Update results for MKMF voting

Quickies on the result (sorted out by ncly@soompi)

BEST House/ Electronic Music Award
1st – Big Bang : 1,966,985 votes / 45%

BEST Ballad / R&B Music Award
1st – Tae Yang : 1,470,819votes / 34%

Best MV (not sure if this is for director or just best MV)
2nd – Tae Yang (Prayer MV) : 1,157,730votes / 27%

Song Of the Year
2nd – Big Bang (Haru Haru) : 816,703 votes / 24%

Artist of the Year ?
2nd – Big Bang (Haru Haru) : 822,626 votes / 24%

Top Download Ranking
where big bang is in first place –> 현재 다운로드 순위: 총 268,113건 다운로드

BEST Auction 스타일 상 (Style Award)
2nd – Big Bang (Haru Haru): 258,537 votes/ 28%

BEST Auction 네티즌 인기상 (Netizen Inkisang)
2nd – Big Bang (Haru Haru) – 202,943 votes/ 22%

Mobile Inkisang
2nd – Big Bang (Haru Haru ) – 2,852 votes / 16%

Best Male Group
2nd – Big Bang : 1,611,608 votes / 36%

Best Male Artist
1st: Tae Yang : 1,639,834 votes / 36%

For mor details: http://mkmf.mnet.com/2008/Vote/VoteView/AwardVoteView_01.asp

Thanks to ncly@soompi



~ by Momo on November 11, 2008.

82 Responses to “Update results for MKMF voting”

  1. Haha I’m like stalking this website at 1 at night.
    Whooohooooo BigBang all the way! Even though DBSK beat you guys in several catergories, being second is a hugeeee honor since DBSK has been around for so long! Good job to both tho, lolsipop.

  2. VIP GO BIG BANG GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    whoooo hoooo!!!
    woot woot!!

    let’s get more firsts!!

  3. OK guyz, I’ll b honest..I’m nOt happy @ aLL..I feel like I’m gonna explode of sadness and anger,..I just really want 2 let u guys know that cuz i hate hiding what i really feel,,and mayb by telling u guys the truth, i’ll feel much better and calm down at least..,I know all the artists worked hard and they all deserve an award but i still think BB deserve it more,,*sniff,sniff*..nOt just as a fan but as an individual!! I really try to think positive about this and look @ the bright side but I cant help it,,my heart tells me this isnt right! *sniff sniff* … i just need a moment……

    OK, im more calmed now,,
    Karen ur ryt,,no matter what: BIG BANG ALL THE WAY
    and theyre always gonna b # 1 in my heart…
    mayb this isnt their moment yet,,,
    I know BIG BANG is capable of making it 2 d TOP someday…

  4. Lucky for every single fan out there…the votes are only like what 30%,20% of the whole result??
    We or they can vote like crazy but in the end its up to the judges to decide who deserve 1st place.
    May the best winner wins~

  5. wOw,,after that..I feel much better,,,

    its okay, theres gonna b more comin’..whOOOO hOOOO BIG BANG GO!!!

    and congrats 4 gettin’ d two 1st place!!!

    IM a PROUD VIP..*shout*


    I cant wait 2 C their perf… 🙂

  6. @ J-G-RILEEN, don’t be sad, they’ll get it. Believe in our boys, trust me an award isn’t going to change them, they said they exist to make BB happy. It would be sweet if they won all (which I’m proid of them already for being nominated and dominating 2008) but I don’t need for them to win these awards. Again, it will be cool if they did, and when they do I’ll probably be too happy to speak. They work hard and we know it, that’s all need from the boys. VIP! Believe in VIP power! Tehee. =) I sound wayyyyy too excited for some reason.
    Like mentioned before, votes are about 20-30%, while the critics decide the rest, we all know the critics like BB. With all the news and hype around BB, the critcs will make the right choice.

  7. ****I mean they exist to make VIPs happy.


    don’t worry. i’m not happy either. i mean…i like DBSK
    too, but i’m a VIP to the core. i go to these forums and
    read all these Cassies say that DB worked so hard and
    deserve this, but i say BB deserves it more. unlike DB,
    BB’s been working like crazy in Korea for the last year.
    DB barely came back. it’s sad because BB is getting jipped.

