HAPPY BIRTHDAY T.O.P | VIP Rhymes for TOP Project Pictures



okay, spell out your love to choi seunghyun.
the banner up there took me a while, i put my love into it, & that is my present to you oppa.

i give you permission to spam on this post lol.

secondly, finally some pictures of the FINISHED PROJECT for MISTER T.O.P.


not all the pages had pix taken of, so don’t freak if you don’t see anything familiar.



**EDIT: please, for those in the US & registered to voteGO VOTE!!! this is one of the defining moments in our country’s history, & by casting your ballot, you will be a part of that history. GO VOTE!

if you thought the hoodie was ginormous- it’s not. i got a large expecting it to be a dress, but it’s REALLY FIT. like it fits me perfectly. not my type of hoodie, but it’s good. & it’s very thin too. not thick like i expected it to be. but who cares! it looks cute nonetheless =P

TOP birthday tribute video made by Mariale ^_^


~ by gdluvzmc on November 3, 2008.

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  2. OMG!!!! The Rhymes are all SO AWESOME!!! GOOD JOB EVERY 1!!!TOO bad I wasn’t able to participate…wahhhhhhhh….anyways, HAPPY BDAY TOP!!!!LAB YA!!!

  3. Aww, looks so good!
    Happy birthday, Top! <33
    The man who got me interested in Big Bang & korean music. =)

  4. Aww, looks so good!
    Happy birthday, Top! <33
    The man who got me interested in Big Bang & korean music. =)


    I hope you enjoy yourself today, my love!

  6. the project looks great! im sure TOP and eevn the rest will love it!

  7. This SOOO well done!!!
    Happy birthday TOPP!!!!

  8. Oppa is a shy person; he’s not the type person who would speak first to ppl he first meet. Coz of this, many ppl will think that he’s arrogant, though he’s not. When he already close or feel comfortable with the ppl like his members, u could see how he’s just a cute big boy. Playing together & enjoy every second he have to messing & fooling around. He rarely talks, when he’s in interview, u could see he only standing there quietly, but when he speak, so many amazing stuff comes out.
    May ppl think oppa is toughest one in the group but I never think of that. It’s just him who want to keep his rapper image. U could see it in his daily, how dorky is he. He’s soft inside, he really didn’t behave like a hyung in his group & even all the members vote him for the lowest mental image. Oppa know it too & admit that he still love to play with toys. *chuckle. Oppa always rap & that make the image of him as the cool one.
    Many ppl who don’t know much about oppa thinks that he can’t sing. Its just because he rap too much & rarely could sing in their song. When he sings, u could hear his deep sexy voice ^^ which is so rare & I considered as a limited edition.
    Oppa is a hard worker & we all know that. I still remember when I watched their documentary. He still there in their practice room, practicing his dance steps, with all the sweat covered his body, looking all tired while the other members left & he’s all alone. He knows what his weakness & he tries so hard to overcome it. He indeed is the weakest dancer in the group. Not because he doesn’t understand the choreo, but mostly coz of his body don’t want to move like the way he want to.

    I’m really sad that I couldn’t be there together with oppa to sing a happy birthday song for u. I know there’s so many fans like me who feel sad too. Like how we want to be together & pray a prayer for ur success & health. I want to stand there in front of u, bringing happy birthday cake I made myself with 21 candles stick to the candle, waiting for oppa to make ur wish & blow it. A simple birthday celebration is enough.

    I pray for ur health, coz I know how ur thigh schedule is. How u has no time to relax & 24 hours a day is still not enough for u & ur work. How u can’t have a proper meal & sleep, & last year history when u fall down & faint, we all know it & don’t want it to happen to u, so health is above all.

    I pray for ur success, seeing u working hard all this time, I want u to stay at the top & let everyone hear ur music that u love the most. I hope everyone will recognize u as a great artist & see ur talent. I hope u won’t fall just because of the criticism that anti give u. I hope that u’ll take that’s as an advance to help u go better. To let them know that u’re not like what they’re thought of.

    I pray for ur privacy. I know coz u’re a artist now that u can’t have the same privacy as u’ve had before. With so many paparazzi want to know & dig out everything about u even ur family, u won’t have time to relax & feel at ease. So at least I pray for u could relax at home & relieve all the stress u get from ur work & get the privacy u want even if its not much.

