Big Bang ‘CYEON EDGE’ CFs | New CYON Wallpaper | New NII Picture | 110908 Family Outing

***UPDATE!!!!! New Skoolooks PICTURES!!! From their official website, ah~… the EDGE pics are extremely are intense and sexy and now these………T_T……….. almost seem bipolar somehow hahahah, so extremely cute it’s AMAZING!!! ah~~ BOY UNIFORM RULES!!! rest of the pics under the cut 🙂

***ALSO ADDED MORE ‘EDGE’ Pictures.. .WHEW~ breath taking.

Bong | Baby | Dae Version

The boys look so freaking HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!! Moving the phone around with 1 finger then Bong lifting his eyebrows at the end XD!!!!!!!!! i’m dead. 15 seconds is NOT enough for sure.

Tabi | Bae version

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Dannnnnnnng~ Tabi’s eyes look so deathly… and so sexy, Bae doesn’t loose either…. FREAKING HOT!!! these two goes so great together, cuz of their eyes… INTENSE…

CYON release these new wallpapers of the boys.…… hahah…. this……just freaking make my computer look so sexy it’s amazing, okay… with the whole finger poitning up, side profiles…. kkek just notice Bae have short fingers keke just like me. These wallpapers are awomse, words can’t describe enough, you have to see for yourself.

AND ALSO….. a new NII winter pic, with all of them in their skiing getup the whole jumper, earmuffs, scarfs… red and white. SO FREAKING CUTE!!! Their smiles are just HEAVEN.

**RANDOM: Anyone receive their copy of ‘REMEMBER’ yet? I got mine in the mail today and it was SO FREAKING COOL, like the whole thing was red, which is one awsome color; then the front it changes color when you move it haha, the YG building is so cool. The inside… hahahaha the little cutout is so cute!!! but I probably will never touch it so I won’t loose it or something, same goes for the sticker hahaha, the booklet is the hottest one yet.. i love it so much, probably hug it to sleep tonight or something. AWSOME~~~

11.09.008 SBS Good Sunday
DaeSung on Family Outing
891 MB

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Rain (Bi) is the guest.. OOH~ the rating for this episode is INCREDIBLE!! 29.6% almost breaking the 30% barrier, now THAT is REALLY REALLY high. not even joking.

the beginning of the show, where Dae was receiving the phone call from MC YOO, he was in the concert hall that Big Bang did their the ‘GREAT’ concert last year, what is he doing there at this time??? hm……early practice already???

it was HILARIOUS when Dae first saw Bi and because he was so short compare to Bi, he was standing on his toes, he’s so freaking adorable!!! When Dae compete in the game… when he fell down…. his body position with his leg and butt T_T….. HAHAHAHH and when he carried YeJin…. what is wrong with our Dae that day? hahah gravity isn’t his friend.




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~ by Vicky on November 10, 2008.

132 Responses to “Big Bang ‘CYEON EDGE’ CFs | New CYON Wallpaper | New NII Picture | 110908 Family Outing”

    I can just die, he’s SO HOT.
    I would totally buy that phone based on GD’s hontness alone, LOL!

    i soo want those fones now!!
    it just looks so gorgeous on themm!

    i soo want those fones now!!
    it just looks so gorgeous on themm!

  4. OMG!
    I watched the Tabi-Bae one like

    9328402984 times.

  5. these by far are the SEXIEST and DEADLIEST cellphone cfs ever made. OMG!

    YAY. winter! so adorable (:

  6. Aaahh! These pics are so cool! Of course they make me really want that phone even tho I can’t afford it! I absolutely L.O.V.E. the winter pic–its just to cute bc they all look so happy! TY all out in front–amking them look like one big sexy candy cane! Haha BBLOVE!!

  7. damn yt for not working. but top and yb, ugh so suave and sexy. i’m so jealous of alll the vips who have their album, i know their album covers are always rly nice and a piece of art.

  8. I hope my cd comes in the mail today so i can share my spazz with vipz:0) These are hot!

  9. HHAAAVVE MERCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that was so hot!!! OMG and its like in black and gray..


    I love the GD/SR/DS combo!! GOOD GOLLY!! the commercial

    was so sexy….watch that cellphone be sold out!!

    OMG..have mercy!! TOP and YB’s eyes are killing me!!
    gahh Im hypnotized into buying that phone!! I bet
    theres like a hypnotized fever going around Korea
    because of this CF!!!!

    gaahhh!! these wallpapers are freaking AWESOME!! SO HOTTT!!!

    the WInter NII pic is extremely cute ^___^ hehehehehe

    I love u BIG BANG!!

    commercial + CF wallpapers are just SEXAY!

  10. AHHH!! Did u see Dae Sung’s expression when he caught the phone!!
    GAH!! SO HOT!!

    Dae Sung you SEXY BEAST!

    i just love GD’s eyebrows in the end 😉
    it makes you want EDGE!

  11. oooooo waaaaa!!! those CFs were sexy man!!
    i really love the Tabi-Bae one…I loved both of them.
    shoot, i want Edge now lol.

