11.11.08 Behind the Scene: FILA Photoshoot | HQ Fall NII RELEASE!!!


11.11.08 YTN StarNews
Behind the Scene: FILA Photoshoot
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thanks to S님

thanks to S님
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Big Bang hasn’t done a FILA ad ever since 2006, I guess they renew their contract and Big Bang will be FILA’s new endorser, no wonder the boys are falling sick, so many things to do for the 2nd album’s promotion, and all these photoshoots they have to do, they’re currenlty endorsing, NII, Skoolooks, CYON EDGE, and now FILA. whew~ hope they don’t overwork themselves.

awww… Bae with the dark circles… poor Bae~ must be dead tire; but is it just me or seeing them wearing backpack look REALLY FUNNY, like just lookig at Baby holding the bag cracked me up. And the shirts they’re wearing, it has their faces on it, do you see it?? hehe NICE~ I LOVE BABY WEARING THE BEANIE~~~~!! My Baby look so cute.

aww…..they even take pictures with little kids… who’s feeling jealous of these little girls?? cuz I sure am, Bong put her arm around his shoulder…KAHH~~ so cute!!! he even have the ability to make a little girl blush.. T_T lord haha. HAHAHAH TABI GOT A LIL BOY keke the lil boy look so uncomfortable keke

Did you hear what Bae said? “Can I hug you??” oh my gad!!!! his accent is really good!!~ the ‘i don’t hungry’ boi hahaha I bet tons of yall want him to ask you that eh?? haha

Bae, Dae and Baby singing the chorus, Bong bobbing along and Tabi’s ‘I LOVE YOU GURL~”

Preview of Dae’s ‘Cats’ musical… now I wanna see it even more.. he look so sexy keke in a furry way hahaha. Bae something about Baby, I think he praised him or something, look at him acting all shy hahaha that’s too cute!!! ahhh~ Baby ah~ why are you being shy now? where’s your GwangJoo pride? keke

FINALLY!!!!!!!! NII release the HQ pictures from the fall collection on their website… it’s smoking hot. WHOA~ I almost lost it when I saw these hahah. all I can say is ‘OH IT’S ON~” over and over again….. yet I don’t know why haha. I love the one with them sitting down and their bored/sexy stare idk why…. but I love this stare too much haha the HQ individual pictures are HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fangirls are dying constantly day after day after day with all these goodness release. T_T

Can you handle it??



Thanks to nii.co.kr | 모네모네님


~ by Vicky on November 10, 2008.

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  1. i want YB’s jacket. 😀

  2. I want YB. XD

    This is so awesome.
    Tabi looks great in that solo shot.

  3. I don’t want to be racial or anything but I’m just wondering
    I’ve never heard of Fila and I’m assuming it’s a Korean company so why are there caucasian kids instead of Korean children. Like I said, I’m just wondering not trying to be offensive 😀

  4. Haha at the end of the video, Baby and Dae looked like floating heads XD Especially Baby

  5. “can i hug you?” awwwww. you sure can. 😀
    haha. i would’ve preferred Jiyongie, but YB
    is fine too. hehe.

    loved their FILA outfits. it’s cute, especially
    with the backpacks.

    those jumpers are extremely poofy btw. haha.

  6. i died when bae said can i hug youu
    bb ftw!!
    gd looks hot..
    like always.

  7. @debby
    Fila is actually an Italian brand.
    it used to be kind of popular in the States,
    at least where i lived and i guess it’s still
    popular in Korea.

  8. i dont think fila is a korean brand name! it’s always been around like nike, addidas, etc.. but not as popular..

  9. sandy

    hahahah why want the banana skin when you can have the banana right??
    TOUCHE~ hahahah

  10. debby

    I’m not sure
    it’s the company’s concept so we never know

  11. Ohhhh so they basically have like a Korean branch or something. I still don’t understand why Korean children aren’t ¨used¨ for advertising. Anyways… I’m just super curious haha and YB yes you can can hug me anyday,anytime,anywhere haha!!

  12. oh gosh i died with YB’s “can I hug you?”….YES YOU CAN! ~fangirl scream….he’s going to make such a great dad, hes just too adorable with his dog first and now kids…ah lol…
    ~omo shy seungri….such a noona killer lolz…i wonder what dae said….

  13. bumbum=]

    HAHAH I saw what you were talking about
    cuz of the lighting? hahaha
    floating heads.

  14. Heather

    if Bong and Baby say that to me….
    they would on the ground in the next mili-second okay haha
    I would jump them kakaka

    the backpack make them look like little kids that’s about to on a skiing field trip with the school hahah
    so cute~

  15. AHH!
    Ohmygosh, i love that video! I freaking stopped breathing! TOP looks soo energized talkin` to the camera. that keeps me happy. lol, & OHSNAPP! they get to pose with those cute adorable kids? oh how i just wanna pinch them *PINCH. TAEYANG SOUNDS SO CUTE
    when he said “can i hug you?” dayumn! that made my night. LOL (: & Dae & Seungri singing the chorus *FAINTS ; DUDE, i’m gonna die here. LOl(: I first noticed Dae’s BRIGHT SMILE when he was talking. Haha, Dae & Seungri sharing the same mic [or whatever] , Seungri’s eyes are sooooooo HOTTT =D LOL Jiyong; ahh, evrything about him is the best :] ahhhhhhhhhhh*

    & i’m sorry, this comment seems very long. but it’s just a comment. lol.

  16. MAN!! BB is rocking this winter style!!

    They all be looking super fine!!

    the “SALE” pic is extremely cute!! : D hehehehe

    Seung Ri look extra handsome with his hair like that and
    super cute in the “ACCESSORY” pic ^^ teehee!!!

