STAND-UP Concert Pictures | Infinity Challenge: Dress like BIG BANG

Oh~~ another thing,


… you know what that day is??? BIG BANG’S COMEBACK PERFORMANCE ON MUSIC CORE!!!!!!!!!!!! gotta go all nighter that night for sure, who’s with me??


‘Everything’ Fancam at Tokyo Concert

OMG!!!!…… I died……..XD.. what’s my name again? cuz I forgot it after I saw this…. dannng.

thanks to 렌루님 and bigbangpop

Everything…. my favorite song from the album, so of course I got all giddy just thinking about it haha, when I saw Baby walked out…. oh damn~ his voice… AHHHH!!!!!! oh so clear… THAT is blowing my mind…. into millions of pieces. OOH!! AND THERE’S A DANCE TO IT TOO!! OH MY GAD!!!!!!!!!!! Baby… and his little hip thrust.………….. I’m dazedjiggly…. speechless… and loving it…. I … don’t…. know… what’s my name anymore……….. ah~…. this is what he does to me, hahaha our lil maknae got a bit of bootie action too haha but not as much as his Bae hyung now, he’s just looking, haven’t touch yet kekeke Baby ah~ you’re killing me. If I get to see this whole song perform live….. and clear.. I probably would die a very very very happy person. haha a lil bit of Tabi at the end.. Tabi luvers don’t kill me when I told you i look down south okay~ XD… I did.. those hot pink skinny jeansXP……….!!


Edit: Article on their Stand-Up Concert, and say what??

with 20,000 fans and a 100-over-meter long line.

SooKyeong’s minihompy

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
At first I saw this picture, I was like eh???? Where is Tabi?? that can’t be Tabi wearing the shade..” I mean is it just me or what? that doesn’t look like him AT ALL… haha somebody please tell me I didn’t go insane or something. It wasn’t until I saw a bigger version of this picture and THEN I was convinced that the person standing between Baby and Bae is Tabi. There was this picture of our Tabi being such a pimp hahaha. it’s so awsome. Our Dae performed ‘Look at me, GwiSoon’!!! instead of wearing the Korean Hangbok, the ‘yobo’ is wearing a Japanese traditional kimono instead, I miss seeing Dae perform this song, I wanna see it again so badly, whenever I miss it I just pull out the Thanksgiving special they did a while back, because Dae is just too grease-a-licious in there haha, whenever i watch Bae perform the dance break for ‘Only Look at me’ I kept saying ‘GwiSoon GwiSoon’ during that part haha Dae’s version is just too awsome. Bae perform ‘Only Look at me’ too from what I saw… damn….. that must be one hot performance, he be sweating… wearing red… XD..

And million of thanks to yumekari님 for stalking Baby and Bong…. this GRi lover can rest in peace. Baby in checkered red/black suit and sparkling clothes win in life. haha

laugh your butt off with this.

Infinity Challenge: Dress like BIG BANG

thanks to S님

MC Yoo and HyungDon take on the challenge of dressing like the current Korea trend setter, Big Bang haha the skinny jean is a MUST haha but oh so tight~ when I saw MC Yoo wearing it I was like… ” O____O “ hahaha I ‘see’ everything keke that i shouldn’t be seeing and of course, HAHAHA the stylist pulled out one of Sam’s relative, oh my gad!! I thought YG breed these little things for YG men only but look like it has migrate to other places too hahaha, MC Yoo look really good actually, haha HyungDon… T_T hahaha a bit too much kekek. They sit in their awsome convertable and listen to Big Bang’s music so they can feel the youth days once again hahaha Lies blaring from the speaker haha who doesn’t love this song?? forreal man haha

Now how about we check out some real Big Bang style? haha where the skinny jeans don’t look so……… uncomfortable haha more pictures from the concert down there 🙂

STAND-UP Concert Pictures & Stalker Pics

our Tabi such a pimp hahaha that jacket look a bit small on him haha or is it just me being too used to seeing them in baggy jackets? haha nonetheless… covered by the ladies, and hot shade. I can only spell this 4 letters word. P.I.M.P haha


It wasn’t until I saw this picture that I was convince that the dude up there is Tabi haha can you blame me?? he look so different.

Did you know that Tabi perform ‘Big Boy’ remix with ‘As If Nothing’s Wrong”? haha it was awsome, he was singing ‘Big Boy’ then all of the sudden, random part of ‘As If Nothing’s Wrong’ would pop up haha he even violently hug JiHye [the dancer] it was HOTTT~

kekekek sitting with his legs crossed. how gentlemen like haha

Oh how I wanna see Dae perform this song again, if this song hasn’t got you effected yet, you just wait, it’s addicitng after a while. ‘GWISOON GWISOON’

Baby perform ‘Snowflake’ aka the best moment of my life.

Even when it’s from a FAR AWAY angle, you can still see Bae’s green pant T_T haha it’s that coloful.

Thanks to bigbangpop | yumekari님 | yahoo | 디귿님


~ by Vicky on November 2, 2008.

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  1. I don’t like whoever took those stalker pics


    Whomever you are ultimately suck as a bb fan lmao.

    I’m legit swole

    *stomps off*

  2. haha am i the first?
    i can’t believe u’re really still awake xD
    baby looked so fine…omg..he looked like a prince to me
    hahaha..its true that i heart my man and bong more..
    but i can’t let go of others as well..they’re all mine lolol
    my man’s hair grew! and still so hot..haha its time for him to be blind and wore the X-Men shades thing

  3. omg,soo jealous.they look hot,cute,sexy,and adorable as,a lot of seungri love.vicky,do you know where to get the concert goods?i have to have the purple and green hoodie.

  4. rahquhxie

    did you know what I was thinking in my head when I was posting this?
    I was like ‘aigoo~ rahquhxie will be really disappointed..”
    but don’t worry gurl
    I’ll promise to find some Dae stalker out there for you.

  5. Vicky

    Thank youu! I’d be a stalker myself if I lived out there lol, helpin all the other fans like myself out. But luckily I can’t get too mad, caught a little thrustin’ on Family Outing earlier, and my my my he’s quite the sexy beastt on those drums <33333


  6. jiyanz

    kekeke this is me you’re talking about
    I probbaly will go to sleep at like… 6 AM or something.. haha
    but right now I’m a bit tire so we never know haha
    I’m weird like that.
    i think we already develop that haha.

    you mean my prince?? haha
    cuz u got Tabi ur my half-husband haha
    just like what i say to nya ‘stay away from Baby Rd. and keep cruising down the TOP Blvd”

    you think that’s Bong’s shade?
    but no seriously, tell me, in the first pic above, that doesn’t look like Tabi from far away huh???
    or am i really going insane??