  10. cheer up gals.

    how funny you like both groups. don’t worry i’m not
    hating. my previous comment kind of sounds like i’m
    angry huh? but i just read what you wrote and i agree.
    these awards don’t define who BB are and all the work
    they’ve put forth. it’d just be nice if they won.

  12. haha. i’m good guys. 😉

  13. I think you guys missed that Tae Yang is 1st Place for BEST Male Artist. Right?

    And to all…I don’t think MKMF is solely based on Netizen votes, so there’s a chance that Big Bang might win. Just be hopeful!

  14. its OK guys…

    Im OK now…


    ur ryt,,this award wont STOP BIG BANG FEVER..

    gO VIP, gO BIG BANG GO!!!

  15. TOFU

    ur ryt..wOw u guys r awesome..I feel sOOO alive again…

    and nO, i didnt missed Tae Yang’s BEST Male artists award,,TAE YANG whOOOOOO hOOOO…IM SOOOO PROUD!!!

  16. ITs NOT fair.. DBSK has the largest fanbase but BIGBANGS music are far more better.. trust me, i dont hate DBSK. As a matter of fact, am huge fan of Yunho. BUt still,arrrgggg!! BiGBANG deserve the number 1spot.

  17. Yup, yup. ;3
    DBSK sure know how to look hot, but their music doesn’t sound as good as Big Bang’s…. :O

  18. Gosh this sucks…Big Bang is not being acknowledged or recognized for their hard work! What’s happening to the korean entertainment industry??? Can’t they appreciate these music-makers??

    ARghh!! and yeah, i agree with ivip_me, i don’t hate DBSK, in fact i like Yunho, haha he is cute 😀

    But this is just wrong… ~depressed~

  19. And i still pissed with the fact that foreigners arent allowed to vote!

    Total Rigged.


  20. Yep, we all know many Cassies will vote for DBSK and probably they’ll dominate the voting results.
    But I believe in Big Bang and what they did this year. They really worked hard and I wish the judges would give them their well-deserved credit. =)
    If the results of the awards are all based on voting it wouldn’t be fair for all artists too.
    And I’m so happy for youngbae, he does deserve the award! =)
    Whatever the results are, we all know who are our winners ^^

  21. Hm, Big Bang can’t seem to catch up but it’s okay 😀 Being second place with only two years of fanbase is already really good. It’s not surprising if DBSK is going to bag all the awards since Cassies have been going around for four years and they are REALLY determined to make DBSK. Nevertheless, whoever the winner is, we know that Big Bang is our winner.

  22. aawww!! yey!!!!

    *BB Fighting*

    I’m so proud of them all!!!

  23. Haha, it feels like it’s a competition between VIPs and Cassies. ^^

  24. Unfortunately were that true, Cassies dominate VIPs just by sheer number. I love both groups, but between the two albums [say, Stand Up vs. Mirotic] I have to say that I like Stand Up a lot better, it caught on a lot quicker and stayed with me longer than the other did. I feel they probably should’ve gotten first place for quite a few of the awards.

    But of course, BB doesn’t need the awards [although they do decorate quite nicely] to show how amazing they are – that’s already reflected in the amazing music they produce constantly and the amount of hard work they put into their careers.

  25. It’s 3am and I’m still stalking.. >.> XD

  26. teefannie

    I know huh?!! but we shouldnt fight over it w/ cassies,,like us,they just want 2 support their idols…

    I dont think d boys would b happy either if we fight over it..d boys only wish 4 us is 2 have a healthy fandom..and I know that our VIPz r capable of that..lets nOt start somethin’ that wiLL stain Big Bang’s reputation cuz we all know d boyz definitely dont deserve that…

    but also believe that sharing honestly what you feel is d best way but lets make more mature…

    ^_^ <3VIPz!!!

  27. i meant “but i also believe that sharing honestly what you feel is d best way but lets make it more mature.. 🙂

  28. Hokum~
    Hah! It’s 3AM where I am, too!! :O

    Yeh, that is true…. But I still wish that BB would win more, ‘cuz that’s what they deserve. :O

  29. FLUCKK!
    is this fair at all?! no!
    and i know life isnt fair but this is bullshitt.
    big bang have worked thier asses off and dbsk have only been on the scene for like a month this year!
    ita just bullshit. goshh im so pissed now.