    GD & YB are definitely look super fine and sexable with those
    awesome hats!!! they look soo fine!! ^____^

    Im just loving TOP’s expression in alla these pics!!
    he looks so hot with those SHADES~~~!! : D : D

    sorry, I must say again.

    Dae Sung you SEXY BEST!!!

    ^^ teehee…they be lookin TOO COOL in that first pic under the cut

    BB makes winter soo hott!


    aaahhhh~~~ when YB said “can I hug you?”

    aaah!!!!! omg…. im going crazyy!!

    those little kids are soo LUCKY!! EPSICALLY THAT GIRL!!!

    TOP looks so cute jumping!! 😀 hehe
    Seung Ri looks hot in that beanie

    ahhhhh~~~~they all look so good posing together!!
    im so happy….happy fangirl : )

  18. what????
    they have so many things to do T__T
    how can they ever cope with that?!!
    they are really working non stop T______T
    i’m not happy with it..did they get enough rest? T___T

    but i love the video though haha..
    it’s especially funny to see bae carrying a backpack T__T
    my roommate and i freaking SHOUTED IN THE LIBRARY when bae said ‘can i hug you T__T’..yea yea bae i wanna hug you babe!!
    and i wanna be that little girl in bong’s arms T_____T
    my bong wearing beanie again!!!
    baby wore a beanie too..so freaking cute..and when he got shy llolol..that’s so cute!!cute to a level that i can’t describe..yeah baby where is your gwang joo pride?lol


    aaahhhh~~~ when YB said “can I hug you?”

    aaah!!!!! omg…. im going crazyy!!

    those little kids are soo LUCKY!! EPSICALLY THAT GIRL!!!

    TOP looks so cute jumping!! 😀 hehe
    Seung Ri looks hot in that beanie

    that video was just awesome!! I LOVE IT!!! like LOVE IT!!

    ahhhhh~~~~they all look so good posing together!!
    im so happy….happy fangirl : )

    I cant wait for this photoshoot to release!!! YYAY!

  20. anyone know the background music during the shoot?
    it sounds like Omarion or Chris Brown, maybe?? lol

    GAHH! Im like watching 1:46-1:47 over and over again!!!

    GD & YB are so cute with the girls.. ^_____^
    TOP just looks funny with the little boy….hahaha!

  21. Vi
    knowing you and your crazy fangirl tendencies,
    i wouldn’t be surprised to see those boys on
    the floor because you attacked them. haha.
    i’ll be there to help Bong up. i’ll leave Baby
    in your hands. 😉

  22. omg baeeee. his english is so so so freaking cute !! <3333

  23. my dae is getting soooo hot! these have to be my favorite nii shoot!

  24. Yes I will Hug you YB!!! Any day! 🙂

  25. im a TOP girl but seriously,
    when Bae said “can i hug you?” i squealed ! LOL !
    his accent is so adorable !!
    and for TOP when he sung “i love you girl”
    i died LOL !

    i’ve missed these short adorable interviews and photoshoot hotness.
    top’s hair is so cute it’s killing me!!! AUGHH
    and taeyang, you can hug me. ;] or maybe you should have my babies, which is infinitely better.

  27. lol funny how they have YB looking the tallest in the Accessory pic ^_^

    the photoshoot… awww. that was soooo cute when YB said “can I hug you?”… YB.. what you do to me.. i kept rewinding that part. it was too precious for words, seriously. i laughed at Top jumping, that was cute.

    for some reason, Daesung favors Bi Rain to me.. at times in pictures. speaking of Daesung, there is this guy that lives in my old Dorm that looks like his skinny twin lol. I lost to him at Ping Pong >_< but he is so adorable ^^

    is it just me, or were they playing Chris Brown in the background? the whole time lol… anyway, looking forward to the pictures for this photoshoot!! soon hopefully

  28. That was too hot. I can’t say a thing anymore about their hotness because I might die again.So now ill focus on the cute parts. hehehe.
    I love the sale picture!!! all of them smiling!!! weee. hehehe.
    I’m loving my baebae more and more…he loves kids…and his english is getting much better… =) but he needs to rest too.
    Bong bobbing when they sang sunset glow…too cute…>.< and putting the girl’s arm around his shoulder..another cute moment…=)
    Tabi..hehehe..he looked adorable with that backpack and that kid. hehehe. He really looked like a big brother. =)
    dae and the CATS musical…that part is so fitted for him. ^^
    and Baby ri getting all shy!!!!!!! that was too cute!!! Shows that he’s still innocent and not yet totally grown up…or corrupted..hehehe.
    thanks lil sis! haha!
    Those kids are totally cute btw…love it…=)

  29. i want tae yang to hug me ! that was so cute when he asked the little girl if he can hug her and she seemed to like him even she can resist his hotness big bang rocks and big bang saranghaeyo forever

  30. I’m really sorry to say this but PLEASE change your banner. YOU CUT DAESUNGIE IN HALF!!! I’m not liking this

  31. omggg! the “i don’t hungry” boy is so cuteeee! yes you can hug me xD! LOOL! he look really cute with that little girl T.T i wanna be a kid again xD!

    thanx 4 the NII pics *.* i die 10000000 times –R.I.P– over and over again xD! <333

  32. aaah omo~~
    seeing youngbae fooling around with the lil’ girl jst make me want to marry him asap!!
    he’ll be the handsome-yet-so-HOT-type-of-family-man
    GAAH he’s soo my type *dies*

  33. shuggah

    I was really surpsrised at that
    he actually TALK in a interview this time hahah

    haha mic or whatever
    we never know what those things are
    look like walkie talkie though

    long comments are always welcome haha
    you should see what other BBFansite-exper have to say everytime they comment hahaha
    we’re pretty… talkative.. haha

  34. roranges

    I like Baby’s hair here too
    he look so freaking cute in everything
    I can’t choose which one look cuter haha

    I can’t agree more with you on that last statement haha
    who need a heater when these boys are around?

