110808 Big Bang Comeback Stage on MBC Music Core


TOP back looking healthy with Big Bang’s comeback performance

Thanks to SooKyeong’s minihompy


The new official fan cheer for ‘Sunset Glow’ is:

Kwon JiYong VIP
Dong YoungBae VIP
Choi SeungHyun VIP
Kang DaeSung VIP
Lee SeungHyun VIP

11.08.08 MBC Music Core
Big Bang: Comeback Stage
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Thanks to 신은혁님

Japan have made our two maknaes of the group grow about x1000000000 cuter, you have to watch it…. T_T i died too many time today.



thanks to S님

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Okay….. singing sexilywearing a suit.. standing inside boxes.. WIN IN LIFE. As soon as Bae appeared, i was gonna loose it, then Baby….. I don’t remember my name anymore!! Then Dae and Tabi, OH MY GAD they all look so good!! I was right, what I predict came true, Bong did change his hairstyle, see? he always surprise you, thankfully it’s nothing too dramatic haha.. DANG!!!!!! THEY ALL LOOK SO FINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I love this intro so much!! Their dance moves were to DIE for… and of course who can forget their facial expression… DANG!! Tabi’s hair hahah blow the other side.. THAT’S SO HOT hahaha not even lying. I just wanna lock up the cage and bring them home with me haha.


thanks to S님

AHH~~ our Bae look so freaking sexy in that suit!!! ooh~ I spot HyeJin, good to see her again, Baby and Dae came out.. they should dance in a suit often cuz this is just too awsome okay. It’s funny cuz whenever I heard this song, i think that Bae’s ‘Only Look at me’ dance rountine would fit it really well, and now they’re dancing with Bae’s dancer from the song. While they shift to Bong rapping from the top, these 3 down here are doing the Matrix hahaha that’s so freaking hot dude it’s amazing!! What’s with our Tabi kneeling down? haha whoa~~~ two dancing on the top, two at the bottom, that’s too hot. I LOVE THIS SONG!!!


thanks to S님

We see the big bus haha, and apparently our Tabi have a black mask too haha, I like his hair, it’s spiky-ing everywhere. Bae look so good in white man~ Bong haha wearing his ‘Hot Issue’ getup kekek. short pants kekeke FTW!!!!! awww… the choreography is so freaking cute!!!! with the whole ‘I LOVE YOU GURL’ and the hand. aahhhhhh!!!! look at that sea of VIP, we’re awsome, Baby wearing stripe vest.. AHHH~~ I need to marry you babe.

I love the whole ‘ah ah ah ah ah ah’ haha that’s so freaking cute, look at Bong’s mouth ekkekek this performance is hyped and so much fun to watch, looking forward to see them performing it everyweek. Again with the ‘ah ah ah ah ah’ at the end, Dae is LOVING IT!!, i love it so much ah~~~

It’s only their comeback stage and Big Bang gets to end the show, pretty impressive, but then again it’s Big Bang for God’s sake, should’ve expect it haha.


~ by Vicky on November 8, 2008.

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  1. i just died watching the intro
    i love the intro!!!!!
    and all of them wearing suit..i felt as if they wanna marry me hahaa
    and standing in the box is such a good idea..cuz they looked so HOT!!
    help me!!!!
    bae’s hair is back to mohikan again hahaa..and bong…sexy!~
    glad that tabi is fine now ^^
    so hot so hot
    i freaking die

  2. men in black!

  3. seriously. i just died.

  4. LOL @ you wanting to lock them up. I would, too. They were soo fine! I watched it streaming live and it was soo good, I was completely flailing and spazzing around my room. XDD
    Man. Their new choreography is aaweesome! Really catchy and an amazing performance. I can’t wait to see more! ^___^

  5. OMG! They looked so hot! SOOOOOO sexy,couldnt stop drooling.


  7. OMG!!!!LOving the look and the song!!!I want MORE MORE MORE!haahahah…

  8. Omg! So hot hot hot!! (it’s always bigbang performing right after or right before wondergirls lol) OMG BIGBANG <3333333

  9. that is one hella hot intro.
    this video just proves that im a sucker for guys singing and dancing in suits in boxess..only if its big bang though. =D
    they all looked dangg good in my eyes.
    these boys make me fall in love everydayy =D

  10. freaking hotnessssss *dies*

  11. Damn the daylight savings time screwed me up, furreakin Melly didn’t get home till it was too late and then she called me.


    I missed it, live.

    I’m trusting my Daesung oppa did brilliantly though and I will watch the clips later ❤

  12. the intro was HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!!
    hyperventilating hehe
    while watching them i was like staring at TOP..
    worrying that he might faint..
    but then i was like
    “you’re so dumb….if he faint this won’t be shown…” -_-
    them in suit is freaking hot!!
    my GD!!! HOT HOT HOT!!!
    “ladies and gentlemen, my name is G-Dragon!!” PERFECT!!

    and TY looking awesome in that sunglasses!!

    SR OMG!!
    have to wait till December 12th so he can be officially LEGAL!!
    and DS aghhh!! awesomeness!

  13. daaang they sound so good!!
    aaah i missed watching itT_T
    but omgg TOP looks so good!
    and daesungs voiceee!! aaaah<3
    seungri looks so cute:)
    GD looks damn fiiine
    Taeyang sounds amazing..:P
    LOVED IT!!
    i cant wait for more performances from the remember album!~^^


  15. ahah the heart move again for their sunset performance…

    but thats just me trying to cover up how spazzed out i am about their performance…

    (top looks like hes sweating a lot)


  16. jiyanz

    ahahah nice thought
    I want ‘in’ in that ‘thought’ hahaha

    they make the dang box look so freaking sexy it’s amazing!!!

    all of them look good…… ahh~ i died!!! so many time!!


  18. Maureen

    wanna have your grave next to mine?
    cuz me too keke

  19. Maureen

    wanna have your grave next to mine?
    cuz me too keke

  20. Hokum

    I woke up at exactly 1:30 AM to watch it, JUST IN TIME, i was just dazed…
    too awsome that I was speechless and doesn’t know what to do hahah

    since they’re gonna perform ‘SUnset Glow’ most of the time now, glad it’s such a cute choreography
    so much fun to watch

  21. ncly

    before the comeback i was kinda nervous actually
    my stupid mind kept imagining my tabi fainting on stage =\
    and it really freaked me out..
    so the only one i wanna see the most was him
    to make sure that he’s ok..glad that he’s finee

    i love remember!! this is like my fav song in number 1 album..and of cuz this album 🙂 hahahaa yeah the three men were doing the matrix thingy when bong started to rap haha it was cute and funny!

    haha we screamed when we saw the bus..it was just too cute. and bong with his fashionista clothing lol. i cant tell if i love it..cuz it was just too weird T__T lololol.

    and tabi’s hair was blown to other side and getting more and more spiky..hotness T___T the performance was pretty good and fun..love it!! ^^

  22. nimco

    haha need a bucket???
    or maybe 5?? haha

  23. DeDe(MS.DONG)

    I don’t think 911 handle that kind of situation hahah

  24. iAMVIP

    I’m with you there
    I fail at trying to hold myself together when there’s the boys and suits involve..
    it’s just a blur
    man I’m such a fangirl!!

