EDGE: Making of the Photoshoot and Preview | Big Bang with Colonize

**EDIT: This is bittersweet new, Big Bang will have their annual year-ly concert on January 31 and Febuary 1, 2009 in Seoul. Normally, they would have this concert on the last days of the year, but because of their busy schedule, YG decide to push it back to January 2009. It’s great news that they will hold another awsome concert, but they will have to work hard… hopefully they don’t overwork themselves like they did last December.


Big Bang to hold concert in Korea next year

Thanks to SooKyeong’s minihompy

We’re happy that our Tabi is getting better now, let’s see some of his hotness in action…. you’ll LOVE it.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Having ‘NUMBER 1’ as the background music already sound hot, then Baby and Bong showed up..WHOOOOOOO~ dang they sexy, then our Bae got all cute with his little blowed up face, AWWWW~ but whoa… his eyes when he take picture….. whoa there.. our Tabi tooo… he is soo…. GAH~~ but then his little ‘this isn’t right’ face haha so cute. All of them with instense look … BONG AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY TORTURE ME?????????????????? I FREAKING DIED!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS ILLEGAL. our Dae have the ablility to be cute and hot with his fingers too haha.

BABY……….. the king of poses.. the part where they show the screen of him can’t help himself but cracked up, that’s so freaking cute!! He was being cute throughout the whole thing…. oh lord~ what can I do??? I’m a dead fangirl, and to this this cute boy right here sing ‘Strong Baby’ talking about making love.. T_T

heheh Tabi at the end, what’s wit his hair?? hhaa the wind was strong in that studio??? hahaha look like they’re shooting a video with finger swining something… DANNNNNNNNGGG~~~ WANNA SEEE!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

EDGE release previews of the photoshoot, are you ready??? hehe I don’t get the whole thing with the finger pointing, haha I think that’s the concept since all I see is fingers… poiting hahaa in a hot way too, wearing black and white… the lighting.. side profiles… each shot is to DIE for, that ‘to die for’ is to be use literally for Tabi, dude….. if he’s a sexy assinator for IRIS, this is something similar to it for sure, his eyes are DEADLY…. a HOT~ deadly… hahaha

And because our boys make Colonize look so awsome that they’re designing the boy’s ‘Concert Crew’ hoodie, yup they’re THAT important, looking GOOOD~ in it, the purple/pink Colonize hoodie just came in the mail today but DUDE~ now I want these even more, the boy’s face in the back with the concert location and BIGBANG in the front. ME WANT!!!!



Thanks to DCGD | Colonize | bigbangpop

~ by Vicky on November 6, 2008.

113 Responses to “EDGE: Making of the Photoshoot and Preview | Big Bang with Colonize”

  1. omg

  2. these boys are killing my poor fragile fangirl heart!
    i want the hoodie…its kinda simple ❤

  3. keke i love TOPS eyess!
    WHAT the heck is on bebes neck? its like hanging! lol :]

  4. :O
    when the vid started and i saw baby i was like
    HOLY $%^&^*(^* for some reason >__<
    ahah YB so adorbale with that face ❤ he does
    that alot though like in the ‘makes me wonder’
    before tabi starts rapping he does that..
    hhaha and the finger thing makes me laugh for some
    reason xD i was scrolling down and i felt like
    falling to the ground laighing o_____o.
    the colonize? :O is it just a concert crew hoodie? 😦

  5. OMO its soo hot!! love TOP im glad hes okay

  6. Dangggggggggg :]
    Look at all those fingers in the pictures. HOT (:
    I point, I poke [POKE POKE] LOLLLLLL.
    Hahaha, HOTT PICTURES :]

  7. The pics are too sexy!!!
    Bae’s face…I had to repeat that part like 4 or 5 times ;P
    it’s weird to see the guys having to act all serious
    but the pics always come out reeeeally good…my man was workin it today
    I’m glad to see him smile…babe you’re tooo damn HOT!!!!

  8. damn, those are nice pics of baby, dont u agree? *o*

  9. oh and just to emphasize….




  12. vi
    hahaha.. i hope he’s getting better now ^^
    “some action” ~.~

    OMG.. that’s too hot!
    ican’t look at another man except hubby now >.<
    haha.. hubby axpression, “this isn’t right” so cute.. he turn from a killer mode to cute mode in instant ^^

    it’s all finger pointing ~.~
    don’t u think our boys always have finger pointing thing? now too. haha..
    well, they’re too hot for finger pointing.

    i think i’ll end up kissing that finger nonstop now if they keep this finger pointing things up. hahaa..

  13. these pictures are killing me!!!
    ggaahh!!! so gorgeous!!