  35. jiyanz

    all we can do is pray and hope that they do
    what else can we do?
    our boys love to work their butt off.

    I feel bad for ur librarian keke
    she must not know the power of a fangirl hhaah

    Bong wearing beanie is WIN x100000000000
    so awsome

    keke GwangJoo pride T_T hahaha

  36. roranges

    I’d thought that to jump up and down like that in front of A LOT of ppl would be embarassing haha
    but apparently not, since they did these silly stuff so many times already haha

  37. roranges

    it does show like Chris Brown to me
    I’ve been letting go of my A-pop too haha
    haven’t been updated with american songs keke

  38. Heather

    you should know me by now haha
    I can some PRETTY bizarre stuff….. kekeke

    Baby will be fine though 🙂
    you know why?
    cuz I KNOW he likes it rough kekeke

  39. yumyumSUSHI

    haha it was SO FUNNY though
    like he was sitting there and say ‘i love u gurl
    at first i was like ‘who said that??’ haha

  40. roro

    i diddn’t believe it when I saw the username
    roro gurl~~~
    haen’t seen you in 28 years

    if they dont’ come then they won’t come
    but when they do
    it’s a new one everyday
    hard to keep up with sometimes too
    and oh yea~`… dying everytime seeing it

    have ur babies T_T
    back and perverted as ever. 🙂

  41. latiana2003

    haha when I read it I thought you say you lost him in Ping Pong
    i was like ‘EH? you killed him by playing Ping Pong? where that bal be at??’ hahah

  42. Kenley

    he will make great daddy haha
    who be the mama??? haha

    Bong was too freaking cute for words when he did that head thing haha
    from now on, whenever I listen to Sunset Glow I’ll probably do the same thing now haha

    haha I’m sure he’s just acting gurl
    look at him
    nao you KNOW how he is kekeke
    acting up to steal nuna’s hearts everywhere

  43. sam

    she probably waited for so long and only wait for him to say ‘can I’

  44. Mariale

    good to know that our ‘I don’t hungry’ boi know how to say ‘can i hug you’ right haha
    that’s all the lines he needs to get a girl hahah

  45. vicky.
    i don’t see the point of you posting 1 comment per person.

    i keep track of posters by checking the recent comments & it’d help me loads if you didn’t overpopulate the recent comments section w/ ur responses when you could easily squish it all into one.

  46. id be screaming right now if it wasn’t 4 in the morning ..it so cute,omg the little kids with them :O i practically teared up when YB and the girl hugged!so cute,he is just so friendly omg my heart is throbbing so hard!what makes it worst is the Nii winter photo shoot pictures!ekkk my heart burning now!now i am scared this message will get cut off.

  47. Bebe… Can you hug me? BB ❤

  48. Melly

    I tried it before and it’s hard for ppl to locate it
    and since I’m not into the whole chat room and emailing thing
    this is pretty much the only place I talk to my fellow VIP
    so this is my way of doing it

    normally when I post comments, it’s in the matter of a minutes since I write every out already
    so ti doesn’t overpopulate the comment thingy for a long time

    hope you understand 🙂

  49. CTRL + F

    APPLE + F for macs

  50. Lil sis in law
    yeah I know. he’ll make a great daddy. I’m so happy to see it. ^^
    Might as well kidnap him right now. ^^
    Though I didn’t understand what Baby said in the last part where he got all shy, he really sounded shy enough for me..though he’s really acting.
    Ever since Strong Baby is released more and more nuna fans are running to him everyday. hehehe. He really wanted to attract 10 generations of fans. tsk3. =)

  51. so hot -nose is bleedin………-lol……cat take theur smexy stares……

  52. aaah Tae Yang is so cute!! “Can I hug you?” !!

    ooh..the NII pic’s are so HOT…GD looks so cute!!

  53. Vi
    OMG!!!! They do FILA again??? Ah~~~ such a good news.
    But maybe not that good too. Since u mention about their health >.< yup. I really hope they didn’t overwork themselves.
    Is it?? I don’t think them wearing backpack is funny coz they look HOT!!
    Hahaha… yup. They have their face on the shirt!! XD & that just add more to their cuteness.

    I don’t think I feel jealous. I’m really not. I won’t want them to hug me like that. I want them especially tabi to hug me like how he hug his GF or wife!! XD!!!
    Buhahaha.. “the lil boy look so uncomfortable”. That lil boy should feel lucky. There’s 80000 gurls or more, who want to be hugged like that. Tabi looks more like he’s the boy’s big brother!! Kekeke…
    OMG!! “can I hug u??” from whom bebe learn this statement??? Is it kenley or roro???? I wanna know the answer. Kekeke n btw, I believe bebe could become a really good father. Look at his face while he hug the lil gurl. He give out his fatherly charms. Hahaha
    XD!!!!! Hubby’s “I love u gurl” melt my heart!!! Really!! OMG… could assume this word is said only for me?? Hahaa other Tabi lover will kill me.

    This NII pic could turn fall & winter into summer. Hahaha… with this 5 sexy boys endorsing it. Who didn’t feel HOT?? Yup, I could so image Korean’s snow melting coz of our boys. I feel summer by only looking at the pic.

