Vote BigBang for 2008 MKMF’s Overseas Viewer’s Award

U need to register as a member in order to vote.

You can vote 3 times a day and multiple voting for the same NOMINEE is not valid

Please go the given link and do the necessary!! (its in English)

FYI, Dong Bang is leading in every region!!!


Credit: + hye



~ by Momo on November 5, 2008.

43 Responses to “Vote BigBang for 2008 MKMF’s Overseas Viewer’s Award”

  1. OH MY HOLLY OF CRAP…..DONG BANG are SOO frekin far away……oh crazy gal fan

  2. They don’t allow registration! > : (
    I want BB to win 😦

  3. nope. i think that one’s rigged. by SM for sure.
    I don’t think DBSK will have that commanding lead…that’s freakin’ exaggerated even with DBSK’s fan base.

  4. Let’s not give up hope that Big Bang is going to win =D Votes are just part of the way they decide who wins, after all. <333 BIG BANG HWAITING.
    They’ve got to win SOMETHING xD nominated for so much.
    I have to vote when I get home.
    at school right now~~

  5. aww dbsk is soo much ahead D:
    but ill vote vote and vote!
    bb fighting!

  6. @ Kenley, I thought the same thing. There is no way a group can be THAT far ahead! Like, whoa that poll looks crazy lmao I mean I’ll still vote for BB as much as I can but…wow XD

    They’re bound to win something!!! Go BB!

  7. ^ Oh crap they won’t allow me to register -_-” All I can do now is sit back and pray lol

  8. i vote and vote but nothing change i’m fed up.
    BIGBANG HWAITING hope they win something.

  9. awww man freak that they wont allow overseas to register it seams as if we have to wait!!! darn this argh….they knew we were coming thats why they did that!!!

  10. waliao…dbsk lead so much…totally unmatched…so OWNING!!!

    and MADDD!!!! why can’t i register!!! omg and dbsk is in the lead by ALOT ALOT!!! hopefully its not completely decided by the votes becuase it would be unfair…they wont even let me register!!! GRRRRRRRRR!!!! i’m not going to be happy today AT ALL!!! GRRRR

    BUT FOR SURE…i know they’ll win something..FOR SURE!!!!

  12. Omg… i don’t want dbsk to win…. so unfair to Big Bang.
    they work so hard with all their albums this year…For the world, With U, HOT, Umh Jung hwa ‘s featuring, Stand up, Number 1 & Remember… Then, Dbsk comes only with MIROTIC, and stole the spotlights……..omg So UNFAIR !

  13. how in the heck of the world did DBSK got that many wote??
    it ok if they a head a lil or mayb more but that is just tooooo much
    i think something is up
    i mean Big Bang and other artist is very!! famous too
    how can big bang and others artist only have 1,ooo and soemthing vote while DBSK got 400,000 votes???

    !!!NOT FAIR!!!

  14. argh they won’t let foreigners vote >:[

  15. aww DARN! they won’t let us vote.. sucks..
    hope BB win!! im sure they well! 🙂

  16. it’s going to be a hard fight…cause i mean…cassies…are very….persistant…if you “get my drift”

    even if they don’t win i’m still very proud of BIG BANG and we know they’re putting their footprints all over the world. plus the chances of them shaking the US music industry is more likely than DBSK…so i believe in their talent and this poll doesn’t really mean anything.

  17. This isn’t fair for the other artists. The other artists have worked very hard this year and all of a sudden DBSK jump back in and take fame away from the others. What is Big Bang doing so low in the ranks anyway?

  18. totally agree with nynna


  19. NOOO FAIR!
    they won’t allow me to vote, i live in Canada!
    I really hope big bang wins…DBSK is waaay far ahead!
    OMG NO!

  20. yea, i agree w/ Kenley
    seriously, dbsk cannot possibly have that many votes, no matter how popular they are…
    so are the rest of the sm artists…

  21. ahh i thought big bang and dbsk would be pretty close but WTH?
    they are in they 400k and big bang is only 1k?something seems really wrong…well hopefully korean vips will bring them up a
    little more..

  22. Oh great, with DBSK there…
    It’s okay, BB is the best in my heart. =)

  23. shoot, they dont allow overseas residents to register from Oct 24 till Nov 14. and DBSK’s votes are like..holly cow!, no wonder they recorded for biggest fan base in the world.