  14. The finger thing is cool but the gloves make their fingers look small. The very, VERY beginning when YB turns his head, I watched over and over again. That man is gorgeous. TOP’s hair is insane, haha. And, YES, his eyes are super intense. I love them.

  15. Jini

    haha our Bae has been into fur lately
    if you haven’t notice keke

  16. kohjidmal

    haha Tabi is pretty amazing wit his fingers keke

    I think Colonize design those concert crew hoodie for them, like how behind the stage ppl and crew each get a special shirt or something, since Big Bang is so awsome, they get designer hoodie haha

  17. huggah

    hahaha POKE!!
    that’s hilarious

  18. Sexica

    I know!! isn’t it weird??
    they would be goofy for one minute and the next DAMMNN~
    words can’t even describe hahah

  19. Dori

    haha I pretty much agree with any sentence that has ‘Baby’ and ‘nice’ in it hahaha
    so yes yes yes x 10000000000 hahah

  20. Sexica

    emphasize keke
    thanks gurl~~~

    IT’S MA BIRTHDAY~~~ haha

  21. Im seriously LOVING SeungRi and GD’s HAIR!!!

    In LOVE with TOP’s FIERCE stare and DaeSung’s side profile!! hehe!

    Tae Yang is seriously rocking the fur


  22. J-G-RILEEN

    no that hoodie, I think only the crew can get their hands on them
    no hope for us

  23. J-G-RILEEN

    hahah thanks gurl~~~~
    and thanks for the comment on youtube too
    that was sweet of you

  24. The finger thing is cool but the gloves make their fingers look small. The very, VERY beginning when YB turns his head, I watched over and over again. That man is gorgeous. TOP’s hair is insane, haha. And, YES, his eyes are super intense. I love them.

  25. nya

    haha yup yup
    action~~ ~kekekek

    you bettuh only look at your husband haha
    don’t distrub mine. keke

    Tabi have the abillity to do that haha
    he’s awsome at that

    they make finger pointing like it was a work of art or something haha
    hard to describe~
    but oh so seductive

    kissing the fingers???

    thought you would do more than that

  26. hot hoodies ^^

  27. OMFG, Kwon Jiyong is SO HOT, I can just die.

  28. vi
    hahaha.. don’t worry.. i won’t disturb ur.
    i’ll let u 3 be. coz i only need tabi. ^^

    could we call that as Tabi speciality?? hahaha..

    ohh! thats so right gurl. its looks like a work of art.
    seductive? oh yeah.. that’s sure.

    actually i think i could lick his finger if he keep doing that.
    but oh no, maybe thats too much. i’ll stop at kissing his finger.

    i’ll do more deep down south. kakaka..

  29. LOL in the reddish picture with colonize, Dae Sung looks so cute with his hair like that hehehe
    and in the bluish picture SeungRi and GD look sososo hot with those beanies/headband things :D:D hehehe

    GD in that suit is amazing, Seung Ri with leather is extreme hotness

  30. how in the hell do they keep their skin so freakin smooth!
    god! i want to know!

  31. Aww, I love how TOP blinks like five times every time he makes the “this isn’t right” face – ADORABLE! I really hope he gets better soon.

    Ah, this was a really cute video! I loved watching them pose, although the part at the end where they were swinging their arms like they were throwing something to the others to catch was kind of strange. Anyway, the pictures are definitely coming out hot! I love their clothes.

    Oh, I think the finger pointing is probably related to the ‘number one’ concept…hmm, I dunno. COLONIZE clothes are nice – lucky you for getting some!

  32. i want a big bang colonize hoodie!!!

  33. LOL
    I just wish they would have more goofy photoshoot too

    I seriously had today’s date on my phone
    so yeah gurl i remembered since 5:45 am

  34. nya

    haha that’s right
    keep it that way and both of us will stay blood-stained free haha
    I can be a bit violent keke

    beside all his other awsome specialty?
    haha guess you can say that

    doesn’t it just turn you on?
    or is it just and my extra horny on my bday thing? kkeke

    OH GOD~~~
    no please~
    not today
    I’m trying to be a good girl today hahahaa

  35. I so want that hoodie!!!!OMG!! I hope they sell it!!!

  36. roranges

    i can’t notice extremem hotness when they ALWAYS look extremely exteme hot to me haha

  37. kiim

    brocoli. kekeke
    at least that’s what Dae say kekek

  38. Sexica

    well i feel special
    even my own damn parents haven’t say happy birthday to me and they didn’t even set up a place for me at the dinner table
    I got pissed off and I was like ‘FUCK THIS, I’M NOT EATING’
    I rather stay in my room and watch Kungfu Panda than eating with their stupid faces