  7. nimco
    well normally, YesAsia and DVDHeaven will have it up after the concert tour ended, ONLY IF there’s left over from the concert, so let’s just cross our finger and hope that our beloved JVIP didn’t buy them all or else we have NO CHANCE.
    I want the ring and the hoodie bad badly.
    oh so badly.

  8. OMFG!!!!!!!!
    my man in those shades
    was too much!!!
    but seeing him pimpin….I just reached my limit ;P
    THEN WEARING A SUIT!!!!…..I’m dead right now

    I was chokin when I saw the Infinity Challenge video
    I swear those guy are just too hilarious!!!
    but of course seeing he pics of my man just made me realize I won’t be able to sleep now 😛

    seriously can they get any sexier than his?!
    seeing their sweaty faces… can I begin to explain the thoughts tht are beginning to form in my head
    g.oi.n.g. t.o. n.e.e.d. t.h.e.r.a.p.h.y!!!

  9. rahquhxie

    isn’t that a bittersweet situation?
    there might be a bad side to it but the good side is, less fangirls and stalkers to fight off hahaha
    u know what i mean? kekek

    AH THAT’S RIGH! Family Outing was on for the past 29 minutes
    I was too exhausted to remember the time
    guess I’ll have to watch it later, I’m dead right now XP.
    hip thrusthing??? on this episode????
    dang…….what he be doing????
    and more importantly, for who???
    you must be feeling happy watching that I’m sure.

  10. Sexica

    but the question I REALLY wanna know is
    does he look different to you in the first pic?
    cuz that look NOTHING like him to me.
    in any way possible.

    I have to admit.
    him wearing that suit with the blue tie.

    the tight tight pants MC YOO was wearing… why so tight???
    it’s so wrong to see haha

    watch them put those clothes to use and performing Lies

    that’s odd haha
    you should be able to have some GOOOD~ sleep
    and dreamed a beautiful dream

    *** WARNING: definition of ‘beautiful’ may varied based on individual fangirl’s thoughts.

    hahah i gotta put up that warnning so you don’t come running to me the next day blaming me for something you dreamed up hahaha

    don’t blame this sifu
    you thought up all that by yourself alright haha
    i have NOTHING to do with it hahah

  11. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!

    I died! im dead!

  12. vicky

    yeah..and i’ll probably be like a vampire too after my final..hahaha..sleep at day and awake at night haha.

    hahahah seriously..tabi is not enough for me LOLOL i’m greedy like friend compiled a pic of her with bae and i was like so damn jealous of my friend..i can’t stand any girl standing next to any of them haha.,bae and dae are my half husband as well kekeke

    no i don’t think thats bong’s shades..its just something’re not really didn’t look like him but i still know it was him from the beginning hahaha since tabi can’t be missing right. and it is probably because of his hair which was not so spiky anymore i think

  13. jiyanz

    ur getting a break after ur final?
    well that’s good
    some off time to relax..and stay up all night hahah
    i love the dark man haha
    idk why

    i know that must be him since there’s only 5 ppl in that picture
    but I wasn’t convinced that it was him until I saw the close up picture of him
    ahah ur so greedy
    i’m not that greedy, Baby’s my all, and Bong is my love haha
    love them both, not because I’m greedy, but because I can’t help it
    what can I do? I can’t let Bong or Baby go 🙂 I’m in DEEP~

    haha u get jealous at that?
    i notice lot of ppl hate on the dancers or any female species near the boys haha
    but that never happen to me before actually, I never get jealous, but more envious towards them
    I actually grew quite fond of the dancers, so I always get excited when I notice them
    and that’s good too, save me from all the unnecessary jealousy haha, cuz it’s never healthy to get jealous haha

  14. lmao!
    I recognized him right away
    after all there’s other things besides his eyes that I can recognize…. XD

    I doubt I’ll sleep but right now my head is definitely imaginin some good things….for me at least

    nothin I will regret anthing I see in my fantasies
    nothin to blame my oh so great sifu for
    yes I blame no one but myself…..wait maybe I can blame my man for being too damn sexy…..more than my eyes can handle
    *nose bleeding*

  15. vicky

    haha yeah bout 2 months plus break..then off i go to there any vip in australia? T.T

    haha me too..but sometimes i have sense of guilt towards tabi though..coz i’m crazy towards bong while tabi is like my old love abandoned by me. LOL shit i really think that i love bong more..what should i do? T.T

    how can you be so generous?! lol.what if baby hooks up with one of the dancers? you know ‘she can’t get enough’ perf in the real concert, i was pretty calm during the 1st half of the perf..but after that i really can’t stand it anymore then i started @$#@%#$$%^%$&..and screaming and stuff. i know i shouldn’t act this way..all the dancers are great and they helped BB actually i love them! but pls don’t touch my man haha

  16. Sexica

    and what part would that be again???
    dang gurl~
    i swear you get in deeper and lower everyday hahahah
    you’re too infected by the Vicky Virus haha
    is that healthy??

    I was trying to find the fancam with Tabi performing his solo
    but I can’t find it anymore
    don’ know why
    i wanna show u it cuz i know u’ll go insane or something haha

  17. @ rahquhxie:

    I so agree with you. I was looking forward to see Dae Sung and there’s like only ONE picture of him and that picture, you can’t really see much of him. >.<

  18. jiyanz

    ur moving there??
    i know about 2 VIP over there haha
    but I’m sure there’s plenty
    Big Bang is powerful

    i sometimes feel that way toawrds Baby
    like I should be lovin’ Bong this much
    but after a while, I got my priority straight
    and Baby was it.
    he’s MY NUMBER 1

    I love that performance
    oh my gad
    rewatch it on the daily
    i don’t get jealous AT ALL.
    .. not really
    I’m thankful that they’re doing a sexy dance
    I get to see all that
    how can I complain?? hahah
    beside, it’s strictly business anyway

    haha touching is a must in dancing anyway ahhaha

  19. “and what part would that be again???”
    mmmm…the rest of his face?
    dang girl…lol
    don’t think it’s too bad
    helps me get through the boring times ;P

    u know it too well gurl
    wonder if that’s a good thing….
    can’t tell anymore

  20. Sexica

    that’s what you’re saying NOW
    i’m sure you meant ‘something’ else back then
    soething down south perhaps??? 😛 hahah

    it’s bittersweet.
    I know I should stop talking and sleep now since I’m dead tire
    but yet it’s so addicting I can’t help but keep on doing it hahaha
    we’re so screwed up haha
    and we’re loving it. which is even MORE screwed up kekek

  21. “soething down south perhaps???”
    for once that didn’t cross my mind
    but now that u mention it….nop nothin

    yup but once in a while never hurts
    we’re screwed up like that so it doesn’t matter
    we love it

  22. Man oh man

    them in their blinging outfits…HOTTTT!!!
    Seung Ri in a red plaid suit…HOTTT!!!
    TOP’s gray suit with blue tie…HOTTTTT!!!!

