Big Bang to model for LG’s new cellphone ‘CYON’ | EDGE Previews Picture | NEW YG BOUNCE

**EDIT: OH EM GEE~~~~ New YG BOUNCE!!!!! feature the boys shooting their ‘Sunset Glow’ MV… so so so so colorful, awsome and full of dorkiness!! A LOT MORE UNDER THE CUT!!! XD!! have to see it!!!!!

The boys’ wish have finally came true, wayyyy back then, when they were asked if they can do CFs for anything, what would it be? They answered ice cream and cellphones. The ice cream already come true with Baskin Robin, now the wish is complete, they’re the new endorser of LG’s new cellphone brand ‘CYON’

Take a look at the the phone they’re endorsing ‘CYON’

OH EM GEE!!! This phone is cool, click on the video at the end, so awsome!! I so wanna trade my BlackBerry in for that phone. I WANT A CYON TOO!!!!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Big Bang and actresses Kim Tae Hee and Ahn Sung Gi will be the new models for mobile phone brand ‘CYON’.

LG Electronics said, “We have chosen Kim Tae Hee and Ahn Sung Gi to endorse our CYON brand, but has also invited Big Bang on-board to endorse our products.”

“The image of fashion sensitivity plays big role in connecting our product with the consumers.
Therefore we chosen Big Bang, who is the closest models to bring that image out.”

In the coming mid-November, Big Bang members GDragon, TaeYang, SeungRi, DaeSung and TOP will be appearing in the new music video advertisement for CYON, bringing out both the refined and sophicated image for the product.

Thanks to SooKyeong’s minihompy

So since they’re using the pictures from ‘EDGE’ to promote ‘CYON’. I’m guessing this isn’t for a magazine pictorial after all, this was the shoot for the ‘CYON’ ad. and also the finger swinging video is for the music video CF they were talking about?? Well…… I’m not sure about that but I DO KNOW ONE THING FOR SURE……. THESE PICS……… ARE… BURNING… HOT… I’m not even kidding here okay. Hot boys with deathly stare, even Dae look deathly this time, and I thought that was impossible. In Bae’s pic, they photoshopped it and cut out his mohawk hahaha but HE DIDN’T SHAVE HIS HAIR. okay haha the mohawk is still there, so don’t freak out now. Bong………………he… do I really need to say it over and over again? Y’all should know what he’s capable of doing by now.. just…. OH GOD~ Baby can’t loose either, NUH-UH first time I notice this but…. I love his eyebrows…………. XP!!! LOVE IT!! Tabi’s pic = XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His facial features… oh my god it’s so sharp and perfect… didn’t think it was possible for human being but… TA-DA!!

‘EDGE’ Previews


DON’T FREAK OUT!!! They photoshopped his hair like that, the mohawk is still alive.

thanks to Bang’em님 and S님

YG BOUNCE: Shooting of ‘Sunset Glow’ MV


kekeke GRi is next to each other!!!! 😀

thanks to YG Bounce | 싱아님


~ by Vicky on November 9, 2008.

87 Responses to “Big Bang to model for LG’s new cellphone ‘CYON’ | EDGE Previews Picture | NEW YG BOUNCE”

  1. they’re so cute!
    and intense. ahaha, i like it.

  2. What happened to YB’s hair?!

  3. oh man, they look mad hott. awesome. i’m glad their wish has been granted..why can’t my dream meeting them be granted soon? haha. fierce as always.

  4. i love dae’s face in the 2nd pic 😀
    gd’s hair looks like jimmy neutron’s hair XD
    i wonder wheres top 😦

    i’m so mad they photoshopped tae’s hair in the pic. he should never go bald again till he gets enlisted to the army. he just has a weird shaped head XD

    i love u tae a lot but tae u have a weird shaped head XD XD

  5. omg omg omg omg bongie. Damn I love that mans profile. Need we say anything else. His look and his expression. *melts* hot damn. And baby? seriously Seungri needs to turn 18 already cause i love this hairstyle and these pics are not helping the bad images that are constantly popping up in my head whenever i see him now. Of course i would never cheat on my Bongie. But still…the images. *goes and fangirls*

