‘REMEMBER’ Promotional Picture Release | MORE Stand-Up Concert Fancams


I know you guys wanna see Dae in action during the concert too, I can’t find anything and feel really bad since our smiling angel deserve to be drooled on too haha, so I look and look and I find this… I think yall would LOOOOVVE this.. hahahah so… so hot.. can you handle it?? this is a small preview, the real thing is under the cut babes. hehehe turns out, OUR DAE GOT SOME ACTION TOO!!! hahaha

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Big Bang: EDGE Magazine Pictorial Teaser Video

thanks to winnyyyy님
Big Bang will be featured on EDGE magazine pictorial, and this is a video teaser for it, this is one HOTTTTTTTTTTTT Photoshoot man~~~~~~ important enough to have a teaser video for the picture release date, which is November 11 Look at all of them during the behind the scene thing… they can be cute and and hot at the same time… almost illegal…. killing fangirls all over XP

EDGE release a little preview pic for us, Bong and Tabi’s pictures… XD… I’m dead ALREADY!!!! under the cut. take in a deeeeep breath.

Thanks gypsy_sonata[ma gurl~ hehe] for this AWSOME news, the boy’s 2nd album ‘REMEMBER’ has 200,000 copies in pre-order sales after just three days. VIPs FTW!!!

read more about it here:

Sales for Big Bang ‘Remember’ album hit 200,000 copies a day before release

Thanks to SooKyeong’s minihompy

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whoa there….right now it’s 8 PM over in Korea, 4 hours until November 5, and they release their promotional picture, which also mean this is their concept for this album. How long as it been since we saw them in bubbly and colorful clothes?? It’s really a nice change, I like how they’re black and white and only one part of their body have color, so artsy haha. Tabi and his red mask, with that look in his eyes.. I’ve never seen that look before haha have you?? Baby… hehe why does his pose look like Bong?? kekeke is this his maknae-have-the-right-to-copy-his-hyung again? keke. Bae……..as if he’s not sexy enough just standing and move his eyebrows 1/2 of an inch already, he have to blow some bubble gum.. XD… I can see all the Bae luvers dying by now.. R.I.P all of yall. haha Bong with beanie..so that means he can either show us the same style he’s been having… OR….. he’s gonna cut his hair 2 hours before the performance this weekend and shock us all… we never know, I mean… it’s Bong. Dae bending backward with that expression on his face haha, what is with Tabi and Dae giving us the face we haven’t seen before? though I like the way his leg bend all the way up kekeke, that’s a musical star for you right there haha. Can’t…. wait!!!!!!!!!!

HQ version of the picture under the cut. I’m setting that as my computer wallpaper. XD.. cuz it’s so colorful and awsome.


ALWAYS PERFORMANCE: they had a little malfunction, the music just went… DEAD… and since it’s in English, they keep forgetting and mixing up the lyrics….. but… this really proves how they’re true artist and can handle ANY situation throws at them.

haha Bong bobbing along then taking a drink, waering the concert hoodie, the music suddenly stop, at first I’m not sure if it was intended or an accident, cuz Bong was so calm about it, but they keep on singing, and Bong and Tabi start beat boxing along, haha but you can hear the other singing and they messed up in some part haha I was cracking up hehe it’s sooo cute~ even though there’s no music, that doesn’t stop me from singing along and enjoying it haha but they boys forgot the lyric a lot haha that’s so cute! Then Tabi and Bong rapped in Korean just in case, this is like the only performance from them that I can actually see them clearly with all the lights on haha, the music finally went back on haha that’s when i know that it was a technical problem, Bong was so happy the minute the music went back on haha look at him smiling and going ‘ EY!! EYE!!” haha

And if you’re wondering who is walking around with a cake hat, haha it’s our DaeSungie!!!!! keke dork. gotta love him.

These awsome fancams under the cut… XD… I overdosed myself with all this sexiness yesterday.. XD

  • COME BE MY LADY: hahaha Bae is not the only one getting some action..BELIEVE THAT!! even some lifting shirt business.
  • HOT ISSUE: first time ever seeing Bong perform this… hot…
  • MAKE LOVE: clearer version…. his expression when he sings… XD!!
  • EVERYTHING: Life is completed… get to see Bong perform this
  • WITH U: finally.. get to see the whole performance of this song

‘REMEMBER’ Promotional Pictures


thanks to S님

MORE STAND-UP Concert Fancams


hahaha Bae is not the only one getting some action.. BELIEVE THAT!!

I was right when I say the boys are getting so many ladies action thanks to this concert hahaha, when he did that human turn table thing with Hwi Jin’s butt I was laughing so hard keke it look awkward but cool though, Shaun came up with this?? hahaha the boys must be thanking him nonstop haha

Why does he have to look so damn sexy just sitting there like that?? I just wanna jump on him HAHAHA. XD!!! calm down now Vicky… calm down. Bong’s verse is my fave part from the song, the whole ‘The life we live, the way we lie” then he did the scratching thing again, haha I think that’s so funny haha, I can’t stop laughing at that, anybody the same as me? haha

For all the BeBong luvers out there. Bong came up behind Bae and lift up his shirt for fangirls’ enjoyment………..damn right they enjoyed it heheheh

the hug at the end was HOTT… don’t lie. you know it was. DAMN.


