11.09.08 Love Concert: NUMBER 1 & Sunset Glow Performance

The ONLY and RIGHT way to watch a performance this hot. AMAZING HIGH QUALITY.


11.09.08 SBS Love Concert
NUMBER 1 and Sunset Glow Performance
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OH MAI GAD… is this God’s answer to all of our prayers? now we get to see NUMBER 1 live……… I was about to loose it when i found out this morning, cuz…. THIS IS SIMPLY TOO AWSOME!!!! and they’re all wearing black/red…… can they be hotter? i don’t think so. I am fed up with stupid camera man with no humans sense… and those fire thing in the front, I wanna see them dang it!!! not the pretty lights and fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!! urgh i’m mad. Bong got the lyric mixed up, NAW?? MR. GDRAGON? keke but I think it’s cute though haha ooooooooh~~~~ Tabi got some action!!!!!! hahaha AND OUR BAE GET TO DO IT AGAIN... but he didn’t stare for that long haha, Baby in that suit killed me…and him singing in english “WHEW~” Dae is wearing red pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW AWSOME IS THAT???? It’s like BRRRIIGGHHT red too haha.


thanks to S님

Look at Tabi’s eyes when he’s performing, when someone is really tire you can so tell by looking at their eyes, and his are just so…… clear and so happy… I would NEVER guess he’s sick or something, so Tabi luvers can relax a bit now, and trust me hahaha this boy in this performance… he’s so hyper, he’s like a puppy that just drank half a gallon of coffee mixed with red bull so hahhaha the pictures of him during this performance… surprise even me keke. During Bong’s rap, the part where they move their hand from side to side haha, Bong may be in the front but guess who’s the one getting all the attention? Baby in the back working his maknae magic, even when he move his nose up about 1/8 of an inch, he’ll kill nuna fans everywhere. At least the camera man onstage is a bit smarter, he show us their face going ‘ah ah ah ah ah’… ahh~ that is a MUST okay? haha

I love this song more and more as I get to see them perform it, without knowning… I memorized the whole song already hahaha. too awsome.

Pictures from the performance………I LOVE THESE!!!!! Tabi was such a dork omg, just look at these pictures, he may be the one on the side, but he still working his hyung dork magic, these are just plain hot, I love love love what they’re wearing, the color and everything. Now can our Tabi luvers handle him getting close with a ‘honey’? hahahaah the pics of the of them is are hot, I’m not gonna lie, Tabi’s face was like ‘WHOA THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” you’ll like that face hahaha. I’m sure of it.


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~ by Vicky on November 9, 2008.

122 Responses to “11.09.08 Love Concert: NUMBER 1 & Sunset Glow Performance”

  1. the performance was AWESOME!!
    i love it
    GD looks freakin hot here hahaha
    and TOP looks so happy during sunset glow performance hehe~~~
    SR and DS had SO MUCH fun~~
    but TY was the only one who didn’t smile much
    he was serious for the whole time..
    i guess he had ALOT of singing parts…and he wanted to give his best…hehe
    it’s ok TY, no matter what you do it’s always perfect and amazing~~
    the fans screamed the the dancer came out and start dancing with TOP in number one haha~~ jealous much? MEE TOOOOO!! haha
    nah joking, it’s a part of the dance, me don’t mind.

    and the during the last ah ah ah part in sunset glow, TOP made the mistake hehe. Big bang and the dancser were doing ah ah ah part in the same direction except for TOP haha. he realized later and then laughed outloud aww~~

  2. your a fast working woman lol
    and agreed .. stoOpid camera man LOL !

  3. by the way
    vicky you have a 2nd account on youtube now?

    SEE TOP <33333
    i love this

  5. OMGD
    vicky ah~
    you just make my night
    the pictures are just awesome
    i love TOP’s current hairstyle
    makes him look cuter
    but the pic where that girl is touching TOP’s face
    i wanna be her
    he looks so hyper i just can’t help myself from smilling
    glad he’s okay..
    an another OMGD
    the performance is awesome to the top level
    BIG BANG is my NUMBER1~!

  6. gooosh!…NUMBER 1 was great ! haha GD’s part…sooo cute!! <33

    and sunset glow…..T.O.P was soooo HAPPY!! hahah..how he laugh at his mistake aaa just a cutiie!

    GD = H.O.T…! XD

  7. OMG i finally get to see a number 1 performance, it was awesome, i loved the dancing especially with the female dancer, i think she’s great
    Sunset glow was so much fun i love wathing it, the vocals were amazing. The close ups during the ah ah ah part were the best.
    Tabi looks adorable in them pics, i’m a dediated Bong lover but Tabi is looking HOT
    ncly -i didn’t notice Tabi was going the wrong way, i wathed it again and saw how cute and funny it was

  8. Vi
    Hahaa.. wow, this is great. Number 1 live ^^
    Hot? They’re hot in any color. They could work avery color gurl. Not only red 7 black~~~ ahh~~ I love all things they’re wearing.
    Yup. The camera man is like against us. Urrgghh.. I wanna see their close up face.

