Facebook Users: Toronto VIPz Gather

Canadians! a VIP has taken initiative to form a FACEBOOK GROUP to gather the bunches of you together to talk about BIG BANG, & possibly FORM A MEET & GREET!

alright, so that makes me a super supporter of this FB GROUP, & so i encourage you to check it out so a TORONTO MEET CAN BE IN THE WORKS!!!


also, if you haven’t checked out BBFANSITE’s OFFICIAL FB GROUP, you can do so by CLICKING HERE.


~ by gdluvzmc on November 10, 2008.

10 Responses to “Facebook Users: Toronto VIPz Gather”

  1. yay, finally a Canadian gathering!

  2. yes! a toronto meet!!! ~woot

  3. AAHHH! xD
    thank you melly!! ^^

  4. Yay for Canada! 😀

  5. o snap, this should be cool. thanks for letting us know!

  6. I really hope wen BB goes to US, theyl come to Can too 🙂

  7. w00t, No1 can stop me from going

  8. xD

  9. YAY~~ FINALLY! In Toronto!? ❤

  10. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!! i already joined x)

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