first time ever seeing Bong perform this… hot…

What is he wearing…I don’t know, but he MAKE it work for him, and you can’t do anything but agree to it, that’s the Bong power for you. I like the part where the female dancer take the mic from him during CL’s rap, it look a bit fake though, but still cool, first time I get to see Bong perform this song, it’s kewl. I heard This Love at the end, did you? haha wanna see it now T_T


clearer version, getting to see Baby’s expression keke

I think JRILEEVIP point out how the mic and Eun Hyung move in the same rhythm, and you can really see it in this fancam, a closer look at my Baby… I died the second time…. his expression when he sings XD!!!! I’m gonna have some damn goodnight sleep tonight :DDDDDD


Life is completed… get to see Bong perform this

OOOH~ Bong is such a pimp hehehe surrounded by the ladies, I spot Hye Jin and Hwi Jin, Bong is wearing the shirt from Dami’s clothing line, I can never forget the shirt that reveal his whole torso and what a sexy and skinny torso it was.. DAMN. Get to hear him rap that part………I’m a very very very happy fangirl

Did you spot the tounge action???? cuz I did haha if you didn’t, look harder keke.

Bong is forever a P.I.M.P haha has been that way since he was 12, I just saw some of the clip of him back in 2001 and damn……….


finally.. get to see the whole performance of this song

Beginning of the concert….. he walked out…. oh damn…. I always wanted to see the whole choreography for this song… thank god for this fancam, they all look so hot in sparkly clothes, I always think sparkly stuff make guys look gay, but I have been proved wrong.. MANY MANY times by these guys kekek… my perverted self hahaha. Bong’s hair is back to the ‘WITH U’ days, he told his stylist that he’s gonna cut his right side short, guess he did it already.

keke Baby cracked me up, he wasn’t even dancing and he make the gesture like he was holding onto a note keke I love you Baby, it takes me a while to remember that they’re not fluent in English, haha cuz when they sing… DAMN!! you just forgot about it too didn’t you???

thanks to victory90 | gd-supporters | SS.J | bigbangpop


hehehe Hwi Jin is enjoying it kekekkee
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thanks to 대성갤 히스 and thanks to 큰엄마님

EDGE Magazine Preview


thanks to 길밖님

~ by Vicky on November 4, 2008.

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  1. OMG
    finally something colorful!!!!!
    wat is that on TY’s mouth??
    bubble gum?

  2. ncly

    he’s just… blowing bubble..
    as if he’s not sexy enough already


    Promo pics are freaken bomb!!!

    Fancame galore!!!! Im dead!

    will get back when im totally composed
    im going crazy!!!!
    GAHHHH!!! i only glanced and im lovin it!!!

  4. love it alll…….kekkekek its top’s bday cant wait 2 party w/ ma frnz……..happy bd top……

  5. promo pics look like some … idk!! its like
    classic color! its so unique!!!!
    its like Big Bang will COLOR YOUR LIFE!!

  6. omg…! GD…why do u look soo HOT even just sitting down…?!?!? lols and yea im a jealous fangirl…why he gotta touch her like tht and not me?!??!?lols

  7. hahaa i think i left comment in every vid =.=
    i’m freaking proud of our boys for being able to sing live in english when they’re not even fluent T__T

    i rewatch come be my lady over and over again…bong is just too sexy for words..especially when he sat down at the staircase..how good if he sits at the staircase in front of my house everyday and waits for me to go home? hahahaha forget about it my house doesn’t have a staircase anyway 😀 and the damn BEBONG..hahhaa i enjoyed it so much lol. bae’s body is…errr i drooled.lololol.

    wow remember’s concept is abit different this time..so colourful. yeah i bet bong will go and cut his hair before performance and shock us. agree with u gurl lol.he just won’t stick with the beanie. YAY 4 more hours to 5th nov here. and 3 more days to their comeback? can’t believe they’re coming back so soon..YAY!

  8. thanks for reposting these, Vi.
    you know i was over at livejournal spazzing
    out with you, especially with the Come Be My Lady
    fancam. Jiyong was just sooooooo hot! i wanted
    to pounce on him too. xD and then the smile he
    flashed once the music popped back on for Always.
    seriously, Jiyong sshi is really going to be the
    death of me. LOL.

    oh and yes, only Big Bang can make sparkly/glittery
    jackets look good. <33333

  9. choneyi

    ooh cool~
    hope you’re having fun!!!

  10. roranges

    so poetic early in the morning
    well at least for me
    it’s 7 AM right now over here
    school… then when i get home… I will wait every minute for their release… AH!!!!!!!!!!

  11. vivianNx3

    I KNOW RIGHT????
    make you just wanna jump on him or something..
    cuz Bong………damn!!

  12. jiyanz

    haha I know, I saw you
    is that u in ur youtube default thing?
    cuz gurl u be looking FINE~ hahah

    if that happens to me….. I’ll just drag his ass into the house and start doing some BUSINESS
    heheh can never let that chance go
    BeBong.. at first I didn’t even notice then I look at it again I was like, what the heck is Bong doing?
    i saw Bae’s shirt goes up, fans start screaming
    and I nodded… oh yes… that happened hahah

    kinda nice to see them in something other than the depressing thing huh?
    I would like to write more but I gotta go
    school is calling
    I’ll be back my pretty babes
    spazz while I’m gone
    I’ll be here soon!! 😀


    ahh, Big Bang I love you so much!!!

  14. bye Vicky!
    I will definitely spazz away
    in the many couple hours your gone

    man…idk what to do with myself until Remeber album is released

    must stall by watching fancam repetedly!