  12. OMG. That was SO HOT!!
    Just watching them makes me want to buy the phone!? xD
    And when you mean copy of ‘REMEMBER’ from mail, does that mean from :O

  13. the first one isnt working…. =[

  14. I want that phone now!! 🙂

  15. ok… after re-watching the TOP/YB version…
    it’s actually sorta… CREEPY lol. their eyes man..
    too intense. it’s still f’n hott though XD

  16. i should be ban from watching these kind of clips
    how can they be so sexy??
    how am i suppose to go to school now???
    it’s 6:42 in the morning and i’m just like
    i saw this yesterday bight first on bbvipz…
    but i woke early just to see this again….
    just to say, their fingers are absolutely adorable.
    DAMN. GD with his eyebrow movement!!!

  17. jess

    haha Bong can sell ANYTHING!!!!

  18. Jini

    the whole finger thing and the raising eyebrows just KILL you huh???
    cuz it sure did to me
    I almost passed out when I saw it

  19. kVIPple

    kakaka candy cane
    he look like one of those statue that says ‘HUG ME!” haha

  20. roranges

    haha I’m sure that phone will be the most used phone soon
    Big Bang is powerful
    never underestimate them

    hahaha hyponotize

  21. roranges

    yes I did
    Dae can be deathtly sexy when he want to
    I never knew that

  22. teefannie

    yea~ I ordered from YesAsia and it just came today

  23. VI
    exactly how many times have we died so far?! keke
    or fainted?! lol
    these boys are serial killers!
    but we just keep coming for moarr <33

  24. a phone cannot look as hot as that.
    definitely helps that it’s being modeled with
    5 of the hottest guys in the world.

    the promos were hot though. super hot actually.
    TOP and YB [imo] radiated a dark, mysterious hotness.
    the other 3 were smirking fiends. i about died when
    Jiyong cocked an eyebrow. friggin’ lady killer move
    right there. ^__^

  25. im about to die.
    can they get any sexier?

  26. i’m getting that phone. YEAH. FOR THE BOYS.

    maybe not. but whatevers. they’re so effin hawwwt. rocking it yeah?







    I mean I knew he wsa sexy, that’s my husband like duh
    but he’s finally putting out into the open.

    Took you long enough babe, I knew you had it in you


  28. aishhhhh so sexy ~~~~
    i want the phone now :O ,not just because
    they are advertising it ,it actually looks
    cool >____> xD

  29. i want the phone now :O ,not just because
    they are advertising it ,it actually looks
    cool >____> xD

  30. THIS IS ONE OF THE HOTTEST CFs if ever seen!!! waaahh!!! if only looks could kill, id be dead right now. LOL

  31. now that’s what I call sexy commercials!
    I might just ask for one of this phones
    my mom’s bee tellin me to change my phone and now I know which one to get

    first cf killed me!!!
    Dae’s face is irresistible
    Baby workin’s his magic
    but Bong…..he seriously knows how to make you fall for him in less than 20 seconds

    second cf… 0.0
    my man and Bae together is the most dangerous combination
    me and my sister just went crazy ;P
    Tabi’s expression is sooooooo damn sexy
    his eyebrows,his eyes,his nose,his lips,his body…*faints*
    and Bae….his voice was perfect for the cf
    and his face OMG I DIE!!!!

    Dear Santa:
    I want the 5 of them for christmas

  32. Now I know what those finger swirling are for…hahaha..
    But seriously, that was one of those hottest CF that you rarely see…lol. BaeTOP version was just deathly…like seriously deathly…and Bong’s brow…hum, they didn’t use Bae’s brow cut
    and Ri received the phone from G…G-Ri…hahaha

    The thing with BB’s accessories is that you buy it just to have it, you don’t even dare to use it. All of my stickers and notebooks and stuff, i don’t dare to use it…lol..what if I ruin it with my ugly writings and get scratch on it…that’s like FORBIDDEN..and I’m too poor to buy duplicates

  33. nice phone…

  34. that totslly makes me want to buy that phone…
    nice ad~~does it include the boys? ;]

  35. omg,
    bong your amazingg

  36. Vi
    OMG!! This CF is the hottest CF ever!!
    With our boys wearing suits already hot, again with the finger pointing thing & their eyesight, plus the cell phone. Ahh~~~ I think I need to know the price.

    Bong.. he lifting his eyebrow for the ending is just too great.
    This ‘I don’t hungry’ boy, how come his puppy eyes becomes so deathly???
    Tabi’s eyes. Its as expected. The sexiest part of hi body is eyes. So, this CF is like made for him. Hahaha…

    Ahh!! This NII pic! So cute!!!!
    Oh Santa.. this just like a gift u give to us. A too early Christmas gift.
    Could u take the oldest one & sand him to my house at 25th?

    CYON should release the personal pic of it.
    & I don’t think its enough. Just 3!! I want moar!! Hahaha..