  25. GREAT!!
    i’ve been waiting for their performance
    love it!

  26. vicky

    hahaha i let you in!! lol
    but i’m sorry u can only marry baby
    and other are all mine HAHAHAA i’m so freaking greedy

    the intro was really breathtaking
    love it the most out of the 3 songs!!
    their intro is always hot! ARGHHHH

  27. i watched it live for the first time loll it was so worth the wait. man, they looked hot and the performance was friggin awesome. i went by so fast though, i wish it was longerrrr 😛

  28. rahquhxie

    yea that almost mess me up too
    I set my alarm to 1:30 AM, 1 hour before it just in case
    but when I went on the show’s already on
    I was like ‘CRAP’
    gladly I didn’t miss it

    r u satisfy it with?
    Dae look so fine with his new hair and suit.

  29. ncly

    I didn’t even remember AT ALL
    maybe it’s because he look so healthy to me
    our Tabi never show us that he’s tire or not
    if you notice that, he really doesn’t

    haha Bong killed me with his short lines of english BIG TIME.

    T_T the day Baby turn legal…. i don’t know what I will do

  30. kVIPs made me smile^^
    OUR BBboys looked so H-O-T!!!

  31. oh and the dance fore sunset glow is ADORABLE!!
    the ah ah ah part!!

  32. vicky

    wow.. ur so fast with uploading the vids. LOL and i love your essays.
    my favorite is the sunset glow perf. i just died when TABI kept on singing I LOVE YOU GURL!! and the ah ah ah part is just LOVE!!!

    i expected that they would be wearing their colorful clothes like in their promotional pictures but they exceeded my expectations..they are wearing suits and they all look SO FREAKIN HOT!!!

  33. Baby! His hotness increases day by day…
    Yes, he’s gonna turn 18 this December. ❤
    Although he’s gonna be VIP’s Baby forever! xD

  34. OMG, the intro was AMAZING!!!
    i guess it’s true that HOT men do come in boxes XD
    and SUNSET GLOW was so cute!!! playful and adorable 😀
    i cant stop replaying all the perfs..they’re that good ^^
    and yeah, im glad that Tabi looks ok…and the hair..oh man, pure HOTNESS!!! spiky hair makes him look younger.
    overall, im loving their clothes, hair and dance moves~
    AWESOME-ism XD

  35. ah i jsut watched the MC cuts, theyre pretty funny today (more than usual?). especially when SR pretended to throw up @ solbi’s attempt at cute singing.

  36. i’m dying right now. i really am. i’m just so blown
    away from watching them perform. and AHHHHH…call
    me a sap but i started getting teary eyed watching
    Sunset Glow. yes it’s a cute and fun song, but i was
    just sooooo happy to see TOP and how good he looked.
    i couldn’t stop blushing every time he popped on screen.
    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. i’m just in heaven right now. ^__^

    no sleep for me tonight. thanks for putting these
    up on youtube, Vi. i’ll be watching them over and
    over and over and over and you get the point. lol.

  37. lol,i think i’ll need more then five. their sunset glow dance reminds me of their heaven dance. but this one is soo much cuter,how is it possible that they’re hot one second and the next they’re totally cute and adorable?they’re the perfect men.

  38. They are just plain AWESOME.
    I freaking died watching them perform.
    Tabi looked a little tired but dang! I love his hair and he’s still dorky during the ah ah ah part. Hahahaha.
    They just got the power to make us smile at anytime of the day.

  39. nheqlibw lq;iwhqjc wqo;nckld ve;oufwqo cow;hfqow vjlqwofugrwbtrbvurgbrhbtuihwefbbvew……….if theres a WORDS 2 describe this comeback PLEASE teLL me cuz I cant find 1..

    btw,,I LOVE U guys very much and wherever I gO i wont 4get VIPz..me[RIP]..^_^

  40. vi!!!
    they’re look so damn fine!! >oo.< i’m so scared if he fall again. since he never show his emotion to us. i don’t know if he’s in his good condition or not
    but i wonder that black mask, is it for accessory or he really need it??
    hope u don’t need it again.

  41. vi
    why its always me who get my comment cutted???
    they’re look so damn fine!! >oo.<

    but i wonder that black mask, is it for accessory or he really need it??
    hope u don’t need it again.

  42. GREAT performance….loved all the songs!!
    TOP looked tired…my heart was constantly worried throughout the whole performance. I hope he has fully recovered.

  43. WOW. Woooooooowwwww!!!!! @___@
    That was sooooooo HOT!!!! These boys are AMAZING~ ❤
    Totally made my day. 🙂

  44. ktin7

    haha I tried my best to get everyone to watch it
    cuz it’s just too freaking awsome haha

    writng the essay is a way for me to vent it
    or else I’ll go crazy haha

    suits….. with them….. is the definiton of HEAVEN

  45. slick

    haha always be the one and only maknae Bong love to grope on haha

  46. Ili

    haha when did you hear that saying?
    ‘hot man come in boxes’??? wowo keke
    I need to start learning that

    I’ve been watching this thing OVER AND OVER
    can’t get enough of it

  47. dubseeXvip

    haha i know!!!!
    I SAW THAT TOO!!!! while i was watching it online
    BABY!!!! hahaha he’s just too awsome for words
    these 3 are so awsome hosting together
    hope they will never stop

  48. oh ma god!!! I WANT MOREEEE
    fine as hell <33333

  49. I DIED. X_X but i live for big bang!!

    omg bae ah~!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Heather

    aww.. you cried?
    well I was too busy blanking out and try to remember what’s my mama’s name is so I didn’t cry keke

    I’m a fellow fangirl
    i think I got it.. deeply haha

  51. nimco

    that’s what I was thinking too
    ahhh~ they goes from depress eyeliner boi who got bandages on their face for no reason to this cute boys running around in front of a school bus hahaha
    they change it up everytime
    keeping it fresh

  52. J-G-RILEEN

    apparently, they haven’t invent a word that’s worthy enough to describe the boys
    so we have to wait haha