    God… why u do this to me?? But I accept it all. I can’t deny that I love them. hahaha

  54. OMG!!!!! i almost died when my hubby Bae said “can i hug you?”awww so adorable!! i wish he could hug me like that lol.the little girl hugged him before she said yes lol. I hope there all ok though because they seemed overworked :[ The pix came out awesome!! they all look so goood(especially Bae) is Dae getting sexier???- he was always that sexy lol 😛

  55. That girl’s expression when GD puts her arm around
    him is soo cute!! Im like so jealous -_-
    I wanna be a model……hehe

    I like it when Vicky comments us back 🙂

  56. WHEWW~!
    TOP said not to worry bout him <33 he said hes fine! yayy TOPiee
    OMGGGG. the boys wearing guyliner again :]] yay sexxyness!
    i love babys jacket! i bought one that looks like it just cuz he was wearing it <33

  57. Kwon Jiyong, you’re killing me with your hotness!

    did you see tabi jumping up in the air for the pictures, that is total fangirl heaven ^_^

  59. CAN I HUG YOU???????

    wow. that lil nena didnt even reply she jumped on him!! 🙂

    i wouldve done the same!

  60. ;O ;O ;O ;O ;O ;O ;O ;O ;O ;O ;O ;O ;O ;O ;O ;O ;O ;O ;O ;O
    I’m so jealous of those kidss!?!? :O
    It’s so not fairr~~~ WHYY!!? :O :O :O
    OMG. All our boys looked fabulous!? *drools*
    Baby was so freakin’ hot!! xD
    And YB was so cute with that little girl! 🙂
    Keke, I love GD’s smile in those FILA pictures!! ❤
    Dae and Tabi looked SO HOT TOO!! xD ❤
    Big Bang ❤ Big Bang ❤ Big Bang ❤ Big Bang ❤ Big Bang ❤ Big Bang ❤ Big Bang ❤ Big Bang ❤ Big Bang ❤ Big Bang ❤ Big Bang ❤ Big Bang ❤ Big Bang ❤ Big Bang ❤ Big Bang ❤ Big Bang ❤ Big Bang ❤ Big Bang ❤ Big Bang ❤ Big Bang ❤ Big Bang ❤ Big Bang ❤ Big Bang ❤

  61. sis in law

    will we get to see him in ‘action’ anytime soon?? kekke

    remember back when he’s still all mine haha
    now everyone want a piece of him
    gotta doubled the guards for Baby

  62. nya

    I read an article about the boys actually get to design the FILA clothes this time
    that’s pretty cool that the model gets to do that
    they respect and acknowledge Big Bang as fashionista haha

    the little boys have what no one can kekekeke
    but he just look so uncomfortable
    he’s like ‘dude… not so tight~ i dont roll that way” hahaha

    yea~ and he probably been around kids a lot cuz when he pick her up he did that shaking things
    kids really like that
    and ppl who never take care of kids will never know that haha
    i know it because i was forced to babysit every of my cousins T_T

    ‘i love u gurl~’
    in such a low voice
    yes, it is JUST for you gurl~ hahah

    seeing them wearing it make me want to wear winter clothes too
    but i can’t because i live in florida 😛

  63. dainanda

    I’ve been noticing that lately too!!!!!
    like…. out of no where BAM!!! SEXY DAE haha
    he’s always been sexy, but now he’s REALLY showing it

  64. BigBangin!!

    she must jumping for joy on the inside
    probably a Big Bang fangirl just like us too hahah

    yea when you write something, you deserve a reply
    especially when those things sometimes are hilarious and it triggers the talkative fangirl in me hahah
    keke u like it?
    then we need to spazz more in the future hahah

  65. Jini

    u right
    guy-liner T_T

    haha the boys just influence your style somehow huh?
    I’ve been infected a LOT of times kekeke

  66. Dori

    haha of course I see it
    how can I miss the peguin Tabi doing what he does best haha

  67. VI

    have they influenced my style? forsuree ❤ keke

    i usually dont like guyliner but it just works on them!
    on pete-wentz? nahh.
    on FT island? chyeah. lol
    idk its rly cute on korean guys~ lol

  68. omg~ “can i hug u” *melt* ❤

  69. vi
    eh?! Design FILA clothes? That’s cool! Not every model get the chance to do that. I’m eager to see it XD I wonder what kind of clothes they’d come out with?
    Kekeke… they are fashionista. Just look at how bong dressed up. Hehe

    ‘dude… not so tight~ i dont roll that way” kakaka… XD!!
    But I’m happy hubby get a boy, not a girl. Maybe I should thank that lil boy. How about some BR? Kekeke…

    Kenley would really happy. He got a good husband & a good father. We should feel happy for her. Haha.. u’re forced to babysit ur cousins? Well, just take a good care of them & take this as an experience for u when u become amother of BABY’S CHILD.

    Not only low, but his voice is so gentle too. He looks a lil bit shy when he say that. XD!!! These 4 words just come flying from Korea to Indonesia!! I’ve received it hubby ^^

    U want to wear? When I look at them, I feel too hot coz of them.
    Also I cant wear it. So I better not trying. Keke..

  70. It’s nice ^^

  71. Vi

    ahh, but i just had to point it out, it was SO CUTE.

