Big Bang TOP discharged from hospital, all suicidal rumours denied

thank God so much, this make me feel so much better, good to hear this new on my birthday, Tabi please be healthy, you scared all of us to death, YG ent. and Tabi’s sister state that the rumour of him trying to commit suicide is UNTRUE. so… thank God, once again. Does this brighten up your day to know he’s okay now? cuz my day sure is brighten.

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And another good new, for their Comeback Stage on Music Core this weekend, the boys will perform the Intro, REMEMBER and Sunset Glow.

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Big Bang member TOP has been discharged 1 day after admitting into the hospital on 6th November at 2pm.

YG Entertainment said on 6th November, “After the health examination this morning, it was said that TOP’s situation has improved, and that he will be able to be discharged from the hospital today (6th November).”

They had also apologised for not coming out soon enough to clear the rumours that were spreading around that TOP has attempted suicide.

TOP’s elder sister Choi Hye Yoon has also denied all speculations about TOP’s supposed suicidal attempt as rumours.

TOP has admitted into Seoul HeukSeokDong Central Hospital on 5th November at 1pm in the afternoon for overwork and exhaustion.

Big Bang will have their comeback stage on 8th November on MBC Music Core.

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~ by Vicky on November 6, 2008.

127 Responses to “Big Bang TOP discharged from hospital, all suicidal rumours denied”

  1. Thank god he’s fine…

    Tabi you better get well soon, you are worrying all of us a lot…


    I LOVE TOP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  3. wow..its really BRIGHTEN me..of course..i am stress right now,doing my assignment n have to study for final exam..with TOP news,woried n scared me to death.seriously i can’t concentrate..
    hope he’s ok..
    luv from malaysia…..

  4. thank God for that.

    p/s: Happy Birthday to you~! =) Have a good one!

  5. yeah i knew bout that..but i’m still sad
    i ended up doing nothing for the whole day
    my day sucks cuz of this news T___T

    YAY i got it! i was guessing it should be intro, sunset glow and REMEMBER. YAY OMG REMEMBER IS LIKE MY FAV IN THEIR NUMBER 1 ALBUM..n i love the korean version too 🙂

    tabii…please take care
    get some good rest
    don’t freak us out anymore T_T

  6. oops i forgot
    may all your dreams come true
    may baby love you forever hohohoho

  7. Looking good——–and I can´t wait to hear them perform the intro.

  8. oh thank FREAKING goodness !
    just hope he keeps getting better !!

  9. I KNEW IT!


    Thank you Vicky. you have no idea how relieved ur post made me. ^_^


  10. OH GOD
    i love YOU so much!
    thanks thanks thanks
    thanks for posting vicky!!!
    now i’m soooo relieved
    TOP saranghae~!!

  11. thank God he’s ok. But he look so tired. TOP saranhae fighting
    thanks mrs lee kwon for news.
    BIG BANG fighting

  12. thank God he’s ok. But he look so tired. TOP saranghae fighting
    thanks mrs lee kwon for news.
    BIG BANG fighting

  13. i saw the pics over at LJ and seriously my
    heart skipped a beat when i saw them. i was
    just relieved to know TOP was alright. you can
    tell from the pics that he’s just tired and
    far from wanting to have…you know. stupid
    rumors. not that i believed them.

    get A LOT of rest before this weekend…please.

  14. Sooooo thank God for his recovery.
    Please remember to rest more okay!!!

    I hope he’s better and i’ll do a spot check during their comeback perf xD

  15. yes
    i just feel like smacking the people who started the rumour of top wanting to suicide and stuff
    glad that he’s home now…

  16. The people who said about tabi having suicidal thoughts are just envious of Big Bang. hmmmmmp.
    So glad he was already discharged. The boys really need some rest for sure. hehehe.
    Can’t wait for their comeback!!! I hope everyone gets their well-deserved rest! ^^

  17. oooh! I’m so glad!!! thanks god!! I hope he is OK now!!

  18. 😥 TOP doesnt look so good in the pic
    dark circles and pale and such…BUT!!
    Im so glad he is discharged!! YAY!! what a relief!
    I so knew those stupid rumors were untrue!