  53. nya

    I didn’t even remember him being sick AT ALL
    first of all I just woke up when the show was on so my mind was just BLANK~
    haha then you know how he is, never show it
    he look so healthy and hyper though
    never know
    but glad he’s fine
    probably just for accessories
    he wasn’t even waring it properly anyway hahaha

    ur man and his height hahaha
    I just notice it when I rewatch it for the 3924052752380 time
    if he stand up, there’s this thing that cast a shaow half of his face haha
    the sadness of being tall keke so he have to kneel down

  54. omg! ah,ah,ah,ah! freaking cute~

  55. vi
    i was so scared that i can’t enjoy the whole show. my face was so strained the time I watched the vid.
    Hubby only got a day off, yet he have to work again.
    I wonder if he really use yesterday to rest. Coz he’s such a hard worker, I afraid he didn’t use yesterday to rest.
    Although he looks hyper, we still don’t know his condition. But I’m glad he’s fine enough. I’m so glad vi, seeing his face again after that bad accident.
    Well, maybe its me who’s too worrisome. Yeah, he didn’t wear it properly too.
    Hiks.. my keyboard is soaked with my tears after rewatching it.

    ?? hahaha.. yup, kekeke..
    He’s too tall for that box, there’ll be shadow on his face if he stands up & he can’t let us see his face clearly.
    Now u mention it, I’m glad he kneel down. So I could see his face clearly.
    If he didn’t do that, I’ll worry too much. Haha..

  56. I wonder if TOP is really okay now, although the performance was great ever…Thanks for sharing. Hope TOP will regain his healthy state.

  57. Vi
    haha. i came CLOSE to crying. just got teary eyed.

    oh man. just caught yours and nya’s convo. TOP’s
    height in the box. haha. i only noticed when you
    brought it up. no wonder he was kneeling a lot.
    and then him being put next to TY just emphasizes
    how tall he is. xD

    When I saw the Intro performance I TOTALLY DIED!!!!!!!!
    First The light was on Babe and for a couple of seconds I didn’t recognized him but than I just screamd, I really scread all oover the house because he looked SO DAMN HOT!!!!!!!!!!
    And than Baby appeared!
    At the moment, I could’nt breathe for the entire performance because my eyes were stuck on Baby!!!
    IN SUIT!!!!!!!!! I WANT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I HAVE TO MARRY HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!!!
    And then TABI…kneeling down like in Last Farewell [and I think I saw him do the finger-pointing move for a couple of seconds…] SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bong and his new haircut!!! TOTALLY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
    Glad it’s anything dramatic because than I was gonna get all crazy again and I’ll be stuck in crazy-fan-girl mode for a couple of weeks!!!

    On the Remember perf the ‘Only Look At Me’ dance will totally fit!
    AHHHH….Bebe with those shades…kill me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The VIPz allready came up with a new cheering to the ‘Sunset Glow’ perf….need to learn it quickly…
    The choreography is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!
    And I liked the ‘ah ah ah ah ah ah’ part! SO FREAKIN ADORABLE!!!!!
    Dae really liked to do it at the end of the song! he’s gace lokk SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    These three performances TOTALLY made my day to the happiest day in my life!!!!
    Cou’ldn’t expect less from Big Bang!!!!

  59. OOOOOOOMG!… I’M SO HYPER RIGHT NOW haha…gosh what a great comeback !!! BONG…GOSH ..he was amazing!! and T.O.P. looks so H.O.T!! …I love the end of Sunset Glow…how bong said It’s biiiiiiig bang..aaah …now I’m going to watch it again *lala*

  60. nya

    if I have to take a rest
    he probably didn’t
    but I’m sure the boys and others will make him rest
    they care enough about his health to make him do it against his will haha

    during the MC cuts,
    the part where they went in and talk to Solbi
    after they say ‘SHOW SHOW SHOW’
    Tabi smiled
    you have to watch it
    such a warm and fuzzy feeling

    awww… don’t cry it’s such a awsome performance
    be happy while you watch it.
    he’ll be fine
    he got a WHOLE day today to rest, they don’t have anther performance until 4 PM tomorrow

    worry about what exactly?? haha

  61. Heather

    maybe it’s beacuse I’m sick ahah
    that’s what I can’t cry
    too tire to cry
    and too blanked out to feel anything
    *feeling dizzy as I’m typing this* haha

    interesting stuff alway pop up when me and nya have our VVC meeting haha
    you’ll be amaze…………..really amaze kekeke

    I noticed it when I saw Baby in the beginning with a square on his forehead, then I notice that it’s a shadow, I look up at Tabi and I saw it too, so I was like ‘AHHH~ THAT’S WHY’ ahahaha

  62. miroo4ka

    when I saw Dae
    I was like…..’OH MA DAMN~’ hhaha

    you know how I am with Baby…..I died big time, I have to remind myself to breath, forgot my own freaking name too keke

    haha really?
    Tabi and his finger poiting kekeke
    it’s addicitng
    he can’t help it haha

    this choreography is MADE for Dae haha
    he’s just loving it TOO MUCH

    haha no you cant’ girl
    you can doubt them
    but they will prove you wrong…..BIG TIME! haha

  63. LOL, the first thing i thought when they started their Remember perf was “OMG LOOK HOW TIGHT THOSE PANTS ARE O_O”
    and so i ended up staring at their crotches for half of the perf…

    …omg, i feel like a perv T___T

    and i’m totally loving the Sunset Glow choreography. it’s so cute~~~

  64. Vi
    aww. you’re still sick, love? get well soon then. :]
    it doesn’t help that you’re still up though. isn’t
    it like 5 in the morning for you right now? x]

    and yeah i noticed. you and nya write essays to each
    other. haha. it’s cool though.

  65. bambooshoots
    you ARE a perv. xD
    haha. j/k.

    i don’t blame you for staring though.
    their pants WERE pretty tight. 😉

  66. Vi
    I’m sure he didn’t take a good rest. I’m positive with this. Hubby & the other are such a workaholic. I hope they do. Haha.. he’s such a troublesome hyung, let all dong-seng take care of him ^^

    Ahh~~ I want to see.. but its okay, as long as he smile ^^
    Thanks for telling me vi, uhh~~ no, this tears just can’t stop.
    This internet, I so hate it for being limited. I can’t use too much or I would really die coz of the billing.

    Complicated feeling. I supposed to be happy seeing him well, why I cry instead?? Tears of joy?? Haha..
    Ahh~~ the best news ever! I think I’ll die if he fall again.
    Like the day I know he collapses, I can’t eat either till I know he’s well.
    I was stress & in a truly bad mood. But, now, hearing u say that he smile..
    It’s okay now.