    Ahhhh!!!! Seung Ri up on top of that stage is heaven!!

    the pics are awesome!!

    TOP looks so damn hot in the FIRST and THIRD pic!!!
    OH LORDY!!

    I LOVE LOVE the awesome still picture of the NUMBER 1 dance!!! (sixth picture)

    SeungRi stalker pics are soo cute!! ^_______________^

    GD looks so cute with his hands on his hips!!

    I love the pics! the last one is just awesome!

  23. OMG ❤
    out tabi is a hottie ^^ *lol*

  24. vicky

    nope i’m furthering my studies i’ll be shifting there alone without my parents T.T yeap hope i’d meet some vips there..haha

    hahahah i guess i need time to see who i love the most..but at the same time deciding is kinda unnecessary as i love all of them ❤

    haha well i’m not so pro like you..i serious am jealous but i love that perf was hot. haha yeap i have faith in my’s just business T.T and they actually didn’t want to get touched by the girls hahaha..okay i’m self comforting here wtf

  25. Vicky,

    He was thrusting for me of course!!! LOL. They had a performance for all these elderly people and not only did he play the sexy sexy drums….but he also performed Nalbwa Gwisoon and did some thrusting!

    And he milked a cow .<

  26. GD looks so WOOOOOOW xDD

  27. hahah i love when mc yoo and hyung don are bopping in the car, they should do an MV it would be awsome!

  28. GWISOON-AHHH~~ hahaha i love dae saying that part~

    baby looks so gorgeous with that sparkly jacket! thats my new screensaver keke
    i knew that was TOP! wasnt too obvious but process of elination, i always look for baby first! lol

    yoo jaesuk was sooo funny! those tight pants were hilariousss

  29. lol tabi with the shades in the first pic, it looks as if his eyes have been censored out xD. i like seung ri’s hair. Orhhh i want more Bae pics!!! miss seeing the only look at me performances =(

  30. OMG YES
    i’ve seen the Big Boy performance
    it was AWESOME!!
    i cracked up when he hugged Ji Hye so strongly..
    she nearly tripped hehe~~~

    it was a hot performance.

  31. OMG SeungRi looks so fine in these pics, he always amaze meTwT~
    YJS’s skinny jeans LOL i notice something i shouldn’t in baby’s pic too D: the one he wears white, looking so fly…but again…SKINNY JEANS XDD

  32. “whenever i watch Bae perform the dance break for ‘Only Look at me’ I kept saying ‘GwiSoon GwiSoon’ during that part ”

    I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE! Silly, Dae Sung. xD
    TOP’s hair looks awesome.

  33. wooaah
    i didn’t recognise him either
    i thought they were some dudes whose trying to copy BB
    but then i recognise GD and YB

  34. I don´t know if it´s just me, but Seungri is seriously starting to resemble TOP (pose wise…).

    And speaking of Mr. TOP—-he shouldn´t wear too tight pants—it simply doesn´t suit him that much.

    But really nice pictures. And GD looks like he´s been working out.

  35. great pics..wish there was more Dae and Bae and GD pics but ofcourse who can resist Mr.TOP – he looks great =)

  36. Oh man i thought the 2nd pic is SR :X but i think the hair looks really niceeee in any case 😀

  37. WHERE IS DAE t_t

  38. Wow, hotties.
    Top & GD!! <33

  39. T___________________T

    i’m gonna cry now for the article


    the boys’ talent and ability to perform being recognized by some really good artists and fans made me teary T_____T

    it’s such a good news for the boys..and also us..i hate those who like to anti the boys for no reason..and those who think that our boys have no talent..which is so not true..don’t you feel like crying too? T___T

  40. AHH!!!
    SO HOT!!!!
    Is it legal to be SO DAMN HOT??!!!

    TABI with he’s shades!!!!
    It’s almost impossible to recognize him!!!
    The PIMP-look looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sexy on him!!!! *faint*

    Check out Baby’s gloves….black&white squares!!!!
    SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He stands on the stage and smiles…god…he’s smile can turn hell to heaven!!!!
    And than he sit’s on the stage with a red-squares jacket!!!!!AAAAHHHHH!!!!!
    *Love hormones starting to go wild!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

    Bebs is sitting in such a COOL pose with a sleeve-less shirt!!!!!!!!!!!
    He’s so flexible& SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bong as usual doesn;t have to do anything….he’s ALLWAYS HOT&SEXY no metter what he wearing [or not wearing…kekeke…my dirty mind…]

    I just HAVE to see Dae’s ‘Look At Me, Gwisoon’ performance!!!
    The song IS addicting…and if your not addicted yet than it’s just because you haven’t heard it yet…..

    Looks like one hell of a performance!!!!!

  41. Sexica

    liar liar pants on fire!!
    i KNOW you were so thihnking it haha

    haha we need some help don’t we?
    too messed up.


    hhah that’s the only word we can use to fulfil it huh? haha

  42. jiyanz

    whoa~ you’re moving to aussie by yourself
    u got some guts
    i would never be able to do that
    and I’m sure meet plenty
    VIPs are everywhere in the world

    haha guess i’m just a low-key person….. does that make sense??
    haha i don’t get jealous often, that’s not healthy for me, and i refuse to do anything that’s bad for me haha.. i’m blabbering on now

    i do that on the daily haha
    make me feel good about myself
    I learn lot of things from Bong, like how to be more confident and love myself 🙂 ahah
    life is GREAT~

  43. rahquhxie

    oh yea that’s right!!
    i almost forgot they’re gonna do the band thing
    the rehearsal was hilarious last time haha
    Dae was soooo good on that drum
    he can listen to the song and be able to play along
    and he said he only learn to play a little bit of it for the concert

    hip thrusting for elders?
    omo….T_T… those halmoni and ammoni…… hahah

    kekek milked a cow… my friend
    that………is….very … very… KINKY. haha

  44. hoichu

    did you see them dancing to lies in the restaurant?
    and HyungDon pulled a ‘Bae’ move??? it was …. very…..sad

  45. Jini

    Gotta spot Baby first before anyone else
    I know that just HAS to be him but it jus doesn’t look like him

    Baby look hot in the sparkly clothes
    but check out him in the red checkered suit. XD…. I CAN DIE HAPPY NOW!!

  46. hoichu

    HAHA you are right!!!
    it does kkeke
    the shade is too big… and square haha

  47. ncly

    yea and he was holding on her head rather than her body when he hugged her
    I was surprised that JiHye wasn’t startled, when Tabi release her, her expression is still professional and keep on dancing, haha who knew our Tabi is so violent

    I can’t find it anymore, do you remember where it is?

  48. widchii

    haha yup those skinny jeans..
    they have a positive effect but then there’s negative too.