    HAPPY Birthday Vicky!!!!~~~~~~ whoohooo! Sweet 16? or 17?..18? lol

  19. AHH!
    Thank GOD :]
    Yes my day is brighten up now ; Even though it’s raining. LOL.

    Make a great wish :]

  20. Thanks Vicky for Good news.

    TOP fighting!! I Love U.

  21. Thanks a lot for the news. ^_^
    I’m really glad that he is ok now.
    But TOP oppa must take care of ur health too.
    Happy birthday to u too, Vicky.

  22. i dunno if im happy or a bit frustrated that they’re having their comeback on the 8th…x_X
    i think that maybe it’d be better if they just have some rest instead of getting worked up about their comeback…but that’s just me.
    anyway, do get well soon Tabi…u got me worried sick 😦
    and yeah, im excited to know that they’ll be performing the intro and 2 other songs..i cant wait XD
    thnax vi, for sharing this wonderful news ^^

  23. oh yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY VI!!!
    and u get well soon 2 ^^

  24. 8th nov…lol exactly at my birthday
    I hope they do well
    And if the rumors were true..I hope TOP doesn’t mix alcohol with medications..use water!!

  25. vi!!!!
    thanks for the mews >..<

    i’m so mad at whoever that begin the suicide romours. shit!
    why would hubby commit suicide?!
    not onnly it make everyone worry, it also troubled YG, hubby, & my future sister in law to confirm it!
    hubby already need to rest & they still take his precious rest time for denying the bad rumours.

    only discharged one day?? why??
    if he already need to go to hospital to take rest, i don’t think it’ll go better by only 1 day off. they need to gove him 3 days off.
    hubby need to take a plenty rest then come back to us with his first rate condition.
    i don’t care if he didn’t there for their comeback stage, as long as he’s healthy.

    damn, my tears drop on keyboard. i can’t see hubby’s face clearly T-T

    vi, u sure is a girl with so many luck ^^
    really good news to hear on ur bday.

    Chuc Mung Sinh Nhat!

    (i wonder if its right?) haha.. happy bday gurl. hope u get all ur wishes come true.
    also for a good health, so u can keep on providing us our boys news. and to keep spazzing with me ^^

  26. aaaahhh , im so glad that TOP is okay noow ! ,
    i was so freaked out at those suicidal rumors godo thing
    that they ARE NOT true , i was scared . -.-
    & btw , HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICKY ! (:


  28. OOOH~
    TOP <333

  29. Oh, thank god, thank god.
    Top <33
    Can’t wait for their comeback performance.

  30. oh thank Jesus! hes ok! im in tears right now!
    Tabi please take care of yourself!

  31. YEAHH :]
    you won’t believe how happy i am right now .
    stay healthy tabi~
    along with everyone else :”]

  32. Hey lil sis in law!

    Happy Birthday to you! ^^ Hope you get the best day and the best presents! =)
    Many more happy returns!

  33. YAYYY~
    Im so relieved~~
    cant wait for their comeback!!!

  34. omg! thank god he is OK! U.U my heart can rest in peace now T.T

    Happy Birthday Vicky ^.^ <3333 much love from Perú xD!

  35. I’m so glad to hear this news!! i was so scared to die when i heard the previous news. i don’t believe that he did the suicide thingy.. i felt so relieved when i know that he just overworked..
    so tabi, please take care and stay healthy..
    saranghaeyo oppa, xoxo

  36. YAY!!!
    tHANK YOU GOD!I”m glad hes’ okay,
    too bad he has to perform so soon.

    get well soon oppa!

  37. Part of me is extremely happy, and then another part is saying, “NO! DON”T GO ON STAGE!” I’m still worried 😦


  39. im too too too happy for that Ma Big Oppa is alright now but im not happy for performance 😡 i hoped that they will rest for a while because of Top Oppa’s healthy T_T 8th november is too short time for rest 😦 My Oppas and Aşkım…… plsss take care..and dont make us unhappy again…

  40. good to know Tabi is doing well and that he didn’t attempt suicide. to all Big Bang members, please take better care of yourselves! and to Mr. YG, let our boys rest!!!