    I think I’ll worry about his condition again. Like the one u said, there’ll be shadaow blocking his face & I can’t see it clearly. I might end up worrying whether he’s look good or not.

  67. i’m officially dead too
    may we rest in peace in BBheaven~
    vicky please, i beg you
    put this on download
    i’m glad that my boy is okay now
    BB FTW~!

  68. Damn—–they are getting really good—-REALLY good.

    ————–Suits forever——————

  69. Everytime they do an intro its always just amazing. love the suits!!!! hahaha they look like triads now its awsome. Wish they perform in suits more often!!
    Like how the intro was like a macho song, then remember a more love song, and then sunset glow happy xD
    Hahaha seungi referee like suit lool

    the boys wearing suits are just perfect :]]
    it must be hard getting used to dancing in them lol
    baby looked drop dead gorgeouss xDD
    bong and TOP looked to cool to dance down there for ‘remember’ haha
    i love dae’s sweater and babys striped jackett.
    the cheorography couldnt have been any cuter! i love it! cant wait for more
    TOP doesnt seem TOO tired thank goodness!
    HWAITINGG. <33

  71. ya know.. now that i think about it, i dont think ive ever seen YB in a suit FULLY until today!! that was a surprise for me.. he looked really nice in it ^^

    i really enjoyed their intro. when daesung started singing, i almost didnt recognize him. he looked different for some reason. it could just be youtube o_O

    But I think this is probably the best ive heard them perform live and sound almost exactly like the record. i didnt hear any cracking or anything like that. They did all 3 songs perfectly imo. Kudos to them 😀
    but my fav was probably the intro lol… Sunset Glow was cute. Dae looked like he was having too much fun lol.. and I really liked their dancing in Remember

    and TOP looks like he’s feeling well!! So happy to see that!!!

  72. My god, love this comeback!
    The intro’s really good and i love the way they presented it.
    Korean version of Remember is equally good as the english verion seriously~
    Lastly, loveeeee sunset glow! such a cheerful song~ my o-sho-fine T.O.P looks infinite % fine in the outfit<33333
    He sure looks all better but i still hope he’s getting enough rest~

    Great comeback! 5 stars<3

  73. omgness. i am gonna faint.

  74. vicky~!!!
    thanks so much for the download!!
    i love you so much!
    now i can sleep well tonight

  75. bambooshoots

    hhaaah forreal?
    maybe I didn’t notice that cuz I wasn’t looking South haha
    oh lord~ you are one hahaha
    but that’s PERFECTLY normal for a fangirl

  76. Heather

    been sick for about a week now and it’s getting better, but it’s just the coughing and sore throat… i hate it
    on my birthday week
    I’ve been in a weird mood lately
    start crying for no reason yesterday morning hhahah
    I would say I’m PSMing but I’m not haha
    so idk why keke

    I went to sleep at like 5 something AM
    and woke up at 6 something AM
    so I got 1 hour of sleep hahah
    with the 2 hours of sleep I got last night from 11 PM to 1 AM haha

    i got PLENTLY of sleep for sure haha

  77. nya

    Bong was right when he say whenever they need to work hard on practice for something, he worry about SeungHyun Hyung the most [i notice that Bong call Tabi SeungHyun Hyung when they’re like normal and stuff, not TOP hyung, though he still call Baby SeungRi, haha use his stage name]
    He say that SeungHyun Hyung, the general is getting old haha
    so during practice they need to take care of him the most

    awww… stop crying gurl~
    make me feel bad that I didn’t cry haha

    well we can’t really do anything but pray that they will be okay
    I’ve been having a bad mood all week I think because of all of this
    but I believe they will overcome it.
    I think they learn from last year,
    they won’t do it again

  78. mrs.CHOI

    haha you don’t need to beg
    that’s my profession hahah
    already up there

  79. spinx


    they should totally do a gangster movie man… that would so win in life

  80. Jini

    Baby killed me so many time in so many way possible
    a cat has 9 lives, what about a fangirl??? hahah

    Remember was my fave performance
    everything just look so ‘wow’ ‘whoa’ ahhhh~’ ooh’
    you know what i mean?? hahaha

  81. latiana2003

    maybe because there’s no suit that can fit his guns haha
    he have to have to especially made
    and that would take too long nahahha
    muscle man.

    yea~ now that you mention
    not one crack or misnote
    probably the best comeback stage yet

  82. 최승현❤

    I think because I get to use to listen to the english version
    the korean version sound weird to me
    but now that I go to hear it performed live
    I really like it now

  83. Thanks for the link download. I have been waiting for it 😀 Imagine watching the performance in high quality *drool*. They’re so manly. My poor computer, it doesn’t have much free space left, it’s full of Big Bang clips.

  84. waaah Vicky thanks for the mp4 version!! now I can watch it everywhere I want..wohoo =)) ❤

  85. Belated happy birthday,Vicky.
    i hope i’m not too late in greating the most dedicated VIP i’ve ever known.may all your wish come true.

  86. I want to go to Korea to watch 😦
    Thank you for video 🙂
    ilove them ❤

  87. OMG! The Intro. The Boxes. The Suits.
    When Taeyang started singing and dancing I died.
    When G-Dragon said “My name is G-Dragon” I went to Heaven.
    It’s was so good.
    I love teh whole thing they did for the intro.
    Then, the “hey’s” in the Remmeber performane was cute.
    The matrix was hawtness.
    And then the whole Sunset Glow performance.
    They made sure I stayed dead.
    Not only did they look hawt in their clothes, their dancing was too adorable.
    The “I lover you girl” JDGJEAGHJFKAHE FJKH!!@!!!!JHHH H!!
    Then, GD’s end poser. AHHH! SEXXXY!
    Leave it up to the boys to bring it and then totally destroy it with a hawt performance.
    They rocked.

  88. wow they all look incredible…i gotta say i almost fainted during the intro when i saw BAE *JAW DROP* hes soooooooo gorgeous…i loved both perf…SO AWESOMEEEEEE

  89. OMGOMG!
    i died
    i mean i died everytime they had a comeback

  90. WOWWWW!
    I loveee the intro song, so addicted to it!
    They all look so hot in the cages, I fainted.
    If i were there, i’d fall of the cage.
    LOL Yes I wanna lock the cage & bring it home
    with me too. Heeeheeee!
    REMEMBER! I love that song! Whoo, I liked
    the idea of the three down there, and the
    two in the cages, it looked HOTTT!
    and SUNSET GLOW! Awwww! The love the
    choreography, but i love the boys more.
    The bus is so cute! I LOVED the “Ah ah ah ah ah”
    dance. :] Teehee, it was sooo cute!
    Yes they totally rocked this comeback,
    actually, they can rock anything :]
    <333 BigBang!