  6. omg so hot. yay a cellphone CF!
    haha YB’s hair surprised me, but then i saw the hair behind the words. 😛
    ackkkkk jiyong kills me xD

  7. OMFG!!!!!
    sooooo hot!!!*massive nosebleed*
    Bae’s pic looks so weird yet he doens’t look half bad with that haircut…he can work anything that WE KNOW FOR SURE!!!
    Bong in white….dang!!!
    Baby’s pulling a bad boy look…HOT!
    but my man…never seen such a flawless face
    the hair…the eyes..the lips…I JUST DIED!!!

    just passed my edge

  8. lol yeah YB’s pic is wierd cuz you can see the rest of his hair behind the letter, they should of just left it, it wasn’t that much more room.

    gosh. that last picture made me pee my pants…
    gosh, they all look lovely and rapable. I love em<3!

  10. guys do you know where i can watch Family Outing?

  11. wow…!!
    they are just too hot..!
    i cant take my eye off you guys..!
    aza aza hwaiting Big BANG..~!!

  12. LOL!!! XD
    that is some BAD photoshopping on YB’s hair.

    otherwise, they’re smokin’ HOT~~~

  13. Tooth

    haha don’t freak out
    they photoshopped it
    the mohawk is still there
    he didn’t shave his hair

  14. Daisy

    i use to love that show
    so sad they don’t air it anymore T_T

    please don’t remind me of the army
    missing them for 2 years
    I think I’ll go insane

  15. Kay-chan

    well stop having the thoughts
    i’m scared whenever others think of our Baby this way hahaha
    18 i still not COMPLETELY legal
    so watch out hahah

  16. Sexica

    Baby is copying Tabi so much these days T­_T
    wonder what Bong think haha

    and agree
    so perfect……didn’t think it was possible at all
    but apparently.. i was wrong

  17. bambooshoots

    idk WHAT these ppl were thinking T_T

  18. OMG, I always like SeungRi as the baby (makes me laugh every time) but he looks so hot in this pic. I’ve always been a Gdragon fan but WOW . . . my jaws just dropped. I like this look (smiles) A LOT!!!!

    As for TaeYang he looks like Eric when he enlisted. <– he still looks hot. I like the hair.

  19. vi
    LG’s cellphone brand CYON?? Omg… look at those cellphone..
    I like the one that Dae’s hold. That one looks so cool.
    Suits & cellphone. Damn gurl.. I think I need to change my cellphone now. Hahaha

    Why baby looks like he’s flying in the first pic?? Haha

    O.O!! I never know Dae’s serious face could be so sexy & kills.
    I’m eager to see the CF now.

    I don’t get the point why they PSed bebe’s Mohawk. He cool with his Mohawk.

    Don’t u think bong so like a billionare here? With the white suits, mad face & his new

    Even baby Seung Ri look so hot! I like his jacket. Vi, doest that pose kill u?
    Look at baby’s eyesight & how he managed that innocent eyes? Wow vi~ I never know ur hubby is this great. Haha

    AAAHHHH!!! Please someone tell me the meaning of ‘perfect’ word!
    Look at hubby! Could someone that’s a human being that perfect as him??? That face..
    Whoever that photographer is. I thank u sincerely. Coz u managed to take a really good pic of hubby. That expression! So sharp yet also give us gentle feels.
    And his new hair, the spikiness rules! That eyebrow, I want to feel it.
    & on top of all, hubby’s finger. I really think I’ll end up licking that finger.
    Damn… I’ll rape him someday. Ahh!! I’m drooling like crazy. I could sit here doing nothing just seeing & being amazed by hubby’s pic.
    (I end up using 10minutes just to type this paragraph. I can’t take off my eyes from it)

  20. i agree with bambooshoots
    ahaa first time i saw it i though ty shave his haiir XD
    but his hair was behind the D

  21. @ topspin

    You can download the current/past raws @

    or the subs from FO Fansubs, but they ONLY have up to Episode 7. Their going through some difficulties right now.