    Omona… Tabi… I die.. don’t let out that kind of face!!
    I faint, please Tabi? Ohhh..
    But maybe it’s just me? Coz I think hubby’s voice sounds weird in this perf.
    Bebe must be thank Shaun for like a billion times. He get to do it everytime they perform. Haha..
    Mr.GDragon got the lyric mixed? Why I didn’t notice it??
    Oh, well, yeah, baby… haha.. he’s good at picking his outfit now. He know he could kill so many gurls with that suit.
    Dae… ohh~ that red pants, so eye catching >.< now Dae lovers won’t want to take off their eyes from Dae’s bottom part. *chough*

    He’s healthy now. His face & that dork action. Haha.. I’ll go forever with u Tabi.
    Kekeke.. u notice it coz u’re baby lover. I don’t even notice it until u mention it.
    Ahhh!!! I LOVE “ah ah ah ah ah” part!!! Omona… look at their close up face~~
    Hubby~~~ (sorry, I could only place my eyes in him)

    Now can our Tabi luvers handle him getting close with a ‘honey’?
    I already claim him as hubby. Honey is not that much compared to it. Kekeke..
    But I don’t mind with two of it ^^

    VI!!! Thank u so much!!! All these pics!!
    Look at hubby’s smile! Ahh~~ the world around me suddenly turn into pink.
    OMG.. hubby’s face when he got that action. Why so pervy face now honey?? Ah.. that eyesight
    KAKAKA.. look at his face. “whhoaa there!!!”
    Hehee.. look at his lips, omg.. I wanna bite..

    Thanks so much vi, this made my day ^^

  9. omgggg is TOP’s new thing the o.O look??? he’s killing me w all his dorkish/cutish looks.. *dies right here and now* glad he’s alrite now.. hahahha seriously, thanks for the photos.. tho im proclaimed dead now LOL

  10. AW! loved itt. specially the number one cheo.
    hard to believe bebe is so shy when i see him getting that action~ keke
    THAT CAMERAMAN! grr. he kept moving the camera back constantly so we couldnt see their faces! roar..
    i love to see the boys smiling during perf. reminds me of their heaven perf. :]]

  11. that was really awesome!
    great performances!

  12. ncly

    I think Bae was tire
    like you can tell by looking at his eyes
    there’s a bit of dark circle too
    poor Bae.

    haha as soon as HwiJin came out and did the ‘shorty drop it low for me’
    fangirls went insane!!!! hahah
    idk why but it’s so much fun to watch that
    always crack me up

    haha I went back and watch it
    I saw it kekekekeke
    that is so cute
    he just smile to himself when he realized he’s wrong kekeke

    WIN IN LIFE!!!

  13. yumyumSUSHI

    haha not sure about the woman keke
    since I’m only 16 [have been for the past 3 days yea!! haha]

  14. ncly

    yup that’s my account for SBS files
    since SBS is so stupid with their suspending accounts stuff
    that’s my backup account

  15. vi
    look at the 6th pic from the last.
    omg Bong… what kind of pose it that? buhahaha..
    i can’t stop laughting.

  16. mrs.CHOI

    I think with the performance so far
    none of them make a vocal mistake
    like from other performance, though it was awsome, there’s a couple of flaws here and there
    but with sunset glow.. none haha
    it’s so awsome

  17. nya

    but.. red and black are like one of the most awsome combination of color… EVER! haaha

    we need to sue these camera dudes or get them fire or something
    fangirls are powerful… we’ll never know what we’re capable of hahah

    I think his voice sound a bit deeper than normal [though i didn’t think it was possible haha]
    but that’s all, nothing really weird.

    he got ‘flow’ and ‘go’ mixed up
    suppose to say flow first
    but he say go instead
    haha I love this song so I memorized every word
    so when i was trying to sing along, he messed that part up ahaha
    so it sound kinda weird when I tried to sing along.

    I just wanna strip him 😀
    there being 100% honest keke

    at first when I saw the performance, I was like ‘who that with the red pant?”
    my first guess was Bong,
    but then I saw Dae I was like ‘WHOA THERE~” haha

    you mean you never notice Baby in the back doing all that??
    watch the comeback stage again
    you’ll see him
    it’s so freaking cute!!! ahhhhh~
    i spend all day yesterday watching the comeback stage over and over again haha
    and i can’t help but look at him during that part

    I’m glad my dear nya unnie is not a jealous fangirl hahah
    I can’t handle fangirls who goes all PMSing when they see the boys with other girls, GET A LIFE!
    is what I wanna say to them hahaha

    haha when I saw those pics I was like
    “damn when nya see this she’s gonna freak”
    ………………….have I mention I’m psychic?? hahaha

  18. Jini

    those camera men NEEDS TO BE PUNISHED DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    why the hell are they showing us the lights and setting of the stage when there’s 5 gods of sex on that stage being all dorky???
    they need to take human sense 101

  19. nya


    he wanna join Tabi and Baby in the penguin family kekekek

  20. T.O.P So Hottttt!!!!

    I Love U..