  15. vicky

    huh i was like what youtube default thing?
    LOLOL..u meant my channel? and my picture in my youtube default thing?? haha..if it is not me…maybe i have a twin sister then xD

    hahaha start doing BUSINESS lol. u dirty fangirl hahaa. maybe i would just treat him a cup of coffee in my house? LOLOLOL do you believe i’m such innocent? haha cuz even myself don’t believe it T___T

    yeah and damn..it was very seductive. even though it was BONG doing it to BAE..some guy to guy action..but it was hot! and the bong hugging dancer part? HOTNESS. surprisingly i was pretty calm while my roommate was screaming next to me =.=

  16. i love these promo pics!
    bong looks so cute! he looks best to me in this onee~
    in the close up of our birthday boy, he looks like a grandpa with that sweater! keke.
    baby can get away with copying anythingg, he looks sexy doing it!

  17. ohh Dae SUng has the cake hat in Always fancam..hahaha
    im like what are these candles passing by across the screen

    hahaha “for the first time in my life im feelin all the love
    deep within, dun dung du dun dun dung dun dun”
    dont tell me thats Tae Yang..lolol so cute!!

    “you always had a glow on your face so you had to be mine,
    naga nah naga nah naga nah” hahahahaha who was that???

  18. OMOOOO!!! I’m going to die now…my heart just jump out of my chest!
    JiYongie is so freaking HOT.
    Pictures were great,JiYong is best,I love them!
    I wish they could come here in Finland; 8D…then I would be totally …going crazy!!!

  19. Ouh and Happy Birthday Tabi !!!

  20. Dae Sung trying to rap TOP’s part in the Always fancam is love!

    omg sooo cute!! Dae Sung I love you!

    …anyway..theres me always with the always fancam ^o^

    Seung Ri in the end of the With U fancam is just hot!
    how i wish I was in the direction of where he was pointing the kiss!!

    the dance for Make Love was really nice…SeungRi made it hotter i bet 😉

    I wish i heard more of TOP rapping, instead of cut parts!!

  21. Big Bang is releasing REMEMBER Album tomorro!!

    will sleep until then!

    BANG ‘EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. WOOW
    i really love their concept~
    so colorfull and happy
    wonder if they’ll make it into a poster that included in their album~~ cause i want one!!

  24. 😀
    in the promo pic,
    GD ‘s shoe says VIPZ . XD<3

  25. xDDDDD
    thank you i’m going off to R.I.P quietly now~

  26. KYAAAAAAA!!!!!!
    im officially dead now XD
    the last vid was simply the BEST esp when BaBy blew a kiss :D)
    and i LOVE LOVE LOVE JiYongie’s outfits ^_^

    @danaisVIP :
    yup, his shoe has VIPZ written on it 🙂 how sweet~

  27. KYAAAAAAA!!!!!!
    im officially dead now XD
    the last vid was simply the BEST esp when BaBy blew a kiss :D)
    and i LOVE LOVE LOVE JiYongie’s outfits ^_^

    @danaisVIP :
    yup, his shoe has VIPZ written on it 🙂 how sweet~

  28. vi
    yay~~~~~ so much fancam!
    but not hubby’s though, hahaha.. i’m okay i’m okay. since its hubby’s bday, i can’t help myself for being too hyper ^^

    don’t u think that their concept this time is colorful one?
    the color really eye-cacthing. hahaha..
    the pic of hubby… kills me.
    do u see that eyesight of him?? so damn sexy

    what’s with this 2 SeungHyuns? why their pic turn out like this?
    covering their mouth? but it turn out good ^^
    i’ll stop commenting ur man vi, i know the consequences. hahaha…

    is that bubble gum in bebe’s mouth? hahaha…
    bebe let us see his cute side so much these days. i still remember when he kiss Boss.

    OMG! Bong look so young here!
    just like when he’s about to debut time.
    bong is about haircut. hahaha..
    he look all fresh & that pink suit him so much.

    Dae… Dae.. idk what to say..
    uummm.. why i think his pose here looks a bit like “ballerina” ?_?”

    aw.. poor our boys, the technical problem.
    but they could cover it as soon as it happen. they’re soo professional! claps for them ^^
    but i love this perf ~>..<
    all Bong lover die coz of this. his action could reduce woman population in this world. hahaha..

    “thank god for this fancam”
    i’m so agree with u. haha.. Shaun did a great job here. the choreo is amazing.
    does vicky hubby give a fly kiss to her?
    oh ya, he did it. hahaha..

  29. OH MA GOD BIG BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. BEBONG LOVE!!!!!!!
    lol naughty GD lifting up YB’s shirt….it was so funny how sexy they were being awww
    love the new pics ~sigh ur right…all Bae lovers have died..they just had to have him blowing a bubble

  31. roranges

    lmao i think it was our dear bae bae doing all the sound haha
    i didn’t realise it until u pointed out hahhaa
    it was hilarious.

    and bb was so good in handling such situation! i’ve seen a very good and talented singer on the stage facing the same problem..but all he did is standing there and he asked the fans ‘what should i do now? omg’…DANG and see how our boys handle such situation ^^ gotta be proud!

    LOLOL yeah that was dae rapping top’s part?hahha cute..and his cake hat. i started laughing when i saw a cake passing by hahahaa…love the fancam

    and BONG WAS JUST TOO CALM..ahh what a leader~!<3

  32. ahh this so made my morning. theyre getting a lot of girl actions this concert eh. ah hot nonetheless.

  33. wahhh!!! love it!! I love the fancam for Everything..AAH ..!! GD ah ….I’M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW x´D gooosh!