  41. Thank God for safety 😦
    I should be looking after himself …

  42. Thank goodness! and happy birthday vicky! 🙂

  43. omgg.. thank god..
    i hope those rumers aren’t true..
    i’m glad toppie feels better..
    look after yourselves guys..
    dont go sick again..
    cuz you guys have another performance..
    dont you think they should get some rest before.. ..??


  44. oh i didnt think hed be suicidal, didnt even think thatd be a possibility tbh. Glad hes ok now, they should rest more.. poor guys

  45. 😥 i duno if i’m just making myself cry, but the news just make me cry even though nothing too serious happened and that it was not a suicidal thingy.
    rest more.
    big bang ❤
    pray pray for you. 🙂

  46. OMG TOP >.< i knew the suicida rumors weren’t true. I mean, TOP is already working so hard and he knows that he has so many supporters so it wouldn’t make sense for him to just disappear like that,

    My heart would shatter if he did U_U

    ILY Top ❤

  47. CUTEEEE TOP SARANGHAEYOO !!! <3333333333333333333333

  48. oh thank goodness! it feels like a huge weight just got lifted off my heart. i’m so glad to hear it wasn’t suicidal thoughts.
    and now, i can happily anticipate their comeback!!

    and happy birthday vicky! i don’t know how old you are or else i’d make some age comment like ‘happy sweet ___’ or something. but either way, indulge yourself in LOTS of BB (even though i’m sure you already do, maintaining this awesome fansite), and i hope you have an awesome birthday!!

  49. Allah’ım sana şükürler olsun… bir daha beni böyle üzme oppa senin yüzünden bütün gün ağladım. bbismylife(canımın içi) olmasaydı herhalde komalık olurdum. neyseki o senin sandığımdan daha iyi olduğunu sadece yorgun olduğunu söyledi içime su serpti. oppa ben sana diğer oppalarıma ve aşkıma iyi bak, onlar sana emanetler diyorum ama sen kendine hiç bakmıyorsun 😦 anlıyorum seviyorsun hareketi hızlı tempoyu ama kendine acımıyorsan bari bana acı oppa. iyi olduğunu bilmek çok güzel.
    seni çok ama çok seviyorum. sen benim abimsin ben de senin küçük kız kardeşinim. sana minik kollarımla kocaman ama sıkı sıkı sarılıyorum. oppa seni çok ama çok seviyorum ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  50. Vicky
    omg, i didnot know your vicky. hapy happy happy b. day to youu thanks for everything… i hope you will be happy in your life. take care. dont sick ok?? i fear anymore.

  51. i knew it! top wouldn’t do somefinn lyk that… we lurrvee yhOouu TOP.. pls pls pls get well soon!!!

    btw happy beedaaii vicky!

  52. oh happy bithday mrs lee kwon! hope your dream come true (baby…)!

  53. why would top wanna commit suicide. Stupid media just creating stupid crap stories for money. soo stupid! Then again i know its not just YG but they should give these korean artists a break man, there still human, you cant expect top to work till 4am whens hes got the flu even if they got their comeback, their health is way more important to me then any comeback.

    p.s Happy B~day Vicky, thanks for all your hard work! Hope you get to meet your Baby some day xD

  54. THANK YOU LORD!!!!

    top hyung saranghae!



  56. whoo!
    YG better let TOP rest at least a little b4 their comebackk

    isnt TOPS discharge a great birthday present?
    he got out just for youu to stop worrying~ <33

  57. OMG thank God he’s ok
    i was so scared
    and yes, my day just got a whole lot bettr knowing that he’s ok ^^

  58. I’m so happy!! I was shocked when I know that my TOPie oppa was hospitalized!!! I’m so glad he is fine now… hope this would not happen again with them!! I don’t wanna see them like that =(
    Waiting for their comeback =) ❤ BigBang Hwaiting =)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICKY hope all your dreams come true!!!

  59. thank goodness the “suicide” news was ALL RUMOURS! >=o
    i’m so glad he’s feeling better 🙂
    but seriously, i think they overwork themselves sometimes..
    like how baby seungri said his eyes were all red in the making of haru haru video.. and seeing dae so tired during some of their performances from before. ):
    best of luck to them though 😀 *fighting*~!