  30. i dun really mind if they lost to DBSK..after all, those boys do have the largest fanbase in the world ^^
    i sure am damn proud that my boys are DBSK’s biggest rivals after just 2 years of debuting..now that’s something worth getting an award for~
    BigBang fighting!!!

  31. teefannie

    weLL I wish 2,,but like they said, its nOt official yet sO lets just HOPE n’ pray 4 d best!!!


  32. hahh.. it’s all about the two of them.. ==”
    the results are also not having much difference, just 5-10 percent..

    let’s just hope the best for our boys!! 😀

  33. dis is y i dont like MKMF, they uses voting process 2 b part of judging, personally i think BB deserve more than anything to win artiste of year n song of the year cos they did marvelous job for the past year…
    n how to wrap up their hectic 2008 year, by winning the most important award in Korea Music Idustry…
    anyways all the best to our beloved boys..hope their hard work n our love for them paid off…i really like to c my fave boyband win something important dis year…

  34. hahha
    i’m not korean
    but i was actually very proud of myself after i was able to read that MKMF Korean website..
    if DBSK wasn’t in the nomination
    big bang would be 1st place already
    it doesn’t really matter
    since voting will really count for 20% only hehe~

  35. ohh, i really hope that votes is not their main priority to kow the winner..hoping that there are judges too..

  36. nice work ncly. i just added the english words for the ones ur unsure about

  37. I don´t even think that there´s a need to be sad or anything (I sure as hell never am ;O).

    —————-Seriously——————-with all of the attention BIG BANG is getting these past few months, it seems like their fanbase will double, or even triple up, in the coming year.

  38. BIG BANG is number one in our hearts already..hehehehe!
    anyway the reason why DBSK is on the TOP is that cassiopeans are really dominating the world. but it’s okay i’m pretty sure that BIG BANG is going home with THREE AWARDS…i think!!!!
    anyway cheer up VIPS we are still here for them.
    lets KEEP VOTING!!!

  39. it’s really not fair!!
    why did dbsk have to come back at these times??
    they could’ve come back next year ryt???

    i agree.. if there’s no dbsk BB would definitely win!!
    (cassiopeias are more the vips.. they’re scattered all over the wolrd. me too,, am also a cassiopeia but i want BB to win!)

    but don’t loose hope!! keep on voting!!!

  40. Come on people, 2nd place ain’t that bad. Even though they sure deserve to be number one ! But still this is just update results, so KEEP ON VOTING V.I.PS! Big Bang FIGHTING! :’D

  41. Go Big Bang! Go VIP! No matter who wins…for me BB still is the champion!!! ❤ Love and kisses to the boys…

  42. GO BIG BANG!!!!!!
    sry to all the DBSK FAN
    but something i think dbsk fan are cheating.. there this voting thing that i see on the internet and DBSK are at first place but if u look at the voting number it look soooo unreal!!
    big bang and other singer have like 1,000 and something votes but DBSK have 400,000 votes
    i know u gonna say cuz DBSK have alot of fans
    but big bang and other singer have alot of fans too but if u add all of there votes together.. it doesnt even come near dbsk votes……
    soo yea i think they kinda cheated..
    but anyway.. just wanna share my thoughts with u guy
    back to big bang

  43. man…why do i feel like reading those comments is kinda hurting…

  44. Good Luck Big Bang, I’m sure you can win something. ^__^

  45. I was disappointed at first too. After reading what VIPs said, it made me feel a lot better.
    MKMF isn’t like HUGE and matters you know? It’s not going to affect BB. They won last year (right?) that’s pretty good 🙂
    There’s still other award shows later on, and hopefully they’ll win something instead of voting -_-;; (I dont think its fair)
    BB is still BB and we’re still VIPs!

  46. updated:

    Best Male Group
    2nd – Big Bang : 1,611,608 votes / 36%

    Think this one is for Best Male Artist? (Nam Ja Kasu-sang)
    1st: Tae Yang : 1,639,834 votes / 36%

  47. Come on Big Bang!! Vote Vote Vote!! To be honest Big Bang did 2 albums, Taeyang did his solo, and they also released their Japan album. All DBSK did is release one album. I don’t hate DBSK I think they are good, but most definetley this year Big Bang deserve to win Best Male Group and Best Artist!! BIG BANG FTW

  48. “* the reason why Big Bang is almost always 2nd place cuz 1st play is always DBSK.”