  21. VI

    i know right! gr. i thought SBS cameramen were rly good..till now lol
    oh lord VI..5 sex gods..my mind wanders now~~ kekeke
    they have like no decency. its like they want us to suffer!!
    wtff. how do producers find such crappy cameramen?! lol
    Mnet cameramen are worse though..those cameramen are suchh pervs!! lol

  22. hahahha
    i have red checkered shorts lyk GD
    i don’t think i can pull it off as well as he does though

  23. nimco was telling me about this a few hours ago. I got to watch the number 1 perf but since my brother kicked me out of the pc I only managed to see the sunset glow perf now.
    All i can say at the moment from the number 1 live performance is oohh soo wow…then again the damn cameramen messed it up. I wanna see all of them you know. My baebae slapped butt again, I really think he’s a butt person. hehehe. But all of them are so hot in red. I love their get up. Baby wearing suit!! Maknae’s really growing up now…wonder what he’ll look like when he performs Strong Baby. =)

  24. I do thought though that in the start of Number 1 perf tabi seemed he still had a cold, and as they continued on stage he gets better…how weird is that? hihihihi. =)
    When they perform sunset glow it never fails to make me smile all the time…I find myself smiling again when I watched it…all of them looked so cute and hot in red. hehehe. plus their choreo is so hot and cute at the same time. I can resist just smiling with the boys.
    For me it’s one of their best perfs ever! hehehe! ^^

  25. vi
    kekeke… I’m cool with all our boys wearing coz they could work it so much.
    I never see boys in short pants as hot as bong. Hahaha..
    Know what I’m thinking about now? Big bang is style. Have u ever look at any other boys who could work purple pants or red pants even yellow suits as good as them? No one gurl.

    Bit deeper? First I’m a lil worried at his voice, it sounds like his voice is lack of the power that usually in his rap. But after watching sunset glow perf, I’m okay now.

    Hahaha.. I found it! Yup, it supposed to be flow first then go. Its such a lil mistake gurl. Great in finding it out. I never sing along with them coz I don’t want to pollute their voices with mine that sound like a frog voice. Kekeke..

    If u strip him, there’ll be no point in picking the right outfit.
    Just go & told him not to wear anything instead. ~,~”

    Hahaha.. bong wearing red pants, so sound like him. Maybe Dae don’t want to be left behind? Like what they did to him in sunset glow MV? I laugh so hard at that part. Kekeke

    >.<!! my internet connection is being stupid this last month.
    It always get disconnect, so I can’t download their comeback stage perf.
    & the stupid technician haven’t come to my house though I’ve phoned him so many times. So I have to download each part in separate days. The connection in the early morning is better. When it comes to night (I’ve tried it) transfer rate is become 2,7 kbps. Huh! I’m so mad at the technician.

    I won’t be jealous if its not “bed business”? hahaha..
    Its like their work. They can’t choose anyway. Like how Bebe with the butt slapping stuff. But it’s another case if the dancer kiss hubby aspecially at lips. I think that’s my max limit for letting hubby going wild. Haha…

    Freak??!! More than that gurl! HAHAHA…
    Psychic? Yup, u are. Oh dong-seng I love that pic so much. I even made it as my wallpaper now. Keke..

    BUHAHAHA… penguin family. I could so imagine u laugh.
    But he look like a lil cute duck! With his butt sticking out, & his hands. Kekeke..
    If its penguin it should be all straight. Haha..

  26. LOL, 5 gods of sex.
    I didn’t notice the messup in Number 1 actually. I was caught up in staring at them perform xD

  27. Seriously wish i was there to cheer along! T.o.p<333

  28. This is so hot. XD
    & in that one picture, it looks
    like Seung Ri and TOP are on fire.
    I mean, of course their hot but
    OH NO! Their actually on fire!

  29. vicky
    happy birthday man…
    even though it’s 3 days late..

    they all look hot in black and red~~
    and i like how GD wore his outfit too~~
    before the performance..
    there was a fancam of him wondering whether he should wear a black scarf or not..and in the end he took it off haha

  30. OH LOVE LOVE LOVE<333333333333333333333333333333333

  31. SEX ON LEGS! that is what these boys mean to me…SEX ON LEGS! they’re like…OH WOW i cannot begin to imagine what i would do if i could get to be in the same room with them…YUP, I GOT IT BAD. especially when i saw them in that performances in boxes, i mean, OH MY GOD. how hot can these boys possibly be…hey please put all their REMEMBER ALBUM performances in downloadable format okay? i like this album, its the best, man.