  22. LOL
    as long as there’s G-Ri I don’t think Bong will mind
    but you know he’s just askin for it actin like my man
    provokin the thoughts for all Tabi luvers
    he better watch out

    yup he’s too sexy I tell ya
    I think the hair has somethin to do with that
    because he’s been showin his whole face
    not like before when he used to have his hair longer
    or maybe his eyebrows…I can’t think straight when lookin at that pic so I wouldn’t know

  23. OMG I want that phone! It looks so awesome!

  24. @ vicky
    lol 18’s legal to me. I just turned 20 in August, a couple days before Jiyong. XD But i’ll try to stop. I’m telling you his new haircut and these pics just arent helping. But dont worry. even when hes of age i would never cheat on my Bongie


    They’re so friggin sexxay!! =)

  26. hehe
    TY’s photoshopped hair like that reminded me of the time when HOt Issue came out..when he shaved all of his hair 🙂
    i’m glad that the mohawk looks freakin hot on him

    oh and the EDGE magazine looks so americanized~~

    LG phone called cyon?..
    i have my friend who is named Seo Yeon, and we nicknamed her Cyon~~what a coincident hehe..i should go and tell her now..

  27. ohmygosh. i nearly died looking at jiyong’s pics. He always is able to give that depressed lonely look in his eyes tat makes me wanna die for him. AHH!

  28. Sorry to bother but what does the article say?? haha

  29. nya

    my stupid BlackBerry look… stupid compare to CYON
    i want one!!!!
    the lights is touch sensitive… that is just too awsome!!
    I WANT ONE!!!!!

    hahhaha more like Baby’s floating keke

    oh yea~ Bong DEFINATELY does
    i want him hahah
    right about now… yup keke

    heh……you have to ask if that pose kill me???
    just look at it
    his eyes… DAMN.
    u never know?? O.O

    I think even with the crappiest camera ever
    ur man will still turn out looking good haha
    today I met a fan, she never heard of Big Bang until she saw their comeback performance today
    and she saw ur man, she was like ‘DAMN HE’S HOT’
    and now she’s a total crazy VIP hahaha
    isn’t that funny? kekeke

    haha feel his eyebrows
    doesn’t we all??? haha

    no need to rape jeez gurl
    that’s what marriage is all about keke

  30. Sexica

    oh jeez….. now that you mention it…

    lord what will I do if Tabi luvers start to turn on Baby???

  31. Kay-chan

    keke glad to hear that
    as long as Baby can stay pure
    I’m happy haha
    I’m so protective for a dongseng by 2 years who is only 16 for 3 days keke

  32. ncly

    Bae shaved it way earlier than that
    during the WANT YOU concerts back mid-2007
    just get rid of ALLL his cornrows
    I was like ‘O_______O”
    first Tabi with ‘Hello’ now Bae??
    but I never actually decide if it look good or not cuz he always had a hat glued on his head hahah

    kkeekk ur friend will be too happy for words
    man…….asia have soem awsome phones

    the U.S phone sucks~

  33. leave it to the boys to look super colorful
    they are so dorky!!!

    the last picture is love
    Bong’s smile is PERFECT!
    BaeDae and ToBae…TOO CUTE!

    whoever took the pics…THANKS!!!
    I knew they had it!!!

  34. debby

    it basically say that Big Bang will be the new face of LG’s new mobile phone ‘CYON’ and will be endorsing the product, that include, advertisements, commercials, events, stuff like that

  35. Sexica

    dude~ did u see the pic with Bong picking out what he want to wear
    look at all those clothes and accesories
    so freaking colofrul
    no wonder this MV is so happy

    haha you win in life.
    there’s ur backview
    happy ? kkeke

  36. LOL
    yup I see danger in your future
    I think you know how we Tabi luvers can get
    not only that but look at your other husband too
    that smile is inviting…very inviting
    and the purple pants….

  37. LOL
    little early for a birthday presest but I’ll take it

  38. the boys are SO cute in the sunset glow pictures.

  39. whoa look at that bus!
    & all those pictures! HOTT!
    omg, i want that phone now.
    ahh! can’t wait for the mv for the
    phone thingy (: teeehee.