    LMAO! thats very true. but also, i don’t think 100% the votes are what will happen. I’m sure bigbang have a chance.

    But then, even if they don’t win as long as they should know are still the awesome bigbang us VIPz loooove.

    ~Queenie: i don’t this the cassis cheated. they are just creating multiple accounts and voting for their idols. lol, donm’t even mention the nuber of fans they have

  49. GO GO GO BIG BANG! u can still make it !!!
    im voting every day!!


    ~ but 2nd place is awesome, too! we LOVE u !!

  50. 2nd place is damn good. Some are in first so its gravy:0)

  51. wah ~~ proud of BB and Vips ; )

  52. Aww mannn, they totally deserve 1st!
    Not because I’m bias.
    Too bad Cassiopeia is freakin huge.
    Oh well, BB ❤

  53. WHEEE~
    gogo big bang 😀

    no matter what you get, you’re still #1 to me ;]

  54. are these results purely based on voting? if that’s the case, i know dbsk will win for sure, cause of the their enormous fanbase. If there’s some judging put into it, then we can’t lose hope. If dbsk, who just came back in late September after missing for 2 years, still wins it, then the award is rigged for sure. And I’m going to be terribly pissed off.

  55. but in any case, i still agree with all of you. Big Bang will always be 1st in our hearts!

    GO BIG BANG~!!! <3333333

  56. J-G-RILEEN~
    Hah, yeh… Okies…
    The funny thing is that just a year ago, I would be cheering for DBSK. :O
    I use to be a Cassie….. =_=;;

  57. AWW BIGBANG! Yes, they’ll always be #1 in our hearts.

  58. wow, i can’t believe MKMF is coming up already.
    i had a feeling that DBSK would take over…
    but i mean, they have tons of fans in cass alone, not to mention overseas.
    but i agree with a lot of you, BB has been active for so much longer than DBSK this year, they deserve credit for their hard work.
    it’d be nice one group won one award, and the other group won the other (for best group and song of the year)
    i like both groups so i feel so torn!
    either way, we all know that BB is awesome, and awards don’t mean anything.


  60. Did Mirotic beat Haru Haru? 😦
    My computer can’t read hangul,,, sucks. 😦


  62. @ Ili – i never thought about it that way. i like that way of thinking. BB are DBSK’s biggest competition after just 2 years! other groups that have been out longer than BB haven’t accomplished what Big Bang has, so i’m really proud of them. BIG BANG, VIP hwaiting!!

  63. hey stop saying that Big Bang should win over DBSK. they are both wonderful groups and DBSK has been out there longer then Big Bang yet they still got second place against DBSK cassiopeia ( their fan base ). we should be proud for them not saying they should win, some are being a bit biased since this is a BB fansite :p i believe DBSK worked hard for what place their in even if you dont think so . be happy ! BB’s going to take it next year (:

  64. I think the top reason cassies really want dbsk to win (besides all the work) is the simple fact that Dbsk leaves in a couple months back to Japan! and I bet you anything Big Bang will dominate the charts after their departure. Don’t be sad! Big Bang is gonna win their awards regardless. Don’t bash other bands. They have all worked hard!

  65. and Please don’t think its just a fan base. They have a big fan base because ALOT of people like them ITS NOT like they PAY for those. Bigbang will have a large fan base too. I don’t get why anyone should get mad that a band has alot of fans! SMILE VIPS! BIG BANG IS STILL AMAZING GIVEN THE SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME!

  66. to whoever asked about voting. Voting is a small percentage. Theirs album sales ummm downloads? mobile downloads? and a bunch thinggys =]


  68. BTW, we should be happy for BB, for their achievement this yr. They too have been working hard, even if they didnt win anything at MKMF, they will be more overwhelmed to see so many VIPs stood behind them all the way. Winning something is just a bonus.

    And i hate to remind you guys again, NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS ABOUT ARTISTS/FANBASE.

