The 2008 Style Icon Awards

O’live’s inaugural Style Icon Awards

Cable channel O’live TV hosted its first Style Icon Awards on the night of October 30, and a parade of stars turned out on the “orange carpet” for the event. Held at Club Answer in the upscale Seoul neighborhood of Cheongdamdong, the event awarded select members from not only entertainment sphere to honor as icons, but also some from society and the arts.

Actor Jung Jun-ho (The Last Scandal of My Life) acted as host, and awards were handed out to stars like Rain, above (Style Icon of the Year), Jung Ryeo-won, Park Tae-hwan, Sohn Ye-jin, and more.


Actor: Lee Jung-jae
Actress: Sohn Ye-jin
Male Singer(s): Big Bang
Female Singer: Seo In-young
Culture and Arts: Violist Richard Yongjae O’Neill; photographer Kim Yong-ho
Politics: Member of Parliament Na Kyung-won
Sports : Martial artist Chu Seong-hoon
Model: Jang Yoon-joo
TV: actress Kim Hee-ae

There was also a “Special Awards” section, which I take to mean “Where we include really idiotic categories aping something you’d see at an Mnet awards show“:


“Beautiful Sharing”: Sean and Jung Hye-young
“Fun Fearless Female”: Sohn Ye-jin

credits to stephtef@SOOMPI

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~ by Momo on November 3, 2008.

18 Responses to “The 2008 Style Icon Awards”

  1. Cool! The boys always win something!

    The ‘Beautiful Sharing’ is indeed beautiful.

  2. yea! chukhaheyo! Bigbang truly rocks!

    by the way, vicky when is seungri’s movie? i thought it wiL show this month?

  3. hi^^ where do i watch music core on tv??i have cablt tv.i’ve been watching bb’s performances on youtube all this while but i really wanna see their comeback performance^^

  4. BIG BANG chukahae!^___^
    l0ve u guyz!
    keep it up!^^

  5. Of course Big Bang won!
    They are so stylish.

  6. YAY!!!!
    This didn’t come as much of a surprise, but congrats to our boys!

  7. aww..congrats boys!!

    it really isn’t a surprise..they always dress in style!!^_^

  8. wa!!!
    congratulationss! <33


  10. They’re so cool, you know they’re always
    gonna win ;]

  11. HAPPPPPY BIRTHDAY TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Happy B-day TOP!!!

  13. wooah
    congrats BB
    and happy birthday TOP!!!

  14. it is amazing. pure… amazing..ness…? hahaha….

    but honestly… big bang… win win everything. erm… everything everything ^_^

    in actuallity… it technically IS top’s birthdae.. so… happy birthdaeeeeeeeeeeeeee <33333333

  15. YAAYAYA! go big bang!

  16. Yay GO BIG BANG!
    and aww Sean would win that award
    gawd big bang is amazing
    it’s TOP’s b-day in Korea but not
    in the USA. Happy birthday TOP =]

  17. yayy! Happy B-Day 최승현! <3333 😉

    Big Bang won again! 😀 😀 😀

  18. Of course Big Bang has won!!!
    They’re the HOTTEST, COOLEST, STYLEISH guys EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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