  91. OMG!!! i stayed u until almost 2 am in the morning last night just to see their comeback performance..ahh~ so satisfying..
    i can watch this over and over again, they’re so cute in the sunset glow song and remember..OMG! so super HOT..i like them in suits, they’re so manly! OMG OMG!!! they get my heart pumping like no other..
    who are we…the big~ banggggggg~

  92. super great performance from big bang!

  93. these 3 videos have been on repeat mode all night
    lolol..when you said our 2 maknaes i was like besides baby who is the other maknae? lol then only i realised its dae..
    i’m not used to the word maknae being used on dae
    but yeah they are so cutee!!
    sunset glow perf cheered me up today cuz today is a sucking day 4 me sighh…
    love the ah ah ah ah part to death!!
    the expression of OUR TWO LITTLE MAKNAES is priceless xDDD

  94. what a performance.

    itotally died.
    RIP ME.

  95. OMG!!!!
    i miss them~ lolz

    dang!!!! to all their performnce..

    i so love their new album!!! aawww!!!!

    *the intro was~ so HOT!! all of them in the box and in suit! DANG!!

    *and the remember performance,, aaww!! YB is soo sexy! aaw!!
    the set up was so cool~ the two rappers are up there in the box,,
    while the three are dancing on stage!! aaww!!
    GD is so HOT and so was TABI…

    *and lastly,, the SUNSET GLOW performance!! dang!!
    they’re all so freakin’ CUTE!! and looks like they had fun performing!! so cute~
    (can’t get enough of this!! i keep on watching it over and over again.. lolz)

    *yeah!! BIG BANG!!!!!!!!!!!
    You guys really ROCK!!!

  96. OMG soooo cute ^^

    o.O im having trouble with the 2nd part of the dl

  97. Does anyone know when the official pictures of these performances will be released, and where i can get them?

  98. LOVE LOVE LOVE the intro! They are so hot and so in sync (well they always are) but i like how the presented the intro. sunset glow has to be my favorite song out of this album.

    Txawjvam: just wait for this blog, they always have all big bang news and pictures up and usually the quality are great.

  99. FUDDGGEE. I stayed up to watch itttt! It was like effffinggg smokin’ HOTTTTT.< DOWNLADING, THANK YOU~!

  100. OMG!!!!!!!!!!
    when i first listen to sunset glow, i thought it lacked the BANG-ness of big bang but after seeing the perf…im all like YES!!! BIG BANG IS BACK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOO CUTE

  102. OMG; the intro just gave me chills =X
    they’re all in their suits GAHHHH HONTESS!!!
    the ‘REMEMBER’ dance is RoCKiN`.
    ‘Sunset Glow’ was just adorable.
    TOP looks great btw; with his health and all.
    everyone looked so FLYY, handsome, charming…ALL THATT =P

  103. aaaaaaaaaaaaaughhhhhhhhhh~

    tabi… take off th frickin mask!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDD

    we gotta see that… ‘beauty’ of urs, that healthy beauty.

  104. waohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh SO HOT HOT HOT THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
    YES! THAT’S TRUE BIG BANG IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. what song was the intro? sorry i can’t figure it out?
    is it their new album ‘Remember’?
    i haven’t heard their new album ‘Remember’ yet….

  106. the comeback was AMAZING!!!!!!! i stood up to watch it and was blown away! everyone was on point and Tabi didn’t look very tired. BIG BANG<33333

  107. tani yang
    the intro is the first song they performed.
    and yes it’s on their newest album “Remember”
    all 3 songs are from there

    The choreography for Sunset Glow is soooooo freaking adorable!
    I love the hand gestures!! >____<
    BIG BANG<33333

  109. Boxes. Sexy o_____o

    I love Toppie’s outfit for “Sunset Glow” it reminds me of those japanese school unifrms xD The striped jacket looked awesome on Seungri ^^

  110. OMFG, can GD get any hotter?!
    The intro was SOOOO HOTTTT!!
    Especially GD…when he was like “My name is G-Dragon.”
    Whoo…love them in suits, SO HOT.
    Sunset Glow was mad cute.

  111. OMFG, can GD get any hotter?!
    The intro was SOOOO HOTTTT!!
    Especially GD…when he was like “My name is G-Dragon.”
    Whoo…love them in suits, SO HOT.
    Sunset Glow was mad cute.

    DAE DAE SUNGG§ PLEASE marry me!!!

  113. DAE DAE!!<3

  114. i also love how seungri isnt holding back the cuteness in the sunset glow perf. when he was in the wonderboys,he was trying to be all manly but when he’s with bigbang he cant stop his natural cutness,lol.

  115. Vi
    looks like you’re following in the boys’ footsteps
    in not taking care of yourself very well. get more
    sleep my dear. haha. but i’m sure it’s just because
    last night you were waiting for the boys’ comeback.
    so that’s a valid reason to not get much sleep. just
    get more sleep TONIGHT. 😉

    btw…is it just me or is there a couple hiccups in
    the video file? like right after the interview part
    it messes up a little?

  116. the comeback performance was OFF THE HOOK!!

    I was seriously so hyped while watching it!
    the intro, “remember”, and “sunset glow” amazing and the shhhittt!!
    hehehe seriously….it was fckn HOT!

    The Intro performance…OMG as if what they were wearing
    was sexily tempting enough! they were dancing in separate boxes!
    gaaahhh!!! and the part “shall we dance?…bang bang bang bang..”

    And the dance for “Remember” hahaha i love the “ay!!..ay!!..ay!!”
    when they throw their hands up…MY GAD their expression is so SEXXXAY!!!

    the DANCE for SUNSET GLOW was just TOOO CUTE!!! aaahhhh!!!
    killing here…when they dance the chorus its just so cute!!
    I love it when they do “uhhuh, i love your girl!” and then
    the first part of the “ah…ah…ah..ahahah..ah.ah” THEY were
    ALL SO freaken CUUUUTTEEE!!! especially TOP;)

    COMEBACK WAS AWESOME!! yyeeeeeeee!!!! : D : D happiest fangirl!