  40. if u look closely at bae’s picture photoshopped
    you can still see his mohawk though

  41. Vi
    At least ur is better than mine. My Nokia already been used like umm… 3 years?? Haha.. I’m surprised its not broken yet. I really wont a new one but money~~~ hah.. have to use the old one >.<

    Don’t sound so horny gurl… handle urself. Kakaka…
    Having 2 hubby is kind of troubling. First its bong then its baby. Hahaha… just how many times u died in a day??? U’ll lose count. Haha..
    I never know. Baby in my eyes is a cute little bother. & that’s better for u. haha

    Hahaha.. look at him, its so flawless. Ahh~~~
    That eyes, lips, nose, eyebrow, hair, chin, cheek, finger, ear, jawline, ahh.. I want to kiss it all!!
    Eh??? Wow~ Idk what should I react haha.. its kind of god news but a bad news too. HAHAHA… OMG… no one could reject Tabi. He’s too hot for God sake.
    I think God spend too much time in making him, so perfect.
    Again with this statement, it’s not the fault of the flowers which have so many bees surrounding it.
    Huh? U want to feel my hubby’s eyebrow too??? Isn’t baby & bong is enough for u??
    Using a rape word in marriage give a lil “sensation” into it. HAHAHA..

    OMG… I just saw Chinese sub of MBC come to play. The last one with them & Gummy. I never know that they’re talking about the first kiss!!
    OMG!!! & hubby’s first kiss is in his 6th grade of elementary?? How could he say that he doesn’t love skinship?? It’s a big liar!! I never know my man past is that great.
    Now I have a feel of him as a player. He must have so many ex-GF. 6th grade.. hahaha

  42. so it was a cellphone xD! i wanna see the CF >.<

  43. Where was TOP in the phone ad? :O
    They all look so cute 😀

  44. ooh. they’re representing LG phones.
    can never go wrong with LG. i would know
    since i own one. xD

    and what is up with that horrible photoshopping
    on YB’s pic. it’s deceived people into thinking
    he shaved his mohawk off. *tsk, tsk*

  45. ooh. they’re representing LG phones.
    can never go wrong with LG. i would know
    since i own one. xD

    and what is up with that horrible photoshopping
    on YB’s pic. it’s deceived people into thinking
    he shaved his mohawk off. *tsk, tsk*

  46. does the phone only has korean?? no english??? Cuz i want one! I hadve an LG Prada right now ^^ And i would like the new Lg Prada II but it costs $1000!!!! Now im looking for new phones….&nd this one sounds goood ^^

  47. Those phones are hot. The pictures are, too. xD but seriously, I like them way better than my phone. I can’t stand stupid touch screens.

    And, man, those are some colorful pictures. I love it.

  48. GOOOD LORDY!!!!!

    these CYON + YG Bounce pics are sooo amazingly SEXXXAY!!

    good gawd!!! Seung Ri in that GRI PIC…omg, omg, omg Im sweating
    from his HOTNESS!!! gaahhH!!! I LOVE IT!

    those EDGE PICS….wheewww!! its burning up in here!!! SO HOT!!!

    When I saw DaeSung i was like dayummm!!!…DaeSung you sexy beast!! ang!~ lol

    Omg…YB!! man oh man!! how I wish I was on your left side and you were staring at me like that…hahaha

    GD!! OMG!…have mercy!!

    TOP…idk how to describe how sexy you are!! gahh!! im like drooling!! after my jaw dropped!!

    DS & YB in the YG Bounce pic..hehehe you both are extremely cute!
    DS with his thumbs up…YB with his cute smile ^___^ ahhhh!!
    im in love!

    the last picture TOP just takes my breath away with that look on his face and when he laughs…aaahh~~~~~~ :D:D:D
    and GD staring at that…what is it?..shrimp?..lololhahaha
    so funny!!

    IM LOVING these MV stills!!!

  49. […] post:  Big Bang to model for LG’s new bcellphone/b ‘CYON’ | EDGE Previews b…/b Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a […]

  50. i can’t wait to see the cf!