  72. vi
    btw, do u know what is the serioal number of this CYON?
    i’d like to search the prices & wheter its available here ^^

  73. vicky
    i’ve been superrrrrbusy with school. but i’ve been dropping by every once in a while. nice to know that the world keeps going even without me D:
    of course he should have my babies!! did you expect anything else from me? :]

  74. YEAH finally!
    it’s big pictures too =]

  75. AW. MY. GAWDNESS….. O.O i was practically screaming *faints*
    DAMN and YES i was jealous! VERY!!! lmao SOOOO Kwi Yeo when my YB went ‘Can I hug you??’ TT_TT i DIED!!! gawd!!!! >.< yes he’s gone better lmao its was cute when he started liffting her and shaking her to lmao even playing with her arms in the photo, *sigh* i’ve also noticed somehting… have my TOPiee and Young Bae gotten closer?? i mean this must be the source to YB new funniness lmao at the photo shoot Tabi had and arm ova his shoulder and the were standing next to eachother and in the sunset glow video TOP even FED him…am i raising my YaoiFangirlness or what?? LMAO hehe and Ri even did that signature Hand-over-his-nose thing lmao Dae looked HOT, gawsh hes getting hotter nad hotter everytime i see him lol G-D was abnormally quiet O.o

  76. OMG!!!
    That video…CUTE!!!
    Tabi trying to jump…looks a little stiff
    and Bae askin for the hug…LUCKY GIRL!! >.<
    and the little boy with my man…better watch out! ;P

    the boys are crazy HOT!!!
    I want one of those jackets now

    santa my wish
    I’ve been good this year

  77. is it 2 late 2 spazz???LOL^_^ w/ BB,no doubt I’ll spazz anytym!!!

    news report #3:

    I’m back again w/ stylist critic VI,,*clap clap clap*

    Im here ryt now @ BB’s shooting 4 their FILA photoshoot.”me thinkin’*oh Lord I’m sO gLad i was bOrn!*”
    and as u can C, d boyz r sendin’ every girL in d corner n’ even d forgotten corner in ER,,I tried 2 contact my family but d service is 2 busy bcuz evry1 is callin’ 911 and 119 (idk how other countries call ER but i’ll just leave it like that^_^),,VIPz r bein’ killed side 2 side, up n’ down! Big Bang’s bright smiles and dorkiness r killin’ VIPz instantly,,n’ I also got another report that those that sent ER didnt make it,,RIP gurLs!!! (OMG, my report is becomin’ more n’ more deadly,its scary!,,every1 please tell me if u guys didnt like this,,please..)

    On d other hand,,I’ll give u a brief description of d boyz (though i think u guys have more knowledge than me on HOW HOT BB is ^_^) ,,..lets start w/ our Daesungi who is in his usual “SUPERCUTEHAPPY” mode,man DAe smile is contagious, n’ him comfortin’ maknae is just plain <3Daeri,,next is our Youngbae, I think I spot him lookin’ @ d Leadah while they sing, OH GDYB! this bOy is very nice n’ cute n’ hot n’ everythin’, him bein’ sO friendly w/ d little girl does cause a commotion among VIPz n’ oh man d “can I hug U” question has been added 2 d guines book of world record as d most romantic question ever made by man n’ he was also included in d book 2 b d HOTTEST guy ever made this question sO romantic n’ killer! *spazz*, next is d “LEADAH”, this boy is reported again 4 stealin’ other members fans bcuz of his deadly ‘LOOK n’ facial expression’ (thank gOd im saved but Im almost there 2,just a bit more), next is TOP, man I have nothin’ 2 say on this bOy, he is pure sent from heaven, d ironic part though is his presence seems 2 scare heck out of d kid (i think?) cuz like our stylist critic said it looks awkward! poor kid, must be know hes life would b in danger if he ever show closeness w/ TOP (^_^),,thats all 4 2night,thank U very much…

    stylist critic: wait U!!!..what happen 2 maknae report?..

    me:sOrry IM sOOO in heaven when i saw him,,he 2tally eat up all my thoughts until it went blank..but Im back..heres my report: (warning Im bias n’ in my maknae mode) 4 this bOy, VIPz r just sOOO gLad they were bOrn 2 witness his INCREDIBLY AWESOME EXISTENSE,,haha^_^

    VIPz U decide!!!

    btw our Stylist critic VI will tell U what she thinks about their fashion later when she got done readin’ this..LOL^_^
    I bet U she has more say..teLL’em what U got gUrL!!!

    this has been ur news updater: J-G-RILEEN (fosho~)

    ps: sOrry if sOme of this r probably lame,,im just really out 2day, though i had fun makin’ it,,haha^_^


  78. Jini

    i dont have a problem with them
    i woudln’t go like ‘wtf?’
    just.. ‘whatever~’ haha

    it looks okay,
    doesn’t make them extrememly hotter… since they’re already hot haha

  79. nya

    Bong is officiallly Korea’s trend setter

    u feel threaten by little girls too???
    desperate… kekeke

    Kenley would take him even if he’s not haha
    Baby better make some damn good money and hire a nanny for his damn 11 kids
    I’m not taking care of them hahaha

    it has to be low and strong so it can fly against the wind to Indo hahahah

  80. nya

    .. I think i heard it from somewhere before but you know me and my memory cell

  81. roro

    shut up gurl~
    we miss you every seconds of every day
    doing well in school so you can carry ur hubby’s babies later on??/ hahahaha

  82. kareezsa

    YB and Tabi has always been close
    the only 2 members that’s awkward when they’re alone with each other is SeungRi and Tabi haha

  83. Sexica

    ur jealous of a little boi now T_T
    ur wish.
    for ur man only
    leave Baby and Bong to me

