A picture is worth a thousand words!

Amidst all that tension, one-sidedly fueled by the Korea media and foul-spoken blogs out there, debating about which boyband is going to walk away with that grand award this Saturday at MKMF, here’s something for a change.

Post taken from: http://sookyeong.wordpress.com/


Perhaps everyone is a winner.

Above is Big Bang TOP and Dong Bang Shin Ki Hero JaeJoong’s friendly moment captured on camera.

 Here’s the rest of the captures during Love Concert..

I thought those were really sweet moments between the 2.

One of the readers who commented on this blog lately caught my attention with the comment along the line of, Actually it doesn’t matter who wins, right?

(I’m so sorry I couldn’t take the time out to find out who the commenter is)

Which kind of made sense. It doesn’t really matter to me which group will win that grand award of best singers on MKMF since I loved both groups and the different unique music style they can offer to us fans. I adore Big Bang for always coming up with fresh new surprises, their sun-shininess (is this even English, LOL) and their creativity. But I also love Dong Bang Shin Ki for their great vocals and showmanship.

And I know that the judging system for such awards will never be the fairest.

So, perhaps, instead of getting swept away by the emotions and tension of debating who shall win, how about everyone is a winner?

Jaejoong backstage + talking to Top @ Love Share Concert 081109

[fancam]081109 Love Concert~JJ and TOP BFF!!!!!

Vids taken from: myluvforDBSK + jaejoongiefied@yt


The uploader (jaejoongiefied) mentioned and i quote “i think i just found a new respect for top….”

Isnt that something?


~ by Momo on November 13, 2008.

65 Responses to “A picture is worth a thousand words!”


  2. And, you’re right. It really doesn’t matter who wins. Even though DBSK with 93% IS still sounding pretty insane.

  3. cute moment ^^
    i didnt know TOP was friends with dbsk lol

  4. aww
    sooo cute
    wow that girl must LOVE our D-Lite lik we does
    she’s like scream her heart out just to get DS to hear her screamin his name
    sooo cute
    but i sooo understand
    if it was me i would do the same thing too

  5. ive seen this videos after i watched BB perf that day!!! It was really sweet,,,TOJae<3LOL^_^

  6. no mater who wins
    still love the both.

  7. Just “whattamoment”
    music breaks all barriers.

  8. OMG!!!
    so cute!!!
    that’s right
    I’m sure there’s no problems between the groups
    so let’s stop bashing on DBSK

  9. im actually happy to see them together 😀

  10. well, i’m sure we’ve all heard the stories
    of TOP, Hyun Joong, Micky and Jaejoong all
    being good friends. seeing images/videos
    like that proving that fact is so heart warming. ^__^

  11. Idk why this site is being busy with all the voting, bashing or stuff like this lately.
    U all should know that this kind of voting things is not based on the real talent. & there’s so many way to corrupt the result.

    And even momo post this to make all realized that BB & DBSK are not a rival.
    I think all VIP should begin to analyze the rival rumors thing.
    Don’t u all ever think of it? Isn’t it all the work of the Korean media? We don’t know anything about the boys private life. Are they really a rival?
    Isn’t it just a rumor to make their magazine or media sale? Like what salesman do to achieved their monthly target? Also, isn’t it their job (this kind of media) to attract more ppl for their profit? And to give more spices to entertainment world?

    All VIP should try to think first before we decided to trust or to speak bad about other idols. I think our boys won’t want us to look bad like this.

    And the most important thing!
    Will big bang lose anything if they didn’t win the award??
    We all VIP know how hard their effort is & how much talent they have. Isn’t this why we all love them?
    Come on. Our boys will still be the same boys like always even they lose the award. And if BB win, that doesn’t mean anything except they put one more award in their awards collection ^^v

  12. Finally all the hating will be put to stop. BB and DBSK are both great groups.

  13. yee ~ :]
    haha who hates dbsk ? everyone loves them .
    as with big bang :]]]
    gogo top and jaejoong and everyone else !

  14. quoting from wht i comment before…

    i dun mind who wins, both are number in their unique way…

  15. Both DBSK and BB must be respected for what they have done for the showbiz. It doesnt mean who have the “more talkative, louder voice” fans is the winner, so bashing and talking such a thing about other bands is for what?

    Just to satisfy YOURSELF, when you want everybody accept your ideas and think like you. Nothing for your love!

    And with others who see bad things about their love, if you do such a thing against the one who said this… you’re know just like him! You really want to be “higher” than him, right?