  60. Thank goodness, I’m so glad it was really just exhaustion (as opposed to suicide, you know). This is great news! I wonder if he’ll be performing during the comeback…I just hope he takes it easy from now on. TOP hwaiting!

  61. YAY YAY YAY!


  62. Oh,and happy birthday! I’m wishing you all God’s blessings and a great day!

  63. oh vicky!! i forgot to give you bday wishes
    ~happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to you~
    HAVE A GOOD ONE 🙂 keke

  64. OMGOSH.
    i was so scared when my friend told me in school that TOP was having suicidal thoughts…
    thank god it`s not true.
    they almost gave me a heartattack :O

    love you topp~ 😀

  65. VICKY!
    hope you’re feeling better.
    have a great one today. *hugs*

  66. jiyanz

    maybe it’s because I listen to the english wayy too much haha
    when i listen to the korean version
    it doesn’t even sound like korean to me haha
    sound more like japanese hahah

  67. jiyanz

    OH~ haha thanks gurl
    there’s NO WAY I’ll let him get away hahah, you can trust THAT! keke

  68. Heather

    he look death tire
    and his skin, you can so tell he’s exhausted right now when you see his skin
    get well soon babe~

  69. ncly

    some dumb reporters who have nothing better to do in life but try to stir something up with a idol
    that’s what they love anyway
    push celebrities to a point where they can’t stand it

  70. roranges

    haha I just turned 16
    not that old yet keke

  71. shuggah

    I didn’t get my official cake yet, ahah
    i got about 3 cakes today but none of them have candles on it so I can’t make a wish
    my party is on Sunday and i think I know what I wanna wish for
    I have everything I need in my life right now,
    I just want the boys to be healthy and never never fall sick or get hurt EVER again
    want them to always be happy

  72. szevenz

    thanks ~

  73. Ili

    when i saw it, i was happy that we will get to see them soon too
    but not all that happy the fact that they’re gonna have so so so much work to do
    they’re the most popular boyband in Korea right now, so the end of the year is their busiest time. DBSK can’t even compare to Big Bang’s popularity in the music scene right now, they can be compare just because of their fanbase

  74. anecia

    2 days after mine
    dude~ so many ppl are born in November
    awsome ppl of course haha

  75. nya

    I didn’t believe it at all
    that’s why I barely comment on the last post about him committing suicide
    he’s freaking 21
    I’m sorry but no one who just turn 21 commit suicide the next day
    especially when he’s a famous successful artist
    those reporters make shit up
    I bet Tabi felt bad that this whole thing is blown up like this

    You know how our boys are
    the only way to get them to stay in a hospital and do nothing is to strap them to the bed, lock it then throw away the keys
    they always want to work work work
    not wasting time for resting
    that’s our stubborn hardworking boys
    why we have to go through all the worrying for them

    I remember yesterday I was like
    if things doesn’t get better by tomorrow
    i don’t know how the hell I’m gonna enjoy my birthday
    but fortunately, i woke up today at 5 AM and check the news, when I heard this I was so relieve, though I was sad when I saw his picture
    so weary….
    I also saw the video and a whole bunch of photographers were crowding around the hospital to take pictures, flashes everywhere, WTF?? can’t they just leave the boy be????? that’s so stupid.

    and thanks gurl~
    ur the second one to say happy birthday to me in vietnamese haha
    I heard it in english and spanish a lot today too hahaha
    my friend even bake a cake with ‘Chuc Mung Sinh Nhat’ written on it, but I didn’t get to eat it cuz of my throat, if I eat anything sweet, I won’t be able to talk at all haha
    3 cakes…. and yet I ate none…

    hopefully I’ll be better by Sunday so I can eat the real cake and make a wish, which will of course goes to the boys for their health and happiness, i’m already happy with my life, couldn’t ask for anything better for myself.

    and don’t worry gurl~ i will keep on going

  76. babyshy


  77. DeDe(MS.DONG)

    haha they miss me so much it’s heartbreaking haha

  78. sis in law

    thanks gurl~
    u and my bro in law bettuh get me something haha
    maybe a niece??? hahahaha