  84. J-G-RILEEN

    HAHAHA you win in life gurl~

    this stylist critic is speechless and doesn’t really know the hell to say but agree with everything kekekek
    no one can do it like Baby do kekekeke

    and I thought I was manager… what am i??? hahah

  85. LOL
    you know it gurl!
    that boy was too close…too close
    my man only
    Baby and Bong can stay with ya
    I would be too naughty if I had them all

  86. hahaha,,,yeah~…weLL I thought I’d change ur name every news report,,but i think i’ll just stick w/ manageRI after this 1…^_^

  87. VI~
    Woah. I admire how you respond to every comment directed at you. 🙂
    That’s so nice of you. ❤

  88. ommgg.. that was soo cutee..
    especially when tae said ‘can i hug you~’
    omgg.. i woulda been liek OMGOMG.. hehe
    those kids are sooo luckyy xDDD


  89. Vi
    Don’t u think so too?? Kekeke… we’re full of desperation kaka..

    Then u’ll need 11 nannies. Coz to make a nanny take care 11 children is impossible. Hahaha… told ur hubby to make more money from his work so he could afford this big family. Hahaha…
    I’ll never give birth to 11 children. Even if Tabi want to. Damn, that’s tiring & hurt >..<

  90. BUHAHAHA… u know how hard I laugh after I read this??
    Kekeke.. yup, it must me strong. Idk about the ‘low’ but it must be strong to against the wind.

    Hahaha… its okay gurl. I’ll find it myself, I intend to buy it if its not that expensive, time to change my cellphone. This 3 years old cellphone must be retired.
    Oh God… I hope I could find it here. LG cell is not that popular here >.<

  91. teefannie

    isnt she??? thats our manageRI ,,U can talk 2 her anytym,..

  92. well except if shes busy…

  93. Sexica

    haha so what?
    he’s a little tiny boi who still believes in cooties kekeke
    but a fangirl have every right to be jealous keke
    I understand… haha

  94. J-G-RILEEN

    hahaha manageRi…
    not bad
    not bad at all
    Vicky likey !! kekekek

  95. teefannie

    haha it’s my only way to ‘chill’ with my fellow VIPs
    i love doing it 🙂

  96. nya

    we’re a bunch of desperate girls who need some damn serious help haha

    well the whole nanny and taking care of the kids is his problem
    my problem is giving birth and enjoying the process of getting pregrant 😀 hahahahahah

    u can say that now but you know as soon as Tabi pouit you’ll give him 22 kids if he wants to.

  97. nya

    LG phones are awsome but I can’t find anything cool that’s under my phone line
    over here they have special phones for special phoneline
    I sign up for my current phoneline because they came out with the Sidekick which was a really cool phone 2 years ago, but then I got tire of it and switch a lot of phones now I end up with BlackBerry, and the phoneline I’m using haven’t come out with a new phone yet
    only crappy ones T_T

  98. J-G-RILEEN

    awww.. stop
    you make me feel so….. hyper hahaha
    idk why
    but i do like compliments.
    can’t lie.
    i’m a very honest person kekek (i have such a big head it’s amazing)

  99. J-G-RILEEN

    haha I can’t be on 24/7 but I try my best 🙂

  100. nya
    no i didn’t teach him how to say that. i taught him how to say “i love roro and want to make babies with her” 😀

  101. vicky
    doing my best so that i can hurry up and graduate and marry top, for sure. :]
    and taeyang will just wait for me patiently while taking care of the kids on the side bahahaha

  102. Vi
    I hope I won’t end up like u. no, I hope hubby won’t end up like baby, wanting 11 children to set up a whole soccer team. Hahaha…
    I found it vi. Its LG KF510, but the serial number for Korean is different. Hey, its lauched at march, why BB made the CF now??
    I think I could afford it ^^ thinking a way to buy it.
    I so hate staying here, a small province. I can’t buy it here. I should quickly figure a way out to obtain the cell. Love it vi. Have u see the red one? that’s cool, just like the black one. why they didn’t make a CF version of the red one??

    Aw~ poor of u. then u have to wait. Time pass quickly gurl, hehe…

  103. Roro
    OMG!! XD look at who’s here. Haven’t seen u for a long time gurl ^^v
    Kakaka… u though him that? U should told him to practice more. Kekeke…

  104. daesung’s puckered lips were so cute!
    and them talking about seungri being all supportive of them and telling his hyungs during hard times, to just keep going and to relax, and that everything would be fine, is just so nice!
    when taeyang asked “can i hug you?” i died. XD
    he really has improved in english.

  105. Vicky yeah but i never seem to notice much of it lmao, hahaha yes very awkward!! im also so curious about why? -_- *ponders* maybe there denying all the harbouring feelings for eachother since they met, so they’ve tried to ignore eachother all this time!…… O.O HAHAHAHAHHA xD lmao trust me thats just this ToRi fangirl’s dreams hehe yeah thts my fav couple and WHAT?!! not to fond of mainstream one like G-Ri *cough* sorry =) haha but i really wanna know why!! maybe an inncidednt when they met so they’ve been awkward eva since hehe

  106. oh yeah just wondering ,are you going to put up the download for
    this ?

