UCLA MEET? | New Branch: VIP Translators


curious as my last blog post here, i found many UCLA kids who actually check out our site…
so, after much deliberation, another HELL WEEK(s) is coming up (you know what i’m talking about bruins), so i would like to survey if any of you who live on campus or in the westwood area would like to gather for a mini-meet?

i’m thinking … next weekend.
i had this notion of going out to watch TWILIGHT after getting some dinner & chilling.
if that’s all good with you guys.
i think by then most of us south campus kids have finished the last of our midterms.
(then it’s on to the big daddy)

so if you’re interested, drop a line & hit me up on facebook please!
or just email me.



also some of us here @ bbfansite would like to introduce our newest branch:

(click on the banner to view site)

jt pointed out how independent we were compared to other forums & after i thought about it for a bit, that is very true. our committed staff has put together an awesome fansite that thousands can enjoy everyday.

i feel very proud to be a part of this site & we literally commit dreaded hours into making this site look pretty.

VIPtranslators is made to bring to you quality translations of bb stuff. i think you’ve seen a trend the past few albums that me & jeska have been working hard to put out great translations of bb’s songs & some articles as well.

believe us, it’s very hard work.

but we’re gonna put all our hard work into a branch site for you all to enjoy. come by & show us some love!

from now on (as soon as we get them all done), all big bang lyrics can be found at VIPtranslators.

enjoy! ^_^


~ by gdluvzmc on November 11, 2008.

9 Responses to “UCLA MEET? | New Branch: VIP Translators”

  1. thanx ^^ you guys made an awesome Fansite! <333

    i’m gonna check VIP Translators ^^

  2. i rly appreiciate all you guys working as much as you do to make this site BBLICIOUS~
    love you guys <33 keke

  3. hiya tis is soo cool thankz 4 wrkin soo hard and r big bang ever gonna xme 2 LONDON lool

  4. Heyy
    Is there any other BB fans from England 🙂 also this site i love it hehe 🙂 thanks guys. charlotte x

  5. what i would like to know is if there is any BB meets and greets in Florida or any VIPz besides me,mostly in the south Florida are
    [Margate,Ft.Lauderdale,Palm Beach,Miami,Delray Beach,Coral Springs,Coral Gables etc.]those areas
    do you mind putting up an announcement for that
    contact me
    email: lexibabe@ymail.com

    thank you<3

  6. oooh~ Twilight!!
    I’m going to see it too!!
    it was like the only book I got excited when I’m reading it
    it’s gonna be awsome for sure
    what a cool way to have a meet

  7. Hmmmm…
    A UCLA meet… Would you mind picking me up? Contact me! =P

  8. G-dragon is so cute i love him

  9. Omg!! BB are awsome
    they should come to Canada
    if no oone comes i’ll be the only one yay!! lol

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