I need your HELP

Hi everyone. i have 2 requests that i would hope you guys can help.

Firstly, is there any Taiwan VIPs out there? I have a special request from another VIP who is residing in Taiwan as we speak. She/he would love to get to know you guys and asking if there will be any Meet and Greet happening somewhere in Taiwan.

Secondly, I would like to have a list of names of Big Bang Fansite/Forum from all around the world for my keeping. For example: BBMalaysia @bbmalaysia.my-korea.net, BBThailand @ bbthailand.com etc. I would appreciate it very much if you can help me with this.  For PR purpose.

For both requests, kindly leave your comment here.

Thanks in advance.



~ by Momo on November 11, 2008.

19 Responses to “I need your HELP”

  1. ——–Yo, yo, Vicky——–

    Can´t help you with the first one-BUT, I know a BB site.


    Just scroll down, and you´ll find the BigBang related stuff.

  2. Hii~ here are french links ^^
    BB French Forum : http://ygbbvip.forumpro.fr
    BB French Fansite : http://bbvipz.wordpress.com


  3. @spinx: she is not Vicky ^^u is Momo! ^^

  4. Big Bang Hong Kong Fans Group : http://www.bigbanghk.com/forum/index.php

  5. i see why you were upset about the vicky comment momo.

    it’s okay. i know first-hand how you feel.

    if only ppl would read who is posting rather than assume it’s always vicky.

    well now. we have some things to consider on the upcoming project *nudge nudge* xD

  6. Nafy & Tooth: Thank you very much!

  7. There’s actually a taiwan BB fanclub forum..very active,pretty up-to date with Big Bang stuff..i forgot that exact site which i registered…but but i think its this :http://bigbangtw.marlito.com/

  8. swedish site: big-bang.se
    what I know, it’s the only one in sweden related to big bang ^-^

  9. Vietnamese site: bigbangvn.com

    Somethings are being changed so it doesnt work right now.

  10. ygfamilybrasil.ipbfree.com/

    YG Forum from Brazil 🙂

  11. ———–Momo————

    Sorry girl—-but to my defense, I was REALLY drunk!

  12. Taiwan site: http://bbs.bigbangtw.com/index.php
    The link that anecia posted is the old addy…they changed sites recently

  13. oh! and… BBCN Chinese site: http://bbcn.ifensi.com/forum/

  14. BB Philippines (:


  15. thats the website
    and this is the forum (:


  16. is there a meet and greet for bb phil?

  17. Thank you so much for helping me out!!! and thank you guys for posting the links ^___^

  18. It’s not a real website…well…it’s my blog….but I write there about Big Bang occasionally [so don’t freak out when you see my pictures in stead of Big Bang’s!]
    This way I can tell people in Israel [who doesn’t have a clue about Kpop] about Big Bang!
    It’s in hebrew….


  19. bigbangvn.com

    it works now.


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