    I pray for ur future. We know everyone have their dream include u. I don’t know how big ur dream is, but I don’t care its big or not, I’ll still be here to pray for ur dream to come true. Even if ur dream is simple, I’ll still be here to pray for it. For u to get what u wanted to.

    Oppa, happy birthday. I don’t feel that this is good enough for u, I don’t know u good enough since all I know about u from media coz I can’t met u in person & I regret that I can’t do anything for u in this special day. I know all I can do for u is praying. So, I’ll pray with all I got as ur birthday gift from me.

  9. I’m loving it so far.
    even if I didn’t see my name so far.
    But it’s okay.
    I’m pretty sure that I sent it to you though.
    But it’s all good!

  10. whhooaa~~~ the project is so well done
    & its so rhyme ^^
    i love the rap

  11. second one is great:)

  12. ohh my goodness i see mine!
    yay, i’m excited now. 🙂
    it looks great!

  13. all the VIPs are pretty and beautiful 🙂
    although i didn’t submit T_____T but i’m happy..its great.
    hope tabi will be able to see it hohoho
    and happy birthday my man!! <333

  14. TOP is da best Happy Birthday. !!!!!WIT LOVE!!!!!!
    BIG BANG IS VIP 4LIFE.Saranghae.

  15. T.O.P oppa HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    U’ll always b OUR dOrky w/ fierce+sexy voice oPPa!!!

    I wish U all d best, health+gOOdfuture+Urwish!!!

    oPPa HWAITING!!! IM BB’s VIP 4evah!!!

    I cant wait 4 BB’s cOmeback again,,but I also hOpe that U(BB) guyz get enough rest cuz u guyz have been really working hard lately!,,HWAITING!!!


  16. the book looks great and all you VIPs are pretty.
    i’m sure he’ll love it.

    Hope you’re enjoying your day!
    Come to America, I’ll buy you a drink. 😉

    Looking forward for a Big Bang concert in AUSTRALIA :3
    Even though you may not have the chance to spot this comment,
    Always you should know you’re my honeeey~

  18. TOP oppa HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
    I Love You so much !!!!!!
    i really want to meet you!!! and G.DRAGON hahaha. . .YOU are my NUMBER 1 !!!!!!! I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!! SARANGHAEEEE!!!!!!
    my email is – bb_gdariukatop_bb@yahoo.com
    please reply to me. . . by the way i dont speak englih very well!!!!!!

  19. if you will read it!!!kkk

    well its still november 3rd in new york but idk bout korea =z
    i love you always and forever♥
    but anyways ima leave another comment tomorrow 😀 !

  21. oh i feel so ugly next to all you beautiful girls!
    oh gosh. and your raps are so much better too 😦

  22. the present is cute!!!
    you guys are soo creative

    don’t forget we love ya lots ;P
    lookin forward too seing ya next year!!!
    ~Your #1 dork >.<

  23. OMGGG.. thats SOO good…
    i dont see my pic up yett..
    but omgg.. you have amazing skilzz the card looks AMAZINGGG


    Saengil Chukahhae!!!

    hope all your wisheys come true! ^^

  26. WAAA I’m jealous, I missed the deadline :[
    Loving the book! I’m sure TOP will love it! ❤

    i hope you had an amazing day and that all your wishes will come true
    i’ll make this short and sweet
    i love you and i’m really proud of you
    you got me head over heels about someone i have never even seen in person, contacted or even stood 100 km away from
    that’s how strong you’ve effected me
    i think about you all the time
    your music gives me courage, peace, calmness
    you grow one year older now, and all i can say is have fun, life is short, party hard, work hard, make us proud VIPS proud for life
    that wasn’t that short
    but you don’t deserve a summary
    you deserve the whole cake
    happy birthday TOP
    aja aja hwaiting!