  37. OMOOO

  38. omgosh .. thats all i can say

  39. OH MY GOSH!
    well, ooh, that was sexy, watching
    them move the phones with ONE finger.
    *FAINTS. lol (: danng! the pictures
    are hottt too! loven the gray :]
    but i love the boys more =D

  40. ohh lordy! that CF was AMAZING!!!
    is it just me or or the NII shoots remind you of the ‘Hot Issue’ days? LOL; regardless they are WONDERFUL =P
    screw my LG Chocolate; i want a CYON!
    thanks for posting!

  41. Vicky~
    YAY! xD
    Okies, then. Mine should be coming soon! xD
    I can’t WAIT!?!?! xD
    HAHAHA!!! I’m all hyper now…. :O
    But it might be a bit different… I’ma from Canada… :O
    I wish Korea would bisect itself from Asia and settle down near Toronto….. 😀

  42. Was that Bae’s voice in the commercials or am I going bananas??

  43. WHAT DID TAE YANG MANAGE TO GET RETARDED FINGER? I’ve never seen that before. + I’m like… a YB fan LOL.

    Other than that this is like, so sex. Digital, virtual sex?

  44. Omfg, Kwon Jiyong.
    Just killing girls all over the place.
    So sexy.

  45. WOW. soooo many treats today.
    definitely bipolar. dark and sophisticated
    with the Edge. light and cute with Skoolooks.
    either way, love ’em. ^__^

  46. omg!!!
    i can feel the HOTNESS!!!!!

    GD,, lifting his eyebrows!(i’m melting)
    everyone is dang HOT!!

  47. Dayyyyyyyyyyummmmmmmm, are you trying to kill us?!
    All these pictures in one post!
    The Edge photoshoot is manly hottttt, I’m literally drooling (nasty I know).
    The Skoolooks is just adorable and preppy, I always loved boys in school uniforms. 😉
    GD has been stealing my heart nowadays, he is just wayyy to fine.

  48. cant help but commenting another time.

  49. OMFG
    this is sooo amazing!!!
    that was pure 100% hotness!!!!

  50. Cyeon Edge-
    ~omg seriously Bae and TOP killed me…they looked soo hot!!!

    Nii/Skoolooks pics-
    ~ah they look so happy, really goes with their current album theme

    Dae on Family Outing
    ~one word – HALARIOUS
    seriously, if u havent watched this show before, i highly suggest you watch this episode…i’ve watched it about 3 times without subs and although i have no clue what they’re saying i ROFL’D for the longest time..omg Dae stumbled all over the place during the games! poor Ye Jin! he was so cute apologizing to her…and Rain oppa was sooo adorable!!

  51. GOD, THAT PHONE IS A *MUST*. omo, theyre SO HAWRT. xDDDD

  52. my fav pic is definitely bong’s hot T__T
    and he was wearing a super tight slack..and the shiny shoes..
    i freaking die T____T
    i want the phone T___T
    i havent got my copy..i think i will only get it in December
    so sad..can’t wait!

  53. wow~ so hawt~ esp EDGE ones
    the winter NII pic is so cute~
    bb = ❤

  54. my uncle has the phone!
    im mad jealous T_T
    thought it was like SO new that noone has it yet dammit…

  55. Vicky, you are definite the “Number 1”. Was going to tell you yesterday as well but didn’t get to, sorry.

    Bong’s eye brow thing was THE highlight of the first CF. My god I would love to have a still shot of that scene!!! Sexy like nothing else.

    Like many have said, both Bae & Tabi got great eyes that can convey message and/or melt the viewers *faint* Some how I missed out on the fact that Bae’s tiny eyes can be that sexy. Tabi’s eyes are hands down to die for already.

    At first I was like, Why split the boys into 2 small groups ???? Aside from adding variety to the CFs & can’t fit everything in 20 seconds, it sure make us scream our heads off, twice.

    Thanks Vicky for putting up so many cool clips, pics, downloads & stuff on youtube. MUCH LOVE!

  56. I want a girly skoolooks uniform. =(

  57. oh wait he has another one xD
    my bad~~

  58. ohohohoho.
    i’m melting.
    i like at the beginning of Bae and Tabi’s version, YB did kind of the loser sign and then he made it into a gun sign. IT WAS AWESOME and so FINE! i feel lame TT~TT

  59. the schlooks aww are cute!!! +_+ clorful and cheery!! i like…
    very yummy!

