Big Bang TOP’s birthday amidst busy schedule

Big Bang member TOP (21) had to put aside the excitement of his birthday for a moment for the busy schedule of Big Bang’s comeback.

With Big Bang’s comeback with 2nd album ‘Remember’, the members have been training and practising on their singing and chereography everyday since dawn these days.

A representative of YG Entertainment said, “On the day of TOPs birthday, 4th November, the Big Bang members were up since 2am in the morning for their CF filming and their practice for comeback. And during the CF filming, the other Big Bang members and staff presented TOP with a cake and sang birthday song for him. There was no special event for his birthday but just a nice small birthday party for TOP by the Big Bang members.

“When they had the extra time out from the filming and practising for their comeback, the members went out for a birthday celebration meal. And all the presents that TOP received from fans for his birthday have really heightened the birthday mood as well.”



~ by Momo on November 5, 2008.

20 Responses to “Big Bang TOP’s birthday amidst busy schedule”

  1. i just read an article on saying TOP was taken to hospital ? is this true ?
    heres the article

    빅뱅 멤버 탑(최승현)이 과로로 실신해 팬들을 놀라게했다.

    탑은 5일 오후 1시 서울 흑석동 중앙대병원에 입원했다. 현재 특실병동에서 안정을 취하며 치료를 받고 있다.

    특히 탑이 쓰러진 5일은 새 정규앨범 2집을 발매한 날이라는 점에서 팬들을 안타깝게 만들고 있다. 또 4일은 탑의 생일이라 팬들의 걱정이 더욱 커지고 있다.

    빅뱅은 8일 정규 2집 앨범 ‘리멤버’을 발표하고 타이틀곡 ‘붉은 노을’로 각종 음원차트를 석권하고 있다. 또 이번 앨범은 선주문만 20만장이 들어와 화제를 모으고 있다.

  2. OMG, so sad for him, hope Big Bang new album will be big (pray so hard…….) because he already give up the bday. at least he still got other members that accompany him to celebrate his bday in simple way hehehe.

  3. yes he wasnt feeling well and yg said the comeback will still be on as per the schedule

  4. ohh well hope he gets healthy for the comeback, cant wait for it (:
    praying for himmm

  5. 😦
    i can’t believe it
    he was in the hospital??…
    hope he rest well soon
    even if they want their performance to be perfect..
    it’s so dangerous…
    i don’t want them to sacrifice their energy and days for the fans 😦
    i feel guilty now..

  6. ohhh noo i just heard from someone that tabi was just sent to the hospital today.. i dont know if this is true.. hope its not true… 😦


    READ THIS!!! :'(~~~~~~~~~~~~

  8. stupid me,, i didnt read the first comment.. i hope he gets a rest!! tabi please be healthy!!!

  9. OMG!!!
    A Big Bang member in the hospital again?
    I will pray hard as I can for T.O.P’s health!!!
    LOVE HIM SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. omg :….:.poor T.O.P!!…

  11. omg, poor TOP. just right after his birthday too. =((((

    Hope he doesn’t overwork himself again. But yeah, wait till he sees our gift~ That’d cheer him up hopefully. =)

  12. My Boy<3 T_T

  13. omo… pooor Top
    hope he did enjoyed his bd
    don’t overwork too much!!!

  14. NO!!!
    this cant be happening…not again..
    TOP! opa!!!! get better~


    i hate the fact the boys work this hard and this intense just for us..

  15. T__T that’s exactly what i didn’t want happening
    to them. REST WELL, TOPPIE!

    seems like he got a little jipped on his bday,
    but really a small shindig with close friends
    is fine enough. at least the rest of the guys
    did something for him. ^__^

  16. 또???? 오 마이 갓!!! 제발 좀 쉬워(rest)! seriously~ i hope he’s ok!
    he needs to eat more than just fruits! i mean he burns so much energy all day from praticing and doing all their shoots, etc, etc. so he should eat more to have the energy to go on.

  17. here’s another link about TOP rushed to the hospital

  18. Awww, it was suppose to be happy though.
    Argh even G-Dragon’s birthday was like this.
    well it wasn’t this busy but they were busy
    b/c of stand up & 2nd Anniversary.
    i hope he feels better, grr that’s not really
    a happy, birthday.
    TOP oppa, Big Bang oppa FIGHTING!

  19. T.T TOPieeee i hope he is ok…i don’t wanna see him in hospital…='(

  20. dannng, i forgot his bday!
    i feel so _______.
    Im not a true fan.
    Do yah agree??

    but hpy late bday!

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