    It’s late and I have to sleep but I don’t mind writing this message. ^^
    I hope you have tons of fun on your birthday and that the other members can make it a memorable day for you! Thank you so much for being such a caring hyung to them, looking after your dongsaengs even though you’re such a cute child at heart. XD Never change! I love your childlike ways, that’s how you bring a smile to my face. 🙂 You make us so proud oppa, and I only wish you success and happiness. Thank you for all that you do for us VIPs! We love you! Stay true and always be that POWER RAPPER we love and admire so much.

  30. happy birthday oppa!!!!
    sarang hae! ❤


  32. wow this is nice! it’s well done~~
    vips are so pretty (:
    hope tabi has a happy happy 21st birthday<3~~

  33. Aw.. the present was so sweet!!
    I regret not participating T.T

    Stay as the dorky yet cool and amazing Top that we all know!

    FIGHTING!! ❤

  34. Happy birth Day ♥ my T.O.P
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  35. hope he’ll love it, especially mine ^__o lol
    (but it’s not there T__T)

  36. oh i forgot to say ~~happy birthday~~

  37. happy birthday top! Thanks for working so hard on top’s birthday present. It is weird to see me part of a project but i’m glad to be a VIP! thanks again!

  38. Wow the book looks really really good!
    I hope he likes it.
    Happy B-day TOP!


  40. Haha I feel like such a dork because I didn’t write about TOP in my rhyme. I wrote about something else but now I wish I did. Oh well, mine was pretty good though 🙂

    Happy 21st Birthday T.O.P! Saranghae!!!

  41. Happy 21st TOP oppa! I hope the year will be bangin’. Don’t get burnt out–your health is most important. Your VIPs love you and hope to see more of you in the upcoming year. Hwaiting!

    😛 just wondering, do you have the link to picture that’s in b/t the two “With U” pics?

  42. Happy B-Day 최승현! ^,^ i wish you the bestttt in life because you deserve it!!! Saranghae ❤ i made a tribute for u ^/^ http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=cG7jbId_dyk
    hope u like it!

  43. TOP opa! happy birthday!
    our oldest member and coolest by far~
    its so wierd that your 21 when you are the most immature and love toys <333
    i woke up at 2 in the morning just to wish you a happy birthday opa!
    i love your dimples, your eyes, that gorgeouss voice of yours~
    dont get drunk again and pass out! xD
    have an awsome and joyous birthday hun! :]]
    loveeeeeeee–Jini ❤

  44. Happy BIRTHDAY TOOPPP!!!
    It’s our power rapper man DAY!!
    all the best wishes to TOP
    i love you

    I LOVE YOU <333

  46. where’s mine?! ,,
    Hehe i wanna see the mine^^
    make more pictures thanks <333

  47. ahhh happy birthday T.O.P oppa!
    saranghaeeeee!! <33
    thank you so much tomo for making this xD

    you get sexier with age 😉

  49. HAppy birthday TOP!! Best wishes for you and BIG BANG ❤
    All the love from EviLemon (:

  50. WOOHOO! It’s the 4th in America AND Korea.
    Let’s all celebrate! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN, TOP!
    We ALL LOVE you dearly. ^__^

  51. the rhymes look magnificent. i feel bad that i was unable to complete mine.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEUNG HYUN. i’ll be sure to do something extra special 2day.

    you’ll always be my NUMBER 1. *smiles widely* 🙂

    gosh i wish i could join tht ^^
    i saw some VIPs piccy in thr….khewl!!
    love da rap yo! u guys r awesome ^^

    Saengil Chukka Hae to our Mr. Choi Seung Hyun!
    Get da candies & Fruities…. hehehehee

  53. happy burstday top!! ~ hope u have an awesome 21st/22nd bday…as they say…work hard (which u do!) but party harder!!!

  54. Happy Biirthday oppa!!!!

    hope u have a great birthday =)))

  55. Saengil Chukka Hae chagia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seung hyun ah saranghae forever ever!!!(L) <33333333333333333333

  56. Saengil chuka hamnida….!!!!!!
    Happy B-Day for my beloved TOP !!!!!!!

  57. i like the P-I-E rhyme most 😀
    too bad i didnt participate, anyway;
    happy birthday choi seung hyun!! saranghae TOP!! you’re my number one in bigbang. really !! 😀 <33

  58. ohh, happy birthday to TOP 🙂
    wish him happiness, good health and goodluck for his career!!
    your still young ne~ your still 21!
    hehe though im super young XDD

    happy birthday again TOP oppa :))

  59. HAPPY B-DAY TOP!! ❤
    may all your wishes come true!

    you’re my number 1!
    hope this brings you more happiness and we all hope to see more of you and Big Bang on TV.
    More Big Bang=More Happy Fans.heheh.
    saranghae ❤

    you`re #1 in my heart,saranghae
    be healthy and always smile
    good luck for you and BIGBANG!