  39. OMG!!!
    are u serious???!!!
    I’m gonna go beat them up for ya ;P
    it’ll be your present

    I’m happy to hear the boys have plans
    but I agree with ya they better not overwork themselves

    I hadn’t seen TOP’s pic 😛
    damn those lips are SEXY!!!!
    got me wonderin why he uses that mask so often…maybe to protect them from crazy dorks like me

  40. vicky..is it your burstday girl??? – HAPPY BURSTDAY!!!! (as YB would put it lolz)….have an awesome day =)
    ~bubbleface + yb = heartattack…seriously why does he have to be so frikken cute and then a sex symbol all at the same time!!!

  41. vi
    huh? u want us to be blood-stained? kekeke..
    OMG.. i won’t do that gurl. i always loyal to hubby ^^
    u? a bit violent? i think not only a bit ~.~ hahaa..

    uuhhmm.. now u mention it, there’s too much of hubby speciality.
    i’m confused now. hahaha..
    could we just call it speciality 1, speciality 2, speciality 3, etc? kekeke..

    no gurl, that turm me on too.
    not only u who feel horny after that. be relieved, at least its not u alone. haha
    just look at their finger pointing & body twist along. ah~~~ i’ll have a good dream tonigh. haha

    hahaha.. stop the bipolar, OMG gurl, u just said u’re horny on ur bday at the top & now, u said u’re trying to be a good gurl? WTH?
    hahaa.. but still vi, i wanna ask.
    don’t u feel wan tto lick their finger after all the finger pointing??? answer me honestly. hahaha..

  42. omgosh
    concert in seoul .. wow
    *yay* im going on holiday in seoul foh three months whick is VERY GUD [:

  43. Vi

    unless of course, it has the word ‘isnt’ inbetween… >.<


  45. Dang. GD’s hair grows back quick!
    Another concert? I think they’re doing too much at the moment ><

  46. omgg.. seungri why do you have to be SO frikin hot??!?!
    like seriously.. EVERY time i see you.. like
    -droolz- xDD
    lovin the new hair btw..
    and everyone of them.. the vid was so cool with their
    fingers and stuff lol hehhe


  47. aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh foreal??? *sigh*,,me WANT SOOO bad of those shirts and hoodies!!!

    i guess i just have 2 work hard and b 1 of their “crew” one day..LOL^_^ but seriously..haha..^_^

    ur welcome,,,this is UR DAY gurL..and even if i havent really have a close physical (not meant 2 b perverted) attachment w/ U,,u became 1 of those people that I truly felt so comfortable talking w/ and ur actually much better than some of my friends who i hang out w/ all the tym…i just LOVE u gurL..I wish i can celebrate ur B-day w/ U,,its PARTY baby,LOL^_^

    wish all UR WISHES come true and stay healthy,..^_~

    btw,,hows ur B-day???

  48. Oh Gosh, they are so sexy and Bong’s eyes and I should say eye blows also are killing me. I like their fingers, too. Who has best hands? I wish I could see Baby’s hand without his glove.

    Vicky, thank you and thank you so much for putting everything together! Hope you had a wonderful b-day!

  49. I need to get myself one of those awesome sweaters…DX

  50. OMG i want a hoodie!!! NOW that i got a job….its BIG BANG all the way yeah baby!!! so let me know when the hoodies come out!!! omg…hahah wish i could buy everyone one!!!! haahhah I freaken want that hoodie!!! OMG BIG BANG is the best no doubt…

  51. i freakin’ want the hoodie!!! They just killed me!! OMG!

  52. my tabi ahh T______T
    he killed me again..
    sigh is he ok now? comeback’s tomorrow hohoho
    THE HOODIE..i freaking want it!!
    okay i’m gonna start saving money now and aim for that hoodie!!

  53. oh! how beautiful! so dreamy!!

  54. ouu mamamaaaaaaaa BIG BANG IS SO HOTTTT !!! <33333333333


  56. whaaahh….
    Maknae really looking like hyung *_*
    everytime they make me speechless, think that that’s the highest point i can get, but everytime they outdone themselves.. *sigh…*

  57. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Did you see Baby’s face on the preview pictures?!!!!!!
    SO DAMN HOT BOY!!!!!!!!
    And Tabi’s face…GAD!!!!!!!!!!!!Is it legal to be thath HOT?!!!!
    GOD…those amazing eyes…

    Another ‘Big Bang hoodie’?

  58. sexy babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy<333

    ew, those edge pics freaks me out XD

  59. deadly. Consider the finger pointing thing saying number one:0) big bang number ONE.