  60. Heather


    ‘cocked’ an eyebrows.
    i should that word more often hahahaha
    should I?……hm… whatever I write, many ppl will read it so.. hm.. haha
    if they complain, I’ll blame u haha


    scientificly impossible
    but they always prove science WRONG haha

  62. kohjidmal

    that’s how I feel
    if I see that phone over here I would so buy it
    touch screen and the thing with light sensoring thing is wayy cool~
    and it’s thin too, I like small thin phones.
    WANT IT!!!
    I’ve been hating on my blackberry pearl for the whole day because i saw CYOn.. T_T

  63. Sexica

    do you live in Korea?
    idk think it will work in other places

    Bong knows what he can do
    and he juice it as much as he can

    haha you need to back off
    I always ask Santa that back in January hahaha
    well…only Bong and Baby though kekek

  64. Misa

    I know how you feel
    I does the same thing
    just buy them and put it there for decoration haha

  65. nya

    ‘I don’t hungry’ boy apparently found his on/off button hahaha
    wonder where it is.. hm……..should we ask Kenley if she by any chance found it? haha

    Tabi in front of your house with a bowtie on his neck iekekekke
    that’ll be one hella of a christmas present

    there’s more gurl~

  66. shuggah

    the only bad part of the CF
    it’s only 20s long

  67. teefannie

    It’ll be the same
    I’m from Florida hahaha
    YesAsia ship out the same thing
    there wont’ be any difference

    hahah INORITE!!
    there’s a huge Korea town but it’s in Georgia… another freaking state T_T
    wanna go there so badly

  68. Heather

    so freaking bipolar hahah


    haha that’s the power of Bong
    you better get use to it cuz it is not going away anytime soon haha

  70. jiyanz

    damn his skinny legs T_T

  71. CKT

    haha it’s never too late to tell me that kekeke

    i’m happy if you guys are dead….. from sexiness that is kekekekek
    so evil ~

  72. jiyanz

    hahaha T__T
    i get high everytime i see his skinny legs T__T
    like in sunset glow MV..
    i suddenly thought of his skinny legs in purple skinnies while i was sitting for Math paper..
    and another moment i realized that the examiner was looking at me..dang cuz i was smiling to myself like a pervert wtf


    sweet, these extra EDGE pics are super super SUPER sexy!
    black and gray pics are seriously just make them hotter & sexable..


    have mercyyyy!

  74. wtf?
    jiyanz to jiyanz?
    i meant vicky….ish

  75. Vi
    lol. just the word ‘cocked’ or ‘cocked an eyebrow’?
    i take responsibility for ‘cocked an eyebrow,’ but
    if i’m to blame for ‘cocked’ then that’s all on you. xD

    dude. someone needs to make a gif of his eyebrow.
    i’m like obsessed with it now. i’ve repeated that
    part a bajillion times already. haha.

  76. hey, over in australia we have that phone. its not called cyon but its called LG kf510; my friend has it. it’s awesome. 😀

  77. WOMG
    some eye work there huh top n yb
    its so mesmerizing
    n gdee’s eyebrow is soomehow attractive
    daesung’s smile in the end =)

  78. OMGGG
    I’M DEAD

  79. LOL
    I wish!
    naw it was just a moment of craziness
    I love my phone

    you’d know about that

    then I’ll keep theremaining 3
    no problem

  80. OMG~!!!!
    THE CF!
    i wan one too…
    their skulooks~~~~~~
    make them looks cute…

  81. —R.I.P—

  82. cyon is onli in’s kinda like the phone company..3 or vodafone.
    they buy the phone and add the company name cyon on it but u can still see it says LG at the bk
    u can buy it online or like any shop..
    it was everywhere in HK where i bought mine in august
    i duno why the cf is coming out now though haha
    the onli difference is that instead of having cyon at the front, it has LG
    if u want it..the model is KF510
    btw this phone is VERY pretty in real life and really classy haha. the functions are good too. the phone vibrates whenever u use the touch screen XD

  83. i took some photos of it but i can’t seem to put the links here!! xP
    i wanted to show u guys the menu! it’s really pretty! ^^

  84. it is stuped ene gar utas uneheer teneg ch g-dragon cak it is mongolian word ok

  85. hariu ok

  86. oh GOD, G-Dragon, i cant picture anyone more sexy than you, boy. I love you honey. you are freaking gonna give me a heart attack with your hair, your eyes, your get-up, your style, your lyrics, your songs….

  87. Vi
    Hahaha… yup, nw I see the individual pics. Kekeke.. and so HOT~~~ ahh~~ please, give me something to calm myself >.o..< KYAAAAA!!! And that deadly eyes… I don’t know what to say anymore. Its like I’ve told every lil bit of tabi’s good side. I’m really is specchless when I look at this pic.
    Dae, the healthy boy image. A good boy who also like to exercise so much. Hahaha.. that’s the first feeling I get when I see it.
    Baby ~.~ ‘pride of Gwangju’? I think its more like ‘lil playboy from Gwangju’ hahaha.. Don’t u think that smile could kill girls from all age? Nuna or dong-seng? I think even ahjumma.
    Who’s this girl? She’s tall! Look at her height difference with hubby.
    And sh’e reallu CUTE with the school uniform!! I love her pic with baby. The blue & white color suit her so well!! I could only say wow~
    This ‘login’ pic. Don’t u have a larger version? I so love this pic!! XD its like we ‘login’ to their ‘heart’!!

