2008 MKMF to be broadcasted live in Korea, China and Japan

2008 Mnet Km Music Festival(MKMF)’, which will be into its 10th anniversary this year, will have this year’s event broadcast live simultaneously in Korea, Japan and China. This is the first time that such a music event be broadcasted live in such huge scale in the 3 countries simultaneously.

On the 15th November, the red carpet session will start at 5pm in Seoul JamSil Stadium and the whole event will last for 6 hours. And the event will be broadcasted in Korea on cable channel Mnet and KMTV.

And in Japan, it will be broadcasted over on channel Mnet Japan and M-on TV, while in China, it will be broadcasted on CheonJin Satellite Channel. And it is estimated that the event will be viewed by 700 million Asians, including Koreans, live that day

Credit: http://sookyeong.wordpress.com/



~ by Momo on November 5, 2008.

6 Responses to “2008 MKMF to be broadcasted live in Korea, China and Japan”

  1. OMG
    6 hours O_o…
    that’s SO LONG
    hope big bang won’t get any back pain from sitting too long on the chairs…
    can’t wait to see big bang’s performance ..wonder what are they going to win hehe

  2. Wish I lived in one of the three country’s to see the MKMF!!!!!!!!
    I know Big Bang are going to win in every category they’re nominated!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. dangg! mann.
    what channel is it on?
    my uncles house has KBS lol idk if its on a diff. channel.
    i wanna watch itt!

  4. OMGOMG…..is one day after my birthday…
    haha…can’t wait till that day to come, cause i really want BB to win….
    but can sum1 pls tell me where can i watch from the internet..
    from any live broadcast video streaming chanell
    pls pls pls

  5. Wowwww i wanna see this so bad T^T but it starts 5pm korean time…that’s really late here =(

  6. g0sh why it’s n0t in my c0untry??!
    k we can watch it thru internet rite?
    plez tell me what’s d link…@____@
    really wanna watch it LIVE!!!

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