  60. THAT HOODIE!!!!!!! <33333333

  61. T.O.P looked really professional during the shooting<3

    the pictures are all really hot!

  62. oooh gooosh!! bong is so H.O.T!!!

  63. I dont know if you posted this up yet…but it’s a REALLY SUPER SWT clip of Bong telling Bae how he feels and vise versa it’s like SUPER SUPER SWT..I teared

    ANYWAY, heres the link

  64. swtz

    Owwww..i teared too T____T
    it was so sweet of both of them
    GDYB can never be separated T___T

  65. you all better♥♥♥ like in coffee prince seung ri oppa said 😀 im so happy because you all did come back home and i saw you all my dreams. i talked my top oppa. i talked my love yb♥♥♥ it was so beautiful dream. i didnt want peter but i’d wake up. nevermind… my oppas and my love is good in them home. im good too ♥♥♥

  66. OMgoodness!!! When TOP gives that “wait..hold on..” or whatever
    the “this sint right” face and he flutters his eye lids its freaken HEAVEN!!! Gahh!!! he is so hot!! killed me there ahhhhhh~~~

  67. Hey can anyone tell me what time is their debut on Music Core this Saturday? and that’s MBC right?

  68. Ok——ok—–Daesung has got a pretty cool haircut for once. I´m serious.

    Seungri on the other hand……..no so much…..he should have kept it all short.

    But appart from that—cool pictures.

  69. awww the loog so daaaammn hot!!!!

    i loove seung Ri’s new hair

  70. roranges

    it is 3pm korean time. check your timezone 🙂 yeah MBC

    omg the banner..so freaking hot but our poor dae’s face got cut into half T___T

  71. I love the photoshoot. The boys can be both cute and hot at the same time T__T..how the hell did they do that? hihihi.
    Baebae and his blow up face looked so cute…then he suddenly transforms into hot mode with his eyes and hot eyebrow..then he smiles again to show his cuteness…waaaa >.<
    Tabi’s such a perfectionist sometimes. but he’s hot too nonetheless.
    I saw Bong do Bae’s eyebrow arch!!! So cute!! Bong’s hot in his own right still. He can do those smoldering eyes…
    Omg..dae can do a cute smile, a happy smile, and a hot smile. This video proved it….versatile dae ^^
    Baby!!! lil bro with his poses and hand poses..love it. ^^ he wanted it to be perfect too.
    Wonder what’s up with throwing and catching their “number 1″s??? Baebae looked hot catching his. =)
    I love Baby’s picture. Such a new look for him, dark and hot..hmmm..is this the change since he sang “Strong Baby?” My lil bro’s growing up now. hehehe.
    The colonize pix look nice!!! can’t wait for the hqs!

  72. omg that is just sex O.O i saw the new banner and was like, ok theres has to be new pics!! wooppp! omg tae yang and fur and his mawhawk XDDDDD dannggg itt X_X

  73. OMg.
    bebe’s eyes 🙂
    simply adorable.
    sexual hoodies.
    i want ^__^
    the point is meant to be like number one, i think.

  74. Hhaha i love how they have those intense sexy ass looks and as soon as the cameras gone they put their dork ass faces again hehehe. Whoa seungri’s poster pic where hes pointing up, hes look well masculine there hahaha..dammnn after ‘strong baby’ hes got this whole mature sexy look going on haha.
    I think they are probably gonna do some camrea trick so on their finger will be like some shining light which they are throwing around

  75. Oh and i love the hoodies I WANT ONE! you think they will sell them?

  76. Ahhh omg!
    th-the finger is hot!
    damn g-dragon =]
    i can’t wait for the pictures to come out!
    and in big size too!!! =]

  77. VI

    haha i think i might have over looked our bebe lately..lol

  78. grrr.. please sum1 tell me how long ago was this?? was this b-4 the photoshoot for their remember pics??? hence taeyangs mohawk being shown again??? im trying to keep up with his dang hairstyle!

  79. OMFG. Tabi’s eyes are like smokin hot! Can’t believe that’s natural, his gorgeous eyes :] They’re so cute, gahhh. [:


    i would totally want that!

  81. what time is mbc core comback ? korean time or est.

  82. oh so hott..
    dude i want those sweaters!!!

  83. shit what happen to seung ri hair
    i dont like it much >_<

  84. Heeeeeeeeeey,that new banner!!! Where’s my Daesung’s handsome face? I am very angry,how come someone who made that banner, cut my love’s one eye.

  85. the new banner’s awsome.
    finally,Dae’s in the middle.