  32. oh and hwi jin looks so pretty hehe~~
    i like what she wore…
    but isn’t she cold though?…
    it’s like so cold in korea now..

  33. can u see how sexy and hot is my tabi!?!!!
    omg his eyes are so waterish and he just made me wanna rape his eyes again..arrr…his action with the dancer…i’m fine with it ^^ hahaha since he seldom gets the chance to do such action LOL..and his face..argh i wanna rape him can i can i?!!!! bae slapped butt again..hahaa..i enjoyed it lol

    it was awesome..our two little maknaes were so cute!! and the hyung too. omg my man just killed me. RIP. they seemed like they are having fun..but bae was the only serious one. yeap i think it was because he had alot of singing in the song that’s why.we know he’s cute too c’mon bae show us some playful side of u would u?

    hahahaha tabi with the ‘ah’ face!! lol cracked me up. i believe he is healthy now. I feel so relieved. Thanks vicky. Thanks to the doctor lmao.

    is it just me or i feel something was wrong with bong? lol i can’t tell..it is purely my 6th sense.but did he mix the lyrics up?

    they looked so mighty fine in red and black omg. i freaking die. and thanks for bringing me such awesome performance. i’m happy everytime after i watch the performance 🙂

  34. Oh my… one picture TOP and Seung Ri were on fire… no seriously… the 12th picture I think.

  35. OMG.
    that was so hot !
    `cept for the fact that…
    we had to see it once & die.
    & HE DID IT AGAIN ?!
    i think that`s too much D:

  36. i actually went to this concert…hehe
    it was a superb one
    with all the famous artists
    n especially BB!!!
    d other singers only sang 1 song but only BB had d privilege of singing 2 songs…
    n even b4 d show started it was like a battle of singing fans…tvxq fans sang deir songs n bb fans singing deir songs…sooo coolll
    n at the end of d show bb was d last one to go out of stage as dey hav to wait for d other singers to go in…so we got a lot of waving from dem especially seungri who is really2 friendly..

  37. ohmygoshhhhhh i love those performances >_<

    hmm those pics don’t work with me??

  38. OOOH I LOVING IT!!!!
    Cught it LIVE again heee…
    They did great job once again with Number 1 & Sunset Glow…
    darn…TOP was so freaking HOT…he looks fine…really2 fine…
    BB Forever!

  39. way wat happened to the pics.

  40. DAE SUNG SO HOT!!<3

  41. Jini

    they need to hire some fangirl as the camera ppl
    THEN we’ll have a good show haha

    OH MAI GAD I KNOW!!!!!
    so freaking perverted
    they only aim at the part that we dont NEED to see
    only on girls…….T_T
    assholes haha

  42. sis in law

    it takes you this long to notice that your hubby is a butt husband?
    haha jeez gurl
    i thought you would figure that out by a LONG time ago haha

  43. nya

    I wouldn’t Bong wearing short pants hot haha
    but he’s looking good~ haha
    country bum keke

    N O O N E
    a lot tried to copy them *coughtshineecough*
    but ……..ew…………no………don’t even TRY
    you’re not worthy hahaha
    so gay kekeke
    our boys are the only one

    but the stripping part is fun though.. and I can’t do that if he’s already ‘done’ so clothes is a MUST

    hahaha OH MY GOD
    everytime someone remind me of that scene I can’t help but laugh like crazy haha too awsome

    so you haven’t got a chance to watch it in HQ yet??

    butt hand face….
    i love the Bong peguin as much as I love the others
    welcome to the peguin family.

  44. ncly

    haha yea i saw that too
    that thing look HUGE
    he won’t be able to move freely with it on
    I like the part where he took off his hat and put it on his stylist hahah
    almost look like a couple

  45. ncly

    haha yea i saw that too
    that thing look HUGE
    he won’t be able to move freely with it on
    I like the part where he took off his hat and put it on his stylist hahah
    almost look like a couple

  46. ncly

    yup, it’s FREAKING FREEZING over there right now
    50 degress is like… the warm temperature over there
    I have this little temperature thing on my computer set to Seoul, Korea so I know what’s going on over there
    so that’s why we gotta love the backup dancers more
    they must be freezed to death

  47. jiyanz

    yup he mixed ‘flow’ and ‘go’ during NUMBER 1
    hhaha aigool… what’s going on with our Kwon Leadah now? haha

    and our Bae seriously NEED to let go
    and jump around or do the backflip and land on his butt for once hahaha
    we would LOVE that

  48. vip5

    yea haha i saw it
    pretty freaking cool eh?

