Lee Moon Sae, “I like this remake of ‘Sunset Glow’ the most” | REMEMBER Promotional Pictures

WHOA~ This is pretty cool, there’s been a lot of remake of this song and Lee Moon Sae said that Big Bang’s remake is his favorite, PRETTY FREAKING COOL HUH?

Lee Moon Sae, “I like this remake of ‘Sunset Glow’ the most”

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Big Bang’s 2nd full length album title song ‘Red Sunset’ has gotten praises from the original singer Lee Moon Sae.

Lee Moon Sae said recently, “A new arrangement has been given to the melody of the song ‘Red Sunset’ and refining it. And this is by far, the version of ‘Red Sunset’ that I like most.”

The song ‘Red Sunset’ was included in Lee Moon Sae’s 5th album in 1988. Composed by late Lee Yeong Hoon, the song have been remade by many singers like Maya, ShinHwa, YuriSangja, M.C. The Max and Bubble Sisters etc.

While other singers have remade the song directly, Big Bang had interpret the song differently, doing sampling and giving the song a rebirth into an entirely different song.

Meanwhile, their 2nd album ‘Remember’ is moving up various music charts quickly in just days after its official release.

Thanks to SooKyeong’s minihompy

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Yup Yup Yup. The ‘REMEMBER’ promotional pictures have release on their official website…. I’m so happy that everything is so colorful now, no eyeliner this time hahaha. Tabi look HOT in hotpink, he should so wear it often, our Bae get green fingers keke, Dae look like watermelon, my favorite fruit, Bong and his pants T_T … haha are you seeing what I’m seeing here??? what is in his mouth? no one knows and of course Baby would be standing next to Bong haha, can’t break the GRi love apart man, Baby wore that one shirt throughout the whole shoot but so many different scarfs

The rest of the pics are under the cut, I swear it makes you all hyper and giddy just looking at it haha cuz it’s so freaking colorful and looks fun…..though the boys look mad for some reason haha Bong with a green gun kke Bae and them lips, drawing on their faces. They also show us some of the different shoot they have, their colorful different style clothes is awsome~ excited for tonight~ what are they gonna wear now??

‘REMEMBER’ Promotional Pictures


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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Thanks to ygbigbang | thanks to 통키님


~ by Vicky on November 7, 2008.

110 Responses to “Lee Moon Sae, “I like this remake of ‘Sunset Glow’ the most” | REMEMBER Promotional Pictures”

  1. WOW~ i like SeungRi’s solo pic with the long scarf :D.
    HOT PICTURES, GD’s hair is pretty.. wierd or unique I should say, i really hope those are extensions xD.

  2. OMG
    that is suchh a good compliment!
    cheyahh BB is uncomparable~ keke
    my fav picture is bong and his hot pink shirtt. so cute
    lol! that arrow pointing to TOPs nose! ahah


  4. Wow. He liked Big Bang’s remake even more than Shinhwa’s ^^
    The PNGs kind of scare me >< They look like those paper dolls you cut out and print out clothes for them xD
    The snow hat looks sexy on YB though o_____o

    i was about to post….then you posted….sigh…….my translation…
    oh wells. LOL

  6. they look tight with their expressions.
    love the colorful style.

  7. the boys remind me of those cut out dolls i
    played with when i was small. wish i could
    take off all their clothes XD

  8. Lyne24

    yea… haha I hope it’s extensions too
    cuz T_T
    Bong ah~

  9. Jini

    I know right?
    I read it and I was like ‘that’s soo cool!!!’

    Bong is hotpink is cute
    but my fave is the one with him in purple
    cuz it’s like my favorite color right now haha

    keke I just notice that too
    point to his nose
    what do u want us to do?
    honk it??? haha

  10. Nynna

    cuz they’re COOL~ like that hahah

    yea I was surprise when I saw it on here too cuz it’s all black
    cuz on my computer it appeared on white haha

  11. jeska

    awww.. i’m sorry
    you can email me the translation and I’ll post it up
    don’t let it go to waste

  12. annBAM

    T_T…………. I’M WITH YOU THERE GURL!!!!!!
    hahaha see them bare chest and boxer
    I use to LOVE to play with those
    they’re so entertaining

  13. VI

    haha honk it? he’ll be like ‘yo, dont honk my nose yo!! BB!’
    lol sikee.

    purple is hawtt. oh & your myspace pro. is all purple too! lol just noticed thatt :]

  14. There are only two pics of YB while the others have 3..=(

    Nevertheless, they ROCK.


