Tomo Strikes Again: A Contest For The VIP Project

Tomo is back with another project, and she’s playing SANTA this year for the FANSITE.

here’s the scoop:

Want to let the world know your love for Big Bang? Well here’s your chance to show it. Plus you can be one of the lucky winners that win prizes.
All you have to do is particiapte in one of these challenges.

Challenge 1

– Sing or Rap to a Big Bang Song
*Upload on Youtube or Imeem
*Don’t have to be a amazing singer
*If Sing, sing atleast a verse and the chorus
*If Rap, rap TOP and GD’s part

Challenge 2
– Do a Big Bang Dance to a Big Bang Song
*Upload on Youtube
*Try to get as close as you can
*At least 2 minutes long

Challenge 3
– Pull of a Big Bang member clothing style
*Try to dress exactly as one of the guys
*If you can, get the hairstyle too

Challenge 4
– Your spazzing BigBang Room
*Take pictures of your BB fill room.
*Try to get all BB details!

Your Own Challenge
– If you have more funky or crazy ideas let me know!

When done with your challenge e-mail me:
Full Name:
Challenge #:
Link to your youtube, imeem, photo link, and etc… :


1st Place: Drawing of You and your Number 1 Big Bang Guy

*I will photoshop your pictures to put you guys together
*Drawn by my cousin. Trust me he’s good. Won many awards
for portrait drawing.

2nd Place: A Personalize Deck of Big Bang Cards

3rd Place: A Personalize BigBang Button
*About 4 to 6 inch

Honorable Mention: A Personalize BigBang Honorable Mention Ribbon

If you are the chosen winners I will e-mail you for your address.

Deadline: December 7, 2008

Any Questions? E-mail:


-i will be updating with a banner logo later.
now i feel better for finally putting this post up. LET’S GO VIPz! you know you want a present in the mail >=]



~ by gdluvzmc on November 10, 2008.

46 Responses to “Tomo Strikes Again: A Contest For The VIP Project”

  1. wow !!!!!!!!!good idea but i think can’t do it^__^but i will try

  2. woah crazy challenges 😀
    i might do one
    that 1st prize!!!
    I NEED IT ❤

  3. Ehehe Im so gonna do this challenge one… ehehe 🙂

    i suck though, puahaha
    do you have to see my face? i dont want people putting my ugly face with my ugly face, puahaha?

  4. owww this will continue to which date?? i can try challenge 2 but i cant do in a short time T_T

  5. im gonna try 😀
    lol its funny i actually want second place ><
    big bang cards ❤ x]
    and good luck to anyone who enters! 😀

  6. coool, i-m going to try for the first challenge ahahaha

    you’ll see me try out for this =]
    i think i can pull off challenge 1, 3 & 4
    although the only bigbanged thing about my room is the giant poster of them, random bigbang CDs & the scarf ^^;;

  8. wow!!!
    i love this!!!

    i’ll try my best too~

  9. are you allowed to do this with a friend?
    or do you have to do it by yourself ?

  10. wah~ this sounds fun!! Immaa Have to try ; )

  11. challenege 4??? i dont think anyone can top off that european girl’s painted home of mostly taeyang and other members.. man those drawings were beautiful!

  12. What if you do a Big Bang dance as a group? :O

  13. Whoa! You got cool ideas! Smart-icles.
    Urgh, i wish i can try some into my
    busy schedule. i’ll try. i wanna
    watch the competition too (: Teehee.

  14. aw
    why sooo close???
    december 7 is kinda too early!!!!

  15. woah, i’ll try my best voor BB (=^^=)V
    only my korean sucksz xD but however I
    will try!! BIGBANG FIGHTING =D but dec.
    7 is to early i need more time .. tééhéé
    lol it’s funny =D

  16. Awesome! Lol Each of these prizes are just too amazin… to die for. Lookin 4ward to entering! ^.^

  17. can we enter more than once?

  18. lol this is a great idea ^^

  19. nice, wells

  20. aww i’ll try too !!

    awesome idea !!

  21. the idea is greaaaat!!!
    i will try it =)

  22. great idea!but why must we upload to youtube or imeem?
    can’t we just send u the video?think this is the best way…

  23. i’mma do challenge 3 ;]
    i already have a picture of meh
    looking like gd ;D

  24. Yay, I sent my link in, lol. Also, a question, will you be posting everyone’s links up after the winner is chosen? So, we can see what everyone else did? Lol.

  25. i gotta question.
    Is it possible to do it with ma sister? cuz we would like to do it together!

  26. Wahhh~!
    i wanna do the singing/rapping challenge but it’s embarassing
    but i know all there songs and i don’t even know korean

  27. woahh! so hard!! can u think of other ones? im not korean!! i wish i could be!

  28. If we are doing a rap or some chorus and we’re not really sure of which songs we’d wanna do,can we like submit afew and you decide?

  29. can we do it with other people? cuz it would be kinda hard to do the dance wit only one person ><
    and does the BB song have to be one of their korean ones or can it be one of their english ones?

  30. AHHH I am gonna do this!
    I want the button lol

  31. ooh i wanna do tis for real tis timee.
    i was planning to do the other video project but
    i was way toooo busyy dang it.. T T
    tis will be fun (:

  32. i was hoping you guys would pull out something like this lol i’m gonna try my best despite my horrible korean lmao anyway FIGHTING! to those who’s entering as well.

  33. ahh, that first prize sounds delicious O_____________O;;

  34. im gonna do this stuff~especially the singing & rapping thing…yo~FIGHTING lol!

  35. um when you say rap like rapping it in your own voice? with background music in the back? or no music? or like with music but no words?

  36. WOW i can leave messages here, i thought like if you dont get like this account and you HAVE to go on everyday to like [post a comment LOL i just found out today, kinda late. i may not come here often but im like this huge fan that knows a lot of stuff about them and i may not be like other VIPs with lots of merchandise since they dont sell BB stuff AT ALL here in Toronto, Canada T_T i feel like such a bad VIP now….. IM SO LOST!!!!!!!!

  37. according to dis post d deadline is on the 7th but then in d link on d site page said on d 14th…
    so which is which???

  38. is the deadline over alrd?

  39. I think I might do this. x]
    Btw, can you enter more than once? o:

  40. I entered mine in! Anyone wants to listen it’s here:
    Haha, I think you can tell I started running out of breath during Top’s part. XDDD

  41. Is it too late to join this? ._.

  42. wasn’t the deadline pushed to dec.14? o.o

  43. cai’t wait for the results..keke

  44. Hello any challenges PLEASE EMAIL ME !!! I couldn’t join this event because of my studies. I am writing this comment/post/reply now because i now have time !!! Thank You all very much !!!
    From : BabyBryan
    E-mail :

  45. darn i am too late for this
    how did this go btw?

  46. woh!im excited .hahaha

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