  49. acegurl

    ooh really??? LUCKY~~~
    ah~ our Big Bang boys of course are more special and get to sing 2 songs

    awww… Baby was friendly?
    of course he is hahaha
    that’s why I love him

  50. nugushun & nieciepink

    seem like SOMEONE is hotlinking my pictures
    I fixed it though

  51. did anyone notice that tabi seems to look very cheerful when he’s singing in all the ‘sunset glow’ performances? and his expression is so cute it kills all of us – the tabi lovers. AHHH HIS EYES <33333 and when he smiles we all fall in heaven AHH LOVE LOVE LOVEEE! ❤

  52. vicky

    yeah i feel something was wrong with him..but couldn’t exactly tell lol..i can’t stand his fashionista clothing anymore T___T it was weird hahahaa i want the normal him T___T

    hahaha backflip and land on his butt wtf lol.
    i would be happy if he could just smile more hmm
    he’s like SO SERIOUS wtf

    wow now i love the dancers more..is it really freezing there T__T
    they’re so professional.and the one seducing my tabi..she looks so fine and hot..i like her xD!! for the 1st time, i like my love enemy lol

  53. I LOVE THIS SONG, I LOVE THIS PERFORMANCE,I LOVE BIG BANG, I LOVE TOP, LOVE THIS SITE <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  54. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Number 1!!!
    i’m so giddy right now. but dude,
    what was up with all the panning out with
    the camera. >=[ grrr…hehe.

    man. i want to stay and play with you all
    and Big Bang, but i’m probably going to be
    out for the rest of the day. so later…

  55. btw just to tell u guys…im at korea for now til 4 years so anything to help bout korea-bb stuff just let me now….

  56. lil sis in law
    I’ve been saying for a long while now.
    He’s been doing it even before the number 1 mv.
    He really liked butts. hehe. =)
    I agree with you all, my baebae really needs to LET GO and smile goofy with the rest of them. hehehe. =) hope he’ll smile a lot more in their other sunset glows perfs in the future.

  57. btw that picture of baebae biting his lips killed me again. ^^ so damn sexy…rawr!!!!

  58. mr. choi is damn sexy haha
    dork magic ^^

  59. acegurl

    did tabi do a bit of pelvic thrusts during the 2nd verse in the sunset glow perf? I wondered why the audience suddenly screamed. hehe.

  60. DAMN! Nice performance! Very good.
    Number 1 & Sunset Glow :]
    They are GREAT SONGS!
    The boys look soooo well & not
    sick or anything at all (:
    that’s good! :]

  61. OMG! Great pictures! LOL. When I first saw the picture w/ fire in it, at first, I thought Seungri’s head was on fire XD LOL!

  62. Is it just me, or do I hear a little “umph”s in the beginning of the video of number 1?

  63. Dae’s bright red pants really caught my attention LOL
    They all so hot hot HOT!Black+Red cool style!
    (ok maybe not bright red pants *sigh*
    Daesung ahh~i cant concentrate on ur face when u r wearing such pants)

    Plus,love the cute “ah..ah..ah..ah” part, reminds me of their ‘butt dance’ on Crazy Dog perf…somehow… LOL

    Hmm..TOP looks pale, but he kept smiling~ They all are..:)
    GOD,please take care of our boys..They work soo hard for us..their fans~ T.T

    p/s: thanks for these updates Vicky!

  64. Aww, cuties.
    Omg, biggest GD fan here, but WTF IS HE WEARING?!
    It’s even worse than the all black version he wore in the comeback performance!

  65. OMG did taeyang really slap/tap her butt!!!!
    i thought it was fake…but i paused t and replyed it over and over and OMG he really did…haha that must be the first ass that he really touched..hahahaha awww out TY is a man now!! hehehhe

  66. Big Bang Comeback=FIRE!!!!!hahaha…..so proud of the boys!!!Goodjob!!!

  67. Ok————I havn´t watched the whole performance yet (gotta take a shower first ;O) —BUT, the bits I´ve seen looked really great!

    As you all know (or not) I´m really fond of “Number 1”, and to see them perform it, is really good.


    I totally agree about Mr. TOP.
    One can tell that he´s not having his best of days—understandable.

    This is actually the FIRST time EVER, that his performance (especially his voice) lacked that “Beast” energy.

