nongshim ramyun

πŸ™‚ pics from concert, sorry if they’re already ehe, they probably are, knowing my blindness.

Β dude vicky got herself mentioned on our kpop Bible πŸ™‚ ehehe


more? ehehe (there’s some other random ones too) I’m just glad SNSD’s not there, ahaha!~! i’m so mean πŸ™‚ i hate them ehehe

EDIT: Please do not bash, ahaha, I’m a hypocrite I just bashed So Nyeo Shi Dae, but yeah, no bashing aright? Keep this place friendly πŸ™‚

Warning: PICHEAVY!!!!!!!!!!




quote sookyeong ”

I’d have thought TOP and Baby (happy Vicky darling?) got burnt for this”

Β bb_2_091108_6


Seungri TT.TT


Brown Eyed Girls

Eun Ji Won, Huh Lee Jae, Lee Hong Ki Nongshim

Mcs Eun Ji Won, Huh Lee Jae and Lee Hong Ki (My bad for the small picture, couldn’t be bothered to enlarge it ehehe)

My Minhwan looks all grown up… T.T

Kim Jong Guk~ love his mosquito voice πŸ™‚

Bi and his magic stick seems to be missing ah well πŸ™‚

SHINee lol Taeminnie, best Wonderboy ever πŸ™‚

Dongbangshinki, love em, but wish they would button up their shirts just occassionally. Oh yeah and Micky darling, go get a haircut…

That’s Sohee’s “nan wi hae..” part lol

yeah sunmi looks a bit weird there… still, i want nobodyΒ nobody but you πŸ™‚

All of them


Sorry that I posted un BBrelated stuff but I figured we may as well share, lol

Oh yeah, Son Dambi, Lee Minwoo and Younha performed, but Son Dambi had terrible hair and Lee Minwoo and Younha, ok i dont know what happened there, ehehe.

oh yes, dont bash remember πŸ™‚

~ by μˆ˜ν˜„ on November 10, 2008.

39 Responses to “nongshim ramyun”

  1. this truly is a LOVE concert,,every1 looks gOOd,,tnx 4 sharing!!!

    I cant wait 4 all of them 2 collab a song (which btw i doubt a bit cuz of their companies but i still wish that day will come)…<3 it!

    and dont b sorry 4 posting un BBrelated stuff, its OK,,I think its really cOOL 2 have our site visits by other artists once in a while…tnx 4 sharing!!!

  2. well, i for one didn’t mind the non-bb photos. i agree about Micky though. haircut is definitely needed. xD

    btw…i watched a vid of the ending part where all the performers came out on stage. how sad our poor boys were stuck standing in the back. =[

  3. omfg! tht one dancer all up on my man is really lucky.
    XD ahhhh! im totally jealous. shes so close to his face
    akfdjfoawjog AHHHH!

  4. i don’t mind the BB unrelated post…
    how i wish DBSK and BigBang can perform together on one stage. sheesh!…that’ll be awesome! historic that is! haha!

  5. micky’s hair is in trouble man lol
    did he clip his hair or something?
    his hairstyle is never good to me ishhh
    ish..but i watched dbsk’s was hot ^^
    junsu!!! he’s my fav in dbsk ❀

    eh where’s bi’s magic stick? kekee
    and SHINee oh of my favourite bands too πŸ™‚
    taemin ah so cute πŸ™‚
    yeah i watched the ending too..i saw bi, dbsk,shinee and others singing..while our boys just stood behind..what happened? =(

  6. “dude vicky got herself mentioned on our kpop Bible ” HAHA
    it’s nothing me and SooKyeong got to know each and talk that’s all
    she’s infected with the whole Bong, Tabi and I told her that she better start calling SeungrI Baby too, and she did haha

  7. did you guys see the fancam at the end of the concert where JaeJoong and TOP talked?! I was like “WHERE’S JUNSU AND SEUNGRI? WHERE’S JUNSU AND SEUNGRI?!?!??!” zee = freak much~? Lolz.

  8. aaaww!!
    tabi is so cute in the picture!!
    looks like he never got sick at all..
    (such a cutie)

    i want to watch this..
    can someone tell where can i watch this??
    hehehe, thanks!

    aaww!! dbsk too~ dang!!

    but i want to see BB more!!

  9. ur not alone.. for not liking snsd xD

  10. hello there, I recently started liking big bang and chanced upon your blog. Thanks for all your goodies πŸ™‚

    Just one question; why is their english really good? they have the american pronunciation? No offence but for native koreans, it is really rare, right?

  11. waah..that girl is too close to tabi!!!..XD

    careful with fire boys..haha and i love the other artists as well..your so right with micky yoochun’s hair..hahaha and snsd too..gaawwdd i hate those girls..

    aww..ft island’s all grown up..and shinee’s totally reminded me about their wondergirls performance..haha ^^

    hyunjoong from ss501 said in an interview that his bestfriends are Top, jaejoong and’s so cute when they start talking bout each other..(this is not related to the concert at all..i just wanted to share..^_^)

  12. Just one question; why is their english really good? they have the american pronunciation? No offence but for native koreans, it is really rare, right?

    – cos they graduated at YG Academy πŸ˜€ I think it took years of training, practicing, watching American movies lol and singing Chris Brown, Neyo & Usher songs πŸ™‚ And most YG artists like Danny, Teddy from 1TYM and Perry are American-born so they helped the boys w/ the right pronounciation and all. Se7en also has good English sklls.