  49. Maryam

    hahaa and i thought i was the only one
    I can’t help it
    it just come out ahahaha

  50. mrs.CHOI

    now I know I’m not insane haha

  51. spinx

    I noticed that too haha
    I think Baby take turn copying his hyung or something
    Baby and Tabi really look like sibling, they’re just similar in some way too
    random thoughts haha

  52. vicky

    haha nah i don’t have so much guts..of course i’ll be going with a bunch of friends ^^ hope it’d be great hehee. its not easy to be able to study overseas

    hahaa yeah self-comforting is healthy fo’sho lol. and yeah i love how bong can look so confident 24/7. love him..and i’d learn to be more confident that we make a perfect couple HAHAHAHA.

    ish i better stop it now hahaaa. gotta go to bed. i can’t believe it’s final exam already! can’t help feeling excited. Wish me luck! =)

  53. jiyanz

    well …. uh they’re not worth it
    they’re the stupid one who doesn’t know what is true and amazing music
    and they do all this stupid crap so what???…. they gain anything?? NO

    it’s their stupid fault, I don’t think I should cry over some stupid anti, they’re not worth my time and tears. 🙂 that’s how I view it
    it’s their loss, not mine

    there’s one fact that they can’t deny, Big Bang is talented and they’re very very successful right now
    so I would to tell those idiots ‘SUCK IT!!’

  54. miroo4ka

    no it’s not legal
    they should be charge by taking off their clothes for us hahahah

    or not wearing… amen sister. keke

    i hope Dae perform it again in the future
    I love that perf too much

  55. vicky

    ahaha i’m crying outta happiness for the boys..
    not for those suckers
    the article made my day! hohoho..
    BB is seriously my enlightment everyday
    ok gotta stop here haha

  56. jiyanz

    ah~ with friends
    studying oversea is not that easy
    take a person with guts to do it
    so gurl~ you got some guts hahaha

    i keep talking about how great I am nowaday haha
    my friends are like ‘vi~ you have a problem’ hahaha
    i was like ‘nah~ i’m just too amazing’ then we’ll start cracking up haha
    i love my peeps haha

    OH GURL` good luck!!!!
    tell me how it go right away when you get home ‘kay!!

  57. ahahhaa
    maybe I’m thinkin it now

    right after I wrote the comment I fell asleep
    so much for being twisted and staying up

  58. VI

    haha i love that red jackett, his face looks so animated tho!
    i uno what the hell it is that makes TOP so unrecongnizable, lol maybe its the glasses. the HOT glasses. lol

  59. vi
    MC Yoo & HyungDon are hilarious!
    close ur eyes so u won’t see “anything”. keke
    OMG… that Sam’s relative.. why its so big? are they overfeed it? its more like Sam’s great uncle to me.
    the migration thing.. YG should lock them up. the sam’s relatives is fleeing!!

    & does MC Yoo try to imitate hubby’s dance there? the finger pointing in Lies? hahaha.. oh no, its only hubby that could work that dance. & Dae’s pic suddenly pop out. kekeke..
    are they imitating Dae too?
    HyungDong.. the last thing i want to see is him wearing BB style. hahaha.. he can’t work that. not everone could work our boys charming style.


    no way i’m wrong. hubby just love to pose like that/ cool pose while folding up his hands & the sexy lips that i always want to kiss!
    its hubby. no one else. just look at that stubborn face! u could recognize him right away vi.
    when i first saw it, the distance between my monitor & my eyes is about 5cm i think. O.O!!
    does hubby have a new haircut? his hair looks shorter

    know why the white jacket looks so weird on hubby? coz he wears mine. its like 2 size smaller. hahaha.. (i really have a white jacket exactly like that)

    hey vi, i found out that bay’s darkcircles looks better. or its just me?
    i need u to tell me. hahaha.. u’re his wife right?

    aw~ i so love seeing Bong wearing that shades.
    so cool.

    baby wearing all white just look like a prince. i bet u have a really good dream. hahaha.. also him wearing that red suits. sweet dream vi. ^^v

    aarrgghh!! this is too much in just a single post! hubby’s wearing suits! that bring back DISCO days. also that blue tie.. that suits looks like its design just for him
    sitting there legs crossed.. so ellegant & gentlemen like. while he’s a dork inside. oppa~~ when will we sign our paper?
    i need to make u mine before other take u.
    i’m dying vi.. i could see ur evil smile.
    u’re talking to a zombie right now.
    hubby don’t know how much i’m addicted to him >.<

    bebe’s hat cover his face T_T maybe i should blame on the camera angle. we could see nothing

    HAHAHA.. Gwisoon Gwisoon.. that one is hilarious. bebe’s cool sexy dace become like that. yes, its very addicting.

  60. Sexica

    I just woke up too
    I went to sleep at like… 6 AMD and woke up at like 11 AM
    that’s pretty good hahah
    hopefully I can sleep at the right time tonight
    I have shool tomorrow

    i told u that u’ll be able to sleep haha
    dream of anything? keke

  61. Jini

    animated hahahah
    that’s very hot keke

    he look a bit…. swollen hahah
    idk how to describe it
    like his body frame is bigger than normal haha
    do you see it??

  62. nya

    well it’s too late for me to close my eyes when i ALREADY SAW EVERYTHING!!!
    poor me.

    Sam is definately hotter than that thing
    look like it’s one steroids or something
    too damn tall for a fuzzy creature haha

    hha YG need to make some damn Visa for them from now on haha

    MC YOO was imitating Tabi, haha it’s his fave part of the song haha
    since MC YOO is close with Dae, he was saying something about him, idk what

    Don Don…….ruined it hahaha

    of course you would know
    haha I’M NOT SURPRISE.
    but this is me we’re talking about here haha
    so u gotta understand keke

    HAHA he wear ur clothes too???
    oh wow~ i am speechless

    So mrs. Choi
    how do u feel about the ladies surrounding mr. choi?
    oh em gee. i should call u mrs. choi from now on keke
    i will so do that hahaha.

    well i can’t tell u that cuz i can never notice how bad or good his dark circle is since everything with him is good with me
    and i just get caught staring dreamily into his eyes so i don’t see any difference haha

    I love it when mr. choi where those suit
    damn~ gurl.
    ur hubby know how to WORK IT
    i want u to see the fancam so badly
    the one with him rapping the all of the sudden he came over where JiHye is and grabbed her head violently and bend her over. haha

  63. VI

    yeahh i think its the fact that hes glistening (not sweating~), the lighting and the jacket and how it looks really shinyy~
    theres no way YG’s trainers would let that kind of thing slide lol
    baby looks good nonetheless keke