  34. Omg I love how they can respond to the technical glitch so naturally 😀

  35. Hhahahaha~ omg, dae’s expression is priceless!! MUST SET AS DESKTOP BACK GROUND! omg, thats so true, baebae’s fans are dying out D:

  36. Right now, I’m on my Sidekick so I can’t watch videos, but I’m home because TODAY EVERYONE’S GONNA ROCK THE VOTE! OBAMAAAAA!

    So, I will proceed to go downstairs and scramble to the computer to watch my sexyy husbandd Daesung ❤

  37. about promotional picture: I was thinking MAYBE it means that d black and white is what d Tae-an beaches now bcuz of d incident and d colors around it which looks like Big Bang is painting means Big Bang is bringing back d Lost color of d beaches cuz thats what theyre trying 2 dO in their MV ryt?..IDK mayb Im reading 2 MUCH in2 this but thats what I thought when I 1st saw d promotional picture!!! or MAYB it doesnt have meaning @ all,,^_^

    fangirLmodeON: OMG,,Ive been waiting since last night,,I cant sleep actually,,Ive been thinking baout this,,I cant waiT..*AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*

    OK guyz,,gtg 2 skuL nOw,,OMG,,Im sure when I get home,,I wiLL have d BEST WELCOME HOME EVER!!!..

    TNX VICKY,,4 keeping us updated,,c yah later…

  38. they are FCUKING AMAZING! ❤
    that’s why i love them.
    when the music stopped, they were calm and continued! i admire our loving kwon leadaa! i love him!

    OMG! i wonder if they didnt know how to BEATBOX!


  39. Never have I been so much tempted in my life to pop out a bubble gum…or kiss it and pop it..hehehe. =)
    I must live!!! hahaha!!! And I wanna pull his pants up….or down…hihihihi. =)
    I love the concept, black white with strong shades of other colors…very artsy indeed.
    Tabi and Dae…wth…hehehe…especially dae… I got this feeling he was into CATS mode when they shot this.
    And yeah, Baby ri is exerting his right again. hihihi. Bong looks so cute as usual. =)
    I’m proud of the boys doing well in Japan…and carrying out their performance even with technical difficulties…so proud…Bong looked so cute and ecstatic when the sounds came back. hihih. =)
    OMG he didn’t do that with the girl’s butt!! hahaha!!! looks like everyone is getting a lot of action from this concert. hehehe. Then he lift Baebae’s shirt…and I died…he looked sexy walking behind Bae and then he raised his shirt..wooohooo! Thanks Bong! ^^
    It’s so nice to hear the fans shouting “Hot Issue!” I feel the love of the JVIPs.
    I love seeing baby ri dance…he’s one of the best dancers in the group and I like the way he moves, so refreshing *no lil sis in law it wasn’t anything perverted, he’s like this ball of energy that can channel it off to dancing. I really think he’s good*
    I saw that tongue action!!!! You Bong you. hihihi. =) yep, such a pimp. ^^
    With U is one of my most favorite songs of Big Bang. So glad I saw a whole performance of it…hehehe…Baby looks so good. I love their choreo…hihihi. =)
    Thanks lil sis in law!!! And again Happy Birthday Tabi!!!

  40. nice promo pic…I hope this is the poster I will get for my remember album.
    Would so love to have it stuck up on my wall, its so colorful. Can’t wait anymore!!

  41. their pictures are HOT! oh em gee. ilovethem.

  42. J-G-RILEEN
    that was a very smart thought actually
    i was looking at TOP”s expression when i first saw the photos
    and i thought it looks painful
    so i thought that his expression is representing the west cost sea in korea too…haha lol

  43. this is out of the topic,
    but i jst open up Shaun’s mac website
    and i found BB’s Myspace as one of his link


    i think it’s kinda new
    it’s said that they became member since 6/25/2008

  44. i think it’s the official one 🙂

  45. their album sales has reached 200.000 copies now isn’t that amazing! xDDDDDDDD and 5 NOVEMBER is BIGBANG’s DAY!
    TODAY IS BIGBANG’s DAY for cd stores LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    me so hap[py the videos made my day cant even explain!!

  46. Total hotness for the pictures and fam cams:D

  47. Total hotness for the pictures and fan cams:D


  49. i love baes eyebrow thing, hes just the coolest guy on earth. Haha when the music went off the beat boxing and bae doing the sound effects is funny. Ahhh they are simply amazing, man all that beat boxing and singing amazing Kwon Leader!!!

  50. vicky

    how did you find out about the girl dancer’s names?

  51. cant wait for the album

  52. okay, i think ive got this figured out >.< keke
    for tomorows much anticipated album release, i am going to get all my sleep during the day today, and wake up at around midnight and get on the computer. does that sound crazy? lol
    i just HAVE to listen to this album keke
    staying up all night is something i have never done and have to do it so my parents wont wake up and freak out on me :]]
    i wonder if anyone else is thinking about doing thiss~ kekek

  53. Ok——-I must say this first—–I really like all of their promo pictures—-and all of their album covers so far. (this one is no exception!)

    Another thing I´m REALLY greateful for—long pants, and cooler shoes (gone are those moonboots!).

    One thing though, is starting to annoy me, just slightly…….TY, he is standing in the middle AGAIN.

    Now you must know that I have nothing against good, old TY!!

    But having Seungri there instead would have been a nice change—-or TOP, with his crazy red “mask”.

    Still—————very cool pictures!

  54. is it just me or GD really gained some weight, and on top of that some MUSCLES too !
    cuz he looks pretty muscular now. haha. soooo FIIIIINE !

