract gurl~

  146. jiyanz

    there was this part in Remember that kinda bother me
    when Baby sing, there’s a part where it says ‘and now it’s ====’
    I don’t get that
    they run out of words for it? haha

    then Bong’s rap, I love his rap,
    the part where ‘u use to go to bath with me’
    …….XP…… talk about kinky.

  147. vicky,is the girl aimee or someone else?
    i’m just curious..
    did they went back to korea now or still in japan?
    oh vicky you must be very happy BB are going to held a concert in US..

  148. dang gurl i thouhth u were asleep already 😛

    damn it u’re right

    it’s more fun when u do it in person though
    the faces are priceless

  149. numerovip

    the girl in the performance is not Aimee
    I think she’s Hwi Jin
    one of the ‘CRAZY’ dancer that’s been working with Big Bang
    [if you saw Bae’s only look at me MV, she’s the 3rd dancer that danced with him at the beginning]
    Aimee already went back to the US
    she and Shaun aren’t in Korea anymore.

    I am happy that they will be here for a concert tour
    no matter where they go I’ll fly to that freaking state
    me and my friends already make plans haha

  150. Sexica

    I just woke up at 10 PM
    so that’s why i stayed up so late… but right now…. a lil bit sleepy
    it’s almost 4 AM anyway
    I’m thinking about staying up to wach Dae on Family Outing live
    don’t know if I should do that or go to sleep

    for me… no it’s not haha
    i have korean friends, and we talk about them once in a while when our English teacher arent going ‘SORI!! VI!! STOP TALKING!”
    ahahah and it’s so awkward to talk about the boys since she speak Korean fluently and I felt weird saying their name haha just because of the pronoucination
    so that’s a bit awkward for me
    I do it better when I’m typing haha

  151. vicky

    hahahaha yeah i don’t get that part too..but i love baby’s voice in that part!! hahaha..i like baby’s voice in the album..freaking sexy and cute accent. yeah bong’s rap is always sexy!!! but i prefer my man’s rap more..’blablabla I WAS ON TOP OF THE WORLD, AND ALONG SIDE WITH ME, AT THE TOP WAS MY GIRL’..ahhh i’m dead ahahaha~

  152. lol
    no wonder…
    I just got lucky my mom isn’t here

    maybe because none of my friends know about big bang
    they’re kinda religious so it’s always fun to tease them

    I felt just like that when I went to meet some vipz this summer
    they were Wonderin why I was so quiet
    if they only knew ;P

  153. they look hot gotta love them someone please write it for me in hangul/korean i love korean men
    Neoreul saranghae
    Neoreul bureune
    Neoreul gieokhae
    Neoreul gidarine
    and those four lines in hangul here is my email can you send it to me please or you can send it to me through my email thanks alot kamsamida big bang saranghaeyo forever

  154. jiyanz

    oh god i know~~~
    main reason why i love it i think
    his vocal has improved SO SO MUCH
    and i can so tell when I listen to this album
    I was like ‘WHOA~’
    I didn’t believe my ear when I first heard it
    I’m so proud of my husband~

    kkekee… i laughed at that too
    he like the girl on top…. again. KINKY!!!!!!

  155. Sexica

    I’m trying to learn Korea
    but so far I can only read and write it
    and understand just a bit
    I’m learn bad words from my friends hahaha
    it’s GREAT~
    to know a language, you need to know the bad side too right? hahaha

    what time is it where you live??
    if my mom found out that I’m still awake
    she’ll probably burst into my room with a clothes hanger again …. T_T
    asian parents are SO abusive.

  156. sam

    ah~ lyric to Heaven?

    너를 사랑해
    너를 부르네
    너를 기억해
    너를 기다리네

  157. lol
    I have been trying my best to learn but somehow I don’t seem to be improvin much ;P

    It’s 2:07 A.M.
    believe me no mom can be worse than mine’s

  158. Sexica

    I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!!!!
    u don’t fully know the language unless u know how to cuss HAHAHA
    so far, I know some 3rd degrees words I shouldn’t say in front of elders hahaha
    I’m happy kekekeke

    oh u wanna bet????
    my mom is the worse
    she doesn’ even remember what grade i’m in
    one time she popped into my room [WITHOUT KNOCKING, I HATE WHEN PPL DO THAT] she was like ‘Vi, wat grade r u in?’ so I got pissed off, I was like ‘I’m in 12th grade’ and she actually believed me, she went back to talk on the phone with her friends and she was like ‘vi is in 12th grade now’

    i was just SPEECHLESS

    one time we were eating dinner, and she asked me ‘how old r u?’
    i gave her the ‘ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??’
    then i was like ’18’
    my dad snapped at me, he was like ‘you can’t be like that to ur mom’
    thank god my own dad still know I’m only 15…soon to be 16
    or else I need to post up fliers look for my real parents or something