  64. I’ve watched the two vids of MC Yoo and Hyundong…they looked so funny deciding what to wear..and there is Sam’s great big relative…waw so big…hehehe…I was really laughing so hard my tummy hurt..yeah we want “MO”! then omg…I can’t stop laughing when they performed Lies!!! hahahaha! they were like doing their own thing, not missing the head swaying left to right and back…and then they lost their breath during the bridge.LOL. omg. they gave it all. and people clapped for them. that’s so cool. Poor tummy of mine..hehehe.
    I really thought that was baby…then I saw baby at the right side of the pic…that could only be tabi..hehe..he’s the one who’ll wear cool glasses anywhere and bring sexy with him. =)
    I read the article…so happy baebae performed some of his solos too…then Dae performed his famous trot song. You know whenever I watch Baebae’s MV and the dance break I can’t help saying “Gwisoon, Gwisoon” at the right parts…darn that song…it really is addicting.
    Baby and Bong looked so cute in the stalker pix! Especially lil bro Baby! he looks so shy, touching his lip in one of his pic…and I love his ballad performance. =)
    How come it’s so natural for tabi to look like a pimp? hehehe.
    That half split baebae is doing looks so uncomfortable…then again I know he can carry it. =)
    I saw the green, then I knew it was baebae because of his guns..hihi.
    love this lil sis in law.

  65. Duude I was totally confused when I saw that first picture. I noticed GD right away.. and then I saw YB but everyone else I was like huh? Top totally didn’t look like Top..

    BTW I looove the shiny jackets… Good stuff

  66. why no daesung D;

  67. OMG dae dae is soo cute lmao haha
    he perform his trot song ahh
    why no pics of dae dae much and
    my hubby taeyang is hot

  68. Jini

    you gotta love it when Baby sweat hehe
    do i sound perverted?
    cuz i like such a perv right now it’s amazing

    he ALWAYS look good *evil smile*

  69. sis in law

    when I saw the stylist pull that thing out, I was like ‘HOLY WHAT????” then I just nodd my head ‘of course~ you can’t miss one of Sam’s relative”

    haha MC Yoo and his endless love for Lies, you gotta love him,
    he’s always my fave MC ever, thanks to him I got endless laugh for the past 3 years
    he’s awsome like that haha
    but when HyungDon pulled up his shirt and even show us his nipple… oh god I wanna die already and wash my eyes out with alcohol cuz I saw that
    so sad for this soon to be 16 years old

    haha so I see, I’m not the only ab-normal one among the VIPs haha
    all this time I thought I was weird to do the things that I do
    but turn out
    yall even more messed up than me hahah

    i wonder if Bae can pulled off a full split
    that might be PAINFUL… haha
    but we never know
    our Bae can do WONDERS

  70. DeDe(Ms.Dong) & HJ
    idk why
    these are all the pictures posted up by new site and stalker pics from other ppl
    if I find anymore i will definately add it

    That first picture is HOTTTTTTTT!

  72. I hope there will be a concert dvd! Top is looking good.

  73. green, my favorite color on my favorite man<3

  74. VI

    hah perverted would be if you wanted baby to sweat on you! sike keke
    trust me girl, ive thought of much more wierder stuff lol

    when baby looks hot, my smile gets so big that my asian eyes become like bebe’s! small and puppy-like~ lol

  75. lol i was wondering who that was 0_0 xD
    but he looks a bit skinnier/buffer to me in the pic >_< idk why..
    plus his hair reminds me of something….. xD lol
    OMG the infinity challenge ! :D,that made my hilarious,the
    TOP finger thing that mc yoo was doing 😀 lol i tried doing it,it is kinda hard 0_o,to me xD

    oh yeah..the stalker pics are nice,but no DAE ? :O

  76. Jini

    i can’t do anything but laugh pevertedly at that comment now
    can’t help it!!!

    whenver i smile in a perverted way
    you can see my snaggle tooth haha
    it point out almost similar to a vampire haha
    it’s so awsome kekekek

  77. kohjidmal

    for some reason not a lot of ppl stalk Dae
    he seem too innocent to stalk or something?
    i don’t get that

  78. VI
    hahahah! i bet you want baby to sweat on you now! am i right? am i right?

    yes im rightt~ keke
    but i bet he would sweat on a towel and give it to you in the coolest, sexiest, way ever! no doubt. lol

    lol my face turns rly red whenever baby or bong does something..~
    im not going to say what though..keke :]]

  79. wow! i wouldn’t have known that was top either…if i didn’t know, i would’ve thought it was baby!
    jiyongie’s hair grew!!! it looks so good!!
    and baby’s hair makes him look so mature..very sexy
    their outfits look cool, all sparkly and shiz.
    *sigh* how i wish i could be at one of their concerts.
    and by the way, how come TOP is called tabi?


    oh my god! that fancam made my day~ the rest of it that is lol
    baby!! his moves are killerr, i wish i coulda seen all of if that damn girl would get out of the way! lol
    curse her…i couldnt see baby for a while..

  81. ahhh!!seung ri!! ohh mann MC yoo and don don are so FUNNY!! thanks!

  82. Jini

    well not right now haha
    I just took a shower hahah
    but kekek
    he’s always welcome to HAHAHAHAH

    i don’t know what color my face look like
    but i just know that sometimes I forgot what’s my name is haha

  83. Jini

    tht head was kiling me
    but then when I saw him do the hip thrust
    I can’t complain about anything anymore
    the world is fill with rainbows and butterflies

  84. VI

    haha shower or not, baby sweating is once in a lifetime offer! keke
    lol being in a baby-daze is the best. JJANG! :]]

    are they coming out with a japan DVD? i hope so
    for christmas, my parents areletting get anything i want online (but i have to pay for it which is retarded) and i am getting the real and the great dvds XDD

  85. O M G
    i can’t believe TOP is already almost 21!haha
    and i think i did die seeing that vid.



    sry..but I’m a bit hyper now hahaha

  87. oh sry for 2 comments but I have one question…@Vicky..

    Do you gonna watch Music core LIVE??…if u watch it live..where do u watch it?? ^^”

    peace xD

  88. AHHHHHHHHHHH! they HAVE to come to US…. PLEASEEEEE!
    <33333 so many pics of baby… YAY!
    tabi looks sooo hot! gd always stylin’ 🙂
    cant wait til nov 8

  89. im with ya!

  90. haha top’s full out star trek glasses now…..

  91. HOLY MOLY!!!!

    Everything FANCAM!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    man, i wish i saw more of the dance…
    gahhhh!!!! how i wish they sold this on DVD


  92. HELLS YES!!

    November 8, im with you!!

    gaaaahhh!!!!!!!!! so excited!!