  51. ah this is a random post but whenever i go to this site, it always caught my eyes d banner up there, cuz its always cut off in d middle and poor dae sung cant c d face, is there anyway some1 can fix that? I really LOVE these boys and i want 2 c them whole,,^_^

    VI can i do my news report 2morrow? im speechless ryt now, i cant really think much, mayb thats y i got a random post,,lol..tnx..

    ^_^ THANK YOU

  52. OMG~~~~!!!
    they are so cool~ cute.. and charisma…
    hahahaha.. thanks for sharing the news and the pics here…

  53. aaaww!!!
    omg,, they’re so HOT!!!!

    i love the phone~
    i want one too~

  54. OH MA GOD they r soo hot
    & sexy man!!!!!!!!!

  55. awesome!!! cellphone cf~
    i want one now. keke

    baby and bong look HOT in thier pictures

  56. why are the boys killing me everyday?
    HUH?!! distracted me from sitting for tomorrow’s paper T__T
    those pictures are…..fcuking hot..bong and tabi and baby and dae and bae……arghhhh all hotness.
    especially tabi! my mind went freaking blank and after that i screamed after i saw the perfect!! love his hair!
    and the pics from the mv…freaking cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    why are they hot and cute at the same time?!!!!!!!
    my desire to rape them is burning now lolololol
    i must not be distracted by the hotness of the boys
    focus focus!!

  57. OMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I HAV THAT PHONE!!!!!!!!!
    i didnt realli notice it until i clicked on the original pic and was like :O OMG!
    YAYYY im so happy!!!!!!!!

  58. exact same colour too!!!! 😀

  59. OMG!! they!

    baby’s stare..damn boy!! i love tabi and he was so hot in the pic too(i screamed when i saw him!!) but’s perfect in the pic..0_0 by the way where’s top in the other was just the four of them..i love the phones thou..

    waaah..they make me wanna get one looks cool..^^

  60. OMG they are soooo hot i saw the commercial and oooooooh dey is soo sexy, but i want that phone so bad now, big bang should endorse everything

  61. OMFG, GD IS SOOOOO FREAKIN HOT in those Edge pics!

  62. OMG So colorfull 😀

  63. good ladies

  64. It may be just me but like some pictures don’t show. :]

  65. Sexica

    get horny?????
    oh trust me honey. I KNOW~
    okay hahah

    I can’t worry about Bong
    really can’t do anything anymore
    he’s DONE for hahaha

  66. Teiisa

    yea behind the G haha

  67. nya

    the longest I ever had a phone for is 1 year
    and it broke 3 days after the 1 year guarantee thing end hahah
    so I have to buy a new one
    currently still using it
    I was gonna switch to a iPhone but my uncle has it and I already broke his because I dropped it
    it sucks so I just stick to my blackberry

    DIDN’T THINK SO hahaha

    hahaha poetic again T_T
    God have been busy creating these boys
    they’re too amazing

    SENSATION~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
    i’m dead T_T from laughing and being embarassed for you haha

    and before on this show, when they ask him how old is he when he had his first kiss he say in 7th grade
    uh uh uh uh uh.. LIAR. hahaha

    but he went through I think like 3 or 4 relationships
    that’s what they say before

  68. Heather

    Asia always have the coolest phones
    I want the CYON

  69. Jamie

    i think it only available in Korea

  70. J-G-RILEEN

    take ur time
    I’m sure Melly will do something about the banner

  71. jiyanz

    HAHAHA ur desire to rape them is burning haha
    well you better put that fire out
    or else it’s jail time keke
    ILLEGAL WORK. kekek

  72. Vi
    Hahaha… what should I say? U’r great in broken things up. Hahaha…
    3 days after the 1 year guarantee end. But gurl, I believe if u have this CYON u won’t broke it. Coz everytime u see ur cellphone, there’ baby face pop up in ur head & u’ll treasure it. Kaka. So I suggest u to buy CYON.

    God spent too much time when he creates the boys. How could they so flawless like this?? We have no answer, really.