    And they look so serious. O_O

  16. they seriously look like little action figures.
    action figures i would love to collect. xD

    definitely love how colorful they are.

    Baby looks really mature too. am i just seeing things? hehe.

  17. the pics feel no motion…
    wish they did more than jsut standing there xD
    BUT ITS HOT! love the cOlOrS!

  18. taeyang is always a trend setter!

  19. God! i love this sooo much! i agree about the color such a relief!!!!! lol my man Ji looks amazing! but Ri looks a little sick!

  20. Hahah these pics are soo awsome!!! the robot poses are funny, Top looks soo beefy haha. I wonder how youngbae managed to jump pose and blow the bubble gum hahah hes just tooo talented/cool.
    Orhhhhh why are there only 2 bae pics thats soooo not fair!!!

  21. GD and i match purple pants! HAHHAHA YAY!! lawl

  22. lol – they look like figurines, with the whole robot pose and non-expressive faces lol..its quite funny….and yea how the heck did YB manage to jump and blow a bubble at the same time…now thats some awesome photography work LOL

  23. HOT YO!
    i am totally getting the album or somethings!
    MANN, this is soo awesomee!
    gd baby, why do you have to look so friggin cute

    i really like this concept.! so colorful and cheery!

  24. They look like dolls! I vote for Big Bang action figures. They would look so much better than the N’Sync ones.

  25. paper dolls!

  26. HAHHA HOT!!!! TOPiee…just cant get enuf of ya >..,<

  27. LOL i LMAO at that ‘Lady Gaga’ Photo LMAO i should stop metnioning her b4 u guys start throwing rock at meh xD hahahaha MAN HAS DAESUNG GONE HOTTER OR WHAT!!??! MAN and G-D LOL he looks so high fashion with that fringe >.,<

  28. hahah XD they remind me of those card cut outs where you can just put the clothes on and mix and match with the tabs to cling onto the side of the person?… XD oh dear imagination running wild atm ahem looking hawt as usual XD wonder if these will be included in the album package hmmmmmm

  29. Wow, that’s such a good compliment.
    But, then again, Big Bang is the best! =)
    Whoo…they’re so hot in those pics.

  30. what happened to TABI’s and TY’s 3rd pose? hehehhe. w/e they’re still so so so so so so so HOT!!!!

    i’m so proud of BIG BANG and i’m really happy to hear that LEE MOON SAE praised them. OMG they out beat seonbaes like YURISANGJA, MAYA, M.C the MAX, etc!!!? wow! so proud of them! i do like their remake the best too! kekekekeke.

    if anyone watched on WGM the song “red sunset” was played and is shinae’s FAVE song…so i hope she listens to BIG BANG and falls in love with their version of it too! kekekekke.

  31. Oh shoot!!!!
    those pics are HOT!!!
    I’m loving Bong’s hair
    and I’m glad to see my man is taking pics without that mask
    though not completely >.<
    what’s with the 3 angle pics…..???
    how can they miss the most important angle…THE BACK!!!!!
    I’m disappointed!!!
    though the side view isn’t too bad either

  32. vi
    idk why but this pics is colorful & good, but i have the weird feel after look at Bong green & yellow gun. hahaha..

    bebe lips.. i wonder how will kenley react to it? kekeke

    that arrow point to hubby’s nose. haha
    i like him with blue better. ot’s my favorire color & he soo could make it work.

    why they all look like a action fugure??
    in their personal pic? hahaha
    i’m speechless after seeing that. ~.~


    these pics are severely hot and gorgeous!!

    the first pic looks like they are all collector item dolls
    hahaha I would definitely purchase them!!

    why do I feel like these are sexy men from the future..?