  93. LOL! MC YOO! my favorite MC1
    mad funny!

  94. I’ll try to pull the all mighter with ya gurl!

    that fancam is love
    especially the end
    my man in pink pants…and I thought it had been good enough to see him in the pink jacket…..I was soooo wrong

    Baby’s lookin hot….very very hot there
    Vicky you can’t kill me

    I can’t blame ya
    he was makin it kinda obvious by trying to cover it every 3 seconds…..I was just following the movement of that hand
    if he decided to rest it there well that’s beyond me…

    Babe you gotta let us see though
    you know I don’t like it when you keep things to yourself

  95. Jini

    haha not with me keke
    it’s there for life
    anytime, anywhere kekek

    i dont they think will since it’s only a small concert
    i have every freaking Big Bang related things haha
    I even have this hall of fame for all of them keke

  96. AydaN

    I probably will use TVant to watch it live like I always do

  97. Sexica

    haha all I gotta do is sleep as soon as I get home from school haha
    then by night I’ll have tons of strength keke

    haha he tried to cover it???
    so he know about it ‘hangning out’ huh?
    that is just too hilarious!!! hahahaha

    i think it’s better if he keep ‘this’ to himself though gurl hahaha

  98. so i need to know. whose little sam? lol

  99. vi
    hahaha.. then forget it.
    its not that difficult anyway, just stick ur eyes to baby &bong. u’ll forget bout it soon.

    Sam is better. that Sam great uncle is too big! oversized! how could they breed it that way? they feed it too much. they should consider giving it a fruit diet. hahaha
    HAHAHA.. visa! hahaha.. u win gurl

    HyunDong ruin their charming style. really.
    i don’t want the image of Don with their style in my head >,<

    kekeke.. yup, i should understand u. if its baby, u’ll recognize him right away too.

    does this statement got u? hahaha..
    he just can’t leave me. this big boy. aw~

    they could surround him like that.
    since its hubby that too charming, its not his fault. u can’t blame flower for being surrounded by a lot of bee. ^^v
    as long as no bed business.

    hahaha.. u become poetic too.
    does halloween did something in ur head?
    its rare to see ur poetic part.
    yup, in ur eyes it’s good. everything is good.
    u’re a good wife vi..

    HOOOLYYY DAMMNNN!! hubby did it?
    umm, she’s dancer, so of coulse there’ll be skinship but hubby.. well.. speechless.
    i really love when boys suddenly grab gurls head & bend it over. that just too cool!
    i really want to see the fancam now. seriously, i could die the second i see it. jealousy of course there is, but more important is to see hubby.
    where could i watch it???

  100. AHHH OMG
    i got goosebumps!
    Fangirl going crazy right now.
    that was so hot.! gawd, wish i was there!
    They’re fricken hot & sweaty =]
    did GD’s hair get shorter or is it just me?

  101. Lmao ahahahahaha omfg
    that’s so funny. uhh i
    think i like big bang more
    but it’s good

  102. vicky ,

    yeah i feel bad 😦
    when i go to korea im going to take a gadzillion pictures of him
    xD 😀

  103. Corey

    haha Sam is my pet name for Bong’s fuzzy hat

  104. nya

    i was trying out the name ‘mrs.choi’ for u
    but it doesn’t work haha
    i think it’s because mrs. choi sound so serious and grow up
    when ur… hahahaha XD

    or someone please give him a good shave kekek

    Don Don is alright when he just sit in one place and host a show
    cuz he’s pretty dang hilarious
    but….. hahahhaa
    other thing… i’m not too sure
    when MC Yoo lift up his shirt to show us his stomach.. XD… jeez
    what a un-pretty site to see haha

    ha~ probably
    Baby can’t escape my radar kekek

    bed business. HAHAHAHAHHA
    ur feeling poetic??? keke
    flowers and bee… XD FTW!!

    I am a damn good wife haha
    Baby should feel lucky i choose him to be my future husband haha
    you’re one awsome one too gurl~ kekek

    I try to look for it for like half an hour and I can’t find it anymore
    I got so pissed now, I knew I should’ve save it when I first saw it
    it was ‘ DUDE~~~~ HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT’
    he was so much taller than her, she come up to his shoulder, so when he grabbed her head, he held it again his chest then lean forward thus bending her backward.
    it was like ‘DAMN!!!!”

  105. ninalee

    he probably cut it shorter
    he did mention to his hair stylist before that he’s gonna cut his hair

  106. kohjidmal

    haha make sure u do
    and share it with us

  107. vi
    i’d like to, but i remember there’s someone with this Mrs.Choi nickname. so u better not. it’ll confuse her. hahaha ^^v
    maybe “nya” sound better. haha.. & its cuter since it sound like a cat sound.

    yup, maybe it doesn’t work for me. it sound so serious, but i’ll bear that name in the future. so u won’t have choice but to call me that.

    umm.. could we go out from this uncomfortable scene converstation?? hahaha..
    coz, not only when Mc.Yoo lifted up the shirt, Don can’t work the style from the beginning >..<
    then JiHye must be around 160 or so coz if she a lot shorter than hubby & come up to his shoulder i could comclude that she’s 160.
    i’m 155 & if i’m standing right in front of hubby i’ll come up to his chest.
    chest & shoulder, the difference just 5cm i think.
    u just realize that hubby is so tall??? gurl where have u went to? ~.~”

  108. vi
    arrghhh! they cut my comment again!

    umm.. could we go out from this uncomfortable scene converstation?? hahaha..
    coz, not only when Mc.Yoo lifted up the shirt, Don can’t work the style from the beginning >..<
    then JiHye must be around 160 or so coz if she a lot shorter than hubby & come up to his shoulder i could comclude that she’s 160.
    i’m 155 & if i’m standing right in front of hubby i’ll come up to his chest.
    chest & shoulder, the difference just 5cm i think.
    u just realize that hubby is so tall??? gurl where have u went to? ~.~”

  109. vi
    u got a radar of baby?
    that’s shocking! haha..

    hey, admid that i’m right.
    isn’t it? coz u can’t blame a flower for being beauty & being surrounded by bees T_T geezzz..
    its just the same as our boys, they’re so charming that we can’t help just to following them & crazy about them. IT’S NATURAL. hohoho..

    but bed business. i could punish hubby so hard if he’s the one to begin this kind of business.

    kekeke.. we’re the same species, so if u’re a one good wife of couse that make me one good wife too. hahaha..

    shitt.. hubby just too amazing.
    i could so imagine it >.<

  110. can i ask? it is possible to watch live though the internet..?
    can anyone tell me which websites can i go to.. i only have KBS and arirang.. on cable…

  111. aah~
    oh my gad…
    im dead. -_-

    that picture of all of them… i need to get a bigger version and pit it as my desktop…

    and tabi… XDDD look at him, so hawt~~

    ohhhhhhhhhhhh my-gad. ^_^

  112. X_X i’m in fangirl heaven xD! i really wanna see the Big Boy+As if nothing’s wrong performance .< before i die xD!

  113. X_X i’m in fangirl heaven xD! i really wanna see the Big Boy+As if nothing’s wrong performance <333 they all look cute and hot xD!

    i was LMAO with McYoo xDDD! loool they even get ‘sam’ the fuzzy friend xD!

    i definitely gonna stay waiting for BB Comeback on Music Core before i die xD!