  117. OMGGGG


    BONG’S FACE IS TOO ADORABLE WHEN HE GOES “m-m-my name is, gdragon !”
    i keep replaying that part :]

  118. i stay watching this last night xDDD! It was damn awesome!!! i was so hyper xD! they all look hot! ♥__♥ and i’m happy that Tabi is looking healthy again ^^ lol~thanx 4 the cheer i was wondering what they were saying xD! ♪

  119. awesome intro EVER!
    i thought i died during the performance haha xD

  120. awesome intro EVER!
    i thought i died during the performance haha xD

  121. sexYBeast

    haha never late at all keke
    thanks for the birthday wish 🙂

  122. Chaos Ly

    oh yea~ haha
    I share the same feeling with you gurl
    those parts are just to die for
    the HEY was awsome
    then the whole matrix thing just make me squeal like such a fangirl i don’t know what else to do hahah

  123. jiyanz

    haha i know right??
    no one acknowledge Dae as one of the maknae cuz Baby is just too damn good at being one that only him is enough hahaha

    aww……….what happen today???
    but think of it this way, out of the day it can happen to you
    it hapen on today
    cuz it knows that Big Bang will bring joy to you haha and make it all better

  124. Txawjvam

    MBC normally doesn’t release official pictures like Mnet does
    but they do it sometimes though
    I’ll post itup when it’s available

  125. ghina

    me too
    at first I was doubting it
    but after I saw this
    I was like ‘WTH am i worrying for?’ hahaha

  126. Suzie

    you know i was wondering this haha
    Big Bang is BACCKK
    and this performance prove it haha
    wonder how the other artists feel watching it from backstage??

  127. Vi
    Oh yeah, they call him Seung Hyun hyung. Somehow it feels weird. Does he really act like a hyung? Kekeke… Seung Ri for baby is just too suit him. Idk why but whenever I heard Seung Hyun my mind will make an image of hubby. Not baby. But when its Seung Ri, haha.. here comes the lil cute maknae.
    Haha.. bong getting mean, ‘because he’s getting old’. Though Tabi only 1 year older than him. Yup, please take care of this hyung who didn’t act like a hyung. I count on u boys >.<

    Hahaha.. I’m cool now. Really.
    After I cooled down, I could see better. Haha.. the tears block my eyes & make everything blur.
    Do u notice that when bong performing ‘Remember’, his tie.. ok, take a good look, the shiny one, the symbol is “V”. happy gurl? Hehee.. of course u do.

    I hope they do vi.
    They love to push themselves to their very limit & left us with all the worries.
    But still, why we love them so much? Haha..

  128. *Tani Yang*

    it’s ‘Everybody Scream’ from their REMEMBER album

  129. Nynna

    I was thinking about that too haha
    make him look a bit younger

  130. nimco

    OH YEA~ hahahahah
    I burned this performance to a DVD and was watching it ALL DAY today on my plasma TV… dude… the feeling of seeing it big and loud and clear DAMN IT’S GOOD hahah
    first time I appreciate my dad’s sound system hahaha

    I kept paying more attention to Baby during Sunset Glow and he was just on cuteness mode the whole~~ time

  131. Heather

    haha I just sleep from 12 AM to like 5 PM keke
    I’m a weird person
    but I can fit sleeping in anytime of they day

    i’ve been having dark circles too
    not too noticable thank god
    I’m becoming like my husband
    oh lord~ hahaha

  132. nya

    haha even though they wanna deny the hyung they can’t keke
    you know how our Tabi get when they don’t call him hyung
    Bae called him ‘TOP gun’ once and he was like
    ‘how can you call you hyung ‘gun’ now”??? hahahaha i was laughing so hard keke
    he want to be the oldest if it’s the last thing he wants haha

    yea~~~ SeungHyun….sound a bit serious
    SeungRi is wayyy better
    I think before debut, when he didn’t get his stage name yet, they normally mixed up the two so they decide to call him SeungRi from now on since he love that name too much and it’s easier haha
    before debut, they would call Tabi SeungHyun hyung and call SeungRi ‘SeungHyunie’ haha
    so it’s bound to get mixed up once or twice

    that interview was like… 2 years ago haha
    during the REAL concert preparation hahah
    I’m sure they’re taking real good care of the old man hahahahhah

    *went back and watch REMEMBER*

    HOLY SHIT YOU’RE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HOLY CRAP!!!!
    I’M IN FUCKING VI HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    FUCK YEA!!
    I was on top of Bong’s chest the whole time haha
    babe I’ll always be with you hahaha
    WIN. IN. LIFE!!!!!!

    they work hard to win hard
    does that make sense??
    they always make us proud
    not a lot of other artist’s fans have that priviledge
    we can proudly say ‘I’M A BIG BANG FAN’
    and not worry about ppl going ‘ew….wtf?’
    cuz everyone knows that Big Bang is awsome and they can’t deny that FACT.

  133. Vi
    Hahaha.. yup, the one from making of great concert top’s day. Ohh~ I love that one. while bae answered him ‘I’m in my wok mode’ haha..
    I don’t understand why Korean & Japanese love to be the oldest. It didn’t mean anything special? That just mean u’re the oldest one.

    Yup yup yup. Seung Ri sound x1000000000000 times better than Seung Hyun. Should he change his real name into Seung Ri? Coz it sound so cute & fit him so much. Oh, the one from documentary? Yup, but SeungHyunnie sound cute too.

    Hahaha.. our hubby just have the special bond between them. Keke..
    Does their relationship still okay? I guess..

    Hahaha… the old man. They’ll take a good care of this old man then hand it to this old woman. Kakaka..

    HAHAHA… I know u’ll be freaking happy!
    Omg gurl.. from now put more attention on whatever ur 2 hubby is wearing. They love to express their feeling to u. it just like expose it to the whole world, but u who is included didn’t notice it at all. Hahaa..
    Did u get a good sleep?
    What I’m asking?? After hearing that I’m sure u’ll get a very good sleep.
    Tell baby & bong to make a visit to ur dream. Aaw~~ on top of bong chest.. just.. sound so naughty. Fufufu..
    I’d like one too~~ top of hubby’s chest >.<
    When I first notice that, I quickly went back to check if the other members also hace the symbol on their tie. But they didn’t. ah~~ I so hope that they do have one.

    Hahaha.. I always proud from being VIP gurl. Though I’m not a official one. hehe..
    Yup, there’s good things from being workaholic & bad things from that ^^

  134. Vi
    then we’re both weird cause i can fit sleeping
    any time of the day too. haha.

    oh and not to burst nya’s bubble, but if you look
    closely TOP’s tie during the Remember performance,
    it also had the V symbol. it’s a dark color though
    so it’s not very noticeable.

    man, Vi. you got Jiyong AND TOP sending you shoutout.
    haha. i noticed that TY had an H shaped belt buckle.
    i guess he’s sending me a shoutout. 😉

    CAN THEY GET ANY BETTER???????????????