  34. I wish to never see GD with those 2 huge earrings ever again

    lol he made one of the coolest pictures with emotion look wierd

    but he is still the only human being alive to make suspenders
    look that extremely sexxxxxaaay!!!

    I LOVE the first solo pic of TOP!!!! gaahh!!! its like what he wore in Sunset Glow MV..aahhh!!!!!! so hot!!!

    Seung Ri looks pretty hot with scarfs…i love seeing him in
    tshirts!! just as i love seeing YB in vests!!…..its yummy!

    Dae Sung you sexy beast!! easy on the ‘no effort’ intense stare

    Big Bang is Banging!!!!!!!!! so hottttt!!!!

  35. these are the cutest cutout of the boys ever!

  36. damn~
    the pic where they shot them from behind, YB looks fine there

  37. does anyone know where to download some other remakes of Sunset Glow?

  38. yeahhh this version is cool :] better than cool.
    ooh, the pictures are hott! :]

  39. Jini

    haha maybe he shouldn’t put a arrow there in the first place then haha

    yup. ALL PURPLE bih
    it’s like an obsession haha
    I see anything with purple, I buy it
    it’s such an awsome color

  40. Ivy

    i was laughing my butt off too
    I was like ‘oh lord Bong~’ haha

    idk why they look so dead on serious
    at least a smile jeez

  41. Heather

    you mean the LIFE SIZE version???
    OH YEA~~~~~

    well if you’re seeing things then I must be seeing things ALL THE TIME
    he’s a man in my eyes LONG ago

  42. hoichu

    haha now that you mention … yea~ how the heck did he manage to do that???
    jumping and blowing a bubble.. WOW~ hhahha

    idk why either
    that’s all they posted up
    only 2 of Baes

  43. sweetsorrow

    amazing indeed

  44. Maryam

    hahah N’Sync fingurines hhehe
    that’s Baby’s kind of a perfect birthday present hahah

  45. kareezsa

    a little freakish
    but guess you can say high fashion
    hope it’s extension dear god

  46. janie

    I haven’t watch WGM in a LOONG TIME
    because of lack of sub
    but I’ll watch and see what youre talking about

  47. Sexica

    hahaha you pervert
    want the back view.
    can’t leave dirty thoughts out of your mind for one day can you?? hahah

  48. nya

    haha I’m sure no one have the right mind to give Bong a real gun keke
    probably shoots out water or bubbles hahah

    hm…….maybe she’ll rape the computer screen hahaha

    he’s telling u to ‘HONK IT’ with that arrow hahaha

    we can never understand their concept completely
    I pretty much get use to all that after being their fangirl for a year now
    i don’t even notice it at all at first
    thought just them being them haha

  49. roranges

    haha I watch this fashion show once that say suspenders are #6 on the list of 100 UN-FASHIONABLE ITEM
    and Bong prove these ppl WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boi be working that suspender
    DAMN~~~ look so fine!!!

    Dae almost look like he’s sleepy haha
    but in a sexy way keke

  50. mrs.CHOI

    exactly in which direction were you looking at?? haha

  51. LOL
    ask around I can’t possibly be the only one…
    back view is always a MUST!!!

    you want me dead gurl??!!!
    that would be too much for me

  52. vi
    of course its not the real gun
    i mean after i see him with that gun i went WTH?? it feels so weird. haha..
    oh~~ water gun? if u give them water gun i think these crazy dork will play it nonstop. haha..

    omg.. rape, its been so long since this word come out. we usually hear it from Roro. where the hell she’ve been to??
    kakaka.. i’m so agree. she’ll do that.

    buhaahaha.. yep, honk it.
    i’ll gladly do it hubby.

    i won’t want to try figuring that out. as long as our boys look mighthy fine, i’m okay.
    hahaha.. whooaa~~ its already 8 Nov here, our boys comeback. i can’t wait!
    stayong up all night gurl??