  55. Oh yeah—-I forgot—TOPs birthday, Vicky, you should have showed some of his fancams (if there are).

    Those videos were really cool though. Really neat. (GD lifting YBs shirt….I think I may just had a perverted moment…)

  56. look at dae;s face.hahah =D love it. =D

  57. Omg, they look so hot!
    Is the album out yet?
    I just got home from school.
    I was like so excited the whole day.

  58. GAD….the performance looks AMAZING and the boys…god…I’m speechless….
    My Baby has done it again…everytime I think that he can’t get any cutter but NO, he have to drive me crazy with his cuteness and hotness at the same time!!!
    WHY TEASE ME?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. just big bang ❤

  60. Haha, TOP looks like he’s trying so hard not to laugh in the promo pic. And now I must watch the concert videos.

  61. COME BE My LADY: One of my favorite tracks! Love the dancing! Just the way GD moved…so hot. And he totally does look hot just sitting. I can hear Baby! I love his part in this song. OMG, BeBong! I would go absolutely insane if that was GRi.

    HOT ISSUE: OMGSH. That outfit is hilarious.

    MAKE LOVE: Man, I was about to complain about how Bong-centric these fancams were. Finaly, some Baby. He looks like he’s in love with that mic stand. He looks so cute dancing!

    EVERYTHING: FAVORITE TRACK! The colorful outfits just work with the song.

    WITH U: Man, the video is so trippy that you can never see the dancing. I loved being able to see the choreography. Baby looked so cute running around the stage. YAY DAESUNGIEE! His English sounds better than in the original track. The small bits of TOP made me giddy.

  62. Man, I totally agree with all of you who believe BB handled
    the technical difficulty well!! lol GD was so calm and they
    made a frikken awesome improvision!! hahahaha
    seriously true performers!! :D:D I am proud!

    aaahh! Big Bang…you are just so cool

    there is much action goin on here…….but hey..i aint complainin 😉

  63. J-G-RILEEN

    nice interpretation on their album concept
    thats pretty cool


    hahaha I am so happy the man boots are gone
    and thank goodness they are using pants
    that dont really look like tight slacks that
    are cut more than above the ankle

  64. In Korea..its like 6:45AM …im an hour advanced

    gaaahh!! I wonder what time their stores open!!

    its probably gonna be a few more hours til some
    one has it and is kind enough to post it on the
    inter net lolhahaha


    BANG ‘EM!!!!!!!!!!!

    I Can’t wait for the new albummm =]

  66. lmao
    i was cracking up during the chorus part of always XD
    LOL gd’s mini laugh was sooooooo cute when the music got cut back on XDD
    damn, now i really pray that they`ll have the dvd of all these concerts in ’08 ><

  67. T.T
    Oh.shoot me!
    Can’t seem to find DaeDae on those fancams~
    (I’ve checked every possible spot on the vid that might capture him…but…only his ‘cake hat’ that can be seen)

    But hey,great HQ pictures!I can see Daedae yeay~:D
    That makes my day….
    ok honestly,i’m dying inside.

    But u r still the best,Vicky!:D

  68. AHH! JiYong be lookin’ KILLER in those videos! XD

  69. ohthethrill

    haha yea
    you and lili’s conversation on how much yall wanna see Bong do it with himself? hahaha

    think about it again… there’s LOTS of things I wanna do to him haha

  70. roranges

    8 hours in school
    passed by REALLY fast actually
    watching those over and over again haha
    it’s REALLY REALLY intertaining keke

  71. jiyanz

    haha BURN!!
    ouch gurl keke
    well u look good 😀

    ppfft.. who the hell have time for coffee???
    are you forreal now??
    not me.
    gotta get it done as soon as possible!!

    I wasn’t going crazy since I expect it to happen
    actually I expect even more skinship with the dancers
    but this is pretty… rated G hahaha

  72. Jini

    as ususal, Bong and Baby look the best to me.
    hha can’t choose between Bong and Baby

    haha Baby have the right to because he’s the maknae keke

  73. roranges

    keke i know
    at first I was like ‘who the heck is that?’
    I thought it was one of their male dancers
    since all of them are crazy and hyper haha
    but i saw Dae at the end and I was like… of course.. haha

    yup that was our Bae haha
    I was laughing so hard heheheheh
    never expect him to do that
    that’s too freaking cute

    that was Dae keke
    naga naga naga hahha

  74. roranges

    Dae love to rap Tabi’s part
    in any song haha
    he just love doing that
    while Baby love to rap Bong’s part keke

    I’ll be looking out for more fancams
    cuz I wanna see other members too
    especially Tabi’s solo
    it was HOTTTT~

  75. purple.princess

    they do it with every album so most likely

  76. Ili

    I died MANY MANY time because of that song

  77. nya

    I’m busting my ass try to look for that fancam
    but I still can’t find it
    I’m so mad it’s amazing

    it’s good to see a colorful concept this time
    I hope I won’t cry like crazy watching this MV like I did with Haru Haru again
    I’m already sick, I can’t handle crying during this time period
    my friend give me her cold 2 days before my birthday…T_T what a wonderful present

    omg i know!!
    ur hubby show us a whole new eye sight kekek
    never seen that expression on his face before

    Baby copy Bong AND Tabi in this one hahahaha
    cuz he can. keke
    yes you know gurl~
    though I comment on ur hubby often so he doens’t feel left out hahah
    sometimes I feel like I focus wayy too much on Baby and Bong, but I can’t help it.