  114. Goodness. Gooodness. What is Baby doing to us. Gosh he is sooo hot dancing. Love that boy..

    Goshh I’m totally excited for a HQ of these performances..

  115. ow my god!
    they are too hot at the video ^^

  116. thanskf its a funny and nice videos

  117. is it just me or does Jiyong look a lot
    more healthier? we’ve all seen those pics
    where he looks super skinny, but he just
    doesn’t seem as skinny this time.

  118. oh yeahhh maknae ah is hot he’s a man now

  119. Couldnt recognize TOP initially too. haha…but he looks hot!! I wish i could go to the concert..BB faster do WORLD WIDE tour, then all the IVIPs can have an actual taste of their concerts, instead of watching the concert DVDs.

    Btw, for those who are looking for the concert goods, I know star-thots is selling them, but the prices are quite steep. I don’t know if the goods are authentic as well…hmmm…

  120. vicky

    ok i hate you gurl 😀 but i forgive you..haha coz i can’t help looking south too hahahaa..his skinnies..ahhh DAMN HOT PINKY LITTLE GUY..ahhhh and his birthday is tomorrow hohoho..

    my roommate and I just swore to the GOD that we would wait until 12am today and sing tabi a happy birthday song!! oh i think i’m even happier than my own birthday =.= hahaha i don’t care..i know tabi will be able to feel my love from here

    OMG i just feel so great with the boys by my side ❤ i’m having the fcking final exam now yet i’m not stressful at all..because of the boys! yeah the english paper was fine today, except that i forgot to bring my freaking dictionary and kinda got scolded from the head lecturer. yeahh we can bring dictionary into the exam hall..hahaha thats kinda amazing isn’t it? lol

    and which channel is music core? i forever couldn’t remember which channel is music core, music bank, inkigayo blablabla. can’t wait..will stay tune hohoho

  121. :40 in the “Everything” fancam is heaven

    😀 im not a pyuntae

  122. oh my god

  123. Happy Birthday OPPA!! ”Top”
    Hope u have a fun day!

  124. lol
    can’t believe u didn’t notice
    his hand was there the whole time

    I’m pretty sure it would be better if he decided to show it to the world
    don’t lie gurl I know u agree with me!!!

  125. […] STAND-UP Concert Pictures | Infinity Challenge: Dress like BIG BANG Oh~~ another thing, NOVEMBER 8 … you know what that day is??? BIG BANG’S COMEBACK PERFORMANCE ON MUSIC […] […]

  126. nya

    nya hehehehe… cat sound
    i never have a cat nor do I get along with them
    so i wouldn’t know haha

    I’ll wait til the day I don’t have the choice haha

    she seem like she’s taller than me so probably taller than 160 cm but somwhere around there haha
    or maybe ur hubby is still growing haha
    it’s possible for 21 years old man to grow a bit taller haha

    well unless he stand next to Bae
    then I barely notice the difference haha

    my friend, Shane, he’s like 6’5
    and when I stand next to him, the part where his leg end and his torso start, that’s where my boob is…. it’s so sad ahha
    I look like a gnome next to him, i make him give me a piggy back ride once just so I can see what it feels like to be 6’5 hahah

  127. nya

    haha I never say you was wrong gurl haha
    if you haven’t notice I pretty much agree to EVERYTHING you say
    cuz it’s all so damn right and perverted keke

    haha of course, we’re sista from another motha

    you should dream about it tonight in your sleep gurl keke

  128. Dori

    so do I
    but life isn’t fair

  129. Mariale

    I was trying to look for it but I can’t find it
    I KNOW FOR SURE all the TOP luvers are gonna die

    or instead of dying, just stay alive and keep on screaming hahaah

  130. thu

    I HIGHLY doubt if we will ever get to see it

  131. ohthethrill

    yea~ i noticed that too
    he gain some meat in his arm haha

  132. top’s princess

    uh~ where u been?
    Baby has been a MAN LOOONGG ago keke

  133. blizzardsy

    yea i know about that site
    they’re authentic
    but since they ship from singapore
    it’s too much risk and money for it

  134. Jiyanz

    keke DOWN SOUTH!! the dirty dirty south haha
    I sang happy birthday today in my spanish hour, it was at 11 AM, which is midnight of the 4th in Korea haha
    it was my friend’s birthday, his bday is Novemebr 3rd [over here in the US]
    but I use that opportunity to sing Happy Birthday in a korean version to Tabi kekeke

    the channel Music Core on is MBC. Music Bank is from KBS, Inkigayo is from SBS

  135. Sexica

    what? you want me to notice ur man doing all that??haha
    no thanks I’ll keep my zone within Baby and Bong hahahah

    haha think about what you want
    you really want him to show it all … to just anyone? keke

  136. vi
    umm.. i don’t think that i want hubby to grow again. then our height difference will feel weird.
    a too tall man & a too short gurl. hahaha.. i worried over thing that i didn’t have to worry about.

    kekeke.. sista from another mother. sounds good too.
    but maybe i prefer having the same brain. hahaha..
    it sound so original. kakaka..

    arrgghh!! its hubby bdaay now. >.<
    i hate myself for doing nothing for him

  137. i am definely going all nighter 😀

  138. gyeonxx123

    it’s 3:00 PM KOREAN TIME
    you need to google and see the time difference between Seoul, Korea with your area

  139. vicky

    kekeke i sang the birthday song in korean to tabi also!!
    hahaha i was so happy last night kekeke
    and i posted a special post for tabi in my blog
    my readers are gonna be damn annoyed with my fangirl action
    but who cares? what is wrong being a fan girl?
    happy birthday tabi!~<3

  140. Nooo… We need HQ of these performances. DX Haha.

    I’m disappointed now. D: but at least they will be on Music Core.. My My. excited…

  141. jiyanz

    it’s perfectly NORMAL
    if they don’t get it
    haha it’s their problem

    like with me
    as you can tell, I spazz a lot
    i know there’s some that’s annoyed and think i over-do it or something
    but i could careless
    I know I can’t satisfy everyone in life, so if you like me and accept me what what I am, I’m cool with u too, but if you don’t then jump off a damn cliff already cuz i don’t give a damn what you think about me and I will NEVER change for u, ur not good enough ahhahaah

    that’s how I am when ppl tell me i’m being too much of a fangirl kekekek.

    fangirls win in life, and it takes a special person to understand us kekeke….. which is…. US!! hahaha

  142. thu

    they will be on Music Core to perform song from their 2nd korean full album
    not from the Japan album sadly