  159. lol
    are u serious?
    she believed that…

    still my mom could do and does worse things
    like callin me my granpas name or forgetting she had to pik me up,passin right in front of and continuing traight makin me chase her for like 2 blocks then making me take the bus home

    “or else I need to post up fliers look for my real parents or something”
    sometimes i get the same idea 😛

  160. Sexica

    so trust me gurl
    u have it PRETTY Good with ur mom haha

    my mom never pick me up from school a day in her life
    I never wanna get in a car as long as she’s driving
    she scare the crap out of me EVERYTIME
    so unless it’s a death/life situation, I never ask my mom to drive me somehwere
    I rather walk 12 blocks home than call her to pick me up from the bus stop
    that’s how much I’m scared of her okay haha

    but positive side, she is one damn good cook
    idk where she leran it from but she’s just really good
    her cooking make me such a picky eater it’s amazing haha

    i thought of doing something like that ever since I was 5
    but never got around doing it haha

  161. lol
    guess i have some luck then
    but she a slow driver and reeally gets to me sometimes

    and she’s not too bad at cookin
    but sometimes i cook better than her ;P
    guess its fair somehow

    what would they say if they found them
    or if an old coUple goes and claims u’re theirs….

  162. ———WOAA——WOAAAAA_____________seems like I missed quite a bit!!

    Really good performance, really neat. And I must say, the moves in Number 1 suit TOP the best so far. I´m not kidding, they are like, made for him. He´s seriously nailing them the best this time around!!

    (not to mention that the moves look cooler as well….not so boybandish)

  163. vi
    hahaha.. level, that so sound like game.
    but i think u’re not leve 20. u’re more. like 30?
    i’m like a natural enemy with numbers. i’m too bad at numbers. haha..

    kakaka… good one vi.
    take a straight & turn if u’re bored. LOL

    aw~ u’ll never want to know that.
    he’s like u’re big brother. didn’t u say that the last thing u want to know? fufu..

    if Bong want another soccer team too, u’ll die. haha.. count it gurl! its 22 children!
    only pigs could give birth like that. too much too handle.
    thanks God, hubby will never ask a soccer team from me.

    vi nanny, i don’t think u coulfd take a vacation this year.
    ur babies will make u worried too much & u won’t be able to take a rest.

    ahh!! that’ll be child abuse! no!
    this nanny shouldn’t do that!… umm.. i think i might. hahaa…

  164. spinx

    just hearing u say that
    I have stand up and do a standing ovation for our Tabi haha

  165. nya

    not so high now
    since I haven’t ‘DO’ anyting yet 🙂

    T_T and to think that you go to a business school

    GOING DOWN SOUTH… if you know what i mean hahah

    haha XD….. Bong will just have to learn how to share
    5 with Baby, 5 with Bong, then the one left…. we’ll let it decide on a threesome hahahahah

    what if ur man wanna ask for a crew of 10
    so he can open his own donut shop??
    XD… hahahahaha

    you think you might??
    this nanny won’t be taking no damn break this year
    these little kids, can’t take ur eyes off of them for one minute or they’ll go insane.

  166. vi
    hahaha.. going to business school & my personality is two completely different thing. kakaka..
    u don’t have a clue how crazy business school student is. coz they count too much so they all end up crazy. haha..

    OOHHH!! no!! i have some dangerous imagination about u, bong & baby! its midnight here gurl. ican’t wake everyone up with my laugthing voice coz its so damn loud. hahaha..

    kakaka.. that mean u limit it to 11 children then. that still possible for a human being

    XD!!!! i’ll give him as much as he want!
    i’ll become a mother pig for sure. haha..
    he should learn to open a small shop first with less crew. keke

    we worry about these boys too much that we can’t take vacation. haha..
    yup, they’ll go insane if we don’t take a good care of them. we can’t let last year situation happen again >.<

  167. ———–vicky—————–

    I can actually picture you doing that……;O


    Though I have another question, and since you seem to know EVERYTHING about BIG BANG, I thought you might know something here as well. Well—-my question is———how much do BIG BANG make?

    How much money, I mean? Is it close to what artists in the US get?

  168. lil sis in law

    I don’t I can ruin your innocence…
    Haven’t Baby corrupted yours yet? or maybe Bong again beat him to it?
    I think if there’s someone who’s gonna corrupt you that will be Bong, the expert. heheh. =)

  169. mrs. choi

    [haha i’m gonna call u this from now on keke live with it]

    what KIND of imagination eactly????
    i would like to know since it involved me.

    i know this lady that give birth to 14 kids
    so 11 is NO PROBLEM hahah
    just hope that business don’t expend too much
    and by business i mean both way, donut shop and…. bed.. hahaha

    fortunately, they push back their concert to the January 2009, so they’ll have more time to get ready and won’t exhaust themselves too much since they still have all the end-of-the-year award shows and performances to do.
    Mr. YG is thinking the same thing as us, he doesn’t want history to repeat itself so that’s good

    though I’m kinda sad that they have to break the ‘concert every december’ tradition they have for 2 years.
    but as long as the boys are healthy it’s good enough 🙂

  170. spinx

    I wish I know everything haha but I don’t. haha

    i remember reading this article that YG talk about Big Bang, and he revealed that last year’s sales of BIG BANG’s albums, concerts, commercials and merchandises had gone up to 12 billion won.