  79. Mariale

    WHOA~ Peru
    that’s awsome!!
    thanks so much

  80. clarice

    haha I just turn 16 today
    so I’m still very young hahaha

    that I will do
    can never stay away from the boys

  81. c-young

    thanks so much
    well I’m kinda sick right now haha
    I fell sick 3 days before my bday and it hasn’t get better yet

  82. hoichu

    thankyou~ haha

  83. top’s princess

    haha u can call me Vicky

  84. Jini

    so far one of the best hahaha
    well……… there’s this one which is pretty cool too
    my friend, Shane, he have this mustache on his face for like FOREVER! and i ask him, for my birthday, shave his face, and he did, he went to school today totally clean haha
    it was so funny and sweet of him haha

  85. Ky

    haha i was lol at ur name cuz that’s my sister’s name haha
    and thanks so much for the birthday wishes

  86. yumimaki

    thanks for the birthday wishes!!

  87. asdflove

    thankyou gurl~

  88. rosiee

    aww.. thankyou so much

  89. Heather

    I did have a great day
    starting with knowing Tabi’s okay at 5 AM haha
    the rest of the day was awsome too
    best bday ever for sure

  90. VI

    hah! you musta been pretty convincing~ either that or he loves youu keke
    youre 17 in korea now! that makes the age gap between you and baby that much smaller :]]
    you woke up at five? lol early!
    i woke up at 4 cuz i had the hardest time tryna go to sleep last nightt. i woke up, freaked out and turned on my laptop to find info on our power rappa~ lol

  91. It’s good that he’s okay. That picture…I could stare at it forever. Nice to see him equally amazing without make-up. And the gif is cute.

    Happy birthday, by the way.

  92. good things he alright!<33
    i was soo worried i have lots of project and was really stressed also plus TOP’s news scared me i was worried! but now im relived!

    Happy belated birthday TOP! hope you had a good one!

    P.s* dont over work yourself! ❤



  94. by the way…..

  95. after hearing this i was soooo happy i ran around tellin all my friends hahaha even though they didnt know who top was….im just so happy that the sucudal thought were fake…now i can go to work and not think about it…haha beccause i couldnt consintrate at all yesterday at work…lol GO TOP…hheheh

  96. YES YES YES! 😀
    TOP is going to be fine!

    may all your wishes come true ^^

  97. GOD!!!
    how can they make such stupid rumors
    I was having a shitty day yesterday but after seeing that my man was in the hospital
    I felt like I was dying

    baby I’m glad you’re okay
    supporting ya always
    ~your # 1 dork ;P

  98. OMG!!!!
    -Jumps around like a crazy person-
    I am Sooooooo Happy After I Read This!!

  99. *sigh of relief* how could ANYONE say ANTHING like that about our tabi?

  100. vi
    but u know how korean artist is with their suicidal problem >…..<

    wow~ u’re friend is too sweet. haha..
    but, looks like u can’t eat it now. just save it for later okay?
    if they let u save it. did they eat it all?
    eh? real cake on Sunday? u delayed ur bday party?

    it’s ur bday wish. ask anything u want ^^

  101. gaahh!! i so hate this!
    why they always cut my comment???
    copy paste now >……<

    wow~ u’re friend is too sweet. haha..
    but, looks like u can’t eat it now. just save it for later okay?
    if they let u save it. did they eat it all?
    eh? real cake on Sunday? u delayed ur bday party?

    it’s ur bday wish. ask anything u want ^^

  102. last time >……<

    wow~ u’re friend is too sweet. haha..
    but, looks like u can’t eat it now. just save it for later okay?
    if they let u save it. did they eat it all?
    eh? real cake on Sunday? u delayed ur bday party?

    it’s ur bday wish. ask anything u want ^^

  103. vi
    why this always happen lately?
    our meeting con’t be complete like this.