  62. Happy birthday top
    I love you so much ❤
    Aja Oba =)

  63. hi happy birthday to T.O.P
    happy birthday to T.O.P
    happy birthday to T.O.
    i like all music i love T.O.P

  64. this came out so cool! thanks for all your time and effort in order to put it together! <33

  65. ehhhhhhh….where’s mine?????…lol…
    Lucky i finished it on time….

  66. OMG..thanks for posting up the project pics! I see mine too, hope our Big Boy will read them^^

  67. Where’s mine????…

  68. happy birthday to ma boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sa rang hae yo!!!!!!!!!!

    love you !!!!!!!!!!!!

    goood health &&&& goood luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. happy birthday to ma boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sa rang hae yo!!!!!!!!!!

    love you !!!!!!!!!!!!

    goood health &&&& goood luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. TOP OPPA, seni çok seviyorum. hayatta hep mutlu olmanı ve güzel şeyler yaşamanı istiyorum. Aşkımın(YB) doğum gününü kaçırdım mayısta GD oppamın doğum gününü kaçırdım ağustosta ekimde de DAE oppamınkini kaçırdım. Ama senin doğum gününü daha önceden telefonuma kaydetmiştim ve ne yazıkki hastalandığım için senin d. gününün bugün olduğunu unutmuşum telefonum Biricik Oppamın doğum günü diye çalınca unuttuğum için çok üzüldüm. Senin yanında olmayı o kadar çok istiyorum ki oppa. mutlu yıllar diye öyle sıkıca sarılmak istiyorum ki boynuna bir daha bırakmayayım. ben senin ve diğer 3 oppamın sayesinde abi sevgisini tattım. kahretsin ki özlem çekmeye dayanamıyorum ben sevdiğim insanların hep yanıma olmasını istiyorum. özelemek acı veriyor, hem de çok. oppa, sen sadece bb ye değil bana da oppalın yapıyorsun. taa türkiyede bir kardeşin var onu da düşün biraz olur mu ?? kendini bu kadar yorma dayanamıyorum seni yorgun bitkin görmeye.
    oppaa, ben burda herkese yabancıyım. dilim farklı, ırkım farklı. ama ben senin doungseng inim. sana ne kadar uzak olsam da. mesafeler millerle ölçülse de seni çok seven küçük bir kız var burada, TÜRKİYE’DE. bu yazıyı yabancı diye kimsenin okumayacağına eminim hatta senin bu yazıdan haberinin asla olmyacağına da eminim ama yine de içimde bir umut var. belki birisi okur, anlar ve sana da anlatır bu yazdıklarımı. şu an ellerim titriyor hatta ağlıyorum ama mutluluktan. senin gibi bir oppam olduğu için sizler gibi müthiş insanların kardeşleri (yb hariç) olduğum için mutluyum. sizi çok ama çok seviyorum. ben umudumu hiç yitirmiyorum sen de yitirme oppa. sarang he yo oppa ♥♥

  71. Happy Happy Birthday to the BIG BOI~~Mr. TOP!^_^
    Aww..I like the end part of the video~
    the video makes me laugh out so happily~with tears~!
    haha luv ya luv bigbang 4eva~!!!

  72. our voting day birthday boy!
    happy birthday. 🙂

    and tomo the book looks great!
    i see myself!

  73. Happy Happy Birthday to the BIG BOI~~Mr. TOP!^_^
    Aww..I like the end part of the video~
    the video makes me laugh out so happily~with tears~!
    haha luv ya luv bigbang 4eva~!!!

  74. Hsppy Birthday Mr. Choi Seung Hyun!!! =)

    Many more happy returns!