  16. that’s loove
    seriously i wouldnt care either.
    they are winners in my heart.
    and it’s really sweet that jaejoong cares about our TOP<3
    it makes me really happy

  17. yes yes, we should be happy whoever wins. Big bang will always make us happy.

  18. awhhh..they are so cutee
    plus they bow alot!

  19. @ momovip,
    Thanks for sharing the clips. It really doesn’t matter at all on who wins.

    @ nya2,
    Agree with you totally.

    From the body language between Tabi and Jaejoong, they had to be good friends. Or else Jaejoong wouldn’t intentionally slow down & walk over to talk to Tabi and squeeze Tabi’s shoulder a few times. Those are friends gestures to one another.

  20. WOW… New Fanfic time .>..<) lol kootos =)

  21. Aw<3 HAHA that’s so cute. Yea, it doesn’t really matter who wins, as long as you enjoy Big Bang’s songs. Each group of fans has their own group as #1 in their hearts, and these awards don’t really mean anything or judge anything. If relations aren’t ruined by these awards, then that’s the most important thing.
    At first i thought Jaejoong was gummy O_O same black clothes and same hair too. But then i realized JJ wasn’t really wearing anything LOL.

  22. LMAO i should really stop ranting about things that have to do with Yaoi =D lol hehe but its cool!!! like my Favourite from BB and DBSK have gotten together (well YB is mine too >.<) lol

  23. Oh btw this is sort of off topic, but if we were to watch the MKMF awards live, what time and day would we watch it? Since I know they’re a day ahead of us


  25. lmao watched the Videos and they really talked alot even after the perf man!! hehe i can hear the girls screaming ‘Daesung Ah!!!’ LMAO and yeah we all know that DaeDae is the popualr one for the KVIPS hehe and all over the world too >.<

  26. LOL all i heard was “DAE SUNG AH” ahah Daesungie is getting a whole lot of love eh….as for Top and JaeJoong (did i spell that right) are friends along with the Hyun Joong from WGM and Micky….they’re being called the F4 lol (F4 = group of 4 ultra cool guys like the ones in the jdrama Hana Yori Dango, for those interested)

  27. ^ i think they were screaming for jaejoong. anyways, i love watching this! makes me feel so happy! can’t wait for MKMF this weekend. apparently, BIG BANG & HYORI is doing a performance together. hyori is performing yb’s ‘only look at me’ and big bang will do a rap version of hyori’s ’10 minutes’. i read about this on big bang’s soompi thread ❤

  28. i’ve always liked the three bands, big bang, shinee & dbsk. i think that sometimes these competition get to the fans heads though, because it just kinda brings out the bad in people. =X but i personally like all three bands & i hope that they walk away with many many awards. ❤

  29. LOL, okay…I guess with that picture…I’ll lay off being mad at DBSK for awhile…since, I’m actually a huge fan of them, but I was just so frustrated how they were dominating all the votes.

    Aww, Joongie & Top.

  30. i read somewhere that Kim Hyun Joong (SS501), Micky and Jae Joong, and TOP are all really good friends. it’s mostly the fans who create these rivalries. but i can understand how it gets out of hand, especially when you love a group so much and want to defend them.

  31. ahh omg yeah i thought it was Jae Joong too!
    but yeah awww, i think we we did almost let this go too far
    but yeah i guess it doesn’t matter who wins.[AHEMS]Big Bang
    Heck they both deserve to win though. They both are great =]
    own quailites too. but i’m still rooting onto Big Bang
    Aww i didn’t know that. i just thought they never talked
    to each other untill i saw this. you know i would of wanted
    to see Ji Yong talking to Yunho =]
    “DaeSung ahh” first i thought it was ‘JaeJoong’ for some odd
    reason but i re-listen to it and “DaeSung ahh”
    ah wish i was there too. But i’m glad DBSK & Big Bang doesn’t
    take this as a compition, well maybe a little but not alot.

  32. “i think i just found a new respect for top….”
    what’s that mean Jae Joong?

  33. Awww! ^^ This was such a special treat! Two of my favorites together! >///.<)

    so cute how they are so good friends (with hyunjoong and micky too)
    awards are just a piece of medal and a name
    all we need is music from two AMAZING GROUPS

  35. LOVE!

  36. Ahhh.. I’m a fangirl for both groups (BB and DBSK)
    Seeing this makes me sooo happy ^^

  37. I saw the pictures on sookyeong’s page last night…awww…
    This was what I wanted to say.
    Whatever those votes are, the artists are probably clueless about it, and would care more on giving us fans the best performance on every chance they get to perform. hehehe.
    As we should all remember, DBSK are Big Bang’s sunbaes (did I say this right, it’s like their senpai in japanese). They respect DBSK and gives them high honor…I just love how all bows to each other after the performance. DBSK, imo, saw Big Bang’s performance and was awed by it, seeing a new group with a lot of dedication to their music, performance, and fans. =)
    Go TOP and Jaejoong! they showed what we should do, respect other fans of other groups and keep supporting our beloved artists!