    (I really hope he gets some sleep- very soon)

    Though I must say, the part where the female dancer whispered in his ear, was rather cool…

  68. VI

    hahah that would be the dreamjob. getting paid to zoom in on these wonderful guys’ faces~~ ahh!

    those mnet cameramen are prolly single, perverted, freaks in their forties! they zoom in on the most randomest spots everr like i dont get how they arent fired yet..lol

  69. Screams*
    omg red and black is hot!
    i love Seungri’s facially expression
    Yes, Big Bang is my Number 1 =]
    I just love Sunset Glow more & more
    it’s soo cute when they go ‘ah ah ah ah ah’
    i love their faces, they are all smilely and cute
    TOP’s eyes, are hot! i love his hair and it
    makes him very cute! There performences were on fire!
    it’s that hot. what is GD wearing? it looks okay
    though. Big Bang is back! most definitly,incredible
    I love Big Bang, watching that brighten up my day =]

  70. awesome! Tabi is looking well ^_^
    gosh, their female dancers are so pretty!

  71. OMG!!!
    they look damn fine in red and black
    I’m in full fangirl mode right now

    they are workin it
    Bong looked strangely hot
    where did he messed up the lyrics?
    Bae enjoyin the butt spankin moments
    Baby killed me…the suit and his dancing wwere just too much
    my man truly impressed me today
    I’m so happy to see him like…he’s even gettin some action
    and the new hairstyle…I’m speechless
    it’s beyond hot!!!

    Sunset Glow is now officially my favorite song from this album
    (at least for now ;P)
    the performance was love

  72. TOP’s voice sounds sooo hoarse >_<..i guess his flu hasn’t completely gone away yet ;__;

  73. DID YOU GUYS NOTICE THAAAAAAAAAAAAT!? cassi and vip are friends !!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! omg.. im so happy 🙂 seeing all those bb bandana’s makes me feel so damn proud !!!
    sunset glow, that song is hella addicting.. and the lives are soo damn cuuuute :3 aaah, vip is growing.. their fanbase zomg its growing !!! just watch BB, when you get here in california…. :3

  74. very very nice. vips make me proud! 😀
    at :18 during the “can you feel it?” part… GD’s facial.
    ahhhh i about died! i can feel it!!! lawl.
    top is looking mighty fine EVERYTIME i see him.
    omg i still love you jiyong!
    my fav. choreo, slap in the ass lawl i miss aimee! –
    sunset glow totally owns!!! i love everything about it.
    im def. gonna be very happy every wk.

  75. lucky dancers. ha! I love these performances.

  76. Haha, after seeing number 1, I just had to gif that part! It’s low quality because I rip it off of youtube. I mainly did this for my friend, Daisy but I felt like sharing this to you guys too.

  77. vi

    thankss now i can see the pics~
    ah i love them<3

  78. T.O.P IS SEXY!

  79. oh yeah GUYSS!!


  80. *droooooooools*


  81. babyfedex

    him being that hyper
    I think everyone noticed haha

    i think that this is his concept for this song
    hyper and happy all the time

    the true Mr. T.O.P

  82. jiyanz

    Bong always have a period where he doesn’t care about what other think and doesn’t care if it doesn’t look good or not
    he just do it I think try to make a statement or something
    like last year with the bowlcut and depressing thing
    he’ll get through it before you know it

    like lately, I notice the stage is back.
    most cold~…. hmm..
    this is how he get at the end of the year

    maybe Bong’s sickness is contagious and Bae caught it hahah

    I like her too
    her, HwiJin and HyeJin are my fave
    they’re so awsome and think they’re sooo freaking pretty, ppl always go like ‘the dancer is ugly’
    jealous fangirls T_T
    can’t stand them sometimes

  83. Heather

    those camera man with no human sense
    but you know what’s funny?
    I saw WonderGirl’s performance during this concert too, cuz I always check their perf. of Nobody on the daily
    and all the angle were perfect, show their faces perfectly and the important part of the choreography
    ………….those effin bias camera man…………………


  84. sis in law

    you’re not suppose to ‘hope’
    you suppose to make it happen
    do something’ gurl~ hahaha


    doesn’t EVERY of his pic kills me??

  85. jess

    we never know
    it’s mr.Bong’s fashion
    aka……..blurry.. haha

  86. bchewy

    haha…. ehm……..have you seen NUMBER 1 MV??

  87. spinx

    I thought that part with the dancer was HOT~
    and his expression X.X
    i likes it kkeke

  88. Jini

    who say anything about face?? 8D

    especially on illegal young girls
    when I saw the Mnet 20 choice
    and WG was performing
    they keep zooming in on SoHee’s butt
    i was like ‘GOD JEEZ~ the girl is freaking my age’
    stop being such a perve damn it.

    and there may be some sick dudes out there who like that
    but I’m SURE girls out there like me doesn’t appreciate looking at that
    it’s disrespectful to us viewers and SoHee.