    Ask kenley? By any chance? Hahaha.. I don’t think its ‘by any chance’ I think the correct one is she ‘look for it herself’. Fufufu…

    AMEN FOR THAT. I hope that’ll happened. I’ll also pray for baby standing in front of ur house. Hahaha

  88. nya2: That girl is Min Kyung from the girl duo Davichi. She has a very adorable face.

    LOL what did they do to YB’s finger??? It looks like an alien tentacle or something. I always liked GD’s hands. Even his fingers are fine. Hahahaha.

    OMG this week’s Family Outing was LMAO funny. What was up with Dae? He kept falling during the game. Probably because he was dead tired from their hectic schedule. I couldn’t stop laughing. I was literally crying because it was that funny. Dae and Yoo making the hot pepper paste sauce was hilarious too. 😀

  89. awww they are sooo hooot! i loov the dark atmosphere ❤

  90. they are so cute. is that me or someone else thinks that on More Edge Pictures on the 4th one GD looks soo different. but he is still so cute and hot… luv him!!!

  91. SEXY x33 Now we know what the finger thing was for xD

  92. what a smart move to advertise with bigbang! seungri looks so good~ in all the pictures. 🙂

    daesung was really, really funny and cute on family this week, but he always is! haha

  93. omg bi?!
    eh his songs are ehh. no offense.
    i bet hyori and yejin ranked him #1 now. poor dae…

  94. jiyanz

    HAHAH get high
    i just stare at it…. blanked out hahah

    hahaha being a true fangirl in public kekeke
    so preverted

    kekek jiyanz to jiyanz T_T

  95. Heather

    try to run away from responsiblity???
    ur the one that put that word on my mind in the first place!! hahah

    you do it then keke
    i’m too lazy hahahaha

  96. kitty

    ahh~~~ i’m jealous
    only in Korea????????
    wonder if it’ll work over here if I buy it and use it over here

  97. nya

    drugs?? hahahahah
    or a dose of Tabi medicine??

    i do know for the fact that my man is a playa hahaha
    well……he likes girl but actually never ‘do’ anything keke
    so half a playa hahah

    american kids are tall so
    Tabi’s height over here is like average
    my friend, she’s a girl and she’s Tabi’s height
    not really that tall for a guy over here
    but in asia. HUGE~ hahaha

    i don’t have a bigger pic cuz that’s what available on their website
    that can be a song hahaha

    that sound like something Kenley would do hahahaha

  98. circustricks03

    or he was tryng to make us laugh ahhaa
    did u see his legs position when he fell down the first time??
    i almost choke on my food hahaha

  99. vi
    I need a receipt of Tabi medicine. I really do. Coz I don’t know in what way I could clam myself again.

    BUHAHAHA.. half playa! No, I think baby Ri got to ‘do’ something. He’s spreading his charms out everywhere, & he got the chance to do that since there’s so many gurls love him, but the sad thing is, he doesn’t have time to do that. Kekeke

    ~.~”a I won’t want to imagine how tall ur friend is. Haha.. she’s tabi’s height?? I’m speechless.
    But for me Tabi is like a really big guy. Do u know typical of Asian room? I ask my father what’s the height of my door is (coz I have the crazy idea to compare it with Tabi) & my father answered me. “180 cm”
    I was like… o.O!! Tabi’s height is same like my door??? I went speechless after that. & the fact that Tabi is 1 cm taller than my door. Hahaha

    Right? Don’t u think that pic seduce u somehow. With the LOGIN words. Hahaha…
    Who don’t want to login to their heart??

  100. I finally watched the commercials and the finger thing was so cool, ahh! Like Dae Sung looks like he’s hitting a baseball but he makes it look hot (because baseball is totally not hot). And, yeah, it was so cool.

  101. vicky

    haha not exactly getting high
    i just think that he looks too cute in that purple skinnies!!
    i want his pants now!
    and in that photoshoot his skinny legs are so sexay..lmao~~~
    yea so perverted! my friends all said that i’m a pervert whenever i say that i wanna rape my boys and stuff lol

  102. kekeke, bong is just standing there getting surrounded by phones… those pics are so hawt. just so hawt. i need that phone. im going to murder someone. someone, give me your neck! XDDDDDDD

  103. I want a Edge now. omgg hot!
    damn g-dragon. those video’s got me
    wanting one to now. needs to be longer [AHEMS]
    the comerical was cool =]

  104. I just felt this moment had to be captured!!!

  105. OMGOMG.. i want that phone now.. like SO badd..
    those vids were SOO hott.. i mean like seriously..
    that was soo coool how they made the effects..
    especially SR’s part ^^


  106. nya

    well for that you have to look for it yourself haha
    I can’t help you there hahah

    living over here for so long
    they don’t seem so tall to me
    like me and my friends isn’t that much different in my opinion

    your door is shorter than him??????”?
    so whenever he come in he have to bend down
    you have a hard life hahahahaha

    Login to something else too 😀 hahah

  107. jiyanz

    I’m going shopping tomorrow and determine to find purple pants like his haha
    hahaha perverts is what we are
    we gotta accept that hahah

    my friend just say I have a problem kekeke

  108. Dori

    jeeez.. fangirling have make u violent hahaha

  109. haha i love the videos
    but i wish they were longer >:[
    they should have made them longer
    i wanna see more sexyness~~~
    heh heh love the pictures too~

    i saw that episode sooo funny
    i was like my poor Daesungie he’s been working too hard
    don’t worry Dae ill save you

  110. Vi
    Maybe I need a psychiatrist first. Coz where could I found this Tabi medicine???
    Fly to Korea? Kekeke

    Maybe it is. Coz here, guys or girls with 180 height is rare. The average height of guys here is like bebe. About 170cm.

