random post

ehehe i feel random, i shouldnt be doing this, science yearly tomorrow *groans*

I’m listening to Meongcheonghan sarang, man i love this song



yes hello taeyanggie!!!

 i miss the gangster thing 😦

 🙂 (dies)

 sorry guys




~ by 수현 on November 9, 2008.

18 Responses to “random post”


  2. i miss the gangster thing TOO T____T

  3. I didn’t like that ganster thing 😛 They are now cooler 😛

  4. i love them whether its gangster or now
    still hot~!

  5. I liked TOP and TY in “Gangstermode”…….sometimes.

    On to the main topic——nice clips.

  6. I love that song too. 🙂 yeah i kinda miss the gangster thing as much as i miss GD’s chubby cheeks & ‘muscles’ lol, & YB’s cornrows, & Baby’s ‘innocence’ lololol

  7. they’re good at all style =p~
    i love them so much:x:x
    they make me better than ever:x:x

  8. aww i miss the gangster phase too….YB with the cornrows…gosh he was so innocent back then..all of em were..sigh lol

  9. I miss their gangster image too…though I know they can pull off anything. heheh.
    Yep they were so innocent back then…^^

  10. i acutally like them better now 🙂
    but i didn’t mind their ganster phase

  11. love ’em to bits!! but i’m missing the gangster image too…

  12. BLUEBERRY CHEEKY CHEEKY CHEESECAKE! Haha, love it. Aww, look at Seung Ri copying GD in the second gif.
    I think they’re a lot hotter now but the gangster phase was cute since they were all young and crap (Seung Ri!). But maybe I’d like it more if it weren’t for SOMEONE’s freaking cornrows.

  13. aww
    i miss there gangster-ness too
    hic hic hic
    n about that cheesecake ice-cream thing goshh i dont get how that ice-cream didnt melt!!
    im meltting already

  14. i miss the gangster thing too..
    we all do! =]
    Ah thank you! they are very cute!

  15. bahahahah aww those are all so cuuute!~
    i miss their gangster days tooT_T

  16. haha i actually like them better now that they’re not as gangster xp
    but they’re always ah-dor-a-blee (:
    especially bong~<3
    and yeah to whoever said that, bae’s cornrows were really quite something :/

  17. awwwwww i miss that times xD! but they are always HOT! ♥__♥ dies*

  18. I loved the Gangsta BB too… but they’re still my Big Bang loves whateva they dress in ^_^. These pics are too cute–Big Bang is VIP!!-I miss that. Tho of course they’re still VIP obviously… ^.^

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