    yup yup
    Bae is changning his image
    no longer ghetto hood boy
    he even try gag lately hahaha
    it’s so freaking cute to see

    that haircut won’t stay on Bong’s head for so long
    I just know it… it’s Bong for god’s sake

    hahah maybe because it’s the way his bend went up haha
    he is after all a musical star now hahah

    yes Baby did it for me
    it flies all the way accross the Pacific Ocean and reach to me from Japan to Florida hahahaha

  78. sweetsorrow

    I think i’m psychic or something when it comes to this kekeke
    but BeBong action………..HOT.. XD

  79. elaisvip

    they must be REALLY REALLY thankful haha


    I know right?
    which prove them to be REAL artists

  81. rahquhxie

    OH YEA GURL!!!!!!!! OBAMA FTW!!
    I have my money on him, he’s gonna win
    one of my friend was talking about how he like McCain better, we were harassing him during lunch because of it hahaha

  82. J-G-RILEEN

    DAMN GURL… you should get a job in the logic reasoning cuz you’ll make load of money haha
    you’re good
    that really make sense hahah

  83. asdflove

    you didn’t know?
    Tabi is the best beat boxer I’ve ever seen, and Bong is good too

  84. sis in law

    haha or you just want half of that bubble gum kekeke

    jeez gurl~~ save it for the bed room… up or down XP

    he probably was FEELING it hahaha

    Bong was so freaking happy it’s amazing hahaha
    look at his adorable little face

    Bong knows how you Bae luvers like it hehe
    KINKY!! hot boi on hot boi action!! xp

    yes. MY HUSBAND is an amazing, and you know what they say about dancers…
    haha they’re AMAZING in bed… trust me gurl~ I KNOW
    I go to an art school, and there’s PLENTY of male dance majors hehe

    hahaa nothing perverted??? you use ball………… hahaha

  85. kimvipbunnie

    forreal?? STAND UP??
    that’s amazing!! OH EM GEE
    November is one damn amazing month hahah

  86. qq.is.vip

    I should put up a wanring for ppl before they watch it hahah

  87. hoichu

    I saw this picture from one of Big Bang’s concert
    and the dancers were holding up these fan cards with their name on it that the fans made for them
    so that’s how I know

  88. Jini

    haha I did that everytime Big Bang release something new haha
    but instead of sleeping at home
    I sleep during school haha
    I have math and biology today so I had PLENTY of sleep hahah

  89. Joanie

    yup haha
    I notice it too
    he probably like Japan food a lot haha

  90. Maryam

    haha I’ll go insane with you then hahaha

  91. bamboozer

    it sucks that i’ve never seen any Dae fancams
    i know it must hilarious to see him
    since we all know he can’t stay in one place haha
    and probably do something that will make us so happy inside it’s crazy
    but I’ll try myt best 🙂
    I really sorry for Dae lovers.

  92. GD`S_WiFEYY

    maybe our wish will come true
    I just heard news about it being air on TBS

  93. Vi
    LOL. that things that go down in comments.
    surprising sometimes, but one thing we do
    know is that we’re nothing but crazy perverted
    fangirls. ahahaha.

  94. this doesn’t have anything to do with this post, but i don’t know where to ask. i want to see Big Bang’s comeback on Nov 8. which channel does Music Core come on and at what time?

  95. ohthethrill

    aha what thing???
    i’m lost T_T haha

    we should be ashame of ourselves……..nah not really ahahah

  96. medirin

    it will be on MBC
    at 3:00 PM

  97. she is soooo freakin luckkyyy 😀 dies*

  98. oh – thanks Vicky!!

  99. they’re heading “west” in that promotion pic. lol

    omg bong’s hot issue performance.

  100. OMG.
    DaeDae looks SOO HOTT.
    his biceps are WOW O.O

  101. DAE! he is soooo hot o.o
    gosh…i envy that dancer xD

  102. that picture of big bang: SO now my desktop ^_^

  103. Dae Sung is Sexy…I know T.O.P is my man but Dae Sung is hot he is almost as HOT AS T.O.P!

  104. Vi
    the “things that go down” as in random conversations
    where girls want Bong to make-out with Bong. haha.
    things like that. make sense now? 😉

  105. Dae Sung is Sexy…I know T.O.P is my man but Dae Sung is hot he is almost as HOT AS T.O.P!

  106. LMAO Bong’s such a dork doing that slidy, circly thing LMFAO hehehe Baby looked cute dancing!! LOL i like the gloves or armt hings he wear…i think thats his style like my TOPiee got his glasses ya’know to protect the smexiness hidden behind it xD and My YB wears his hat so Baby wears that becoz we all know from a loud mouth leader xD ahahah that Ri is such a Hand model LMAO OMO i died in that GDYB momement TT_TT

  107. what is that girl doing all over my Dae?! DDD: j/k Dae is one sexy beast!

  108. vicky

    wow really? hahaha how can u tell that i look good by the fcukin small default pic lololol. btw thanks for the compliment hohoho

    hahaha..well, coffee is some warm up thingy..cuz i must not scare my bong away..gotta do it step by step kekee and after coffee would be REAL BUSINESS going on hahaha wtf self-imagining again wtf

    haha u’re crazy gurl. this is enough this is enough! i don’t want more skinship haha..but this is like nothing if compared to ‘she can’t get enough’ pppffffffffffffff

    dae’s picture is hot. but dae’s posture seemed as if he is doing CATS..hahaaa

  109. kjdfwlsjfdsljljdflasldfja;’HG’ALSFGD!!!!!!!!!!!! That Dae picture! So hot!!! *drool* lol. >.< Its true you never get to see them colorful no more…haha..so nice to see more color. Cant wait for their pictures to come out!!