  69. *siiiigh* as expected…. its a popularity contest…. i really feel like bb deserves the biggest award again this year. but its gonna go to dbsk… i have nothing against that! lol, i love my dong bang boys too<3 aaand please dont hit me when i say right now, im more into dbsk xD lol !dont kill me !!! xD but still…. bb did it big this year… they deserve it more than anyone… ITS OKAY ! ITS OKAAAY!!! next year, vips will vote like crazy right? lets get our boys a first again!

  70. No offense, but who the heck is DBSK? :O I feel like a sore loser for not knowing. LOL!

  71. It’s cool that some of the replies here are quite fair and not discriminating towards DBSK….like I said, some…While some are positive and encouraging, others are being really ridiculous. What gives us the right to say who worked harder? We don’t personally know both groups, so why make it a standing point to decide who worked harder than the other? Let’s be reasonable, VIPs would vote harder than the Cassies once they’ve seen the results, but still DBSK leads…has anyone thought about why DBSK are more popular? Most people would probably say looks, but once a fan gets over the face, they come to love them for their work more…Let’s just show the world that VIPs are rasional and understanding people who get the way the world revolves…Big Bang ZZANG!

  72. If Cass cheated, what makes it so sure that VIP didn’t? The way I see it, DBSK will most probably win, but based on album sales, Big Bang is not far behind! Even if BB did not win against DBSK, they at least won against others who lost to both DBSK and BB…they are both winners no matter what…!

  73. umm..whos the cassiopeias?

  74. and could someone tell me what the big purple circle say?
    that pops up on the site of MKMF?

  75. Cassiopeia is DBSK’s Korean fanbase…Bigeast would be their Japan fanbase

  76. awwwww well what can we do T.T still BB for me is Number 1 ^^d

  77. tammy – heres a youtube vid of them (DBSK) performing.

    AMEN to ‘proud 2 b vip’

    i adore both groups . (:

  78. I’m proud to be a VIP
    and think it this way
    there are probably A LOT of cass
    who realize and think that BIGBANG’s the one supposed to WIN this thing, it’s just about loyalty to their idols. I’m sure that they too think BB deserve it.
    but then, dbsk has much more fans than our boys.
    so I don’t really count it as a real award
    cause basically a real award is based on judging
    not fans voting
    so, BIGBANG is still our number 1
    they’ve won AWARDS from their amazing MUSIC
    who the hell cares about MKMF?
    it’s just a lousy TROPHY give away, ok? xpp
    It’s not like I dislike DBSK, I actually love them
    but I’m sure the world knows that BIGBANG is the real winner1 LMAO

  79. we are in no way bashing dbsk or cass when we say bb deserves it more, or bb work harder, or dbs will win solely because of their fanbase. Because the truth is, bb does deserve it more~ And because MKMF is an annual event, and for THIS year, who does we see more often, more active and produce more hit songs in Korea between those 2 bands? No brainer really~ And I am a huggee dbsk fan too, so i don’t think my view is biased. Sorry if i sound offensive.

    Anyhow, as I’ve said above, I am a VIP as well, and BB will always be #1 in our hearts~ =)

  80. OMG….
    personally i think Big Bang and DBSK hve very different style…
    i dun mind who win cause either way BIG BANG to Me as a VIP
    they are always number…
    i lyk them casue of their music, the music GD and YG ppl produce..
    that wht make them a VIP as well…

    if DBSK wins..congratz to them…

    BUT BIG BANG you are MY NUMBER 1…24/7

    BIG BANG jjang…@(^u^)@

  81. Oooh! Thanks Annie! 🙂 They’re alright?… Idk, I haven’t heard about them untill now. xD I’m such a loser 🙂

  82. to nynna, thankyou for cursing us..bt for ur info, this poll is only 20%

    please stop bashing tvxq..evntho sm of u will say tht u guys arent bashing tvxq n cass, but actually u guys are…

    im nt pro to both..bt please hv sportmanship…and also we, cassiopeia send our biggest apologies to VIPs for taking most of the votes…

    why cant VIPs and cass be friends?our goal is the same, we enjoy our fav artist’s music and we want to support them as much as we can…why should the fan fights if the artists themselves are close w/ each other?

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