  107. roro

    i would expect that sentence being teached by you
    our Bae would never say that
    ur the culprit for sure haha

    so Bae will be ur nanny huh?
    what an amazing dream hahah

  108. nya

    we talked about it
    if he doesn’t want the soccer team
    probably want a staff for ur future ice cream store haha
    or salad bar. ekkek

    well from what I heard from ppl
    this has been out already
    couple of ppl i know have it
    idk though
    I’m confuse haha

    i actually like living in a small city
    i live in a big city before and that didn’t work out
    quiet and slow-paced is more of my thing

    they probably will come out with a red one soon
    we never know haha
    they always surprised us doesn’t they? haha

    oh em gee
    i went shopping today and bought a pair of purple pants that Bong was wearing during the Sunset Glow MV hahaha
    i saw it and I was like ‘shit~ i need it’ hahaha
    and i bought it keke
    school start late at like 12 PM so me and my friend left school and went shopping for a while
    the result… i use up almost all of my bday money hahaha

  109. kareezsa

    It started out I think with him being the oldest and Baby’s the youngest
    they have so many opposite side to each other
    Tabi can’t dance well and Baby’s expert at it
    Tabi is an amazing rapper and Baby always wanted to rap but he can’t do it well
    Baby is a dork inside and out and Tabi is a huge dork but he hide it haha so he can mantain his ‘cool’ rapper image
    so maybe that’s why that whole things started, because of all this difference.

  110. kohjidmal

    you can download it here


  111. vi
    huh? Ice cream store? Does this maknae just copy his hyung again?? Hahaha
    coz the whole ice cream store thing is his hyung work. We will start to open a small ice cream store first then expand it. The crew will be our children(?) about.. 3 or 4 ppl will enough ^^v

    That phone is cool. When I let my brother see the CF, he’s not into BB stuff or anything, but when he saw it. He said, “the phone is cool, but ur hubby coller than the phone. They chould make a TOP CF.”
    I suddenly went “Huh??? He’s not for sale!!”
    But at least now my brother admit that hubby & the other members are cool. Thanks to this CF. kakaka

    Huh? Small city? No, here is more like a small province.
    I love living in a big city more. Coz here, the transportation, pollution, the way for u to get things, are much more difficult.
    Coz ppl here still don’t understand how important it is not to pollute earth, no, not earth, their living environment, the pollution is whew~
    & the most important thing, all stuff is expensive like crazy. Coz we have to add the shipping transport into the price. Also not all thing u could buy here. Just like our boys album. I never bought one. coz there’s no any of their albums here. Not a single thing. when u considered to buy it from internet, u’ll worry whether the goods will ever arrive or not. That’s the main reason why I hate living in a small province like this.

    For this LG cellphone I still confused want to buy or not. If the cellphone store here said that they don’t have the stock again, I have to buy it from outside, other bigger province. (we have soo many province here in Indo) also that means I have to wait till Chinese New Year to have the cell. (my aunt who live in our country capital could go buy it for me but she won’t deliver it by packet, coz she doesn’t trust it. So I have to wait till she return here in Chinese New Year) there’s so much trouble right??

    Oohh~~ I so hope that. Really. I love that red one since I saw it.
    But since our boys made the CF for the black one, I decided to buy black one. haha…

    Really??!! Damn! U must be so happy!
    I so want to buy one too, but there’s not here. The design is different >..<
    Hahaha… but u’re happy when u spend the money. So it doesn’t matter ^^
    Just let it be. U’ll end up using it for buying BB’s stuff too. So the problem is the time. Is it quick or slow. Hehehe…

  112. nya

    no ur man got jealous of our soccer team and he decide to open up his ice cream store haha
    my husband aint’ copying nobody when I’m involved hahaha

    hahah 3 or 4 in ur dreams gurl
    even seen a ice cream store??

    he said ‘ur hubby?’????

    I was born in a small province like that
    but I move here , and over here, there’s no such thing as a small province
    small town maybe haha
    but my city is just plain bad, #3 top city that have teens infected with STDs and AIDs.
    and also teen pregrancy.
    i was like ‘thanks mom, u choose a GREAT place to move’
    amazing place for my future

    well after I’m done with school, I wanna do a lot of traveling
    i love traveling so I wanna go to as much as places as possible and learn things
    get myself a korean husband, and by that I do mean Baby hahaha

    even though there’s lot of trouble in getting it and you have to wait, but that way it’ll be safer, it’s better to get it late than not get it at all.
    beside, the phone’s too awsome, it’ll be worth the wait 🙂

    I have a problem hahahaha i do
    whenever I have money
    my fingers just feels itchy and I just HAVE to spend it somehow
    I love the feeling of, look at something, hmm.. I like it, try it on, it’s good, then buy it righ away haha
    so I did that a lot today
    my parents probbaly gonna bite my head off but whatever haha
    it’s my bday money
    I’m not just gonna let it sit there and mold hahaha

  113. LOL
    how can we know my man hasn’t worked his killer charm on the innocent boy?

    yeah I’m probably a little paranoid

  114. Sexica

    haha yea gurl~ you are kekee
    chill ~

    part of loving a hot man
    u gotta accept all the ‘love’ coming with it…from others kekek

  115. So.. Where can I get one of these bags if I don’t live in Korea? 😀

  116. Vi
    Kekeke… then I should give my man advice to change his ice cream store into donut store. Whew~ then 3 or 4 won’t be enough. Maybe 5 or 6 for donut store? Fufufu…

    3 or 4 for a small ice cream shop is enough. If we’re lack of crew we could ‘make’ one again. Fufufu…

    Yup. Coz BB is not really famous here (its DBSK who have the most fans here) & my friends not into fangirling thing, not only my brother. My friends & even my sister called taby “u’r hubby” HAHAHA… I always feel happy when they say this. ^^

    BUHAHAHA… I don’t know how hard I laughed everytime I read ur comment. Kekeke… its okay if u don’t affected by it. ^^ just be urself gurl. Nothing more enjoyable then being urself.