  110. DAE SUNGGGG MY LOVE MY MAN MY EVRYTHING!! this is so HOT! I4m freak of yOU dae!!

  111. I just reaLLy had 2 cOmment on Daesungi cuz hes really HOT up there!!!


    yeah, Dae sure like his Cats posture,,sOOO HOT!!! OMG!!!…

    nOw Im missing Nalbwa gwisOOn sOng,,I wanna hear it again,,Oh wait its on my Ipod,,[ON] ^_^


  112. whO is this BI**** she touch my Dae ❤ NO !

  113. DAE DAE..<3

  114. Helen;)

    yup haha
    Dae have PLENTY
    [and a really perky butt haha]
    but he doesn’t show it often

  115. ohthethrill

    ah~ haha gotcha keke
    is it okay if I call u Heather?
    since I’m guessing that’s ur real name?

    i can imagine Bong making out with Bong now…
    and I love it hahaha

  116. Jiyanz

    I have good eye sight when I’m wearing my glasses hahahaha

    well if he’s on my freaking porch
    then I’m sure he knows he’s in for it okay hahaha
    or else he would’ve run away LONNGG ago kekeke

    she can’t get enough wasn’t that much skinship
    i think it was just normal
    and sexyy~ i love that performance

  117. J-G-RILEEN

    Did you see the latest family Outing episode?
    where he perform ‘Look at me, GWisoon’ for all the ahjumma?
    i swear he make them feel 20 years younger with his ‘YOU’RE SO SEXY~” hahaha


    Edge Magazine pics totally killed me!!! gaaaahhhhh!!!!

    I am so in love….TOP omg….
    there must be a word other than “hot” to describe your

  119. VI

    haha,,yeah i saw that..it was hilariously crazy…

    n’ alsO d guy in d beginning dancin’ 2 it when d chorus havent even started,,haha,,


  120. vicky

    okay you win gurl 😛 fine then i will just save up my coffee and start doing it straight hahahaa

    i’m speechless…you’re abnormal my dear
    LOLOL have you achieved some kind of NIRVANA or something that u can be so out of the jealousness whatsoever??!

    well, guys wouldn’t like their girlfriends to be so unconcerned towards them hahaa.. it’s like ‘ohh just go and have some skinship dance with her i don’t mind’ wth?

    so yeah, i know it is right for me to be jealous hahaha. i’m totally finding excuse for myself to get jealous lol..well, perhaps two years later..i will also achieve NIRVANA like you and won’t get jealous anymore keke who knows?

  121. The TEASER was awesome!!
    wow, it was so touching in the begining : )

    Watching YB smile for those couple of seconds was heaven
    and Seung Ri in the still shot….gaaahhh!!! so cute!!
    GD’s smile laugh makes the world a better place!
    DaeSung is the cutest dork ever!!
    Where’s TOP’s vid spot?? : ( oh well, his pic is hot!
    only him on the cover?? awesome!! : D

    I am so excited for this shoot! the video teaser was extremely sexxxxxyyyy!!!!

  122. love your little teaser of Dae! this post is droolworthy x 1000! ha! the videos are awesome! I can’t wait to see the rest of the edge photoshoot. come be my lady and everything….my two favorite songs! totally my new wallpaper!

  123. Wowwwwww it’s so corlorfull for ‘remember’ Promotional Pictures

    cute! ^^ I think I got a new wallpaper hahaha

  124. MV is out!

  125. they spelled preiview rong…priview
    and those pix are HOT
    luv the fancams 2








    Look at her enjoyin herself touchin up on my Dae lmfaooo, and the HQness of it is remarkable


    Thank you!

  127. gonna hunt down that woman lol

  128. how do you know the dancers names? is there a website that has their info?

    Big Bang is fricken hot!
    i love thm sooo much!
    and damn g-dragon. God damn flippin hot!
    Fangirl in a crazy mood right now
    this is what my sisters get for NOT letting
    me use the computer for 1 day.
    I want to go to the concert. that was alot
    of songs being played and it was hot!
    [happy birthday TOP =]

  130. OMGOMG>…
    the pics are sooo hottt.. lovein them
    and those vids are SOO HOTT..
    omg.. i espeically love the vids
    that show my baby seungri :DD
    i think my fave was make love..
    so frikin hot seungri.. why do you
    hafta be soo hott???


  131. can`t wait for the Edge pics ^^ i like their new style <333
    Lol! Dae get some action there 😉 love all the fancams xD! my and my sister were speechless in the Always Fancam xD and then LMAO! GD xD!

  132. Aww, snap, look at Daesungie. Don’t I wish that was me. xD
    Fashion ‘PRIVIEW’ is bothering me but I guess it’s okay because it’s TOP.

  133. vi
    hahaha.. maybe the “demon king” don’t want me too see hubby’s cheating action with other gurl.

    hahaha.. i don’t think this one will be so tearing like haru haru. look at their pomotional pic. thats so colorful. i bet this one is a cheerful one. ^^
    BUHHH!! haha.. she give u cold as ur early bday present? ahhaha..
    have some warm soup (chicken soup is the best) then take ur medicine & sleep while thinking of baby. u’ll feel refreshed next day. ^^

    hubby’s eyesight is killing. XD!!
    kekeke.. just go dwon south to baby & bong. u could focus more & more on them. keke..
    u’re taking the right path.
    hehehe.. it feels weird now when i compare him to his solo. bebe is such a macho man & his way of kissing Boss. kakaka
    yup. all about bing is his haircut. that surprising.
    yup! yup! OMG.. ballerina. yes, Dae is a musical star now. but still i can’t help but to laugh at Dae pic ^^

    hahaha.. it fly in an express way just to reach Florida. hahaha…
    an early bday gift? kekeke..