  53. DANGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG…………..Those pictures are hot. It’s like they’re selling themselves as Big Bang action figures…like you can buy them in different clothes and each member is sold seperately. so hot…..
    I died *again* when I saw baebae with those lips…omg…I totally do that in my pictures too!!! haha! It’s like..waw…hahaha..I’m getting speechless. Him being sexy in that is another overkill…dangggggggg…
    I wanna buy a Big Bang!! weee! gotta collect them all!
    This shoot makes me really feel like I can buy them at the stores and take them home..hmmm..I know who’ll lil sis in law will buy. =)
    Bong’s hair….again our resident fashionista..hahaha..can’t help but say something about it. =p

  54. wowww colorful style 😉 i wonder what are they gonna wear today *O* i’m waiting for comeback in a few hoours <333

  55. I think it’s just he frown his lower lips, I mean bong.
    Always love Tabi in his bandana(?) is that how it’s spelt?

  56. so colourful!!!!!!!!!
    bong ahh i want his pants..! i’m gonna buy a super tight purple skinny jeans and dress like him kekee. and his chequered pants!! i freaking want it!!

    lol..why are there so many pictures with the same pose but different outfits? my man is so in hot pink omg..and dae really looked like a watermelon!!! LOLLOLOLOL. and bong with his extension T__T

  57. yeap the 1st time i saw the banner i was like wtf is in his mouth lol..but isn’t him just showing his tongue out or something? seems like nothing in his mouth xD ahhh i wanna kidnap them and hug them all…well..maybe more than that 😀

  58. kenley
    hahaha.. gurl, do u know what i think about u when u first see that pic?
    i thought u’ll die for sure. but vi told me that u’ll rape ur comp. haha.. that sound more logical. keke..

  59. nya
    tabi’s looking fine in these pix too. Wearing pink really suits him.
    Yeah, I might rape the pc, but I prefer raping him in person.
    I died when I saw those lips…and lived again to kidnap him…kekeke. =)

  60. AAAAAH *SQUEAL* BAE’S SMOOCH LOOK (L) TOP OPPA LOOKS HEALTHY 😀 So that makes me super happy! Bong doesn’t have his mohikan anymore? And AHAHHAA, I so agree with the purple skinnies. I was watching their latest MV and that’s the first thing I thought about him LOL. I thought it was just me :$ I miss Seungri and Dae’s fringe 😦 Also TOP’s old hairstyle, those were the days however, I’m still loving them with a scale increasing millisecond by millisecond. Does anyone get what I’m saying or am I just in happy mode and don’t know what I’m going on about? LOL. Anyways, BIG BANG HWAITING!

  61. hehe the pics at the bottom look like big bang paper dolls
    i almost wanna print them, cut them out, and play big bang with them XD

  62. omgg.. those pics are sooo hott..
    so happy that they have a new album…
    but i wish that BB wouldnt over-work themselves…


  63. where can I watch their comeback in MBC??? I really really wanna watch it LIVE online, but channelchooser doesnt work and I cant download software for it, and also what MBC should I choose because theres like tons of them. THANK YOU!

  64. awww,,thats all i can say!!! speechless me… 🙂

    OMGD cant wait for their comeback 2night!!!

  65. they look like superherossss!

  66. Somehow,they remind me Mortal Combat fighters. Standing there ready to be chosen. Kkk, I used to play with little round papers with Mortal combat fighters’s pictures printed on,stand like BB.
    I will choose Daesungie to fight for Love!!!

  67. the pictures look a bit weird, robot/doll with colorful clothes => mannequins? i prefer the usual pose, haha these one look dead (don’t hit me!). anyway, the banner is simple but good! haha remember remember the 5th november? so many things happen that day, good and bad. will always remember it.

  68. kenley
    yup, i’m agree. don’t die before we rape our love in person. haha..
    bebe’s lips is so seductive for u. haha…
    no, i prefer tabi in blue jacket. hehe.. its my favorite color.

  69. Vicky
    I would give him my Chris puppet if I could. I got it for…some birthday. Never opened. It’s really creepy. I never liked Chris. Justin and JC were my favorites.