    “and being embarassed for you”
    OMG.. u won’t take this kidding statement seriously right??

    That little? Its big. Hahaha…
    Hell with the 7 grade thing. can’t u just say it honestly?
    He doesn’t know how interesting this first kiss topic is for fangurl.

    3 or 4?? Maybe more. With his looks & his “GREAT” past
    (watching porn in 5th grade & first kiss in 6th grade) I don’t think it’ll only 3 or 4.

  73. vicky

    hahah i’m willing to go into jail if i ever got a chance to rape seriously rapping them LOLOLOL. everything is gonna be worth it..kekeke i sound like a pervert!! gosh

  74. nya

    is that a compliment or a insutl?
    i don’t even know hahaha

    even if I buy it, i won’t be able to use it since its a korean phone and it doesn’t work over here

    i don’t know what’s ‘kidding’ and what’s forreal anymore after talking to you too much haha

    there’s something about a rooftop kiss incident too…
    he’s keeping his mouth shut about it but all the members know and whenever they mention it they keep cracking up like crazy
    there MUST be some damn juicy story behind it

  75. jiyanz

    OH EM GEE~
    you need therapy
    like seriously T_T

  76. Vi
    Just take that as a compliment. Kakaka…
    u could buy it just to satisfy ur needs of baby. Hahaha…
    me? Hahaha.. ummm… just take it as u want to. U could think of it as a kidding or as a serious statement. Hahaha… on second thought, I think I’ll do that for ‘sensation’ ^^
    yup. He don’t want us to know. While I’m dying to know about it. I want to know every little thing about him!! Can’t he be more open & doesn’t give us the mysterious feel???

  77. i love how GD looks in the last picture. i love his smile~ and he looks fresh like always!

  78. nya

    take it as i want
    and i don’t know what i want hahah
    so…..confuse kekke

    okay let’s do this
    ir ur a high school student
    and you went on the rooftop during school with a boy
    WHAT are you doing up there???? hahah

  79. x’DD
    DaeSang and Bebe in the CYON picture without TOP – they’re smiling their heads off, while everyone else is trying to pull off a seriously/sexy face. ❤

  80. Vi
    Hahaha… okay okay, just say that I might do that. Coz I really do if I get the chance. ^^v

    Going to rooftop during school with a boy? A boy & a boy?
    Don’t tell me he’s messing around with his friend but they have some accident & that’s the day he give his first kiss with a boy to his friend??
    But the thing is, what did he done there??
    How could he messing around together with his boy friend till they kissed??

  81. GASP OMG
    omfg noooo tell me he didn’t.
    omg….but thank you YG! Sunset Glow pictures =]]]]
    damn i want a edge.

  82. nya

    I’m talking about YOU going up there with a boy haha
    not ur man,
    I say u put urself in his situation gurl~
    of course he’s gonna do it with a girl hahah

  83. ninalee

    no he didn’t
    just their bad photoshopping skills

  84. omo
    sooo hottt~
    my daesungie~
    hot hot hot
    i wish the yong,ri, and dae video was longer 😦
    so short!
    i wanna see more :]

  85. Vi
    Me? Going to the rooftop with a boy?
    Skipping class?
    If its me, I’ll go to rooftop to skip class.
    Anyway, what kind of stuff I could do at the rooftop??? I don’t get the answer >.<
    Or he read porn there with his friend? Sound like something he would do T.T

  86. nya

    i’m saying
    if you’re on the rooftop during school with a boy
    and he’s hot too.

    think about it
    and probably that’s what ur man did back then kekekekek

    hm……… porn…..
    it’s possbile hahahaa
    wayyyy possible

  87. Vi
    I said if I’m on rooftop during school I must be skipping class. Feeling bored.
    I might end up watching cloud or sleeping(?)
    ‘and he’s hot too’ what do u mean by that??? Tabi or his friend? Tabi of course he’s hot.

    Maybe he read porn? Or watched it by his cellphone?
    Training his rap? I don’t think so ~,~
    Or they fight for a gurl??
    That’s what come out from my head >.< my head is useless anyway

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