  86. Sexica

    please do!!! haha

    i really really really don’t get why he wear that effin mask
    hot guys are NOT ALLOWED to wear mask for god’s sake!!
    NO NO NO NO NO!!!

  87. sweetsorrow

    haha that’s right
    Bae would say that keke

  88. nya

    haha ppl always say that I’m violent
    but i’m positive that I AM NOT
    I’m a innocent and nice little girl keke

    let’s have a code name for them all then hahah

    kekekeke that will be ONNEE good dream
    YEA~ because I’m so horny I need to learn how to keep it on the DL haha

    no, not once
    licking fingers isn’t my thing hahahah

  89. Dori

    haha well who the hell have the nerve to put ‘isn’t there?
    I’ll GRILLED them for sure

  90. J-G-RILEEN

    hahaha graduate college so we can become their crew members kekeke

    awww… I’ll be here anytime hahaha
    I pretty get along with everybody so.. haha I’m awsome keke and also so conceited I hate myself sometimes too hahaha

    eh~ my birthday isn’t that great or that bad
    somewhere in between

  91. Socks

    haha gurl, Baby has one of the best hands out there haha
    thanks for the birthday wishes gurl

  92. jiyanz

    I don’t think they will have it up for sale since it’s like for crew members only

  93. swtz

    I saw it while they were on the radio show a year ago
    it makes my cry so many time too

  94. roranges

    it’s on MBC at 3:00 PM [KOREAN TIME]

  95. spinx

    I actually agreed with you
    Baby should’ve kept his old hair
    I like Dae’s new hair too

  96. sis in law

    YEA~~~~~~~~~~~ HE HAVE GROWNED UP
    BIG TIME!!!!!! kekeke

  97. Jini

    haha Bae is too masculinely sexy for my taste kekeke
    i can’t talik about his sexiness too often hahah

  98. Dae’s Angel

    this site is stupid
    they cut out the middle of the picture
    I think it’s unfair too
    I didn’t like the banner that much because of it

  99. VI

    hahah lol his veins scare me! i could never marry him~ he’ll get mad and dun DUN! vien-o-mania.
    baby has just the right amount of hottness+muscles keke

  100. Jini

    haha it’s not I’m scared what he will do me haha
    but it’s just he’s not my type and I feel uncomfortable talking about him like the way I talk about Baby hhaha
    u understand it right?? hahah

  101. VI

    haha yeah. bebe and baby are diff. omg try saying bebe and baby three times fastt! lol

  102. ahaha yes they are ,i was looking a baby’s finger picture xD
    again and his finger curves inward or outward xD whichever ?

    they should make them for fans xD

  103. LOL
    is tomorrow ok?
    I’ll be there at 6:00

    I’m glad you see it my way!!!
    how can they be so selfish…
    damn sexy buys…

  104. vi
    i’m sure u’re violent if its anything bad happend to baby. ^^
    so lets hear most of ppl said. u are. kakaka.. kidding

    i didn’t agree with this statement! hahaa..
    u’re innocent??? who is it then that give me this virus?? hahaha

    kekeke.. just keep it & don’t even let me know.
    just let baby or bong know so they will do “something” about it. to satisfy u. haha

    i’ll stop by licking in hubby’s finger & keep going down south. haha..
    damn, that south is good.

  105. lil sis in law

    Strong baby is one of my faves in the album
    I went insane when I heard the breathing in the bridge.
    Did you? Or dirty thoughts suddenly popped in your head.
    That is one hella dangerous song. wooohooo.

  106. ahaaaaaa… D|

    I love them so much its not even funny……….


  107. Nobody knows how much I am soooooo glad and sooooo relieved that TOP is better and that the rumours were false. He still looks hella good and gangsta is usually. Can’t quit daddy Top, he’s what’s up!

    Daesung and Tae Yang is looking super sexy in the video too. ESPECIALLY Daesung, omg words cannot describe how I WANT that dude so badly. Mmmm Tastey. Daesung is soo sexy and so grown and he’s only 19. I seriously need that man.

  108. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG TOP just killed me with that look.. *faints and dies* anw… I WANT THAT HOODIE!!

  109. Vi

    yes… very very good point unless of course, the sentence was, ‘____ isnt as nicelooking as Baby…’ hahaha… i luv maeking people confused… its a talent ^_^

    DAE SUNG<3<3

  111. Wow….
    I always feel dizzy everytime I see my T.O.P.
    Oh my baby…. Why are u so hot?

  112. i luv the way they swing that one finger away…sooo kewlllll…ahhhhh..

  113. Young Bae why are you so I love you OMG it sucks I live in the US I have to work so hard to see them gosh I want that hoodie, shirt, oh and YB to go… 🙂

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