    OMG!! i so hate the morning shift!
    it make me left behind from this news!
    ohhh.. that teaser vid.
    yup, the photoshot is a hot one. >.<!! i can’t wait to see it!!

    GAAAHH!!! hubby’s pic kills me!
    no, i must stay alive till the mew album! also the release of the pics!
    look at his eye sight & his finger!!!!

  134. Vi
    not sure if you’ll read this since the post
    about the MV is the main attraction right now,
    but yeah call me Heather. it is indeed my name.

    and man, if Bong made out with Bong then where
    would that leave us? LOL.

  135. sis in law

    Now you saw I’m corrupting you…You don’t need corrupting. =)
    Yeah, I think so too. Great dancers are great in bed, and that’s saying a lot from our boys…since they are all great in dancing.
    Wooohooo… I think now you’re curious of Baby huh. hehehe.
    Bong walking sexily behind Baebae’s back and rising his shirt…omg..that really killed me. Yep he knows how to satisfy the vips. hehehe.
    You pervy lil sis in law. ^^

  136. Bahaha; I was expecting more of Dae Sung…

  137. Ha ha why did they spell preview “priview”?
    Anyways, loving the videos and pics!

  138. wow !!!!!!!!!thaxz you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. those teaser vid have done a good job in teasing us.
    GDYB moment,i just died a thousand death.
    TOP and his angry look works for me.
    i will never get tired of watching Baby dance.
    Hwi jin feeling Dae,i wish i was in her place.

    EDGE pictures are TOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. OMG!!!!!
    I almost died!!!
    literally LOL

    seeing all those videos together waas just too much for me!!!
    I was dying when I saw the first video
    Baby looks crazy hot!!!
    and GD OMG!!!
    what can I say
    by the time I was watching the with u video I was in full fangirl mode!!!
    the shinny clothes + bb = screamin psycho

    GD looks soooo damn sexy in that pic!!!
    but my man definitely proved himself in that pic
    his hair looks a bit funky but his face…his eyes…his nose…his lips

  142. Whaaa..
    Big bang is awesome..They can over come that..
    ahh..so proud of the boyss..reallyy..

    and the cake hat! awwhh~ Daesungie oppaa..Me want one tooo!! ^^

  143. roranges

    uh sadly haha
    there isn’t
    someone gotta make up a word for them though hahaa

  144. Jiyanz

    haha i’m not abnormal
    just cuz I go to like parties over here too much
    and all we do is grinding while we dance
    so all that is really nothing to what us highschoolers here do hahaa
    so it’s no big deal for me

    nirvana haha
    what is that?
    that word was on my world history test today and i picked it as the answer but have NO IDEA what it means hahaha

  145. roranges

    look like this pictorial is PRETTY IMPORTANT
    they have different thing release everyday to ‘tease’ us haha

  146. liz luvz top

    haha i know
    i was laughing at that too keke
    magazine mispelled a word kekeke

  147. rahquhxie

    haha see?
    I keep my promise
    hope you have a great time drooling over all that hahaha

  148. mitchi

    no, it’s just that I saw them hodling these banners that fan made for them with their names on it
    that’s how I know

  149. nya

    she was drinking out of my ice tea so I asked her ‘are u sick?’ cuz I saw she was sniffling here and there
    and she say no, then keep drinking out of it
    and the result is she was sick, but she lied to me and now I’m sick

    today in english class, I had such a headache at the begining of the class, then the ppl in the class keep yelling and screaming and that triggers my brain and i had a migrane, and those are the WORST, I started crying cuz it hurts so much, my english teacher was freaking out when she saw me cry, it was horrible, I don’t feel good at all today, headache, sorethroat, my body’s sore all over and tomorrow’s my bday
    thanks to my friend

    Down south on Baby and Bong?????
    yes i WOULD like that

    i know what i want for my birthday already ~ 😀
    from Baby…….yup

  150. Heather

    hahha we’ll be the one watching and breaking them up
    and ‘cheer them up’
    you take one and I’ll take the other hahahaa

  151. sis in law

    and all that muscle and butt are put into GREAT work hahaha
    keke my 2nd husband know how u like it kekekeke

  152. Sexica

    haha his hair in the EDGe thing was HILARIOUS
    it look like the win blowed it the other side hahah

  153. oh really? do you have the link so i can learn their names too? i wanna know the names of those who gets to caress our boys lol

  154. omg so many fancams.. yesssssssss
    so far ive only seen the always fancam and dang!!! seeing big bang so professional under pressure, and gd beatboxing was so good! he even got a big red from all the beatboxing, all that effort. seriously so proud of big bang!

  155. this all i can say:


    (GD is freakin’ dang HOT!!!)

    thanks for sharing this~
    wish i was there to watch it live too!!
    (i’m xo envy!!) lolz..

  156. oh snap di-do-li-ding-dong

  157. OMG…jealous Is Me…
    Im Wann Get All Over You Like That Too..
    GOSH..Ji YOn Why Touch Her Touch Me Only Me!
    I Jux Wann Die With you…
    I have pix Of You All Over My Page!

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