    Good luck to Big Bang!!! Wishing your 2nd full album a success and a better year!!! hahaha!!!

    Nice book! =)

    Wait, isn’t time for Lee Seung Hyun’s gift? hehehe. =)

  75. oh my gosh!
    hope this year will bring you a lot and lots of happiness and wonderful thing.
    goodluck in your drama next year=)
    all the best to BIGBANG in MKMF!!!

  76. YAY! It’s up…

  77. seriously,where’s mine?…lolx

    I hope you and your voice will give me goosebumps, smiles and drools for another 21 years ^^ ❤
    B.I.G B.A.N.G *saranghae*

  79. yey!! HaPpY BdAy Tabi!!^_^

    you’re one yr older..and your a lot cuter..haha saranghae!!! keep up all the good work!!^^

    im so glad the project is finished..he can finally see our rhymes!! thanks for making this project guy!!.. go TeAm ToP!!^_^

  80. C-S-H Happy Birthday B-DayBOY.
    Wishing you all the best. And have A nice day*Kiss*

  81. nya2

    wow, i read ur greetings even it was long and its really sweeeeet!!! every greetings is nice and lovable =))

    i hope tabi could see all this comment =)

    happy birthday again TOP, u make us love u even more every year =)

  82. Top Oppa you are my lovely big bro ^.^ i love you too much you are my everything plss continue to be the best for us ^.^ i hope you will get whatever you want and you will have a good years … i love you ma oppa SARANGHAEYO!!! dont forget me, your lil sis that loving you so much forever!!!

  83. gdluvzmc

    what are the measurments of the hoodie, are they not the same as the measurments shown on the site then.

  84. Happy Birthday TOPie ah~ I love u!! hope u have a nice day in your birthday!! HOPE u take care urself to make us crazy and happy listening to ur songs!! u r one year older… Never Change because we love u how u r!!! U r my Big Boyy… My Oppa… Love u!! ❤ Saranghaeyo TOPie. TOPie Hwaiting!!!

  85. HAPPY BIRTHDAY T.O.P!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So young and already SO DAMN FAMOUSE AND SUCCESSFULL!!!!
    What’s next? TAKING OVER THE WORLD OF MUSIC!!!!!!!!YEAH!!!!!!!!
    Wish you the entire luck and best wishes in the world!!!

  86. i love you top.!
    happy birthday baby.! mwuah.

    hahah i saw my sister in the 3rd pic.hahhaha timang.

    i did;t get the chance to do mines =(

  87. OMG the VIP Rhymes are awesome!! And so is the banner! You are so great! Happy B-Day T.O.P!!

  88. HAPPY BIRTHDAY oppa !!

  89. You guys DiD A GrEaT jOb oN The PrOjEcT!!!! HAPPPYYYY BB DAYYY T.O.P

  90. Happy birthday top :]
    I wish you the besttttt <33

  91. Happy Birfday to you, happy birfday to you, happy birfday dear
    T-O-P….Happy birfday to you!!! ❤ ❤ Saranghae!!!

  92. You make me the happiest when I’m down, and I hope we do the same to you too.
    Happy birthday, Top! I hope you’re spending it crazily but sensibly :D. Legit.
    Happy birthday and many more<3

    I’m liking the book, it looks really nice.
    you all did an awesome job on it! ^^

  94. Choi Seunghyun Oppa, I just want to wish you a happy birthday. You’re the best and work so hard. Life gets crazy cause your famouse now. Paparaazi hounding you all the time, trying to find out evey little thing about you. You have no time for yourself anymore. I hope that you remmeber to always stay true to yourself. Don’t let the fame get to you, EVER! I hope all your wishes come true and you get all that you want. Cause Oppa you deserve it. That is all I want you to know. So, Happy Birthday Mista T.O.P. the B.A.D. Big Boy of Big Bang! =]]

  95. Oh, I should have sent something in – the booklet came out amazing! Thank you for all of your hard work. I’m sure the BB boys and particularly thw birthday boy will appreciate it!

    That said,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHOI SEUNG-HYUN!!! I’m wishing you health, happiness, rest and even more success in the future! Take care of yourself! Know that I’m rooting for you. Saranghaeyo!

