Fashion icon Big Bang brings chic and stylish for FILA

Big Bang, who is back and just released their 2nd full-length album 4 days ago, is also back as fashion icon this time.

Big Bang recently was in a studio in Seoul GangNam for the photoshoot for sports brand FILA. They have brought out the concept of chic and stylish, together with masculinity and individuality, for the photoshoot.

During the shooting, Big Bang donned caricature fashion items like shoes, hats and bags by FILA. There are also plans to release FILA Big Bang limited edition items to be released in mid-December.

One of the FILA staff said, “Even though Big Bang has been busy with their schedule, they took time out to do designs for our products, and were very professional during the CF shooting bringing out the concept and style for our products. At the same time, they also showcased their individuality during the photoshoot.”

This is their 2nd time modelling for FILA since 2007, and they have definitely become more professional and familiar with the shooting. The endorsed items together with the advertisement are set to be revealed in mid-December.




~ by Momo on November 11, 2008.

13 Responses to “Fashion icon Big Bang brings chic and stylish for FILA”

  1. awesome!! love big bang =D <3333333333333333 big bang for life. i hope they’re having fun =]

  2. thats right thats my boys!!! they so rock…even when they know they are gonna collapse and need time to rest and all they still take the advantage and get up and do all these stuff!! so proud of them!!

  3. OMG! I must get MY HANDS on
    Big Bang FILA UNLIMITED items!!!!!

    cant wait to see what they look like!!

    ^^ Yipeee!!

  4. Cant wait for mid-december…

    I want those LIMITED EDITION BB stuff!!
    I always wanted stuff designed by BB!! : D : D

    gotta save money again $___$

  6. no surprise there xD
    haha cant wait until it releases

  7. oh wow i didnt know they designed the stuff,i thought they just wore them,ahh im so proud of them!but now im pissed!why why why limited edition!those people are just trying to kill us!

  8. WAT?? HUH?? i want those limited items!!!

  9. awwww i still remember back in 2007 when they do their first photoshoot with FILA one of my fav ♥_♥ i can’t wait to see the new one ^^ thanx 4 the news Momo! <333

  10. yay! We get to see them in other things:0) they should remember to rest well too!

  11. wow!!!
    cant’s wait to see this~

    go BB!!!
    always number 1!!!

  12. “FILA Big Bang limited edition items to be released in mid-“December
    need them!!!

  13. ahh time to save money again -.-
    so many big bang things to save money for~!! D”:
    oh well it’s worth it :]

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