KoreAm Journal Achievement Awards

KoreAm Journal and Hyundai present: UNFORGETTABLE
A Night of Entertainment and Awards


Sponsored by: CJ Entertainment      Hosted by: Margaret Cho

John Cho, Actor
Roy Lee, Academy Award-Winning Film Producer

Jeannie Park
Former Executive Editor of People Magazine

SE7EN, R&B Singer
Kaba Modern, America’s Best Dance Crew Finalist
Grace Kelly, Jazz Saxophonist/Singer
Danny Jung, Contemporary Jazz Saxophonist
Baby J, Pop Singer

Leonardo Nam
Justin Chon
Aaron Yoo
Daniel Dae Kim
Jamie Chung
Albert Kim
SuChin Pak

Friday, November 21, 2008
6:30pm – 12:30am
Park Plaza Hotel
607 S. Park View Street, Los Angeles, CA 90057

Ticket price: $250 (dinner + table included)

6:30 pm Cocktail Reception
8:00 pm Dinner
9:00 pm Awards Presentation and Performance
10:30 pm After Party

For Ticket Information – joyce@koreamjournal.com
For general info: http://www.koreamjournal.com/main/unforgettable08/index.html

credits: chrissejin @ soompi + KoreAM Journal + http://z12.invisionfree.com/Se7enth_Heaven/

if u guys going take pics. melly, up for it? somewhere nearby?? kaba modern…wow!


~ by Momo on November 12, 2008.

15 Responses to “KoreAm Journal Achievement Awards”

  1. aaww~ cool!!!
    looks fun. but so sad i can’t go, it’s far from our place..huhuhu~

    whoa~ se7en and so as kaba modern!! nice!!

  2. wew
    there’s gonna be aaron yoo
    wish that i’m there

  3. aaron yoo, se7en and kaba modern. <333333
    must be one really fancy shindig. i mean…
    check out that $250 price tag to get in.

  4. my gosh… I love Margaret Cho. She’s hella funny!

  5. No!!!

    its the same day as the twilight premier =(

  6. ah i wish i could go :/
    oh well at least big bang won’t be there so i won’t be as sad to miss it :”] teehee~

  7. lol

    momo, i saw him & kaba modern for free. i don’t think i need to pay to see him again.

  8. ahh se7en and kaba modern :]
    too bad its too far away :/

  9. awww se7en and kaba modern!!!

  10. Se7en and Kaba Modern? Man, I just want to see them live.
    BTW, Kaba Modern SO got gypped last season, as did Fanny Pak this season.

  11. Ohhh wow SE7EN in LA somebody please take pics 😉

  12. so wish i could be there….but school work is piling up…i don’t even know why i’m still up at this time. i should be getting some sleep to prepare myself for the long day tomorrow…or in 3 hours. hahahha.
    but hope those who goes will share with us what went down at the awards show. ^^
    wonder if SE7EN will do a collab with kaba modern. ^^ i’d totally love to see that.

  13. Ah omg wish i was in LA right now!! i wanna see
    yay go SE7EN & Kaba Modern.
    i wonder why jabba walkeez aren’t gonna be there.
    Hey Justin Chon, isn’t he from the orginal F4 taiwanese????

  14. YAY! go se7en!
    omg omg KABA MODERN! i love them!!!!!<3333
    lol they inspired me xD

  15. wait its the same time as the twilight premiere
    wow big day hehe

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