  96. OMG! HAPPY BIRTHDAY T.O.P! My Baby is 21!

  97. happy birthdayy 😀
    i just ofund out in korea its 11/5 already
    but i left a comment yesterday even tho it was happy early birthday[:
    i love you always and forever<3♥

  98. I like it!
    Happy Birthday TOP!!!!!!! =]

  99. i wish him happy birthday, hope he continues to do what he likes doing..and make more songs too, cos his other one was good..and rapping in different styles..so, happybday to a mature and sophisticated but funny and having fun 21yo

  100. LOL! Thanx for put my video tribute up there ^^ <333

  101. Aww I don’t see mine…but other than that I think the book looks awsome!Everybody did such an amazing job….

    It’s all for our Love TOP!

    Saranghae Top Oppa!

  102. its cool =] aww man we didnt get to see the rest of the book but oh well 🙂

  103. hey… i don’t see mine… 😦

  104. awwww… all the VIPs are beautiful! TOP is one lucky man.. *smile*


    i see mine. yeay! thanks!

  105. I didn’t see mine yet, but I know its there!
    I can’t wait to see the rest of the pics.

  106. Seung Hyeon oppa,
    saengil chukha chukha hae ^_^
    I know I’m late by two days and I’m sorry,
    but I wrote a bulletin on myspace already two days ago and changed my status back then : P

    anyways, I think the book is awesome even I didn’t see mine,
    great work girls ; )

    oh btw. oppa,
    I’m going to London tomorrow so I’ll buy you something cool and give it to you when I’m going back to Korea on mid-February or around April/May-ish..

    and please get well soon again


  107. owhh….plz plz tell me there will be more pic to come coz i wanna c something memorial that i did..and thankz to TOMO 4 the effort, great!! anyway i think its not 2 late 2 say <<<<<>>>>>>

  108. HAPPY B-DAY TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. =( i can’t find mine… well i’m sure there were just too many for you to take pictures of teehee HAPPY BELATED BDAY TOP!!!!

  110. is it possible to see the rest???????

  111. I don’t want to be a downer…but the grammar on the cover is wrong. it’s supposed to be “VIPS rhyme for TOP”, not “VIPS rhymes for TOP” yeah..the whole singular and plural forms come into play here.

  112. i received my hoodie today^^ I love it..like u said, its kinds big but i love it<3

  113. i’m pretty sure if you sent yours in, it is in the project.
    tomo didn’t take a pic of every page.
    you can ask her to double check…

    TOP ❤ LIZ.

  115. wow….. it’s me *dance* wow wow wow wow……. it’s me it’s me…. thanks you very much TOMO. I love you *hug*

  116. is it really?? t.o.p choi? ahhhhh…i luv u! hope u like the ryhmes..*jumping*

  117. i feel so slow right now…lol. it took me a couple of days later to figure out that my rap is on there. i barely saw it right now…well a part of it at least. lol….yay!


  119. I’m still not on there. =(

  120. lol handle with care :3 wow it looks like its really thick XD i wonder how long itll take for him to read em all o.O Thanks for doing this! Seeing myself there is strange lol trying to look hard -.- >.< im gna try n read everyones raps lol

  121. Heh… I don’t see my rap on there >_<
    Oh well.. it looks nice ^^

  122. I’m still not there either.
    But yeah it still looks good.

  123. I want to see a comment from T.O.P on how his B-day project went out 😀

  124. i saw myself and i was like “HE’S GONNA SEE ME..crap..”

  125. && where is my rap paper =O
    hehe~ =)

  126. i love you SEUNGHYUN oppa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. 태양..승리..대성..GD..TOP= BigBang is VIP*<3o<3*

    ok…Its not gonna be a birthday messagge but just want to know Is there anyone who is from Turkey??…I think so..

    Actually I want to know Who are you??