  70. strongbaby

    how bout TV Ants? google and download the software..it wont take long time for it to buffer if your line is fast enough
    it’s going fine for me now 🙂
    can’t wait!!!

  71. nope something is in his mouth hahaha
    i have nothing more to do while waiting for their comeback
    so i took a good look at bong’s mouth LOLOLOLOL
    and i think it was a lollipop
    the lollipop was also in their mv at the beginning
    its just that we all concentrated on dae pushing tabi away
    so most of us didn’t notice the lollipop in bong’s mouth lololol

  72. haha it’s fine. not much of big deal for me anyways. xD

  73. I heard of the Bubble Sisters before.

    Anywayz, I’m not too much a big fan of that song itself, but I DO love the video because they look soooooo hot and they are just totally worth looking at even if the song is crap. I still support them all the way though, GO BIG BANG!!

  74. Woa!! They’re awesome!
    Watched their comeback perf…
    Woooh…they’re super good…esp TOP he looked HOT!
    Guess he has recover fully…BIGBANG FIGHTING!!!
    Keep up the good work guys!!

  75. is it just me… or is YB missing a picture?? the one with the furry ear-muffed hat thinggy lol. dont know what those hats are called. sorta lumberjack-like o_O

    but i love their concept for these pics. the emotionless figurine poses.. the early 90s neon colored clothes.. wind-jackets (God, i never thought i would see those come back in style >_< i hated them.. but they make it look hott lol)

    i actually want that thing GD is wearing in the group pic.. with him gritting on his necklace pendantholding out his fist. i want the necklace and the hat… i have a white pullover already ^^

  76. why is it always the TOP pics that don’t work/load? T___T



  79. WHOA!!!!!!!!!
    SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!
    Te stlyes are diffrenet but they all look SO SEXY!!!!
    I liked the picture where the have paintings on their faces!!!
    SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
    HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!!

  80. Sexica

    nah it’s only you hahaha
    I never pay attention to their butt unless it’s LIKE.. OUT THERE haha you know what i mean kekek

    haha so???
    get some dang practice then haha
    you’ll be able to handle then keke

  81. : D they hot and their expressions are so cute hahahaha

  82. nya

    I didn’t go ‘WTF’
    I went ‘OH BONG~’
    hahah that’s the first thing pop into my head haha

    and get soaked wet?? hahaha
    i like that

    you want me to mention it often then?
    trust me it’s really easy to do that around you keke

    I went to sleep at like 11 PM and set the alarm at 1:30 AM
    thankfully I woke up in time to watch it
    it’s almost 5 AM now, kinda sleepy but I can’t sleep until I get the HQ up for you guys
    cuz DAMN~ it’s awsome

  83. sis in law

    keke that is SOME advertisement

    you know…….I think I’m psychic
    cuz as I soon as I saw those lips
    I was like ‘yup… my sis in law is gunna be DEAD~’ haha

    you have to ask???
    or you don’t know me at all?? hahaha

    with Bong…. you can’t help but say something
    but then……….he just convince you that it’s awsome haha
    that’s the Bong power

  84. jiyanz

    haha my friend asked me what I want for my birthday
    and I was like ‘purple pants’ hahahaha

    I wonder why they look so mad too
    but it’s their concept…we can never get them haha
    just sit back and be amaze by it

  85. nya

    i am so damn full of logical-ness it’s AMAZING haha

  86. Maryam

    haha his fave is Justin keke
    Baby is such a N’SYNC fanboy it’s…. kinda sad but keke I like Justin so thank god he does too cuz the others…….not so sure haha

  87. jiyanz

    actually I did notice that lollipop haha
    he was just holding onto a yellow lollipop haha
    so cute
    I’ve been eating so much lollipop for halloween
    but throat is like.. SHUT haha

  88. two funny things i noticed from two of the pics. taeyang scratching his money maker (i know. it only looks like it haha) and Dae’s orgasmic face when he jumped lol lovely photos! love em all

  89. vicky
    oh come on don’t tell me ur not in JC?! lol

  90. i meant “into JC” lol

  91. Have I mentioned just HOW DAMN MUCH I like all of their shoes????

    No—-well—-I dig them shoes!!!