    Yup. Only for 1 cm, but still Tabi wins. This is how the typical of Asian door. I’ve asked my friends about it & they said their door is 180cm too. ~,~a
    Hahaha… whenever he come in. oh~~ I so hope he’ll come in & not going out again. We’ll have so many things to do. Fufufu…
    Hard life? No, there’s hubby here for me & it won’t be so hard at all. Kekeke

    Ahh~~~ when u say login to something else, I have the ‘thought’!!
    No!! please let this pic remain pure.. coz I so love this pic >.< no pervy business about this pic

  111. nya

    I’m telling u
    that’s for you to find out and tell me so I can hurry the hell up and look for some Baby medicine hahaha

    yea~ asians have short genes haahah
    it’s sad that we do but that’s what we are
    though I’m glad I’m taller than most asian
    over here……. I’m always the short one
    but I like my height
    I can’t make myself grow so might as well be happy with me. 😀

    why bring something like that into a innocent conversation about doors now???
    you………………… ur power is unbelievable hahahaha

    ur the one that brought it up hahaha
    can’t blame me

  112. Vi
    So u’re using me for ur own good??? Hahaha… don’t worry if I find it & contact u asap. Keke..

    Yup, if its u for Asians its not that short, but if u compare it to wester ppl u’ll definitely look short ^^ try to drink milk everyday?

    Since u said about him bending down if he want to enter my ‘room’ & u’ll know ‘things’ u could do in a ‘room’ especially for couple, so this thought just flowing by.
    Power? Mine? Ur not that bad too.

    Kekeke.. so this login should remain pure. Not like my door.
    OMG… I die every time I look at the pic. Especially when hubby is in the center XD!!

  113. nya

    haha of course gurl
    why go all through when i can have a shortcut keke

    ew… i hate milk
    the last and only milk i drank was my mom’s when i was a baby okay haha
    i can’t stand the taste of him
    make me wanna gag

    i can’t even compare okay
    the all mighty perverted nya hahah

    so that’s why kekekeke

  114. Vi
    Eh? U can’t stand it? I think milk is okay ^^
    Strawberry milk is yummy :p
    Then when u drink coffee or juice, don’t u add milk into it??

    SWT~.~ u make me sound perverted all the time

    Hahaha.. let our hubby cuteness remain pure vi >.<
    U could corrupt their sexy part, but not when it comes to their cuteness. So cute that I don’t even dare to touch. hahaha

  115. nya

    i like chocolate and banana milk haha
    they’re my fave
    but NOT plain milk haha

    when I drink coffee, I add sugar
    when I drink juice………..ur not suppose to add milk to juice hahaha

    I’M MAKING YOU ???????
    have u heard urself talk before?
    cuz GURL~

    corrupt their cuteness hahaha
    …. then i’ve been doing some damn corrupting stuff alright hahaha

  116. vi
    Oohh~ why? plain milk is okay too.
    like low-sugar milk, it also don’t make us fat. hahaha…

    eh? when u make a juice, here, we usually add water or milk. so the taste is sweet & thick.
    like how i usually make a mixed juice. i added strawberries & grape, them mixed it with milk, also a lil bit of chocolate. hmm~~ yummy ^^v

    i don’t even wan tto read agaim my comment, coz i know i was crazy when i typed it back. kekeke…

    u do it in a really right way of corrupting. hahaha…

  117. nya

    we have what we call “2% milk”
    techinally it’s like low-fat milk
    i hate it too
    the smell. the taste
    everything about them

    there was a period where i was near to being anorexic, and my parents literally chug milk down my throat so I could gain weight
    I just wind up throwing it all up on them hahaa
    dont’ force me to do something I don’t want to

    hahahah.. then we be different
    cuz I like drinking freshly squeeze juice with nothing added, well sometimes sugar if the thing doesn’t have any taste to it
    but milk?: u talking about smoothies gurl???

    you always crazy
    that’s why i love you so much kekeke

    I am AMAZING at it
    not gonna lie

  118. I’m really fed up with some stuff right now so I have no mind to update this site myself, everyone has pride a limit to what they can take in, fed up with ppl doing crap to me, but I still wants you to see this

    ur man doing promo for the 2009 BIG BANG CALENDER

    and also when he answer EDGE’s interview
    i think ur gonna die when u see this

    also other memebers too
    check out my channel for the others

  119. Vi
    Ahh~~ the low-fat milk. I don’t really like it so much but I still could stand it. Hhmm.. not my enemy. Hahaha…
    My enemy is like certain type of mushroom. Do u know the traditional Chinese food Zong Zi? The one that have the triangle shapes & wrapped with banana leaves.
    They put this certain of mushroom inside. I can’t eat this mushroom. I’ll throw up or feel dizzy and my mouth will feel weird after eating that >….<

    Hey! This is the first time I found our difference. Hahaha…
    I’m not rejecting the freshly squeeze juice, I could drink it too. But I just love mixed juice more. Haha..
    Not smoothies. I don’t think smoothies add water into it. Coz we usually added both of it, water & milk so it won’t be so sweet.