  136. OMO I LOVED THE SUNSET GLOW PERF!!!!!!!! everyone looked so happy and hyped and the vocals and rap were GREAT!!! DAMNNNN My TOPiee!!!!! hes such a dork doing faces at the start LMAO and he so hot in that perf with the mask and HAIR!!! >..<, LOL im soooooo curious! how do those KVIPS come up with the chant its like I imagine them having a meeting before the show and stuff!!! xD discussing what to do! LMAO xD

  137. tanx so much vicky =D
    i love all the performance.i miss them so much =D

  138. Ahhhh OMFG FRICKEN HOT!
    Lmao i loved Sunset Glow, it was hot and funny =]
    Intro and Remember was HOt!
    they were in suits, shiny jeans..uhmm don’t really like
    but it was hot! I SERIOUSLY drooled! ahaha yeah.
    i got goosebumps just thinkin about it.
    i started smiling like crazy and my sister
    thought i was weird and starting making fun of me
    for smiling over my “boyfriends”
    Big Bang is VIP!
    OMG i loved it! i like haru haru but i LOVE
    them performing these 3.


    I wasn’t expecting the boys to wear suits for the intro. They should wear suits more often. GQ much??? Big Bang in boxes like a present. GD looks like a rooster. Haha his hair is awesome. TOP and his vsign in the end is so cute.

    Remember is such an awesome song. I actually like the English version better than the Korean. Hmmmm….don’t know why. Beginning was reminiscent of YB’s Look At Me Only days. OMO I love this song. The stage looked awesome. Everything about this was awesome.

    I was a little worried about their debut stage. I was afraid they were gonna sound tired and not like themselves. But they killed it. The choreo for Sunset Glow is soooo adorable. It’s such a fun song that makes you smile. VIP is jjang. I love the new chant and their involvement throughout the song. YB sounded incredibly over the top during his solo. YB is epic win. Sorry for gushing for ma boy. I feel like a proud mama.



  141. i loved the ah ah ah part too!!
    does anyone know when they perform next??

    I’m in a total SPAZZ Right now!!!

  143. i know this has nothing to do with the comback, which i loved.

    i was reading a comment on youtube and it said that TOP smokes.
    but i have NO idea and i’m just worried if he does.
    someone tell me please?

  144. i really loved the comeback performance especially the Sunset Glow
    “ah ah ah ah ah”
    “i love you gurl”
    and know i have to go to the hospital because of nosebleeding
    what a perfect birthday gift for me

  145. @jiyongislove,TOP used to smoke before BB debut but he quit. I think he quit so he can breath more smoothly when he raps and its obviously bad for your health.

  146. jiyongislove
    i’m probably not much help, but as far as i know
    TOP DID smoke. idk if he still does. hopefully
    he stopped right?

  147. thanks nimco and ohthethrill
    that totally took the weight off my back.
    and he better not smoke ever again.
    bad Top!

    but what about GD?
    i’ve heard he smokes too.

  148. haha. oops. nimco beat me, but was totally more helpful. x]

  149. I was too tired yesterday to watch this…and dannnnnnnggggggggg….I wish I’ve seen it yesterday!!! it would have given me a good night’s sleep. ^^
    Big Bang in suits…oh wow….how sexy…that is so hot..I love them all…yeah lil sis in law I wanna take home the box too with them inside…all of them looking mighty fine.
    The Remember perf was so cool, yeah that perf with two on top dancing and two on bottom dancing was so nice…I love them! hehehe.
    Then again when I watched the Sunset glow performance…that was sooo damn cute and energetic!!! The best performance I’ve seen them do IMO…it looks so fun and all..and the choreo killed me too…they all looked cute and fun…Ooooh I just wanna ride the bus with them inside…hihihi.
    I love this comeback!!! hope they got all the rest they needed, especially tabi and dae. best comeback ever!!!
    Thanks lil sis in law….I so wanna kidnap baebae right now…hehehe…

  150. @jiyongislove,GD doesnt smoke. people just think that cause he has the whole bad boy image,which is so hot.lol.

  151. nimco
    really? I was actually wondering about that since I saw the rumors…no wonder I get the vibe that if tabi smokes it’s not unbelievable…so good that he stopped because it wouldn’t be too healthy for him and it takes down his stamina.
    Hmmm…does Bong had the same problem??He’s also in the rumors.

  152. nimco
    ooh you answered my question before i sent it. hahaha.
    I really thought he smoked too though…or that he used to smoke.

  153. @nimco
    Knowing my babe doesn’t smoke gets me all happy and hyper!
    HECK YES, jiyong’s bad boy-ness is oh so hott!

    Thanks so much for the info nimco!

    atleast you replied to my comment.
    a big thanks to you too!

  154. @kenley,people like to create rumors like TOPs “suicide attempt” to bring BB down. @jiyonglove GD hates the smell of smoke,watch this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-guMcySmajI


  156. in “sunset glow” performence
    TOP looked hot especially in that hair style!
    yeah he does look healthy which is really good :]
    I’ve notice that big bang’s been dressing black or white
    when they do a comeback performence ESP. with
    the intro included. if ypu know what i mean. Gawd they look hot!
    Lols; I still love Sunset Glow’s performence.
    it makes me laugh but they are still cute!

  157. oh shoot!!!!
    they are lookin to HOT in them suits!!!
    especially Bae
    Baby’s was just too cute on him
    I was thinkin the same thing about the cage

    I’m loving their new hairstyles especially Dae’s and my man’s
    and what can I say about the songs….I’m dying

  158. OMG.. OMG!!

    I luv their performances! sooo awesome!!

    i luv their style! OH EM GEE They’re soooo cute!!!


  159. nimco
    yeah, i think people like to do that because they are really successful and talented. I think they are a bunch of talented guys and many others envy their success.
    I do think they deserve more than what they got, but i can see that they are happy with what they are doing.
    They really can’t escape rumors though because their are famous and always in the spotlight.

  160. nya

    idk why either
    but maybe because they like really care about the whole elder thing
    how you have to be really polite to the one older than you
    so they like to be the oldest so they can get the respect

    even though his stage name is SeungRi
    whenever he sign anything, he signed ‘Victory’ hahah
    that means he writes my name practically….. a kazillion times hahaha
    so happy and proud of my name

    we will never know that
    keke someone need to make the boys do those like 100 Q&A thingy haha
    those are fun

    old woman. kekekek
    you willing to be call old for him haha

    how can I pay attention to his tie when he’s gorgeous face and diamond stud is right i my face with that sleek hair??
    u know what I’m going through haha

    it’s almost 1 AM
    and i’m kinda sleepy.. and I just ate ramen
    so i’m full AND sleepy
    which is NOT healthy hahaha
    maybe I’ll wait a bit then go to sleep

    you thought of it
    I didn’t even think of it that way hahaha

  161. Heather

    I especially like to fit it in my schooling schedule hahah
    nothing is better than sleeping in class while listening to my iPod hahaha

    and ur not bursting anyone’s bubble haahaha
    cuz if they’re all wearing it then OKAY!!!! FINE WITH ME!! hahaha

    haha sending a shoutout to you so low down south hahahaha

  162. kaikai

    well they didn’t have Inkigayo on their schedule today but on this other performance instead at 4 PM
    but that show doesn’t broadcast live
    mostly likely, the next show they will perform is M Countdown!