  13. *pronunciation ;P

    aww~ I can’t seem to find them on the group pic. I wanna see Baby close to JunSu ;D

    SHINee ❀ I want ’em hoodies πŸ™‚

  14. top has the funniest expressions but so cute! BB backup dancers are all so pretty.

  15. they how come big bang isn’t in the picture of all of them???

  16. lol @ the fourht picture.. looks lie sungrei is burning… 😦

    Taeyang.. and that dang hair!!!! LOVE IT!!!

  17. oops.. i meant fourth*

  18. hahaha, Big Bang is so hot that they’re on fire in the picture xD

  19. Any one know what kind of shoes BB is rockin now? looks like something they havent worn before! anyone got an idea??? lol ^^

  20. taemin, the best wonderboy? R U SRS? lol, baby was the best!! i am still wondering wth yuhno was wearing. anyways, someone post the fancam(s) of jaejoong and top talking. that was LOVE.

  21. for everyone wondering where the boys are in that pic of all the artists, sad to say they were standing in the back. doesn’t help that they’re not very tall. =[

    thanks for the heads up about the fancams. i totally scoped out youtube to see JJ with TOP. it definitely was a cute moment. ^__^

  22. whoa, these performances were hot (:
    i watched them. BigBang! AHH!
    soo hott.
    & shinee ❀ *faints. LOL (:

  23. lol isn’t it a bit hypocritical to say “don’t bash” after you mentioned your hate for SNSD?
    I’m not a fan or anything, I’m just neutral about the whole SNSD thing.

    But anyways, our boys were looking BANGIN’. This performance was HAWWWT~ (and yet, so cute. <3) GD, you sly boy~ (love that outfit.)

  24. whoah! TOP and JAEJOONG!!!!!! 2 of the hottest man alive! yeah hyunjoong said that his bestfriends are this 2 and micky. so i guess that means the four of them are really close huh.. yey!^^

    but where’s d SEUNGRI and JUNSU?!?!
    bet they’re holding back themselves and reserve it after the show. hahaha! i remember when seungri announced that he looks up to his hyung junsu ever since DBSK debut. Junsu is a lucky guy for having a fan like seungri ne? love ’em!
    man i so want a collaboration from this 2 groups!

    i like shinee too! at first i find the name funny though! hehe.. but love em now! KEY!!!

    FT Island is hot! love jaejin & jonghoon!

    don’t like SNSD?..count me in!^^ *i don’t hate them though, i just don’t like them.*

    and lucky dancer to be that close to TOP!!!!!! im lovin his new look btw!

  25. Guys, I appreciate the pictures.
    So thank You.
    But please dont turn BBfansite a place where SNSD fans come because we bash them here.
    And plus, there shouldnt be any mention on them.
    I’m not a fan but I dont hate them either.
    I just hate the fact some people bash artists to the point of suicide. Yeahs, I’m sorry for ranting but that was what I wanted to say.
    Yeah, Mentioning SNSD wasnt needed.

    But Thanks for the pictures ! its awesome.
    Gah Wonder Girls look sooo pretty.
    And BEG too.

    But of course BB was the star . LOLS. in my eyes.

  26. Wow with TOP and THAT Girl…
    No Way TOP Like That Girl Up On Him…
    No Way…
    Any ways…
    Ji Yong Looks HOTT In that pix Nexy To TOP

    That To Ji Yong!

  27. “Oh yeah and Micky darling, go get a haircut…”
    UGH! Isn’t it horrible?! His hair looks like the Wonder Girls’ wigs. I cannot take him seriously with hair like that.

  28. oh yeah, it felt kind of weird seeing negative comments about other artists here (regarding snsd) i just realized how much i appreciate this site, it is purely for fans of big bang. maybe you should remove that comment about snsd, don’t want that to reflect bbfansite.

  29. Maryam

    yea same T_T

  30. wow! hongki looks gooddddddd!!!!
    BIG BANG LOVE!!!!!!
    and i agree with you..i wish DBSK would button up’s not sexy seeing too becomes a bit skanky..just like girls..showing too much is too slutty.

  31. thanks strongbaby πŸ™‚

  32. Big Bang looks awesome!!!! <333 BB luvβ™₯

  33. LOL..this post is giving me the pressure >.< hahah.. but thanks for the mention..

    haha and yes got infected by vicky darl, now i start to call them tabi and bong.. but baby is.. too ‘vicky’ a term.. hahahah

  34. Lmao, aha
    i don’t like SNSD that much too but [AHEMS]
    not gonna bash. uhh yeah micky does
    Big Bang is awesome alright!
    Vicky’s special =]

  35. damn i like T.O.P new hair

  36. you shouldn’t bash 😐 i won’t explain much, i think ivips know what’s right and what’s wrong…

    LOL TOP ‘n baby’s faces are really cute in these pics XDDD
    i dunno why but i LOVE the 1st pic like crazy, TOP is HOTT!!!
    thanks a lot for the pics πŸ˜€

  37. haha i love the other pictures πŸ™‚
    helps to see the other things going on that are Big Bang related πŸ™‚
    i love Top’s face in that one pictures
    priceless sometimes i forget he’s the oldest πŸ™‚

  38. Seung Ri’s crinkled nose is heaven!!!!!!!!!!…


  39. Man the dancer WITH TOP is friggin HAWT!!!! MY GOODNESS!

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