    And boy am I glad that Dasung is finally getting some better pic positions.

    Great pictures (though I must admit, Seungris clothes don´t suit him at all—he needs another style)

  92. Vi
    Haha.. “oh bong~” why it sound so horny now?

    Soaked wet?? OMG!! Our boys would look so sexy soaked wet like I imagine now.
    Why they didn’t do the soaked wet photoshot in tae An beach??
    While wearing white cloth.. soaked wet, & sexy poses… oh!! Did u get the image in my head now??

    Its okay if u want to mention it often, but maybe we should come out with “some word” that’s more advanced?? Fufufu..

    The HQ? whoa~~ I’ll wait for it.
    I so love them perform with suits.
    I count on u gurl, n thanks first for providing it to us.

    Kekeke.. coz its really more logical than say that she went dead.
    She’s alive & full of joy now. Kekeke..

  93. OMG OMG OMG! Thanks for sharing the pictures.
    They’re so colorful. 😀

  94. 8D OMO…i have to dried my eyes,the first pic was so funny…these boys are awesome,I can’t stop laughing..Bong is so freaking cute!

  95. AAAAAAAAAAAH~ omo, im dying, im dying, im dead -_-. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    beee-YOO TIFULLL~!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. love from France ❤
    BB is so VIP in my heart
    happy to find people like me ^^ cuz BB is not even known in France, shame on us !
    see ya~

  97. I’m going to make these into magnets 😀 Then the magnetic poetry will be lyrics ^^

  98. Tina SungMin

    haha money maker
    he’s a billionaire for sure

  99. Tina SungMin

    depends…. what is JC exactly? hahaha

  100. spinx

    haha I think you mentioned it once or twice
    how they ditch the man boots? haha

  101. nya

    it depends on the person’s mind
    in this case… ehm…….. hahah

    the beach is already polute with oil
    is it okay to polute it with hot boys too? haha

    I’m like a freaking amazing doctor or something haha
    or Gandhi? maybe? heheh

  102. OMG i love it!
    thank you so much =]
    i love their version of “Sunset Glow”
    the song is really fun.
    uhh GD’s new look was ermm weird
    Lmao i love how he was holding up water guns
    did you know in the Sunset Glow MV he has
    a yellow long stick lollipop in the beginning
    where they are about to get on the bus =]
    kekeke i love him.

  103. LoVe Bigbang Forever

    i’m VIP ForeveR

  104. nya
    really? Blue’s my favorite color too. hehehe.
    But I think any guy who can pull pink like it’s the sexiest color to wear for a guy has a lot of sexy points. wooohoo.
    I think tabi is like that. =)
    Do you want to remove the mask?

  105. OH PLEASE!!!
    you cannot tell me that you didn’t notice the butt
    the variation of sizes and all
    “observing and learning”

    no gurl that one thing I don’t plan to learn

  106. lil sis in law
    Actually I don’t have too. for sure he’s there with you right now, after stealing him and “celebrating” for doing such an awesome comeback perf. hehehe. with “Strong baby” in the background.
    That solo of his is one hot solo. that breathing in the bridge…tsk3…I know you died a thousand times with that solo.
    You’re right. Maybe you are psychic. those lips really killed me…hot baebae. =)
    Bong will always be bong. hehehe…I know he always pull off whatever he does…with that killer charisma of his. ^^

  107. some of T.O.P’s pictures arent showing!

  108. […] Lee Moon Sae, “I like this remake of ‘Sunset Glow’ the most” | REMEMBER Promotional Pic… WHOA~ This is pretty cool, there’s been a lot of remake of this song and Lee Moon Sae said that Big Bang’s […] […]

  109. Love love love the plastic guns GD, soo adorable!

  110. x’DD They look like those little paper dolls where you can change their clothing as they’re all in the same pose and expression! ❤
    Magnae, Bong and everyone looks so cute!<3

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