  163. jiyongislove

    well there was a picture of him holding what look like a ciggarettes
    so ppl been saying that he smokes
    but that picture was soo long ago, I think back in his high school days
    before debut
    so since we haven’t spot him with anything lately
    I don’t think any of the members smoke

    but that’s just us logically talking here
    nothing official has been release from YG saying anything about the boy’s smoking issue

  164. sis in law

    you wanna do something illegal to celebrate their comeback stage being so perfect huh?

  165. Sexica

    Tabi with his hair look like the wind was really really strong that day
    jhahahah look good though
    Dae got a new haircut in a while
    and I’m loving it
    flaunt the shape of his face so well

  166. omg i just got their album 2day~!!!!!!!!!!!!!llllluvvvv it!!!!

  167. lil sis in law
    I’m sure you do, with baby ri looking so hot and cute at the same time.
    One of my weakness is suits..i love it when they all wore suits. I wanna kidnap baebae in a suit. hihihi.
    Naughty lil sis in law!

  168. OMG!! their dance was soooo cute!!
    especially when they say ‘i love you girl’
    are they everr gonna come to america for concerttt?

  169. doesn’t he
    I think the messy hairstyle and the mask go well with the look
    sexy and dangerous ;P

    Dae looks REEEEAAALLY GOOD!!!
    I didn’t expect him to change his hairstyle
    even my 10 year old cousin seemed to think so

  170. yummy<3

  171. OMG!did you guys see BB on SBS! they had their comeback and it was amazing! they sang number1 and sunset glow!omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is all i can say right now!

  172. okay done spazzing,so i was watching Inkigayo for the boys comeback and they were after the wondergirls.it was the normal inkigayo,i think they were raising money for kids or something so BB performed after wg and before Rain. I started to sing along with their first song which i thought was the intro but then in the middle i thought how can i understand what their singing? then,BAM it was NUMBER1. i felt so stupid for not knowing what i was singing but then i was overwhelmed because i never saw Number1 live. they were all dressed sexy and hot and sexy. seungri and yb were yummy looking.then they turned all cute and sang sunset glow.it was amazing and the crowd was sooo into it.okay am spazzing out again,lol.

  173. Vi
    Weird thing. we also care about elder so much since we’re Asian too. But I never want to become elder. Kaka.. I don’t really like spending my bday too, since it means being older by 1 year.

    U’re fate to be their fans & baby’s wife. Hahaha…

    100 Q&A? good idea. They should do that, so we would know their relationship for now. I could imagine their answer. Haha.. it’ll be really funny.

    I willing to be everything to be by his side. Being called old woman just a small case. Kekeke..

    U going through a pervy thought. Admit it, I know u. hahaha..

    Hahaha.. ramen? Wew~ its almost 4 pm here & I didn’t eat anything since 7am.
    I’m all hungry, ah ramen~~~ deliver it here vi. Haha..
    If u go to sleep directly after eating, u’ll become fat. Better not.

  174. nimco

    I gotta see that performance… I so wanna see Number 1 performed live. wooohooo.
    I understand why you are spazzing out. Spazz away gurl! =)

  175. @kenley,it was worth spazzing out for. they all had on red and black,and i didnt even notice what song they were singing until like 2 minutes after,lol.they look sooooo good.they called it the NongShim Spread The Love Concert 2008 instead of the normal inkigayo.it was in the Seoul park or something,i’ll i didnt notice anything the second BB came on. am sure Vicky would put it up, but at the end all the artists came out like wg,dbsk,rain,and so on to sing a group song. BB and WG went all the way in the back so i couldnt see them.again,they looked too hot.

  176. nimco
    I saw that on the wg wonderland site. many artists performed during the concert and it was outdoors. hehe.
    I saw a group picture too. figured out it was them at the back.
    Can’t wait for vicky to post it here.
    Hehehe…the boys probably looked too hot before you noticed they were doing no. 1 =)


  178. @kenley,can you blame me?lol,they also wore red to kill all their fangirls.its dangerous for BB to wear red.the dancing and singing were awesome as usaual but everything still seems blurry in my mind so i just have to wait to watch it again and again and again,lol.

  179. nimco
    for sure a lot of fangirls were the same as you when they are watching it.
    Without an essay describing the vids all of us would be halfway singing with them without realizing what the song is..hehehe.
    We can only blame the boys for being too hot. =)

  180. @kenley,lol yes its their fault for doing this to us. i just found the perfs on youtube. Num 1 vid,

    Sunset Glow

    time for you to spazz.

  181. its not the best quality but its better then nothing.

  182. OMG this was so cute! ^^ Probably their best performance so far. You can tell they worked real hard. And I’m glad Tabi is better! 🙂
    The fan cheer is cute too kkkkkk

  183. INTRO: Get me a paper bag. I need to breathe. If I’d watched this before my school dance yesterday, I would’ve requested it because it was so hot. I didn’t expect it to be so hot! Dae Sung looked so good!

    REMEMBER: I never liked this song very much until I saw the performance. YB looked amazing. The “Matrix” this was hot, LOL. Along with GD and TOP in the box thingies.

    SUNSET GLOW: There has never been a cuter performance. I liked to pretend that they were waving at me during the “I love you, girl” part. xD Who the heck choreographed this? Must learn the dance. It’s too cute not to.

  184. OMGAHW! that intro was amazing —
    i cant even type correctly anymore x)
    and BONG, when he said ‘G-DRAGON’ i literally died. ohhwee~

    i love sunset glow.
    it has such a catchy beat that makes you wanna dance along with it, but at the same times its so soothing —
    daesung&taeyangs part, ahh x)
    who am i kidding;; they ALL sounded amazing.

  185. how do i contact u guyz luv to get some info!

  186. Erm, I just downloaded the Big Bang comeback stage on MBC Music Core, but I cannot play the video. Any suggestion?

  187. i LOVE the “ah, ah, ah” part! especially when seungri does it<3

    they performed so~ well, and they all look great! everyone needs to have this perfomance on their iPod.

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