08.11.08 MBC Music Core: YMGA (feat Ji Eun) – Tell it to my heart

Credit: jaeurazn1@yt

Side note: Kim Ji Eun sang this track along with Jinusean at Yg One Concert 2007. Is this a comeback from our little YG lady ? I love YMGA/UJH, but i love it more when Jinusean and Ji Eun performed it.



~ by Momo on November 11, 2008.

11 Responses to “08.11.08 MBC Music Core: YMGA (feat Ji Eun) – Tell it to my heart”

  1. I honestly LOVE both,,when it comes 2 YG family, i always end up liking them all..but hhhmmm mayb d stage performance, jinusean+jieun would b best cuz I noticed that Ji Eun is kinda left out a bit in here,,(mayb not?)

    anywayz I LOVE this sOng,,I think teddy really did a gOOd jOb on this and I like YMGA’s rappin’ 2… 🙂


  2. Hahaha Seung Ri is so cute jumping up and down
    and like is scarf is hitting and covering his face!
    hahaha! lol My two maknae MC’s <3333

  3. whoa Jieun’s voice is hell good!! xD aww baby jumping up and down, so cute<33

  4. no wonder i found it similar..this was in bb’s comeback also right?
    love it..during this performance..my friend and i were like ahh YG’s artists are always good ^^ love this song! and MASTA WU! don’t know why..i just like him

  5. grrrr….this is soooo goood….!!love this!!
    Tell it to my heart!! damn freakin’ nice…

  6. I love both singers and they both sound great, but I think Uhm Jung Hwa adds a bit more it to. =)

  7. *to it. oops. XD

  8. gosh, I love this song!

  9. Ohhhh i remember this performance 😀 so cool! but i prefer YMGA/UJH too xD!

  10. omg i love seungri, he’s so fricken cute.
    where’s UJH? seems like she doesn’t perform that much with them
    but i love YG FAMILY!

  11. how does she pronounce “heart” accuratly?
    but when GD says it…it sounds like hurt.

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