    Aw~ don’t speak like that, it’ll make me blushed ^^ *cute voice*
    Hhmm.. maybe not. Coz that’ll to scary. Hahaha… as my brother opinion, me acting cute is creepy kekeke…

    Amazing? I think u’re expert at that. HAHAHA…

  120. Uhh >..<

  121. the cutted my comment of u being anorexic

  122. OMG!! LORD!! Just when I thought why there’s no news about them last night.
    Doing crap to u?? what kind? U could share it. Coz its not healthy if u fill it inside ur heart. That’s #1 reason that make ppl go stress. I’m okay if u wan tto talk about it to me. Like how I talked to u about my friends.

    ARGHH!!! Its only the first 5seconds & I think I died. Look at him fixing his collar!! So sexy XD!!
    I have weakness with hot boy side profile, neck, collarbone & jaw line. OMG…
    Just how sexy this big dork could be??? Its like unlimited.
    Oohh~~ I’m hoping for New Year to come. So I could see their calendar soon XD!!
    Also I spot him talking to ur hubby with a really relaxed face!! Are their relationship got better now?? Hahaha… this 2 SeungHyuns (I just rewatched their MBC Teleconcert when they perform Oh My Baby, damn, I just realized how they alike siblings. The part when hubby rap & ur hubby do the backing vocal.) now I really think they deserve the same name.

    Die? I want this cellphone even more XD!! R u sure that he said he do have one???
    That make me want to buy it more. The same as hubby >o<
    Omona.. look at his actor side. Putting his finger on his lips like that. Hubby, stop mess around with me. U won’t have a bright future if u keep this finger thing up. Hahaha…

    I think I NEED to add ur youtube channel to my bookmark. Hahaa…
    I saw ur hubby’s EDGE interview. HAHAHA… the famous line from Come To Play. XD!! U don’t know how hard I laugh.. (laugh sure can make ppl feel tired)

  123. nya

    i don’t know which food ur talking about hahaha
    but i hate mushroom. period
    can’t stand them
    it looks so weird and black…… hahahahaha
    can’t stand them
    never ate one in my life

    haha OH EM GEE.
    our first difference
    maybe we’re not siblings after all ???? hahaha
    no way
    we so are
    i still couting on that DNA test

    my nya unnie is being shy and acting cute now
    no wonder my brother in law want to have a ice cream shop crew hahaha

    expertedly… amazing..
    is that word? haha
    oh well, new Vicky vocabulary.

  124. nya

    there’s always something going on with the boys
    is just the ‘news’ i’m ‘reporting’ haha are different.
    belong in a certain category, the spazz category haha

    i’m fine now
    I don’t wanna make something small into something big and hurt more ppl’s feelings
    I just need to know how to let it go and not let it effect me
    they can be happy if they think they’re better than me or whatever, but as long as I’m happy with what I am, i don’t think I need to worry about it, just need to take a break for the past couple of days to get it out of my system.
    seeing today’s Music Bank comeback convince me to make a comeback haha
    before someone report me missing or dying somewhere kekek
    or worse………getting arrested for rapping the underage. hjahahaha wonder who that is??? hm….

    no haha you don’t
    to sum it up
    you have an obsession with EVERYTHING Tabi is hahah

    maybe hehahhaha
    but then again, there were other members there
    so that’s why the uncomfortable feeling wasn’t there
    wait until they all left….. then the crickets will start making that noise again hahaha

    these two may be long lost brothers or something haha
    then we can really be sisters in law hahahahaha

    they just ask him what he like best about the phone
    but since he’s doing the ad for it
    pretty sure they gave him the phone for free so he can advertise it too
    make fans wanna buy it because he’s using it haha
    marketing strategy
    you should know about that hahah

    finger up HAHAHAHAHA
    gurl u and ur weird 4th dimension thinking kekeke

    always update it on the daily gurl~
    it’s the one thing where I can do whatever I want without anyone saying anything, it’s like my 2nd child hahaha, my first child was HQBB kekeke

    I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SQUEALED LIKE CRAZY!!!!
    ‘EDGE… I REALLY LIKE YOU’ hahaha
    same expression too!!! LOVE IT!!!