  38. ohh wow ^^ i wonder what they were talking about xD! lol~
    well i guess at the end everybody have their number 1 group ^^b in his heart <333

  39. I’ve read somewhere that TOP, JJ, Mickey and Hyunjung from SS501 are BFF…now ain’t that something??I Love all of them…

  40. when i saw the first picture, i was like “whos that girl?” patting TOP..kekekkek then i realized its Jaejoong :]

  41. Wow!
    They are awesome.
    I like both TOP and JaeJoong.
    They are close friends.

  42. Oh my god. Thanks for sharing these! I love seeing them together like omg yay! Both are my favourites ❤ Tabi so cute 🙂

  43. lmao! in the 2 vid you can hear someone yelling “Daesung ah! Daesung ah!!” lol..anyways aside fmr that…JJ and TOP! wow! A really pretty guy and a really handsome hot looking guy..>.<

  44. “DAESUNG AHHHH!!!!!” <33

  45. i watched this video few days ago..now i believed they are BFF~
    they were so sweet..jaejoong kept talking ear to ear with top..
    and yeah it doesn’t really matter for me though
    i love dbsk too..i think they are really an outstanding band with good vocals. bb and dbsk are totally of different genre that are not even comparable..both bands are talented for me.
    but of course i hope more for bb to win
    but bleh awards are not important anyway, as long as vips love and appreaciate their music..and i do ^^

  46. Thanks for sharing these great clips, both fascinating guys<3

  47. this small snippet brightens my day ^^
    thank u~

    LOVE THIS P:OST!!!!!!!!!!1

  49. Awwww….so cute!
    Now, I can accept DBSK winning [if they’ll win]!!!

  50. yeah~ they’re both WINNERS!!!!
    true~ i doesn’t matter who wins…

    *fighting ya’ll (DBSK and Big Bang)*

  51. cutie~
    BigBangShinKi… aaaww!!

  52. wowwww….i hope tht dbsk …n big bang do a special stage 2gether….its awsome….n …..wrong number 4 dbsk should b rated dbskhotness…..i love it …….i love big bang 22222222…….i heart them alll…

  53. By just looking at the pictures and I’m not really familiar with DBSK, I thought that was a masculan woman with TOP. Sorry!!! They’re just beautiful men I guess.

  54. AW! That was so cute! ❤
    It looked like JaeJoong kissed TOP’s cheek in the back stge vid. 😉

  55. yeah i kinda saw jj kiss TOP too.
    did he? LOL

  56. but T.O.P and Jaejoong are best friends with Hyun Joong and Micky

  57. omg itz videos like this that make me like jaejoong…i mean he was never one of my favorite people in DBSK but I decided I should maybe change that. It not that I don’t like Jaejoong he just wasn’t my favorite but I see how he and T.O.P or so nice while all these people are constantly making up this supposed rivalry when they say themselves that they are Best Friends. Big Bang and DBSK are close but people make it look like they are enimies which pisses me off!

  58. haha. i dont really like dbsk..
    just because i dont know them that much.
    i am just not a fan, that’s a way to say it. 🙂
    although i listen to mirotic,really. hahaha
    anyway.. TOP is really really hot hot. XD



  60. oh yes….i saw this awhile back. it’s so cute! makes me happy! i wonder if jae is asking TOP if he’s doing better. kekekke. gosh they’re such cute friends.
    anyways, thanks for sharing!

  61. I am happy

  62. of course i prefer our bb-boys way more than dbsk, but they’ve been successful since 2 years constantly and dbsk just returned with their new album, so i understand that it’s their turn now to get some prizes. i guess bb has more awards anyway 😉 (*lol* i’m so grown up ^^)

  63. […] A picture is worth a thousand words! Amidst all that tension, one-sidedly fueled by the Korea media and foul-spoken blogs out there, debating about which […] […]

  64. actually TOP always hang out together..not just with JJ, but Mickey n someone from SS501…which is nice to heard they were frens. n in the vid at Love Concert… I think JJ asked about TOP healthy condition….that’s sweet..

  65. they look like two boys that are friends since they were littles.

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