  104. Jini

    haha I went to sleep early last night cuz of my health condition
    i was so dead on tire
    and hearing about Tabi being sick didn’t make it any better

    what get me through these past sick days was Baby’s solo
    that song give me so many great dream;…. dang~~
    it’s like he release it for my birthday hahah

  105. Maryam

    the boys doesn’t wear that much makeup anyway
    … except eye liner during the Haru Haru days hahaha
    and thankyou

  106. Sexica

    hearing Tabi is okay is one of the best bday present

  107. kiim

    thankyou for the birthday wishes!!

  108. Sexica

    keke #1 dork
    who dare to call mr. TOP that?/ keke

  109. nya

    yes I do
    especially for the past couple of month
    it’s like each week there’s one that commit suicide
    it’s so crazy

    sweet my butt
    it has my name on it but they eat it all
    none left.

    yea~ i can’t do it on Saturday cuz my friends, they’re in this musical in school call ‘FAME’ (they’re theater majors) so I’ll be there watching the show with them so we pushed the party back to Sunday

  110. nya

    gurl it shows up fine

    and don’t let that stop us
    shiittt.. NOTHING CAN

  111. VI

    strong baby! haha thats like fate.
    how bad is the flu? ive never had it. i had a cold earlier this week but that was it lol

    you shoulda stayed home and listened to BB music all day~ keke.

  112. lol
    I’m HIS #1 dork

    and maybe more…

  113. vi
    no, it didn’t show up fine. maybe copy paste again.
    coz i type a damn long comment out there.

    but u know how korean artist is with their suicidal problem >…..<

    wow~ u’re friend is too sweet. haha..
    but, looks like u can’t eat it now. just save it for later okay?
    if they let u save it. did they eat it all?
    eh? real cake on Sunday? u delayed ur bday party?

    it’s ur bday wish. ask anything u want ^^

  114. vi
    yup, as i know, they’ll cut down that part again >,<
    hah.. meeting.. dissmised. kakaka..

  115. vi
    oh yeah, i haven’t reply u.
    hahaa.. all this “comment being cut” things piss me off. but i still want to try it.

    kekeke.. ‘sweet my butt’
    hahaa.. that’s it. u should grab some & save it for later. haha
    poor u gurl~
    hope u can eat u real bday cake.

    wow~ they play? that’s cool. hope u’ll enjoy it ^^
    hiks.. art school really is better >..<

  116. YAY!!! Stay strong TOP!!!

  117. Vicky
    AWW that’s everyone’s wish :]
    Haha, well have fun :]

  118. t.o.p looks fine as hell in that photo!!

  119. Ah now I can breath again.
    Thanx God he’s fine now.
    The news almost made me shock.
    TOP, fighting!!!!!

  120. LMFAO at Baby, what is he doing in the BG? Anyways, I feel so stress-free! Thank God for this blessing and that there was no need to cry myself to sleep 🙂 Sorry I’m a day late? (I live in Australia) but happy birthday! I read this post last night but forgot to comment since I was headed to bed. My day was so much brighter 😀 LOOK AFTER TOP OPPA’S HEALTH YG ENTERTAINMENT 😦 Neither of us want to see him in a poor condition. TOP HWAITING! :heart:

  121. Thank god his OK!!!!!!!!!!
    I was praying SO HARD for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    T.O.P, I LOVR YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. lil sis in law

    hahaha. right away dear! ^^
    What’s lil bro’s gift for you?

  123. im so happy that they are singing sunset glow that song is soo cute not to mention the video where G dragon pushes i think it was Daesung? lolol amazing i love it =)

  124. omg TOP, thank god! =]
    yay i wanna watch,

  125. omg…top is back!
    that’s good to hear!!!!!!!!

  126. essssshhhhhhhhh!!that was bound to happen!! the boys need a break…as much as we fans love hearing new song frm them we gotta also understnd that theyre human beings…and YG has to understnd!so…Y’all dont get too exited for next new album wen one has jus been finished…u know theyr not gonna run away newhere…jus let them breathe n not get too disappointed if u dont see them for a while!!give them a break YG n all big bang fanatics!!man 2-3 albums within a span of few mnths…thats insane!!

  127. thank god!!! i was so scared bout his so glad he’s back!!! fighting tabi!!!

    they’ve worked too damn much..i hope the other members dont get sick too..

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