  89. Sexica

    when Bong rapped his first verse
    he got ‘flow’ and ‘go’ mixed up

  90. i am like, this close to memorizing sunset glow…

    i memorized number 1 before the album caeme out… actually… i memorized it in the first three hours… ^_^ hahaha.i think he mixed up ‘flow’ and ‘go’ in the verse after the first chorus in the song…XD

  91. news report #2:

    Big Bang once again show their fangirls that they can make them go straight 2 heaven! Im reporting right now through d help of our manager VI, d Big Bang’s comeback @ SBS LOVE concert! it truly is a remarkable LOVE! We can C right now d unstoppable T.O.P disease w/ his OH sO haPPy pretty EYES..also Tae Yangs AWESOME “sLap d as* 4 me” move, d innocent “I dont hungry” boy is nO longer in sight though in reality is still innocent. And of course who can 4get Big Bang’s LOVE TRIANGLE couples, lets start 2 G-dragon d “LEADAH”, his AWESOMENESS is beyond control and this boy is reported of a crime 4 killin’ his fangirls in seconds,,Daesung, n’ his “I LOVE PARTY” expressions r truly something 2 “gOOgle”..and d highlight of this night 4 our manager (n’ me) is Big Bang’s maknae Seungri, this boy ENERGY n’ CUTE level is beyond measure n’ his fans cannot even imagine LIFE w/out him (+BB)! Idk how else would I describe d boys..its 4 U 2 decide VIPz!!!

    this is ur NEWS updater: J-G-RILEEN (fosho~)


  92. btw VI whats ur 2nd account in youtube???

  93. OMG! How frikken CUTE are these pictures???!!!
    gaahhh!!! I am so in love with the Sunset Glow dance..
    again….this performance makes me feel so alive and happy!!! ^___^
    TOP definitely does LOOK GOOD!!! Hes so hyped!! it makes me hyped!!

    when he messed up in the last “ah..ah..ah..” part it was so funny! he was soooo cute hahahaha…im just totally loving
    his smile throughout this performance

    and loving alla these sexy men’s presence on stage!!!!!!!

    I LOVE U BIG BANG!!!!!

  94. VI

    i know right! and they end up calling sohee the wierd one >__<

    haha i didnt even think of zooming in on anything other than their faces…ooh the possibilites!!
    lol we’d record it, playback! zoom! rewind! pause! stare, drool…XDD

  95. i hate the cameraman.. they missed out important parts of the choreo.. sigh……

  96. OMG Mister G-Dragon did get the lyrics mixed up
    it’s “ready to flow, ready to go”
    and he said “ready to go, ready to flow”
    Lols; it’s okay, we still love you GD :]

  97. Vi
    It’s better than others who wear short pants right???
    Maybe u could imagine someone *coughtshineecought* using the same hot pants like bong to see the difference?

    They should try to make out their style & not copying others style.

    Kekeke.. ‘already done’ yup, yup, yup, that part is really fun. & how we will enjoy it, it depends on ourselves. So, how will u strip baby? Kinky style? Hahaha

    Isn’t it right?? Just look at Dae’s face! OMG.. hilarious.
    Its like “where? Where? Where r they?” kakaka

    I really gonna kill him. Its already a month since I report it, but they haven’t come. I also phoned him for so many times. Aarrghhh… that give a big stress to me.
    So I only could see the youtube verse, hiks.. I’ll call that technician again today.

    KAKAKA… then that make a family of three. Tabi, Baby & Bong.
    Oh tabi… I want to see him in penguin style again. When will it be? Kekeke.. I’m waiting..

  98. bae was sad because he had to slap that girl`s ass !
    was that aimee again ?

    i dieddd when that happened D:

    the performances were realllyy gooood !
    i love their outfits,
    especially GD`s pants & bebe`s jacket.
    the only thing that pissed me off was the fire thingy.
    it kept us from seeing their faces ! :[

  99. OMG! thanxxx ferr sharing thiss && the MP4 versionnn..
    uhmmmm, may i ask if you could also make a MP4 version with high quality of the MV sunset gloww??
    thanxx in advancee vickyy!

  100. oh yeah btw-
    there are pictures on facebook
    which show the pictures from EDGE photoshoot i think ?
    & YB IS BALD.
    did he really shave his fowhawk off ?

  101. vicky

    hell T__T yeah and i love him for this kind of attitude
    don’t you think he’s freaking cool?
    he’s always showing people the i don’t give a f**k attitude..like what he sang in Oh,Ah,Oh..one of the lyrics says ‘i don’t give a fffff***’ lol..is it oh, ah, oh or other song? not sure hmm
    hope he’ll get through it soon.
    don’t spread the sickness to me and i start to dress like a freak too T__T
    he’s just weird like that and noone will get what is on his mind
    is it a good or bad thing about him? i don’t know T__T

    HyeJin was the one who danced with bae in Remember??
    i love her! she was the 1st one i ever noticed in Number 1 Mv
    i think she’s freaking pretty
    ahhh..i’m falling for the dancers too T__T~