    Then Korea is ur first destination gurl. Keep ur money for ur future & get baby for urself. Hahaha..
    Sure u’ll do a lot of traveling?? Kekeke, coz when u arrived at Korea I think u’ll sttled down there & do ur duty to open the whole ice cream shop with baby. Kakaka…
    (if u want to go traveling, go to Bali. I’ve gone there twice but I still want to go there again. The beach is amazing. The only & one place in Indo which beauty & feels like a heaven.)

    Yup. I’ll just hope that there’s stock here so I won’t need to go through all the trouble.
    Its not the phone which is awesome, its our boys magic that awesome. Tabi eyes like saying “buy it buy it buy it buy it…” hahaha

    HAHAHA… I don’t think its only u who have this problem. Coz I have this kind of problem too. I can’t go to shopping everytime I got my salary. Coz I know I’ll use it up, quickly or slowly. Hahaa…
    Yup. We’re such a simple gurl. If I like it & it suits me, then its deal. I must learn not to be too greedy.
    My bday money will end up in CYON. Kakaka…

  117. Jaydoll

    well normally korean online stores only ship within Korea so I’m not sure

  118. nya

    you’ll be DYING when business went well and he’ll open up branches kekekeke

    awwwwww… that’s so sweet that ur actually brother, a male species say something like that ahahaha
    i don’t talk about Big Bang much with my non-korean friends hahaha
    it gets weird
    but when me and Sori, my korea buddy get together, IT’S ON! haha

    hahahah everytime I read ur comment
    I went ‘hahaha’ then ‘hihihih’ then ‘THE HECK?? ‘ then ‘ DAMN GURL~’ hahah
    seriously, that’s what happens most of the time

    Bali…… I have a bad memory with that haha
    have u seen the korean drama ‘what happened in Bali’??
    that was my fave and the saddest and tragic thing I’ve ever seen in my life.
    especially when it include my first korea luv, Jo In Sung.

    keke buy it buy it buy it gurl
    and we can have phone…. uh… hahahahahahah
    not gonna say it
    innocent Vicky 😀

    u still get bday money?: hahaha
    when i get older I probably won’t get them anymore 😦

  119. Vi
    Kakaka… open up brances. OMONA… I never think about it that way! Gurl, ur power… I’m speechless.

    Coz I like crazy if it comes to tabi stuff. And above all, I introduced tabi to them as ‘my hubby’ not big bang TOP. Hehehe… so they went “ok, ok, I get it, ur hubby”
    They don’t like it, but they don’t dislike it too. They just being cool like that. Wheni told myself that I’ll bake a bday cake, they went ?.? “who spend her bday?” & when the know the answer, they went “huh~ I can’t take it gurl ~.~a”

    I don’t like to repeat it again but that’s the exactly same thing that happened to me when I read ur comment & ur post.

    No, I don’t watch it. I’m not that into Korea stuff, I just love Korea recently (well, that’s coz of our boys too)
    Huh? That’s a sad love story? Then I won’t watch it. (I actually feel want to watch it) but I can’t stand sad movies. I’ll just cry along & make me feel all sad. So I better not.
    Gurl, the beach there is amazing. The only & one tourist attraction from Indo is bali. U should go there if u have the time & money. U won’t regret it. Hahaha…

    No, u must say it. Hahaha…
    I won’t let u go away that easy gurl & u’re not innocent at all.

    Yes, but just a little. Just to make me feel happy. Coz we don’t have party or eat a cake together. Hahaha… yup, our allowance get smaller and smaller when we grow up. But u can’t stop ur growth. So, hehehe… just let it be.

  120. ME TOO!!
    I’ll always be like ‘my Baby’ or ‘my Bong’ kekekek
    never call them by their name
    so ppl will be like ‘ah~ ur Baby~’ kekeke

    kekekekeke 😀
    see? this is why I told u we’re practically sisters damn it hahaha

    ah~ well that drama was really tragic..T_T
    with a really hot guy
    so i was EXTRA sad haha

    ooh~ Bali is in Indo???
    I didn’t know that
    maybe I will visit that someday
    i did hear about the beach
    they’re amazing

    growing up is kinda scary T_T
    why can’t I be a kid forever?? wah~~~

  121. vi
    HAHAHA… u do that too? “my baby” & “my bong”???
    We’re related deep inside. Kakaka…
    I thought its only me who do this kind of thing. “my hubby”
    Hehehe… we love how ppl called them right? “ur hubby”

    We should just accept that we’re sisters. Hehehe

    HAHAHA… I know u’ll be like this. Every foreigner always think Bali as a country. Actually is part of Indo, one of our provinces. Other provinces also have their great tourist attraction too, but Bali just plain amazing. The beach… heaven. White sand, blue & deep ocean, the view & their naturally sweet coconut juice (u don’t even need to add sugar). I’d like to go there again.

    I think it’ll be more scary if u be kid forever. hahaha

  122. nya

    hahah believe it

    they will be ‘ur baby’ or ‘ur bong’ sometimes ‘ur husband’ hahahah

    sounds amazing through ur words already
    i will probably go there for my honey moon or something hahaah
    that seem like the PERFECT place without wasting so much money to go to places like Hawaii
    but do a lot of ppl speak english there?
    or else I’ll be like O________O hahaha

  123. not sometimes. i’ll make it everytime. kakaka…

    i don’t even think that i’m in Indo the last time i went there.
    i feel like i’m in overseas. there’s so many of Jpnese, Korean, & Taiwanese. even Thai
    there’s so many western ppl so u don’t have to worry.
    since its the best tourism Indo have, many Indo ppl there could speak english fluently too.
    even its broken english. as long as u understand. i understand then there’s no problem. that’s the worst case. kekeke…
    u could gogle it if u want to know or have a lil image of bali.

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