    “TOP OPPA, seni çok seviyorum. hayatta hep mutlu olmanı ve güzel şeyler yaşamanı istiyorum. Aşkımın(YB) doğum gününü kaçırdım mayısta GD oppamın doğum gününü kaçırdım ağustosta ekimde de DAE oppamınkini kaçırdım. Ama senin doğum gününü daha önceden telefonuma kaydetmiştim ve ne yazıkki hastalandığım için senin d. gününün bugün olduğunu unutmuşum telefonum Biricik Oppamın doğum günü diye çalınca unuttuğum için çok üzüldüm. Senin yanında olmayı o kadar çok istiyorum ki oppa. …ven küçük bir kız var burada, TÜRKİYE’DE. bu yazıyı yabancı diye kimsenin okumayacağına eminim hatta senin bu yazıdan haberinin asla olmyacağına da eminim ama yine de içimde bir umut var. belki birisi okur, anlar ve sana da anlatır bu yazdıklarımı….
    c-young said this on November 4, 2008 at 6:49 am ”

    If you ll see this message…reply to me by this mail blue_angel_rigel@hotmail.com

  128. Hope you read all message, Top…
    Many people love you what you are,
    I also love you too.
    Fan forever

  129. happy birthday T.O.P i Love you!!!!

  130. iiiiiiiiiii~~~~~~~~
    i don’t see mine!!!!!!
    hope he liked it

  131. all girls

  132. I luv your voise..Iam always happy your group songs, and always take a power look your face ,,,,,,,Ganbatte,,, LOve love,

  133. how did u guys send it to him ? 😦
    i wanna send him one this year if i can ?
    pls reply to me 😦
    thank youuu ❤

  134. Can someone tell me how I can sent my gifts for him, please please please.

  135. Ya’ll are obessed mothafuckas. ( : HAHA
    I love TOP too, but damn, send him a birthday present.
    Choi is going to think that ya’ll are crazy obsessed girls. HAHA
    Besides, TOP aka Choi Seung Hyun, Loves me. ( :


  136. he shy,,BUT its ok…
    inside u, there us (refer to fans)
    yoursihimi jourseyo!! top

  137. aww are you guys doing anything
    this year for him? i wanna
    participate in it!!

  138. lol..i’ll never forget this..coz i saw meee there! yey..i hope we can do something like this for him again!!^_^

  139. Awww! I want to contribute too! 🙂 It was very nice of you guys to do something like this for T.O.P. Did you guys actually send it to him? And did he reply to it?

  140. awww! I hope you guys do this again! I would LOVE to contribute!

  141. When you guys reply can you not reply to me if your not gonna answer me question? its annoying for me to keep checking when all u’s are asking how to send them.

  142. Hey! How did you guys send him the gifts? I would like to send him one too! Please please please, give me more details on this email: j.hinh@hotmail.com

  143. i wonder what could it be for his 2009 birthday? 😀

  144. dang i just saw this page two days ago and i wasn’t able to compose because i’m busy preparing for school and some other stuff…anyways i’ll just sing here for my TOP oppa….saengil chooka hamnida saengil chooka hamnida sarang ha neun seung hyun saengil chooka hamnida….

  145. i love VI

  146. I LOOOOOOOVE T.O.P >.<

  147. Choi seung hyun A.k.a TOP I will see you soon:)..im from philippines and Im a big fan of your’s.I really hope to see you in person.Send me some email please..kristenleigh_gagui17@yahoo.com

  148. Oh by The way..HAPPY BDAY(^-^),,hope to see you very soon

  149. TOP Happy birthday 2 u..U are the guy i like .U are my Best Rapper and Beat boxing also my Actor too..I’m your big fan in Cambodia..I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U….4Ever my CHOI SEUNG HYUN

  150. My name MeaLea..TOP Happy birthday 2 u..U are the guy i like .U are my Best Rapper and Beat boxing also my Actor too..I’m your big fan in Cambodia..I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U….4Ever my CHOI SEUNG HYUN


  152. throw your hand in the air
    and wavem like a just don’t care ok
    the big bang right here
    T.O.P right here
    some body say ” happy brithday to choi seung hyun “

  153. Happy birthday Yo you ~~T.O.P ~~
    Yo !!! LOve u 1000/

  154. haaaaaappppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Birthday to t.o.p

  155. hai TOP….. happy birthday,,,… I’m your no. fan.,.,,.,.,., even though I am here in the Philippines, but I never stop admiring you.,.,., and your band mates.,.,. good luck(‘.’)

  156. happy b-day

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