    Big Bang has worked extremely hard their asses off this year, and they’re climbing fast in Japan. That’s beyond awesomeness! Sooner or later these young and talented boys’hard-working effort will be paid back tremendously.I wish they could have a serious holiday soon to recharge..

  24. what’s the point of not letting them register when it’s an overseas award?? that’s just wrong!
    but anyways, whatever, BIG BANG 짱! “NO DOUBT!”

  25. Can’t register. ><;
    wth this has to be rigged… 400,000 votes for DBSK? ALREADY?
    BB hwaiting~ ^^;;

  26. so we have to wait for overseas to register!

  27. jhg

  28. no way. dbsk cant be winning by that much. like ohmygod.
    i like dbsk and all but i think big bang deserves the award.
    hwaiting big bang!! :] love you guys!

  29. i agree with everyone, totally rigged. there was a point where second leader only had 0.98%, yes wtf. many, many dbsk fans have managed to make multiple accounts too. it’s frustrating when i vote, i can only make it move up so much. big bang was ahead of snsd when i voted, now snsd is ahead by two points, gahh. and it sucks that they closed registration for foreigners when this is FOR foreigners to vote. i made an account as foreigner in korea, but they dont let koreans vote -.-

  30. To all

    I was already registered with arirang a long time ago so I was able to vote. I saw this link last week and the margin was too large. Big Bang only had 200+ votes then and DBSK was about 10000+ votes. that was too weird.
    Don’t worry guys, whoever wins this award, we all know who the real winners are. ^^

  31. Just keep voting guys. I heard that the winner will not win by the fans vote only but they will also be judged through proffessional, digital/album sales..etc etc…

  32. i’m gonna vote for this too i wanna see BB winning…but everytime i vote in arirang always win SM artists :S

  33. its stupid…if its overseas, why wont they let overseas fans register? STUPID

  34. why wont they let foreigners vote until after nov 14!!! this is so rediculous : ( yea i agree with everyone..not that i hate DBSK or something but our lovely big bang has all the talent! and other artists too…that poll seems a bit weird but lets all pray for big bang! : D

  35. let us not loose hope!!!

    come on VIP’s let’s keep on voting!!!!!!

    let’s make BB win!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. “Attention Overseas Netizens: Site Registration to be Unavailable from Oct. 24 to Nov. 14!”

    and voting ends on the same day??


    I have not even cast my vote for BIG BANG

    Uggh, i wish i could use a magic eraser and delete away the pink coloured bar of DBSK…it’s just too good to be true, good for cassies.
    ok, my apologies, that’s quite immature..

    hopefully big bang wins many awards this year, as a recognition for their hard work.

    BIG BANG ❤

  37. stupadd!~~ iihgg.. can’t even register =-=;;
    greedy!!~~ ;P
    *sniff* wanna support BigBang sooo bad..
    but can’t now T.T

  38. to VIP, im a cassiopeia…pls dont think bad bout dbsk and cassiopeia..

    the candidates will also judged by profesionals…so we duno who will win..

    and whoever wins, please to both cassiopeia and VIPs have some sportmanship..thx

    ps:im here not bcos i support tvxq, im also a fan of big bang.

  39. I love Big Bang.I will always support Big Bang.Try hard.Fighting.

  40. I am an oversea cassiopeia too, and I am not here to fight at all. I just want to say that the reason why TVXQ is winning is because, after losing last year to Shinhwa, the oversea cassiopeia have been working very hard for months in advance to register and collect ID for this year’s oversea award. So, it’s kind of unfair for someone to see the lead and simply say the system is rigged without knowing how much work we have put in to make the lead happen.

  41. i had register and vote for big bang but tvxq still number 1 hey guy ! let’s vote big bang
    big bang fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Oh my fail, are you serious? O_O Either this is terribly rigged, or Big Bang’s Haru Haru success was not as big as it seemed.
    I HIGHLY doubt the second choice though, everyone loved it -_-.
    And not to mention, there’s a bunch of people up there ahead of Big Bang that i sincerely do not like.
    BUTTTT they don’t allow registration for the remainder of this voting event. Which sucks x589463453, I’m sorry oppas, I can’t do anything :[.
    Why would they not allow overseas voting when its like.. the most important lol… uh fail.

  43. … dont judge when u dunno whats up.
    last year we lost to shinhwa…
    so we already have much more experience in voting ..
    think about it, most of our members each have at least 30 different accounts…
    I had around 200 accounts last year.
    that means i have 200 votes each day ..

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