  125. Vi
    I found it in Wikipedia. Here:
    I think u’ve eaten it. It said it called bánh tro in Vietnamese.
    I could eat the other mushroom, but I just can’t eat this one that they put inside. I have a weird feeling after eating it.
    So everytime I make this Zong Zi, I just put aside the mushroom. Hahaha…

    It’ll be too scary if everything is same for us. Hahaha…
    I actually feel relieved after I know the difference. So at least we’re not that weird. Kakaka… still counting on DNA test?
    Oh long lost sister, we’ll meet if our DNA say that we’re related. Hahaha…

    Honestly, I enjoy myself acting cute. But my brother just say that I’m disgusting whenever I’m acting cute. Hahaha…
    “no wonder my brother in law want to have a ice cream shop crew hahaha”
    LONG LOST SISTER! That’s the best sentence I’ve ever heard this whole year!!
    Thank you! Thank you! Kakaka…
    Shit! I so LOVE this. It sound so RIGHT. Hahaha…

    Is it the same a s GDwords? Kakaka…
    U & ur own Vicky word. Kekeke…

  126. why i can’t paste the link???
    but u could found it on Wikipedia ^^

  127. Kekeke… spazz category. Idk why but I love ur style gurl. ^^v

    Its okay as long as u’re fine. I don’t really care about others opinion. I live like I want to. & that’s me, coz if I get hurt everytime I heard others opinion & being ‘weak’ I’ll hate myself. I rather being arrogant then being crybaby.
    Kekeke… report u missing? I won’t do that. Maybe other ppl
    Coz when u go missing, I’ll assume that u’re haveiing ‘a good time’ with ur hubby & I won’t disturb u 2. fufufu…

    I don’t know why u’re so right all this time?
    U’re psychic for sure.
    “the crickets will start making that noise again” so right of u. hehehe…
    But I do hope their relationship got better ^^
    HAHAHA… don’t u think that we being the real sis in law might be so bizarre??

    As long as I have the same phone as my hubby. I’ll never let that phone broken. Care of it just like a treasure. Haha.. I’m fed up with this marketing strategy stuff. But still I become the victim of it.

    Yup. Hubby can’t messing around with me. Coz I’d take that finger, kissing, licking, or even suck it then give it a lil n slightly bite to make it complete. (OMG… I should stop being horny just by thinking about it)

    Hahaha… I made the right decision to put it in my bookmarks.

    Kakaka… I just know it. Even me who don’t understand Korean. But when I heard it, I feel I heard it somewhere then I remember about Come To Play. Then I laugh like crazy. My stomach hurts when I laugh too much.
    Even me being like this moreover u? kakaka…

  128. oh~ that’s from the north
    we don’t eat it down south

    but u need to send me ur spit gurl~ kekeke
    u watch dramas
    you see how it works kekekeke

    I am AMAZING
    that’s for sure hahahahahaha
    i always say the rightest thing kekeke
    and the Vicky Vocab

    of course you love it
    it’s ME for god’s sake kekekeke
    i have a big head hahaha

    yea me too
    i mean even though it hurts, can’t say that it doesnt
    I just know how to go on and not be bothered by it

    you know it gurl~
    i MAY have to go missing for 2 months this summer
    traveling back to Vietnam where the internet connection is DEAD
    i don’t wanna go so is my dad, but we might have to go since my uncle’s getting married

    no… it won’t be bizarre haha
    we’ll be a damn happy family hahaha

    oh jeez please stop with the fingers
    my dinner’s about to climb up hkeke XP

  129. Vi
    Hey, that’s yummy. U should try that ^^

    HAHAHA.. OMG, I laugh too hard. Dramas.
    Hey, go back to reality gurl. But It’ll be amazing if we really do this DNA test. Kakaka…

    Yup, should I give u a standing applause?? Kekeke
    Everything u said always right & that’s scary. Haha

    When I read back ur comment again I can’t help but giggling at that sentences again. Hahaha… fufufu… kekeke… (damn, I’m crazy)

    We don’t even want to care about that problem coz it could heal in just 2 or 3 days. Hahaha… & we put too much time on our own hubby. We’re a busy woman. Kakaka

    Eh? Missing u for 2 month next summer?
    Ow~ u’re going back to Vietnam. Then it means no BB news update daily! Sob sob..
    Dead? Not that serious right?

    Hahaha… I have never think of a finger this way! How could it be so sexy? Only a finger.
    Yup, maybe I should stop this soon before I become crazier. kekeke

  130. nya

    nah~ i’ll pass keke
    i really loath the north XP

    haha even when CERTAIN things I shouldn’t be right about
    I’m right

    well they do have internet connection
    but it so slow it’s AMAZING
    and I can’t do anything if I don’t have my own computer
    and whenevver I’m over there I’m always out 24/7 partying with my friend, I don’t even stay home to sleep anymore hahaha
    I barely sleep actually
    pretty wasted.

    but there’s a chance i won’t be going
    will fight til my last breath

    no ur just horny
    don’t blame the finger

  131. I want downloads for the edge videos. Q___Q

  132. mmmmmmmmm merry christmass idol…..


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