    But korean artist doesn’t get the priviledge like the American artists, they do make a lot of money but the boys doesn’t actually get a lot of cut from that since the company is paying for everything

  171. sis in law

    ah no~
    I think Baby already did it LONNNNNNNNG ago
    though we’re both illegal but.. HEY~ hahah

  172. lil sis in law

    yep. you’re naughty enough not be innocent. hehehe.
    So no one can corrupt you anymore…then again you and baby are both illegal…what did lil bro do????tsk3.

  173. sis in law

    i think what we do in our room i need to keep it to myself hahaha
    cuz if the words get out, my soon to be legal husband might get into trouble haha

  174. ———–Vicky—————-

    I thought so………still, I really would like to know. (bit off topic, I just read something on TOPs upcoming Drama “Iris”—I must admit, it does sound interesting—-all the Big Bang members seem to be good actors, now that I think of it!)

  175. spinx

    oh yea~ it does
    the shooting start this month
    and they say that the location for part of this drama will in the US
    so I guess Tabi will be over here for a while
    traveling back and forth from korea and the US
    hope he doesn’t overwork himself

    Tabi act as a cold-blooded assisinator……
    what more can we ask for?
    his eyes are perfect for this role.

    Kim Tae Hee will be in this drama too, a high A lister
    so this drama is highly highly anticipated from drama lovers

    we’re excited because of TOP haha.

    Baby will also have a new movie coming out next year
    the plot of the movie is still blurry, they haven’t reveal anything to us yet, but i did saw a sneak peak picture from the movie, and Baby was sitting on the floor with both his hands tied behind his back, and the title is “why did you come to my house?”
    so………. that’s even more confusing
    I’m really looking forward it
    Baby always wanted to act. so it’s a dream come true for him haha

  176. vi
    i’d like to, but i remember there’s someone with this Mrs.Choi nickname. so u better not. it’ll confuse her. hahaha ^^v
    so, back to old style. just call me nya or anything u want to.

    some wild imagination >..<
    she & her half is such an “active” couple

    hahaha.. bed business could expand as much as he want to but no with giving birth business.
    if Tabi really want to, i’ll told him to give birth himself. hey, its a lot of pain.
    men should understand woman more in this business.

    i’m okay as long as theyre healthy.
    they already have this Japan Tour Concert, don’t push them.
    Mr.YG know what we want. i think he also considering their health, so he won’t want to see them like last year.
    since its him who saw them growth from boys to man like this time, they maybe think him as a father. and so as Mr.YG, he’ll think them as his child. he won’t want to see anything bad happen to them.

    AMEN for the boys health.


    ahhhhhh~ that’s ok, as long as he’s not ‘enjoying’ it..:D

    Those pictures are REALLY HOT! I love every SINGLE ONE of them!

    The dance moves for number 1 looks hot, i wanna see more of it!


  178. Oho———Seungri acting as well?

    Now, THIS, is interesting.

    Whatever—–I´ve just watched their “Number 1” performance five times in a row (yeah, what can I say, this song and clip just do it for me ;O) concentrating on another member each time.

    It´s really funny, how every one of them adds their own touch to the moves.

    TOP with his minimalistic style, Dae with his wide moves—-simply cool.

  179. I’m so sick of all this butt slapping my babies being forced to do… The only ass he needs to be slapping is mine 😦


  180. boo!! only two taeyang pics?? im trying to get his hair-dew PPL!!!!! c’mon!!1 i need more recent pictures!!!

  181. nya

    me and my half???
    you KNOW it gurl~~
    this asian gurl got it GOING on.
    best believe that hehe

    birth himself..
    wouldn’t that ruin his figure?
    he’s already trying hard to keep in shape with all those fruits hehe
    why make it harder for him???? haha

    the boys are really really lucky to be under YG
    not only is he a true artist who respect his artists
    and you’re right, he also care for them just like a dad,
    it pains him as well when something happen to the boys
    I love that in mr.YG, that’s why I have like a lot of respect for him.

    I felt so thankful for him when I saw how worried he was when Baby got hurt during the GREAT concert
    like his expression, so caring… and warm… he’s awsome
    I’m glad that he know that giving Baby another chance was the right choice.
    every Baby luvers especially love him more

    YG FTW!!

  182. spinx

    haha i know the feeling
    I rewatch this video I don’t know how many time
    I have it in my iPod and I was watching during World History over and over again hahaha
    it’s better than learning about the Egyptians for sure



  184. oh mah GD!!!!


    u’r so dang, HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  185. big bang số 1

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