  143. nya

    haha what did I tell you about tall dude with small gf?
    he’ll dote on u more because u just seem to dedicate and small haha
    that’s actually a fact, keke
    my aunt is about ….. 1 foot shorter than her husband? haha and he dotes on her so much, it’s so cute to see haha they look like 2 teenager dating keke when they already have 2 kids. keke

    i just saw Rush Hour the other day so the whole ‘brother from another mother’ got stuck in my head hahaha

    did you sing Happy Birthday??
    I’m sure you did
    cuz I did
    hehe DURING class too, right at 11:00 PM kekeke
    this korean kid sitting next to me look at me like ‘WTF??’ haha
    i look like an idiot but whatever haha.

    as long as you love him deep inside your heart, he’ll know gurl~ ❤

  144. vicky

    hahaha yeah my friends are all seriously annoyed by all my fangirls act. but seriously i can’t help it. and people have been leaving comments in my site that i shall stop talking about the boys..blehh..if you don’t like it then just don’t read it! don’t force yourself to read. dang i think fan girl would be my lifelong occupation hahahaa..

    what you sang during class? hahahaha..seriously look like an idiot lol. this morning my housemate asked if i was singing some birthday song last night too..yeah i know i sang too loud last night =.=

  145. LOL
    it’s not that I want you to it’s that I KNOW you were doing it 😛

    but you’re right he should leave it to the imagination
    for our own good and for the sake of your men

  146. hey you know that hoodie/scarf thing one of the MC tries on ( its white and black) anyone know what its called? or where ppl sell em its uber cute :]

  147. vi
    AMEN for that vi, AMEN…
    coz thingds happen to me is not that sweet. haha..
    my friend just like to say “u’re so short” (it’s okay if they did it once or twice) but they do it everyday & that pissed me off.
    they like to patted my head or messed up my hair. in a very rought way T_T & i have to over do my hair again. its troublesome coz i can’t redo it without mirror.

    aw~~ that’s so sweet.
    say my hi to ur aunt. i so hope i could be like ur aunt. AMEN..

    hahaha.. i remember. u watch it on halloween night right? keke.. i forgot that its one of rush hour line. coz there’s so many funny line there too. i love when they mix Chinese surname with english. kakaka.. LOL..

    i sang it last night. at 00.00, hahaha..
    like a crazy in my room. with my home-made small bday cake (it didn’t turn out that good >.<) with 21 candles stick on it.
    i ended up singing the English version coz i know nothing bout Korean. haha.. (i fail as a wife) after that i did a short prayer for him. i hope Maria will hear & grant it. kekeke..
    such a simple one, that make me feel like i do nothing.

    but i wake my sister up (we share the same room) she sent me a word. “NUTS” that she went back to sleep again. hurt so much but who cares??

    kekeke.. ur sure is special. during ur class? didn’t ur teacher found out bout it?
    hahaha i could imagine the korean kid face. kaka.. yup! whatever! i do it coz i want to & i like it! hehehe..
    i really hope this year hubby will be filled with the love fans give to him.
    so, didn’t u have to prepare a speacial gift for ur hubby’s upcoming bday? hehehe..
    have u plan a good idea?

  148. WOW !!!!!!!!!!

  149. Lotz os BaBY LOVE, weee~
    i cant stop smiling now XD

  150. jiyanz

    those stupid ppl
    they have the nerve to say that to you
    i would tell them to fuck off 🙂 hahaha
    i’m not nice like you

    just hope ur friend don’t sign u in the mental institution haha

  151. Sexcia

    I DENY any ACCUSATION hahaha

    yea~ imagination can take care of it fine haha

  152. cathy

    they’re called muffler
    and I think you order them on soompi
    a lot of ppl on there are doing personal order for them

  153. nya

    if you’re pissed off then tell them “SO??”
    wtf is so good about being tall anyway??
    tell them off gurl haha
    don’t let them push u around
    i dare someone to say shit about me
    cuz seriously, I don’t hold back
    bad temper person right here hahah
    if they mess with your hair, elbowed their rib or something
    cuz those things hurts and short ppl can do that hahaha

    yea~ i was watching it with my friends
    i love tha movie too much hhaha
    ‘you like chinese?’

    awww… you bake him a cake
    i’m sure he knows and love it hahah
    you’re such a sweet wife it’s amazing

    yup haha
    it was some freshman’s bday
    so they sing happy birthday to him
    while I’m sitting there singing the korea version to Tabi hahahaha

    his bday is on a Friday
    so maybe me and my friends can go out and get a cake and eat at our favorite buffet place or something haha
    that’s the place where we spent every birthday party at hahaha
    but can’t be out too late though
    gotta get home by 2 AM to watch him on Music Core haha
    it becomes a habit already haha

  154. nya

    if you’re pissed off then tell them “SO??”
    wtf is so good about being tall anyway??
    tell them off gurl haha
    don’t let them push u around
    i dare someone to say shit about me
    cuz seriously, I don’t hold back
    bad temper person right here hahah
    if they mess with your hair, elbowed their rib or something
    cuz those things hurts and short ppl can do that hahaha

    yea~ i was watching it with my friends
    i love tha movie too much hhaha
    ‘you like chinese?’

    awww… you bake him a cake
    i’m sure he knows and love it hahah
    you’re such a sweet wife it’s amazing

    yup haha
    it was some freshman’s bday
    so they sing happy birthday to him
    while I’m sitting there singing the korea version to Tabi hahahaha

    his bday is on a Friday
    so maybe me and my friends can go out and get a cake and eat at our favorite buffet place or something haha
    that’s the place where we spent every birthday party at hahaha
    but can’t be out too late though
    gotta get home by 2 AM to watch him on Music Core haha
    it becomes a habit already haha

  155. Vi

    no, no it isnt.

    my sister found a shop near our house that sells big bang stuff… and is maeking me buy her hot issue for christmas. -_- she has three cd’s, two posters, and access to usable money, and she wants ME to by it or HER?! hmm.

  156. vi
    no, i have my revenge by hitting or punching them. hahaha..
    but they just say that my punch is powerless. i don’t care as long as i punch u. hahaha..
    no way i let them push me. no way. i’ll get my revenge back hohoho.. but i pissed of coz they do it like daily. but if its hubby, of course he could patted or messed my hair. fufufu

    i want to make some memorable moment ^^
    coz spending it by only singing him song & praying is not enough at all.
    but the cake turn out too sweet. hahaha..

    kekeke… u sang happy bday to another person. hahaha.. hubby will so thank u for that gurl.
    our boys don’t know how many crazy thing we done for them ^^v

    just that? i thought u’ll come out with something “special”
    like “private moment” with ur hubby or stuff. ahhaha..

  157. I want more BEBE stalker picture please please please =]

  158. LOL TOP look so hot with his new hair style..

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