  102. Dori

    NUMBER 1 is probably the easiest one to remember haha
    since it’s so catchy

  103. J-G-RILEEN



    Please do one for every post
    I’ll love you forever haha

  104. J-G-RILEEN

    i don’t remember the name cuz I just type in a random number
    but if you double click the video up there, it’ll take u to the page on youtube and the account that’s upload the video is my 2nd accoutn

  105. Jini

    save up a copy of every freaking angle for ‘PERSONAL USE’ hahah
    damn it.
    let’s all go to a freaking camear-holding school so we can get this job kekek

  106. nya

    I’m imagining… and EW..
    makes me wanna gag haha

    ever since Big Bang came out with their own style for ‘Lies’
    they copy it right away

    when I first saw their promotional pic, I was like ‘WHO THE HECK IS THAT DRESSING LIKE BABY”
    the dude that’s wearing the oh so similar blue shirt that Baby wore in the LIES MV
    -.- how unoriginal.

    then Dae scratch the back of his head and start running toward the bus with both of his hands in the air hHAHAHAHAHA

    I think that day will come sooner than you think
    if Tabi keep all this hyper thing up haha

  107. mrsdongyoungbae

    no that’s not Aimee
    Aimee and Shaun already return to the states long ago
    that’s MiRan, one of the ‘CRAZY’ dancer that works with Big Bang a lot

  108. bigbangloverr

    I already did
    you can find it here


  109. mrsdongyoungbae

    no haha
    they just cut it out I think to fit in the cover thing
    it’s photoshoped
    cuz in the video where they show the boys shooting the pictorial
    the mohawk is still there

  110. jiyanz

    he really doesn’t
    I’m like that too that’s why he’s my 2nd husband haha
    i like to tell ppl to fuck off if they have a problem with me
    i mean…. if you don’t like me then who ask you to stick around?? hahah

    I’m becoming the dancers’ fan
    they’re so awsome
    I noticed HyeJin wayyy back in the ‘WANT YOU’ concert days
    cuz she was the one that danced ‘She Can’t get enough’ with Bong during that concert
    so that’s how I start noticing her.

  111. Vi
    That’s why we love charming ppl. He could make anything he use work. Really. Like how hubby work that coat which look like trash bag. Haha..

    Can’t they be more original? Idk which one but from wonderboys perf, I see he wear the same pants as bong does & that’s sucks, he can’t even work it like bong. So just please, stop copying, he should try to make up his own style that suit him best.

    What?? Wearing bong’s pants & the same blue shirt like baby?? Omg.. I’ll google that pic now.

    Hahaha… Dae, he’s the main character in this MV for sure.
    OMG.. I still can’t stop laughting at that part.

    Aww~~ tabi should do that again. His penguin style is to die for. Hahaha..
    So cute & yet dangerous, coz every nuna also dong-seng can’t handle themselves anymore & will go to rape him >.<

  112. Ohh, lols
    thanxxx vickkyy! 🙂

  113. Tabi get some action O.O awwwww i love the performance ^^ i’m downloading HQ on my other fast computer xD lol~ thanx Vi <333

  114. Vi
    dude. i’m with you. let’s go friggin’ boycott
    their asses. it’s annoying. how can they be biased
    against our boys? >=[

    and yes, HQ is the only way to go. thanks again
    for the upload.

  115. i wanna be that girl ^__^

  116. Thank you for uploading ^^=) Hmm.. part 1 is deleted or there’s sumthing wrong? Have a look

  117. Thank you for uploading…
    Now OGM..Ji Yong Looks So DAmn Hott In The performance
    Gosh Ji YOng Come And Lick Me!

  118. damn i love my TOPiee that dork>.< and NO i cannot handle him with a ‘Honey’ LMAO i would be happy for him if he found someone but really sad deep down TT_TT, i just lovin his expressions man ^-^ it shows he not sick anymore =) hehe in some pics my YB looks like a littel kid LMAO xD ahahha

  119. the performances were AMAZING! i’m glad TOP is back healthy and strong.

    i love how they can all be so hott and masculine in number one then be so cute and adorable in sunset glow. i love the “ah, ah, ah” part!

  120. g0sh i’m s0 glad 2 c dat T0P is super hyper 0n dat nite!! =P
    he’s t00 H0T n ad0rable,l0ve his expressi0ns s0 much!
    n 0thers,awes0me!
    d ch0re0 was juz 2 cute ney!^^

  121. TOP is killing me!! he is too cute and handsome omg let alone an all time dork~~ <333 haha he messed up, omg i just cracked up and loved it cause he laughed too


  122. As being a Newbie, I’m often looking on the internet for content that will support me. Thank you Wow! Thank you! I constantly desired to create in my site something like that. Can i get component of your submit to my blog?

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